DARK Act on the Fast Track to Approval—We Need to Act Now!

The industry-sponsored voluntary GMO labeling bill is heading for a floor vote in the House, and could be voted on any day now. URGENT Action Alert!
Last week, the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015” introduced by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS)—better known by pro-labeling advocates as the “Deny Americans’ Right to Know (DARK) Act”—was approved by the House Agriculture Committee.
The next stop for the bill was supposed to be the Energy and Commerce Committee. But hours after the Ag Committee approved it, the announcement came that the bill would go right to the House floor just days later, bypassing Energy and Commerce altogether.
Regular readers will remember that the DARK Act would pre-empt state-level, mandatory GMO labeling efforts with a wholly voluntary federal standard. Companies could elect to apply to the USDA for a “GMO-free” label, and then the FDA would review the product—or they could elect not to label their products at all, leaving consumers in the dark about what’s in their food. The bill is being pushed by the biotech industry and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association.
New additions to the DARK Act also prevent local communities from banning GMO crops!
If the DARK Act passes the House, its next stop would be the Senate. We reported in May that Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) is preparing his own—again, completely voluntary—GMO labeling bill. Whether the Senate will consider the House-approved DARK Act, or Hoeven’s bill when it’s ready, or neither, remains to be seen.
These developments come on the heels of a new study that raises even more concerns about the safety of GMO foods. The study, published in the Agricultural Sciences journal, found evidence that genetic modifications can destroy the equilibrium in cells, in some cases resulting in an accumulation of formaldehyde. The study makes suggestions as to how to improve health and safety testing of GMOs as the White House begins a review of how the government regulates GMOs (see the next article in this week’s Pulse for more details).
As we’ve said before, supporters of the DARK Act seem to care more about doing the bidding of the biotech industry than about standing up for consumers. Poll after poll after poll show that consumers consistently and overwhelmingly support mandatory GMO labeling. That this bill is being put on the fast track by lawmakers kowtowing to powerful special interests with deep pockets is a clear affront to constituents.
Besides the fact that consumers have a right to know what’s in their food, the DARK Act also unfairly puts the onus on traditional farmers and food producers to label their food as “GMO-free” when it should be the other way around. Small producers would likely be unable to afford the costs of whatever process USDA develops for the “GMO-free” label, and USDA is so thoroughly pro-GMO that the process might be unfriendly even for big producers.
Companies are trying to put what amounts to little more than rogue science experiments on our tables: no long-term safety studies have shown that GMOs are safe, yet there is a tremendous amount of evidence that GMOs are extremely dangerous. Such companies should be the ones alerting the public of their food’s contents. Under the DARK Act, Americans would need to play a guessing game about what’s in their food.
Unfortunately—but unsurprisingly—the mainstream media also seem to be compliant with biotech’s goals. When Chipotle announced they were going GMO-free, mainstream media outlets like Time magazine, NPR, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune skewered the company for its decision. Rather than critically presenting ALL of the evidence of the GMO debate, many news outlets chose to present the issue as if the science were completely settled and GMOs are safe. It is noteworthy that these same media outlets depend on industry advertising for their survival.
Incidentally, we’ve seen similar trends in the coverage of the vaccine issue: non-scientists in the media attempting to convince the public that the science on an issue is settled when the reverse is actually true, and anyone who disagrees is an unhinged conspiracy theorist. (Note: you can visit our GMO Fact Check page to see biotech’s pro-GMO arguments debunked point-by-point.)
Another good example is a recent editorial in the Washington Post titled, “Why We’re So Scared of GMOs, According to Someone Who Has Studied Them Since the Start.” The “someone” presented in the article is an agricultural researcher at a Midwestern land-grant university—institutions that, starved of federal funds, are increasingly becoming extensions of Monsanto and Dow’s research and development departments. Can we rely on researchers at such institutions to be fair and balanced when it comes to presenting the science on GMOs? You decide.
The bottom line is that consumers have spoken loud and clear when it comes to the issue of GMO labeling. We must now work to make that voice heard in the halls of the Capitol.
Action Alert! Write to your legislators in both the House and the Senate and urge them to oppose the DARK Act, which would keep consumers in the dark about what’s in their food. Please send your message immediately.


    1. Only buy Organic and seek out Raw/Fair Trade/Sustainability traced and welfare approved.
      Do not buy any brands (and BOYCOT THEM!) that are apart of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association or the IDFA and NMPF, etc.
      Winning this fight is all about strapping the enemy of their resources; So inform as many as possible of the health dangers (expensive medical bills and requirements) of continuing to support the Mega-Brand Monopoly via FrankenFood. Drop all the Name Brands! They are the culprits! By Boycotting, we cut the head from the vile serpent that is this money driven monopoly machine on our very lives.

