Senator McCaskill Once Again Targets Anti-Aging Supplements

Treating supplements like drugs will lead to one thing only: eliminating supplements altogether. Action Alert!
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is a key ally of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL). Under the auspices of the Special Committee on Aging, where she is the ranking member, Sen. McCaskill sent letters to over a dozen major retailers including Amazon, CVS, Target, the Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Kroger, Safeway, and Walgreens, asking—in effect, demanding—that the retailers supply information and documents to the committee, with the expectation that it will lead to a Senate hearing. The committee wants to review the retailers’ policies relating to:

  • the sale and marketing of supplements;
  • the removal of products determined to be adulterated, improperly labeled, or fraudulently marketed;
  • the reporting of serious adverse events; and
  • how consumers’ complaints regarding supplements are handled.

The letters also ask that the retailers brief the Special Committee on Aging staff regarding the above procedures.
Some of the letters express specific concerns about supplements that are being used to protect against and/or mitigate the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
This is not the first time the senator has tackled this topic. In 2010, the Special Committee on Aging held a hearing, titled “Dietary Supplements: What Seniors Need to Know.” The overall tenor of the hearing was that regulators needed more authority to clamp down on deceptive marketing practices of some dietary supplement manufacturers. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) responded by clarifying that such deceptive marketing practices were already illegal and that the FDA already had the authority to criminally prosecute offenders, making any further regulation redundant. The hearing showed that many in Congress simply do not understand dietary supplement regulation.
In 2014, Sen. McCaskill headed a Senate Consumer Protection Subcommittee hearing on false or misleading marketing of weight loss supplements, where she famously grilled Dr. Mehmet Oz for using what she considered sensationalist language to push certain products on his popular television program.
It is interesting that Sen. McCaskill is targeting supplements that may protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia. We’ve written before about the positive results from coconut oil in patients with Alzheimer’s after Big Pharma drugs either failed to improve, or actively worsened, the patients’ condition. Other evidence suggests that high doses of B vitamins limit brain shrinkage, a common precursor to Alzheimer’s. A proper diet and proper supplementation may also improve our memory as we grow older.
The Mediterranean Diet has also been shown to be associated with slower cognitive decline. Well-functioning brains contain high levels of DHA, which can be obtained by a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and eggs. Limiting intake of trans-fats common in fried foods and omega-6 fats helps maintain a healthy brain along with getting enough sleep and reducing stress.
There is much more research to be done on these topics, but it is remarkable how much research already has been done, considering that the foods and supplements cannot be patented.
Let’s be clear. Inquiries such as this are often only the first step in a process that culminates in lawmakers calling for supplements to be regulated more like drugs—which, because of the high cost and what we call the “Catch-22” of drug approval, would likely result in the complete elimination of many important supplements from the market. This is precisely the approach Sen. Durbin has taken in the past—and why it is so very important that we take action now, before it snowballs.
Besides Sens. McCaskill and Durbin, politicians such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and former Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) have repeatedly intimated that supplements are unregulated, which is simply untrue. As we’ve written before, supplements are subject to regulation by both the FDA and the FTC, and must adhere to strict current good manufacturing practices to ensure the safety of the supplements consumers buy. Unfortunately, as in most industries, some bad actors will not follow the law, and it is then up to federal regulators to enforce the rules. In one notorious memo from the past, the FDA admitted that it was not doing its job—clearly hoping that some dire result would lead to new legislation against supplements.
It should be remembered that the current system actually works: supplements have a sterling track record of safety. Our friends at ANH-Europe calculated that UK residents were actually more likely to get killed by lightning as to die from taking dietary supplements.
We’ve long suspected that these attacks from certain politicians have less to do with protecting consumers than with doing the bidding of Big Pharma, which would love any competition from supplements to be eliminated. Just compare the price of drugs to supplements. And compare the safety record of supplements to that of FDA-approved drugs which, even when properly prescribed, cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations and kill about 128,000 Americans every year.
Moreover, the drug industry has yet to produce a drug for Alzheimer’s that really works. Personal testing, food, supplements, and lifestyle—the key elements of integrative medicine—are all we have at the moment to protect our aging brains.
Action Alert! Write to the members of the Special Committee on Aging and urge them to halt this bullying of supplement retailers and maintain consumer access to important supplements. Remind them that federal regulators already have the authority to stop deceitful marketing practices. The FDA and FTC should simply do their job and enforce current law. Please send your message immediately.


  1. These shills for the medical industry should clean their own house first and deal with the 100,000 killed yearly by doctors.

    1. Now they are saying the number is closer to 400,000.
      ISIS? Um, like, 1,000?
      Where’s the REAL threat to America here, folks?

      1. US – We are our own worst enemies due to our consent to do nothing when we know that the controller behind the little green door, knows exactly how stupid we are. No Brain. No Hearts & No Courage.
        Wheres’ toto when you need him most?
        What can we do?
        We can stand up and demand labeling of all foods including those promoted and being sold by GMO Mono satan. They control the FDA under one “Michael Taylor” who is one them.
        Until then, WE can’t blame anybody but ourselves.

      2. The bad thing is they are going to start calling We the People the terrorists and drone bombing us because we don’t want to eat their poisoned food and live in their toxic monopoly society of despair and anguish.
        “Lone Wolf Threats” My aching…. more like Terrorist Government.

  2. Big Pharma just wants supplements under their control, so they can make more money. How many supplements kill people, versus how many drugs kill people. And maybe they should research the relationship between the mass killings/killers and the psychotropic drugs they were on — all!! It is easier to blame guns, than drugs, so Big Pharma and McCaskill get out of our lives and stop doing the bidding of your masters in the form of Big Pharma.

    1. exactly. more money, and also, more sick people to make more money off with THEIR drugs. No thanks. God forbid us “little people” take charge of our own health.

      1. I do every day. Look in the doctors’ waiting rooms and you see the reason so many drugs are pushed. When you go to the doctor, I bet you see what I see — out of ten people one or two are of healthy weight and look like they exercise. Prevention and supplements are better than pills.

    2. The study that made supplements look bad was phony, and the Senator knows that. SHe is owned by Big Pharma.

    3. Supplements kill no one. Poison control statistics support that assertion. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic medicine–no deaths. 0. Nada. Zilch.

  3. You do know supplements companies don’t want to be regulated, and have paid and contributed to republicans in Congress to make sure they can get away with whatever they put in your supplements? This proposal isn’t going to stop supplements, just make sure the are doing what they say, and that they aren’t putting garbage into them.
    The whole idea behind not having these regulated was brought up by big supplement companies.
    Supplement companies are just like big Pharm. They don’t care.

