A New Era of Medical Blackmail

Be careful in seeking a second opinion about your child in a hospital. The hospital (through the government) may all too easily remove you as legal custodian.
Imagine your child is deathly ill. Doctors have a diagnosis and treatment plan. You, naturally, want a second opinion. When you mention the idea of moving your child to another facility, custody of your child is permanently revoked and handed to the state. You lose the ability to decide what drugs, surgeries, and treatments your son or daughter will receive.
This nightmare has become painfully real for parents across the country. Increasingly, hospitals are accusing caretakers of medical child abuse, also known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, in order to seize control of a child’s medical fate.
Medical child abuse, a very real and serious (although extremely rare) condition, is when a parent either fabricates or induces illness in their child in order to gain attention, or fails to obtain needed medical care. The abuse is considered most dangerous when it results in “needless medical intervention.” (Based on these criteria, however, it seems that many hospitals and doctors could rightfully be accused of medical child abuse!)
Perhaps the best-publicized accusation of medical child abuse is the case ofConnecticut teen Justina Pelletier. To date, Justina has been in the custody of the state of Massachusetts—separated from her family and friends—for the past sixteen months.
In 2010, doctors at Tufts Medical Center diagnosed Justina with mitochondrial disease, which is genetically inherited via the mother’s RNA (Justina’s sister was diagnosed as well). Justina’s symptoms included slurred speech, difficulty walking, and severe digestive problems. In 2013, Justina’s parents sought out a gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital to aid in her treatment.
Almost immediately, the doctors at the Boston Children’s ruled out mitochondrial disease and diagnosed Justina’s symptoms as psychosomatic—that is, they felt her symptoms were caused by mental illness and stress brought on by her parents, not a disease. Further, they accused Justina’s parents of subjecting her to dangerous and unnecessary medical treatments.
How absurd! If it was Tuft’s doctors who misdiagnosed Justina, why would the parents be held responsible for responding to that diagnosis?
When her parents disagreed with Boston Children’s diagnosis and attempted to discharge her, the hospital reported Mr. and Mrs. Pelletier for medical child abuse. The state of Massachusetts seized custody of Justina, and placed her in a residential psychiatric facility. Her condition deteriorated—in under two years, she went from being a competitive figure skater to being confined to a wheelchair—and her parents were permitted only hour-long supervised visits, while the Tufts doctors who diagnosed Justina originally were not permitted to see or evaluate her.
In March 2013, a Massachusetts judge awarded the state permanent custody of Justina, meaning they would have full control of her life until she turned 18. Based on “extensive psychiatric and medical testimony…the court has found that Justina suffers from a persistent and severe Somatic Symptom Disorder.”
Why is a state judge diagnosing a child? The diagnosis for SSD is highly subjective: it’s when a child, suffering from real symptoms, “display[s] a severe preoccupation with having a physical illness.” It seems obvious that a suffering child would become worried and obsessed about her illness—particularly when isolated from family and friends!
Further, in his ruling, Judge Joseph Johnson claimed that Justina’s parents were unfit for custody because they “stated their child was being kidnapped by Children’s Hospital,” and “threatened to have hospital personnel’s licenses revoked.” Essentially, the judge decreed that Justina’s parents were unfit because they were fighting to regain custody of their child and obtain proper treatment for their child—instead of standing meekly by until the state had finished with her.
On June 8, the Pelletier family released this video of Justina begging to go home:
A Miracle for Jessica
On June 12, in what Justina’s attorneys are calling a “dramatic reversal,” the Massachusetts department of child welfare filed a motion agreeing that Justina should be returned to her parents. However, the courts will have to agree with the department in order for Justina to be released. A ruling should be made on or before June 20.
We wish that the Justina Pelletier case were an isolated incident. It is not—there are other, less well known cases where the facts are harder to discern. These cases have alarming implications for parents—particularly those in the natural health community. It’s easy to see how accusations of medical abuse could be a way of blackmailing parents who are wary of conventional medicine into accepting inpatient care, risky treatments, and even vaccinations. There are many parents who may wish to seek a second opinion before exposing their child to pharmaceuticals and dangerous hospital environments. Furthermore, as these cases become increasingly publicized, parents may become reluctant to bring their children to hospitals for care.
We’ll be sure to monitor and report back on this trend as it develops. In the meantime, you may want to brush up on your rights as a patient and as the parent of a patient. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot fewer rights than you thought.