    2. I just bought corn at our local Farmer’s Market – the owners kids work there (have for years) and their organic corn has been in the family for 50 years. I asked about GMO contamination and she said they have worked very hard to keep it safe from contamination. I believe her as we did eat some and I didn’t get a belly ache (we stopped eating corn unless we find a quality organic source, very difficult btw, b/c my daughter and I started monitoring ourselves and realized we would feel bloated and a belly ache after eating any non-organic corn or corn products like tortilla chips). Anyway, good luck to all of us – I hope to avoid their poisonous crap, too.

  1. if they (Monsanto lobbyists) spend millions to not label, you know they have a huge stake in being sued for lying and deceiving the public. because labeling now opens the court system!
    they (gmo goons) have bragged for decades how great it is, yet they refuse to label.
    that’s proof enough its bad.

    1. That’s a great argument. If GMOs are so wonderful, why are they fighting tooth and nail to keep it secret? It’s the exact same with vaccines, also so wonderful they must mandated to attend school! Evil.

      1. The funniest thing of all is the entire reason this laughable, so-called “technology” was invented: To reduce weeds and make the crops resistant to toxic chemicals; Is now destroying the farm fields by making the weeds RESISTANT, the soil fallow and making the crops TOXIC to life! Certainly does make these toxic goons lots of meaningless pieces of paper though (and that is all they care about)!

  2. After I fill evey line, and hit submit, the form clears, I have no idea
    whether it took, I’m guessing not.

    1. It’s probably due to your browser’s cookies setting. If you don’t want to adjust your settings you can try the form on a mobile device. I’ve been experiencing this same issue since ANH redid their site a couple months ago.

      1. Thanks, I’ll just have to hope another organization sends around the same

        1. Look up these Orgs for more DARK ACT petitions to sign: Center for Food Safety (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1qvsfWx), Organic Consumers Association (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1pjYT9K), Consumers Union (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1gOkUPs), Environmental Working Group (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1OkoT0z), Food Democracy, Now! (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1DsDpOb @food_democracy Pls RT #labelGMOs), Oregonrighttoknow . org (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1JfmcOk), Food Revolution . org (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1HyVE8v), Pesticide Action Network NA(h t t p : / / bit . ly/1KkVzqa), CREDO Action (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1DuTB1d), Friends of the Earth (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1JxSe3S), MoveOn (h t t p : / / bit . ly/1egvBZ3), Fair World Project . org !
          There you go! Enjoy! Sign them all!

          1. I just signed every petition known to man, lol ….thanks.
            And you’re right , Obama cannot be trusted.

          2. No problem, I just didn’t know if that was some facebook/twitter thing that I no longer use.

          3. I get emails from IJReview, seems to be no way to comment
            without facebook etc, not sure why they can’t just be like disquis,
            there are some good articles.
            But, it’s not put together as well as NaturalNews , where Mike
            gives you a pretty good run down before you hit the site, on
            IJ they give nothing but a Headline, have to hit the site to
            find out anything, then can’t comment.
            I’ve sent them 6 or 7 requests to take me off their list as
            the unsubscribe button does not work for my system.
            I always hit Mike Adams’ site, cause it’s not bait and switch titles, not
            a lot of back pedal sensationalism, sensational yes, but
            he doesn’t back pedal.
            Which by the way is the only thing I like so far about
            Trump , he can’t be called a wishy washy back pedlar.

          4. Indeed. The only good thing about him is that he is speaking the truth, dividing the establishment, and not apologizing for not being “politically correct”. If he keeps that up and refuses the industry bribes and really intends to support organic and absolute truth (aligning and protecting nature, above all else)… I would even consider voting for him (but only if he supported those things and actually follows through). Without getting ahead of ourselves, though, at least he isn’t a revolving-door career politician like the rest.

  3. If the house and the senate knows what is good for them they better put this bill in the garbage. I’m getting tired of being POISONED. !!! I’m call both these parties and letting them have it.!!!!

    1. It is as if they are trying as hard as they can to divide as many of us and enrage us as much as possible. It has always been said they just want to declare marshal law and do with us as they desire, so. Hopefully we’ll get to use the fema camps they made for us, on them instead!

    2. boycott anything that isn’t organic , that includes the organics own by the Corp. that supported the GMO not to be labeled .

