First, GMO Human Embryos—Now a Living GMO Organism with Artificial DNA!

humanembryo-300x225If that weren’t disturbing enough, the FDA is using terms like “manufacturing.”

In February 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting outlining the creation of genetically modified human beings. Now, researchers have announced the creation of an organism with completely artificial DNA.
All life on earth stores genetic information the same way, with DNA made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). These bases partner up to form units called base pairs. A always pairs with T, and G always pairs with C.
Until now, that is.
Scientists have successfully created two new bases, which they call X and Y, that pair up with each other. And they’ve used this unnatural base pair to create a brand new GMO bacterium “based on a genetic structure found nowhere on earth.”
Researchers did this by “tricking” E. coli bacteria into assimilating and reproducing the unnatural X-Y base pair—which was automatically passed on from one generation to the next.
Floyd Romesberg, the lead researcher on the project, claims his discovery will usher in a new era of better antibiotics and cancer drugs. To this end, the next phase of his project will be to use artificial genes based on this unnatural DNA to “make proteins that have never been made before,” and to turn these proteins into self-producing, “living” drugs.
While the mainstream media seems giddy at the prospect, we’re wary of the as-yet-unstudied implications of GMO bacteria, viruses, and creatures, much less GMO humans.
These “inventions” won’t take place in the distant future. After all, GMO embryos have already been created via in vitro experiments.
Disturbingly, when the FDA discussed genetically manipulating embryos at its February meeting, they framed the issue—quite literally—in manufacturing terms: “Adequate manufacturing controls…are essential to protect the safety of subjects and to minimize the risks for any children that might result from clinical trials using mitochondrial manipulation technologies.”
Yes, you read that right: the FDA is talking about the production of children in the context of manufacturing.
For more information on the implications of GMO manipulation at the mitochondrial level, please read our February 2014 article on the subject.


  1. We seem to have an amoral gov’t that is completely out of control, without any consideration for the rights or health of its citizens. This is like an Orwellian scenario of the worst type – we must say no to imorality in our gov’t agencies.

  2. Ever read ‘Frankenstein’? Things do not necessarily turn out the way you think they will…. what safety devices are there to keep a ‘new’ bacterium ( to which we have no immune response) from wiping out a slew of people?

  3. These quack scientists can create all the frankensteins they want. Only in a free medical marketplace will these monstrosities be rejected by the public as ineffective, dangerous and a waste of resources. Man will never improve on nature.
    It’s the use of government to protect medical and food monopolies that’s the real danger. America’s medicine was hijacked by government protected medical monopoly laws enacted by state legislatures and not the takeover of med schools by Rockefeller and his Flexnor Report. It’s political corruption that leads to monopolies like the FDA or state boards that lead to dangerous monopoly food and medicine. As long as there is a free market, consumers will reject the bullsh*t.
    These morons can create whatever they want, just don’t force it on use with no other choices like allopathic monopoly medicine and unlabeled GMO food is forced on us with no alternatives.

  4. Do NOT EVER Genetically modify anything that God created !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mitochondrial manipulations are dangerous.
    Please google up “The Justina Pelletier Case” if you do not believe me.
    Should you do so, you will find out that apparently “trivial” aberrations in the mitochondrial system can create lifelong disability-and that mitochondrial problems can become very painful.
    Don’t put those in people.
    I know: it may now be very easy to put novel proteins in peoples’ mitochondria…But…
    How do you get them out?

  6. Heavenly Father, We give you all the praise and glory for providing us with all that we need from the land, and all that grows upon it for our food, nourishment, and medicine. We pray to you lord for deliverance from these arrogant and self aggrandizing greedy fools that think they can do better than you. May we forgive them for their trespasses and be delivered from their self deception and selfish ways. May they come to see clearly and humble themselves and depart from their destructive meglomaniacal perversions.

