New Report Finds FDA Deliberately Deceptive—and Slowly Poisoning Millions of Americans

Female patient in dentist office getting tooth  procedureNow we need your help to make the FDA stop its cover-up. Action Alert!
US consumers are in dark about mercury in dental products—and they are kept there deliberately by the government. This is documented in a new report being released this week by Consumers for Dental Choice called “Measurably Misleading: Evidence the FDA and Dental Industry are Deliberately Deceiving American Families about Mercury Dental Fillings and Why That Now Has International Consequences.”
ANH-USA and other important consumer organizations are lending support to this report. Its hard data shows how most consumers are unaware of the presence of toxic mercury in their fillings.
Mercury is a known neurotoxin, yet mercury fillings presents one of the largest consumer consumption of mercury worldwide, and dental amalgam represents the largest use of mercury in consumer products in the US.
Last year we reported about a US-ratified global treaty, the Minamata Convention on Mercury, that agreed in part that the mercury in dental amalgam products would be phased out. Unfortunately, there is still a tremendous lack of truthful labeling of the mercury in amalgams, and clear labeling is essential for a successful phase-out. In fact, contrary to the Minamata Convention, the FDA’s official position is actually to phase up the use of mercury-based dental fillings. An FDA rule states unequivocally that “any change away from use of dental amalgam is likely to result in negative public health outcomes.”
As the report makes clear, it is no accident that the marketing term “silver fillings” misleads dental consumers about amalgam’s mercury content—that was its original purpose. A doctor observed as early as 1896 that “Certain dentists are themselves aware of the popular dread of mercury and hence the false term of ‘silver filling,’ which is a deliberate swindle and a disgrace to the dental occupation.”
Despite cracking down on marketing tactics that misled consumers about the alcohol content in patent medicines, the narcotic content in tonics for women, and even the grass seed content in “fruit” jams, the FDA never stopped the dental industry from misleading consumers about the mercury content in “silver fillings.”
Instead, the FDA did just the opposite. In 2009 the FDA announced, “Dental amalgam fillings are also known as ‘silver fillings’ because of their silver-like appearance.” Is it any wonder, then, that 57% of Americans do not know that amalgam is mainly mercury—and that 23% say it is mainly silver? In other words, the FDA itself has been actively and successfully deceiving the American public.
We’ve also been kept in in the dark about mercury in other consumer products because of the FDA. Thimerosal, a mercury compound often found in flu vaccines, is being ignored as a danger and is in fact exempted from the Minamata treaty. In addition, mercury can be found in many seafood products, and while the FDA has updated its guidance on the issue, it is still at complete variance with what the government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says about it and the FDA will not mandate labeling changes.
Amalgam manufacturers such as Dentsply and Danaher/Kerr should be required by the FDA to provide truthful patient labeling.
Action Alert! Call on the FDA to implement truthful, transparent labeling of mercury fillings, which will allow our country to keep its commitment to the Minamata Convention—and will educate the public about what they’re putting in their mouths. Send your message to the FDA today!



  1. I’m glad you’re one of the few calling out the FDA as complicit in our hidden ruler’s Poisoning Agenda of the Public. Most people believe it’s only about profits from the industries involved but if you follow the far bigger money it’s part of a deliberate campaign to disable the clear and critical thinking abilities of the public so they don’t pose a threat to the the enormously lucrative banker scams that have been stealing the public’s money since the Fed Act of 1913. All fingers point to the Jesuits and their Rothschild banker agents who stole the Vatican’s gold and have amassed nearly half the world’s wealth.
    They captured America’s economy, education, media, politics, food and medicine around 1913 and have used toxic injury to capture and control the public. The FDA and our politicians at all levels are bribed or threatened with death by Jesuit agents and mercury poisoning from vaccines and teeth fillings are an integral part of this program to disable the public’s health along with many other poison sources.
    There should be a special place in hell for these evil manipulators that have caused so much suffering and death. Some day they will be exposed and get what they deserve. Until then the sheeple are clueless that the fox is guarding the hen house on many levels.