    Dear Hugh Grant–CEO Monsanto,
    Thought you might be interested in knowing that the city I live in has several very nice community NON GMO gardens.
    Citizens participate in caring and operating the gardens and the best part is eating and sharing the rewards that the gardens produce.
    Also the garden organizers are teaching the public how to grow our own non GMO gardens at home.
    Thank you Monsanto.
    If it were not for you and your DISGUSTING MUTATION OF FOOD,
    There would not be a grass roots effort to teach us how to grow our own safe organic non GMO gardens.
    The money we now save by not having to pay for store bought produce is awesome.
    It is also very reassuring and comforting to know that these
    Non GMO community gardens and home gardening classes are fast becoming very popular and are spreading across the country.
    Thanks again Monsanto
    You’re the best.

    1. Now they have you flagged as someone who they must watch & follow – and you might find your garden is banned eventually !! ‘They’ are also trying to get control of the seed supply so that NO-ONE can grow anything without their say so and without THEIR seeds !!

      1. Yeah. I’ve found that, if you like anything. Keep it a secret except from those who personally know!
        Every time I tell some random person in an online chat about something that I enjoy, that great thing gets magically ruined. Its made me want to move, become a monk and take a vow of silence!

    2. I look for the verified non-GMO label or certified organic. If enough of us do that and also buy local from trusted farmers Monsanto will begin losing business. nothing like a good boycott to wipe out an industry. worked on the new coke.

  5. “there’s no time to waste — At any moment, Monsanto’s DARK Act will head
    to a full vote in the House of Representatives. This is our absolute
    last chance to make our voices heard before this devastating legislation
    is voted on. Dial 1-877-796-1949 NOW and tell your Representative to OPPOSE the DARK Act.” ~ “In yet another blatant show of support for Monsanto, members of the U.S
    House Committee on Agriculture signed off on a bill intended to
    permanently shut down the GMO labeling movement. The Committee took only
    17 minutes to push H.R. 1599 toward a full House vote, expected to take
    place early next week. Members justified their votes on the basis of
    lies. Official statements issued by Committee Chairman Rep. K. Michael
    Conaway (R-Texas) and Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) were disingenuously
    crafted to make consumers think the purpose of this bill, the “Mother
    of All Monsanto Protection Acts,” is to give consumers what they
    want—labels on foods containing GMOs.
    H.R. 1599 doesn’t come close to satisfying consumer demand for labeling. It creates the framework for a government-run voluntary labeling scheme, while shutting down states’
    rights to require mandatory labeling. Who in their right mind believes
    that corporations that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to keep
    labels off their GMO foods are suddenly going to voluntarily label them
    after this bill passes? Conaway’s and Peterson’s statements perpetuated
    the lie that GMOs have been thoroughly tested and proven safe. And the
    issue of Monsanto’s glyphosate, the toxic chemical used on more than 80
    percent of GMO foods, being officially classified as probably cancerous
    to humans? Barely mentioned.”
    ~ h t t p s : / / w w w . organicconsumers . o r g
    The saddest thing of all is the crook “Conaway” is in my district and
    CLEARLY doesn’t represent me or my desires. Need to string ’em up.
    GE is a failed premise because it was used for chemical corporation greed,
    it is time to either clean it up or abolish and obliterate it and its
    supportes/facilitators/defenders outright.

  6. Recent info has surfaced that there have been tests done by a private scientist and lab – they are proving that GMO food is actually filled with an abundant level of the chemical formaldehyde which is a toxic and cancer causing chemical. How convenient that as this info is coming to light that our “Monsanto Paid” politicians are going out of their way to pass the DARK act (Deny Americans Right to Know).
    Its obvious that they (Monsanto lobbyists) spend millions to not label, because they have a huge stake in being sued for lying and deceiving the public. Why? because labeling now opens the court system!
    These chemical pushing companies have bragged for decades how great it is, yet they refuse to label. If it’s so safe why not label it?
    Please sign this! We can’t let them sneak this passed us…we have a right to know what we are ingesting!!!!
    Thank you!

  7. I just signed the petition. Monsanto runs the Codex Compliant FDA, appointed by Obama. Hillary campaign is run by Monsanto as is most Republican candidates. Fast track treaties approved under President Clinton, WHO & WTO are the cause of the current day poison of our food with HFCS, Aspartame and other deadly preservative chemicals that destroy our natural human immune system. All fast track treaties must be revoked and force a 2/3 vote as required by Constitution. Obama has 18 months left. We have to pressure him to publicly divorce Monsanto. I urge this organization to start a 100,000+ petition to Obama to end his marriage with Monsanto.