  7. The DNA codes of chloroplasts and mitochondria differ from those of nuclear DNA. Archaea (formerly archaebacteria) share the DNA coding scheme of eukaryotes but differ from both prokaryotes and eukaryotes in how they replicate DNA and translate it into proteins. Archaea are everywhere including our own guts and trade DNA with unrelated organisms through viruses and through circular units called plasmids. Any philosophy that considers DNA sequences to be sacred ignores nature itself.
    Bacteria and yeasts engineered with genes from archaea have produced amino-acids, peptides and enzymes on an industrial scale for decades. Fevered opposition to the concept comes rather late.
    We now engage in structural pharmacology where a drug’s intended effect determines its molecular shape which determines its amino-acid sequence. One can synthesize it one amino-acid at a time and get a drug like Sovaldi (to cure hepatitis C at the cost of $1000 per dose).
    The amino-acid sequence can translate into DNA to be inserted into an easily-cultured organism and produce the same drug inexpensively. Should one’s spiritual notion force others to pay $1000 per dose?
    If the shape requires an amino-acid that does not occur in nature all possible 3-base combinations of the 4 DNA letters are already in use. Each non-standard amino-acid requires a non-standard 3-base sequence and that requires at least one new base pair. Should one’s personal distaste for non-natural bases prevent others from building that drug?
    If there is no easy way to deliver the drug to its target tissue one might use a virus to insert the synthetic DNA into human cells and produce the drug locally. Should those with AMD, presbycusis, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s let some young Luddite tell them their cure is “immoral”?
    Finally, those who carry uniformly fatal genetic defects should not breed but they do. It is “natural” to let the offspring die but how is it more “holy” to not correct the defect during assisted conception?
    Preachers once condemned the installation of lightning-rods because they would thwart the will of god. Naturally it was the tall churches that burned. I do not condemn the anti-GMO zealots as long as it is they who do the dying.

    1. If there is fevered opposition, it is because the precautionary principle has not been used by agencies that were once set up to protect the public. They are protecting turf and helping large and wealthy corporations to dictate how things will be. esp. with regards to GMO’s and other “chemical/industrial/bio/entities to make bigger profits for their shareholders. To heck with the collateral damage.

    2. Huh? KISS. Shows that if we are to address a concern, we need to understand what you’re saying. Keep it simple or maybe just a little diagram would help people like me. I’m concerned about all the GMO for our health. I don’t know what you said.

  8. ‘ Brave New World” here we come! I am thankful that I’m a senior and will not live to see this world. ‘ Manufacture children” — that is a possile by- product. Even a few such creations accidentally produced are too many. What would their lives be like? This is totally immoral or am I just a silly old fool.

  9. This is mad, bad science. The so-called scientists who do this are dangerous and insane.
    Investigators like Clifford Carnicom have already discovered “aritficial dna” from “morgellons” fibers extracted from its victims, and grown in petri dishes.
    This is not about curing illnesses or infertility, it is about tampering with nature without concern for consequences, remaking it in in the image of the new maniacal “creators”. New organisms could mutate from it and infect all life. The possible consequences can only be tragic.
    It’s about profit and the monstrous ego of these meddlers. They think they are smarter than God, and seek to prove it, and leave their mark on the genome, forever.
    Torch and pitchfork time, for these megalomaniac Frankensteins. Monsatano has already proved they are not to be trusted, and that engineered “life” will not be contained.

  10. Children cannot be ‘manufactured!’ Children need an identity that only comes from a loving family that has an interest in teaching them to be proper adults through loving and caring example. Almost all kids adopted have no sense of self and need to find their birth parents to learn their identity and background. Bringing children into this world without even considering the long term emotional effects of learning they have no parents should be a crime of the highest felony. Besides, there are enough people iin this world already who are damaged emotionly and physically by mistreatment and abuse. Making children without a stable emotional support system is criminal negligence!

  11. This is truly scary. Manufacturing artificially produced bacteria, etc that could infect us & kill only those that aren’t protected. Also manufacturing children for what purpose, harvesting, or other unthinkable purpose? Let’s stop this before they hold us hostage with our health the bargaining chip.

  12. This stuff is to crazy. What is the purpose of an manufactured human being? Are they to be slaves or are they here to wipe us out? Is this the crazy stuff that science is coming up with? What about trying to cure something instead of bring us more problems than they can ever imagine. I am sure and you can Quote me on this This is going to be really really ugly.

    1. This is sick, immoral, unatural and likely to backfire in ways that are imaginable and unimaginable – these folks don’t know what they’re “playing” with –

  13. Scientists are trained to be materialists, which means that they don’t recognize the spiritual nature of life. Under this regrettable sort of ignorance, life forms, such as meat animals, are treated as ‘units of production’ and processed as if they are widgets on an assembly line in ‘factory farms’, which at one time was an oxymoron. