Big Food Once Again Tries to Muscle in on Kids’ School Lunch Trays

Please oppose a new House bill that puts corporate profits ahead of children’s health. Action Alert!
A 2002 federal program that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to the country’s poorest schools is now at risk because of crony capitalism. Lobbyists from the frozen, fried, canned, and dried food industries are all jostling to have their products included in the government program, and their efforts are paying off. Reps. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) and Kurt Schrader (D-OR) have recently introduced legislation that would broaden the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program to include frozen, canned, dried, and pureed fruits and vegetables.
The Big Food lobbies contend that the legislation should be rewritten to include “all forms” of fruits and vegetables, even including highly processed and fried foods. This kind of change would open the door to all kinds of absurdities that we’ve seen in the past, such as the attempt to define pizza as a vegetable. Big Food also influenced the decision to count French fries as a vegetable. Is this what we want for the country’s most vulnerable children?
Unlike many other school nutrition programs, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, when it was initially introduced into the 2002 Farm Bill by former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), specifically stipulated that the snacks contain only real fresh fruits and vegetables. Costing around $177 million each year, it is a relatively small part of $16 billion that the federal government spends on school meals, but an important area where junk food lobbies do not dominate the menu.
Unsurprisingly, the program was susceptible to crony influences from the moment it was created. For the first six years, dried fruit was allowed—a bit of pork carved out by a California congressman who had raisin interests in his district. This led schools to use the federal dollars to buy trail mix.
It’s an old story. We’ve reported on the flourishing crony influences on federal school meal programs a number of times over the years. When there are billions of dollars at stake, Big Food will almost always work its connections in agencies like the USDA to muscle its way onto the school lunch tray.
The result of all this, of course, is that our kids—in this particular case, kids in some of the poorest school districts in the country—are served low-quality, low-cost, highly processed junk food, courtesy of the federal government.
Action Alert! Write to your congressional representative and urge him or her to oppose HR 3532, the Fruit and Vegetable Access for Children Act, which would make school lunches and snacks significantly less healthy. Please send your message immediately.


  1. If we want healthy children whose brains work and they succeed in school, then they need vegetables more than any other food and, of course, the right wingers don’t want them to have the food they need for healthy brains. God forbid the electorate should have healthy brains or succeed in school. This is one more step in their dumbing down of America and the creation of a more easily controllable population.

    1. TeslaFan, you sound like the bigot you liberals are. I just sign this action and I am conservative. i guess I would have to correct your ignorance since you don’t even bother to research or let alone read this ariticle carefully. If you bothered to read this article, it says that both a Republican and Democrat are trying to appease the big food corps. Today’s Democrats in DC are capitalists. Meaning that they may be socialists but their first priority is to cater to big corps, just like the RINOs. Can you guess why Obama got 1 billion for both presidential campaigns and Hillary Clinton have more than the top Republican candidates in their presidential campaigns? If you can’t do the math then I will give you a hint. They did not come from welfare recipients. Stop spreading parroting communist propaganda like a “useful idiot’.

      1. And you didn’t even bother to read my post before your knees started to jerk. I never mentioned any political party at all. I said “right wingers”. Since you reacted the way you did, I’m guessing you’re one of them.

        1. You got to be kidding me? So if I called the Left “libtards” then that is okay? I don’t think you said “right wingers” to be neutral. Aren’t conservatives of the ‘right wing’?

          1. right wing |ˈˌraɪt ˈˌwɪŋ| noun (the right wing) 1 the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

          2. Notice that it doesn’t say which political party? Every party and every religion has its “conservative or reactionary” wing.

          3. Really? The Democrat Party have conservatives? I don’t think so. They are mostly communists.

          4. I know about the Blue Dog Democrats. They are phonies. They even allowed ObamaCare, that use our tax dollars to pay for abortions, to pass. They are semi conservative socially and fiscally socialist. In other words, they sound a lot like the RINOs. They are NOT conservatives.

          5. Tax dollars have not been used for abortions since the Hyde amendment went into effect about 1976.

          6. You are kidding, right? Have you not heard on every spectrum of news media that Planned Parenthood get $500 million every year(from our tax dolloars)? After those videos proving that the abortion group is breaking the law of selling baby body parts from 2nd or 3rd trimester babies and lying about it, the conservatives in Congress want to take away the federal funding for Planned Parenthood? I don’t know where you are getting your news from.

