Defying Voters’ Wishes, House Passes the DARK Act

This dangerous, biotech-industry-friendly GMO labeling legislation is on its way to the Senate, but the fight is far from over. Action Alert!
As we reported last week, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) introduced a bill that has been championed by the Monsantos of the world, not to mention the Big Food industry. The deceptively titled “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015” would preempt state efforts to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws with a completely voluntary standard. It would also block communities and states from banning the cultivation of GMO crops.
A voluntary standard? What company that uses GMO ingredients would voluntarily disclose that fact? You may remember the devastating quote from an employee of a Monsanto subsidiary back in ’94: “If you put a label on genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” In other words, if it’s voluntary, consumers will never see a label containing the information they have overwhelmingly said they want. That’s why pro-labeling advocates have called the bill the “DARK” (“Deny Americans the Right to Know”) Act.
Late last week, by a vote of 275 to 150, the DARK Act passed the House, and is now on it’s way to the Senate. While it still is unclear if the Senate will consider the DARK Act or take up a similar bill that is reportedly being written by Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND), any step forward for this bill is dangerous for the 93% of Americans who want to know what’s in their food. 
We will continue to track the DARK Act through the Senate, but if the bill continues to move, it will likely go to the House floor again. We need to dissuade those who supported this measure from doing so again.
Action Alert! “Thank—or spank” your representative, depending on how he or she voted! Say thanks if your representative voted against the DARK Act—or “spank” your representative, voicing your disappointment, if your congressperson voted in favor of it, and urge him or her to reconsider that support when the bill comes back to the House floor. Simply click the “Take Action” button, then fill in your zip code to find out which way your representative voted. Please send your message immediately.


  1. I’m not at all surprised by this and I expected it.
    Congress does NOT really represent “The People” but instead are mere Lapdogs to Big Money Corporations.
    They are the ones they truly serve and I feel this is positive proof of it.

    1. Yes, however we do still have the vote. There’s a big difference between (all else being equal – meaning every citizen of age can vote – those who organize themselves and actively pursue a particular method of getting what they want/need, as opposed to those who feel helpless and rarely if ever make any more effort than MAYBE pulling a level once or twice every couple of years.

      1. Yes, we have the vote, but I have to wonder just how honest is the voting tally for some candidates?
        Votes are often miscounted and I believe Diebold Machines can be hacked and programed to elect a Corporate Puppet.
        Big Money’s desires are very hard to overcome.

          1. And then people bicker about whether or not it is the truth, ‘damned-be’ the evidence! If all it took was truth to change the world and put everything straight, we’d already be there!

    2. Bought and paid for and unlike the delusional person below, I will not tell you that you have a vote. Look what happened in Oregon and Washington. The industry used propaganda and bought and paid for their votes with their industry cash and spent upwards of $130m to do so. They lied to the people and got them to vote “No” in favour of the industry, against the own peoples best interests.
      If they had known better, that they were voting for their continual poisoning and the destruction of their surroundings, maybe they would of voted Yes for a simple label that 64 other countries in the world already have (and the corporations whining about it here already reformulate and label for them! They just want to keep poisoning US citizens.).

      1. Yep, and when enough Americans have had enough of the sleazy machinations it will change. The pendulum always comes back.

        1. Unfortunately, I have to quote The Matrix here:
          “That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what
          do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds
          of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are
          still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to
          understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many
          of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they
          will fight to protect it.”~Morpheus from The Matrix

          1. Darling, I think you’ve been watching and believing too many movies.
            Our mind is the only real enemy, quoth The Buddha.

          2. How do you know if it does? For “Freedom” is merely our own concept we have made up. What we feel, see, touch, taste: All of our senses are just perceptions, electronic signals firing in the brain. How do we know any of it is real?
            I think you need to watch The Matrix (+the animatrix and the rest of the trilogy). If you really watch it and don’t just treat it like an action flick, it really does have important messages and theory.

          3. Because none of it is ‘real’, ‘solid’, etc…it is thus changeable.
            Everything is impermanent. Infinite reasons for encouragement.

