Are Cardiologists Dangerous?

Here is another reason to be wary.
A friend of one of our staff members went for a physical. The doctor found a “heart flutter,” a mild form of arrhythmia or irregularity of the heartbeat.
He was referred to a cardiologist who immediately scheduled him for a catheterization procedure. This means an operation in which a tube is inserted into the body to reset the heart rhythm. Sound scary? It can be a very dangerous procedure, although this version was supposed to be less risky than others.
The cardiologist warned that the catheterization needed to be done without delay! And would be followed by blood thinners and other toxic drugs.
Did the cardiologist check the patient’s minerals? No, even though it is widely understood that too little magnesium, potassium, or iron can cause this very problem. By some estimates, 80% of Americans are believed to be deficient in magnesium.
What about drug use? The patient had recently starting taking a statin (cholesterol lowering) drug. Statins deplete the body’s CoQ10, which is essential for heart function. Merck, the first drug company to introduce a statin, obviously knew this because they patented their product, Lipitor, with and without added CoQ10, but for some reason decided not to offer the version with added CoQ10. Perhaps they didn’t want to highlight the issue.
In this patient’s case, you would think that the first thing the cardiologist would do would be to stop the statin. But this seems almost never to happen. Statin use has become what appears to us to be a kind of religion, an unchallengeable article of faith among some doctors.
Another friend of a staff member reported to her doctor that she could not sleep at night because of excruciating muscle pains. She was becoming more and more haggard and unable to function. Her doctor responded by ordering an MRI and another dozen tests. When these showed nothing, she acknowledged she didn’t know what to do for the patient.
What was completely overlooked was that the doctor has just put the patient on a statin drug! And as soon as the patient stopped the statin, the pain stopped and she could sleep again. Was it really so hard for the doctor to figure out? Muscle pain is right at the top of statin side effects. And don’t forget that the heart is a muscle.
Heart attacks are falling in the US, but congestive heart failure is rising. Could this be because of statin use?
It is widely thought that the US has the best surgery in the world. Apart from the problem of virus-and-bacteria-ridden hospitals, this seems to be true. If so, it may be because there is no federal Surgery Administration to accompany the federal Food and Drug Administration. Surgery is run by doctors, not by the federal government.
At the same time, heart operations are big business. They produce about $100 billion in revenue per year. Hospitals and doctors depend on this revenue. It may be clouding their judgment. Why catheterize a patient who may just need a bit more magnesium or is taking the wrong drug?
This illustrates how basic and how important it is to be sure your magnesium, potassium, and other mineral levels are what they should be by testing and by getting advice from a qualified and willing health professional.
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  1. Interesting article. It’s always best to questions mainstream Drs.; or anyone for that matter! They essentially have had no nutritional training or education; and most are completely ignorant of natural therapies. I went through a round of lab tests back in 2010 for a minor complaint; they found nothing. After reading and research on my own, I changed-up my supplement and nutritional routine. The issue went away, but I’m still paying off the lab tests to this day because my insurance coverage was lousy at the time.

  2. Yes, Sad that 2015 we are faced with the inadequacies and greed instead of the ultimate of patient care. Advances in medicine has been a positive in so many ways. However, so many doctors only in the healing profession for monetary fare.

  3. I have a heart arrhythmia triggered by wheat (not gluten specifically, but wheat, unless it has been sprouted). Over the last few years my heart would start beating irregularly even when I had not eaten any wheat, and more particularly when I was in the vicinity of a lot of WiFi and cell tower signals. After consulting with a nutritionist and adding magnesium to my nutritional supplement regimen, the irregular heartbeat went away, and I haven’t had an incident since.
    Because cardiac disorders run in my family, I have focused on diet and supplements that support heart function, such as Ubiquinol (a form of Co-enzyme Q10), fish oil, and grass-fed beef. You will never catch me on a statin drug. I took my mother off them without consulting her cardiologist, who, after she had a heart attack while using a prescribed statin, simply added another one to her drug regimen! And they call herbalists and naturopaths quacks!?

    1. We have been taking 800mg per day Ubiquinol for 13 years and also 400mg Ubiquinone per day. Terry read an article in 2007 that so little was known about Ubiquinol, (long term), (Ubiquinol was approved by FDA in 2006), that the article suggested that mitochondria might not remember to convert Uiquinone into Ubiquinol. The article recommended we take both. There is no overdose. Everyone can take as much or as little as they need. The dosage parameters are age, weight, and general health

  4. Something similar happened to my husband. He had a heart attack and they put in a stint. They also put him on plavix and he started losing blood. Instead of stopping the drug, they did all sort of tests that caused him to loose much needed weight and he had to be put on blood transfusions. At the end of 30 days, they tried to move him to rehab but I hired an ambulance, took him home, took him off of the plavix and with 18 days his blood court had returned to normal.

