Which Supplement Companies Do the Experts Swear By?

Trusted Dietary supplementsFirst we asked our trusted natural health doctors and integrative physicians about supplement brands they recommend. We then added to the list based on our staff and board experience.
Please note that our list is not exhaustive; there are many excellent companies who pay a great deal of attention to quality and efficacy, and not all of them are represented here. However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family.
In the list below, a doctor’s name after a listing indicates that this is his or her own line of supplements; bullets indicate brand names under which the parent company sells its products:
Advanced Bionutritionals (Drs. Nan Fuchs, Robert Rowen, and Frank Shallenberger)
Allergy Research Group
Ayush Herbs
Beehive Botanicals
Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc.
Biotics Research
Bronson Laboratories
Carlson Laboratories
CHI Health Products
Copy Nature (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)
Country Life
Craig Nutraceuticals
Designs for Health
Douglas Laboratories
Eclectic Institute
Ecological Formulas
Enzymatic Therapy
Essential Formulas:

Fungi Perfecti
Gaia Herbs
Garden of Life
Green Medicine (Dr. Jonathan V. Wright)
Herb Pharm
Invision International Health Solutions Inc.
Jarrow Formulas
LG Sciences
LiveOn Labs
Living Fuel
Dr. Mercola Premium Supplements (Dr. Joseph A. Mercola)
Moss Nutrition
Natural Immunogenics Corporation
New Chapter
NOW Foods
Nutraceutical Corporation:

Olympian Labs
Optimum Health International LLC
Orthamolecular Products
Perricone MD Nutraceuticals (Dr. Nick Perricone)
Primal Force (Dr. Al Sears)
Pure Encapsulations
Purest Colloids
Ronald Hoffman, MD, CNS (Dr. Ronald Hoffman)
Dr. Sinatra (Dr. Steven Sinatra)
Standard Process
Tropical Traditions
Dr. Whitaker (Dr. Julian Whitaker)
Dr. David Williams (Dr. David Williams)
Wakunaga of America
Your favorite brand not on the list? Please send us your recommendation.


    1. I do not know about Shaklee but Juice pLus is pharmaceutical grade in Australia which is the toughest certification to get. Plus it has 31 first party gold standard studies on it.

  1. Please consider Univera. This is a natural supplement company that uses truly pharmaceutical grade research.

  2. Biomedical Research Laboratories (INC 500 Company) BRL markets natural supplements for a variety of niche markets including Calm Legs (Restless Legs Remedy), Prohemia (blood support), Altitude RX (altitude acclimation) EPO-Boost, TriFuel, VO2Boost (Sports Supplements) and Invigor8 (all natural meal replacement shake and superfood).

  3. I have used several of the providers on the list, but also at least two that are not.
    Those are products by Source Naturals and Doctor’s Best.

  4. I would like to highly recommend a company that was left off your list of supplement companies that the experts swear by:
    Flora, Inc. – in the US
    Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd. – in Canada
    Salus Haus – in Germany
    Premium quality natural product’s company with roots going back to Germany. One of the oldest natural product’s company in the industry..started 1916 in Germany. Most well known for Floradix Iron & Herbs. FlorEssence and Udo’s Oil.

  5. Great list, but I’m shocked Premier Research Labs wasn’t included. They provide the highest quality supplements I’ve found, all of which contain no excipients. I hope PRL will be added soon!

  6. We have found GNC and Rexall products to work quite well. I have never done any testing on the amount of supplement in each pill. We use Vitamin D3, CoQ10 and Melatonin from both companies.

  7. I would like to ad Natures Sunshine products to your list They are an outstanding company.
    Thank you

  8. Source Naturals has wonderful products. They even won’t sell something if the ingredients they get aren’t up to standard. For example they took Mental Edge off the market for three years, until they could get the proper ingredients.
    Excellent PDFs and materials explaining in lay terms what each product and it’s ingredients do.

  9. I am a member of the consumer advisory group for Vitacost. Not only do they sell supplements but they have a huge selection of non- GMO and Organic food products.

  10. I recommend Nutrilite, specifically Double X. Nutrilite is currently celebrating its 80th year of creating and distributing pharmeceutical-grade vitamins, minerals, and supplements; Double X is the star of their show–totally organic, it is manufactured by Nutrilite from plants they grow on their own farms, so they have control from seed to tablet. Nutrilite was bought by the Amway corporation about 50 years ago and as such is available through their distributors/independent business owners.