    1. Neither do pharmaceutical companies that just buy seats on FDA committees.

        1. you are talking about the same FDA that allowed aspartame on the market years ago, and GMO food, and glyphosate on your food, and triclosan in toothpaste – oops – it’s an endocrine disruptor – take it out again – but wait five years or so to let the manufacturers use up their supplies, oh yes, and BPA in the linings of canned food, etc. etc. You are a shill for the drug companies. Even read about groups of people like you in the news. Trying to just sound like a sincere, concerned citizen, getting paid by some lobbying group. Tsk tsk.

          1. Um. I wish I was…then I’d have money to play with.
            And gods, no government agency is infallible, or not subjected to bribes, but at least have some thing in place for oversite. It won’t stop everything, but could give some type of pause and a way to take legal recourse in case of injury

      1. Why can’t we have regulation of any supplement or medicine out there?

        1. Why can’t we regulate toxic, pesticide residue laced foods that are unhealthy to ingest and subsidized by the taxpayer to create whether they agree or not? Hmm?

      1. I would love that. But, the only ones are going to listen to are the ones with money. Even when there are members of Congress or the Senate that speak of better things and that one things to help out people and their constituents, the bigger companies or the other senators are congressmen that are paid off will try to make them look like idiots. They will start off advertising and convince the rest of us that the people that are doing good are actually trying to hurt us or control us.

        1. That doesn’t mean you have to be content with it, or complacent, or silent.
          It doesn’t mean you have to join them, or perpetuate it yourself.
          It doesn’t mean it is justified.
          It is plain to see the toxic monopoly and what we must do is end the atrocity!~

    2. Maybe some of us would not like to have to pay ten times as much for our supplements or have to spend one hundred dollars for a doctor visit in order to try to get something we have been taking for years with only good results. What if we are not all millionaires? I have been taking supplements for over 40 years with only great results and no problems whatsoever, so why do I need the FDA to step in and destroy the supplement industry completely, ,like they have been wanting to do for years? I have to take 18,000 units of vitamin D daily in order to keep my blood level at the optimum value, and I just got my blood test results last Monday to be sure that it is still at that value, which it is. You don’.t have the slightest idea what your vitamin D level is, or should be either. I would just about bet on it. Most peoples’ vitamin D level is below the minimum even though this is a very simple problem to correct, and a very dangerous condition to live with. The FDA could not care less about the safety of supplement buyers. If they cared about your safety why would they allow statin drugs with 150 side effects be forced upon most of the elderly people in this country by their doctor’s?

      1. Just because they will be checked out, doesn’t mean the price will be raised. I’d the supplements do what they are suppose to, and are made of what the companies say, then this shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m not a supporter of big Pharm, I hate the idea of pill and more pills pushed by drug companies. But supplement companies do the same thing, but with no oversite. What’s wrong with that?

        1. If you read the article then you know that the FDA and the FTC already have the authority to prosecute supplement companies for mislabeling or adulteration violations, so if they are not doing their jobs properly why would we give them any further authority to do anything? The supplement companies are not killing 128,000 Americans per year with their products, and in fact they are not even killing one person per year. The worldwide total of people killed by prescription drugs is probably closer to one million.
          The same FDA which you are wanting to protect you from the supplement companies’ misinformation has been telling us for probably 75 years that we only need 400 units of vitamin D per day. That is the sort of real misinformation which you liberals should concern yourselves with being protected from. The worst thing that can happen with a supplement is that it may not do everything that you had hoped, but you don’t need to worry about deadly side effects from it, so why not leave well enough alone?

          1. Ok…No deaths from supplements?
            Course, that’s prob a lie from the liberal media…
            And why do you keep calling me a liberal? If I was liberal about this I wouldn’t care about what supplements are given out or taken.
            And if we had the amount of vitamin D you’re taking, then the body would of produced it. Or the right diet would give you what your body needs
            Actially it’s scientific research that recommends what our body needs for optimum health, even then, other cultures without that knowledge have done fine without taking supplements. But that’s because they have a better diet

          2. Actually it is the largest diagnostic labs, such as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, etc.who furnish the most reliable scientifically based information about what all your diagnostic testing results should be. That is why the Doctors rely on them, and not just on hearsay from liberals like yourself. It is just like a Claire McCaskill supporting liberal to set himself up as an authority on food supplements when he has never taken a food supplement, gets his information CNN blogs where I would never go, and then try to deny being a liberal to top it all off.

          3. Ok…since I am now a liberal as I disagree with you, and all scientific data is corrupted and wrong on our nutritional needs, please tell me where you get your information from.
            I’m guessing from your comments you are actually a staunch right wing conservative Hindu. Or a paleoconservative follower of the invisible Spaghetti Monster

    3. that may be true for some. but big pharma doesn’t even get sued when their poison vaccines kill and maim people. why is THAT? In general, supplements, such as resveratrol, do a damn good job slowing down the aging process and are totally natural. No negative side effects.

  4. And no matter what…we will age. Why are yall so scared of it??

    1. We all are not afraid of aging. We are deadly frightened of lack of choice and being herded like cattle.

    2. hahahah – there are some people who don’t seem to age much – how about George Soros and David Rockefeller? I mean they look OLD but they are still out there pulling the strings on the world in their 90s and Rockefeller is 100. Why don’t THEY retire and go live quietly somewhere and butt out of what the rest of us want to do with our lives?

      1. They’ve been dead for a long time, on the inside, we’re just waiting for their outsides to die too. You might be able to keep a candle burning, but the spark died a long time ago. P.S. they are sour old grapes, they want to get as much and make the world burn before they die. All the crooks in the world are like this.

    3. and what is wrong with being able to live significantly longer, healthier lives, before we eventually die? what is your problem with that?

      1. Looking for that substance outside ourselves, weather natural or chemical, just shows how afraid we are of the inevitable. And a way for others to make money off of your fears

        1. Meaningless attempt at being philosophical, nice try though.
          The reality is that people don’t want to be poisoned, they don’t want to be conned, they don’t want to be used and considered useless and meaningless. People want to be treated fairly, not told that they are but experience otherwise (like the world we live today). People want to support what does right by their principles, not be forced to subsidize things they don’t agree with (Like cancer food, pill pushing or anything else the industry does) and definitely don’t want to be destroyed by their own contributing efforts (like the US is doing to its own populous right now!).
          No matter what anyone says, it will never justify patenting life or poisoning the world, ever. Remember that Human knowledge isn’t *all that is*, we do not know everything and are not 100% correct. Our concepts are just based on our perceptions which change from person to person.
          Everyone who matters can agree though, poisoning all of life is not in anyone’s interest, even if it makes them a value-less, fabricated piece of paper that they can exchange for materialism that they will never take with them back to the essence. Fools.

