Yet Another Anti-Supplement Sneak Attack from Blumenthal and Durbin

This time it’s been slipped into a defense bill. Major Action Alert!
We suspected it would only be a matter of time before Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) launched his next broadside against supplements. Once again, Durbin and his allies, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), are pouncing on must-pass legislation and attaching last-minute amendments that would threaten Americans’ access to supplements.
The bill this time is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an appropriations bill to fund the military for FY 2016. The House passed its version of the bill in May. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced what is called “an amendment in the nature of a substitute” to create a Senate version of the House-passed bill. The Blumenthal/Durbin amendments were introduced on top of the McCain legislation.
Because it is a defense bill, the Blumenthal/Durbin amendments pertain to the supplement use of the US armed forces.
There are three amendments.
The first amendment would require military electronic health records to include data regarding supplement adverse events experienced by servicemen and women. This type of information is already gathered by the FDA, which is much better situated to handle it than the Department of Defense. This additional data collection is redundant and cumbersome. In 2011, Sen. Durbin and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) asked the Government Accounting Office to review supplement adverse event reports (AERs). In 2013 the GAO completed its report—which overwhelmingly demonstrated that supplements are safe! Why in the world is Durbin following the same tactic that embarrassed him so completely two years ago?
According to the resulting GAO report, there were a total of 6,307 AERs reported to the FDA between 2008 and 2011—an average of 1,575 a year. At the time, we pointed out that this was quite a low number, considering the fact that about half of Americans—157 million people—take supplements. This means that one-hundredth of one percent of all supplement users ever experience any problems at all.
If Sens. Waxman and Durbin had cared to search out where the real danger lies for the American consumer, they wouldn’t have had to look very hard. In 2008 alone, there were a whopping 526,527 AERs for FDA-approved drugs, with 275,421 considered serious. Of course, the astonishingly poor safety record of pharmaceutical drugs is irrelevant if you have a vendetta against supplements, as Sen. Durbin and his allies seem to have.
The second amendment would require the Department of Defense to establish minimum requirements for members of the armed forces to report on their supplement use. Service people would be ordered to report what vitamins and supplements they take—which means they could easily be ordered to stop taking them! It is simply Orwellian to have members of the military report on their supplement use. What business is it of the government if a service member is taking vitamin D, or B12? Big Brother shouldn’t be able to reach into your toiletries kit or control what you tell your doctor—even on a military base.
The third and most troubling of the amendments would extend a currently existing policy which regulates certain supplements on military bases to require all supplements that are to be sold to members of the military at exchange stores or commissaries to undergo a third-party review for “recognized public standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition, and adherence to related process standards.” This may sound innocent, but it is anything but.
First, supplements must already, by law, hold to current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs), which require that that they be processed in a consistent manner and meet quality standards. Second, supplement companies will likely be expected to pay huge sums for this review. Only the biggest companies, many of them owned by Big Pharma, will be able to comply. Yet another government-created monopoly will be handed over to big drug companies.
In addition, once this regime is established, it will be only a short step to expand it to all US consumers, not just the military. Then the pharmaceutical industry will have what it really wants: control over the supplement industry. Many supplements will become drugs and soar in price while their availability is restricted. As with any monopoly, quality will also decline, because regulations are never a substitute for real competition involving new and small as well as old and large companies.
Supplements are incredibly safe and already fully regulated by the FDA and FTC. These amendments are misguided attempts to limit access and hamper individual health freedom.
The truth of the matter is that the current regulatory regime governing dietary supplements is working—which is why supplements have such a sterling safety record. In fact, our counterparts at ANH-Europe found that UK residents were about as likely to get struck by lightning as die from taking dietary supplements.
We’ve come to expect this sort of maneuver from Durbin and company: what can’t be accomplished through more conventional democratic means, they try to accomplish through sneaky, eleventh-hour maneuvering before the public can catch wind of it. This military appropriations bill has nearly 200 amendments attached to it, and not all of them will be discussed by the Senate. With your help, we hope to prevent the Blumenthal/Durbin amendments from ever being considered on the Senate floor. The natural health community has responded vigorously to defeat previous Durbin attacks against supplements: in one instance, our readers sent nearly 90,000 messages in less than twenty-four hours. The time has come again to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill to protect our access to quality dietary supplements!
Major Action Alert! Write or call your senators and urge them to stop the Blumenthal/Durbin amendments, which will take dangerous steps towards limiting consumers’ access to dietary supplements. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Considering that the benefit from supplements is mostly anecdotal, and people only need to eat good food to get all the nutrients they need, I don’t really care about making it more difficult for a trillion dollar business for fleece Americans.