          7. Those DEBUNKED videos are of the same ilk as nasty little James O’Keefe’s fake video that GOPers hyped about and ultimately used to kill ACORN. The Center for Medical Progress (so called) is a right-wing group connected to liars and violent people. Look it up. (Carly Fiorina copiously lied about the videos too.)
            Planned Parenthood provides services to both women and men, notably BIRTH CONTROL that PREVENTS unwanted pregnancies and thus PREVENTS abortions.

          8. There are lies out there that low info. Americans keep repeating. That Planned Parenthood is only 3% abortion, mammograms, after labor care, etc. All turned out to be lies. There are no mammograms, abortions is the main business(about 90%), and so on. Plus, neutral professionals hired by Congress have said that those videos are authentic. Nothing was doctored.

          9. Nope. A low-income friend of mine whose job was outsourced by a stinking corporatist can testify that you’re wrong and that thanks to PP, she’s a cancer survivor. Your use of “low info” implies that you listen to Rush and repeat his sayings. The real world knows that the videos were fraudulent. GOPers and some Dems want to ‘agonize’ over the videos in order to kill the PP organization, cut women’s healthcare (which will KILL some women, as PP is the only affordable site in their area). The PP haters are misogynists, that’s all. It’s the ACORN video-scam revisited.

          10. There are plenty of conversion stories of men and women(patients and workers) who experienced what it is like in an abortion clinic and then they became pro-life. I suggest you do the same thing. Or are you like those diehard fans of PP who refuse to look at that videos and think that by burying your head in the sand is the best way to face the truth? You can find many YouTube videos or testimonies in many other sources. I don’t even listen to Rush, so don’t make guesses. You are terrible at making assumptions. Plus, again it have been proven by Congress that those videos are authentic. What proof do you have that they weren’t? Because Whoopie said so in “the View”? You give me nothing. As for ACORN, good riddance. They were cheating and frauding. Give me a break.

          11. Ye freaking gods. I don’t watch TV or get my opinions from celebrities.
            You have completely FALSE ideas about ACORN and PP.
            I’ve had enough of liars and have no need to ‘prove’ myself against them.

          12. We may not be taxed specifically for abortions but our tax payer money(mostly taxes of all kinds) do go to Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare every year. If you say that is not true then you obviously do not watch authentic news.

          13. You moved the goal posts, shifted the focus, evaded facing the reply. You said (emphasis MINE): “They even allowed ObamaCare, that USE OUR TAX DOLLARS TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS, to pass.”

          14. You are really childish. What does it matter if the tax payers’ money that goes to the government from a thousand different ways is an “abortion tax”(of course it doesn’t exist) or if it went through some other source but end up in Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare AFTER many avenues? If you don’t understand me by now then I can’t help you.

          15. Oh and you are helping anyone? You are condensending and arrogant. All you do is harrass anyone. Not help. What do I need rehab for? For telling the truth? If anyone needs it, it is you, who hates anyone that doesn’t think like you. You sound like a communist to me.

          16. Oh jeebus.
            Not communists.
            Idiots who want no regulations on corporations. Idiots who want corporations to rule the govt and decide on all domestic and foreign policies.

          17. Since you are no conservative you don’t speak for those who are. I am a conservative and I can testify that you are wrong. Most conservatives, including Tea Party and Libertarian members, do believe that corporations have to be reigned in(we differ in how to tax them though). We left the GOP for this major reason. The GOP no longer listen to the regular voters but to big corps, just like the Democrat Party does.

          18. As a human being, I am liberal in some areas, conservative in others. Therefore, I don’t speak for those with closed minds. You can ‘testify’ that I’m ‘wrong’ only in your closed system, a small world. I can testify that I’ve heard the parroted accusation of ‘communist’ all over right-wing radio.

          19. You made fault assumptions about the conservatives, so that is why I know you are not a conservative. That alone is proof of your brainwashed “closed” mind. I was a Republican until the Tea Party came along. Amazingly it appeared at the right time when I was fuming at the GOP’s obvious alliance with the ultra-socialist(communists) Democrats, instead of the conservatives and the American voters. If I were living in the 60’s I could have been a liberal too(classical liberal) but today’s liberals are soo far left that they align more with the Nazis and the communists than the liberal of the 60’s. The Tea Party and Libertarians align more with the Founding Fathers’ idealism. You sound too much like a naive kid to know any history or anything about politics to be having this discussion at all.

