Medical Student Launches Campaign Against Dr. Oz

natural supplementAs his popularity with Americans grows—and with it a new openness to integrative medicine—mainstream medicine is alarmed.
Last year, when he was a second-year medical student, Benjamin Mazer took it upon himself to ask both the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) and the American Medical Association (AMA) to address what he called “medical quackery” on television and in other media. He suggested that they consider regulating the advice of celebrity physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz—asking, in effect, that they do something to gag him. Mazer’s big idea is to treat health advice on television as if it were expert testimony in court, which “already has established guidelines for truthfulness.”
MSSNY is a nonprofit organization claiming to represent the interests of some 30,000 physicians and medical students (and, supposedly, residents) in New York. The group has an operating budget of over $8 million, and a government affairs and lobbying arm that could easily influence New York regulators and the state’s medical board to target Dr. Oz (who is is licensed in New York). This is probably why Mazer reached out to the MSSNY specifically.
Acknowledging that he wants to “bring down” Dr. Oz, Mazer claims, with no basis whatsoever, that Oz is giving advice “that was really not great or had no medical basis.” Mazer specifically denounces Oz’s diet and supplement recommendations as being an inferior and dangerous alternative to diabetes drugs. “It might sound harmless when you talk about things like herbal pills or supplements,” Mazer said. “But when the physicians’ advice conflicted with Oz, the patients would believe Oz [italics ours].
Mazer actually said that diet and supplements are less effective or more dangerous than diabetes drugs, when in fact, the opposite is true:

  • The government-funded Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) study, designed to evaluate medication protocols for reducing heart attacks in patients with type 2 diabetes, was shut down two years early because study participants in most intensive drug regimens—the ones aimed at driving down blood sugar—had much higher cardiovascular death rates (250% to 300% higher than the death rate of those taking a placebo).
  • A particular class of common diabetes drugs, sulfonylureas (which are in dozens of popular medications currently in use), carry a black-box warning stating that they dramatically increase death from heart attack. A third class of diabetes drugs, thiazolidinediones (the notorious Avandia is an example), are still prescribed in the US despite their having been banned in the EU, New Zealand, and South Africa. Government experts estimate that Avandia may have caused as many as 100,000 heart attacks since coming onto the market in 1999.
  • Dr. Joseph A. Mercola notes that drugs for type 2 diabetics “nearly universally” cause more damage then good. Drugs that lower blood sugar, he reports, may increase risk of death from all causes, not just cardiovascular complications.
  • Even the FDA is investigating the risk of pancreatic cancer that is associated with some diabetes drugs.

In natural medicine, the first line of defense against diabetes is diet. The key step is to avoid foods high on the glycemic index (which turn into blood sugar rapidly), but that is only the start. Next comes exercise and movement, and finally, some supplements which clearly help control blood sugar or slow down the release of glucose into the blood. For the whole program, see and Sophisticated blood testing is also important, since blood sugar problems are often silent, and is also available at
Everyone should keep in mind that a program designed to avoid diabetes will also help both heart health and the prevention of cancer. It is not very well known, but high blood sugar is a major risk factor for cancer, because cancer cells depend on the sugar.
One of the biggest differences between natural health programs for diabetes and drugs is that the former can not only prevent the disease but also cure it, while the latter cannot and introduces serious new risks.
Why would a medical school student not know any of this? Partly it is his own fault for not finding out. But partly it is the fault of a medical education system that is often in bed with Big Pharma. Drug companies are increasingly teaming up with top schools, and also try to subsidize students in a variety of ways.
And even if Mazer had been right, does he really think that doctors should be gagged and deprived of their constitutional right to free speech, or that they should be threatened with the loss of their license if they don’t toe the line? Quite apart from fairness, how will such Soviet-style tactics lead to advances in medicine, which by definition have to come at the expense of the conventional wisdom or of somebody’s current income stream?
Fortunately, the AMA did not respond with censure of Dr. Oz. We believe that this is precisely because Dr. Oz is in the public eye, and the medical establishment likes to attack and shut down integrative doctors as quietly as possible. The Medical Society of the State of New York supposedly passed Mazer’s policy proposal in revised form, but has not disclosed exactly what it was they passed. MSSNY also fears the glare of publicity.


  1. What does Mazer say about the 200,000 that are killed yearly by the medical industry.

  2. Good Day,
    The problem as I see it is that while the information you list is quite true about the facts that the drugs for type 2 diabetes are close to what should not be approved at all except for metformin when taken with sublingual B12.
    And, if anything,you understate what can be done to force remission of type 2 diabetes with key supplements and lifestyle upgrades.
    But Dr Oz has somehow managed to recommend and lend his name to several supplements to help people lose weight or fat that seem to have zero effect.
    So this group can do real harm to the ability of knowledgeable people to inform people or integrative medicine doctors to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes and show what seems to be a legitimate complaint to make it look justifiable.
    I hope there is a way to get the actual problem solved without causing that harm.
    Any ideas how to do that?

  3. While I agree with the basic message of this article: that preventative measures in diet and the use of supplements can reduce one’s chances to develop cancer, Dr. Oz’s extreme advertisement of
    garcinia, the green coffee bean used to reduce weight by increasing metabolism is highly irresponsible. There is no one to address side-effects, which are definitely a possibility. My own experience was that I had increased heart rate and palpitations after taking just one pill.
    When i called the advertiser to discuss this, they were totally disinterested and dismissive. On top of that, I discovered they had put me on “autoship” and began sending the product to me monthly at
    a price of $90/each time. It was very difficult to remove this error and get a refund. I concluded the whole thing was just another scam and would never recommend Dr. Oz products to anyone after this.

  4. I don’t really like Dr Oz, and don’t always agree with his advice. But, I’m more inclined to trust him, then I would some pill-pushing quack with an MD behind his name. The medical establishment cares more about making big profits, then what is best for their patients.

  5. How sad that for such a young guy (Mazer) that he’s so closed minded and frankly ignorant of the necessity of integrative medicine and keeping an open mind on all types of naturopathic as well as allopathic ways of healing. Diabetes drugs safe? Has he not read the insert of most drugs and their list of side effects? Please! Dr. Oz is actually helping the masses open up their eyes to many, many different remedies that work WITH the body instead of against it (such as big pharma drugs do). Inquisitive minds, such as Mehmet Oz’s, are what we need more of. I believe the most intelligent people on our planet have a natural sense of inquisitiveness. Some of us who have been studying different forms of more natural remedies and avoiding processed foods, GMO’s, pesticides long before its become popular and living a cleaner life are glad the Oz followers are now hearing that info too! Keep it coming and then decide for yourself!

  6. I will remember his name and make sure that no one in my family goes to him.

  7. What are Benjamin Mazer’s personal, career and financial interests in this?

  8. Is it possible that Mr. Benjamin Mazer maybe overly impressed with the Pharmaceutical Industry? Does he not understand that there are cures outside the “Prescription” world? Furthermore isn’t the medical profession always “Practicing Medicine”?

  9. Sure he’s against alternative medicine. Alternative medicine doesn’t make payoffs to doctors, nurses and the FDA You know who does. Dr. Oz (while I’m not a fan) doesn’t put money in this Joker’s pocket. But you know who does. I remember when Fibromyalgia was in people’s heads and acupuncture was quackery. It’s time for the medical students to get their heads out of their butts.

  10. Benjamin Mazer should go back to his studies and leave Dr. Oz alone!
    I believe strongly in integrative medicine!
    Marjune Iooss
    North Carolina

  11. Oh please, wait until you have enough schooling to believable. I am so tire of most doctors, they really do not give a damn. They just want to give you a pill and on with the next person. Being sure to take as many people as they can. Heaven forbid they should actually try to get to the real reason their patient is ill. Heaven forbid that they actually consider that diet in america is causing to many problems as is all the pill that are being given by the doctors so that they can make the patient feel like something is being done. At least Dr. Oz is checking into other means. Why don’t you?

  12. Dr. Oz is intelligent to see the need to share with the public ideas from both conventional medicine and from alternative medicine that OFTEN has less harmful thoughts to treat conditions than BIG PHARMA who control with their $$$ the minds of young medical students and even their professors…. The widespread use of chemotherapy with cancer patients is but one example where the medical community places their business profits ahead of the goal of treating properly their patients.

  13. Thank you for posting this timely information. Dr. Oz is a medical and cardiac physician who just happens to have a televison program along with other doctors who talk on the television along with the internet and facebook.
    Frankly so glad these doctors who don’t follow medicine now give REAL OPTIONS to the people instead of only the drug and medical comunity that in my opinion would do better to truly be integrative such as east meets west.
    To have a medical student come out against Dr. Oz has in my thoughts much to learn.
    Doctors who move in functional medicine, to Doctors who are ND etc. thank you for life in a wasy that is truly wholeistic.

  14. Sounds to me that Mazer, assuming he graduates, will be a perfect fit in the new era of Obamacare.
    Pity goes out to all the future patients this guy will “treat”…

  15. My Husband and I have been into natural health for many years. At 83 and 81, we are in superior health and take NO prescription drugs. We exercise regularly and take good supplements. We enjoy doing our own housework and yard work. We regularly Ballroom dance and have been married 61 years. We are living proof that your lifestyle will determine your state of health.

  16. Dr. Oz is most fortunate to be in the public eye…Because…
    Abuse feeds on secrecy.
    All kinds of abuse;including abuse of power by medical establishmentarians who think that their behavior is “protecting” people they don’t really know all that much about.
    Sure,Dr. Oz isn’t really infallible about everybody all the time.
    The doctors who don’t like him are not infallible either.
    Since all of those doctors are only human freedom of speech is the least fallible way to give people who aren’t infallible or alike a fighting chance to find out what works.

  17. Since the completion of the Flexner Report in the early 1900’s, the allopathic- leaning medical schools have been very closely aligned with BIG PHARMA – “in bed with” is a good way to describe it. This poor medical student is simply displaying his own lack of education in the area of nutrition. This poor person is realizing he’s in a system that thrives ONLY when the patients are sick – so he can manage symptoms. He has very little interest in promoting anything that will potentially threaten his very existence. Maybe he should consider obtaining an ND degree instead of MD.

  18. This is a very interesting development. I hope you will keep readers posted on what you learn about the proposal MSSNY passed. Common sense says that diet should be the first line of defense against Type II diabetes. How is that quackery?

  19. I started not to have faith in Dr. Oz when he promoted every diet product know to man the past few years. Now, I wouldn’t take anything he touts!
    J. Sue Gagliardi

  20. With all due respect for Dr. Oz and his profession, I cannot embrace reality TV medicine. Too superficial, too easy, and very little liability (to keep everyone honest). I believe in alternative medicine and allopatic medicine working together for the health of the patient; but it should be accomplished in the right forum, and not as a publicity stunt in half hour segment. It polarizes people, makes them not believe their own doctor (even when he/she may very well be right). I would never censor anyone; but other views, possibly a little more in depth, should also get the same attention, and it’s not happening. Why doesn’t Dr. Oz offer a forum where he can discuss medical topics with other doctors on TV and give people actual information? Why is he THE one with all the answers?

  21. This medical student has blinders on. I’ve been following protocol similar to Dr. Oz, long before Dr. Oz was on TV. I know first hand that supplements and diet, and also exercise are the key to quality health. More often than not, I have been misdiagnosed and ill-treated by MDs, and will continue to take my health in my own hands, with quality diet, supplements, and exercise. Dr. Oz, YOU ROCK! Be brave, don’t let the masses silent you. We do have freedom of speech in this country. The medical student that is so concerned is being bought out and brainwashed by the medical community and insurance companies.

  22. Tell all the naysayers and pharmaceutical companies to back off. The pharmaceutical company does not cure anyone! They just get customers till the customers die from lack of good natural medicine!

  23. I believe Dr. Oz is guilty of promoting products and procedures which are or can be worthless, must less dangerous, and should be regulated. An example is Garcinia Cambogia pills which are supposed to make one lose weight but most often, if reviews are to be believed, do not. I think Dr. Oz has become a household name for giving hope to people but does not promote only proven and safe products and procedures. Might as well depend on Oprah or Ellen for advice!

  24. Not long ago, many innocent healers that were un-orthodox were burnt accused of being witches, by some religious people. Now it looks the Witch Hunters are back. It is sad to see how much people stoop down for greed & ego, Isn’t this anti-American?

  25. Today the purpose of the medical industry is not to heal and cure people with sickness or chronic conditions, but rather, using fear, only to treat their symptoms, subjecting them to expensive tests and procedures which in too many cases cause more harm than good. Therefore, doctors and other people involved in the health “industry” are alarmed when some, such as Dr. Oz, comes out publicly to say that most people can help themselves by using common sense.

  26. Re: Benjamin Mazer’s “campaign” to “bring down Dr. Oz” et al…
    It’s a despicable, self-serving preemptive attack on the freedom to define for oneself who and what “authority” to trust and entrust your health to. For myself and a growing number of self-aware people, the medical monopoly should be ended for the good of humanity. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year directly due to drug induced physical complications and many tens of thousands more as a result of drug interactions. Mr. Mazer is only trying to save his future fortune in medicine by trying to reduce the impact of “other” sources of medical information. Shame and darned shame on him. One only has to remember the effect that Mr. Fishbein (spelling?, reference?) had on homeopathy in the 1920s or so, at the start of the reign of (medical terror) — the AMA.

  27. If Mr. Mazer ever becomes a licensed physician, be careful NOT to visit him! Obviously, he is a BIG supporter of BIG PHARMA and will push you into the use of “harmful drugs” that will kill you and NOT cure you!

  28. So the medical community is running scared. They should be…..its time medical schools, medical students and all of the medical community get off their high horse and OPEN their minds to the possibility of alternative medicine WORKING. i’m thinking that Mazer’s medical school brain washing has resulted in him resenting and looking at the possible decline in his future earnings as more and more people learn the truth about our entire medical system. Some parts of it or good, some doctors are good, but why can’t people educate themselves about all the knowledge that is out in the world and choose for themselves how they want to treat their particular illness or continued wellness.
    Mazer, its time for you and the entire medical community to take your blinders off.

  29. Second-year medical student Benjamin Mazer is like many physicians in mainstream medicine who are ignorant of alternative therapy, do not educate themselves by reading outside their “formal” education reading, and rely primarily on prescription medications that are frequently very expensive and fraught with side-effects, some extremely serious. Basically Mr. Mazer has already developed a “closed” mindset and appears to be extremely arrogant by thinking he can discredit a self-educated and very good alternative medicine guru who , in my opinion, regularly dispenses good advice. This not a good trait for Mr. Mazer nor for the field of medicine.
    It is incumbent on all of us who practice medicine to constantly seek cheaper and more effective approaches to reduce the cost of medicine. Mainstream healthcare has priced itself beyond many Americans ability to pay. Alternative medicine is frequently helpful in this regard and is sometimes better than FDA approved prescription drugs and much, much less expensive.
    Sorry, Mr. Mazer, you have much to learn!