  2. Dentists have known that mercury affects some patients more than others. They also knew that the mercury emission declined over time and that preemptive removal of amalgam fillings could expose the patient far more than would the normal replacement cycle.
    I did not know that in the 1980’s when a charlatan dentist convinced my wife to replace all of her amalgam fillings with composite fillings at great cost. It not only made no difference in her symptoms but the composite material of the time was far less durable than the amalgam that it replaced.
    This is not to criticize the existing concern since the current composites are similar in durability to the amalgam. One cannot say that either is superior because the two degrade and fail in different ways. For other reasons none of the dentists with whom I deal have installed any amalgam fillings for many years.
    Asking others in my age range that kept their biological teeth and have maintained regular dental care, I hear that teeth with old fillings of either kind have begun to crack and have required crowns. Each of my crowns began with removal of amalgam and pre-filling any residual cavities with composite resin.

  3. Please implement truthful, transparent labeling of mercury fillings, which will allow our country to keep its to the Minamata Convention—and will educate the public about what they’re putting in their mouths. Thank you.

  4. This is downright dangerous and so misleading to people everywhere that they don’t know what the consequences of mercury is and what it does to the human body. We are just “guinea pigs” and the FDA and our government doesn’t care about us.

  5. The FDA and EPA were originally organized to protect the public, weren’t they? Or am I fooling myself?. Is the US that corrupt? I believe it based on Weather Geoengineering alone, aka chemtrails.

  6. Jaquelyn seriously ticks me off!! I have a mercury sensitivity(Allergy)! No wonder I get such bad headaches! We as the recipients of the “silver filling” deserve to know the truth! This labeling b.s. needs to stop people deserve to know what is being put into their bodies some of us could become gravely ill from mercury even before it reaches a high toxic level. Put down your god complex and quit trying to kill people with your trickery,poisons and toxins. It’s cowardly to hide such things; man up and take responsibility for your action tell people the truth and fix the problem not make it worse!

  7. What do you expect of the Big Pharmacophile called the FDA?. They tell herbalists we cannot recommend herbal alternatives like cinnamon to Avandia or turmeric to Vioxx (which FDA-approved drug killed almost 100,000 Americans believing it to be safe and efficacious ).. The FDA would require herbalists to spend 2 billion dollars to prove the herb safe acc. to FDA. halfcrass standards. Halfcrass standards indeed!. Half of the newly FDA-approved drug s will be recalled in their first decade some, like Avandia, after killing many Americans. Big Pharmacophiliac indeed.! To me the advertisement, approved by the FDA, raises a warning flag. As many other concerned citizens, newly FDA- approved drugs should be avoided for their first decade. Newly FDA-approved =Danger!!!. [email protected]

  8. Mercury causes many health problems and birth defects. Get it out of our mouths and our vaccines.

  9. The FDA has their hands in “Big Pharma’s” pockets, and contributes to the deaths of countless Americans!

  10. While I and my customers find all of this very interesting, I certainly would like any information that would be helpful in fixing this problematic issue for those of us who know we have been exposed to dangers such as these (ie. fillings). Most will simply think they have to live with some of this because of the expense of trying to fix dental fillings. I am sending this to my customers and I am taking “action”. This mercury poisoning as been going on far too long. Thanks for your great articles … Linda

  11. Mercury needs to be safely chelated out of the body. Fillings, especially the removal of mercury fillings, are highly toxic and must be addressed using proper precautions to prevent the absorption of mercury. Not all dentists use a rubber damn. This is an extremely hazardous procedure that must be addressed by all dentists. They continue to deny that mercury from fillings is toxic to the body. So why do they not want to remove a mercury filling? Because it is a toxic procedure. That’s why.

  12. Please protect use from Mercury !!!! Even members of the FDA should be worried about their dental work !

  13. Please stop using mercury in dental products.
    Implement truthful, transparent labeling of mercury fillings, which will allow our country to keep its commitment to the Minamata Convention—and will educate the public about what they’re putting in their mouths.

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