          20. Lol. You continue to make up stories about me and then ‘argue’ with me on the basis of your lies. That’s a typical reich-wing ploy. I hope you make a recovery some day.

          21. What stories am I making up? I am not lying about anything. I watch and read plenty of news everyday and read a lot of history, AND have been around long enough to see what is going on, and remember when America was soo different than it is now. I am a Christian and as a Christian I know that lying is a sin, but godless people like you see lying as a useful tactic to get what you want. So the one most likely to lie is YOU!
            Didn’t you say that you are just a kid? Then you are doing the lying. You know absolutely nothing! You sound like a typical liberal of today that resort to name-calling when they can’t give a good argument or response.

          22. Silly baby. No. I didn’t say I’m a kid; quite the opposite. Now go wipe the spittle off your chin. Chuckle.

          23. Hey, I have an idea! Let’s call each other names based on our political bias so we can keep the puppetmasters entertained as they jerk us around on our strings! They are neither Democraps nor Rethugnicans, just ordinary global elitists who have an agenda that bodes ill for all living entities. They love nothing better than to see us squabbling over trifles while their nefarious plans go full steam ahead!

      2. GOPers have been behind most – not all, but MOST – of the cutting of food programs, health programs, daycare programs, education, and so forth. – Decent people can be liberal, conservative, left, right, R, D, whatever. But people bought by Big Food and megacorporations (Koch Industries, Monsanto, Walmart, etc.) Aren’t decent. – TeslaFan wasn’t “parroting communist propaganda.” He’s just in touch with the general record of Republicans. Many Dems are corporate-bought too, but the number of bought Rs still exceeds them.
        Side note: Imo, the US doesn’t have a ‘communist propaganda’ problem. It has a fascist propaganda problem.

        1. Then how do you explain Obama getting 1 billion for both presidential campaigns, while the GOP candidates only got a little over half of that? Must be because the Democrat Party cater to the big corps more than the GOP Party?

          1. Getting money for campaigns is a different thing from supporting or obstructing legislation. – As to who caters to big corporations, just last week the GOPers killed authorization for one of the most successful conservation programs we’ve ever had, the Land and Water Conservation Fund. We didn’t pay for that fund. The money came from the obscene profits of oil and gas industries that are drilling and fracking in OUR offshore waters. The GOPers couldn’t Stand to let their corporate owners suffer, even though some of those owners pay little to No taxes. Now there will be no more money in the LWCF to preserve national parks, wildernesses, public fishing and hunting sites, cultural heritage sites, ball fields and playgrounds, ca. 2/3 of the Appalachian Trail, and so forth. Simultaneously, GOPers gave away part of a forest, sacred to the Apache, to an offshoot of Rio Tinto to destroy the land with a copper mine. GOPers have also backed uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, new nuclear plants, and opening of national parks to drilling, fracking, and coal mining.

          2. I, too, am a conservationist. I do believe that big corps are too blinded by money to care for the environment, health of people, long-term issues of any kind, etc. I differ from the GOP and some conservatives who trust big corps too much to run their business their way. Yet, I don’t go to the extreme either. For example, I don’t agree with some liberals who don’t care to make middle class’ lives miserable by making utility bills very high or taxes high just so that we use only windmill and solar while we get rid of coal and other ‘dirty’ fossil fuel competely, when it is not realistic… economically. I also believe in closing loopholes in policies that the rich use to pay as little tax as possible. I also have a problem with the outsourcing of companies that pay their foreign workers slavery wages that brings no benefit to that country but only to the company. That is why illegals continue to come to this country. American companies are barely paying them! I could go on but the point is that conservatives come in different shades of why they don’t like big corps. You obviously just don’t know any conservative and that is why you believe the lies of the liberal news. The problem is that most of the politicians in Congress(both Democrats and GOPs) have been bought by the corps, but the liberal media is not always soo honest about WHO have been bought. One thing that is true is that the oil, manufacturing, other ‘dirty fossil” corps are more likely to lean toward the GOP but even Obama and Clinton have been bought by other corps just as dangerous like Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, etc. I have said enough.

          3. Yes, you’ve said enough. Amazingly, we agree on some points; but you’re so irrationally belligerent that the agreement is likely to do no good.
            If there Were any liberal news, we’d hear every day about the US destabilizing, invading, overthrowing, or bombing countries, the number of US military still being killed, the extent to which Monsanto buys fake research while deliberately and knowingly poisoning Americans, the extent to which the oil corporations buy climate change-denial ‘scientists,’ what the provisions of the TPP actually are, the underhanded deals with the FDA to outlaw healthful food and supplements and replace them with GMOs and pharmaceutical drugs, the amount of water that fracking contaminates per operation, the legislators who have been bought by ALEC, and so forth and so on. There isn’t any liberal news. All news is just filler for the ‘real’ content – advertisements.

    1. …and the right to know what is in our food, GMO labeling will cost nothing more than pennies to add the information to food labels , I doubt one label would cost more than a tenth of a centper label if that, they claim the extra information will drive food costs up, the truth is it will take profits from gmo growers. We have the right to know.
      We do need to return Agriculture to as many local producers as possible, big grids fail in very big ways.

      1. Riverstrat, I agree with you completely. I also used to work in the print industry as a typesetter. It would take a typesetter about a minute to make the change to a label: the cost-nothing. Companies change their labels for holidays so there is no reason for them to claim adding a few words to their labels is expensive. It IS NOT. GMO growers should be ashamed to grow that garbage.

        1. My 2 Demorat Senators don’t want labels stating what country the food comes from either or labeled GMO in the grocery stores. I do look to see where it is coming from and want GMO labels.

          1. That is a terrible shame , no good can come from cloaking where food comes from or what is in it.

          2. Democrats? Gads. Big Food owns so many congress-titutes. My 2 GOPer senators don’t want GMO or country-of-origin labels either. They DO want the TPP, though, which would unleash even more GMOs on the world. — I hope you’re aware of the Non-GMO Project (Institute for Responsible Technology.)

          3. Yes, and I receive a lot of petitions against GMO food and against Monsanto weed killing products that kill the bees, etc. I am very active in these petitions.
            I also have a Demorat Gov. this year, but a maj. of Repub in the State government that are willing to fight + a great local gun lobby group that fight for our rights.

  2. Don’t in any way, shape or form sell our kids short!! They are our future and deserve the best foods we can obtain; no short cuts!!!!

    1. Yes. Food affects health, learning and attention abilities, psychological makekup, etc. – One day, those kids are going to be in charge of everything. I want them to be healthy, physically and mentally!

  3. Signed but not sure if it took, when I hit the ‘send msg ‘ button , it comes back again blank, as if it wants to be filled out again…from scratch.

    1. It may be that you haven’t enable cookies. Try again by clicking the link at the top of the form/action page for those who have trouble taking action. Or, you could try on a mobile device. I and others have had this issue ever since ANH launched their new site.

      1. It did mention that at the top or the page, but I can’t imagine my cookies being disabled, I’ll check ,,,,,,Thanks….

  4. I’d like to share this, but someone’s screwed with your system. When I put my cursor on the white ‘F’ of facebook the thing flashes Select Facebook but does not tally my click.

  5. A msg to all, I thank Natural Health for allowing us to post without having the thought police decide whether or not they want to allow our posts to be posted, there are ‘Discuss’ comment pages that have forgotten what free speech is, I thank Natural Health for not being one of those thought police sites….When you see a msg ‘waiting to post this may take a few minutes” they are deciding whether free speech is good for you , it is not about profanity, it is about content that they are screening, I found this first hand, so have others….let us all please band together and support sites like this one hear that cares about freedom.

        1. I am a life long Southerner,born in Atlanta, Piedmont Hospital, and educated in Atlanta. I know very well what the VIRGINIA battle flag means. I urge you to research the true history of this flag, and the Confederacy. I too was fooled by the false history taught through my southern education. I have since learned the truth.
          First, on the Virginia battle flag. This flag had little relevance until the 1960s — that is the 1960s, not the 1860s — when the Voting Rights Act was passed. The flag was then raised all across the south in rebellion to the VRA. If this flag represents a heritage, it is not a heritage to be proud of. Unless, of course, you are a racist.
          On the Confederacy itself — the VP of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, wrote a declaration of the creation of the confederacy as based on the belief that Negros were inferior to whites and slavery was proper. “The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions — African slavery as it exists among us — the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution.” So either our southern soldiers were ignorant of the Confederate Constitution they were defending, or they believed giving their lives to preserve slavery was a good thing.
          You’ve been called out — admit the truth to yourself and take down that blasted flag.