    1. This is absolutely not true. Ask any nutritionist out there as well as many MDs who have taken it upon themselves to learn nutrition. Supplements keep people healthy and have never killed anybody. There aren’t any medicines that can claim that feat. Just because you are a non-believer doesn’t mean that you should ruin it for the rest of us.

    2. They’re anecdotal to you because you obviously have never bothered to investigate the vast amount of information that is available.

      1. “Anecdotal” evidence is not necessarily bad. When a bunch of people tell you they are getting rid of some disease, are you going to believe them? Why wouldn’t you? I have several times acted on ‘anecdotal’ information and have had amazing results and the same results that these people talked about. Using the word, ‘anecdotal’ is an excuse like the placebo excuse. Try using that word with an animal. If a dog is cured of arthritis or w.h.y., is it just anecdotal?

      2. Truth59: Ummm, I worked in metabolism research for ten years. I think I know a little more about nutrition than you do. I’m not trying to ruin it for anyone. I just think people should read some real research instead of just the claims made by the companies selling the supplements. Most Americans are fat, too, and I’m sure they’d all like to think there’s a pill for that as well.

    3. Since you are too smart to be suckered to purchase vitamins, let the rest of us suckers get suckered by buying vitamins. We do not need government protecting us. More like drug company profits.

    4. Hi, Military are getting clogged blood vessels from the high calorie war meals they practice eat in less than a few minutes. What good is a sick military…flu/vaccines/hurt by ticks/clogged blood vessels. Being healthy may require no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO which they may not get. Gluten may lower nutrients absorbed in intestines. Taking supplements may help brain/body work better. Having a strong healthy military is needed. Supplements help and don’t hurt. “Good food” may not help if they are Celiac. Supplements are awesome/needed. Most Americans are getting hurt by gluten etc. Natural help to me is God’s way…supplements prevent. Drugs may hurt and suicides in the military maybe due to getting antidepression drugs with F that lower oxygen in their brain/body. Alternative medicine instead…diet changes/natural supplements may have saved their lives.

      1. agree with lots you said. BUT GLUTEN IS NOT HARMFUL

        1. Let’s take it down a notch or two, Journe.
          Wendy is as about as close to an expert on gluten as you’re going to find. Listen to her…you will likely learn a thing or two. I know I did.

      1. I don’t really consider vitamins to be in the same category as supplements, but even so, I stand by what I said – anyone with a proper diet will not any supplements and they won’t need vitamin D. It’s just easier to pop pills than to make sure one eats right, and it’s not surprising that so many Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. Most Americans are also fat, lazy, sedentary, diabetic, and it’s because they get no exercise and eat nothing but crap – so they pop a pill and think that’ll make them all nice and healthy. Maybe they should just eat right and exercise.

    5. Anecdotal? Like you have ever tried a quality product … I’m an organic chemist and I swear on quality supplements. They just work.
      Educate yourself before making a fool out of yourself next time. There are 1000s of studies proving effectiveness od nutritional supplements.

      1. There’s the key…quality products. Many multivitamins are not worth taking because they don’t have enough of anything in them. Single entity products are much better idea. And don’t get them from Costco.

      2. For a chemist, you don’t seem to know where to find reliable research studies because pretty much all supplements have shown no efficacy in scientific studies. You must be reading the sales brochures. I know vitamins can be effective if someone is deficient in a specific vitamin, but I don’t place vitamins in the same category as supplements, and even with vitamins, if you have a good diet there is no need for them.