          4. If it was so easily malleable by the mind, I would of already changed our world for the better; Yet here we are with retards running our nation into the ground without a care in the world so they can make more materialism that they will never take with them, for themselves.
            I really wish I could completely agree; I wish it was “changeable” the way you describe but clearly it is not otherwise the politicians would of already changed by now through people’s sheer willpower alone. Nobody wants to live in an anguishing world yet we are being forced to merely because the pawns of the system (politicians and crooks) want us too so they can make more for themselves. If it were true that we could change it the way you describe, it would of already been accomplished.
            Currently, as is, we can’t even negotiate with these financial criminals while they go out of their way to remove all of our options and rights. They blathered about coexistence between GMO and organic but look what the industry is doing: attempting to destroy the competition (just as all the US industries do!). Truth in advertising, Anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws are only enforced when one company does something that another company doesn’t like, they are no longer upheld in a general way against all corporations. The U.S. is essentially a criminal enterprise of corporations who will destroy all life to make more value-less pieces of paper, to gain more perceived control and make more materialistic wealth for themselves. They don’t care about what we say, think, or feel; as long as they are safe and we are eating poison making the CEO’s money, they are happy! There is no nation and there is no society here, believing as much is delusion.

          5. Well yes, emotions can be VERY stubborn. But in truth, the reality is that everybody basically wants to live healthily, happily. This fact actually does unite all of us. I agree, again, that some have taken undue and selfish advantage of the system. Yet nothing is stopping positive change to take place but organization and effort, in my modest opinion.

          6. Let me put it bluntly: If you were attacked and you took the attacker to trial, but they were the judge, no matter how positive you were do you think any good would come of that “case”?
            That is the system we are living in. “Fox guarding the hen house”.
            For example: The regulatory agencies that are responsible for protecting our health are bought and paid for by the industries they are suppose to be regulating. These goons rubber stamp their agenda and facilitate their schemes by providing the “voluntary federal framework” which allows them to “voluntarily” contribute their “research” (paid for lies). This is self evident by the amount of former biotech goons who are now sitting in the very positions that use to regulate their previous “jobs”.

          7. I/we can hardly be blamed, for I was only born in the late 80’s.
            I would not of let them take over and I would not of used flowers in gun barrels either (since…we know that doesn’t work).
            It has been going on since before we were born but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the reins and fight anyway!

          8. We’re all responsible. Yet for some reason lots of people don’t like taking responsibility. It’s just the way it seems to be.

          9. Although, yes: As with all things in life there is a positive and a negative, a yin and yang. Our mind imprisons us, can defeat us, but it can also free us and guide us. “Conquering ones-self” is what this means. To defeat our pettier selves and live on the higher plane of this negative realm.
            (Too bad it is so difficult to do in these garbage societies we live in… you practically have to be wealthy or “blissfully ignorant” of your surroundings (generally, both), to be considered “peaceful” in this societal modern age).

          10. Mind can be freed anywhere, anytime.
            Challenging? Of course.
            Can it be done?
            Without a doubt.

  2. Our entire government body serves Jewish Organized Crime.
    Let’s not forget the Head of the FDA is always a former Monsanto Exec.
    Monsanto is Jewish Owned like everything that matters in our system.
    The puppet Government is illegitimate since their only job is to pass laws that express the will of the people they serve.
    Ask yourself whose will are they serving?
    This is the ages old Jewish plan for the takeover of the world spelled out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
    It is the Rothschild Jewish Mob that controls the money issuance of most of the world, minus the countries we are yet to invade.
    “To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

      1. Monsanto is owned by a jew George Soros but I doubt anything that comes from theat devil is Kosher.

          1. he tries to effect united states policy via the use of his money to control politicians

          2. Not quite, Suckos has infinitely more money, the experience of collapsing a nation’s currency, and subsequently, a nation.

          3. Obviously he does. 0bama ‘won’ the 2012 election, did he not? Rove is a “turd” in any case, but not one to match soros. They could possibly be related.