  1. Please allow parents the freedom for additional diagnosis for TX of childhood diseases. I feel shocked that some medical institutions have sued that parents were not responsible when they asked for additional outside opinions concerning their child’s health problems, and very much shocked and appalled that custody of their own children was taken from them.

  2. Hopefully these doctors and this judge will be punished in the here and now before this child loses the chance to regain her health. When this kind of injustice goes on for years and decades there will be a bloodbath at some point. Repeated injustices always leads to bloodshed and that is a fact of history. It is unfortunate that the earth doesn’t open up and quick swallow these people down into hell. This little girl is paying the price for the doctors, judge and states sins. Even these peoples shadows are a bane and curse on the earth. May the Almighty send swift judgment upon them. This is the kind of injustice that caused our founders to risk their lives and take up arms. I would have posted in all caps because this situation needs to be SHOUTED everywhere until the elite are wrenched from power.

    1. AMEN! I agree with you, James! I’m proud to be an American, but not proud to live in a country that allows these atrocities to be perpetrated against its youth, and its adults.
      Many of you probably remember the commercial earlier before Obamacare website(s) were up and running that showed someone pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair….over a cliff. What about chronic diseases? Handicaps? Permanent injuries from auto accident or war? What about Medicare patients? The elderly? The mentally infirm? …and many other classifications of injury or illness? Is it their plan to push all those people over a cliff, too? Why? Because we’re human, not perfect (God gave us FREE WILLS and the CHOICE to make our own decisions…good or bad…for ourselves???

  3. Hello,
    Forty years ago, in a hospital in Columbus Ohio, my wife gave birth to a son who was very premature (two pounds, ten ounces). He was the size of a pound of butter with tiny arms and legs and a tiny head. Since we both worked, we had special permission to enter the hospital at any time that we were both available through an “employees only” door to come in to see our poor little baby.
    After three months our baby was up to four and a half pounds, and was advanced enough to come home with us. On one of our visits, our baby was not in the nursery. A nurse told us that he had been taken to the seventh floor. When we asked a different nurse what was on the seventh floor, we were informed that the seventh floor was a lab where experiments were carried out. We requested that the hospital release our little baby to us. They refused, and we went home.
    What to do? I called an attorney (at random from a list in the phone book), and told him our story. He told us to return to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we were met on the front steps by about fifty hospital personnel, with a nurse holding our little baby. Many were wearing suits and doctor costumes. We took our baby and left.
    When we got home, I called the attorney and asked him what we owed him.He said “nothing”, that he liked to do things like this. I asked him what he did, and he said he told them that if they didn’t immediately release our baby, we would charge them all for kidnapping. We thanked him profusely – what a nice guy.
    Just My Thoughts,
    Bill Moore

    1. Unfortunately, we’re not dealing with the same government, nor the same medical personnel. Everyone is out for blood these days, and will go to great lengths to get what they want or what the powers that be want!

  4. How absurd is this. Another case of “black is white and white is black’ and I am talking about colors, not race. Give me the days when everything was more reasonable and parents had more rights before the state intervened. The standard should be neglect and the state should have to prove it before the hospital and drug companies are given carte blanche. This is a classic example of corporate rule taking over in this country.

  5. What those QUACKS don’t seem to realize is that REVENGE is sweet when it has been simmerred for a while. It’s just when you take REVENGE on them is what really counts. I can hold a GRUDGE for over 20 years until I take my REVENGE on someone. I don’t know about anyone else though. I just like to give them time to FORGET about what they did wrong to me until I strike. But then there are some people who would want their REVENGE right then and there.
    Either way,they better be prepared for everyone out there to take REVENGE on them sooner or later. If they are not prepared for it to happen,then that just shows you how STUPID they are or they just flat out don’t care. Either way,it WILL happen to them.