        1. Yes, you have it all figured out, don’t you? I have absolutely no commercial interests in advising people to take a particular brand etc but I use quality products as a tool to get a job done. I work as a consultant with sports men and women and high net worth individuals to deal with the extra stress and to enable a higher level of performance and recovery and there is no way, that you could eat enough food to meet nutritional requirements for vitamins and minerals without spending a whole day stuffing your face and not get fat. Supplement, as the name implies, is something additional to quality food; do you think I / We don’t know this? Foods first, supplements second but I won’t go a day without vitamin D3, K complex, MSM, vitamin and minerals.
          I have no inclination to educate you as you’re one of those that know it all.
          I run various research studies to prove efficacy of quality products, pay for it myself and do it to have the edge over others.
          You stick to your out dated, prehistoric views on nutrition and spare me the education on the value of supplementation.
          Clearly, you seem to be clueless but if you’re up for a technical discussion and think , that your knowledge about carbon based chemistry is sufficient to hold a conversation with an experienced organic chemist, let’s do it but please don’t waste my time with the ”food is all that you need” because I assure you, it is not as for one, the mineral content of foods nowadays is just pathetically low…
          How important are metal ions in foods? i.e. it takes 5 molecules of copper to synthesise 1 molecule of vitamin C. The plant can only do it if the copper is made available to it by the action of bacterial enzymatic action on it. Roundup which penetrates soil kills the bacteria so less copper, means less vitamin C. The role of metals in plants is absolutely critical…
          Real world and the level of sickness, the number of people with chronic degenerative diseases out there is also a testament to this… I don’t know what makes you so arrogant and ignorant of the real world (perhaps Big Pharma pays you well?) but have you actually bothered to check your blood levels of mineral and vitamins? 25 (OH) vitamin D3? Please enlighten me, how can you safely raise D3 levels to 100 microgram / ml without supplementing if you live in a country where there are 4 clear seasons?
          I’ll give you benefit of doubt and won’t call you a troll but please do yourself a favour and read up a bit, perhaps find Dr. Mercola’s YouTube channel and spend a week listening to the man and then come back here. If by then, you still hold the same attitude, then you’re beyond hope.
          If you’re wondering, I’m using my real name and surname…

    6. What professional interests do you have to troll for Big Pharma
      Corps, so they cAn takeover all supplements and make a fortune?? Also provide websites you have to back up your statements on Supplements. Or do you just work for DUrbin at
      a flunky job?? Or you just ANTI AMERICAN?? There does not
      appear to me, that there any such thing as “Good Food Giving us
      All our Nuttients”…tell us all where these commercial global
      farms are?? And you dont care if us, the People get ripped off
      by Pharma drugs that kill, cause major side effects or useless?
      What Planet you live on?

      1. She / he hiding under a fake name is a paid employee of some pharmaceutical company to troll the internet and to bully and to redicule healthy living and lifestyle choices. The joke’s on her / him I say.
        Nasty anti American TROLL! Poke her with a vaccine shot! LOL