    4. Sounds to me like you are a big pharma shill.
      Funny how that works.
      Back in the 80s, you couldn’t legally get Carnivora or B17 in the US. Yet both of these natural supplements were used by President Reagan [he traveled to Europe to get them] in his successful battle against cancer.
      So, if you are connected, rich and famous, you get access to whatever you need to get healthy.
      And if you are a shlub and a nobody like the hundreds of millions of Americans who don’t have that access, you get sick, and debilitated, and die an ugly, demeaning death.
      And that’s ok with you.
      Yeah, by now I’m pretty sure you are a big Pharma boy, sent to us for the sole purpose of disinformation, deception and nasty dissembling.
      Point of information: Dr. Linus Pauling initially proposed Intravenous Vitamin C [5G] as a cancer cure all the way back in the 1950s. Big Pharma jumped all over the man, even going so far as to hire a phony “expert,” like you, to disprove the efficacy of the regimen.
      Like today’s dirty Big Pharma hired goons, his “tests” were rigged, using less than 1/5 of Dr. Pauling’s recommended dose. Of course, his rigged tests achieved the desired outcome of all rigged tests – this potent anticancer regimen was labeled by Big Pharma as “quack medicine,” thus paving the way for these greedy institutions to earn hundreds of billions of dollars in tainted profits over the ensuing 60 years directly from the needless suffering and avoidable deaths of millions.
      Footnote: Big Pharma’s shill, their henchman, if you will, who put together these bogus tests, contracted cancer about a decade later, slavishly followed the Big Pharma slash/poison/burn protocol, and died miserably, in great pain, and with a complete lack of dignity.
      FYI, pal.
      Further, lo and behold, the NIH has just come out and said, surprise of surprises, that, yes, Intravenous Vitamin C as an anticancer regimen DOES work. Big Pharma lied, causing the needless deaths of millions. There is your greedy, cruel industry at work, friend.
      “We will always be herded like cattle?” Says who? Says you? Who are you? Who made you America’s Reinhard Heydrich? Where do you derive your authority? From your bloated condescending ego? Or from your Big Pharma monthly stipend check?
      No one herds me. Certainly not you, at any rate. And I have spent hundreds of hours researching alternative healing regimens and using their products and I can say with 100% certainty that these work, and work well. I am stronger now than I was when I was 22, and only a fraud would claim that my pronounced supplement regimen has nothing to do with it.
      A family member was diagnosed with a particularly nasty, fast-moving cancer. The normal prognosis is 4-6 months.
      The goons at the big hospitals put this individual on the cut/poison/burn protocol 1-2-3. Luckily, and happily, I was able to convince this person to try a cocktail of natural remedies. Four of this persons lifelong friends were diagnosed with the same cancer at about the same time.
      The four are all gone now – and none of them made it past 6 months.
      My family member is closing on 3 healthy years, wherein they have lived with dignity, seen family members graduate and go on to university educations, travel to beautiful locales, and live a life free of lying callous doctors, mean indifferent nurses, unrelenting pain, ugliness and despair.
      A good friend contracted another nasty cancer – I did not even know him then. Once again, 5 compatriots contracted various cancers at the same time. The 5 went conventional, and were all dead in 14 weeks.
      Rigorously following an entirely natural regimen [including supplements], his cancer went into remission in 6 months. He is now 26 years in remission.
      In closing, you have a mean tenor to your posts and you do not know what you are talking about.
      The regulation gambit has one purpose, and one purpose only – to take these highly effective natural remedies off the market and force millions directly back into the clutches of the murderous protocols of Big Pharma. They care about profits and profits only, as has been so amply proven by the millions they have killed over the years with their drug regimens who even they admit do not work.
      Big Pharma has killed millions since the 1950s. Supplements have not even killed thousands. Why consign your life to these cold harbingers of premature death, foul suffering, and utter contempt for even the simplest of human dignities?
      “We age. We die.” Callous, indeed, but that is your style.
      But the most effective anti-aging regimens clearly indicate that aging, most especially the most demeaning aspects of aging, can be slowed, halted, and even reversed. Great sages of the East tell us that even death is not an inevitable fate.
      What do you know of these timeless truths? What do you know even of the simple breathing exercises our brothers in the East have shared with us, and that are so wondrously effective at alleviating human suffering? Have you bothered to expend even 1/10th the effort into researching the precepts of deathlessness that you willfully expend in declaring your contempt for the end of suffering, and for healing of the masses? You gleefully spread contempt for humanity and fear in your posts. Why not try building a knowledge base of hope and sharing that? I very much doubt that it will kill you, and it might actually do you and others some good.
      You know not of what you speak.
      Perhaps the best thing for you is to go back to your corporate masters and have them give you a primer to update your talking points.
      Supplements work, and work well, and all the Big Pharma lies, half-truths, evasions and flat-out deceptions cannot change that one iota.

      1. Once again I don’t work for any company. I live my life, I work actually in the health field and therapy. I’m not a big believer in drugs, I would prefer people do things naturally myself as I’ve seen the results of medications that are out there. I do believe that big pharmacy companies are costly out there just to make money they don’t care about the people they just want money. But supplement companies can do the same thing otherwise there wouldn’t be a huge influx of supplements. And the bill, from what I’ve seen is not stopping companies from making supplements or stopping people from buying them
        I looked at the bill summery and it says
        Introduced in Senate (08/01/2013)
        Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2013 – Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) to expand the registration requirements for a dietary supplement manufacturing or processing facility to: (1) require the submission of a description, ingredient list, and label and labeling for each dietary supplement product manufactured or processed; and (2) require a manufacturer to update its registration for new, reformulated, or discontinued products within 30 days.
        Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to compile a list of dietary supplement ingredients and proprietary blends of ingredients that could cause potentially serious adverse events, drug interactions, contraindications, or potential risks to subgroups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.
        Directs the Secretary to enter into a contract with the Institute of Medicine to: (1) evaluate the safety of dietary supplement ingredients and proprietary blends of ingredients that the Institute determines could cause potentially serious adverse events, drug interations, contraindications, or potential risks to subgroups; and (2) identify proprietary blends of ingredients for which the weight per serving of the ingredient in the proprietary blend should be provided on the label.
        Deems a dietary supplement that does not meet the requirements of this Act to be misbranded.
        Requires the Secretary to establish a definition for the term “conventional food” for purposes of the FFDCA, taking in account foods marketed as dietary supplements.
        and, I am glad that using natural herbs another cell phone and since the standard medications for cancer has helped your family and people you know that is awesome. All I’m saying is making sure that they’re actually selling what they’re putting out and there’s nothing wrong with that. NST Eastern philosophy well I’m a big follower of that, I believe in meditation I do believe in breathing I believe a lot of what they’ve said and done over the thousands of years old great merit. And so far even with their philosophies all of them have died there is no one that is immortal we all face death. There are ways to live our lives a little better and a little healthier, but it isn’t guaranteed in a pill form. No matter who makes it. We all have the same suffering in life. Birth, aging, sickness and death. No one gets away from these 4 things.
        In conclusion, what I’d like to say is I believe any corporation whether its big pharmacology or big supplement they’re not out for people they are out for money.
        And making sure things are properly represented is not a bad thing