  6. Visit parentalrights.org for information on the state of parent’s rights in our country. Only passage of the Parental Rights Ammendment to the US constitution can prevent this type of occurrence. I believe that the government does have responsibilities, but telling me how to raise my children is not one of those responsibilities. Neither is it the job of government to raise my children for me.

  7. The obvious solution is to reject Western medicine, become proficient at natural healing, and sue the hospital to make their misconduct unprofitable. This is the course of action that I have chosen. I would be happy to help others.

  8. I would suggest that before you have your child examined explain very carefully that you will be obtaining a second opinion, no matter what. Make the health care provider record that in your medical record immediately, even before the child is examined. Make them print out a copy of the page am provide it to you before they examine your child.
    Also, make the doctor sign an agreement that they understand your upfront desire for second opinions ALWAYS.

  9. Sadly enough this sounds like something that might happen in China, North Korea or in parts of the middle east. What is the alternative? I guess avoid the system altogether… S.H.

    1. Arrest, charge everyone involved for treason, jail ’em, throw them into leg and wrist irons and throw the keys away…

  10. The state and government are gaining too much power — people should be worried. What is more disturbing is that Tufts is a respected medical institution and the mitochondrial disease genetic. How dare any judge or medical institution step in and mandate care when another opinion might become the tie-breaker necessary for correct care. This family should sue the hospital and the judge — and they should have the right. This young woman has lost several years of her young life that she can never regain as the result of absolute power corrupted absolutely. This is a case of extreme insanity. Questions that require answering are how much did the courts really investigate their position to genuinely corroborate their theory of abuse? Did they dig into the information available at Tufts? Or, did the state simply play God? I am so very sorry for this family and their little girl who have all been extremely abused by a system run amuck.

  11. My grandchildren were taken from my son and his girlfriend when they took their youngest (3 mo) to the emergency room because the child had failure to thrive. They had tried everything to get the baby eating, breast feeding wasn’t working, he wouldn’t suck on a bottle, and just didn’t seem to like formula at all. They wanted to feed him goat milk (their first baby violently threw up formula and breast milk, but had no problem with goat milk), but like I said, he wouldn’t suck on a bottle. They were frantic to help the baby and after three weeks in the hospital, he still wasn’t gaining weight. That’s when they threatened to take the baby out of Vanderbilt and take him somewhere else. That did it. The doctors turned on them and accused them of trying to 1) starve the baby, and 2) poison them (both children, even though the older one is perfectly healthy and happy now) by feeding them goat milk.
    I raise goats, drink goat milk, and have nursed many a dying creature back to health using it. It used to be recommended to parents of children who couldn’t tolerate cow milk. But now, it is a weapon the government is using to take children from their parents. What can the motive possibly be, I wonder? It is a terrifying thing that is going on. I am afraid my son will never get custody of his children again. The legal bills will keep them bankrupt for years to come. Be very careful when you take a child to the hospital…that’s all I have to say about that.

  12. This is kidnapping and needs to be punished, especially considering that this child had the other diagnosis from a reputable medical institution. With this type of antagonistic diagnostic turf warring, the child becomes the unfortunate pawn in medical game. I can not believe that this has been allowed to go on for 16 months, especially considering that with the Boston Children’s questionable diagnosis and inappropriate treatment, the child’s health has obviously not improved. Furthermore, her treatment for the mitochondrial problem has been terribly delayed.

  13. It is heart rending to read this story but it is true that the state does and can intervene on the basis of protecting a child from its parents. This happens more frequently as you point out than the public is aware. Parents have no rights in a corrupt child welfare system and a family court system that often uses arbitrary decisions to do what they want especially with poor people of color. They use unbridled power to intimidate and control the proletariat. This problem needs to be exposed.

  14. It is frightening indeed!! The fact, though, is that I think it is one of the elements
    in the Medical Plan approved as law under President Barak Obama which a lot of us, Americans and other who qualified to receive benefits under this law, will have to wrestle with and fight to modify at the same time that we fight to keep this precious piece of law strong and growing in terms of the constitutional protection that it offers to all Americans citizens o the present and the future. REMEMBER, ROME, WASHINGTON, NEW YORK CITY, OUR US OF US AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND THE BENEFITS THAT THEY MANDATE FOR US, CITIZENS OF US OF US, WERE NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY, UNFORTUNATELY. GOD BLESS YOU AND ME AND OUR US OF US. AMEN

  15. Our God given rights as parents and as US citizens are being eroded so fast. We are being coerced into believing the collective is responsible for our children! Wake up people! Not only learn about patients rights, but also learn about the US Constitution, so you know your rights and can defend our freedoms! And PRAY!

    1. Tracy’s right…this isn’t Star Trek…we don’t have cyborgs in Washington…they’re really not collectives, but they are definitely trying to fit “square (us) pegs into round (government) holes”!!!
      Our rights are being railroaded into oblivion, they’re dictating, mandating, edicting and executive ordering us to death. This isn’t a democracy… (so I wonder why it is that our country has attempted to “democratize” other countries…especially when the powers that be aren’t really running our country as a democracy!
      Something downright fishy about a country trying to do something in another country and do it differently back home (and not getting it right in either place)!

  16. God bless Justina. We need to change this.
    As a healthcare worker, I was trained to believe that modern medicine was the only way to treat incurable conditions, and even if a child died or was crippled under a doctor’s care, they were not responsible for treating the child with toxic and crippling therapies. After extensive research I discovered that that kind of attitude was ignorant of the truth. The truth may shock you.
    It happens to be that nearly every disease known to man is either reversible or curable. It takes natural approaches with nutrition, detoxification of the body, and proper correction of the deficiencies of the biological terrain. Doctors do not learn this at medical school ever since the Flexner Report of 1910 and the medical schools were controlled by the teachings of only pharmaceutical science, not of nutrition.
    If you can understand that cancer is a reversible process, you will understand that anyone born healthy should be able to reverse an incurable diagnosis. One may look into the Hallelujah diet, Gerson Therapy, Budwig Diet or Nick Gonzalez’ protocol to begin with and see that many incurable conditions are reversed simply by eating and drinking living foods, etc. They don’t want us to know the truth.
    http://www.thetruthaboutcancer.com and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR8SQzCJK0Q

  17. The case of the Pelletier family makes me very cautious about taking anyone to a hospital if they have the authority to take custody of a person and make decisions for them instead of the family.

  18. Not only in hospitals. I’ve had firsthand reports from parents who have been threatened by doctors with a report for not giving their child a psych drug or other treatment even if the parent just wants to get a second opinion or try something less invasive first. Then there is the case of the parents told that if they didn’t allow the hep b shot for their newborn they would take the baby and do it anyway. Children’s services is the new merciless strong arm.

    1. I know personally of a 16 y.o. in the Missouri child services system since last August…that was forced to take the HPV vaccine during a forced full medical evaluation, and get this: The medical staff at the clinic (doctors and nurses alike) did NOT do THEIR jobs! They FAILED to give INFORMED CONSENT information (advantages, side effects, adverse effects, etc.) AND they failed to tell her AND her foster mom that they HAD a right to REFUSE for her to get the vaccine!
      I was outraged when I found out!
      ….so why are we being forced to do things we don’t want to do? This is still AMERICA, home of the FREE and the brave! Constitutionally, in my “book”, the government is equal to Obviously our government (and other governments) just don’t know it yet or won’t accept it!