    1. I strongly suggest that you abandon Western Medicine and check if in your zip code you can find an O.M.D. Oriental Medicine Doctor, that practices Traditional Chinese Medicine.
      We have been using an O.M.D for the last 13 years for everything. Concussion, gout, repair torn miniscus in knee and Terry’s 24/7 never ending pain which is eliminated for 6 to 12 hours, twice a week, depending on the weather. High pressure = 12 hours, Low Pressure 6 hours.

      1. Peter, thanks anyway. My husband came out of not only the heart disease but also lung problems as well but we did spend a few thousand dollars on supplements. He had a stress test last Feb and the new heart doctor said he did not know what my husband was doing but not to change.

        1. The lowest price for KanekaQH Ubiquinol (reduced form of Ubiquinone, CoQ10,) is at Trader Joe’s, $19.99, 60 gels, 100mg each. If there is no Trader Joe’s near you then Amazon or Swanson Vitamins have lowest prices. I have several links posted in comments located 16 comments above this one. Check out all the CoQ10 articles and the 31 pages of articles that the National Institute of Health have on the benefits of CoQ10 for every disease invented by Western Medicine.

  5. No, you don’t expect biochemistry or nutrition from MDs when 95% of them have no training on these subjects at all.
    Dr Stephanie Seneff shows the biochemical train wreck of statins on two issues – one is the way it causes alzheimers (my take-off – she is more conservative and states probabilities) and the second article shows how statins cause huge increases in asepsis.
    APOE-4: The Clue to Why Low Fat Diet and Statins may Cause Alzheimer’s
    Statins, Pregnancy, Sepsis, Cancer, Heart Failure: a Critical Analysis.

      1. They lost their blue in this site. Try copying them into the URL slot and hitting that. They are good reads. When i commented to Stephanie, she said she was moving on to energy….
        THAT should be interesting, since Russians have figured out that there is an energenetic component to epigenetics! They found out (somehow – don’t ask me) that they could take frog cells (stem? what?) and hit them with salamander frequencies, and turn those frog cells into salamander cells.
        Makes me wonder when some genius is going to make a frequency generator that we can drive past a field of GMO corn……..

    1. One thing I didn’t mention in my post above, in the interest of brevity, is that my mother started showing signs of dementia shortly after being put on statin drugs. (She went through several, as they gave her other problems as well.) Ten years of continuing decline and I finally said “Enough!” a year ago. I refused to have her statin prescription refilled, and informed my three brothers who agreed that, besides being a big waste of money, did nothing to stop her last heart attack (in spite of very low cholesterol numbers) and was likely the cause of her dementia. She’ll be 95 next month, is taking only natural supplements, no drugs, either prescription or over the counter, and is doing quite well physically, but her mind will never be the same. Thanks a bunch, mainstream “medicine.”

      1. i was going to say magnesium to the above, lol.
        Did you know that people on a ketogenic diet who take coconut oil or other medium chain triglyceride fats, have been reversing alzheiimers, Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS?
        Getting the carbohydrates out of the diet means less energy production from glycogens and glucose. Then the medium chain triglycerides produce ketones, which fire the brain about 6X more. Additionally, the saturated fats are healthy, and repair synapses and myelin sheathing – and for all the diseases mentioned above, demyelination is a component.
        Grass-fed organic meats would likely be beneficial too. If i were in her position i’d try that myself.- well – i’d hope my caregivers did as i’d be out of it.
        Mendogal – i’m guessing you probably live about 20 minutes to an hour away from me, lol.

        1. bsroon, I’ve read about coconut oil and have been using it for several years. I have recently added to my supplements Lion’s Mane mycelium (Hericium erinaceus), which has been shown to improve memory and is currently being studied for its possible role in deterring and even reversing clinical dementia. Next time I visit my mother I’ll start her on Lion’s Mane.
          As important as it is to stabilize my elderly mother, it is more important to protect the younger generation. Mom (born & raised on the island of St. Croix in 1920) grew to adulthood eating nothing but fresh unsprayed non-GMO food, drinking pure unfluoridated water, breathing clean non-geoengineered air, and getting lots of outdoor exercise. What child born in the last half century has had anything close to such a healthy environment?
          P.S. I’m in Willits, which, according to the Reno arch installed years ago, is the “Gateway to the Redwoods” AND the “Heart of Mendocino County.” Who knew?