  5. Government regulates to protect larger corporations and make it easier for the big corporation/donor to absorb the small companies or let them go out of business.
    The prescriptions have way worse side effects than supplements. If taking many herbs together were toxic, we’d be poisoned by curry. Look at the dietary recommendations from the Feds-idiotic!
    These politicians are bought and paid for. They do not care about the well being of citizens.

    1. That is absurd. The TPP is still being negotiated, so it has obviously never been voted on. By law, it must be available for public comment for at least 60 days before Congress can take it up.

  6. What’s wrong with knowing what you’re swallowing? Don’t we want to know if our food is modified with, say, Round-up? I am a big fan of supplements but I do more research on which ones are best and not everyone does or even can. I can’t imagine even watching tv or reading magazines without running into penis enlargement supplements or pep-you-up supplements. I think it might be worth asking what’s really in that capsule. All government isn’t bad and peeking inside a potentially harmful company is not evil. I agree with David Thomas Chervanik that there are some supplement companies who adamantly do not want to be forced to label their products just as I know some companies would welcome scrutiny.

    1. Funny, I talk to a lot of yard services who are not the slightest bit afraid of Roundup. They put it on everything. I always ask what is inside the capsule. I have a lot more trouble finding that out from a pharmaceutical company than I do from a supplement company. And, unlike with bigPharma, I have choices. If I get information I don’t like or omissions from a supplement maker, I can make another choice.
      Don’t be so condescending. Many of us can do our own research and don’t need big Daddy to tell us what to take.

      1. I’m assuming that if the yard people you know are eating Roundup, they at least know it. Food that is sold processed in foods or that isn’t labeled as organic leave consumers with no idea whether they are eating genetically modified (with Roundup) corn, soybeans, and sugar beets, to name a few crops. Also, I wasn’t being condescending. I didn’t say you couldn’t do your research, or your brother couldn’t, or your best friend Bubba. I am a librarian in a poor part of the country and I am very aware of how many people don’t own a computer or live near a library and don’t have access to materials with which to research. That was my point.
        I was also wondering who you ask what is in your supplements. Pharmacist? Probably not. Guy at GNC? Parent company of manufacturer? How do you know they are telling you the truth? When you find out, perhaps you could send that information to Sen. McCaskill and save her committee the time and trouble of finding out on their own.
        Now I’m being condescending.

      2. We can all do out own research, we are all grown up. But, how many of us do?
        That’s why it is good to have someone out there checking in to see actually what’s in what we ear or drink.
        After all, do you have the knowledge or equipment to teat what’s actually in your supplements or drugs?

      3. Roundup is a chelator, which means it deprives living things of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It isn’t going to instantly kill you, but it is going to destroy your health forever when you continue to use it, and further more, by poisoning the planet that provides you life … you stop deserving to live your own. ANYONE who even purchases roundup is instantly cursed for eternity. Enjoy your torment! I would personally execute anyone who has ever worked for biotech or supports them.

  7. The FDA and 90 of Congress are crooks, and they don’t give a #### what we think.

  8. The senator’s hands are so far down her contributors’ pockets she can tie their shoes.

  9. Just found this gem I was looking for about the supplement industry
    Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the dietary supplement manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that a dietary supplement is safe before it is marketed. FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market. Generally, manufacturers do not need to register their products with FDA nor get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements.* Manufacturers must make sure that product label information is truthful and not misleading.
    In other words, when a supplement is marketed it’s more or less the honor system. No registration with the FDA is required. After all, supplements are food, not medicine! In effect, the government can’t really do anything unless problems are reported after the supplement is marketed. Even worse, the definition of “supplement” has become very broad, as Quackwatch points out:
    DSHEA worsened this situation by increasing the amount of misinformation that can be directlytransmitted to prospective customers. It also expanded the types of products that could be marketed as “supplements.” The most logical definition of “dietary supplement” would be something that supplies one or more essential nutrients missing from the diet. DSHEA went far beyond this to include vitamins; minerals; herbs or other botanicals; amino acids; other dietary substances to supplement the diet by increasing dietary intake; and any concentrate, metabolite, constituent, extract, or combination of any such ingredients. Although many such products (particularly herbs) are marketed for their alleged preventive or therapeutic effects, the 1994 law has made it difficult or impossible for the FDA to regulate them as drugs. Since its passage, even hormones, such as DHEA and melatonin, are being hawked as supplements.
    In other words, under the DSHEA, substances that are clearly not foods can be marketed as supplements, including herbs and other botanicals (the vast majority of which are marketed as having a beneficial medicinal effect and some of which contain chemicals that do act as drugs). As long as the manufacturer is careful not to make specific health claims, it’s all good. In other words, a “nutritional support” statement claimed for a supplement must not be a “drug” claim; i.e., it must not claim that the supplement can be used for the treatment or prevention of a disease. Supplement manufacturers easily evade this requirement by making vaguer claims related to organs or systems, such as claiming that a product “boosts the immune system,” “supports heart health,” or something similar, often accompanied by what Dr. Lipson has sarcastically referred to as the “quack Miranda warning“:
    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    It doesn’t take too much searching to find supplement advertising that does claim to treat, cure, or prevent disease.
    The DSHEA was the greatest boon to supplement manufacturers ever. In its wake, the supplement industry exploded, racking up huge increases in sales. Indeed, a recent GAO report estimated that the supplement industry has grown to a $23.7 billion industry in 2007. Moreover, so lax is the regulation of supplements that it took a very extreme and egregious act, namely the marketing of anindustrial chelator as an “antioxidant”supplement for the treatment of autism, before the FDA finally acted. Over the years, supporters of science-based medicine and sound public policy have made efforts to alter or repeal the DSHEA. All have failed. Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch are powerful patrons, and Utah is home to many supplement manufacturers, whose interests Hatch zealously defends. Indeed, when adulterated supplements manufactured in Utah caused Olympic athletes to test positive for banned drugs and the International Olympic Committee warned athletes to avoid banned supplements, particularly those manufactured in Utah, Hatch leapt to the defense of the supplement manufacturers:
    …he [Hatch] has been unapologetic in his support for the supplement industry, having battled the FDA and other federal agencies over the regulation of vitamins, herbals, and other natural medicines for more than a decade…Hatch considers his 1994 law, DSHEA, a triumph on behalf of consumer health freedom. But a close look suggests that if anything, DSHEA (or the Hatch Act, as body builders call it) has left Americans “free” to serve as guinea pigs for a multibillion-dollar industry, much of which is built on a foundation of fraudulent claims, pyramid schemes, and lousy manufacturing practices.