  30. Benjamin Mazer wants his 15 minutes of fame… Don’t give him any, just ignore him… Dedicating any time and web space to a pawn who is most likely paid by pharma or the AMA is a waste of resources and your time…

  31. Dr. Oz isn’t hurting anyone. He always gives all the info & tells you to discuss with your doctor. Many of my Dr.’s blend pharmaceuticals & natural remedies in my care. This is because some doctors are worried that their pharmaceutical kick backs will be reduced. This is not to protect patients. Leave Dr. Oz to enlighten us about what is another option or alternative and we can make up our own minds. Thanks.

  32. Members of the medical professions—and pharma manufacturers—have been members of The Pilgrims Society from the beginning in January 1903. This group was formed as an alliance of the “robber barons” of the 19th century—Andrew Carnegie, Commodore Vanderbilt, the AQstors, Rockefellers, Du Ponts, Mellons, Harrimans and many others, and the exploiters, looters and pillagers of the centuries old, worldwide British Empire. Major Manhattan hospitals today have Pilgrims Society members as trustees, former Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State James A. Baker III, Pilgrims Society,b took over the Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute. Members will be found on large Pharma boards and similar interests like Monsanto. The Crown and its financiers are cartelizing medicine. Anything which lessens profits and control over society, they will oppose. I recently posted another condensed history on the group (free read) entitled “Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark” at This is not solely concerned with silver as the reader will see.

  33. Benjamin Mazer has a lot of nerve. He’s being trained by drug pushers who all own pharmaceutical stocks. Men like Dr Oz, Dr Weil, and Dr mercola, are we going ones he should learn from.
    No one mentions this for some odd reason, but most MDs teaching full time at medical schools, ESPECIALLY the Ivy league schools, al own a ton of pharm stocks.
    There’s a very simple reason they train up and coming doctors to do nothing but see pathetic black and white, and just prescribe prescribe prescribe.
    God forbid there’s a cheap safe alternative to their POISONS. Dozens of GOOD meds with very few side affects, are taken off the market with some patent excuse, and they replace it with synthetic crap that has a dozen side affects, most of which kill or maim, and or require ANOTHER DRUG be given, to combat the new side affect, which turns one med into five.
    These people with pharm stocks cash in big time, now don’t they.
    As a medical professional myself, with thirty years experience, find it reprehensible how killer meds are pushed on the elderly, and meds that should have been taken off the market two decades ago, and still pushed by pharm reps. I’ve completely tur e my back on western medicine, after be living in it for close to twenty years. It’s mere shadow of what it once was, and no one cares about patients anymore, just their kick backs. Screw you all.
    FU Benjamin mazer. The day will come that someone you love, will be touched by your own idiotic thinking, and meds that kill will be given to them, because you’re too tunneled vision by money to see the TRUTH.

  34. The general public does not understand that the AMA is a fraternal organization. They are in business to keep doctors in business – they are not watchdogs, policing to keep inferior doctors from practicing as so many believe. In their eyes, malpractice includes the notion of “doing something (a protocol or treatment) that we aren’t all doing.” In other words, doctors who get outside of the box (and out of bed with Big Pharma) are looked upon as “mal-practicing.” I may hazard a guess and say the same might be true of MSSNY. At this point, we still have the right to our own bodies and can do whatever we chose (as long as it doesn’t harm others)…the same way we can invest in crazy stocks or land somewhere. We take our own risks and suffer the consequences. As in any industry, buyers need to educate themselves before “purchasing” any course of action.

  35. Mazer needs to step back and keep working on his studies, he will find that there are more safer natural treatments for many illnesses and diseases with less side effects than the majority of prescription drugs. There is a time and place for a prescription drug, but there is much out there that can be remedied or maintained without synthetic made drugs that are bodies were not meant to process. Same with our foods, in the 50’s and 60’s most foods were organic, not much processed food was out there. You didn’t see nearly as many health issues as you do today.. chemicals that most can’t even pronounce in ready made foods, preservatives, and chemically changed sugars that have a negative effect on the body are more the killer of people’s health. Now you have to hunt down organic food.. and NON GMO foods.. food without HFC, or MSG… those who do eat less of the chemicals and use natural medicine are much healthier overall. So son, go mind your business and learn you drugs and do what have to do make a living, but leave the rest of those alone who choose to make alternative choices.

  36. When he first started, I thought Dr Oz was pretty impressive. Now I wish he would go away! His advice is poor at best, and mostly just advertising hype. He clearly likes all the money he makes on TV (being a surgeon was not sufficiently lucrative?). I would no longer take his advice on anything.

  37. have you nothing better to do than carry on about a dr. that does give good inforrmation to the general public of course one thing does not apply to all, but i find allot of his discussions great and helpfull, allot i allready know, there is so much horror going on in the world, and that includes the u.s. and this is what you chose to focus on, shame on you , all of you that have nothing better to do, find a cause that helps people instead of tearing down people trying to help people.


  39. I noticed discrepancies in Dr. Oz’s ideas on sound medical advice. I personally think he hasn’t thought through a lot of the information he puts on his show. What Is frightening is that some poor soul is going to believe that everything he says is gospel. I quite often contradicts himself and what he says should be taken with a grain of salt. He is just on the air to entertain. He loves it as is evident by his rather large ego.

  40. This student reminds me of Steven Barrett (Quackwatch) who constantly berates “Intergrative Physicians’ yet it was an Intergrative Physician who saved my leg from amputation. He explained that they make more money with amputation rather then knowing the cause. Thanks to him I beat Bone Cancer with diet exercise and supplements.
    This student needs to get a proper education because he’s totally clueless or getting financial kickback from Big Pharma

  41. Sad, but when you look at the deaths attributed to drugs vs, natural supplements, it is many thousands vs. 0 with natural supplements. Drugs are NOT natural for the body & all we have to do is watch TV to see all the lawyers making big money from suing the drug companies for drugs that have killed many and should have never been allowed on the market in the first place! My vote goe to Dr. Oz!

  42. Dr oz has done more to improve the general publics health in my opinion than any one person in the last fifty years!!! Information is what we all need
    Not biased adds and filtered info from the Medical pharmaceutical community

  43. This is obvious institutionalized brainwashing of our college students. Mr. Mazer was educated in the medical institution of medicine that says you have to stay within the parameters of the educational system or your in breach of medical educate. Is Mr. Mazer wrong? Has medicine become so black and white in the eyes of its students and educators, where there is no room for exploration or additional possible cures in other forms? Or maybe medical education is influenced in some part to pharmaceutical companies limiting any kind of possible treatments outside of what big pharmaceuticals will allow. They do work with doctors and schools closely.

  44. We need to support Dr. Oz in every way possible. He doesn’t always get it right, but he is able to take to the public in ways that the average person cannot. And he isn’t bashful about doing so.
    I commend him for having the courage and the motivation to do so.

  45. The Big Pharma cares only about a large profit, and not about what harmful side effects their expensive drugs might cause. I have Diabetes 1 and am blessed to be treated by a doctor who has no problem with me taking fish oil (omega 3) and cinnamon capsules, as well as a few other supplements to keep my Diabetes at bay. This actually works well! The Pharmaceutical companies do not want to find a cure for Diabetes, because it is a lucrative business.

  46. Always good to have someone with a lot of spirit and for sure the medical field can use it….the longer this young man lives he will find out that he can’t fix everything no matter what. Dr’s do not have time to figure out everything in the 15 minute window we are in their office. I know of someone who had practically every test in the book..for years and went to specialists…he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and died 2 days later. Listen to the side effects of all the medications they prescribe and say to yourself is this really necessary.

  47. I wish that Alliance for Natural Health would question Dr. Oz who has quite a number of quacks on his show. So was there a gentlemen who was warning everyone against taking Melatonin. That it was harmful and that people take it at FAR too high a dosis, like 5 mg, which has serious side effect according to him…Dr. Oz should know the benefits of Melatonin but said nothing. Women with breast cancer take up to 30 mg per day. The ignorance on the part of Dr. Oz and his guest was mind boggling. Personally I have taken Melatonin 5mg sublingual from Life Extension for YEARS. I am a long time member of Life Extension and have my female panel (blood work) done by them. Instead of Statin drugs that have devastating side effects I take Niacin 1500 mg a day spread out. The flushing goes away when starting a very low dose (take a baby asperine prior) a up the dose gradually. The non-flush does not work!!! I think Dr. Oz is a quack and instead of practicing medicine his show is basically an entertainment show. The harm in his show is that people believe because he is a doctor that what he says is true or whatever quack he has on his show who advises AGAINST using natural products is a genius whose advise should immediately be followed. Dr. Oz knows nothing about preventive medicine which extensively uses natural products. I use slippery elm against hoarseness after thyroid surgery. Not to often, but it works extremely well. I also use Ayurvedic herbs with great success.
    Never do I take ANY medications without first checking their side affects. So I would think that YOU have a far greater cause in exposing Dr. Oz than this medical student does.
    Life Extension takes these folks on and exposes them. They do a great number of Clinical Trials and are non-profit. If there was a way to get people like Dr. Oz OFF the air I would. Thanks for all you do.

  48. The only thing that Mazer will learn is how to be a drug dealer instead of a healer. That all that conventional medicine knows to do.

  49. I think this just goes to show why every year more people get more diseases and autoimmune diseases etc. Do to people like this that for some crazy reason. Believes that pharmaceutical drugs are benifiting people. When in all actuality all they do is mask or create a worse problem. I think its beyond the time for the whole country to get in the straight and narrow and stop all the poisoning of our bodies. There has been research after research proven that quality food is much more necessary for the health and longevity of the body.

  50. We have to make way for naturapaths and other natural health practioners to be able to offer health services to the public and we should be able to choose. Doctors should not have a monopoly on health services and should not be able to squash everything that does not agree with their agenda.
    Maybe we need to amend the licenses that they are given which allows them to practice.

  51. Let’s face it, if Mazer doesn’t realize that diet should be the first line of defense in health care, maybe he shouldn’t become a doctor… He appears to be either closed minded or brain washed by Big Pharmaceutical Companies. Maybe they’re susbsidizing his education (aka bribing his future decisions).

  52. well,I think Dr.Oz is going too far witn some of his ‘TV Talk”. .advice to the general public ..He can not possible “treat” the health issues of people he has never met..In my opinion,he has become more of an entertainer on his TV Show than a Medical Dr…People need to use their common sense and realize he cannot treat them as a patient from their TV Set.. for goodness sake!

  53. This guy must be getting some kind of $$$$ financial gain. He is a student with bizarre intent…propaganda.

  54. I believe dr. oz is great for revealing to the public what is going on in the medical field, if medical doctors would look for the cause and not just treat symptoms, there would be many cures. this medical student needs more education as to what a doctor should know how to treat his patients, and not just give them drugs and more drugs with so many side effects that causes other problems, I am in favor of dr. OZ….. more doctors should be like him….

  55. It’s disappointing that rather than evolve and embrace healing as a holistic endeavor, the medical establishment continues to miseducate today’s medical students. I thought the hypocratic oath obligated doctors to put the patient’s health and well-being as their raison d’etre. I also would want doctors, who are rooted in science, to keep an open mind of inquiry to always be looking for better ways to improve health and quality of life.

  56. It is horribly unfortunate that our country suppresses real cures because of the almighty dollar and at the expense of the health of the entire country! There are many natural cures and helps for most every disease known to man but Big Pharma and the medical INDUSTRY suppress and do everything they can to stop this information from getting out to the people! It is so true the LOVE of money is the root of all evil! People love money more than they care about our health!

  57. I am a cancer survivor because of alternative medical treatment after conventional drugs were no longer tolerable due to side effects. An integrated approach brings the best of both worlds to the table in spite of the fact tthat it flies in the face of big pharma’s marketing plan.

  58. Dr. Oz is dangerous though. His advice is unwarranted and most of the time it is the latest fad with a one size fits all mentality. I feel like he is leading the innocent sheep to the slaughterhouse. I worked at a health food store and it was unbelievable how people would flock to the store to buy the latest Oz miracle. Dr. Oz is turning many holistic businesses into glorified drug stores. I don’t agree with the reason for gagging him like the medical student in the article but I do think he is doing more harm than good. People can get toxic from supplements just as they can from prescription drugs. Roll up your sleeve for another flu shot Dr. Oz!

  59. I agree wholeheartedly with this post – I wonder how much Benjamin Mazer is receiving from big pharma in support of his position?

  60. I don’t know about defending Dr. OZ, whether he is wrong or right, what i do know is that we should have the right to watch his show and listen to his advice. Most of us have primary care physicians who would also have information to present. Then WE can make OUR decision about which “standard” will work better for us instead of being force fed only one option. Every BODY is different. I don’t think it hurts anyone to have information if they want it. Some doctors just don’t want to deal with the questions.

  61. I too believe doctors who excitedly give medical advice on TV are dangerous! Dr. Oz has over and over again proclaimed a miracle pill for weight loss with NO proven results. Doctors should not be on TV, they should be practicing best methods for disease control and prevention and conferring with one another regarding results. TV is not a valid forum for medical advice when individual care is needed not advice for all without knowing individual circumstances. I also do not believe drugs should be advertised on TV either.

  62. As the world of natural medicine grows, supporters are approaching a critical mass. Better and safer outcomes from natural medicine can no longer be denied and to do so is met with glaring opposition. The AMA is wise to sidestep this issue or risk the outrage of the public.
    Keep up your great works and thank you for keeping us informed.

  63. Just more evidence of how common sense and the basic freedoms afforded by the US Constitution keep being eroded by big-corporate agendas. Our ancestors settled here and brought with them their common sense and wisdom and clearly understood the failings of the corruptions and governments they left behind. Together their clear vision and wisdom wrought the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and they enjoyed the freedoms it afforded them. But what has come of late? The same insanity of corruption and greed and big-corporate agendas that seems to stifle freedom, deny common sense, and the people’s rights. The same thing our ancestors ran from? Are we approaching another tipping point? I like Dr. Oz and what he brings: simpler is better; be aware of your own health; nutrition is the key to health; prevention is the best medicine. To young Benjamin Mazer: You afford to others those rights you enjoy, and do not support any who would want to stifle those freedoms.

  64. I have been in wonder at the daily recommendations from Dr. Oz of various vitamins and supplements. The thought did cross my mind “why are the medical establishments not trying to stop him”. Doctors notoriously hate the whole supplement world and try their best to vilify it the best they can. Witness this recent exchange between me and a new doctor of mine on our first meeting: Dr.: “Which drugs do you currently take?” Me: “none, but I take a lot of vitamins” Dr.: “you know vitamins are dangerous?” me: you mean the ones that are oil soluble like A, E or D?” Dr. “NO, ALL of them”
    So this “student” took it upon himself to try and take down the doctor himself huh? They teach em young don’t they? Keep the family business safe.

  65. How narrow minded. The integration of mind, body, spirit and good healthy practices and self responsibility for these practices are essential to a person’s well being. Do you think the medicines that are so easily accessible for everyone but has all kinds of side effects is any better. You are sicking to gain publicity for yourself by going up against Dr Oz who is a DOCTOR with an open mind, and the intelligence to pursue all modes of healing. TAKE TIME TO LISTEN AND LEARN FROM those who have spent more time in the field of medicine than you have.