    1. Unfortunately, he is just another rubber stamping industry shill who lies(h t t p : / / w w w . organicconsumers . org/monsanto/): “Monsanto, Dupont and Obama: President Obama knows that agribusiness cannot be trusted with the regulatory powers of government. On the campaign trail in 2007, he promised: “We’ll tell ConAgra that it’s not the Department of Agribusiness. It’s the Department of Agriculture. We’re going to put the people’s interests ahead of the special interests.” But, starting with his choice for USDA Secretary, the pro-biotech former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack (h t t p : / / w w w . organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#vilsack), President Obama has let Monsanto, Dupont (h t t p : / / w w w . corporatewatch . org/?lid=172) and the other pesticide and genetic engineering companies know they’ll have plenty of friends and supporters within his administration. President Obama has taken his team of food and farming leaders directly from the biotech companies and their lobbying, research, and philanthropic arms:
      [Michael Taylor] (h t t p : / / w w w . organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#taylor) former Monsanto Vice President, is now the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods.
      [Roger Beachy] (h t t p : / / w w w . organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#beachy) former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, is now the director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
      [Islam Siddiqui] (h t t p : / / organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#siddiqui)
      Vice President of the Monsanto and Dupont-funded pesticide-promoting lobbying group, CropLife, is now the Agriculture Negotiator for the US Trade Representative.
      [Rajiv Shah] (h t t p : / / organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#shah)
      former agricultural-development director for the pro-biotech Gates Foundation (a frequent Monsanto partner), served as Obama’s USDA Under Secretary for Research Education and Economics and Chief Scientist and is now head of USAID.
      [Elena Kagan] (h t t p : / / organicconsumers . org/usda_watch.cfm#kagan)
      who, as President Obama’s Solicitor General, took Monsanto’s side against organic farmers in the Roundup Ready alfalfa case, is now on the Supreme Court.
      [Ramona Romero] corporate counsel to DuPont, has been nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the USDA.
      1. Name 2. Monsanto Job 3. Government Job 4. Admin
      Toby Moffett – Monsanto Consultant – US Congressman – D-CT
      Dennis DeConcini – Monsanto Legal Counsel – US Senator – D-AZ
      Margaret Miller – Chemical Lab Supervisor – Deputy Director FDA, HFS – Bush Sr, Clinton
      Marcia Hale – Director, International Government Affairs – White House Senior Staff – Clinton
      Mickey Kantor – Board Member – Sec. of Commerce – Clinton
      Virginia Weldon – VP, Public Policy – WH-Appt to CSA, Gore’s SDR – Clinton
      Josh King – Director, International Government Affairs – White House Communications – Clinton
      David Beler – VP, Government & Public Affairs – Gore’s Chief Domestic Policy Advisor – Clinton
      Carol Tucker-Foreman – Monsanto Lobbyist – WH-Appointed Consumer Advisor – Clinton
      Linda Fisher – VP, Government & Public Affairs – Deputy Admin EPA – Clinton, Bush
      Lidia Watrud – Manager, New Technologies – USDA, EPA – Clinton, Bush, Obama
      Michael Taylor – VP, Public Policy – Deputy Commiss. FDA – Obama
      Hillary Clinton – Rose Law Firm, Monsanto Counsel – US Senator, Secretary of State – D-NY, Obama
      Roger Beachy – Director, Monsanto Danforth Center – Director USDA NIFA – Obama
      Islam Siddiqui – Monsanto Lobbyist – Ag Negotiator Trade Rep – Obama”

    2. SORRY NOT VERY LIKELY , HE has to many shares of Monsanto stokes that was given to him .

  8. Connect with Center for Food Safety (They will call you and Auto-dial your Rep at this link: h t t p : / / bit . ly/1Mos6i5) and demand your “Representative” OPPOSE H.R. 1599, TODAY! (I just did!)
    Demand that they support Mandatory Labeling of GE foods and mention that stealing our right (and states rights) to protect ourselves (and their citizens) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  9. I am not sure who to contact about this but be aware if you live in Kentucky and try to sign the form, Senator Rand Paul does not except these petitions by email. You have to fill out a separate form. I went to the trouble of filling out the entire form and then when I hit submit it said a forbidden error. This has happened every time with communications with Rand Paul.

    1. The crooks have been doing this to me. You must complain to the organization that you are trying to sign the petition of and they attempt to pressure the people to accept public petitions and comments because it is a legal obligation in a public seat of office. Contact the support of the associated petition organizations.