        1. Sure, for ignorant uneducated antisemites every problem is a good enough apropos to rant against Jews. Would you kindly elaborate on HOW Soros owns Monsanto, a public corporation, which BTW has among its major share holders Bill Gates, that other “Jew”, and has been supported by GW Bush, Obama and the Clintons.

          1. soros owns controlling interest in Monsanto and it wasn’t a dig at jews in general just soros the pig

          2. Why point out Soros is Jewish? BTW, unless you are slavering anti-Semite goon, you might know that being Jewish is a religion, and anyone can join. Many people you might identify and find fault with as “Jews” are not practicing the faith. Why identify anyone that way? Do you say, that Protestant, John Kerry?
            Soros is a pig because he is a Socialist billionaire, and pushes an agenda that will direct society to less freedoms and not more. The same might be said for some Conservatives who support Monsanto because they are beholding to the campaign contributions.

          3. I hold animosity towards the Jews I only mentioned it in passing, it is rumored that he betrayed fellow Jews during the holocaust making him a traitor to his own religion, I agree he is a pig socialist pushing his agenda of socialistic garbage and trying to make more money off his gmo poisonous food

          4. No need to use that word “antisemite”. Jews are hypocrites, liars and biased. They spew this “anti-semite” crap while IDF soldiers shoot unarmed palestinian kids and occupy palestinian land and commit war crimes to hold it. Not even mentioning that US Female activist they crushed with a steam roller then made pancake jokes about on social networking.
            If you really think the jews are some kind of victim you are just drinking up the propaganda koolaid. I don’t buy their game anymore and I don’t accept any of the same from any of the other special interest groups (women, blacks, etc). They only talk about themselves, they don’t care about true equality. Women only want it better for women, not all genders. Blacks only want it better for blacks, they don’t even mention that the Natives are still on reservations and STILL getting shafted much worse than black people and the jews call anyone anti-semitic but the reality is before your eyes: they are worse than germany during WW2! I’m not playing into these groups games anymore and I don’t mind calling them out for what they are: Scum like everyone else, No better and definitely not victims any longer.

  3. I can’t take action because as an American citizen, I live in a city where my vote doesn’t count.
    Doesn’t sound like Democracy.
    Statehood for DC.

    1. The actions I take don’t do any good either, because I live in one of the other 50 states whose elected representatives are corrupted by big money special interests.

      1. Mm, I’d say they do tons of good, actually…especially when gathered as those with like minds.

        1. Trump is good at bankruptcy and that’s about all. He is a joke for president. Bernie Sanders is the only one truly concerned about the american people and can not be bought!

          1. Trump is good at abiding by U.S. bankruptcy law for multiple circumstances- all legal. He did not shirk those laws, or tell tax payers to prop up his business(es) with publicly funded ‘bailouts’.
            ‘The joke of which you speak is currently occupying the title of president. So, let’s get past this one first, then form your comments about others afterward.
            And, bernie is a socialist that is just as corrupt as the day is long; he can not even spin untruths as the demonrat-socialists without bungling what he says, then contradicting it in the same breath. jpl

          2. Sanders is a far left Socialist. Doesnt need to be “bought”
            as he has lefties just giving. On Social Issues, he SOUNDS
            GOOD right now because so many Americans are suffering
            economically due to Obamas insanity. Beware of talk
            of FINANCIAL EQUALITY as will mean Equally poor globally which is the Socialist, Communist UN Agenda.

        2. Back to h3!!. Trump will give this country up to any corporation with enough bribe money in a heart beat don’t delude yourself.

          1. agree agree agree. Thats why he makes such big noise on
            Border. The rest stuff he blows out mouth is all non issues
            and he only blows Big BS. He knows there will always be people right now that Want to Hear Something Forceful
            from a rich guy putting down everything, everyone. He always donated to the real lefties in Govt as a Democrat.
            Just registered as a Republican 2009. I dont trust him
            as Chief of our country no way.