    7. The belief that TODAY’S FDA protects the American food supply is a MYTH ! Do the research to note that Congress has been financially starving their budget of the financial resources to provide sufficient numbers of investigators, do the necessary research, much less provide ENFORCEMENT with teeth for those who harm the public with their deficient products promoted with false advertising. I agree that there are charlatans who sell JUNK supplements. They put a small fraction of the proper ingredients in a pill and call it “the miracle” BUT that doesn’t mean that all supplements are useless. Each person must TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (acknowledge their ABILITY-TO-RESPOND) for their own health and well being. Do the research as to correct dosage, etc. There are actual physical scientific studies which support how supplements support the human body. You are mistaken in believing that eating “good food” is in any way sufficient in supplying a human body with proper nutrients. Your assumption is based on a FALSE PREMISE> Your error is based on believing that the food grown in today’s soil supplies the same benefits and nutrients and the human body is capable of deriving the proper nutrients from the food as it is grown TODAY . Today’s soil is radically depleted of minerals the human body needs to sustain proper bodily functions. The petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides that are manufactured by Monsanto and other corporate interests DO NOT translate into proper nutrients as well. LOOK AT THE OBESITY SURROUNDING YOU! CHECK OUT THE RADICAL INCREASE IN STATISTICS OF DIABETES ! The results of “chemical farming” are the ingestion of HORMONE DISRUPTOR = contribute to FAT FAT FAT KIDNEY & HEART DISEASE / STROKES, CANCER ! The genetically modified wheat (designed to INCREASE gluten and to make the bread EXTRA fluffy & soft) cannot be properly digested by the human body in the small intestine, i.e. “increased intestinal permeability or intestinal hyper-permeability” control of what passes through the lining of the small intestine, doesn’t work properly. That could let substances pass into the bloodstream. The human body then attacks the food particles as if they are foreign invaders and thus symptoms of allergy &/or food sensitivities erupts resulting in pain, foggy brain, bloating, gas, disturbed sleep etc. The human gut is the center of the human immune system. I am one of those people who has gone gluten free and I take supplements to replace what the depleted soil & chemical farming do NOT provide AND my experience is good health, lessened / NO symptoms of food allergies. MY EXPERIENCE after years of struggle: 5’3″ 160 pounds reduced in 6 months to 120 pounds taking RHODIOLA ROSEA, 120/60 blood pressure NO markers for heart disease and my mother is 91 years old ! Other cultures with thousands of years of experience using herbs are worth considering. Have you done any research to identify the relationship of STRESS to obesity, the lack of sufficient sleep to stress and again to OBESITY??? Read up on Holy Basil, Bacopa Monnieri, Shilajit & L-theanine. In the past, everyone else in our family have lived with and died of the ravages of heart disease and most were obese. Our family and friends INVEST in themselves by educating themselves on HOW the human body functions and the relationship of specific aspects of nutrients to the proper functioning of our bodies. READ “Prescription For Nutritional Healing,” do some online research and speak with the Pharmacist at WALGREEN’S (they are trained in the interaction of supplements and drugs as well as side effects) TRUST your intuition as to which supplements may improve your health. Yes! Trial & error can make a HUGE difference in your health. STOP worshiping at the alter of “corporate pharma.” Take RESPONSIBILITY (acknowledge your ABILITY-TO-RESPOND) for your own health and well being. We do not inhabit the same exact body as everyone else. We need to explore the reality of how to maintain our own personal optimum health. ALOHA

      1. I don’t know why all you people assume I’m with big pharma. You’re preaching to the choir talking to me about the crap food that one has to avoid today. I grow my own food or buy local organic. But your logic is flawed because you want to take pills instead of taking the extra time and making the effort to eat good food. It IS possible if you grow your own, cook everything from scratch, and eliminate all processed food from your diet. I’m 60 years old and I have never taken ANY prescription medication. I don’t think its necessary if you eat right. I put prescription medication and supplements all in the same category – they’ll all unnecessary processed products containing unknown and potentially dangerous substances.

        1. You are right that good food should be first, but this world is not perfect and organic food is not affordable to many just for themselves let alone a family. What about the families that live in apartments? Things are not just black and white and not everyone has land enough to even have a small garden. Supplements are not just to get vit. from, they can help a great deal with illness so that on top of everything else people do not have to get caught up in a lifetime of RXs from their doctor and can actually get better.

          1. People who claim they can’t eat right because they’re poor obviously know nothing about nutrition. Beans are nutritious, and one can buy a one pound bag of beans (lima, kidney, white, etc….) for less than $2.00. A one pound bag of beans cooks into a giant vat of beens and will provide enough food to feed a family of four for a couple days. Eating right just takes a little more effort because nutritious food doesn’t come pre-made.

          2. Exactly what I try telling the twits that think they can get all vitamins + minerals from food, especially those who live in circumstances you describe

    8. People only need to eat good food?? And where might this GOOD food come from. The food that is grown lovingly fertilized with chemtrails thanks to our great government? or maybe you were referring to the genetically modified organism aka transgenic organism? yummy. I’m not hungry thanks!

      1. Guess you’ve never heard of having a garden or buying organic. Yes, it’s difficult to find healthy food today, but all you have to do is eliminate ALL processed food from your diet. Nothing from a can or a box, nothing from fast food or any restaurant. It’s a little more difficult and time consuming than just popping pills, but its more healthy.

    9. You obviously do not read research or you wouldn’t use the anecdotal argument which is ignorant as well as tired. The fleecing of America is alive and well with Big Pharma, of which I’d bet the farm you are a card carrying member!