    1. can’t be as bad as the murderers called pharma, they murder more people than any other thing.

      1. Yes they can. Why not? If they aren’t checked out, they can say anything they want and you’ll just believe them. It’s almost like the snake oil salesman of the western times. Sell you all this ‘natural’ or ‘indian’ medicine to cure all sorts of ailments. They will do (already do I should say) unless checked out for factual basis.
        I’m not against supplements, I would like to know it’s safe to take

        1. Natural substances can not be patented, therefore it is far too costly for supplements to be regulated and marketed like drugs. Thousands of years of use, in most cases, aren’t enough data for you? You would prefer that vitamins and other supplements not be produced at all, or rather, natural substances be patented and under the control of powerful corporations that consider fines and penalties for harming consumers just part of the cost of doing business? The FDA has already admitted in the past to not doing their job on what authority they DO have to regulate supplements, so perhaps it might be better to look to reforming the FDA first?

    2. This is the same voluntary system that Biotech/USDA/EPA/FDA is using for their chemical-crops and Frankenfood and you can guess that it is just as bad as this industry. The food is toxic.

  10. Yup. Our legislators are bought and paid for. Time to start with a clean slate.

  11. I’m trying to figure out what corporate forces are behind getting Congress to attack the vitamin industry especially when every single day of the week, The US Dept of Health allows tons of Chinese toxic industrial waste fluoride to be dumped directly into our drinking water…claiming that one out of every four cavities could be prevented by drinking “safe” amounts of this fluoride product. The Chinese waste is so dangerously corrosive, and toxic to human health, water plant workers have to wear hazmat suits and respirators to apply it to the water. The fluoride we drink daily is rarely the subject of a national news story even though dozens of studies have shown that drinking fluoridated water lowers IQ because it’s neurotoxic. Fluoride is a main causal factor in hypothyroidism, some bone diseases, organ damage, and many more maladies. On April 27 of this year the Dept of Health lowered the “optimal” level from 1.2 ppm to .07 ppm in our drinking water. They didn’t give a specific reason for lowering the fluoride level, but mentioned that 4 out of 10 American teenagers had some form of dental fluorosis. The mainstream news pretty much ignored the story and so did Congress. Instead of getting it out of our water completely,they very unceremoniously lowered the level.It’s amazing to me how Congress ignores toxic threats to our health and goes after people whose business success depends on making us all healthier.

    1. My question is not who are the forces behind it, because we know that one already.
      My question is, those idiot water plant workers who have to wear hazmat suits to poison the water, when will they ever stop for a second and think about what they are doing and how long will it take them to realize 1. they are poisoning hundreds of thousands of people by doing their “job” and 2. they will be punished for it on the other side and 3. they could, oh, you know, NOT poison the water and quit their job and speak out about it!?
      Why don’t the idiot employees, who are the only reason this toxic monopoly runs, speak out and stand up against poisoning all of life? That is my question. Money is not worth the consequences you will face for poisoning all of life, you can rest assured on that fact.

  12. Please, Tell the vitamin supplement industry to come to India. They won’t be persecuted here. Here Ayurveda, and homeopathy are welcomed. This country believes in Health. They should start selling high potency vitamin supplement like they do in USA here in India.

    1. They might allow homeopathy but it won’t help with the bad hygiene and infrastructure they have. You’re more likely to be electrocuted from their atrocious power line CF’s than die from some sickness.

  13. Take a look at me. For over 20 years, I have not used Big Pharma drugs. I use herbs, oils, teas and accupuncture, weekly. I will be 67 next week. I have NO medical conditions and an abundance of energy.

    1. Excellent.
      Hopefully one day soon you can share your regimen.
      A whole bunch of us need to follow your lead.
      Thank you and please keep up the good work!

  14. You have proven my point that you have no clue what your vitamin D level is, or what it should be, and if you did you would have said so.You can not put your Two hours of online research up against my 40 years of research and personal experience. It rained so much here that we didn’t even see the sun more than two or three times between December and May.The only way to optimize your vitamin D levels is through the scientific method of getting tested; something a liberal such as you would never think of. If your body makes plenty of vitamin D then 75% of the population would not be below the minimal level, now would they? Furthermore about 95% of the population is below the optimum level, and that includes you.

    1. Hmm. So I’m a liberal? I have no clue how my political leanings have to do with this discussion, but I’m conservstive…
      And you are below the toxicity levels of vit D, so you are ok. (Over 20K/day is considered risky), and that’s according to all scientific research posted. And where are your statistics from?Please supply a link for that.

      1. I already told you that my serum vitamin D level is optimal, before you went completely nuts about what I said. I don’t need you to run back to your sources and then come back and admit that I was right in the first place about something I have known for years and you just found out about ten minutes ago. You do not know what my serum vitamin D level is anyway, since you haven’t seen my test results, so you should not be trying to give me opinions about whether or not my serum vitamin D is at a toxic level or not or what my dosage should be, especially since you have not the vaguest idea what the term “serum vitamin D level” means even, much less what an optimum level would be.I feel sure you will find out eventually if you can just get back to your sources for awhile.
        Conservatism is a way of life, not something that you can lay claim to when none of the facts evident in your behavior can support such a claim. Only a liberal troll would get on a conservative web site, and support the efforts of one of the vilest, most liberal members of the US Senate, Claire McCaskill, as she continues the attempt to destroy the supplement industry, following 40 years of effort by the recently retired liberal, Henry Waxman. Only a liberal troll would be supporting the very liberal idea of giving even more power to an agency of the federal government, such as the FDA, while they are refusing to enforce the laws which are already on the books. Conservatives support only conservative ideas, and giving more power to the federal government is not a conservative idea. Conservatives believe in following the Constitution, while liberals believe in ignoring or trying to destroy the Constitution. There is no authority in the Constitution for any federal agency to make any regulations at all, but they write thousands of pages of regulations every year, all of them having the force of law. If that doesn’t bother you, then you are no conservative. Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution says that all laws shall be written by Congress…and anyone who believes otherwise is no conservative. You can claim to be a conservative, but as most people on this site understand, claiming it does not make it true.