  10. Where does the “federal government” get the “right” to ban (supposedly sovereign) States from mandating labeling to inform their inhabitants of what they’re getting in their food? Yes, there is a “supremacy clause” in The Constitution, but that is only for issues that the document grants power over to the federal government or one of its branches. The “commerce clause”, granting power “to regulate commerce”…”among the several States” certainly doesn’t seem to include this kind of power to protect corporate interests. This bill will also ban food makers from informing their customers that their products don’t contain GMO ingredients. How far does tyranny need to advance before we wake up and say “Enough!”?

    1. Seems humans only react after it has gone too far.
      As long as people have jobs and things to buy, they won’t care that their own tax contributions subsidize the creation of toxic “food” that makes them unhealthy and even gives them cancer and diseases until all of the monotonous materialism that keeps people complacent, is gone or irreparably damaged beyond functioning (which is what the govt is working on right now).
      If anyone would ever notice, it only got this bad after WW2 and it only got this corrupt after they murdered JFK. What did JFK want to do? Strengthen the middle class. What are the crooks doing today? Destroying it! Its all there for you to see if you would just boil down the facts and take a look at them, they all connect. Petty dumb crooks are ruining the world for a ridiculous agenda where-in they murder the rest of us and think they can own the world all to themselves and remake it in their image (which won’t ever happen).