  11. Nutrilite supplements and vitamins, marketed through Amway Corporation since 1959, were the very first organic supplements ever developed. They are constantly tested for quality and efficacy. They should definitely be on this list.

  12. YoungAgain.org. The have their own line of supplements that when tested always prove to be exactly whats stated on bottle. EXCELLENT COMPANY & extremely reasonable prices. What more can a consumer ask? Ciao, MD

  13. Natures Sunshine products are all tested for purity, etc. Have used herbs, essential oils, vitamins, etc. since early 1990’s.

  14. You should have “Swanson Health Products” listed above for supplement companies. It is America’s #1 rated catalog/internet brand based on customer satisfaction in a survey by ConsumerLab.com. It hasbeen in business since 1969.
    Thank you

  15. I recommend The Synergy Company. They make organic whole food vitamins and powders.
    They seem to be a top notch company.
    Thank you
    Therese Labat

  16. Best brand for Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Zinc in a unique Compound Complex that has 100% uptake. Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. = “Potentiated Magnesium” (pMg) primarily supports normal cardiovascular health and function, and “Go To The MAX” (pMg + Zinc) primarily supports normal immune system and muscle function. Patented worldwide. View at http://www.maxcelint.com and http://www.pMgMAX.com. Independently tested and certified by NSF International. Made in the U.S.A.

  17. Evidently you overlooked “Pro Caps Labs” in Henderson, NV. I’ve used these vitamins & supplements since 1979/1980 and am extremely impressed with their purity and the improved health I have achieved. You may be impressed with this company’s integrity as well!

  18. Theses are not necessarily recomendations but an inquiry.
    Have you evaluated the products from Vitamin World and Melaleuca ?

  19. I have been using Puritan’s Pride products for over 20 years and are fully confident in the quality of the supplements. Please check into them and add them to your list if they meet your qualifications.

  20. Can you please tell me why Juice Plus is not on your list. There is no other product that has that much research done on it and continues to get more .

  21. I’m amazed you don’t even include Mannatech, the developer of Real Food Technology supplements, on your list. It should be top-of-the list!

  22. I was surprised that ‘Source Naturals’ was not on your list, which confirms to me that your list is one that I would never trust. Thanks for the attempt.

  23. My wife is an integrative holistic alternative medical doctor and she uses Xymogen products among others listed above.

  24. Although New Chapter has been purchased by a pharmaceutical company, it still makes the good list?

  25. Klaire Labs now owned and operated by the good people of Pure Encapsulations also creates excellent products which I have personally used for many years with good results. Another that has been very good and are those from Cardiovascular Research.
    Thank you for providing this informative list for all to use,
    Gerald Natzke DO FAAEM

  26. Homeopathics: DesBio and Professional Formulas
    Liquid Herbs for mixing your own: Professional Formulas
    Hebal-based Formulas and Supplements: Systemic Formulas and InnoVita
    In addition to Nordic Naturals, Standard Process the companies above are high quality and the companies are excellent to work with. Many years in business and I have personally used them with great success for 10 years now.

  27. IDNutrition by IDLife is a new one to add to the list. Organic pharmaceutical grade raw nutrients custom blended from results of an online HIPAA compliant health assessment backed by over 7500 clinical studies running through 4000 algorithms to ensure no negative nutrient interactions with prescription medications or diseases. The system was created by Paul Sullivan and has been in development for the past 18 years. http://www.IDLife.com

  28. What about popular brands such as NatureMade? Do you only recommend private or “health” brands?

  29. Hello,
    I have been using Usana supplements for over 10 years and have been extremely happy with them. Please review them a nd add to your list if they meet your standards.
    Lisa Zeise

    1. Hi Deana,
      Thank you for adding your recommendation to the comments section. No companies were left off intentionally, which is why we made sure to include the following in the article:

      Please note that our list is not exhaustive; there are many excellent companies who pay a great deal of attention to quality and efficacy, and not all of them are represented here. However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family.

      Looking forward to researching Shaklee Supplements, and thanks again.

      1. I like Andrew Lessman’s line of vitamins and minerals and also Solgar. I also use some of the vitamins on Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s list. I also like Nordic Naturals.

  30. What about Mega Life Whole Food Multivitamins? They are non GMOs, vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and farm fresh. I think they deserve a place on your list.

  31. Apparently you did not choose to list any supplement companies that use direct sales through network marketing. I buy most of my supplements through companies that use network marketing to sell their products. Most of these companies tried selling in health food stores, etc., but the products sold poorly. Doctors that now have their own line of products most of them have their own newsletters and advertise heavily. Three companies that I buy from are LifeVantage, Mannatech, and AIM (American Image Marketing). I also like Nordic Naturals for omega-3 fish oil.

  32. I swear by GNLD (formerly Neo-Life). They have a unique set up in that the scientists work contractually to research and develop products and do not answer to a sales department. They have pioneered the field in antioxidants and their Carotenoid Complex has 8 unsolicited government studies and has been published twice in peer-review journals attesting to its effectiveness. It is not sold in retail stores.

  33. Thanks for this list. My old favorite is “R-Garden” – http://WWW.garden.com
    Formerly “Staff of Life.” Has superior enzyme formulas created by it’s founder who had two week to live (Emphysema) and healed himself with enzymes. Herbal formulas also quite effective, and a “Vitamin O” (Oxygen formula). Have 50 % off sale monthly. No longer MLM.

  34. You should look into Nordic Naturals Fish oils. They have superior absorption and are the freshest fish oils on the market with their same day extraction.

  35. Some here I’ve never heard of, many that are my mainstays. A couple missing that I’ve found to be good enough to recommend: Solgar, whose B-vits I find particularly good, and Planetary Herbs, who make some of the most effective herbal preventatives and remedies I’ve ever found anywhere.

  36. Hi – Please check out Shaklee products. Their science and purity are outstanding and they are published in peer reviewed journals more than any other nutrition brand. There are doctors of all types that do use them in their practice.
    Why are they not recommended by many doctors? I find most doctors unwilling to look at MLM companies even though some of them (including Shaklee) have some of the best products on the market.

  37. GNLD International. Nappi coded and only taken from the human food chain. 60 years in existance with active scientific advisory board. In over 60 countries. Taken them for 15 years and not been sick, even with a cold!

  38. Beyond Health supplements is the only brand I use. Raymond Francis used to be a consultant for vitamin and supplement manufacturers and knows how to properly produce supplements that are efficacious. He does not and will not cut corners or use inferior ingredients to increase profits. Raymond Francis produces a truly great line of supplements that you can trust. Beyond Health.

    1. PERFECT–it is not listed but should be.
      I did random analysis of ingredients of several of the “listed” company products.
      I am surprised that we see GMO sourced ingredients and synthetics in many of them.
      Over the course of the last 10 years, it has become apparent that MANY supplements can be removed from our clients’ daily program(s).
      If genetic expression and enzyme derailment issues are not addressed appropriately, it is nearly impossible to stuff products into the daily program of HEALTH, with any expectation of benefit.

  39. I attend the Scripps Institute Integrative Medicine conferences held in January each year. I am also a nutritionist (Public Health Clinic for 4 years) and a physician in int. medicine. No patient has come to me without getting a thorough nutrition, supplement, medical / health plan for overall best practices care, as I see it. This began after residency in 1980, so people self-refer for this care.
    I state this only to say that in general I have researched many of the listed companies; and generally I like the list of supplement product companies that you have identified. One more should be Klaire, which has adult and child mixtures of common probiotics which I know are helpful, as Ther-biotic capsules. These are always refrigerated, from company to outlet store or pharmacy.

  40. I was surprised to not see Isagenix on the list. They are one of the best I have seen in over two decades of studying these companies. I don’t say that because I use their products. I use their products because I can say that from personal experience, as well as the results I have seen in my patients.

  41. NeuropathySupportGroup actually saved my life 3 years ago. Still recovering. Quality’s excellent, phone/email help even better!
    I don’t know who makes Vitamin Shoppe, but I find them to be fairly reliable and inexpensive.

    Xymogen products are pharmaceutical grade and produced at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. All formulas are 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label, and meet or exceed the FDA’s current GMP. They have enhanced bio-availability, reliable potency, and clinically relevant doses. They are quality certified and Third-Party tested.
    They provide superior formulas for every health condition need in my clinical practice.

  43. You left out the best brand out there, Puritan’s Pride! All products made by them, in their own factories, in the USA. No Chinese crap, and reasonable prices. All products are surprise tested by an outside firm to assure that they contain what the label says. 100% guaranty. I have used their product for 30 years.

  44. Heads up- Apparently , New Chapter has been purchased by Proctor & Gamble. P & G has continued to produce the New Chapter product line, but for some reason, they have stopped making the “Perfect Immune” vitamin, which by the way is/was a terrific supplement for people undergoing chemo. I’m on the hunt for a replacement and for the reason why they stopped making it.