  66. I totally agree that this SECOND YEAR MEDICAL STUDENT – just a mere two years out of a BS degree in science, certainly has his right to comment but so does Dr Oz. When are medical schools going to wake up to Integrative Medicine?? Having practiced for over 40 years as a RN (also NP and a holistic nurse), I know what second yr med student is like… Many do not even know how to talk to a patient!… Let alone question a full fledged MD! What I want to know is… When this med student graduates and and is in practice, how is he going to address the patients who use an integrative approach?…and how does the NY Medical Society address a “student” opposed to a full attending cardiologist?… The med student must know someone and I agree about Big Pharma… They do not have the best interest of a healthy population at heart!

  67. For about ten years, I worked for a natural food store. Numerous diabetics came in to buy healthful, low-carb food and nutritional supplements. On their own, they weaned themselves off of insulin with diet, exercise, and supplements. Whenever they would have blood tests through their doctors that showed normal blood sugar, they would happily bring the tests in to show us. This was a regular occurence. As long as they continued avoiding foods which are not recommended for diabetics, their symptoms did not return, and they did not need drugs to keep their blood sugar and insulin normal

  68. Are you all living in a closet? Why haven’t medical students watched “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”. It is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with ‘incurable’ diabetes switching their diet and getting off insulin. Benjamin Mazer needs to get a clue as do the individuals who comprise the corrupt medical system. This isn’t hard to figure out. Pharma drugs are derived from plants in nature. They are inferior versions of the “Creator’s” medicine. The medical system is designed to treat symptoms and not cure anything, it’s only about extracting as much money from people as possible and keeping them sick from birth to death. It’s long overdo for this broken system to replaced with one with integrity.

  69. This “young” doctor/medical student is atttempting to reverse millennia of real and true human health practices. Hippocractes will continue to roll in the grave with the prospect of Mister (hopefully never using the Dr.) Mazer and like minded medical school graduates. He, the MSSNY and AMA are nothing more than monopolists and shills for big Pharma. After all a MD is nothing more than a doctor of medicine which inherently means hes sees the solution to all human health issues with narow focus of “medicine.” Simply drugs and only drugs.They are merely drug pushers. It’s like old saying goes if you only see every solution as a hammer than you will see every problem as a nail. Hopefully, society will be spared this young zealots limited perspective, intelligence and advice and spared the impending malpractice his actions demonstrated is just around the corner

  70. I wonder who ‘really’ pays Mazers high tuition bills for school. Maybe the MSSNY should be looking @ him.
    Considering the ‘FACTS’ of modern medical failures (like chemo for cancer that usually kills before it ever cures) we should maybe all be grateful for those doctors that actually speak up about successful alternative cures.
    And of course that’s exactly what the Medical Mafia doesn’t want to happen and history has proven that those who do are hounded out of practice and sometimes the country….IF they live!

  71. I believe this guy is simply freaking out because people are finally beginning to take control of their own health and he might not make as much money as he’d hoped when he entered medical school. Why can’t they let people use their brains and make decisions for themselves? I’ve never heard Dr. Oz say doctors don’t know what they’re talking about. But he does promote people taking an active part in their own health. I think that is marvelous. We still need doctors. We always will. But things are shifting. Look at preventative as well as dealling with symptoms. Don’t just pass out pills to your patients. Help them be a part of their own healing and growth.
    This guy needs to take a deep breath and realilze he is not, and will never be, anyone’s god. He’s only human, just like the rest of us.

  72. Why try to muzzle Dr Oz???? He is doing nothing but trying to give people alternative weapons to heal and preserve human life as opposed to the “so called medicine” that guys(doctors)” pass out as “healing agents” etc; G-D created this earth with every plant needed until guys came along and destroyed them with “CHEMISTRY”! As individuals we have the right to chose what we want or…you doctors seeking to make “1984” a reality???

  73. Here’s proof of the adage “a little truth is more dangerous than no truth.” Mazer sounds like a kid who has too much time on his hands and should be better using it studying all phases of health and medicine. I would never look to him for the best health advice if I were ill. The kid just wants his “15 minutes of being noticed.” Sounds rather immature in my opinion.

  74. Mazer is just another hynotized, mindless zombie who has spent too much time with his head in the wrong books. Can you say, “sheeple”? BIG PHARMA LOVES YOU, MAZER!

  75. Saving lives through good sound advice is what’s marketed on everything from sprouts at Whole Food, to GNC, and Dr. Oz!!!
    Is your rampage based on the loss of income you face once people start and continue to take better care of themselves. You sound like a spoiled BRAT. “Physician HEAL THYSELF!!!”

  76. Oz flip-flops between good info. and erroneous bull crap…like he takes favors from all sides? I don’t listen to what he has to say, for that reason….

  77. I hope that AMA and the FDA would publish independent research as to what is the best way an individual can treat his or her diabetes. With more and more Americans becoming diabetic, the need for accurate and understandable advise as how to treat their disease has become vital. We can not let profit or ego get in the way of accurate information getting to the public. Many lives depend on this happening as soon as possible. I ask that these institutions and the government work toward this goal! The American Public is counting on them!

  78. If I had listened to my doctors, I would be on HBP meds, when I don’t have HBP, statins, when I lowered my cholesterol thru diet and exercise. After having 2 stents inserted 3-1/2 yrs ago, I am symptom free but also regularly take vitamin/mineral and herbal supplements, several of which were advocated on Dr. Oz’s show by qualified medical and naturopathic practitioners, and for whom he gives the benefit of the doubt.
    Mr.Mazer is speaking as a brainwashed medical student who seems to be trying to make a name for himself in the medical world, and more ominously, to gain favor with the omnipotent pharmaceutical companies. Natural and homeopathic treatments have worked for many more years than today’s medical conventions, which result in far more deaths.
    I would encourage Dr. Oz to continue what he is doing, and hope that his associates and patients rise to the occasion, in a show of support.

  79. I do believe in supplements and vitamin/minerals. I take them because my doctor ordered due to Low blood work & symptoms. However i spend considerable time researching them on Legit siites till i am satisfied as to medical need. I have watched Dr.Oz tv show & much is too far out for me &
    Seem to be unknown to anyone but him. If on TV minimum 5 days a week, you sure need to come up with things to eat or drink that noone has heard of.
    at times he will talk about eating real vegetables that make sense.
    I no longer watch his show or rarely as i think much is silly or harmful.
    i not real big on pharma prescriptions but also know some necessary. But
    always ask doctor questions what its for, how will this help me and then i research still before taking. It is called “be smart about what we put in our body”. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not good.

  80. My health clinic emphasizes diet and did not put me on drugs when my blood sugar went up. It resolved on diet alone. I agreed with this–I’m 75 years old and have avoided drugs to the extent possible since the 1960s. I’ve watched Dr. Oz a few times and think what he’s doing is great–and he can go even further and not get a complaint from me. Yesterday I received a subscription form to his new magazine, The Good Life, and decided I didn’t need another health magazine, so threw his invitation in the trash. After I saw your article today, I fished it out and sent it in! Bravo to you for reporting on this–I’ll support Dr. Oz any day over the big medical establishment, especially when a smart-ass medical student is doing the prescribing. All doctors need to go as natural and holistic as possible in order to truly cure their patients. They’d better learn the direction we’re going in or they’ll get left with no patients.

  81. I don’t think the medical association should be worried about integrative medicine. They should incorporate it into their own healing system.

  82. Dr. Oz simply showcases a variety of beliefs and treatments. He shows things to make Americans aware of what is out there and to give us choices and alternative therapies. He also alerts us to potentially harmful choices and shows what could happen as a result. I’m glad we have someone like him to bring us news and updates about medical issues. I appreciate that he investigates and asks questions of other doctors and experts. Dr. Oz gets an A+ rating here in my house!

  83. What can you expect from University Brainwashed Student….Never let schooling get in the way of your Education-Mark Twain-

  84. Personally I feel Dr Oz gives wonderful advice. Western medicine is not the only way to treat people, human beings, who deserve options. Leave Dr Oz alone. He is a good man with lots of good advice. Drug companies are way out of hand. People deserve choices and Dr Oz gives us good, healthy choices. You go, Dr Oz!

  85. When I was in law school, almost every student thought they were hotshots that instantly new more about how to assert their rights than the general public. That is, until they actually had to practice law after passing the bar, and realized they didn’t have the slightest idea how practice the ART of law, because it is an art. In fact, absent mentoring and on the job training, a first year lawyer fresh out of law school cannot function as a lawyer.
    I assume the same is true with medical students, and am shocked at the presumptiousness of a second year medical student filing a complaint against an actual doctor who has experience dealing with patients. Medical students are not even a doctors, have not completed an internship where they first learn (while being watched every second to deal with patients because real doctors know they will make potentially life threatening mistakes), and have not completed the years more doctor to patient work as a resident and fellow before they are deemed qualified to even treat patients on his own, A second year medical student’s job is to shut up, unless they ask questions to learn more, and memorize medical principles. They are utterly unqualified to have an opinion on treating patients.
    As the research shows, all this complainant had was hubris, not knowledge, and he should have kept his mouth shut because at the point he made his complaints, he didn’t even know if he would know enough to get a license.

  86. It’s quite interesting that the AMA would consider the word of a medical student with minimal medical experience and knowledge over such a prominent Cardiologist as Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz still practices Cardiology medicine and surgery and see patients and saves lives every day at one of the most prestigious hospital in the USA, New York Presbyterian. It would be quite ridiculous for anyone to take the medical students opinion over a prominent doctored whether or not he is in the limelight or not. I respect opinions but the medical student should have educated himself before defaming someone.

  87. I’d like to know who this Mazer guy is. What’s his background? What friend or relative does he have in the pharmaceutical business? Something is fishy about a student leading large protest against such an experienced medical professional.

  88. This is the problem with western medical students they are brain washed to believe everything they are taught and are not allowed to think outside the box it is only after they are in practice and see that there are other answers and some become more flexible and some get out of the field and then there are those that are just plain stubborn .


  90. Also I’d like to add that I have had friends die from diabetic complications. It was very sad to see their health steadily decline even though they were on the very fine mainstream medical care. Their doctors knew best, more insulin! My neighbor is going down fast, she was just in a diabetic coma, but hey, the best treatment possible she says. I couldn’t get them to try anything alternative.

  91. Dr. Oz goes way beyond his medical specialty on his TV program. I doubt he has any education in nutrition beyond the tiny amount in a physiology class. Yet he portrays himself as an expert in nutrition.
    His program started out with some genuinely informative medical information, but the network apparently saw that the obesity/diet segments interested viewers, so now the program has become a dumbed down, childish food game program with assertions about food that verge on the extreme, with little or now science behind the claims. Dr. Oz seems to be attracted to fad diets and notions, and has shown little interest in substantiating claims with real science.

  92. I am so glad things are coming to light with the truth concerning Big Pharma. Medicine in this country, like everything else, is all about the money. I cannot imagine life without money, yet America is obsessed with it and no amount is ever enough. We all want more, more, more money even at the expense of extremely ill people who are miserable. This is barbaric and inhuman. It is INSANE. I needed a particular antibiotic recently…the cost for fourteen pills was one thousand five hundred dollars. Having no drug insurance, I was forced to turn down that option for one that cost less than ten dollars? Yes, it made me crazy to think about it at the time. I moved past that experience, but it was INSANE! Pure GREED. This entire country starting with our government, Big Pharma and Corporate AG must stop the greed or this country will die of stupidity a short time from now. We cannot go on like this!

  93. This is an example of a new doctor defending an out of date medical care system. Drugs & surgery isn’t good enough any more. People also want integrative methods to treat illness and chronic diseases. It’s time for the AMA and CMA to update teaching methods or risk losing patients to alternative care doctors. We’re pissed off and won’t take it any more. This young lad is well on his way to being a whore for Big Pharma.

  94. When ever people are new to learning something they can tend to be very zealous. However they can also be rather ignorant of facts and truth and let emotion get the better of them. Freedom of speech and freedom to choose ones health care is very important. More so than someone’s ego. Please do not allow this to happen. Thanks for reading this

  95. Obviously this medical student is being brainwashed by Big Pharma. We need to be aware of a good nutritional diet and healthy exercise instead of pharmaceuticals. Let’s be pro-active with our health so we don’t have doctore prescribing dangerous meds with bad side effects. Treat the cause, not the effect.

  96. Not all physicians or medical students have a corner on being right. A person or patient has to be proactive and do research on their own behalf. It takes many hours of research but one’s life is worth it. As a diabetic, I have had to explore all types of foods, supplements and other means to control my blood sugar. It has been wonderful to discover many things about nutrition and have a healthy diet now. I conquered my depression and am now very much in control of my blood sugar. I eat the way I should always have been and I can eat just about anything I want and still be healthy.
    Dr. Oz has performed a broad range of services for the public but each person has to follow up his advice with common sense and research. He is not the personal physician of most people so he should not be considered as such.

  97. Thank goodness for dr. Oz and dr, Mercola, people should have alternatives rather than always using drugs that most times cause more harm that good just listening to the side effects is a clue to how can these be good. I’d like to see more doctors treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

  98. Leave DR. OZ ALONE! He is a great informative doctor. We are very pledged to view his show.
    Let this madness GO!

  99. This is very dangerous! Integrated Medicine should be the wave of the future. Stop the the above attack on Dr. Oz & thinking outside the box NOW!

  100. This med student is way out of line but I would not put it past Big Pharm to be the real instigator here. It is right up their alley to go something so under handed and so anti-consumer. The cash cow wants to grow bigger and wants more control

  101. It is time that medical schools update what they teach. The ACE study, which is available at the CDC website, indicates that trauma is a core issue for mental illness, addiction, and chronic illness. We need to address the core issue as a preventative treatment and will hopefully ward off the above illnesses.
    Dr Bruce Lipton showed how the environment and belief is another core issue for alterations in DNA. How many medical students are taught this? Or are they still taught the same old?
    Our western medicine has evolved into specialties and medical students end up with a very narrow focus. After they are through their schooling, they then work hard to keep up in this specialty–never learning to address the core issues.
    Medical science keeps looking for solutions through advances in prescription drugs. A healthy life style includes exercise, no smoking, proper nutrition, and learning to be centered in the present moment. Following that and learning to allow frozen energy/trauma to surface would go a long way in reducing our ever escalating health care costs.

  102. Obviously, this is the opinion of a student who has not had the responsibility of helping people with chronic inflammation diseases and all of the consequences of prescription medicine. His studies has not allowed him to see ALL of the research that goes into protocols of treatment that are not followers of conventional medicine. In time and experience, he will see another side of medicine.

  103. This young person should check out how many patients die from prescribed drugs,
    that are supposed to cure our ails, and doe he realize that many of the side effects of these drugs
    are worse than the cure! This student is already brainwashed in a system against those
    doctors that are discovering optional natural remedies that do not kill anyone… yet are successful
    in curing many ailments. The first one he should really look into is the food we eat, the real cause of why there is so much bad health in this country. It is unfortunate he has already rejected that
    medicine is going to eventually endorse.

  104. Fortunately, I can watch Dr. Oz and still make my own decisions. I don’t seek advice from the AMA or my allopathic doctor. I seek advice from a naturopath. I try, at every chance I get, to bypass the medical association and do things my way – naturally, and with the least amount of harm. Am I taking prescription meds? No. Why would I? They are for profit, and without regard to my health.


