Are Supplements Dangerous?

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  1. I think the CDC is right. My sister and I have had very bad side effects recently from a supplement we purchased, which swore us both off all supplements. Your percentages re: issues with supplements are probably very true, why because they don’t do anything for you. I don’t think the labeling is honest nor the product ingredients. Also . . your video is campy and does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling regarding the subject matter. Basically, you’re telling folks that everybody is lying to you continue to buy this product that’s untested and non-policed so we can make the money instead of the pharmaceutical companies. Bottom line neither you nor the CDC gives a damn about the consumer. At least with dangerous drugs there is disclosure regarding the chemicals we’re ingesting, and possible side effects.

    1. Yes, you have seen the worst of supplements, and adverse reaction. possibly an allergy or a poorly graded supplement. But look on the bright side, if you had seen the worst of a drug, it probably would have killed you, keep things in perspective there.

    2. Look at the label of the supplement that you purchased. If you buy a supplement at a drugstore, for example, you may be getting a product with harmful additives, even carcinogens (Blue 5, etc.). You will NOT have “very bad side effects” from high-quality products made by reputable manufacturers and you use the products as recommended. It just won’t happen. I have used supplements for over 50 years but I have never used “drugstore vitamins” because I know better.

  2. You know what, Pamela? Your comments are just dumb. People can be ALLERGIC to any number of things. Maybe you should get allergy tested to see if you can take certain things! Especially if the product is one that has a LONG LIST of ingredients! You could be allergic to ONE THING in them…That doesn’t make the product UNSAFE! Also, if you were taking a (HORRIBLE) brand like say, well, Centrum, or any other supplement regularly found at places like K-Mart and WalMart….That is MOST LIKELY the issue! Another thing is, you need to STAY AWAY from products containing Magnesium Stearate (BAD BAD BAD). It is in the “veggie caps” that the supplements come inside….Maybe you should be an INFORMED CONSUMER and not blame other people, products and companies!

    1. Brandon, Magnesium Stearate is a flowing agent to keep machinery clean and you are correct that it is not good for you, but it has nothing to do with the type of capsules. You will see it used in gelatin capules, vegetarian capsules and even in powdered products! It keeps the machinery clean so the manufacturer spends less time cleaning and it is NOT a nutrient!

      1. Magnesium stearate is controversial. It is best to avoid vitamin products that contain it, but that is hard to do since it is the vast majority of products. There are other additives, especially in synthetic vitamin products, that should be of much greater concern. I have taken vitamins and other supplements for over 50 years and undoubtedly have ingested a lot of magnesium stearate without suffering any ill effects.

        1. TPR-You are correct that there are some nasty ingredients in some low quality supplements, especially the brands found in the mass market stores. Most people will ingest some magnesium stearate, since it is in most supplements. But there are a few brands that don’t use it, like BACK TO HEALTH brand and some others. It is not a nutrient and not good for you. We are just fortunate that in most formulas, it is only about 3% of the total. It’s ONLY function is as a “flowing agent” to keep machinery clean. Avoid it by choosing supplements that do not contain magnesium stearate.

  3. The CDC doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but I assure you Bigpharma will give them two legs to run with on this outrageous claim and keep these away from consumers….they are already trying very hard to do this. It always comes down to $ and control with these nefarious clowns.

  4. Excellent Video, as well as a great job putting things in prospective. I read the abstract, but did not see the full text yet. Regrettably, I did not see contraindications totals as well as allergic reactions (i.e Dairy, Peanuts, Etc) There however is a major statistical issue with their study, and that is how they achieved a 95% CI: The following is what I posted on Newhope360’s site, when the article broke:
    *As a side note, in order for them to get a 95% CI they used a guesstimate range of (18,611 to 27,398) ER visits.
    * Annnnnd out of the 407.44 actual recorded ER visits per year (3667 visits / 9 years = 407.44) They estimate that the number of visits should be actually over 56 TIMES greater??? Then just for fun they extrapolate what these possible ER visits must be for..??
    If you have access to the full study, it would be great to see how they got their estimations. Their 23000 number is a bizarre conjecture based upon severely limited data.

  5. I put a good long explanation about manufacturing dietary supplements in here about an hour ago and I sure hope it gets posted!

  6. VERY TRUE… its all about the CDC and FDA, AMA trying to protect their racket! Its a mob, Mafia plain and simple! FACTS are FACTS…

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