  45. My parents introduced me to Shaklee vitamins when I was growing up and now I use and trust them for my family. They are whole food and go through vigorous testing beyond organic and pharmaceutical standards. Please add them to your list.

  46. I would like to find a BALANCED B-vitamin formula, in other words, B vitamins in appropriate amounts in relation to each other. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. I like Vitacost B-100 Complex.
      Check http://www.vitacost.com.
      I just bought a 300 capsule bottle and they had a ‘buy one get one free special’…
      So I got 600 capsules (at one/day – almost a 2 year supply) for around $27 with free shipping.
      It has the balance that I look for:
      100mg of each of the standard ‘B vitamins’.
      (B1, B2, B3, B6, Pantothenic Acid)
      400mcg folic acid
      100mcg each of Biotin and B-12
      Their formulation also has:
      100 mg Choline Bitartrate
      100 mg Inositol
      100 mg PABA
      I also take additional ‘delayed release’ B-12: 1000mcg (Vitacost brand)

  47. Here are the companies from which that I like to get supplements:
    Global Health Trax
    Dr. Mercola
    Hope International

  48. Swanson’s is my favorite above all others.
    iHerb.com is another one I have used.
    Both of these are fairly priced to make it worth the effort.

  49. I don’t know why Bluebonnet Nutrition never makes the list. They have won the NPA’s President’s Award for the purity of their products, manufacturer of the year award, etc. Their products are awesome!!! Most of the reps I talked to from other lines all say that Bluebonnet is a very high quality product.

    1. I have taken Mannatech products since 2007 and they have educated me on the concerns about synthetics in supplements. I see a pattern based on comments, about great products that are not listed I suspect that supplements that are MLM based are missing from the list on purpose.

  50. I’ve ordered supplements from Swanson in Fargo and iherb in Moreno Valley, CA. They have house brands and handle some of the brands on your list.

  51. I’m a proponent of whole food, rather than isolated nutrient supplements. Therefore, I like Touchstone Essentials organic, raw, whole food (and grown in the U.S.) Essentials, Supergreens+D and Wellspring supplements. They are not pharmaceutical grade, but they are wholesome and whole food!
    Chef Nancy
    The Holistic Kitchen, LLC

    1. I have used Natures Sunshine Products for over 20 years. They are very good and the company is very good.

  52. My search for K2 led me to NutriGold and I am very pleased with their product. I will be trying others in their line in the future.

  53. I am a bit shocked by this list. It contains several brands I do not trust for quality reasons and yet more than one of the best and most trustworthy companies is not found here: Megafood. Green Pasture/Blue Ice (far superior to Carlson oil products). Whole World Botanicals. Bioastin brand of astaxanthin. I could go on but I am so bewildered how some of those brands in the original post e even made it onto this list.

  54. This list seems very mainstream & shopping mall oriented… Many supplement makers use chemicals and not food-based nutrition… Those in the know know that MegaFood has the very best vitamins and supplements available… Also, with New Chapter now with P & G, and Garden of Life no longer affiliated with its founder, there are concerns there… Natural News has found heavy metals in some supplements… Be careful what you are buying out there…

  55. I rely on Puritan’s Pride, Swanson, and the Vitamin Shoppe., as well as Drs. Whitaker and Williams. The dosage and ingredients, as well as price, are important to me when making my decisions.

  56. I buy Swanson and Bio-Alternative. Both brands seem to me to be reputable. And their prices are sometimes better than the [doctor owned] brands. I want to be healthy, but i do have a budget. Also, i rely on the quality of my food to be somewhat helpful. I eat mostly organic produce, and grass fed, field raised animals. And buy locally whenever possible.

  57. At nearly 89, I wouldn’t be without two of the fine supplements I use, many of which are on your list, but specifically, for joint and tendon health MRM’s Joint Synergy, as I have a family history of arthritis and have been fighting it for 30 years; and Ortho Molecular Products fine D-Hist, the best ever for allergies, which are unavoidable in hot and humid Florida. I hope you will give thesse two fine producers space on your list. I discovered them both when I was living in the So. Cal. desert 15 years ago.

  58. Medix Select is missing from you list: they offer formulations from Dr David Brownstein, Dr Blaylock and Dr Crandall.

  59. I have (MCS) Multiple chemical sensitivities and have to research everything I buy. The company that I can highly recommend is The Synergy Company (http://www.thesynergycompany.com). They have the best whole food supplements that I have found so far. And it’s all certified organic!