  4. George Soros owns Monsanto and most of Washington DC’s politicians that’s what you get when money buys your reps vote, we need to eliminate the K street lyrs and cheats and all the lobbys

  5. I just wrote to my congressman to tell him how disappointed I was. The last time I wrote to him on a GMO related subject I got a response that basically told me I was totally misinformed and that GMO’s were totally safe, so even though I called his office and left some sources to give the other side, I expected this vote. I will be bringing up this vote at our next precinct meeting and told him so.

      1. That attitude will certainly not get you anywhere.
        Working within the system works. But it is WORK.
        I guess that’s something some cannot abide by.

        1. Why should anyone abide by a system that sabotages, deceives, poisons, maims, murders and abuses them? Seems that some can’t wrap their head around the concept that you shouldn’t support those who maliciously poison you for their own gain.
          Why would I legitimize a system that is not legitimate? That is the real question, perhaps some just know more than you and choose not to be content or complacent with the actual facts (disregarding the propaganda sideshow they put on for us on T.V. and in public speeches).
          Besides, have you ever actually talked sense into these petty crooks? They do not care about words and thus that is why I lost faith in the system. No words will change a crooks mind, only a bribe or lethal force.

          1. Go ahead and question the legitimacy. But in the meantime MUCH can be accomplished by utilizing the system as it is. Just enough people don’t use it, and the majority that do get what they want.

          2. Plate balancing, in other words.
            It can be a very difficult thing to get individuals on the same wavelength, committed to the same cause and believing the same truths. The situation I was referring to resulted in people believing the slick hundred million dollar + P.R. campaign that the industry applied and got people to vote against their best interest by straight-up lying to them. If you really think that grass roots power can beat an organized system of self-defeat, think again!
            The proof is there for you to see that your vote means as little as you and me! Below are pictures of how much, and who, spent what to deceive the voter and sabotage their vote and they use these same tactics to pass the industry agenda in many other ways. (Take the last image for example, Prop37, you try beating an enemy that has forty million more dollars than you!)
            h t t p : / / imgur . c o m /a/p4kg0#0
            Furthermore, you must of noticed by now that the system won’t indite itself, won’t convict itself and thus is nothing but a means of controlling us and not an actual system of a society.

          3. “It can be a very difficult thing”…..yep, as I said, difficult.
            Not in the least.

          4. Was that all you read? Try reading the entire post and looking at the image as well. I know it is difficult to accept, but the U.S. is corrupt and there is no system that caters to your desires here. It is about the corporate machine, industry agenda and nothing else.

      1. When the Military and the Police agencies give up all their weapons, I can see giving up assault weapons, but of course that won’t happen.
        Trump is an idiot in so many ways, but I admire his lack of PC.

  6. They have never been for us and never will be so why would they start now? Its all about big Money to them and thats all that matters . I hope they get a real good does of it my self how deserving

  7. 97% of Washington is an festering pestilence with great support of the masses,but antithetic with the U.S. Constitution . Nothing will be corrected,short of ten million marching to Washington and throwing them out, including the Fed, Dept. of Education,E.P.A. H.U.D. Energy Dept. as a start, this will not occur. Great upheaval comes to all cultures with their decline. Good Luck!

      WEST, USA! MEANS?? RAISE REal high taxes so can give to the
      Communist UN. The UN been in planning stages for decades.
      Big supporters in US is Obama. Leftys. Socialists. TED TURNER,
      ROCKEFELLAR FOUNDATION FOR MANY YEARS. BILL GATES & his Foundation. Cant find lists of more rich ELITE HERE that
      support extreme UN.! UN wants No Guns, weapons. UN wants
      Education System control. Not enough room for me to
      spout off all the UN WANTS FOR ONE GLOBAL GOVT. IMF
      WITH ONE WORLD CURRENCY. Spread the peoples money,
      taxes equally around globe to create real total Poverty for all.
      power & control. This includes our food; much less equal
      consumption, especially the West. WORSE PESTICIDE COMING
      JUST LABELING GMO really isnt going to help much, as it is expanding into more and more plants, foods, fruits, veges, meat.
      Even Organic Labeled Organic have the pesticides in it, due to
      air spray, soil runoff , and it will get worse. Monsanto hasHuge
      Research plant in Mauai, Hawaii . Voters voted NO NO NO.
      a year as Monsanto countered sued back, but Allowed to