  11. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The USA founding fathers knew this. They warned of the dangers of centralizing power. They setup the best checks on government power they could at the time. It was supposed to keep government from wronging the people they’re supposed to serve. So, did it work? Is this government’s power held in check? Or does it continually wrong its own People? Has “abuse of power” and “wrong doing” by government gotten out of control? LOL!
    The problem with governmental abuse of power is that it always serves its Own INTEREST or SPECIAL INTEREST. And always to the detriment of the People’s and YOUR best interest. Governmental wrong doing will always be the inevitable result of unchecked power!
    Most government atrocities throughout history would never have gotten off the ground had there been at the time a mechanism for the People to Check and Balance government through Direct Participation in government!
    Abuse of power and wrong doing by government can and will be overturned and held in Check by the People when the political mechanism that puts them back into Direct Control of government is adopted.
    What political mechanism could put the control of government back into the hands of the People? There’s a political movement with said mechanism at its core. The core principle is that of true Checks and Balances on government power. – A “People’s Branch” of government allows the People to exercise DIRECT oversight of government. The People literally govern the government! Ultimately Checking and Balancing government power will bring those responsible for governmental power abuse and wrongs to justice!
    Here is actionable info that may help if read carefully…
    Who and what political movement reintroduced, into the public awareness, the concept of increasing Checks and Balances as a solution for controlling government wrong doing? They didn’t – We did! – www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    There is a way to make government truly transparent and accountable: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    There is a way to make government directly responsible to the people: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    The People do not have to let the government work against them/the People! A People’s Branch will see that abuse of power and authority is punished: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    Think for yourself! Think of what a People’s Branch could mean for You and/or Your loved ones’ finances, health, rights, freedoms, security and justice etc. Find out why a People’s Branch would be good for You and Your loved ones! Find out why a People’s Branch will result in a better future for Your children! You don’t have to take our word for it. A Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious Person would find out if it truly had a chance to help them. They would talk to family and friends and find out how they feel about a People’s Branch and why?
    Reasonable, Responsible, and Conscientious People need to know that they should act NOW before things get worse and their numbers fall too low…
    Yet, realize that taking back control of government may not be easy. Always remember that the Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People are opposed in this epic struggle for Direct Participation in their government by SPECIAL INTEREST and those that serve them. – Namely their henchman – the GATEKEEPERS.
    Amazingly, these GATEKEEPERS are most often our own – leaders, organizations, political parties, politicians, elected officials, bureaucrats, public servants, print and broadcast news organizations, the media, radio/TV talk show hosts, authors, advocates, pundits, alliances, federations, websites and so called political action sites etc.
    They’re constantly among us – even out front. Don’t You get it? – To do their job for their masters, i.e. SPECIAL INTEREST, they must have positions as GATEKEEPERS. SPECIAL INTEREST knows that keeping the People as a whole under control requires a system of GATEKEEPERS. Whether or not the GATEKEEPERS are unwitting dupes or dumbed down or just compartmentalized cronies, most end up serving SPECIAL INTEREST over those they are supposed to serve i.e. Your and the People’s best interest!
    Checks and Balances!
    Who and what political movement reintroduced, into the public awareness, the concept of increasing Checks and Balances as a solution for controlling government wrong doing? They didn’t – We did! – www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    Many GATEKEEPERS use the words Checks and Balances every day. Yet, why don’t they want You to know about the ultimate mechanism for implementing them. www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org.
    You may wonder if they even know about us. Yes, they know about us but refuse to acknowledge our efforts. They have even started to manipulate our words and blocking our message that the Ultimate Checks and Balances on government can and will come from the People’s Direct Participation in government. They don’t want this political movement challenging their power. Why do you think GATEKEEPERS give every political genre of any political persuasion a venue and forum? Yet, no GATEKEEPER will even openly take up discussing the remote possibility of a People’s Branch of government? WHY?
    Isn’t it because they know that anything other than the People Participating Directly in government offers little or no real resistance to the corruption of the power structure? They realize that the People Participating Directly in government, a People’s Branch, changes everything! They know that, with a People’s Branch, the People will no longer allow government to serve SPECIAL INTEREST over the best interest of the People – YOUR best interest!
    Yet, the system is designed to allow the People a reactive mode only. The People are only offered pretend paths for changing government’s wrong doings (i.e. voting to elect officeholders, organizing, campaigning (for so-called good people), running for office (by so-called good people), public protests, marches, demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins, calling and/or writing your elected officials etc.) At best the pretend methods only slow government wrong doing temporarily. GATEKEEPERS are paid to direct the People/You into these pretend paths which will only burn out good and well-meaning People by burning up and wasting their time, energy, money and/or resources with little or no positive and/or lasting results. They’re paid by their masters, the real power behind government i.e. SPECIAL INTEREST, to keep the People/You from waking up to these truths…
    If the People/You don’t wake up then they will continue by default to control the closed system. They know that they win and You lose as long as they can direct You into the pretend paths that are designed to keep out any DIRECT Checks and Balances from the outside – We the People! Think about it! Why should it have taken women sixty years to get the right to vote? Why should it have taken so many years for blacks to get the right to vote?
    Isn’t it obvious, GATEKEEPERS push their pretend methods for improving and/or stopping government wrong doing because their pretend methods are designed to fail You and keep SPECIAL INTEREST in control? It’s the job of GATEKEEPERS to push their pretend methods because they are proven to keep the power in the hands of SPECIAL INTEREST. Yet, while the People are directed down their pretend paths to change and improvement, SPECIAL INTEREST continues their own direct access and participation with Your elected officials for the purpose of seeing to it that THEIR best interest gets served!
    Don’t you realize that if a People’s Branch of government had existed in the past then the People would have made sure that most of the bad things of those times would’ve been avoided? Yet, it’s still not too late. We must now focus on the present and prepare for the future. Remember, if you want things to be better for Yourself and Your loved ones, now and in the future, then You’ll join us. Together we’ll Check and Balance government and make sure that government serves the People’s and YOUR best interest!
    In the meantime most GATEKEEPERS will continue to push their PSYOP of getting You to believe that their pretend methods are new and they’ll work for You this time? It’s a sophisticated PSYOP. We know their PSYOP has worked in the past – maybe even on You. Many have fallen for it. Many still believe that these same old approaches will work for them. Yet, their pretend methods for improvement are not new and they’ll never work to insure that government serves YOUR best interest.
    REMEMBER, most GATEKEEPERS aren’t willing to help you see that the best and only long term solution is to cut through the political red tape and defeat the political trap masters at their own game! Isn’t it obvious why they act so much like Controlled Opposition? They are Controlled Opposition! If you study what many of these people actually say and how they say it, instead of only agreeing with what you think they are saying, then you too may see how controlled opposition really works. Yes they talk a good game. But they continue to direct your attention away from the obvious solution – YOU! You are the real solution! Once you make up your mind to have a Direct Participation in government on the things that affect You and Your loved ones then You’ll join us!