  19. Oh my – this is so disturbing on so many levels……..What Country do we live in ???? I have a friend who went for a second opinion regarding his “Shingles Diagnosis” by one doctor. After taking the “Meds” for Singles for a year – nothing got better – he got worse. So, he went for a Second Opinion in another City…….that Dr. just took one look at him and said “Yes, you have Shingles – continue to take the Medication”. A couple months later when he got “a cold” he went back to his Regular Dr. The Dr. logged on to his laptop and found this man had gone for a “second opinion” re: Shingles. This Dr. became OUTRAGED- with them elderly man – and said “How dare you go for a Second Opinion regarding my Diagnosis of having Shingle – You are no longer a Patient and I will no longer see you”……..and left the patients room. No one can get a Finally this elderly man went to another Dr. – who Tested him and found out he had Valley Fever Fungus, Never had Shingles. This Countries Health Care has gone – down the TUBES !!! Good luck to everyone !!!!!

    1. So….so right! Our healthcare system went to in a hand basket!
      It’s high time we take back our fundamental rights. What’s it going to take? What did the first settlers to America have to do to gain their freedoms?
      Are we destined to repeat history?
      We need new and smaller government, SIMPLE laws and SIMPLE but efficient law enforcement, and BIG brother to keep their hands and noses out of our business, our personal and family business and to leave doctors to be doctors instead of making them the !!! “Ditto” to the government…they need to stop playing God, stop playing doctor, stop invading everyone’s privacy…etc. As long as law abiding citizens don’t cause trouble, pay their taxes provide for their families, etc. then they should be left alone. Government has grown to big for its britches and needs to be put on a very strict diet, and be cut down many notches!!!
      Don’t get me wrong: there are a few in our government who are trying to do whats right for our country.
      generally speakimg though, i feel the majority are only out to accomplish their own agendas…or are in cahoots w/Obama in tryimg to bring our country down! We need to be ever more vigilant on our knees praying for God to intervene! Vengeance is His and His alone. Back in colonial days…
      Just saying…and there are multiples in Washington committing treason.

  20. YES, this article is so correct. I knew a woman whose child was nearly removed from her custody, in Southern CA (Los Angeles area) by Child Protective Services. Her son had a rare illness caused by mold in his school and a doctor who knew nothing about this reported her for seeking help. There had been proof of his illness available but CPS would not look at it. The judge was a menace to the welfare of any child in his courtroom. I was present and appalled at his coarse and inaccurate statements. Allowing the government to abuse our families is the problem! It took my friend two years and about ten thousand dollars (she became homeless due to going bankrupt from paying lawyers and experts) to get her son out of the clutches of CPS. She moved before they could lower the boom. The state and any medical doctor can use the so-called, unproven SSA diagnosis and apply it to anyone, anywhere. I think boycotting Boston Children’s Hospital and picketing them would be a good start. I am a special education teacher (retired) with years of experience. I side with these parents!

  21. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they put her in jail almost 2 months ago with over a $100K bond. So she is stuck in jail, can’t see either of her children and doesn’t know when or if she will get out. This is such a sad situation.

  22. I would really like to argue for socialized medicine, but the argument that government would then abuse their power in cases such as the Tuskegee experiments would then be a threat become to glaringly possible when cases such as Justina’s are viewed. Survivors of ritual abuse and mind control tell us they are victims of sadistic mind control projects conducted by military intelligence as a sub project of Mk-Ultra. It all sounds so crazy until facts are revealed and cases such as Justina’s are mentioned. Seeking medical help should never amount to sacrificing the right to make responsible medical decisions for your child and risk loosing your child to government strong hands who do not have a pristine history of keeping with the best interest of children themselves.

  23. Wish it were unbelievable. Unfortunately, the legality is all too real.
    There is a very real difference between legality, and lawfulness. i’ve just had a short introduction to that on another health site, and the basic difference is that people can make laws – case laws, presidential “executive orders” bureaucracy rulings, etc, but they are not constitutional, not lawful and are actually to be ignored.
    Of course these psychopaths pervading society are always carrying the big stick or cattle prod to beat you down . . .