  106. Shut down the AMA who is in bed with big Pharma! Then maybe we would get somewhere!! Oh and a med student go study and learn something that might actually help!

  107. As a former nurse and now a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Fibromyalgia among some other issues, I am glad you have revealed this information.
    I live in Tucson, AZ and it has taken over 7 years to find my current PMC doc and the Nurse Practitioner that I go to. They are patient centered and actually listen. My NP knows all about the chemical stuff as well as FMS and does not dictate to me but councils with me regarding any treatment I may need.
    At 76, it is difficult to get the optimal care from any doctor and physicals are no longer permitted but rather an annual ” interview”. This is just such a stupid idea for the age group that often suffers from dementia.
    However, I can’t understand this medical student – he should be on top of the marriage between traditional medicine and alternative medicine. I sure would not want him for my doc.

  108. This medical student is so brainwashed it is hard to imagine anyone beleiving what she beleives. We have known for years the dangers of Type 2 diabetes medicines. Closed minded. We do not agree at all with her. Food, good organic food is the best thing for Diabetes.

  109. I cant understand under than $$$$$ why there is such a fuss. Dr. Oz does give good medical advice. I have tried some and instead of getting drowsy, upset stomach and other side effects it works great and a lot cheaper too boot.

  110. “If they don’t ‘toe the line’ – seriously? What are they going to do step all over it? It’s ‘tow the line’ – you might want to fix that for credibility reasons.

  111. my veterinarian practices integrative medicine as well as traditional medicine and it is working very well for my dog who has cancer which is under control. he takes many natural supplements in conjunction with a couple of very low-dose traditional drugs used to treat cancer. his diet ( which I cook ) is very low in carbs and high in protein and green leafy vegetables. so there is something to be said for a more natural way of treating diseases in both humans and animals. therefore medical schools should be teaching preventative medicine along with conventional and not be beholding to the big drug companies whom many people do not trust.
    Benjamin Mazer needs to go back to his first courses and keep an open mind about medicine.

  112. I don’t think Dr. Oz has been censured because he is battling “Big Pharma” and is an angel promoting alternative medicine; I think he is a penurious fraud who promotes his weight-loss scheme of the week to line his own pockets. It’s ridiculous for a cardiac surgeon to think he has a lock on every health issue from gum disease to menstrual cramps, particularly when he uses his position on TV and online to cash in. This is not good medicine; it is nothing short of criminal. It was good to see the “emperor’s new clothes” revealed in his recent appearance before Congress, one of the few times our representatives used their authority to lambast someone deserving of their grilling. And as expected, he had no defense for his actions.

  113. As a registered nurse, I read medical facts before I take any medicine. I actually did NOT take a prescribed med for my high cholesterol (reduced it to acceptable level) and I also brought my HgAIc down with diet alone. I believe diet can prevent or cause disease depending on whether it is a healthy one or not. I am not against all medicine but believe a natural approach is good too. And I believe that modern medicine today depends too much on meds..So I believe that more emphasis should be placed on changing lifestyle and diet.

  114. Is there a way to contact the MSSNY and AMA to respond and let them know we are aware? If this makes it through, it becomes precedent for the future. We cannot have this kind of censorship. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Oz says, because I think some of his views are sometimes too mainstream (i.e., his views on dietary fat), but I certainly don’t want him or anyone else censored. The Gestapo exists by different names.

  115. Mazer obviously has an super-sized ego. Dr. Oz has brought common sense to the general public. Who wants to spend their money on drugs that have sketchy research and cause harm? The FDA should be investigating these poorly run drug trials before approving the profit-driven products.

  116. For those of us who can’t get in bed with Pharmaceutical company products due to additives, sources and color dies due to allergy issues…we have to use natural products. If Americans were educated on nutrition and how to actively engage in their food prep (Do you know how many people touch your food before you do? Do you know how to wash your food in salt water to kill bacteria?) and quit relying on over worked underpaid FDA workers…they would see an increase in their own health. Like car dealers and tobacco pharmaceutical
    companies have a big stake in congress. Perhaps our med students should have no contact with them to be influenced by them.

  117. Dr Oz is promoting natural, holistic approaches to illness, and why would the Medical Establishment want that? Where is the Profit in that?
    Most mainstream doctors today are just drug dealers. Why diet and exercise and eat healthy foods when all you have to do is take a pill?
    All these critics should be made to actually read some of his books, before they make all these false claims against him.

  118. That medical student should be concerned with how he or she is being turned into a drug pusher of toxic medicines and vaccines that are slowly destroying the health of this once nation. Medical schools are supported by the pharmaceutical industry. An industry not of medical science but ineffective and very toxic chemicals. Vaccines that contain squalene – that increases the rate at which the immune system is weakened; aluminum – the destroys brain cells; formaldehyde – an imbulming fluid; and mercury – the cause of autism because it damages the glands and brain cells. None of these chemicals should ever touch delicate human tissues, much less directly injected into the blood. DEATH BY MEDICINE!!!!! Even some of their own ads on TV list the side-effect as death and yet they are allowed to sell these toxins. The multi-billion-dollar a year industry has become a loyal servant of the dark forces’ agendas to destroy the health of Humanity. I worked for a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals! I know from experience. ( for squalene and the anthrax vaccine given to our soldiers that have made them sick.. The same squalene that is present in the Flu Vaccine – beware!!!!)

  119. “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”

  120. Well I was for several years going to countless medial doctors with severe diarrhea and was told I had anxiety, then I was told I had IBS and learn to live with it!!! I spent over a year and a half so sick I could barely do my work as a music teacher. It was NOT UNTIL I found a wonderful doctor who does Functional Medicine I was told I had microbial bacteria in my gut!! I finally had an answer!! She stopped my diarrhea with Bentonite Clay in one week and took hold of my gut and began to cure it step by step with supplements, not PILLS, not antibiotics which had not done the job and I had done five rounds and was still sick!!! So for this young man to discredit Dr. Oz who I feel has done this country a huge world of good!!!!! Open your eyes Medical School and come back to where we started hundreds of years ago in health!!!!!!! I have learned so much from holistic Healing and I feel the Medical Profession needs to wake up!!!
    I will never regret my move medically from a dear friend who was also sick most of her life and functional medicine cured her!!!! Lets get real here please!!

  121. I think Mr. Mazer should complete his studies before he opens his mouth. Alternative and Natural medicine has been around far longer than the AMA or the Medical establishment. I for one have little faith in medicine as it is now day and particularly since the government has gotten involved. It and the drug companies has pretty much tied the hands of good Doctors, and brain washed the newer ones coming on to think that drugs are the only way. They don’t cure they just relieve symptoms.

  122. Sad that an arrogant medical student studying lamestream medicine cannot accept someone who espouses alternatives for a ‘pill for the ill.’ Drugs have side effects…..the FDA has shown time and time again that they have approved drugs that have harmed people. We know about the relationship between Big Pharma and the FDA. It is about profitability. When holistic alternatives have shown that cures can be implemented without drugs, the MDs have a hard time getting their arms around it. It is time we start moving toward holistic treatment rather than bankrupting the medical insurance system. Our failed food system, toxic contamination and many other factors have contributed to our ill health. MDs can only do so much. Education is the key and Dr. Oz has been in the mainstream with a fact-based approach to getting information to the masses. We have to be our own advocates for comandeering our own health. Knowledge is power and the more we know, the more we can make enlightened decisions on our well being.

  123. if doctors – current and prospective ones, were really interested in people’s health, they applaud the fact that Dr. Oz and others are trying to educate the public and present an alternative to people becoming slaves to the use of all the dangerous drugs sent into the market every day. A few years back my husband was suffering from terrible depression, his Dr. said he needs to go Zoloft. We research his blood pressure medication and found depression was a side effect. We asked the Dr. to change the medication and his depression disappeared. I have seen older people that take 10 and 12 prescriptions a day. Mostly for conditions caused by medications. Being able to know about the healing effects of diet should be a prime objective of a real healer. But then, of course, people would not need to be at the doctor’s every month and being given new medicines that make their lives miserable. Medicine has become nothing but a racket.

  124. It just figures that Big Pharma would pull something like this, without the glare of the spotlight on them, but who in their right mind thought that a second-year med student would be more qualified to talk about this stuff than a board-certified doctor?
    If MSSNY has passed the proposal in “revised” form, we the People should make it our business to find out just what exactly these Big Pharma cronies are doing.

  125. Mazer is a product of an outdated drug paradigm that is perpetuated by the pharma-owned medical schools and medical system. Has he never seriously looked outside his medical textbooks at the many sources of information on alternative medicine? Another puppet who believes drugs are the only way to cure disease.
    By the way, Dr Oz doesn’t represent the whole of alternative health and is mostly a sellout. I hope Mazer’s ignorance doesn’t end up another foothold in the war on alternative health.

  126. “Mazer claims, with no basis whatsoever, that Oz is giving advice ‘that was really not great or had no medical basis.’ ”
    I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Dr. Oz has been irresponsibly recommending supplements for which there is no supporting evidence at best, and which have been demonstrated to be harmful at worst.
    And this:
    “One of the biggest differences between natural health programs for diabetes and drugs is that the former can not only prevent the disease but also cure it, while the latter cannot and introduces serious new risks.”
    is simply ridiculous.

  127. A med student wants us to listen to the likes of him (when he actually becomes a pill pushing … oh, I’m sorry, I mean a medical doctor? What an enormous misplaced ego this Mazer has. But there’s no stopping him; he’s already in a (hospital) bed with the pharmasuicidals.

  128. I regularly view the Dr. Oz show and have followed many of his suggestions for riding myself of diagnosed diabetes #2, high blood pressure, weight, etc. to the dismay of my primary care physician. I began following these suggestions, including regular gym sessions with a trainer. Now, three years later, I no longer use prescription medications because my numbers have gone from “good to better to best”. I am struggling with recently diagnosed asthma but will follow suggestions for riding myself of this burden as I did with the diabetes. Based on my experiences during the past ten years, it is my absolute belief that BIG PHARMA does not want individuals to be healthy, they want to keep medicines and hospitalization EXACTLY where it is in order to increase their profits. Many years ago, BEFORE Dr. Oz, I was advised that healthy food in moderation and exercise is the best way to maintain good health. You are right:
    “… it is the fault of a medical education system that is often in bed with Big Pharma. Drug companies are increasingly teaming up with top schools, and also try to subsidize students in a variety of ways.”

  129. I stop going to the doctor after my mother died from her meds the doctor gave her to conteol her diabetes. I learn that a organic diet, herb/vitamins(not synthetic) and to get up a move is the best way to control all illnesses. I am 57 years old been told I look late 30’s and can keep up with the kids at work. I have no medical problems, I right wouldn’t want to know if I did because once you find out you go down hill. I watch Dr Oz but I do my on research. This is my body and my responsibility to take care of it.

  130. We love Dr. Oz……listen to him every day, use what is pertinent to us, avoid what is not! BUT,
    he does a great service to all of us–the millions who watch!!!

  131. About 10 years ago my mother died from a bad reaction to a diabetes drug. I wish she had known all about what Dr. Oz has been teaching. She might still be with us today. My Dad misses her terribly. The right diet and supplements are safer and more effective than diabetes drugs. Giving up sugar is not that difficult. I did it. I use stevia instead. Giving up eating a lot of meat is not difficult. I did it. I have also cut way back on milk. It’s really not that hard to do and well worth it. Thank you Dr.Oz for your efforts to get good information to a vast audience.

  132. Benjamin Mazer and others like him have been taught by their medical schooling to rely on either drugs, surgery, or other non-natural remedies for almost all medical conditions. In many cases, that approach is the appropriate one to take. But our medical schools are failing to include safer, more natural approaches to healing when it is the better choice, and physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Julian Whitaker and the like are providing the American public with those choices.
    The bigger question is: Why has the FDA allowed the pharmaceutical industry to all but control what we are given by our doctors and why hasn’t the AMA done the right thing and practiced the “First Do No Harm” rule by encouraging an HONEST look at alternative medicine. As for Benjamin Mazer, he is just another “by the book” future physician whose ignorance and gullibility will never allow him to put the needs of his patients first.
    I want to thank Dr. Oz and others like him for having the courage to look beyond the status quo and honorably serve those who trust them by actually practicing the “First Do No Harm” rule.
    Allyson Finkel
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

  133. Another dipwad student who knows more than the licensed doc. Look, I don’t always agree with Oz’s recommendations, but I’m not a doc either.
    This kid is getting subsidized by big pharma. Just listen to his rhetoric. Anyone who pushes drugs over natural knows nothing. The number one cause of death after disease and violence is prescription drugs. And it’s getting worse with the FDA and CDC getting paid off by big pharma!
    He’s looking for unearned notoriety and a quick buck for no work. Probably not the best grades either, but someone has to finish last in their class.

  134. Who is paying this guy?
    Supplements and diet being dangerous? He needs to educate himself about the other side of the coin. I believe in supplementation, diet, exercise, and personal growth. Changing one’s attitude to life with a live and let live, no judgement goes a long way to being happy. I hope that poor Mr. Mazer is eventually led to see that having an open mind may lead him to some fantastic life lessons and experiences.

  135. Sounds like this “up and coming new doctor” is afraid that holistic medicine may catch on in the USA like it has been in Europe for years. Does he not believe that we as US citizens have the right and knowledge to care for ourselves and our families. There is a place for both type of care. We do not need one type of care dictated to us. As for this “new doctor”, if he is a good, caring and,knowledgable physician he doesn’t need to be concerned about receiving his share of the financial pie.

  136. Is it naive, or does it sound absurd that a MEDICAL STUDENT knows more than someone who has been in the profession for years? This guy should be so lucky to have the career Dr. Oz has been having. I wouldn’t trust his ass. I suspect someone more substantial behind this effort, when it seems that mainstream medicine, especially big pharma, is threatened by the erosion of trust among the public, leading to interest in alternative modalities, as a result of its own greed, monkey business and lack of transparency.
    As to your point “And even if Mazer had been right, does he really think that doctors should be gagged and deprived of their constitutional right to free speech, or that they should be threatened with the loss of their license if they don’t toe the line?” A seemingly unrelated matter, the infamous Hobby Lobby case, has the same smell. Don’t talk to patients about birth control, “we” (royal corporate “we” — they’re persons, after all) won’t pay for it. But don’t talk about it. That is really where that was going, if you read the original legal briefs.
    Insistence upon a fixed point in medical orthodoxy is as ludicrous as biblical fundamentalism.
    Well, there you go.

  137. Mazur is a student while Dr Oz is an accomplished surgeon Pharmaceutical companies target young,inexperienced doctors/residents to buy into their poison toxic concoctions It’s all about money,not about people Mazur has not held a dying rotted fat laden heart in his hands . Leave Dr Oz alone He is sharing the truth and educating people properly Relying on drugs to fix your problem has led to a substantial dangerous decline in our society

  138. For his acts you know them(wilkes case 1987) ama vs cd,nd,. Supreme court case win by chiropractors and Naturopath.

  139. May I suggest that second year medical student Mazer did not come up with the idea of censoring Dr. Oz on his own. I believe that there is a strong probability that he had help from his pharmacology professor whose salary is paid for by the Pharmaceutical industry.