  60. Shaklee products are the oldest supplement company in the world. They have published over 100 peer reviewed studies in medical/scientific journals. They are consistently 2 to 5 years ahead of every other supplement company in products and research. Their money goes into research not advertising and they will not sell a product that does not pass one of their over 100 tests for quality and purity. The small percentage of doctors who are even aware of nutritional needs tend to make and recommend their own brands of supplements. Shaklee has products developed in tandom with Nobel Prize winning scientists. Doctors are seldom aware of Shaklee, because the company only sells by word of mouth through long time loyal (healthy and vibrant) users. Since most users are not physicians then doctors simply refuse to listen. It is time they open their ears. It is time for you to check for yourselves.

    1. NYR Organics carries nine different supplements and vitamins. They are free from: GM ingredients, Preservatives, Synthetic Binders, Magnesium Stratage, Colorings, Talc, Animal Testing, Nano Technology, Irradiated Ingredients, Gluten, and Yeast. They contain 100% active ingredients, 100% vegetarian natural and organic ingredients, Antioxidant rich botanicals, vegetable capsules-free from fillers and binders, superior absorption capsules-released in 15 minutes, once in the stomach. All made in the USA. And they also have an organic greens complex that you add to food or drink. I am a NYR ORGANIC consultant.

  61. You would provide a better service in connection with this list if you would indicate which vitamins are GMO free and which are organic. I know that most are neither, but I also know that some of these companies do manufacture organic and GMO free products.

    1. You can’t tell if a supplement contains GMO’s by name brand – unless they state that none of their products have GMO’s. Some sites, like Swanson, will give the info on individual supplements. Swanson also lets you filter out anything with GMO’s – and you might be surprised how few are left sometimes. They also let you filter by gluten free, vegen and kosher or any combination. That, price and variety of name brands is why I usually order from them.
      An “expert’s” opinion is just that – an opinion. You can find out which are good (contain what they say, if there are contaminants like lead and if they disolve properly) by joining ConsumerLabs.com. They are an independant lab that tests various popular supplements. They also give the approx price per dose so you can see which good one is less expensive. I’ve been surprised by big names who had a flunked product and some drugstore brands that are just as good as the expensive names. If you buy a lot of supplements, this is probably a worthwhile expense. The less expensive the ingredients, the greater chance that it’s good.
      I don’t have any affiliation with either of these companies. I just have a chronic illness that big Pharma can’t fix, but some supplements replace deficiencies and help. I finally decided to pay the money and find out what works. ConsumerLabs.com and Swansonvitamins.com

  62. Just to mention about New Chapter: it is now owned by Proctor and Gamble. The CFO of Proctor and Gamble is on the Board of Directors at Monsanto. You may want to keep in mind the current context of corporate affiliations of New Chapter when you consider purchasing their products, since the additives, toxins and chemicals of Proctor and Gamble and Monsanto seem to conflict with the very premise of holistic, natural health maintenance with supplements and vitamins. Research this topic in the Internet and draw your own conclusions.

  63. I use both the Vitacost.com site…
    and many of their own brands and products…
    I just got their trans-resveratrol on a special deal for 500mg for around $10 per month.
    Highly recommend both their site and their products.
    And yes…they’ve got complete lines of other brands like NOW and Jarrow…
    Also at great discounts…

  64. One must be careful; some of these brands also have synthetics in them. I used to take quite a few supplements–and I wasn’t aware some of them also contained synthetics. I thought I was doing my body good/no harm until I met a lady–who is now my health and business coach–who had over 30 years in the scientific research field who could tell me what was synthetic and what wasn’t.
    There are actually very few supplement products/companies that can claim their supplements are completely whole foods without any synthetics. The one company I know for sure where the supplements are 100% whole food is Standard Process, from Palmyra, WI. Those supplements can only be bought from a board-certified practitioner. I get them from my chiropractor.
    Whole foods/whole-food supplements are very important to me, as synthetics make the body work extra hard–at a time when the body shouldn’t be working overtime, esp if a person is trying to rebuild their health. Synthetics aren’t recognized by the body–because they aren’t real, whole food–and will either pass out of the body unused or remain in the body, where they can build up and become toxic.
    I am a certified holistic health coach who uses whole foods (and whole-food supplements, if necessary) to help people detoxify their life.

  65. I use the Women’s vitamins-minerals-herbs. I would like to get your thoughts on this company. The vitamins are made from whole foods rather than synthetically manufactured.

    1. I am a distributor with Nature’s Sunshine, which makes really high quality supplements. Yearly membership costs are subtracted from the cost of an order, so I find the prices reasonable.