    1. AND, THEREFORE, we will KEEP FIGHTING(because much of what they SAY, is “law”, is FRIVOLOUS!

  24. Best article I’ve seen on this subject, but I’m sure you have missed the real issue behind Justina Pelletier: The key is “Mitochondrial Disease” and you have to go to the “medical science” sites to understand what that really means….. not the “medical propaganda” sites, like ALL the university sites that receive any Federal money. “Mitochondrial Disease” has accepted (though extremely uncommon” medical tests to make valid diagnoses, which the people who have stolen Justina do not want you to know about. . If you notice, those never came up. I firmly believe the original doc was 100 % correct, but when you understand what Mitochondrial Disease is, you will understand why the full force of the US government is being applied to cover up — even the judiciary has been bought or forced.
    For an even better idea of what MD is, check out “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis” which is a broader view of what is going on in the body’s nervous system and brain because of the underlying cause — Mycoplasma — but more on that shortly. Myalgic encephalomyelitis is the original name for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” — it was changed by the US government to avoid scaring people, and to cover up that they know a LOT about the underlying cause — including some weaponized versions such as what causes Gulf War Illness and Lyme Disease.
    Mycoplasma is (after a lot of debate) classified as a bacteria , though it appears to have viral and fungal forms also. It is the smallest known self-replicating entity known to man, requires magnification of 50,000 to 60,000 to see. It is everywhere — probably every human, animal, plant, bird…. it is in the meat you eat, the plants you eat. The real question is why it reacts negatively on only some people — although as you learn more, you will be hard pressed to find anyone or anything which is not negatively impacted at some point in the life cycle.(Do you have any signs of arthritis yet? Mycoplasma.) If you will Google “Mycoplasma” and the name of EVERY KNOWN disease which doctors say is “unknown cause” or “idiopathic” — you will get correlation approaching 1.0. (I have done this with ALL the autoimmune disorders — cancers, Fibromyalgia, Mitochondrial Disease, whatever disorder you search for.
    Mycoplasma is of the Mollicute family — cells without membranes or outside walls. They enter any way they can — commonest way is through the mouth or nose; when they get to the intestine, they…

    1. Alert!
      Who are you?
      You couldn’t have said it, any better!
      Thank God for, for people like you!

      1. Al Packer: I’d like to know more of what you know.
        I feel that the US government, FDA, Pharmaceutical companies, etc. are all using us as human guinea pigs…
        ** I wonder if the Obamacare Act requires hospitals to do that (ie…a second opinion and further testing/investigating into the cause of illness, etc.) to keep healthcare costs to a minimum… It’s cheaper to be the gatekeeper…and what better way for the government to finish taking over the minds of our youth (in the past: Dumbing down via education system and mind numbing video and computer games) and now as a way to take full control by labeling them as psych patients and drugging them up!
        This is all outrageous and somehow must be stopped…
        I’m sure our country’s forefathers are rolling over in their graves…
        GOD DOES see all this!!!! “And vengeance is mine,” said the Lord, our God!!!
        Al Packer…your comments ended with: Mycoplasma is of the Mollicute family — cells without membranes or outside walls. They enter any way they can — commonest way is through the mouth or nose; when they get to the intestine, they…
        Nothing appeared nor could I access the anything further…it was left unfinished or was chopped!
        ** PLEASE come back and respond by finishing this. This is good stuff.
        ** I want to know what is used to treat Mycoplasma! I have used a product that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral for about two years… (I ran out about a month ago, and need to get some more, as I have seen an improvement in my health with it, and feel the difference since running out of it.) Is Mycoplasma related at all to the obesity epidemic in the US?

  25. I hate to say it, but this just does not surprise me. The US has become an authoritarian police state. That along with the indistinguishability of corporate and government interests, defines fascism. And, as usual, it has come from the left. Well done, progressives. Thank you for nannying me so well.

  26. Although some hospitals do jump the gun to diagnose Munchausens by Proxy, it is generally because they cannot find a diagnosis, not because they have one and you want to get a second opinion at another hospital. As a physician, in general, I have seen hospitals errantly make this diagnosis but again only because there was a “red flag or two”, which could innocently happen to anyone, but never, never because they had a diagnosis and the family wanted a second opinion. I strongly believe that there is something very amiss with this story.