  140. Arrogant little pup. Oz has forgotten more than this punk kid is likely to ever know. Looks like Big Pharma already has THIS weener totally brain washed and deep in its pocket. It’s all adolescent ego, seems to me. Where HAS this retro dud been for the last 40 years? Clearly sound asleep. Perhaps he could get a day job over at MONSANTO making GMOs…

  141. The AMA is going on the defensive,mainstream doctors are guilty of more quackery than Oz could ever generate.

  142. Shocking! Student Mazer appears to have no understanding of the ‘real world,’ the world beyond his medical school textbooks and endoctrinations (which are, indeed, largely funded by the very interests that he is advocating for). Student Mazer, it would be an act of great kindness to call your view ‘sophomoric,’ because beyond that you have an attitude of profound intolerance for what you don’t see as part of your own very little world. Dear student, not only are you wholly devoid of tact, but your education so far has obviously imparted absolutely no understanding of the basic First Amendment right of free speech; and, worst of all, you self-righteously proclaim the little ‘modality’ that you espouse, to be the ‘salvation’ for the countless ailments and illnesses that all of us face. Student Mazer, you are guilty, before the eyes of all of us, of the deepest hubris. (You’ll probably have to look that one up.) And I feel genuine sympathy for anyone who will ever be your patient.
    With pity for you,

  143. Saying integrative medicine is quackery has been a ploy for a while to try to scare people from using
    herbs and supplements that have been around for centuries.Chinese medicine has been around for over 6,000 years. Woman herbalists were called Witches as if this was a bad thing.
    In the 1990’s more than two thirds of American’s were using natural therapies (which the medical
    profession calls alternative) Even more are using them now.
    Just look at the side effects of most drugs (as advertised on TV) which are worse that the malady they were meant to cure.
    Why wouldn’t any intelligent person use something that was safe, works, and didn’t have side effects if used correctly.
    Seems the Pharmaceutical

  144. What the Congress should enact is that no single pharmaceutical company be larger than 10 to 15 billion dollars in annual revenue and would have to spin off businesses – sell them off and distribute excess capital to shareholders. That would still allow them to develop dubious drugs, without power to unduly influence government officials and medical community. Instead they become power houses, grow by mergers and commend illegal action(s) on part of the President allowing Monsantos of this world and others immunity from liability and prosecution!!!

  145. I began doubting Dr. Oz when I noticed he was backing various products that produced the identical “cure” such as weight loss. I questioned another of his by calling in about another of his “magic cures,” and was advised to use the second “cure” in combination – AND THEN I would see the magical effect. This is misrepresentation and I consider Dr. Oz no better than a snake oil salesman.

  146. Thank you for posting this article. I find it reprehensible that this ill-informed student is making such outrageous claims. Please continue to follow this issue.
    Susan Lovett

  147. I think you are conflating 2 separate issues. Dr Oz has repeatedly touted unregulated products that have been tested and found to have no efficacy. There has to be a 3rd stream between Big Medicine/Big Pharma and a huckster like Dr Oz. He is neither reliable nor rigorous, and should be ignored.

  148. Hi,
    Thank God for doctors like Oz…… we need hundreds more like him. Other doctors are envious as he is probably taking some of their income from them. At least
    Dr. Oz does not expect himself to be called Dr. God.

  149. The only quackery here are people as so called doctor students etc. People live longer in general taking supplements because supplements add to our depleted food supply in a nutritional way. Corn is an example where there is hardly any nutrition at all since it has become hybrid as other food groups also. Pesticides and gmo’s “Monsanto” are destroying our health and since the “60’s” the food industry has added corn syrup etc. to hurt the health of the consumer.
    Oh yes over 100,000 people die from drugs annually—supplements—as many fingers and maybe your toes die. So who are the ones responsible for more deaths Mr. Mazer? Co enzyme q 10 has been around since the 50’s taken orally. It’s found in fowl, beef, fish etc. and energizes approximately 100 million cells in a body. So drugs have their place but tear down the body while diet, exercise, drinking enough water, sleeping enough and supplements build up the immune system etc.

  150. Dear Mazer:
    What in the hell is wrong with your brain????? don’t you get it?? people are not being helped with Traditional Medicine?? l saw 25 of these so called doctors when l got a rare illness? l did my own research, l am a senior, l was new to the computer, and I FOUND MY OWN DIAGNOSIS ??????
    it was a test not acknowledged by traditional medicine, it SAVED MY LIFE? My Rheumatologist has Gout for god’s sake? l have tried to open him up to Prolotherapy which helps deal with my OA pain, and l don’t have to deal with side effects of drugs? unfortunately for him he is too bought and sold by the big Pharma? it goes on and on and on. I hope one day you experience what a lot of us have to deal with, illnesses unknown, harmful medications for symptoms ? WAKE UP you STUPID MAN ?

  151. I read and tried one of his miracle weight loss drugs. IT was no such thing, I was never so sick . I went and had some test run and after ward found out my liver had been compromised . I quite the crap he pushes. I think every one who is over weight should not take his word at any thing. I threw away his product and will never take his word for anything.

  152. The fact that Dr. Oz is one of those ultra-low-carb nutjobs (he advocates 6% carbs!) is reason enough to get him off TV.

  153. Dr.Oz has good information that the big pharm wants hidden. Our medical students are taught to cover up health problems with pills or cut it out. Who sets these guide lines for what the medical students are taught? I stayed sick and in the Dr. office all the time until I started taking herbs and vitimins. Haven’t been sick since. It’s all about big money. It is really ashamed that people’s health is threw away to line somebody’s pockets. God has a place for these people. Genesis 1:29 states that God gave us herbs as meat for our bodies. God made our bodies, and God knows what they need, not goverment or some pharm company.

  154. Freedom of Speech shall prevail. Dr. Oz is doing a good job. Allow people to decide for themselves. Sounds to me like a case of the “Green Eyed Monster”. There is room for all
    medicines…alternative and orthodox alike.

  155. How dare this man make these claims against Dr Oz! All that Dr. Oz has been doing is to try to get all of us to live a healthier life through a good diet and through moving our bodies in ways they are supposed to be. I could understand this sort of lashing out if Dr. Oz was selling some sort of bizarre, cure-all supplement, but he is not. So, I do no understand the reason for Mr. (He’s not a doctor, yet, is he?) Mazar’s attack.

  156. Big Pharma and the AMA pursue their economic aims rather aggressively, in every relavant direction ranging from usurping the law to shut down Integrative Medicine practitioners who are getting too successful, to politcal lobbying.
    That their money should be behind this Mazer upstart is a “given”.
    What disappoints me is that the Integrative Medicine movement, operating through its own professional associations, is not so well organised and not nearly so aggressive. It should be.
    When the likes of Mazer, or a politiciam or a senior FDA executive such as that evil Margaret Hamburg creature do and say many of the things they do, there is false science or no science at all to back it up. These people must be aggressively attacked – brought more prominently INTO the public eye and exposed for the frauds they are. Expose them and provide the proofs, which are usually abundant enough. Make it PERSONAL, but purely and specifically at the levels of professionalism and bases of proof in real science. Just as specifically, this does NOT mean Pharma-sponsored, Pharma-run and Pharme-assessed clinical trial evidence, which needs to be researched using organisations like the Cochrane Colloaboration, to bebunk them when they are cited in support of conventional drugs and therapies. NAME THE CULPRITS. FORCE THEM INTO PUBLIC DEBATES, DISPROVE THEM FACTUALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY. Make their rhetoric stink. Make them fear for their credibility, prestige and income bases. Pharma will not line the pockets of someone who has no public credibility, or one whose standing among his peers is somewhere in the sewer.
    Come to understand and use that which is called “Perception Management”.
    The public cannot be fooled ALL of the time. Even politicians know this.

  157. I’m afraid that Dr. Oz espouses solutions that have much less support than warrant airtime. Integrative medicine, treatment regimens that get as much mileage as possible from lifestyle modifications before adding in pharmaceuticals and surgeries, has always been favored by my doctors; and these are mainstream, allopathic physicians. But I see Oz (and Null) grabbing bright-colored fruit rather than showing the respect for suffering people that is represented by careful research that demonstrates a substantial Strength of Effect (D).

  158. I am a fan of Dr, Oz – NOT because I am a TV groupie – but because he brings to light alternative medicine ideas and exposes the public to a variety of health and physiology issues and also educates the average bear,
    While I may have tried some of the supplements that his guests have suggested would help with weight loss – I always knew it would only be an adjunct to a better diet and exercise plan.
    This young man is a clown and should wake up and smell the coffee before he becomes the typical American physician who is arrogant, narrow minded and lacking in compassion.

  159. Pure science encourages open minded views. Student Mazer proposes a one way medicine, his way, closing the door to alternative ways of improving health. This is wrong and unscientific.

  160. Dr Oz routinely advocates on behalf of those who are basically selling snake oil. He is in a trusted position because he is a medical doctor, and his advice runs the risk of endangering the health of some people. I believe that there are alternative medical treatments, natural pharmaceuticals, and healthy eating patterns that help people, but Dr Oz treats the good and the bad with the same enthusiastic approval. That is wrong and he knows it.

  161. I find Benjamin Mazur’s opinionated attack on Dr Mehmet Oz to be lacking in fundamental nutritional knowledge. Although I do not always choose to follow this or that particular recommendation from Mehmet Oz, I do not want his voice silenced at the instigation of an ill-informed and overbearing medical student.

  162. I never thought a show on natural medicine would be on network tv. He probably should have a disclaimer to cover himself legally. This government is very uptight about anything else except allopathic (drugs + surgery) medicine.

  163. I am presently defending myself against the board of nursing and the dept of health Florida as they want th take my license away for promoting enzymes,vitamin and health foods from my health food store.
    My health food store is licensed under the US dept of Agriculture, thank god for that.
    Investigators came to my health food store and fined me $1500 for practicing nutrition and medicine without a license. Then charged me an additional $4500 as an investigative fee. Then turned around and demanded my NA license, which absolutely nothing to do with selling and promoting vitamins. I have already spent over $10000 in legl fees.
    These investigators and prosecutors are the real extortionists.
    To top it all;
    I was involved in an accident with a semi truck on hwy 75 near Gainesville Florida on July 23/1999.
    Which left me a paraplegic. After spending 2 years in a wheelchair I resorted to enzymes, vitamin and nutrition and was able to get off the wheelchair. I have nw been promoted to an incomplete paraplegic. After that I decided to open a health food / Vitamin store. On jan 4th 2013 the investigators came in to the health food store and extorted $6000 for practicing nutrition and Medicine without a license. This is absolute Criminal.

  164. Check out our website for more integrative and functional medicine remedies for reversible causes of dementia. The multi-billion-dollar dementia industry depends for its life on the wrong-headed idea that a magic pill is the only answer to all such diseases. It’s not true.
    Dementia, even when labeled as Alzheimer’s, has been reversed in dozens of cases. Even Mayo Clinic has recently come out with confirming information to that effect. If you doubt, please go to to see interviews with doctors, researchers, and patients who’ve turned it around and gotten their lives back.
    Don’t give up until you’ve exhausted every possibility. It’s working for me.

  165. I pray that integrative and traditional medicine will learn to work together and leave their prejudices and power/money motives aside. I have found many ways integrative medicine can help many diseases so much easier than traditional yet in some instances we need traditional. I thank you for this article – I like and admire Dr. Oz and it is such a shame that someone would want to ruin his reputation. Thank you Lillian Shank

  166. Seems to me the “Good Doctor” is getting paid to promote items or ideas to his audience. Hmmmm….BUYER BEWARE!!

  167. To Mr Mazer: I have MS, and have friends diagnosed with diabetes, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s, and IBS, to name a few. Every one of us has been to mainstream doctors who have not helped us much with our conditions. Every one of us has found relief and, in some cases, remission through diet changes, based on return to the most primitive diet, and to the Chinese and Indian medicine Dr Oz has also been following, which is more than 5000 years old.
    You would do well Mr Mazer to find some people who have had similar real-life experience with these simple “alternative” protocols, and see for yourself the outcomes for people who take the most fundamental principle of medicine to heart.
    As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine.”
    Really, if you think about it, it is naive to assume that what we ingest every day would NOT impact directly on our health!

  168. Mazer is an ignoramus. Sounds like he’s been brainwashed by the medical education system.

  169. When will they ever learn? All the hotshots who think drugs have all the answers are so totally deluded. As an alternative health writer/editor for years, I’ve seen one sad example of the debilitating side effects of drugs after another. Conversely, I’ve seen other people, myself included, who avoid big pharma’s siren songs, stick to supplements and other healthy-living measures (good food in moderate portions, daily exercise, positive attitudes, etc.), and for the most part keep themselves out of the expensive medical system. Now in my seventh decade, I am full of energy and going great guns on my work, all the while remaining free of any need for trips to the medicine chest. I like to say that, provided I remain healthy, the older I get, the better example I am of my lifestyle (works for me).

  170. We should support physicians like Dr. Oz, Mercola and others who although being trained in mainstream medical field yet has the courage and morals to speak up for the holistic benefits of natural or integrative medicine. I think it will be a world of good if medical students like Benjamin Mazer could be taught early the prophetic saying of Hippocrates (father of modern medicine) viz ‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’ and always remember this as the guiding principle for better health.

  171. Dr. Oz likes to use herbal type treatments instead of side effect laden “modern medications” which I feel is a much better line of thought and treatment. This moronic student obviously follows the pharmaceutical kixk back line of prescribing and to heck with the crippling side effects…

  172. I would like to thank Dr. Oz for educating the public and trying to offer them healthier alternatives that otherwise may have gone unknown to us.

  173. Thank heavens for Dr. Oz.
    While I don’t subscribe to all his ideas, he at least is presenting alternative options for mainstream medicine.
    I am both surprised and grateful that he has escaped censure from the medical industrial complex to this point.
    Let’s hope public support helps him keep up the mission of educating the public about alternative health options.

  174. I an an RN of 44 years. We know now, many things that weren’t even a glimmer. I an also a massage therapist and have interests in aromatherapy and herbs as well.
    I watch Dr Oz occasionally. He make normal every day foods etc. Liquids, grains…All these things and shows us POSSIBLE things/ways to use them for skin care , or whatever. I was medically retired last year , before I was ready. Sometimes we don’t have the choice.
    I was a single, older mom raising 2 kids by myself…wouldn’t have changed it. True we can try to do the best we can to get the best job done, best retirements. However, we are not always in control. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, things happen/change.
    With what I now have and need are not enough. Big pharmaceutical companies, that industry makes it difficult for some of us to get breathing or other meds, either they are not generic because of the company’s control…Advair for one or even with co-pay are cost prohibitive. The commercials in which an elder says “it’s either meds or food”. No truer words were spoken.
    Sure, it’s great with good health plans…again…things change.
    DR OZ cautions viewers when there are any serious problems. He advises viewers to consult with their MD s and medical teams. If Mazer and any ofyou read the article about him finding about his own medical challenges, you GET that he is real and conscionable and would not submit people to

  175. (Continuation) to harm. When working and raising kids some of his ideas would have been great and welcome.
    The public is not stupid. We’re all doing and looking for ways to help ourselves in these tense and uncertain times. Dr Oz and other informational medical programs are helpful, and suggestions should be allowed, but used cautiously and with reference to your MD.
    Point is that when you only have/get so much money, information and using whatever you have, can make living go just that much easier. They learned it in the depression era in the 20’s and post war years

  176. When Dr. Oz came out a few months back and, after recommending an organic diet for years, said categorically that organic food is not substantially different or better than conventionally grown food, I lost all respect for him as he has clearly been bought by Big Food money.
    he still gives some good advice, but he also gives questionable advice, and it is up to the viewer to figure out which is which.
    While this medical student clearly has his own agenda, I cannot in conscience come to the aid of Dr. Oz, who is not giving strictly objective and truthful advice to his viewers. As the saying goes, he made his own bed, and now he has to lie in it.