      1. to respond to your response, I said for a start ,but you sumed it up pretty good! I believe it was 1961 the U.S. State Dept. signed the ‘Freedom from War Act ‘ document 7277, which requires turning all command of U.S. forces to U.N. control, the disarming of All citizens There were 18 appropriations to implement 7277 in the 1960s alone,and 18 addendum’s you will need to go to the Congressional Library to find. These funds were voted by both sides of the fence. They had a different story for the voters. They are all liar’s. They all deserve Oscar’s ! Have you heard the interview with Norman Dodd,about the Foundations. Dodd did the investigations for the U.S. Congress in the early 1950s. G. Edward Griffin did the interview. in 1981 Dodd died not long after.

  8. The World Bank, Monsanto, Syngenta of Basel, Switzerland which grew from the 2000 merger of the agriculture divisions of Novartis and AsteZeneca, all Rockefeller Foundations, Dow & DuPont, these corporations run the USA, the world. The countries that are trying to keep or kick them out are tagged “Axis of Evil” and our government creates lies and attacks them. Please read “Seeds of Destruction-The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl and follow his other published publications.

  9. Yes, but we do still have the vote.
    Some just tend to utilize it more, by myriad means..

          1. I, like you and everyone can vote.
            Corruption or not, we can all vote. All it takes is the motivation to register and get to the polls. Facts dear.

          2. Look, its not personal or anything I just don’t believe the system works. Sure, you can go and vote, but it doesn’t mean anything. Candidates who are qualified don’t even get a chance. Only plutocrat crooks who can make the most money have a shot of winning and only industry-backing cronies of the criminal enterprise make enough to run! Besides, the system is so *in* on itself that its a revolving door. When someone leaves office they simply go get a lobbying job, or run for pres, etc. They just select a different category and run again, as long as they are in the system so they can keep stealing more for themselves.
            Believing that your vote matters is much akin to believing that US currency has a value (into which, it does not). The facts are that the corporations buy their votes and even if people come out in droves the industry side will always cheat their way to the top. Proof of this is from the Washington and Oregon state labeling initiatives where even though the majority rule wanted it to pass, the industry simply used their resources to buy propaganda and bribe judges. Can’t win against a system that won’t allow it.
            Sure, you can vote, but it really has no baring on the results since everything is rigged and broken. Corruption does indeed have an impact on your vote, it can make it mean less than it is suppose to.

          3. No worries, I don’t take it personally….and I understand the cynicism. It’s easy when we are faced with laws that have allowed this situation to occur. Yet I must reiterate: it is not the system that got us here, it’s those who manipulated things to get what they wanted, and then they ran as far as they could. We who want things that are different have the exact same opportunity. The critical mass just has not been reached yet to, for example, rescind Citizens United, or to create Campaign Finance Reform, or myriad other issues that can and will make our society more equable, healthy, and secure for everyone. But it takes commitment and work. We vote each and every day with dollars spent, for instance. EVERY choice we makes counts. Not everyone appreciates, much less realizes this. Some take it further by actually getting involved, maybe signing petitions, joining organizations, supporting candidates, some running themselves. A sane and truly reflective system takes participation. If an enormous mass of the members are content to sit back and merely bitch about conditions, well, then you get the results we have.

          4. I am a cynic exactly because I participate, so no need to imply otherwise.
            If you are involved you should know the canned responses you receive from these crooks who have no concern. The system is to blame just as much as those who manipulated and abused it so.
            The problem is, as I have shown you, that our participation does not guarantee an even-playing field and thus our success is taken away from us by under-handed crooks. It is like asking a paraplegic to with a triathlon with their desire/will alone. The mechanisms just don’t exist to facilitate the victory because the crooks in the system have rigged it.

          5. Of course it’s rigged, because they did what they could within the system to do just that. And it can all be reversed. It doesn’t happen by magic.

