Are Drugs Safe?

ANH-USA submits a legal petition to the FDA. Action Alert!
A number of drugs contain an incredibly toxic chemical, even though safer alternatives exist. Big Pharma could have but chose not to clean this up voluntarily.
In May, we told you how the FDA was asking the pharmaceutical industry to police itself on the use of phthalates—synthetic chemicals used in plastics, lubricants, insect repellants, nail polish, perfumes, and prescription drugs. Phthalates are acknowledged by the FDA to be known endocrine disruptors which cause sterility, birth defects, and developmental delays. Congress banned phthalates from children’s toys, but allowed their use in other products, asking industry to voluntarily remove them and use less toxic chemicals.
This week ANH-USA submitted a legal petition to the FDA to ban phthalates altogether. It would replace the non-binding guidance currently in place that “recommends” safer alternatives, since that guidance has had very little positive impact.
Drugs such as Asacol and diadonisine (sold under the brand name Videx) and at least fifteen others still contain phthalates. In one case, a man taking Asacol for ulcerative colitis had a concentration of phthalate metabolite measuring nearly 17,000 parts per billion. The average phthalate metabolite for the general population is 46.
There is no reason to use phthalates other than to protect Big Pharma’s profit margin. The FDA acknowledges that safer alternatives exist, as one can find in FDA’s inactive ingredient database.
Action Alert! We need your help to put pressure on the FDA to grant our petition. Contact the FDA immediately and tell them there is no reason for drugs to contain phthalates a moment longer. They should be banned outright instead of relying on drug makers’ voluntary compliance.



  1. “America”? When your nation has very little industry left, because it has pushed all manufacturing to other nations, this is where the pharmaceutical and medical industries have been put at the forefront of American industry. Along with the pharmaceutical industry being given free rein, it has also brought several other useless industries along with it, ( legal land insurance)
    The pharmaceutical companies make up ineffective drugs,which then turn out to be detrimental to human health, then the companies get sued, go through years of litigation then finally a decision is achieved the drug companies lose and the insurance companies pay the bill. You have created 4 jobs out of something that should have been 1 or 2
    This is a clear sign of a failing country and a failing civilization.

  2. Big Pharma has proved over the past couple of decades that they cannot be trusted. They have been fined billions of dollars for dangerous drugs and shady practises and just plain non truths. It is all about the money….we the consumers are just seen as “colateral damage”. The entire industry needs to cleaned up and held to account for what is is doing. The FDA of course is a huge part of the problem. Fortunatley news letters like this are educating the population and we are starting to see changes forced on big Pharma and Big Food. The sad thing is that a healthy population is not what is in Big Pharmas interests..they want us sick and hooked on their products from craddle to grave…there is no money in teaching us how to be healthy and live a better life. Before you allow yourself to be put on any medication get a second, third and even a fourth opinion before you agree to go on them. Many times a simple lifestyle change can fix the problem.

  3. Had phthalate poisoning about ten years ago. The three symptoms are dizziness, nausea, and cancer. The non-invasive skin cancer was probably the result of skin damage from the sun. Became sensitive to the phthalates in water in soft plastic bottles. Would rather not ingest phthalates. Am taking a medicine; don’t know whether or not it contains phthalates. Still avoid drinking anything in soft plastic bottles.

  4. The medical/pharmaceutical businesses of America, completely exploits, manipulates, and abuses the health/lives of the people, for profits, and are protected by the government who, were elected to protect the rights, and lives of the people! How have we allowed this to happen? NO products should be being made, and then companies given blanket protections, NO matter how many people their products kill, sicken, or maim! Drugs are not safe, and should only be used as the very last resort, when ALL other Natural measures, that work the majority of the times, happens to not be effective enough. When we live in a manner conducive to good health Naturally, medicines work as necessary, but putting medicines into body’s that have little to NO immune systems(the majority of Americans have compromised immune functions), the medicines have great difficulty doing what they were designed for, causing the need for more, and more chemicals. However, the more chemicals we put into our body’s, the less health our body’s will have, since they are absent of nutrients, so they are poison to our systems. Medicines could never promote wellness!

  5. A ban on phthalates and requiring their replacement with safer alternatives is needed. Why must corporate profits come first, well beyond the best interests of the general public?

  6. Stop messing with out supplements and other dietary aids to help your profit margin.
    We are not lab guinea pigs.
    We take natural health aids and supplements to help rid out bodies of the chemicals that you are allowing companies to put in our foods, etc.
    That is why people are dying. Because you are allowing foreign matters to be ingested in our bodies at alarming rates.
    We wouldn’t have any of these diseases if you allowed us to eat organic, raw food like nature intended like hundreds of years ago.

  7. I think, on the whole, the safest method of all of them, would not only be to learn about Herbal/Alternative/Natural Medicine, but to go the extra length and grow your own foods and medicines yourself. This will ensure that you know exactly what is in your food and your medicines.

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