  177. It is a very misguided and sick world that we are living in today. People seem to thrive on attacking others instead of dealing rationally with issues. All corporations are feeling threatened by the need to go sustainable. They fear losing their market control. Instead of welcoming in the new ways, they attack the incoming technologies and systems. Think how delightful it would be if instead of attacking the sustainable technologies the old corporations welcomed the alternatives. They could all work together to bring in a better future. Instead the existing paradigm tries to suppress and attack–what good will come of that? Nothing. We need to become sustainable and if we do not that is life threatening. However, the shortsighted corporations only care about their profit margin.

  178. Just so you know, I use both traditional medical care and integrative care. My doctors all seem to get along with what I do and I have seen results that have actually surprised my traditional care team. I think Mr. Mazer is afraid of learning what else might work along with the traditional care. I am glad that Dr. Oz has made integrative and alternative care much more acceptable. I have been able to control my cholesterol with red yeast rice and niacin. I tried the statin drugs and they made me sick. These along with diet work wonderfully. So hopefully Mr. Mazer will want to learn about what can actually heal people if he is going to become a doctor.

  179. Young Mazer is a clear example of the great damage to the patient public done by Big Pharma and also the FDA by their political interference with the advance of medical knowledge These entities literally have blood on their hands, and on a worldwide scale. The facts, not mere rhetoric, support that statement. Mr. Mazer should inform himself asap. Or is he already in the pay of Big Pharma in his propaganda campaign? Incidentally, his “campaign” meets the definition of propaganda, whether or not he is aware of the fact.

  180. Thank you for that very concise and insightful report on the attack on Dr. Oz. He has been one TV doctor whom I truly admire, and it doesn’t surprise me that they would go after him. I think this is from desperation. People are waking up daily and no longer are buying the mainstream media propaganda against herbal medicine, which human beings have benefitted from for millennia. Ayurvedic pharmacies advertise their products, not based on drug trials and percentages. They remind patients that the plant kingdom has been reaching out to human beings with prevention and cures since the dawn of creation. Ayurveda and other indigenous medical systems honor this offering of our leafy companions by accepting it and systematizing it.
    Count me in to support Dr Oz.

  181. Alternative Health needs to be taught in all medical schools, nutrition should be taught for at least one year. Homeopathy should be included.Taking time to examine as well as asking the patient about life style, exercise, nutrition should be a must, the patient needs to be treated as a whole, not fragmented as it is now being done.

  182. Alternative medicine needs to be taught in medical schools, that includes nutrition and homeopathy. A patient needs to be seen whole not as a fragmentation…
    This Mr Mazer has a lot to learn….

  183. Western medicine is not and never has been the only health standard in the world, it cannot compete with health concepts that have been around for thousands of years and has become a billion dollar industry in the U.S., so western medicine needs to monopolize anything that supports health other than its management of pain and death. Western medicine’s need to prove science must first apply to itself.

  184. I have an issue with medical students. They think they know everything simply because they are educated in medicine, when in fact, they only know what the drug companies teach them. The truth of the matter is that their education is severely unbalanced. I’m not a big fan of Oz either. Folks need to educate themselves in order to make sound medical decisions…

  185. The American people or any other people have the right to care for their health by any means with which they feel comfortable and safe. It is obvious that Big Pharma has chosen their poster child to initiate this attack on Dr. Oz. However people have the right to choose either alternative or allopathic medicine as well as integrating both into their health protocol. There should be a counter-initiative to boycott physicians who promote this medieval idea that allopathic medicine is the cure-all of diseases.

  186. Dr. Oz has bridged the gap between allopathic medicine based on synthetic chemical based pharmaceuticals to the holistic approach to ensuring true wellness and healing in America. I am surprised that he has not been under fire sooner by the AMA, FDA, and FTC and yanked in front of Congressional Committees to silence him. Since we are under Scientific Censorship in America for Natural Science and food supplements (not taught in medical schools) controlled by DuPont and Rockefeller to gain control and to promote “synthetic chemicals” to secure their next fortune. Dr. Oz clings to his wise Mediterranean roots and the principles of good health taught by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates centuries ago. ” Life and death begin and end in the colon and Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” He has unplugged colons and improved the digestive system that enhances health optimally and super boosts the immune system…… instead of suppressing it with chemical drugs unrecognized by the body and is the basis of disease and diminished health promoting “sick medicine” for profit sharing between MD’s, Hospitals, and Drug Companies. And is the primary cause of death of Americans. Ignorance and arrogance is leading the way.
    Americans Are Waking Up! A recent poll shows that 80% of Americans want allopathic MD’s to return to school and learn the Holistic approach to medicine because the Cancer Industry has failed so miserably. 250,000 patients die each year known as the end of life medicine from toxic overload and medications that close down the bowels. And it is legal murder and an lol from Doctors. The Standard of Care is based on “suppressing the immune system”. The natural approach is by unburdening and super boasting the immune system, so the body does what it does best: build, repair, protect, and expire cells to maintain optimal health.
    I fully believe that Grandma Was Right! The Cure Is In the Kitchen. She also guarded her seeds and knew exactly what to plant to ensure the health of her family and how to prepare these foods for the best nutritional value, and she prepared them with great love.
    Man fears what he does not understand. American Farmers and Alternative Medicine Clinics face surprise raids at gun point….pulling farm children from their beds… seize blueberries and forced to cut down their cherry trees for vitamin C or B Vitamins and watch their beloved farm animals murdered before their very eyes, property confiscated and facing sentencing…

  187. Natural remedies were here thousands of years before “man created medication” Pharmaceutical medications are created by mimicking natural remedies. I believe that I should be allowed to treat my body how I feel is best for me. I do not want the government or any other agency to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do to my body.

  188. Even though I find Dr. Oz’s show to be childish and silly with their kindergarten style games and such, I still aplaud anyone that is promoting nutrition and supplements as opposed to dangerous drugs. Just like Offit from CHOP, Mazer needs some negative plubicity, and needs to be squelched by the public at large, if for nothing else, just to let these people know that, we the people are wise to the medical industry’s priorities with the drug companies that are in the game for profit only!

  189. Freedom of speech should apply to Doctors as well. We all know that Dr. Oz does a lot of research before he brings it to his show. Things that the public would not know about otherwise. If we put a gag on Dr. OZ we should put it on all doctors. Since all doctor’s give an educated guess to help their patients anyway.

  190. This is another great example of the effects of brainwashing that’s taking place in our medical schools, funded, as you say, by big pharma.
    Either this kid is wildly misinformed or he’s a shill for the pharma industry.
    The only reason a doctor would be against natural medicine is they’re either uneducated about natural cures or their business model is threatened by it.
    Smart docs today are embracing integrative medicine and helping their patients because of it.

  191. Mazer is the problem with the medical community. There are a lot of concrete medical studies that confirm diet is key to maintain a healthy body. Doctors have bowed to Big Pharma and are in the market to push drugs without any other alternatives. A healthy diet and exercise would prevent diabetes in the first place. Time to gag Mazer.

  192. Poor Oz already mushes good medicine with towing the corporate line. Where does this young medical students funding come from? Is he deep in financial debt and trying to pay off huge student loans quickly? Maybe he is the next Paul Offit…..

  193. I totally agree with everything that was said in this article. What can we do! I don’t agree with everything Dr. Oz says but so what. The medical industry is doomed! Doctors should be health teachers, not drug pushers. I want to join the fight to end the control of the pharmaceutical industry’s control over doctors! Dr. Oz is one of the leaders who is not afraid to talk about how to keep us from getting sick so that we don’t become users of a multitude of prescription drugs! I love Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola and all the integrative doctors. Bless them all.

  194. Let the AMA keep their nose out of people’s business. Citizens have the right to pick and choose the kind of care they want whether it be mainstream medicine or integrative medicine. Please keep up the fight for freedom of choice.

  195. We are still free too say what we will,and also trump a chump,test all things for truth and send lies and bull -only to the dump.A medical student,already fooled by the “big pharma” will wind up to be another fool doctor.Not looking into the whole history of medicine the world wide,and thinking he is untouchable with a degree.there are a lot of regular people with herbal and other olld world medicne knowledge that makes these haughty drs. too look like fools…

  196. I watch Dr. Oz on a regular basis, and believe his program has been very instrumental in enlightening Americans to the fact that the foods they consume, or do not consume, have a direct bearing on today’s diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, thyroid conditions, etc. This seems to be in conflict with the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Why? If the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural leaders were truly interested in improving the health of Americans, they would be welcoming alternative health information, rather than trying to shut it down. Greed seems to be the driving force in America today.

    1. The reflex medical industry reaction is the same as the biotech industry’s reaction to the WHO report categorizing Roundup/glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen: panic, desparate denial and more lies.

  197. It took me over a year to recover from the side effects of a statin drug. I could not take a step without pain and the left leg was so weak I used a cain. I got to an comlementary medicine MD who got me straightened out with diet and supplements. Now I’m 80, energetic (do all my own lawn work and walk my 3 dogs 4 mmiles/day) and no problems with cholesterol. My experience with medications is to avoid unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

    1. I do not follow any television ‘doctors’ as I have the impression, by their delivery, that they are marketing tools. America is fat and we all know that exercise and proper eating life style if the key to maintaining a healthy weight. People want to eat fries and burgers and fats and sugars with an easy fix for weight loss. Ain’t gonna happen. I know the doctor and his wife started the show with a potential for a huge market of viewers on TV and that provides a huge market for profit but I don’t care how much Garcinia cambogia or green coffee beans are consumed. Proper nutritional caloric intake and exercise are the answers to weight loss.I must agree that there are contraindications with pharmaceuticals and dangerous side effects. I would think that is why doctors keep a continued assessment of the patient regarding the use of any meds. On the other hand, while herbal meds can be beneficial I am sure that the use of those can also present with dangers when used in combination with other meds or food products. I think it behooves everyone to do their homework regarding any chemicals they are taking, pharmaceutical or herbal. I do not put my trust solely on anyone’s say so on TV or in the medical office. Be well.

    2. So many patients have had complications due to statin drugs. In many of these cases these were prescribed with numbers within normal limits,,,,was prescribed as preventive treatment!! Sooo sad!!

  198. We know that Oz is a quack. His touting of completely unproven diet aids is what defines quackery. And ANYPLACE that mentions the biggest quack of them ALL, MERCOLA the snake oil salesguy, well, we know the words will be spinning, spinning, spinning, and the facts will be nowhere to be found.

    1. Every statment you made is a lie. All anyone has to do is browse Mercola’s site for a wealth of REAL health info, including abundant references and many interviews with other health professionals.

  199. Yet another attempt to shut us, the thinking public, down. WE alone have the right to choose what we put into our bodies. This is why many, many people are choosing alternate methods of caring for ourselves.
    The truth is that you just cannot trust today’s physicians to do the right thing. They may be doing what they were taught – but who says that is the best way? Because many of us believe that it just is not always right. Things are not above board at times – and that is yet another reason that one cannot trust.
    For instance, if you do not choose to eat GMO foods, you have a difficult time finding out just which foods are GMO. If they were labeled, we could choose. What are they afraid of?
    Perhaps themselves.

  200. The AMA and Big Phama, are scared that this new approach to medicine will impede their cash flow!

  201. That want to be a doctor Mazer is already showing his true colors. His interest is NOT for the people but rather for his future, he wants to make sure that we are all dependent on the medication only doctors can prescribe and take away our right to be more informed about alternative medicine. What a quack HE is!

  202. I have personally greatly benefited from the advice of Dr.Oz and his expert guests on the show. I value the show as an important health information resource.

  203. Dr. Oz is a showman as well as a physician who brings good information to the general public. As a nurse I am often appalled at the lack of information adults have about their bodies and its processes. Dr. Oz for all his “glitziness” brings that information to those who listen to him. I get annoyed at him sometimes when I listen but I would never suggest that he be censured.

  204. As I recall, Dr. Oz is a thoracic surgeon. I would trust his expertise in surgery and post-operative recovery, but his expertise is solely limited to thoracic surgery. He is not an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, osteopath, psychiatrist or any other type of medicine outside of thoracic surgery.
    Your article states “But when the physicians’ advice conflicted with Oz, the patients would believe Oz.” This idea is appalling, considering that Dr. Oz is NOT caring for the patient, does not receive any notes, comments from nurses, patient status or other documentation. Believing a TV personality is stupid and Darwin’s law will weed out those who blindly follow Dr. Oz simply because he is an Oprah-bot.
    I am a diabetic and have been one for 12 years. Only recently have I found a doctor who is very qualified and also has an excellent bedside manner. If it were not for her, an ideopathic spike in my blood sugar to the point where it was seven times the norm would probably have resulted in a coma and eventually my death.
    When (or if) my endocrinologist suggests an herbal approach to diabetes therapy, then I will consider it. In the interim, taking advice from a television personality who is hawking the latest (and probably most profitable) “supplement recommendations as being an … alternative to diabetes drugs” is placing my life and that of other diabetics at risk.

    1. My husband is also a diabetic, he was diagnosed in ’92. For years his blood sugar would spike way over 500 with him taking multiple shots a day . So I started studying (reading, looking online any and everything I could) then he started taking several natural supplements (you can find on Dr. Mercola’s website). It didn’t happen over night it’s been several years but his waking blood sugar is usually between 90-120 now. He only takes 1 long acting insulin shot a day in the morning, if any and it’s not even 1/4 of what he use to take. When he couldn’t ever get this disease under control with the prescribed insulin only. At first his doctors didn’t like the idea and thought it was a waste, now the response is ” well it works really well for him”.
      Maybe it’s an oddity but I’m a believer and I for one am all for trying anything natural. Every prescription on tv ads says and could cause death. I’d rather keep the disease.His A!-C is well within normal range now also.

  205. Thank God common sense prevailed. Diet and exercise are the basis for sound nutritional practices and the basis for both nursing and dietary education around diabetes. Beyond that, there continue to be more and more good published studies showing how various nutrients (such as vitamin D) affect our overall health. Thank you for exposing this insane plot by a “learner”. Obviously, he has not yet learned how to read medical journals (which publish most of the studies).
    This group needs to be exposed for what they are. To me, it appears that he is afraid that the general populace might be too healthy by the time he finished his education and actually “practices” medicine. Hard to make a living focusing on disease when less and less potential patients have diseases. We in nursing have long known that prevention is the key to a healthier population.
    Cathy G RN, MS

  206. Integrative medicine is very useful and makes a lot of sense. Some FDA approved drugs are harmful and often are pulled from the market after being shown to harm the patient. Natural herbal remedies do help. An MD with extensive herbal knowledge is a great compromise.
    This medical student is not so smart, and never will be as good a physician as Dr. Oz.

  207. It is sad that the majority, not all, of the Western Medicine community is not trying to move forward when it comes to health. When is the mentality and heart going to change and go back to its principles and not follow the money.

  208. It is unfortunate this medical student can not look beyond his bias against integretive medicine to find out all this branch of medicine has to offer to the general public. While no one is questioning the need for conventional medicine, many of its facets are a waste of time, money and energy when it comes to arriving at a cure for many conditions. Fortunately, this is exactly the opposite in integretive medicine. But the operative word here with integretive medicine, in most situations the patient Is very responsible for their on-going health and well-being. If you as a patient are expecting a pill to pop, a potion to drink etc. which is going to help alleviate your symptoms, well it’s just not going to happen. Most forms of integretive medicine requires the patient to make lifestyle and dietary changes which ultimately leads to better health. If you aren’t motivated enough to want a better life,put simply, go pop a pill from your conventional doctor. He can make the symptoms go away for a few hours, a few days etc..

  209. I believe that mainstream doctors are slowly killing their patients because they do not research the drugs they subscribe to their patients; nor do they search for a safer alternative. Most doctors only knowledge of the drugs they prescribe come from the pharmaceutical reps that market them. Many doctors are still prescribing Premarin (made from horse urine and known to cause cancer) for female patients needed additional estrogen instead of bio-identical estrogen which is considered safe by most holistic doctors. Also many cardiologist when prescribing a statin do not tell the patient that this will block their body from making enough coenzyme Q10 (which is needed for heart health) and they do not prescribe a Q10 supplement to be taken at a different meal.
    These are just two examples of how the medical community is not doing their job!

    1. I have to ragree with you, Pamela Bayless. Over 40 years ago, I was diagnosed to have Hypoglycemia (opposite of Diabetes). My Dr. left his practise so I’ve had to help teach a couple of other Doc’s how to diagnose and treat Hypo. In the process of researching Hypo., I’ve come to the conclusion that AMA Dr’s. need to be more open minded rather than rely only on Big Pharma, whose main purpose is to push pills thru their Dr. friends, to whom they provide frequent free samples and other enticements. They also need to be schooled in nutrition and the prevention of disease, rather than simply the covering up of symptoms with more and more drugs.
      My 68 year old father in law fell and broke his hip because 4 different Dr’s. prescribed 4 different medications with no regard to serious drug interactions. Also my healthy daughter collapsed while practising with her high school track team because 3 different Dr’s. had given her 3 conflicting drugs, 2 of which caused her otherwise healthy heart to “run away” at 140 resting beats per minute. After I took her off all the pills, she could easily play an entire basket ball game in mile high Denver, which requires as much running as a long distance runner.
      Because of such problems with AMA Dr’s., at age 80, I currently take no prescription drugs, just vitamins, minerals and other healthy supplements. i have had a complete physical only once in the past 17 years and very seldom see our family Dr.

    2. Yes & they also do not tell you the steroid drugs can block use of Proline. Therefore potentially causing weakness in tendons, elastin…in the entire fibrocollagen matrix. Proline+ Lysine+Glycine+ Vitamin C= needed for strong collegen and elastin. We need to educate ourselves since we cannot rely on the corruption and political influence of the large pharmaceutical companies. Remember Merck and Vioxx? Look at the number of television ads by lawyers asking people to contact them if they have had “this or that drug or medical procedure.” Many believe the Pharmaceutical companies kill more people than the supplement industry each year. They are known to control or falsify their studies. Also, they make Billions off of the meds and only have to pay out in Millions in court settlements…still making money. I find them very untrustworthy and corrupt. I overheard a Warfarin Representative trying to convince a doctor the other day that it was safe and not as dangerous as in the past…doctors are often stuck in awful situations now-a-days…between Big Pharma..Insurance Companies…red tape…paper work…trying to find out whether the Pharmaceutical Companies are telling the truth…more and more doctors around Northern California are having to learn about alternative med. Otherwise, the patients just do their own thing anyway..gone are the days of trust and listening to our doctors for only their advice. I work for an alternative Care boss and she had thousands of clients…including Doctors and Nurses! Interesting!

  210. If I were diabetic, I would rather take natural supplements than to take medications that benefit big pharma. The FDA approves drugs that should not be approved many times because they are paid to do so by the big drug companies. I don’t trust the FDA at all with my health. Medical schools should teach more integrative medicine along with all the other things they teach.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice to broaden this young man’s horizons? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he were to attend an ACAM meeting for example, where he could hear some extraordinary speakers? He would hear evidence-based scientific research about healing and prevention. He might learn about the value of treating the problem rather than the symptoms. He might learn that there are other approaches that can work in addition to pharmaceuticals. In this country, medical education is geared to training students in the effective use of pharmaceuticals. Sadly, not much attention is given to other approaches, especially prevention.

  211. I learned about and became a proponent of complementary/alternative medicine 25 years ago. As a member of a family that suffered from all major modern ailments, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., I attribute my choice of foods and supplements to the fact that at the age of 68 I am the only one in my whole family who is free of these diseases.
    So, I applaud the courage that it took of Dr. Oz to become a spokesperson for the advancement of the American public’s awareness of PERSONAL HEALTH CHOICES. This country’s medical establishment along with big pharma have long ago become pushers of LONG TERM ILLNESS not WELLNESS. It took a Dr. Oz to open the people’s eyes to the fact they had other options to manage their physical beings. GO DR. OZ… I truly believe that if something should be done to silence Dr. Oz or his contemporaries, there would be a public backlash such as has not been heard for a long time.
    I see the need for western medicine in diagnosis and certain treatment of illness. But, my advice to medical student Maser is: open your mind’s eye, look around and ask yourself – why are SO MANY AMERICANS sicker then any other people in any other country on this earth – why is it that when someone becomes ill, they DON’T recover, they just fall into the hands of big pharma and in time become slaves to the pill pushers?

  212. Dr. Oz is giving viewers the knowledge of prevention. Are you against Dr. Andrew Weil as well?
    There is a lot to be said for plants and natural remedies. FIRST DO NO HARM!
    My husband is permanently disabled due to the traditional medical system. He was destroyed by MD’s.
    In the mainstream medical field, you cut, burn and poison rather than prevention of diseases like cancer.
    Why is it that no one in the medical field has been able to give me some simple information.
    What is the ideal dosage of vitamins and minerals.?
    I don’t want to know what I need to prevent SCURY, etc. What do I need for optimal health? All MD’s have told me, good question. Sorry, I doN’t have the answer. why not?
    Instead of attacking Dr. Oz ad other integrative MD’s maybe it’s high time for the AMA and others to focus on prevention, not just treatment of symptoms or surgery that can sometimes be avoided.

  213. I think this medical student needs a copy of our constitution. “Gagging” anyone regarding making statements is really not appropriate, Dr Oz is a bright and intelligent physician who has the highest standing for a physician in this country. He is on the attending staff of one of the finest hospitals in the country. His advice has never been shown to be inappropriate or dangerous. If other physicians disagree with him then understand that reasonable physicians can disagree. But this novice in medicine has some nerve taking on a physician of the caliber of Dr Oz when he has yet to learn what Dr Oz has probably forgotten. The health information that Dr Oz provides has helped many people try for a healthier life. What has this medical student done to top that?

  214. I believe if the Pharmaceutical companies would look into natural remedies they would not still be making money. It would be better than finding out later how these drugs cause so much damage to a person when there is something heberal out there that is not harmful.

    1. Medical students are going to Med Schools, funded by BIG PHARMA to become “Legal Drug Pushers” and Governments are advocating the prescribing of all these Chemicals, which all have side effects and have killed millions of people over the years.
      People who believe in “Good” health don’t want anything to do with Pharmaceudicals. We have learned what the consequences are. Anyone working for BIG PHARMA is working for the Devil.
      Leave Dr. Oz alone and let him continue educating people how to better their Health in a way which God and Nature intended. He is a caring, open-minded doctor who is passionate to help people with their health issues and teach “Prevention” unlike most Medical Doctors and BIG PHARMA who is only looking to fill their pockets!
      Using Natural and Organic methods is the way to prevent. We don’t want or need bandaid solutions! We don’t need more Drugs! We need Cures!!!

      1. Totally agree!! Nobody needs to try to discredit Dr Oz.He is providing a very good service to people who have the right to choose his methods if that is the way they see most likely to prevent/cure an ailment

    2. Dorothy, if you think Big Pharma doesn’t know the damage their drugs are going to cause, please think again. They know!! The fact is that by the time the drug is pulled from the market they have made billions of dollars on it already. Unfortunately, for those who had to be the guinea pigs have already been harmed. They don’t care about curing anything. They only create bandaids to keep selling more drugs regardless of the harm they cause.

  215. A typical well intended but misguided action based on ignorance. The conveniently overlooked fact by the dogmatic believers in mainstream alleopathic medicine,is that there are 100,000 deaths every year due to prescription drugs. The almost quasi-religious belief in the authenticity of the highly profit motivated medical-big pharma combine is a faith-based belief system,nothing more. Big pharma has one of the biggest lobbies in Washington and their representives regularly bribe doctors with commissions. All this just to help humanity.BULLSHIT!

    1. Thiscould all be avoided if the supplement industry would allow FDA testing. Lack of it assails the credibility of the supplement industry.

    2. You have to question the motives of a person like this when they are so determined to act and . Does he have interests in the Pharm industry? Does he have a personal vendetta against Dr. or people like him?

  216. The China Study provides a convincing argument that some people are making a fortune keeping our nation sick.

    1. VERY true. The sicker people remain, the more they need medicine. Big Pharma grows bigger with each synthetic pill that people ingest. Look at every single ad on TV or printed material and all the disclaimers that are tagged on at the end of the commercial. Does that ever happen with natural herbs and products? No, but you can go out to your own organic garden and stay healthier than if you lived in a pharmacy with all the nasty drugs available. People too lazy to do their own research.


    3. Keep in mind Mazer has been taught in medical school by people that graduated 20 years ago or so and they were in turn taught by people that graduated 20 years prior to that. The clinging to what they know and were taught as fact is hard to avoid and has been repeated througout medical history. The Civil War surgeon that suggested washing hands and surgical instrumenst might prevent the incredible rate of infection occuring post-surgery was ridiculed and ostracized by his contemporaries. A similar fate befell the British Doctor who said the same about post delivery infections in mothers in 19th century England. Until the controllers of medical education acknowledge the importance of diet, proper nutrient balance and assimilation, digestive system health, the use of bio-identical horrmone and the effect of all the previous on chronic and inflammatory disorders, the posioning of patients will continue. This is the real basis of the “Health care crisis”

    4. In a book called “Silent Storm,” (Based on a true story) the doctor, like Dr. Oz., is chastised for the crime of providing quality care to his patients. Dr. Oz provides, for the public at large, a voice in truth that would never be heard because of the quackery campaign the lobbyist of big Pharma uses to silence the alternative health practioner’s voice. Unless someone with a microphone – such as a Dr. OZ is given the right to use it the public will never know of their alternatives. We need to see this student’s rant as what it is – an effort to discredit alternative health as a viable option to quality health.

      1. His speech is protected, and we need to remember that. His free speech and others like him, that oppose powers that control the government, are the very reason our founders wrote free speech in at the top of the list.

  217. Guess this idiot found a way for his medical school bills to be paid. Is he so busy trying to take down Dr. Oz that he is not studying? Who would want to be his patient when he sets up shop.
    For many, many years the medical establishment knows they are part of a gazillion dollar business and they have managed to run many fine researchers and alternative physicians out of business and some, out of the country. Another sad commentary about health – and fighting dis-ease and how difficult it still is to be on that side of the ledger.

  218. If Benjamin Mazer wants to dispute anything in particular why doesn’t he approach Oz one on one with scientific evidence to Back him up. Mazer is a novice Dr. not even wet behind the ears yet, he belongs to an obtuse group who just doesn’t get it!!! Medicine in America or mainstream isn’t getting the job done, prevention is rarely addressed except for the warning not to smoke and wear your seatbelt. Bring up supplements to a “Dr” in this country and you get a blank stare and dismissively told there’s no scientific evidence backing up the use of supplements. Your full of shit Mazer, and worried about your job and how much money your gonna make. Get on the new train or your gonna wind up under it.

    1. Great point, not to veer off to religion, but Jesus said the very same thing essentially. Something like, “if I have spoken wrongly, then show me where I’m wrong, but if I have spoken rightly, then why do you hit me?” That’s after he told themhow he was out in the open public and why didn’t they bring up their questions then. Bottom line, the BSers know what they have to hide.

  219. Corporations have one mission: to make money for their shareholders, period. All other warm and fuzzy references in their “mission statement” to the contrary is pure bullshit. This med school weenie is trying to kiss the asses of his corporate masters for approval. All that requires is a brain stem. Keep up the good work, Dr. Oz.

  220. Looks to me like the levee is leaking: ie; big pharma, big business, big “medical” groups, etc. are beginning to see the people getting a dose of truth from some honest professionals. I am 75 years old and do not need any drugs to live a healthy and happy life. Having researched many topics on conditions that can affect us all for 15+ years I applaud Dr. Oz and others of like mind who want to share their wisdom and help people. Follow the money. It will lead one to drugs and more drugs. This young student is either wanting a piece of the pharma pie or an “atta-boy” from his instructors.

  221. I would like to point out that the is probably one of the largest self-help, diet supplement retailers around. They often take out full page ads in Dr. Ox’s new magazine. I think this medical student doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he’s afraid there will be no more patients when he finally graduates.

    1. Love! Go get their sales, and good info in their magazines. ALL articles are referenced extensively!

  222. I personally like Dr. Oz, I am not saying to try everything he recommends, but I have auti immune disorders, and have tried some hebs that have helped- Medical communities don’t like DR. OZ because he wants to help people naturally instead of shoving pills down their throats, he doesn’t say don’t go to the doctor he just tries to help. People have to use judgment. Research to take certain natural products as they may interfere with conditions and medications, that’s on the person. Everytime I go to a doctor they want to shove more pills down my throat because they don’t know what to do for me, it becomes more and more frustrating. I believe he really cares about people and isn’t doing anything wrong. I like the fact he is getting the pharma companies and medical communities in an uproar, shows they just want to keep people on pills, and more pills, and guess what they are not helping. I take them because there is no other options right now.

  223. OK, I am all for integrative medicine as well as I am a functional medicine practitioner but I do feel Dr. Oz is not the best communicator for this movement. I have read numerous articles that he has written most of which promises are made for taking simple herbal products; most of the time the customer will not get results because it is not a comprehensive approach. Plus, he really is out there selling supplements, isn’t he???? And in many ways putting a bad face on integrative approaches to the treatment of DM among other chronic diseases. Too many promises – the green coffee thing -what? There is some validity but without a comprehensive approach it will be a waste of money for the client/patient.