  10. I am not surprised as they are not even listening to We the people at all but the almighty dollar they get handed to them on the sly. Wake up people our government is corrupt as any 3rd world government can be

  11. We do not want poisonous GMO food. The only people who and want it our people invested in the company or getting under the table payments for supporting non labling and selling of this poisonous, non nutritious, foul tasting food. Do your job Congress!!!

  12. I am very disappointed in my Congressman. For the last 10 years we have been telling him how toxins deliberately added to our food and water had made us sick. But he doesn’t believe us. We have done our best to avoid these poisons, but more and more foods are being poisoned. It seems to us that he supports the United Nations Eugenics program [90% population reduction in United States] that seems to be strongly supports by President Obama, Hillary Clinton [past Monsanto lawyer], Michael Taylor [FDA & Monsanto], Governor Brown [California], Bill Gates [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation] and many others. He needs to contact those who actually love people and fully understand what is going on. He needs to contact Russell Blaylock MD, Dr. Stephanie Seneff [Senior Researcher at MIT], and Senator Barbara Boxer. I believe that most of the sickness in the United States is caused by the combination of fluorosalicic acid in the water, glyphosate in our food, and toxic compounds of mercury & aluminum in our vaccines. Toxic mercury in our teeth, toxic compounds of aluminum, barium and strontium from chemtrails and Bt-toxin and 2,4D [main component in Agent Orange] in our food also contributes to the massive sickness and infertility in the United States. [Includes Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and Cancer] Ironically, Chemtrails are not allowed in D.C. and both the White House and Congressional Cafeteria only serve organic food. I have heard that even Monsanto’s Cafeteria is non-GMO because the genetic engineers know how toxic their creations are. Either my Congressman has not done him homework or he also supports the U.N. Agenda 21 Eugenics Program.

    1. Yes, the whitehouse cafeteria is also organic, non-gmo.
      They want you to eat the poisons, but they don’t do it themselves.
      You see Monsanto & Co. (Hugh Grant and his cohorts) claiming that roundup is so safe you can drink it, but look at all of the farmers in India who did exactly that and died (intentionally, suicide) because they were robbed of their livelihoods by yet another spineless corporation hellbent on money over life at all costs. You don’t see the politicians and petty crooks drinking it or eating their filth.

  13. Everyone in Susan Davis’ district need to thank her for voting No. I was surprised, but I think she has grandchildren, so she may have been thinking of them.

    1. Even when a politician finally does make a proper vote, I still find it difficult to “Thank” them for anything. They still ruin the world in other ways and half the time their vote is only a facade or fan-fare so they can vote the opposite way next time (like my p.o.s representative did)!

  14. I keep signing , Congress could care less, Trump is an idiot but he doesn’t take lies for answers, I like that , and Rand Paul cares a little about the constitution, at least more than 90% of the rest of Congress.
    We have been hijacked by traitors.
    I’m glad that most of you here understand that, not that we matter, at least we know we are being attacked by those that are hired to protect us and defend the Constitution, they do neither , they line their pockets, and crap on us.

  15. They say it costs too much money to declare GMO on a label, thats a bold face lie and then again it is absolute truth, it will put EVIL MONSANTO out of business.
    None of us want any corporation to twist nature into some robotic disease.

    1. They are putting it on the labels of everything thing they send overseas because those countries are intelligent enough to require it.

  16. I wrote to my Rep here in DE also; voicing my displeasure with his vote; however I’m in a very corporate-owned/big business state – DuPont, AstraZeneca, etc.. I received a canned response – as I always do after signing petitions – that GMOs are “safe”, how they will “feed the world”, etc. blah, blah, blah …… I called him out on it and added a link so he could “educate” himself. I doubt if even my response will be read, but I just had to do it. It’s all so infuriating.

  17. I wonder how many of the corporate execs and the science/technical staff at Monsanto eat GMO foods? Does anyone know if its served in their employee cafeterias? I some years ago that some of the scientific staff talking among themselves said they wouldn’t touch it…..

  18. My senator voted against it. One of 12 republicans to do so.
    At least half of the people representing NJ aren’t corrupt. Now if only our governor could get pushed out of office..

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