          1. I see…so, by default, you’re….defending federalist, UNconstitutional, northern (i.e., ‘union’) aggression and TYRANNY? hahaha Please read more about your (apparent?) hero, Lincoln. If you want to unmask the paragon of racism, then look at the real ‘honest abe’.
            We’re in the mess we’re in, TODAY, largely because of what transpired as in the so-called “Civil War”. There was nothing “civil” about Sherman and his boys burning southern homes and businesses to the ground in the ‘March to the Sea’.
            Give your boy, ‘barry davis’, a big kiss on his big toe, Diane..

          2. Good points, the ‘truth’ was written by the victors , which is generally the case. The ‘entire’ Lincoln story is not often told.

          3. LOL a tiny percentage of farmers owned slaves , 600,000 thousand friends and neighbors don’t kill each other over farming policies. Slavery was on its way out without the war, millions more white and other races historically have been under slavery ,numbers that dwarf the numbers of your agenda. How many rants do you go on decrying the plight of White slavery? Two regimes ordered these 600,000 men to murder each other, the advancement waiting in the wings was FEDERALISM. The biggest driver of homicide throughout history has always been Governments, listen to the pc police that would like you to forget history and it will repeat.
            The Confederate Flag is a Symbol of independence and freedom from tyrannical governments like the one that is fastly accelerating its policies before our eyes. We need 20 states to secede very soon before our country is finally completely sold out to foreign Banking interests.
            The American Flag is the next to go under the chopping block, where will you stand then ?
            You are free to latch onto any symbol you like to fulfill the hatred you seek. There are those among us that speak their mind so that future generations may live to see freedom, bless your heart and find peace where ever you go , it is there if you just open your eyes.

          4. Chuckle. Here abouts, folks consider it a symbol of football. Nothing else. Blacks and whites fly it at game time with no problem.
            As to the war, I’ve generally considered it a fight over industrialization vs. agriculture. And money of course. “How can I run the country without the Southern port duties?”

        2. Thank you , you didn’t ask but I love America and States Rights, Federalism is threatening to do away with State and individual ‘rights’ period.

      1. lol Vile , vile is turning your back on 600,000 good men that lost there lives in the interest of federalism. Northern aggression got these men killed, the pc crowd and government would love for you to forget all about it. You are playing right into their hands. “Those that forget their history are doomed to repeat it” The biggest killers in history are governments, not flags. The Confederate flag in a lot of ways is much more beautiful than our beloved American Flag. Your statement of; ” I’ll do it if” sounds like everyone’s third grade teacher, if you had a spine you would fight for the second amendment not to please yourself but to protect those that can’t fight for themselves, those that have not been born yet, and will never no freedom as long as their are people like you unwilling to stand up and protect the Bill of Rights not as a bargaining tool but as a necessity of Freedom for all.
        Best Regards…..

      2. A flag can’t be “vile”…unless you use it to wipe your a$$, or the like. A flag is a piece of cloth and nothing more.
        You may find a particular flag offensive…but that’s a matter with which you must cope.
        This whole flag controversy is more ‘us vs. them’ BS…enough already.

        1. Good points, we all need to stand up against revisionists and pc police.
          There are a lot of statements made by people that I find disagreeable, but to suggest they should not speak their mind is support of abject tyranny. I’m reminded of a story about the man (Bill) that say he neighbor hauled away , he was carpenter, well Bill was an accountant so he didn’t get involved , then he watched his Presbyterian friend being arrested by the secret police, Bill did nothing as he was Protestant, then his Boss was arrested for speaking out against the president , well Bill liked the president so he did nothing, yesterday they came after Bill for speaking up for the US Constitution….there was no one left to help Bill….

    1. YES. I totally agree and have experienced it myself.
      ‘Amazingly,’ some sites have even decided ‘for’ us that making comments ‘impedes free speech,’ as it discourages letters to the editor. Now & then I want to take some CEOs and slap their faces from side to side for their lack of logic and their disdain for the Constitution.