          1. Oh the propagandists knew, lol. Yeah – did a little bit of remodeling on West Mendocino a couple months back. Have to go back and paint a pretty large garage/shop, and the bottom hardi-plank of the cottage when the weather gets good enough. Maybe next year.
            i live about 45 minutes to an hour south above Upper Lake – it all depends on how sane one drives i suppose.
            You know how incredibly important the EFAs are – i mean – those coconut oils are repairing so much neural damage because of their EFA makeup, so since we are supposed to have more like an Omega 6 : Omega 3 ration of about 2:1 or less (some say according to genetics) then some walnuts would be fantastic – in that they run about 1:10!!!!! That would go a long way to reducing the ratio, no?
            Been looking at how so much cannabinoid medicinal benefit there is – how much is due to their omega 3 ratio and quality????? i’m thinking we’re on to something here…..

      2. Please search out “health benefits of Organic Coconut Oil” and give it your mom. They sell coconut oil capsules if she cannot take it by the tablespoon. Also consider giving her Ubiquinol. My wife, Terry & I have been taking 800mg Ubiquinol and 400mg Ubiquinone, everyday, for the last 9 years. You can read our avatar Avaaz story.

        1. 20 years ago my husband had a heart attack, in spite of an active lifestyle and mostly organic diet. He was put on the usual regimen of coumadin and statin drug. I started him (and myself) on Co-Q 10 and fish oil and convinced him to ditch the meds. Turns out our low-fat, whole grain vegetarian diet wasn’t the best choice, after all!
          Today we use meat, butter and lard from grass-fed cattle and raw milk from a friend’s goats. Lotsa veggies, including ones we ferment ourselves. Very few grains and cut waaay down on the sugar, including honey and other natural sweeteners. Sadly, the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe has put an end to our days of eating local seafood and gathering seaweed from our Sea Eagle. 🙁
          We’re in our 70s now and except for some back issues (paying the piper from our wild & crazy youth involving horses, cars and motorcycles) we are doing very well.

  6. Cardiologists in thrall to Big Pharma may be a threat. GPs are listening more now, to patients who wish to take a Functional Medicine approach. Always make your doc (GP or specialist) explain alternatives.

    1. You are wrong. Go to any doctor and ask them if they recommend that you must take CoQ10 when they give a statin medication. My cousin had his doctor yell at him when he asked. Needless to say he dumped that doctor. Read my Avaaz story by zooming tn to Ozone Park Queens NY on global map or read my Avatar profile. Doctors have a rigid structure called “Protocol” Which means that they can loose their license if they recommend a “natural” method to eliminate cholesterol. Did you notice how the danger levels have been lowered over the years in order to get more people on the pill?

  7. to be fair…
    statins have a place in medicine — specifically, for those with familial hypercholesterolemia.
    hopefully the new class of drugs like Repatha will become affordable.
    one more thing about statins: you should always use the smallest effective dose !
    Dr.’s typically over-react when they see high TC numbers, and prescribe high dosages.
    it takes more work (i.e. trial and error) to find the right amount, but many statins have long half-life’s, which means they can be effective even when taken every other day.
    as for magnesium, it is very difficult to absorb via the oral route — you’d likely have to take so much that you’d get loose stools. still, it’s a good idea to supplement, but use the right form (e.g. magnesium taurate)
    adding CoQ10 to a statin regimen will help with energy levels, but for myalgia, one needs to supplement with Vitamin D3. most people are deficient in this anyway, so consider taking 2000 IU per day to treat this.

    1. Statins are detrimental and so is anyone who recommends them, but considering you have a “USA #1” avatar it is no surprise that you go out of your way to defend things that kill innocent people because that is what the U.S. is all about!

      1. you obviously have an axe to grind with me.
        if you would carefully re-read my comment, I did not advocate wholesale use of a statin. they are very helpful for a subset of people.
        statins do alot more than lower cholesterol — they decrease the activation of Rho, through the same mechanism through which they decrease cholesterol levels. their ability to decrease the activation of Rho correlates with their ability to decrease cholesterol levels. Rho activation suppresses the levels of nitric oxide made by the blood vessel wall, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis. by inhibiting the activation of Rho, statins greatly increase the amount of nitric oxide made by the blood vessel lining. this results in a great reduction in the magnitude of stroke, and its residual neurological effects in laboratory animals. there is also further evidence that statins protect against stroke by increasing the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots, independently of both nitric oxide and cholesterol.

