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  1. There’s something wrong with the form asking for my State in regards the Nebraska Bill coming up that will try to make meningitis vaccine mandatory. Choice of residential State will not line up or accept – Nebraska.

  2. It was about 15 years ago when autism effected 1 in 10,000 children , Now the latest figures show that 1 out of 90 children born in the United States of America will become autistic. These are just staggering numbers. We need answers, fast ! Are our children guinea pigs ??? Just as syphilis was introduced to the african americans population years ago or when L.S.D. in the 1960’s was given to many to study it’s effects.
    Children today receive to many vaccinations before the age of three. Just last year our pediatrician wanted to give my 13 year old son the weakly studied Gardasil ,HPV shot. I asked him if he was nuts! Many girls have died or developed neurological problems. To my knowledge it hasn’t been studied on males.
    Parents do not trust your little angels to these quacks. Do your homework , ask for pamphlets with all the facts, preservatives and/or additive information for all shots. don’t be afraid to get a second or third opinion. Enough is enough! E-mail your senators & congressman, ask for answers. Our children deserve great healthcare!
    May God Bless Us Everyone !

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