      1. Hopefully people will become aware of what is happening to free speech and boycott any site that chooses to ‘moderate’ any conversation, moderation is de facto deletion and editing of thoughts that aren’t lock step with those that moderate…. we don’t need moderation at all.

    2. I was thinking I’d have to retract my statement agreeing that ANH doesn’t censor. I tried 3 times to reply to Sandra, but got that “Please hold” thingie each time. ANH never posted the replies. My point was that the smear-videos on Planned Parenthood have been debunked.
      Now, several hours later, I again posted the comment (which I’d saved elsewhere), and it went through. This time, though, I removed the description that O’Keefe was dressed as his version of a (4-letter word; starts & ends with P) and the ‘lady’ was dressed as her version of a (5-letter word; starts with W, ends with E). Maybe ANH had objected to the original language – or maybe monitors had changed shift. Who knows? Heh.

      1. I hope I don’t see the ‘please hold’ , if I do I will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.
        I never type out fk and blsht etc and almost never direct it at a fellow member unless under extreme ‘same’ attack, I never initiate hateful remarks, shouldn’t make any difference though, free speech is not designed to protect ‘happy politically correct people ‘ it is for all of us including those that disagree with me and you , I hope you don’t see the ‘ hold ‘ sign again, that is nothing less than thought police , telling you and I what thoughts are good and which are ‘bad’ …..

        1. Thanks for the solidarity. Exactly so. If free speech doesn’t work for the scum, it doesn’t work for regular folks either.

          1. You bet, and the ‘scum’ is anyone that isn’t ‘lock step’ with the views of the moderator or the handlers of the site…..Solidarity for Freedom.!!

  6. Frozen food is not so bad — unadulterated frozen fruits and vegetables can be more nutritious than fresh produce that has been sitting in storage for a while, e.g., last year’s apples, or (flavorless) underripe tomatoes.
    Canned foods are another matter. They are a good place to sneak in excess sugar, starch and sodium, as well as colorings and artificial flavors. Anything reduced to a powder is non-food, IMO. I think concerned parents will be forced to look over the shoulders of the lunch ladies to see what actually goes onto those lunch trays.
    Big Food lobbyists will always find a way to cheapen the value of school food, no matter how many petitions we sign or letters we write. Vigilance and educating kids about eating well are our best defenses. Don’t believe anything a politician tells you, and verify what the school board says.

    1. “…no matter how many petitions we sign…”
      I.e., Congress (Senate & House) doesn’t represent us anymore. It represents the corporations that own the legislators.

  7. I see that someone else added a comment about what gave me pause about signing a form letter — banning anything but fresh produce. As a home economics major and former “Home Ec” teacher, I don’t have a problem with the JUDICIOUS use of frozen, canned, dried, and pureed fruits and vegetables. Sometimes they may be more available or a better price than fresh. And the use of pureed vegetables has been one way that parents have been sneaking them into their childrens’ diets. The real problem is not the FORM in which fruits and vegetables are used, but what’s been added to or taken away from them as a result. A carefully wrritten bill could allow the JUDICIOUS use of vegetables and fruits in ALL forms, while disallowing the use of processed vegetables and fruits which contain more than a determined amount of additives like salt and sugar. So if I send any letter, that’s what I’m, going to say.
    And I really do appreciate that this organization allows people to post comments without censorship!

      1. And if they don’t like your comment, they don’t post it. But you can post a confederate flag–no problem.

    1. If the frozen, canned, etc. fruits and vegetables are non-GMO and aren’t packaged in BPA containers, they should be ok.
      As to censorship, I’m waiting on 3 of my posts to be approved. (They were debunking someone’s smear of Planned Parenthood.)

  8. While frozen and canned produce can be fine, since this program is intended to serve only SNACK items (not a school lunch), then I think that keeping it limited to fresh fruits and vegetables makes sense instead of allowing processed produce.
    Kids already eat enough processed food, so although frozen and other processed fruits and vegetables are okay for some purposes, let’s keep school snacks unprocessed. I’d rather a kid of mine got an apple or a little “cute” tangerine than a cup of applesauce, or some raw broccoli or carrots than a piece of carrot cake.