        1. Yes I was joking about being a conservative. But, this isn’t a conservative website, and I’m not a liberal troll. You accuse me of being a liberal when you first replied to my statememt/opinion. I didn’t automatically call you a conservative on the first response. I am a great believer in personal freedom, you make your own choices in this world and I think it’s a good thing to have someone looking out for us making sure we’re not getting screwed over or poisoned by other companies or people. I don’t care if you take tons of supplemental vitamins to boost your system. I just don’t believe that everybody is deficient in the things you speak of. I would like to see your data that says that we are.

          1. You were not joking. You were lying and didn’t expect to have what you said proven to be a falsehood. You yourself are a joke, just like the rest of the radical liberal, big government,nanny state, trolls whose main objective is to attempt to sow confusion as far and wide as they can by telling every kind of lie they can think of about themselves, about what their opposition has said, and about the subject at hand. Of course you wouldn’t call me a conservative, because to call someone a conservative is to pay them a high compliment, and no one is offended by being called a conservative.
            There is no such thing as having freedom and having the government taking care of you at the same time. You can have freedom or you can have nanny care,but you cannot have both. First, you have already stated that no one should need to take supplements unless they can prove they have a deficiency,first, and that even if they do prove to have a deficiency they should correct it by eating a proper diet or taking time out of their schedule to go out and stand around out in the sunshine for awhile. Since you do not even take supplements, your only objective here can only be to prevent anything constructive from being said by anyone else. If you think people are being poisoned by the supplement companies, you need to prove it, and then you need to explain why the FTC and the FDA haven’t already filed criminal charges and put the guilty companies out of business, because they already have all the authority they need to do so. I repeat what I said before. While in the USA alone 200,000 people are killed each year by government approved, FDA sanctioned, doctor prescribed drugs, not a single person is ever killed by taking the recommended serving size of a food supplement. If you have any credible evidence to the contrary, post the correct figure below, instead of referring me to some liberal propaganda website.
            I never said “everyone is deficient in all of these things”, so you need to stop lying about what I said. I only mentioned one specific supplement, which I said most people do not have enough of in their bodies or in their blood, and that was vitamin D. If you disagree, post your figures below, and do not try again to refer me to some liberal propaganda website.This information is widely available from credible, authoritative sources, and is irrefutable, and I have been aware of it for years, so I do not need to run back to those sources every few minutes to satisfy the curiosity of every radical, liberal troll who demands to have his curiosity satisfied while at the same time refusing to post any figures of his own and lying about what I have said.

  15. There is no regulation these politicians would not approve of. It is too bad they can’t focus their frenetic activities toward the misadventure our population is exposed to with cholesterol medications. With statin use, for one effective outcome, it takes the treatment of between 97 and 99.5 people. In other words, the treatment is 97-99.5% INEFFECTIVE, or 0.5-3% EFFECTIVE. Yet adverse responses are significantly higher–muscle complaints occur in about 20% of the people on statins, memory loss, increase risk for diabetes, and a host of other side effects occur at lower percentages, but still HIGHER than effective outcomes.
    Why don’t they set their sights on this issue? Asked and answered, of course. ($$$$)

  16. Why exactly does he care? It is none of his business. Government should get out of our personal lives. It is time for everyone to realize that most degenerative diseases are caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Adding to the problem of disease is the poisons that are allowed into our food, water, air, building products, furniture, clothing and household products and more.

    1. He doesn’t actually care (no politician has that capacity).
      He got bribed by Big Pharma to push this legislation.
      Just like the Pompeo/Conaway/Peterson crooks got illegally bribed by Biotech to push their rights-destroying DARK act. The U.S. system is nothing but a bunch of petty financial criminals who have nothing within them but suffering for all life on this planet.

  17. Well anything that is natural, should not be controlled by any entity or aliens. But making money is the buzz word to controlling the population in America.
    I keep getting back to the fact, that God gave very human being a brain, Why do We need false gods?
    If the brain is nourished properly as was intended, our brains would work to reject robots and produce a world of non suffering with bad choices.

  18. “the removal of products determined to be adulterated, improperly labeled, or fraudulently marketed;”
    So he wants to get rid of all of the toxic monopoly that the U.S. is running? Oh, no, only the natural, real treatments that actually help people are considered “Fraudulent” in the U.S.

  19. Medicinal Herbs have been used for centuries, it won’t be you or any of these other fools who get rid of them and if you dare try, the earth will get rid of you instead.

  20. Not being allowed to sue Big Pharma Vaccine Developers for wrongfull
    death and serious injury is proof enought that our government is as Stalinist
    era in Russia.