      1. I actually DO read a lot of research and used to work in a research lab. In fact, most supplements have shown no efficacy in research studies. If you want to be healthy, eat organic, don’t eat processed food, and don’t try to be healthy by taking pills with ingredients from China. And don’t rely on big pharma either – it’s all crap

    10. Where the F! did you come from, you dumb-ass!!!! As Joure has said, you are obviously a shill on the take for Big Pharma and Bigger Brother!! Do you really think anyone will believe your CRAP??????

    11. Where do you get that good food? The trillion dollar business you are talking about is probably the only and most honest business there is. Sure there are a few charlatans in it but generally it does a good job. They deserve to make some money if they produce good products …unlike Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Chemical, Big Food, the Big Multi-national companies.

      1. I grow my own food or buy local organic. I don’t eat anything processed. I don’t take ANY drugs – from big pharma or from anywhere – and I don’t take supplements. When I said all one had to do was to eat good food, I meant what I said – GOOD FOOD – not McDonnalds, not chicken pumped full of antibiotics, and not GMOs. The only supplements that have shown any efficacy in research studies have been glucosamine and chondroitin. I still don’t buy them because more than half the supplements tested either did not have the ingredients they claimed to have in them, or they had lead or other unhealthy ingredients that are harmful. I don’t actually consider vitamins to be supplements, but even for those who do – a balanced diet of good food eliminates the need for vitamins. I don’t understand people who think all you have to do to be healthy is take a pill.

  2. Hi, Vitamins/good oils/herbs/minerals etc may greatly help. Mg/Zinc, Vit C and more are awesome help for the body/brain. Garlic may help keep mosquitoes away and help kill bacteria/fungi/viruses/parasites. Fish oil may help thin the blood and help the immune system. I had no colds/flu for more than 20 years due to 2000 mg of fish oil a day. The military is getting lots of vaccines and 3000 calorie war meals that may clog blood vessels which may have gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO. If the military is to be healthy…they may need supplements which are awesome help. People need the freedom to take supplements which keep them going strong/healthy. Alternative natural help is awesome. May it’s use always be protected.

  3. To bluminthal and durbin, The 2 of you are trash going for what people are just trying to get by with what medicine might work, with out charging them an arm and a leg. So back off you scum bags YOu both need to go to prison for scaming the American people for your damn profit.!!!

  4. To bluminthal and durbin your both trash and scum bags. Take your scum bag hands off my Vitamins/good oils/herbs/minerals.

  5. I’m so tired of these repeated attacks on things that are better for us than big PhRMA drugs.
    It’s apparent the PTB don’t WANT us to be healthy so they can batten on us to get more of our resources for the crappy western medicine practiced in the USofA.
    My government doesn’t have my best interests at heart at all these days

  6. HBO’s Real sports just did a story about the dangers’ of the types of
    supplements that these Senator’s are trying to regulate. There were
    Soldiers that had died after taking some of this stuff. one soldier went
    into liver failure nearly died had to get a liver transplant and now is
    about to lose her 22 year Navy career because of these unsafe products.
    All they want manufactures to do is register the ingredients of some of
    these products so they can eliminate the harmful ones like the
    ingredient of one supplement that was a clone of Methamphetamine. I’m
    sure that most of you natural medicine believers are ethical. Some are
    not, the unethical manufacturers should be held responsible for the
    deaths of people who were perfectly healthy before the trusted the
    claims of this stuff. Wouldn’t you want to separate yourself from the
    scumbags of your movement?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Supplements are totally unregulated- there is no legal requirement that what you’re buying actually has the amount (or any at all) of what it says it has on the label. And many times chemical analysis of these products show that they don’t. Some also have been found to have harmful impurities. I don’t want govt. interfering with what I choose to buy, but I want to be confident that what I’m buying is actually what it’s supposed to be, & right now there’s no way to be sure. Big Pharma is bad ,& unscrupulous supplement manufacturers are no better.

      1. Why don’t you two give us some facts? I’ve been taking a large number of supplements for years and never had any bad reaction. What kind of garbage are you calling a supplement? Are you referring to the weight loss supplements with ephedra in it that were outlawed years ago because some baseball player trying to lose weight had a heat stroke?