  9. Didnt Michelle Obama make this her big project?? All Eat Healthy??? And guess what happened? Kids were just Dumping it consistently in the Trash! just would not eat a Carrot Stick and a Piece Brocolli. SO THE schools that spent more our taxpayer money for “All Healthy food” went back to mixing it up the best they could so kids would eat. DOES ANYONE KNOW There are many POOR Children that often dont get Any Food at home & just Depend on School meal to fill their hunger???
    I grew up with healthy balanced, homemade meals and my 3 kids did too. THERE was only like 2 veges Cooked I would eat,
    my kids too. My kids wouldnt even eat a Salad till they about 14. Though I made every night. SO even if raised good food, most kids just dont always eat, like, good constant healthy in your face, food until they get much older. Why?? Dont know but guess some is their “taste Buds” that develop from formula to baby food, which often Spit Out! There is ways to make a Taco healthy but desirable to a kid. Or a Wrap Sandwhich etc. All crap bad but part crap nmixed in with healthy is good. Avoid
    as much Processed as can, but just Feed them.Too many people full of themselves & forget sometimes you nneed

    1. I agree! Change needs to happen at home first before it happens at school.
      Or else all our hard work will end up in trash can as it happens in most schools these days! Junk food goes in stomach and veges in trash can!

    2. Worked in a nursery school for 7 years and we were lucky to have our own cook. The kids did eat raw broccoli with dip (ranch) they liked raw zuchinni and raw carrots. We would have taco salad. They loved cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt with granola and a plethora of other healthy choices. It was served family style and they loved it. Some small school systems have also been known to serve meals family style, less waste and more healthy selections.

    3. Unfortunately, Mrs Obama (who has an organic garden at home at the WH) quickly paired with the murderers at Monsanto to decide what would go in the lunches.

  10. What is wrong with expanding the definitions to these foods? Let’s get real: This is what most children are eating at home, what’s the problem with expanding the definitions to those things?
    Answer: Absolutely nothing that I can see.

  11. Kids mindset on healthy food needs to developed at home first! Schools come second! Kids will eat what they eat at home! To give you an example: For my son’s after game snack in summer, I bought Fruit juice popsicles. My assumption was that kids will love popsicles in summer. To my surprise 50% of the kids did not take the snack because they read it is made of fruit!

  12. My mother taught school…..all 8 grades in a one room school house in a little mining town at the bottom of a canyon. She drove 28 miles one way in all kinds of weather. Mining did not pay well, so she had to resolve the school lunch program. She and the children grew a garden and families donated proteins from farmers and ranchers in the area. She understood children need brain foods and gut brain connection. She served breakfast and kept bowls of dried prunes and high enzymes fruits and nuts and seeds around the room for children to help themselves to daily. She finally received an award from the Governor Jerry Brown in his first term. What did school lunches cost? Twenty five cents.

  13. The buffoons and jokers setting these absurdities as policy are a threat to our country and her people. I pray wholeheartedly for their replacement with sound minded, decent folks who have such a love for what is good and wholesome that any temptations presented to line their pockets at the expense of all our kids and families would be rebuked and happily denied.
    In Jesus name, amen.

    1. Monsanto should be prosecuted for knowingly and deliberately putting carcinogens and other poisons in our food supply. If a foreign country did to us what Monsanto does, the US would bomb that country to snot. Monsanto is committing crimes against humanity.

  14. Hi Tsyganka, Thank you for your comment and please know that we do our best to keep this website open to discussion. We do have a comment moderation policy in place to prevent spam, expletives, and name-calling from interrupting healthy civil debate. Because of this, a few comments are flagged for approval and take a little longer to post. This is an automated filter and we do our best to get comments up on the website quickly. We’re appreciative of everyone’s discussion!

  15. Yes. — And speaking of slavery/prisons: Huckabee (I heard on radio tonight) recently agreed with some idiot on a ‘morning show’ (not Morning Joe, something else) that instead of putting nonviolent ‘offenders’ in prison, we should SELL them to folks or companies to do work. “Sell” was the word used. Someone else opined that it “sounds a lot like slavery,” and the host snorted “what’s wrong with slavery?” 0MG. Stupidity, bigotry, idiocy on the hoof.

    1. Goes right along with abortion and selling parts, Chinese organ harvesting (prison inmates) . We need to change many or the laws hat put these people in prisons start with, beginning with decriminalizing drugs….imo….

  16. DEL MONTE Canned vegetable, found some today at the marked NO GMO, USA origin….someone gets it,,,,bravo Del Monte…..

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