  21. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The USA founding fathers knew this. They warned of the dangers of centralizing power. They setup the best checks on government power they could at the time. It was supposed to keep government from wronging the people they’re supposed to serve. So, did it work? Is this government’s power held in check? Or does it continually wrong its own People? Has “abuse of power” and “wrong doing” by government gotten out of control? LOL!
    The problem with governmental abuse of power is that it always serves its Own INTEREST or SPECIAL INTEREST. And always to the detriment of the People’s and YOUR best interest. Governmental wrong doing will always be the inevitable result of unchecked power!
    Most government atrocities throughout history would never have gotten off the ground had there been at the time a mechanism for the People to Check and Balance government through Direct Participation in government!
    Abuse of power and wrong doing by government can and will be overturned and held in Check by the People when the political mechanism that puts them back into Direct Control of government is adopted.
    What political mechanism could put the control of government back into the hands of the People? There’s a political movement with said mechanism at its core. The core principle is that of true Checks and Balances on government power. – A “People’s Branch” of government allows the People to exercise DIRECT oversight of government. The People literally govern the government! Ultimately Checking and Balancing government power will bring those responsible for governmental power abuse and wrongs to justice!
    Here is actionable info that may help if read carefully…
    Who and what political movement reintroduced, into the public awareness, the concept of increasing Checks and Balances as a solution for controlling government wrong doing? They didn’t – We did! – www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    There is a way to make government truly transparent and accountable: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    There is a way to make government directly responsible to the people: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    The People do not have to let the government work against them/the People! A People’s Branch will see that abuse of power and authority is punished: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    Think for yourself! Think of what a People’s Branch could mean for You and/or Your loved ones’ finances, health, rights, freedoms, security and justice etc. Find out why a People’s Branch would be good for You and Your loved ones! Find out why a People’s Branch will result in a better future for Your children! You don’t have to take our word for it. A Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious Person would find out if it truly had a chance to help them. They would talk to family and friends and find out how they feel about a People’s Branch and why?
    Reasonable, Responsible, and Conscientious People need to know that they should act NOW before things get worse and their numbers fall too low…
    Yet, realize that taking back control of government may not be easy. Always remember that the Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People are opposed in this epic struggle for Direct Participation in their government by SPECIAL INTEREST and those that serve them. – Namely their henchman – the GATEKEEPERS.
    Amazingly, these GATEKEEPERS are most often our own – leaders, organizations, political parties, politicians, elected officials, bureaucrats, public servants, print and broadcast news organizations, the media, radio/TV talk show hosts, authors, advocates, pundits, alliances, federations, websites and so called political action sites etc.
    They’re constantly among us – even out front. Don’t You get it? – To do their job for their masters, i.e. SPECIAL INTEREST, they must have positions as GATEKEEPERS. SPECIAL INTEREST knows that keeping the People as a whole under control requires a system of GATEKEEPERS. Whether or not the GATEKEEPERS are unwitting dupes or dumbed down or just compartmentalized cronies, most end up serving SPECIAL INTEREST over those they are supposed to serve i.e. Your and the People’s best interest!
    Checks and Balances!
    Who and what political movement reintroduced, into the public awareness, the concept of increasing Checks and Balances as a solution for controlling government wrong doing? They didn’t – We did! – www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    Many GATEKEEPERS use the words Checks and Balances every day. Yet, why don’t they want You to know about the ultimate mechanism for implementing them. www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    You may wonder if they even know about us. Yes, they know about us but refuse to acknowledge our efforts. They have even started to manipulate our words and blocking our message that the Ultimate Checks and Balances on government can and will come from the People’s Direct Participation in government. They don’t want this political movement challenging their power. Why do you think GATEKEEPERS give every political genre of any political persuasion a venue and forum? Yet, no GATEKEEPER will even openly take up discussing the remote possibility of a People’s Branch of government? WHY?
    Isn’t it because they know that anything other than the People Participating Directly in government offers little or no real resistance to the corruption of the power structure? They realize that the People Participating Directly in government, a People’s Branch, changes everything! They know that, with a People’s Branch, the People will no longer allow government to serve SPECIAL INTEREST over the best interest of the People – YOUR best interest!
    Yet, the system is designed to allow the People a reactive mode only. The People are only offered pretend paths for changing government’s wrong doings (i.e. voting to elect officeholders, organizing, campaigning (for so-called good people), running for office (by so-called good people), public protests, marches, demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins, calling and/or writing your elected officials etc.) At best the pretend methods only slow government wrong doing temporarily. GATEKEEPERS are paid to direct the People/You into these pretend paths which will only burn out good and well-meaning People by burning up and wasting their time, energy, money and/or resources with little or no positive and/or lasting results. They’re paid by their masters, the real power behind government i.e. SPECIAL INTEREST, to keep the People/You from waking up to these truths…
    If the People/You don’t wake up then they will continue by default to control the closed system. They know that they win and You lose as long as they can direct You into the pretend paths that are designed to keep out any DIRECT Checks and Balances from the outside – We the People! Think about it! Why should it have taken women sixty years to get the right to vote? Why should it have taken so many years for blacks to get the right to vote?
    Isn’t it obvious, GATEKEEPERS push their pretend methods for improving and/or stopping government wrong doing because their pretend methods are designed to fail You and keep SPECIAL INTEREST in control? It’s the job of GATEKEEPERS to push their pretend methods because they are proven to keep the power in the hands of SPECIAL INTEREST. Yet, while the People are directed down their pretend paths to change and improvement, SPECIAL INTEREST continues their own direct access and participation with Your elected officials for the purpose of seeing to it that THEIR best interest gets served!
    Don’t you realize that if a People’s Branch of government had existed in the past then the People would have made sure that most of the bad things of those times would’ve been avoided? Yet, it’s still not too late. We must now focus on the present and prepare for the future. Remember, if you want things to be better for Yourself and Your loved ones, now and in the future, then You’ll join us. Together we’ll Check and Balance government and make sure that government serves the People’s and YOUR best interest!
    In the meantime most GATEKEEPERS will continue to push their PSYOP of getting You to believe that their pretend methods are new and they’ll work for You this time? It’s a sophisticated PSYOP. We know their PSYOP has worked in the past – maybe even on You. Many have fallen for it. Many still believe that these same old approaches will work for them. Yet, their pretend methods for improvement are not new and they’ll never work to insure that government serves YOUR best interest.
    REMEMBER, most GATEKEEPERS aren’t willing to help you see that the best and only long term solution is to cut through the political red tape and defeat the political trap masters at their own game! Isn’t it obvious why they act so much like Controlled Opposition? They are Controlled Opposition! If you study what many of these people actually say and how they say it, instead of only agreeing with what you think they are saying, then you too may see how controlled opposition really works. Yes they talk a good game. But they continue to direct your attention away from the obvious solution – YOU! You are the real solution! Once you make up your mind to have a Direct Participation in government on the things that affect You and Your loved ones then You’ll join us!
    Remember, most GATEKEEPERS continuously choose to serve their followers with only talk and do nothing of consequence for them. Most GATEKEEPERS mission is to program you to also only talk and do nothing of consequence for yourself! Talk is cheap. Their rhetoric is ultimately Controlled Opposition simply because they never engage a viable long term solution. Yet, we do and we have! Here: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    So, the question is – WILL IT WORK ON YOU NOW? Now that You can see their game and You see a real viable solution for Yourself and Your loved ones – a People’s Branch! Only YOUR Direct Participation in government can insure that YOUR best interest is served! Can’t you see this?