        1. You don’t necessarily have to have a bad reaction, you may just be paying for something that isn’t quite what the label says it is. There is no legal requirement that these products have to contain what they say they are or that they have to be free of impurities. You are free to believe that that’s ok & that everything you’re buying is legit & that no company would try to cut corners &/or make more profit by selling you impure,low quality, or out & out fake products, I am free not to. I take some supplements myself, I always try to buy ones that are USP certified. They at least have been tested for quality by someone –

          1. Glad to see at least one person on here actually knows some facts about the supplement industry, instead of only having read the supplement propaganda.

          2. The thing I find most disturbing is how few supplements are submitted for USP certification. It certainly lends credence to the assumption that they have something to hide.

          3. The supplements I am taking cure illnesses and make me healthy. There is already a regulation system in place for legitimate supplements. Just because your type of public ignorant about supplements in general and malicious bribed “senators” doesn’t open the door to banning “supplements”

          4. Your grammar & your statement are incorrect- there is no regulation system in place for “legitimate” supplements. There is nothing to insure that what you’re taking has what it says it has on the label , or that every pill has it in the quantity that it is supposed to,or that there are no impurities. I’m glad that your supplements are curing your illnesses, but why wouldn’t anyone want a legal requirement that the product you are putting in your body has what it says it has on the label? USP certification at least tells you that the supplement meets some kind of standards for purity. Other than that it’s a crapshoot. Good luck

          5. Oh yes there is a system of regulation for legitimate supplements (not one ones you like to order from China), look it up if you can read. Compare toxic pharmaceuticals, the pharm criminals do their little stamp of approval fake testing then unleash toxins on the public. AND YES I HAVE CURED MAJOR ILLNESSES WITH NON PHARM CROOK NATURAL FOODS AND SUPPLEMENTS. If your purpose is to lick their terrorist pharm boots I have no interest in anything you idiots say.

          6. Mark,
            Cure illnesses??! What, your sniffles and your now AL reactive syndrome? Bribery? Sen. Hatch and his $2.3M political contributions from UT ‘supplement’ cos?

          7. Sorry to disappoint but I’m talking about major illnesses that quacks only hide the symptoms of while killing their victims. Try and stop me or force me to ingest what I don’t want to ingest. You won’t force any pharms on me or your any of your dialysis bs. And you’re a perfect example of the pharm terrorists, you look like walking death. The cures I’m talking about are cures for major illnesses that the quacks have no clue about so they do their usual thing, make profits killing their patients slowly.

        2. He doesn’t want to specific. One sham calling itself a supplement is the door to ban all supplements which actually cure and help.

    2. Acetaminophen in over-the-counter (OTC) pain killers like Tylenol and others causes 80,000 ER visits annually to resuscitate failing livers. Many patients’ livers are adversely affected from acetaminophen in prescribed pain killers as well. Some MDs opt to prescribe more addictive pain killers to avoid liver damage from acetaminophen.
      BTW – Ritalin, prescribed to even toddlers these days, is very close to speed or amphetaimine.

      1. Paul I never stated that I was in favor of (OTC) drugs. In Fact I despise them as well. If you have HBO Watch the latest installment of Real Sports to understand what I am talking about.

  7. The department of defense is in the practice of issuing some power packing suppliments to help increase their ability to concentrate and focus on killing people. Some of these may be questionablewith regards to safety since they function directly with the brain. I am extremely surprise that politicians are so opening working for big pharma right under the noses of the people who put them in office. Wake up America, stop being so lazy or drinking that fluoride that’s put in your drinking water. Did you know that in Russia, they give fluoride to violent prisoners to make them docile?

  8. There is no need to ‘protect’ us from supplements. Very and extremely largely, they never have hurt anyone. But isn’t that why Big Pharma, et al, want to make it difficult and expensive for us to get them? Supplements work! That’s why Big Pharma doesn’t want us to have them so they get senators to try to sneak in little laws here and there to choke off access to supplements slowly, destroying each our ‘rights’ one right at a time.

      1. Many countries there to choose from. Pick one, any one. Find one better than America? Well, how about Europe? The EU is very restrictive of supplements. I know an MD there who orders vitamin D from the US because he can’t get a decent dose there. We have it good here and would like to keep it that way so oppose these 2 senators and not America, Reality.