  66. Recommending supplement suppliers sounds simple, but gets tricky as you get deeper into the process. Ethical Alternative Products is a manufacturer of a small number of what we call “premium” supplements. We are one of the few suppliers of alpha lipoic acid products who offer a “solubilized” formulation that delivers substantially enhanced bioavailability over powder-based formulations. We also use raw material alpha lipoic acid that we buy from a European supplier. Most of the other ALA suppliers use raw material ALA that is purchased from China at a fraction of the cost of the European material. Because of our corporate size, we don’t make many lists of the best supplement suppliers, but we do have a long track record of positive outcomes experienced by integrative medicine and holistic practitioners.

    1. I would add Nutrametrix (a division of Market America) to your list. Many of these supplements are available in an isotonic form which markedly improves bioavailability. The philosophy of the company is to produce science-based, synthetic free products. Most are gluten free. Wide variety of products available for adults and children.

  67. I have a PhD in Nutrition Science from UC Davis
    and am a Registered Dietitian. I use some brands on your list. Brands that are not on your list that I use:
    Pacific Biologic. They include herbs and Chinese medicine. It’s one of the best, and will do what pharmaceuticals can do, but without side effects, and naturally.
    Pure Encapsulations
    doTERRA Essential Oils. The oils are totally pure, solvents aren’t used, and most can be taken internally. It’s is an MLM company and I sell them, so you may not want to include them.

  68. I get my supplements from Stop Aging Now. I especially like the Super Osteo Gold joint support. All products made in the USA.

  69. Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure nutrients and formulas may be of interest to those wanting supplements without fillers and additives. No soy, wheat, gluten, sugars, etc. No magnesium stearate or other flowing agents. http://www.drrons.com

  70. I too am going back to Swanson for some things. Had been buying many things from life extension but their prices are higher AND they use a lot of fillers and many items contain corn which is an allergen for many people. such as who expects to find corn in a fish oil supplement or in a vitamin D3 supplement or in their multiple vitamin. My doctor also uses Xymogen products which are costly but very effective.

  71. I having buying from Puritan pride for yrs and I believe in them. I read about there manufacturing facility and they are legit.

  72. Do not overlook Reliv International! Reliv products and LunaRich are leading the way in Nutritional Epigenetics! Rated by ExecRank – Reliv’s top 10 Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Carl Hastings, and Dr. Alfredo Galvez, who discovered lunasin, are making history with patented products; using synergism and the highest quality of ingredients to work at the cellular level and positively change lives with highly effective supplements.

  73. I have been using Swanson Health Products for almost (6) years. Back then I was in the hospital for Stage 4 Colon Cancer. The doctors did a great job of getting it all. After I got out of the hospital, I got my hands on how to keep cancer away. That’s when I got into taking vitamins and supplements from Swanson. They are less expensive and they work well. My husband who is diabetic also takes Swanson Vitamins and supplements. We can afford there products and we have been taking them for many years.

  74. I have been taking Shaklee supplements since I was born and I have to say they are really good. I trust them because they thoroughly test the ingredients and will refuse to put tampered or contaminated ingredients into the supplements. Have never had a problem with my health when taking them.

  75. I use Solaray and Nature’s Sunshine. The former has great vitamins and minerals and the latter specializes in herbs (they also carry vitamins). I find it better to go back to the actual herb for some uses.

    1. I have used for 10 years and more and swear by Puritan Pride and Mt. Rose Organic Herbals. Pricing is great. I am 83 without a doctor and have never taken drugs.

  76. It’s easy to get confused when shopping for supplements and price may be an influencing factor when quality should prevail. Knowing how your body needs and uses supplements so you’ll know what to choose is critical. That’s why we offer many free educational articles onsite. To Your Health (TyH) brand uses organic minerals and many patented ingredients with research that provide health results for customers. We especially cater to those with multiple chemical sensitivities, gluten free and minimal additives (for product stability), GMO and no irradiated ingredients. We’ve been serving the chronic pain and fibromyalgia market particularly with hope and support. I take the TyH brand myself and am healthy without medications (and over age 50!) Studies show it’s consistency matters too so when you do choose, make it a healthy daily “habit” like the other posts say. Do your part! Keep connected to the Alliance so you’ll be up to date on supplement and health advocacy.

  77. Actually Nutrilite is the oldest supplement company (1934) and created the first multivitamin. Google Carl Rehnborg. It is the oldest and happens to be the largest in the world. They control the entire process from seed to supplement. No other company can make that claim.

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