    It is paramount that You Participate Directly in government where You can pass or fail Your elected officials vote on matters that affect You.
    Isn’t it foolish to let others, especially GATEKEEPERS – politicians, elected officials, public servants, bureaucrats and media mouthpieces, etc., continuously undermine Your best interest? Wouldn’t it be prudent to have a Direct say in the things that affect You and Your loved ones? Many Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people are now coming to realize that they need a mechanism whereby they can Participate Directly in government in order to help safeguard their own best interest!
    What could this mechanism be?
    The answer is a People’s Branch of government!
    The process to get a People’s Branch of government starts with the petition!
    Why a Petition? Because it’s time tested and a Constitution guaranteed method whereby People/Citizens can take action and change the governing and political process! People are now beginning to see how the Petition can be used to help protect their rights and freedoms. Therefore, none should forget or forgive any GATEKEEPERS that make fun of or demonize the Petition and its power and strength for good in the hands of good people!
    We advocate only patronizing the good GATEKEEPERS. i.e. ONLY The ones that are working to help you safeguard You and Your loved ones own best interest. Only they are truly worthy of Your attention, admiration, alliance, loyalty, and support! To find out if the ones You follow are truly worthy simply ask them – if they are interested in promoting the best way (Citizens Participating Directly in government as an incorruptible Checks and Balances!) for everyone to help safeguard their own best interest!
    If the GATEKEEPERS You follow genuinely care about the People’s/Your rights and freedoms then they will show that they have faith in the judgment of People as a whole! Many GATEKEEPERS demean the People for trying to exercise their best judgment when they’re forced into having to choose between two evils! Is that really fair when they demean the public and say it’s the public’s fault for electing a corrupt politician! Yet, it’s never really the People’s fault when some slick politician fools their constituents and gets elected – then double-crosses them! Wouldn’t the answer be to institute a foolproof mechanism to Check and Balance the double-crossers? A People’s Branch of government!
    The GATEKEEPERS that genuinely care about their follower’s best interest will have no problem in helping to get the word out about this powerful solution i.e. our Petition for a People’s Branch of government! With our petition we create a way to set-up a mechanism for corruption-proof Checks and Balances on government. If you’re not hearing about this movement from the GATEKEEPER you’re following then you’ll know they’re probably a Controlled Opposition GATEKEEPER SHILL.
    An ACTIONABLE Long Term SOLUTION for most of our problems exists HERE: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    People are coming to understand that not unlike the original need for a Constitution and Bill of Rights, the true strength of a People’s Branch of government is that it will help them protect themselves from the tyranny of government and SPECIAL INTEREST. They are coming to realize that their own best interest and the best interest of the vast majority of the people are one and the same.
    Divide and conquer has long been used by SPECIAL INTEREST to fool the People into believing it’s only their peers – others like themselves that are their real enemy. They don’t want YOU to know it’s really them, SPECIAL INTEREST, that’s YOUR real problem – literally. They do this simply by keeping the People’s/Your attention focused on what they say is the problem and its solution.
    Ever heard of Problem, Reaction, Solution? Don’t you get it? Look at what others say – here and/or elsewhere… Can’t you see it? Most have their attention subverted! Look at what they’re focusing on! Some, many or all may simply be some form of Troll or dis-information pusher. Even if some are wellmeaning they mostly affect You into diverting Your attention away from the systems control methods. Many do these things in hopes of stopping the People/You from seeing the Real Actionable Solution of a People’s Branch!
    Yet, people are coming to realize that SPECIAL INTEREST and their GATEKEEPERS are benefiting from Their Own Form of Direct Participation (i.e. influence/manipulation) in government at the expense and detriment of the People’s/Your Own Best Interest. Therefore, until the People/You wake up and adopt this, People’s Branch of government, mechanism for Direct Participation in government, then the People’s/Your own best interest will only continue to suffer.
    Yet, it is exactly because SPECIAL INTEREST will always continue to trample the People’s best interest that from time to time Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people have to resort to revolution – violent or otherwise!
    ABOVE EVERYTHING THE PROPAGANDISTS THROW AT YOU – REMEMBER THIS: A People’s Branch of government can and will Stop/Reform/Amend/Reverse and Heal the power structure and justice system. A People’s Branch will see that those responsible for governmental wrongs are justly punished!
    Wake up or die asleep it’s up to you! Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people are choosing to wake up! You too can Wake-Up to the only non-violent way to take your government away from SPECIAL INTEREST.
    Only when citizens have a direct participation in their government concerning matters that affect them will their and their loved ones’ issues (Freedoms, Rights, Security, Financial, Health, Political and Justice etc.) have a true chance to be properly addressed!
    Your Direct Participation in government on matters that concern You and Your loved ones is paramount!
    A People’s Branch creates the best way to Check and Balance government! If SPECIAL INTEREST continues to get their way then You and Your Loved Ones may lose everything! Why not help us help you?!
    Every Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious person should be asking themselves WHY DO LEADERS OF BOTH MAJOR PARTIES HATE THE IDEA OF A PEOPLES BRANCH?
    Those that truly seek fair and equitable solutions can find them at The People’s Branch. Implementing a People’s Branch in your local area is the key you have been waiting for….
    Ultimately a People’s Branch of government will hold accountable those behind government’s multifaceted injustices and wrong doings – namely, the governmental authorities doing SPECIAL INTEREST bidding!
    Additionally, governmental persons acting against the best interest of the People should be forewarned that, at a future date, their actions may be deemed unlawful and therefore punishable. They should be aware that their actions or lack thereof that result in the creation of wrongs, such as so called “trade agreements,” that ultimately harm the People’s best interest may at some point be adjudicated to be harmful and therefore unlawful. Further, it would be wise of the wrong doers to realize that they, the perpetrators of governmental wrongs, may be held responsible and accountable for those wrongs as easily as a simple declaration or adjudication! Said wrongs may have dire consequences for those found to have helped implement or aided their authorization, through their actions or lack thereof. Those individuals may be found guilty of sedition and/or treason and tried for treason to the United States of America. Any and all elected officials and officeholders would do well to remember that there’s no statutes of limitation for the crime of treason!
    Many governmental wrongs such as “Fast Tracking, NAFTA, TPP, Shielding GMOs and their harm from discovery etc.,” and others may yet result in charges and convictions of treason for those responsible and accountable for their implementation. Charges and convictions for treason may be possible if it’s found that government officials failed to represent the best interest of the People and their actions subsequently turn out to undermine national security. It should be understood that any governmental officials, especially current or ex-presidents and current or ex-congressional officeholders, may be open to charges of treason should their actions and/or lack of actions be deemed to have ECONOMICALLY undermined national security. Everyone would do well to remember that the final judgment rendered by the People concerning many governmental wrongs has yet to be written!
    Did you hear that? GATEKEEPERS – What’s your response? Why do GATEKEEPERS always refuse open debate with this political movement? Why would any GATEKEEPER have a problem bringing this political movement to their followers and the masses? What part of the people’s ability to participate directly in their government thereby creating an incorruptible Checks and Balances upon governmental wrongs – atrocities and corruption – DON’T YOU GET?…
    GATEKEEPERS can’t name one issue or one problem that a People’s Branch would make worse! Yet, we can name any number of issues and problems that a People’s Branch will make better, improve and/or solve for WE THE PEOPLE!
    Why not advocate for a People’s Branch of government and let all the GATEKEEPERS you follow know that you want them to openly debate the merits of a People’s Branch to Check and Balance government?

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