        1. Instead of running from the problems, like you people suggest, I am facing them and bringing them down to a digestible state. Yeah, the truth hurts, but I am not going to change my ways to suit your feelings. Sorry, don’t care what you have to say or think because you are braindead.
          The U.S. has literally ruined the world with toxic chemicals, feeding its own taxpayers toxic chemicals and destroying their freedom, their happiness, their prosperity, and their health. By saying that people should be content with such a system, you are essentially saying you support giving people cancer, giving kids autism, and murdering unarmed people in the streets. You are declaring that we have it so great here without honestly looking and mentioning the cons to living here as well. There are nations where people can live, work and prosper and have real lives instead of being poisoned slaves like they are here.
          I am just willing to point out and complain about the problems of the U.S.; You only want to see and profess the “pro’s” that you see. The only people who could support such a system are crooks who are shills for the system/in on it or uninformed people who refuse to accept the Reality because they can’t handle the Truth.
          There is no America, you live in an Incorporated Corporate Ran Plutocracy where the rich want to poison and control you. This is not the “U.S.A” it is the “U.S. Inc.” whether you like it, or accept it or not. Instead of professing how great it is to murder unarmed people in the streets, or maliciously poison children/everyone, you should be complaining about these things like me so you aren’t just another pleb who is apart of the problem like all of these other corporate crooks who shill for the industry. No matter what anyone says or what the corrupt terrorist govt does, I will never support the U.S. ever again no matter what and I will continue to point out how it is the worst place in existence, bar none.
          Oh and BTW that Vit D you were talking about, it is probably a synthetic and not even any good.

  9. looks like Big Pharma has bought these two Senators. Thanks for being so honest and supporting what goes in your own pockets. Smart consumers, however, are rejecting Big Pharma and finding alternatives to stay healthy. We will not be stopped.

      1. I was referring to the two Senators in this story. I agree, Pharma has probably bought a large percent of the Congress.

        1. Since BOTH repubs and demos have systematically assaulted we the people for over 50 yrs and given the uber-wealthy their wish list at our expense – i suggest that all of congress – effectually – is a heap of political prostitution.
          Since it takes “both” parties to meet quorum and pass legislation (or it dies in committee or whatever) there is a true collusion on the part of each majority/minority party session to pass those bills – up to 93% for the rich and damaging us.
          To vote for republican OR democrat AGAIN (160 yrs and counting) is to repeat the same action and expect a different result. It is not simply insane – to vote repub or demo is just plain STUPID.
          That says i am fooled. i support you and think (despite 5 decades of proof to the contrary) that you are going to do things to help me THIS time, for some magical reason.
          Voting for anyone NOT repub or demo states that you have no faith in their good intent or lies. No trust in their not selling you out AGAIN. They haven’t done a good job protecting the country, our freedoms, health, society, etc – and ANYONE else needs to be given a shot because things aren’t working out – get a real job – thank you very much.

  10. What needs to be collected are adverse events on medical devices, with a special focus on dental devices. This is the area we are all flying blind, without labels, informed written consent, inclusion of dental devices and materials in our medical record, and without prior screening for biocompatibility to see if the device is “right for us.” What planet are we on, and what century are we in? Stop Congress from sleeping at the wheel and protect patients from 24/7/365 exposures. How we tolerate or develop toxicity from installed devices varies according to genetic factors.

  11. My wish, is that you both become deathly ill, and find NO solace in allopathic medicine… I will deal with the karma of my statement… and await your call for assistance…

    1. Spiritually – to protect and defend others is a valid action. To wish the prevention of the mass murder, and mass damages caused by the parasitic psychopaths all over the business world, and their currrent UNAZI States of America, Fascist government is not evil or bad karma, really.
      If you doubt the fascism – Mussolini stated that Fascism = govt run for business and/or a small group of people. That “R” US.

  12. In the past 14+ months there was an attempt by a large hedge fund to undermine the Amway line of supplements. It was designed to destroy the stock and make huge profits. It failed. It was conceived by a well known & placed hedge fund manager. He lost millions. During this same time frame there were other well placed politicians(and and an atty gen) that filed a lawsuit against supplements based on a corrupt study. It would be interesting to find any connections between these thieves as it would confirm a felony enterprise.