    Remember, most GATEKEEPERS continuously choose to serve their followers with only talk and do nothing of consequence for them. Most GATEKEEPERS mission is to program you to also only talk and do nothing of consequence for yourself! Talk is cheap. Their rhetoric is ultimately Controlled Opposition simply because they never engage a viable long term solution. Yet, we do and we have! Here: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    So, the question is – WILL IT WORK ON YOU NOW? Now that You can see their game and You see a real viable solution for Yourself and Your loved ones – a People’s Branch! Only YOUR Direct Participation in government can insure that YOUR best interest is served! Can’t you see this?
    It is paramount that You Participate Directly in government where You can pass or fail Your elected officials vote on matters that affect You.
    Isn’t it foolish to let others, especially GATEKEEPERS – politicians, elected officials, public servants, bureaucrats and media mouthpieces, etc., continuously undermine Your best interest? Wouldn’t it be prudent to have a Direct say in the things that affect You and Your loved ones? Many Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people are now coming to realize that they need a mechanism whereby they can Participate Directly in government in order to help safeguard their own best interest!
    What could this mechanism be?
    The answer is a People’s Branch of government!
    The process to get a People’s Branch of government starts with the petition!
    Why a Petition? Because it’s time tested and a Constitution guaranteed method whereby People/Citizens can take action and change the governing and political process! People are now beginning to see how the Petition can be used to help protect their rights and freedoms. Therefore, none should forget or forgive any GATEKEEPERS that make fun of or demonize the Petition and its power and strength for good in the hands of good people!
    We advocate only patronizing the good GATEKEEPERS. i.e. ONLY The ones that are working to help you safeguard You and Your loved ones own best interest. Only they are truly worthy of Your attention, admiration, alliance, loyalty, and support! To find out if the ones You follow are truly worthy simply ask them – if they are interested in promoting the best way (Citizens Participating Directly in government as an incorruptible Checks and Balances!) for everyone to help safeguard their own best interest!
    If the GATEKEEPERS You follow genuinely care about the People’s/Your rights and freedoms then they will show that they have faith in the judgment of People as a whole! Many GATEKEEPERS demean the People for trying to exercise their best judgment when they’re forced into having to choose between two evils! Is that really fair when they demean the public and say it’s the public’s fault for electing a corrupt politician! Yet, it’s never really the People’s fault when some slick politician fools their constituents and gets elected – then double-crosses them! Wouldn’t the answer be to institute a foolproof mechanism to Check and Balance the double-crossers? A People’s Branch of government!
    The GATEKEEPERS that genuinely care about their follower’s best interest will have no problem in helping to get the word out about this powerful solution i.e. our Petition for a People’s Branch of government! With our petition we create a way to set-up a mechanism for corruption-proof Checks and Balances on government. If you’re not hearing about this movement from the GATEKEEPER you’re following then you’ll know they’re probably a Controlled Opposition GATEKEEPER SHILL.
    An ACTIONABLE Long Term SOLUTION for most of our problems exists HERE: www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org
    People are coming to understand that not unlike the original need for a Constitution and Bill of Rights, the true strength of a People’s Branch of government is that it will help them protect themselves from the tyranny of government and SPECIAL INTEREST. They are coming to realize that their own best interest and the best interest of the vast majority of the people are one and the same.
    Divide and conquer has long been used by SPECIAL INTEREST to fool the People into believing it’s only their peers – others like themselves that are their real enemy. They don’t want YOU to know it’s really them, SPECIAL INTEREST, that’s YOUR real problem – literally. They do this simply by keeping the People’s/Your attention focused on what they say is the problem and its solution.
    Ever heard of Problem, Reaction, Solution? Don’t you get it? Look at what others say – here and/or elsewhere… Can’t you see it? Most have their attention subverted! Look at what they’re focusing on! Some, many or all may simply be some form of Troll or dis-information pusher. Even if some are wellmeaning they mostly affect You into diverting Your attention away from the systems control methods. Many do these things in hopes of stopping the People/You from seeing the Real Actionable Solution of a People’s Branch!
    Yet, people are coming to realize that SPECIAL INTEREST and their GATEKEEPERS are benefiting from Their Own Form of Direct Participation (i.e. influence/manipulation) in government at the expense and detriment of the People’s/Your Own Best Interest. Therefore, until the People/You wake up and adopt this, People’s Branch of government, mechanism for Direct Participation in government, then the People’s/Your own best interest will only continue to suffer.
    Yet, it is exactly because SPECIAL INTEREST will always continue to trample the People’s best interest that from time to time Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people have to resort to revolution – violent or otherwise!
    ABOVE EVERYTHING THE PROPAGANDISTS THROW AT YOU – REMEMBER THIS: A People’s Branch of government can and will Stop/Reform/Amend/Reverse and Heal the power structure and justice system. A People’s Branch will see that those responsible for governmental wrongs are justly punished!
    Wake up or die asleep it’s up to you! Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people are choosing to wake up! You too can Wake-Up to the only non-violent way to take your government away from SPECIAL INTEREST.
    Only when citizens have a direct participation in their government concerning matters that affect them will their and their loved ones’ issues (Freedoms, Rights, Security, Financial, Health, Political and Justice etc.) have a true chance to be properly addressed!
    Your Direct Participation in government on matters that concern You and Your loved ones is paramount!
    A People’s Branch creates the best way to Check and Balance government! If SPECIAL INTEREST continues to get their way then You and Your Loved Ones may lose everything! Why not help us help you?!
    Every Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious person should be asking themselves WHY DO LEADERS OF BOTH MAJOR PARTIES HATE THE IDEA OF A PEOPLES BRANCH?
    Those that truly seek fair and equitable solutions can find them at The People’s Branch. Implementing a People’s Branch in your local area is the key you have been waiting for….
    Ultimately a People’s Branch of government will hold accountable those behind government’s multifaceted injustices and wrong doings – namely, the governmental authorities doing SPECIAL INTEREST bidding!
    Additionally, governmental persons acting against the best interest of the People should be forewarned that, at a future date, their actions may be deemed unlawful and therefore punishable. They should be aware that their actions or lack thereof that result in the creation of wrongs, such as so called “trade agreements,” that ultimately harm the People’s best interest may at some point be adjudicated to be harmful and therefore unlawful. Further, it would be wise of the wrong doers to realize that they, the perpetrators of governmental wrongs, may be held responsible and accountable for those wrongs as easily as a simple declaration or adjudication! Said wrongs may have dire consequences for those found to have helped implement or aided their authorization, through their actions or lack thereof. Those individuals may be found guilty of sedition and/or treason and tried for treason to the United States of America. Any and all elected officials and officeholders would do well to remember that there’s no statutes of limitation for the crime of treason!
    Many governmental wrongs such as “Fast Tracking, NAFTA, TPP, Shielding GMOs and their harm from discovery etc.,” and others may yet result in charges and convictions of treason for those responsible and accountable for their implementation. Charges and convictions for treason may be possible if it’s found that government officials failed to represent the best interest of the People and their actions subsequently turn out to undermine national security. It should be understood that any governmental officials, especially current or ex-presidents and current or ex-congressional officeholders, may be open to charges of treason should their actions and/or lack of actions be deemed to have ECONOMICALLY undermined national security. Everyone would do well to remember that the final judgment rendered by the People concerning many governmental wrongs has yet to be written!
    Did you hear that? GATEKEEPERS – What’s your response? Why do GATEKEEPERS always refuse open debate with this political movement? Why would any GATEKEEPER have a problem bringing this political movement to their followers and the masses? What part of the people’s ability to participate directly in their government thereby creating an incorruptible Checks and Balances upon governmental wrongs – atrocities and corruption – DON’T YOU GET?…
    GATEKEEPERS can’t name one issue or one problem that a People’s Branch would make worse! Yet, we can name any number of issues and problems that a People’s Branch will make better, improve and/or solve for WE THE PEOPLE!
    Why not advocate for a People’s Branch of government and let all the GATEKEEPERS you follow know that you want them to openly debate the merits of a People’s Branch to Check and Balance government?