        1. They are not helpful to anyone. Chemical food cause a problem that the pill will exasperate and destroy our natural human immune system. Donald Trump was correct that vaccinations cause autism by injecting nagalase, (chemical in every vaccination shot) that eliminate GcMAF. Traditional Chinese Medicine as performed by an Oriental Medicine Doctor, O.M.D, is the true healing medicine because it energizes our body to heal itself. You would have to consider yourself lucky to find one in your zip code. Even luckier if insurance covers it. We are not lucky, we pay cash, 13 years and counting for Terry’s 24/7 pain. Prescription medications kill more Americans then all the car accidents and gun murders combined

          1. As of this year, and several past, MDs and their poison are the #3 cause of death in this country. And ta-da! Cancer made it to #1, surpassing heart attack, stroke and diabetes! YAY! All those trillions in “treating” patients and the “run/walk for the cure” BS and no difference in treatment, only escalating to The Top Killer. What a great system!

          2. Humanity can defeat the cancer industry by simply taking Organic coconut oil everyday along with Co-enzyme Q10, in either Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol form, Subscribe to the Align Life ,com site. We have organizations, including this site, that are trying to take down the cancer industry. My wife, Terry & I have been telling our Avaaz .org story for 9 years. Zoom in to Ozone Park Queens New York and read my members story then share with others. Most important, never give up on the Truth. Truth Will Set Us Free.

      1. the different forms of magnesium are “best” for different conditions.
        mag cit is usually for constipation.

        1. WRONG IT IS ABOUT absorbability ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Citrate is the only one that absorbs easily, the others do not absorb efficiently ….

          1. you are right that absorbability is a challenge.
            but your knowledge isn’t up to date — e.g. mag citrate cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, whereas magnesium L-threonate can.

  8. Self diagnosis is the key! Well thought! Unfortunately doctors these days do not have time to understand patients ailments and so keep treating what ever symptoms arise with medications!

  9. Self diagnosis is the key! We have to take matters in our own hands! Understand and listen to our body. Unfortunately, doctors these days do not have time to understand patients ailments and so keep treating what ever symptoms arise with medications!

    1. We must consume chemical free food, Organic if possible, use coconut oil for everything and supplement with CoQ10, everyday, forever, in either Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol form

  10. if only there was truly a way to have your minerals etc checked upon patient’s request….the only one I’ve seen that’s not cost prohibitive only operates in CA & AZ from my understanding. But no, instead you have to pay your doctor to go beg them to give you certain blood tests, which they then refuse. My husband asked his cardiologist to test for homocysteine, CRP or sed rate, fasting blood insulin, B12 & folate in addition to the standard cholesterol panel. The point was to find out 1) if he had hidden inflammation – obviously this is a cause of heart disease (which runs in his family) and 2) if he has issues processing folate & B12, which can also contribute to heart disease and run in families. Do you think he honored my husband’s request??? Of course not; he refused, telling us we are, “going about this the wrong way.” He wanted to put my husband on statins. Huge surprise!
    Bottom line: there needs to be access to catastrophic-only health insurance plans (not just for those under 30!), and make blood testing more affordable and order-able by patients! Pay out of pocket reasonable rates, and take responsibility for your health into your own hands! Instead of paying $500-$1000/mo for just 2 ppl and flushing that down the toilet b/c the deductibles are so high! But of course this makes too much sense and would undermine the racket that is currently the healthcare industry.

  11. Statin drugs are useless. Some cardiologist are in bed with Big Pharma. Magnesium, zinc and iodine are the three minerals in body are deficient in and we need the most.
    Always get a 2nd/3rd opinion when dealing with cardiologist

  12. All of the Allopathic Quacks in the U.S. are dangerous: They are in the business of making you unhealthy, intentionally, so they can make more for themselves and their industry overlords.
    When a doctor looks at you and smiles it is because he sees another corpse filled with dollar signs, not a person, not a human life to protect and nurture. Nope, meaningless profits of value-less fabricated currencies because humans care more about the things they made up than life itself!

  13. Consider going to an Oriental Medicine Doctor (O.M.D.) that practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and use the reduced form of Ubiquinone, Ubiquinol. Read my avatar story and look at some of the comments (above) on the health benefits of Organic Coconut oil. There is no overdose of CoQ10.

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