    1. MD approach to natural medicine?, maybe. But it’s better that we are at least opening the door on this stuff publicly. The proof will bear out in the pudding. I say Bravo to Dr. Oz, he’s a brave man, and deserves his big money to boot!


  225. “Political medicine’s denigration of spinal manipulation by chiropractors and
    osteopaths for 100 years, has resutled in millions of premature deaths and
    countless sick citizens, making this country the sickest in the world.”
    (Not to mention the most expensive health system in the world)

  226. I have practiced alternative medicines for 25 years. I use herbs, teas and oils. I have acupuncture weekly. I eat a healthy diet and keep extremely active. I see a medical doctor on rare occasions. I am a 66 year old female and have NO medical issues….Just sayin’.

  227. I will break the rules and endure censorship if I articulate my truest and deepest thoughts and feelings about the “medical” student. He is clearly a student of corporate fascism.
    The “health” system in this country has become an integral part of the aforementioned. Additionally, the new “school” scams claiming to professionally and “highly” train medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and the like are an extension. Ever deal with one of these? Of course you probably have – unless you’re one of the “elite.”
    I may be fortunate to have developed some life-improving discernment in my travels through this life. I often know what’s what and who’s who as each personal health issue arises. This doesn’t help those still suffering the “blind faith syndrome” in doctors – – and all peripheral spokes the machination of the pseudo-healthcare proffered in this struggling country.
    I pray for my country-mates to wake up to this evil and read more sites such as this one I am sharing on. Don’t even get me started on ObamaCare.. There, I feel all dirty and wretched now.
    Well, making people sick to make them buy meds that finally!! murder ’em aftter a bunch of suffering, lying to achieve Agenda21, oh yeah!! And straight-out eugenics’ll do that to ya – – – wake up America, they’re killing you by killing you and making you pay money for it to boot!!
    Excuse me while I go eat the healthy food that keeps me well – whoops, Dr. Oz suggests this! Better not tell, better hide my life-extension plan… What a sick new spin on becoming a “closet” eater because of the psychopathy that is TPTB.

  228. He is going by what he is taught. He is not taught to think for himself and to use common sense. Think outside the box. fake is fake. artificial is artificial. What a waste

  229. “Allopathic” doctors, tied with insurance are denying patients with Lyme and tick borne disease access to health care, too. While many acute cases do well with herb and supplements, those people who did not get diagnosed or treated, or inadequately treated, may require years, on and off, of antibiotics. Most wouldn’t choose that, but if your teenager was dying and you carried her into the 100th doctor’s office, got a lyme + diagnosis and with days she began to recover, then you might think differently. So many people find support during “Lyme chemo” from herbs, acupuncture, reiki, praying to whatever “source” they stay their minds on, and support from the community of health care providers – oooops if MD is after their name, they are reprimanded by Medical Boards for giving patients care longer than 30 days. hmmmm who does that help.

    1. The true sure way I have known of Lyme disease to be cured along with it’s lingering symptoms is by a method discovered by Dr. Philip Fritchey, ND. He contracted and cured it with his herbal remedy. He is defintely worth googling!!The cure is there along with his years of expertise in the areas of many disease & disorder preventions & cures!

  230. Pharmaceutical companies are doing everything in their power to stop integrated medicine. Their only interest is getting the vast amount of money being spent on supplements.

  231. Thanks to Dr. Oz, and me having Hashimotos thyroiditis, I learned the best supplements, for me, through his show.
    I do not take every single supplement that he has on. I do listen in when he covers my thyroid disease, and since I have added Co-Q-10, 500mg of resveratrol, triple magnesium and Vitamin-D, to my regime, I have lost 20 pounds!
    Woman with this disease, know how frustrating and difficult it is to keep your weight down when your thyroid “shuts off”, and your metabolism is not working.
    I took his information to my endocrinologist, and he worked with me, so I now feel, better than I have in decades!

  232. I am deeply disheartened by the power of the pharmaceutical industry (have been for decades), and the ignorance of doctors who are swept up and mesmerized by the latest pharmaceutical salesman’s presentation. I agree with what all of you have to say above. However, its not enough to talk/discuss among ourselves (yes, its important and necessary), but that doesn’t change the way the world works, we have to push the politicians that make the laws and support the laws that recognize the value of good health and from where it stems, which of course, is not more drugs. Many websites advocating their beliefs create letters to politicians that supporters can easily sign, we need to “drip” on the politicians, squeaky wheel and all that. Think and research carefully who you vote for.

  233. We love and highly appreciate our family physician. She studied holistic orientated medical help and crystal healing as well. However due to pressure from FDA and AMA, she will only give holistic advice a/o the use of supplements when she can trust her patients not to report her to AMA and the risk of loosing her license. It’s a shame that the power of pharmaceutical companies came this far.

    1. You’re describing a medical police state. We’re in one now, just look to California on the verge, or already, mandating vaccines in order to attend school, with NO exemptions.

  234. Obviously this is a pretty poor student. Why should anyone take the “expert testimony” of this kid when he hasn’t even been through internship, much less gotten his MD certificate? So we are supposed to take the word and “professional opinion” of a person who isn’t even yet a professional over a licensed MD who has practiced and has had his certification for years!!! How stupid IS this kid?
    Anyone could look at GERDS/Acid Reflux/Heartburn and figure out that MDs give the wrong prescription (antacids) in over 99% of the cases. Dr JVWright had almost 2,000 patients with these issues. Most came from MDs and were not helped. His patients with these symptoms – AND the OTHER 10 Drs in his Tahoma Clinic and their (hundreds? thousands?) of similar patients from MDs have NEVER had a patients ACTUAL stomach acidity checked by an MD.
    Apparently it takes an ND – Naturopathic Doctor – someone who is trained in biochemistry and nutrition and actually HELPS their patients – unlike the 95% of MDs who lack training in these two critical subjects. So Dr Wright actually measures stomach pH with a Heidelberg capsule and found TWO INDIVIDUALS who actually had too strong of an acid. The rest of the “almost 2,000” patients had too LOW a stomach pH. If you pretend “almost 2,000” is actually only 1,800 people – that means the MDs are doing the right thing with their antacids in 0.111111111% of the cases.
    Yep. This guy needs to stop quacking.

    1. As an RN it is often frustrating to hear doctors prescribe yet another new medication to my patients with all the many side effects when I know for a fact there are natural alternatives that would actually produce better results with no adverse side effects!!
      REALLY is upsetting to then later see some of these same patients in worse shape (with liver/kidney &/or cardiac conditions due to the dispensing of these medications.About to begin working toward my ND (Natruopathic Doctor) as I know of some that have performed miraculous cures that MD’s could not effectively treat!

  235. I believe it is the Medical Society of the State of New York that regulates lab testing. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, this group of doctors does not allow many of the alternative tests that are available to consumers in every other state of the union. As a practitioner in New York it has been a thorn in my side that we are so limited here because of conservative, reactionary and just plain old fashioned laws that are still on the books.
    The “quack-busters” are alive and well and going strong in New York!

  236. There are two kinds of physicians:
    Those who practice in good faith
    Those who make money by maiming and killing people. This Mazer guy wants to be in the second group and realizes some of his future victims will prefer Oz.

    1. I think ‘Dr Ben’ is getting the taste of Big Pharma paying for his allegiance no matter what it takes to do so. What a shame and shame on him and the others like him who are closed minded about natural remedies and choosing the right diet that works for them to relieve the causes Instead of treating symptoms!

      1. Some run from bullies, other kiss their butts to get along. Still others are brave enough to face them down.

  237. Dr. Oz is, in fact, an MD and a well-respected cardiovascular surgeon. Ben Mazer, do your homework. The fact that Dr. O supports both Eastern and Western medical practices is similar to one of the first MDs to do so, Dr. Andrew Weil. Some of the mainstream doctors are realizing that alternative methods are useful, valuable and successful.
    Health care is big business in the United States, and many are now becoming more educated by taking control of their lives and performing due diligence on their own health care. Doctors who can adapt to recognizing there is room for both practices will be more successful than those who think the pharmaceutical companies can continue to dictate. The mighty dollar directs much of the pill-popping society we live in – and with many harmful side effects.
    In truth, the body heals itself given the right environment and optimum opportunity to cleanse and de-toxify. The drugs are creating more toxicity and side effects because of the contraindications of too much drug usage.
    Congratulations to Dr. Oz who has the foresight to give us opportunities to see the other side and make our decisions about the health care we need. If our society were more cognizant of the food we put in our bodies, the exercise to keep the body moving and the positive mental thought that accompanies a healthy approach to life, we would need less of the drugs, and would use them only as intended.
    Eastern and Western philosophies of health care are both valuable and there is room for each when implemented effectively.

    1. Go online, before our freedoms are taken, and find out that Dr. Oz and Andrew Weil are actually latecomers, we have a rich history of great natural medicine doctors, including Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine”, who said, “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

  238. Who does this kid think he is – a 2nd year student in a medical college. My, my. I should take his advice? I should say not!!! 20 years ago my husband died of congestive heart failure after going to many different medical doctors – to no avail.
    I was diagnosed with the same thing 2 years ago. My doctors gave me mainly vitamins and minerals with a few drugs. The doctor I got when I got home is much more with it as the saying goes. I just got home from my latest check up and he was very happy as I am doing quite well. He actually cut down the two drugs I still take, one for my heart and the other a diuretic. instead of my heart pill every day, I take it Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. As for my diuretic, it was cut down to 1/2 a pill a day.
    Yesterday, he said I was doing very well. My heart was getting stronger but not to push it but to be careful. I am now 87 years old and hope to live many more years – after all, one of my aunts lived to be over 100! I wish my husband had a better doctor, but they weren’t available then.

  239. I almost died of heart disease while under an Allopathic doctors care. Not once, but twice! I got smart and started researching my condition and it turns out it is entirely due to poor nutrition and poor food choices. I changed my diet and added essential supplements like Vitamin C (humans are 1 of only 4 mammals that don’t make their own) and now I don’t have Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure, or Cholesterol problems! CAD used to be called Scurvy until the people who write the medical books (pharma companies and those who are paid by pharma) forced the name change about 50 years ago. This kid need to take some classes in Economics to understand why it’s not financially productive to cure people. Only when people remain ill can massive profits be realized! He is probably being paid by pharma to attack Dr. Oz, or he is substantially dumbed down by the Floride he is ingesting!

    1. Just a suggestion, don’t take offense. I prefer the use of the term “conventional medicine” or maybe “modern medicine”, something other than “allopathic” since the word means “allos= other”. So if you thirst, drink water, if you are hot, seek cool, the “other” is the treatment, so this common misconception of the word is a misnomer, though lots of docs use it.

  240. I have a theory: Benjamin Mazer might have decided that he no longer wants to be doctor after the education he has already gone through. This, may just be a way to pay his bills and start a new career direction. After all, there are a lot of people who get rich and famous for doing idiotic things. He was well aware that his premature statements have ruined his medical career. Someone took advantage of his situation and introduced him to an alternative plan. Maybe, as some others have said, he is being supported by a group who wishes holistic medicine to be silenced. What do you think?

  241. It is widely known and pretty well published by now, that more & more patients are dying from complications of prescription drugs. AND OTC remedies. More consumers should read the side effects of whatever med they have been prescribed, including the OTC warnings.
    In 1979-80 I learned that treatment of Alcoholism is not taught in Med School. These many years later, I have found a very long list of maladies that are not even mentioned in Med School…. like Nutrition, for instance…. that’s a big one. There IS a difference in a dietiican (who are usually employed by hospitals & clinics); and a nutritionist who are looked for to speak their knowledge of healing foods – nutritional information.
    I know of and believe in a nutritional therapy for curing cancer, and although is has been covered up since 1946 when it was proven to a Congressional hearing… it has been given new life, first in a film entitled “The Gerson Therapy”, which can be found online, and now through classes being given by the Gerson Institute. This endeavor by Charlotte Gerson is alive and well and curing cancer patients every day.
    You can, of course research this statement: The Gerson Institute in San Diego. Charlotte Gerson, in her 90’s, still teaching her father’s practice, or Dr. Max Gerson. The Pepper-Dealy Anti-Cancer bill, the result of that hearing has long disappeared from the Congressional Archives. That is the power of the medical community.
    The unfortunate technicians who administer chemotherapy are now being treated for illness.
    I should quit now. Please do not allow your friends to accept their oncologist recommendations about cutting, poisoning or burning ; the 3 lawful sufferings for a cure.
    You are welcome, I hope I have attracted some attention here.

    1. First of all please be sure to let me know you received this message, it is very important because the information I have uncovered is a big threat to those in power who feel threatened and it is that the basis cause of all disease is digestive failure caused by excessive use of antibiotics destrying the probiotics Biotic: of or pertaining to life. Antibiotic: that which is aganst life. Probiotic: that which supports life. We are destroying the planet. Look at the leaves on trees, they are curling up before they turn color. Everything alive on the planet requires probiotics. I can go to the market and get probiotics to replace the loss, where do the animals, the plants and the insects go for theirs? We are going to loose the planet.

      1. Man isn’t going to be able to stop or repair the damage that has been done. That is going to take an intervention from a being with much more intelligence than the scientists (and others) of this world and also the power to overrule all the politicians and industrialists. — Revelation 11:18 But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time for the dead to be judged, and to give [their] reward to your slaves the prophets and to the holy ones and to those fearing your name, the small and the great, AND TO BRIING TO RUIN THOSE RUINING THE EARTH.

    2. I met someone who used Gerson Therapy and beat his cancer. Some come to the battle too late to make the difference, but good education in advance would save many.

  242. What this control freak needs to remember, is that the Patient (under patient’s bill of rights) has the right to choose or refuse treatment! We have the right to all information, and they are supposed to give us that information, side effects, alternatives, etc, which they don’t do. Instead they can take deals from drug companies to sell more drugs. They are supposed to be doctors, taught about health and real medicine, not just how to sell a drug. Beware, under ACA (Obamacare), the HHS Secretary is given authority to make medical decisions for ALL of US. Read up, mandated vaccines for example, big gov deciding that you are stupid, and they are the only one’s who can make good decisions. This is the pretense, the reality, it’s all about who get’s paid, and they see anyone turning to natural medicine as loss of their bottom line. They keep saying, ah, no evidence, or non-science based with regard to natural medicine, but there is more good science than you or I can read in one lifetime that validates natural medicine. I think it’s time to call our reps and tell them you want your health freedoms protected.

    1. There are petitions on internet. Please sign and share
      To repeal a law giving vaccine companies full protection from responsibility for vaccine death and injury
      Asking Senator Pan ( a pusher of “Kill vaccine exemption bill”) to resign due to conflict of interest

  243. I am almost 70 (my profile pic is fairly recent) and rarely even take aspirin. I do take melatonin somewhat regularly (when I remember to). I only on rare occasions take any kind of medication or supplement. I just avoid most processed foods and will not knowingly eat anything GMO. We were designed to eat natural food & that is what our bodies will operate the best on.

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