    1. Wow, long post. Wanted to reply to the first paragraph though:
      The folly of the “founding fathers” and their system was that they trusted
      humans to keep it running without corrupting. Oh also, can I be the one
      to execute all the crooks for treason?!? I want to be the executioner!
      •”There was never any thing by the wit of man so well devised, or so sure
      established, which in continuance of time hath not been corrupted.~The
      Book of Common Prayer”
      •”Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.~Edmund Burke”
      •”Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty.~Edward Gibbon”
      •”I have often noticed that a bribe … has that effect–it changes a
      relation. The man who offers a bribe gives away a little of his own
      importance; the bribe once accepted, he becomes the inferior, like a man
      who has paid for a woman.~Graham Greene ”
      •”I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its “successful
      experiment” that corruption has been imputed to many members of the
      House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been
      bartered for promises of office. ~Andrew Jackson”
      •”Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an
      individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire
      country. ~Karl Kraus”
      •”The great constitutional corrective in the
      hands of the people against usurpation of power, or corruption by their
      agents is the right of suffrage; and this when used with calmness and
      deliberation will prove strong enough. ~Andrew Jackson”
      • “The mechanism that directs government cannot be virtuous, because it is
      impossible to thwart every crime, to protect oneself from every criminal
      without being criminal too; that which directs corrupt mankind must be
      corrupt itself; and it will never be by means of virtue, virtue being
      inert and passive, that you will maintain control over vice, which is
      ever active: the governor must be more energetic than the governed.”
      ~Marquis de Sade
      • “The happiness of society is the end of government.” ~John Adams
      • “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to
      live at the expense of everybody else.” ~Frédéric Bastiat

  12. I have enough to do working two jobs to worry about the food I buy. If the Dark Act passes, I will go out of my way to select local producers and start canning for the winter months.

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