    1. I STRONGLY think that you are (overall), COVERING for wahat you KNOW(in your heart), is the TRUTH about “doctors”, “nurses”, “lcsw”, etc.!
      To REfreshen YOUR memory, how about you VIEWING (psychcrime.org)>

  27. Yes there are other cases. Several years ago the grandson of a friend of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His parents mistakenly told their pediatrician that they were going to take him to Dr. Burzynski in Houston. That evening a sheriff’s deputy showed up at their house with CPS and took custody of the boy. A few months later after conventional treatment he was dead.
    Proven, conventional treatments are sooo much better. Why you couldn’t trust some experimental treatments by someone like Dr. Burzynski. If they had asked their pediatrician to setup an appointment at MD Anderson that might have been ok.
    Agree with your doctor and his diagnosis and quietly slip off to another doctor. Tell him you’ll bring your child back first thing tomorrow morning. I need to get some special toys together. Clothes, packing, anything, just be careful!

  28. The Founding Fathers would have said this is the same brand of tyranny they had from London, all over again. A three word line from the 1967 Paul Newman movie “Hombre” comes to mind—“God sees this.” If the public doesn’t start shunning professional sports and TV talk shows, and start pressuring lawmakers to reverse these hideous trends, we’ll find ourselves in something resembling the tyranny of Emperor Diocletian in Rome. No one connected to the so-called mental “health” movement has any good intentions towards the Bill of Rights or the public.

  29. I find this completely unbelievable. What a disgracefull way to behave. Taking this girl away from her loving family for 16 months.
    God will surely punish all responsible!

  30. All our parents of children under age need to be made aware of this terrible situation. How dare any judge or doctor to make a decision for parents. We have a right to have a second opioion. Our medical professionals should be intelligent enough to know if a child is being abused mentally or physcially.

    1. So with 2 totally conflicting diagnosis why isn’t a 3rd allowed? I would, or at least follow the treatment plan that proves most effective.
      Boston Children’s and Johnson should be reminded that irreversible damages caused would lead some people to pursue irreversible vengeance.

  31. This happens in Canada too. Many young people are diagnosed with a pyschosocial problem–a purely “mental illness” when in fact they have something perfectly treatable like hypo thyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, heavy metal toxicities and other toxicites, Bartonella, Toxoplasmosis, lyme, or biochemical problem like as with methylation, phenol/salicylate intolerance, etc. This happens even with biochemical testing which shows that they have the later completely treatable problems. The parents are accused of childabuse, and told to go to counselling or parenting classes and the like. The CAS is sent after them, and the children can and are apprended from the home. As a result they are put in foster care often, and sedated, the disease that they do have goes untreated, they suffer sometimes permanent damage from that disease or diseases, and often they die. Young persons in Canada with such medical illnesses are discriminated against, on the basis of a biochemical or microbiological illness–a physical disability if you will. It is I believe, against our charter of rights and freedoms and we need some lawyers who are willing to argue the point… Then maybe more of our Canadian children, will live and thrive.. Until such time many of our young people will be incapacited or dead.. Further, it goes with out staying that group of people who do not value their offspring will not thrive.

  32. This is the result of too much government. We have too many laws that no one can decipher and are left up to interpretation of enforcement.

  33. The Pelletier case is very angering as it shows the ignorance of the medical system and conventional medicine. Perfectly diagnosed health conditions are considered fake and psychological. The treatments for these conditions are ignored in favor of drugs and ignorance. Perhaps it’s best just to avoid conventional hospitals and doctors period.

    1. Yes, don’t call the cops and don’t go to a traditional doctor. Because of the heavy handedness of traditional, allopathic medicine, they demand to be right even if that means harming the patient.

  34. Why are you taking your children to Allopaths in the first place? The entire profession except for crisis emergency care is based in faith, not science or art. They do not nor have they ever practiced medicine.

  35. The medical cartels must be brought to justice! There is NO WAY! This is not what this country was about! If freedom truly has its way for the parents to choose what kind of medical attention their child gets! That is how it should be! And lets make it that way again! This must be fought is all I know.

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