  13. Europeans eat gluten-containing grains in large quantities and have for many centuries. Much of Asia eats wheat. Same for the Middle East– where wheat was originally domesticated. It is not at all true that “most of the world eats gluten free.”

    1. Millions of people are Asian…eat Asian style which helps their brain/body. American food being sent to poor countries..GMO/wheat etc may hurt them. Europeans are also hurt by gluten. People coming to America can get hurt by our food.

      1. Don’t be so naive and protective of your so-called “America”.
        Everyone is hurt by our Franken-Cancer-Food.
        Anyone accepting it is a fool.
        I’m glad India is back on the Organic Farming path, that is the right path and anyone deviating from it is an enemy to life itself. India had to learn a hard lesson and a lot of their farmers committing suicide by drinking the very chemical that Monsanto sells them to keep the GMO crops going. Its disgusting how many suicides there were and I am glad they are back on the right path. If the U.S. corporations do not change their ways, they will be obliterated instead and their occupants and supporters executed for crimes against all life. No joking. If I could, I would throw them into the volcanoes myself.

        1. I am glad the world is recognizing GMO/Roundup hurt and Monsanto hurt people/took their land etc. All people are hurt by American food and I watch friends from other countries go downhill fast when they start eating American food. One funeral per week now for my Hmong friends. Too bad.

    1. Count me in!..while we are at it we might as well tidy up. Im sure there are a few more that should join them.

  14. Well named Dick, this guy can’t keep out of things he knows nothing about. The other guy’s surname is self explanatory. That group has an agenda against us. The internet is revealing them more & more every minute. That’s why they seek to control it & eventually shut it down.

  15. I stand corrected. Durbin’s influence is diminishing with AIPAC. He only got $184,250. Mark Kirk on the other hand, received $687,569. Watch out for him. The sad part is that they are both from Illinois, the 3rd most corrupt state in the nation with the #1 most corrupt city, Chicago. Guess who’s mayor? Anyone see any common thread? That’s why nothing good gets done here for the people.

  16. To pastor Steve Anderson. Please say a prayer for these politicians deaths. We can’t vote these a**h*l*s out. They just keep getting special interest money from all kinds of vile organizations that should be banned period.

  17. STOP pretending this is not all INTENTIONAL! As republican and democrat partie”s” – they have assaulted we the people on about 90% of the last 50 years legislation!
    You CANNOT consistently damage the general populace, and consistently give all the stolen freedom and monies to the rich people for that length of time by accident!
    This proves that BOTH repubs and demos are under the dictates of the wealthy parasitic class and actively assaulting we the people and our constitutiton, nation, freedoms, health, and opportunities – not to mention our children etc.
    NEVER vote for these parties – they are flip sides of the same coin in a rich man’s pocket. Their pretend differences are divisive tactics to make us argue about defining gay marriage or something (NOT even the fed govt’s responsibility!) as they rape the country and us. We argue over essential trivia while they steal tax money, destroy our freedoms, and kill the country.

  18. They won’t report and buy off-base.
    Durbin is most disturbin’.
    Blumenthal is s Blumenidiot.

  19. We all should bombard these bought and paid for senators and give them hell…..greed is running DC!!!!!!

  20. So, your plan to offset the bad things in our food supply, is to ingest pills containing other potentially bad things, since nobody REALLY knows what’s in supplements. Most supplements do not have third party testing done to verify ingredients. And, it sounds like you’re trying to post ads to sell your own supplements, so I’m not sure how objective you could be.
    Anyone who can afford to pay $30 for supplements can afford to eat better food. Anyone who can afford to pay $6.95 for some sort of happy meal at a fast food restaurant can afford to pay $1.99 for a one pound bag of organic beans that would last for three days.

  21. The government slam dunk removed my wife’s natural supplements and forced her into a 3 hour seizure. It nearly killed her. Government victims needed to testify in Federal Court.

  22. Research? In other words you’re an uneducated, pharm industry propaganda tool. Don’t pay attention to this elizabetta joke.

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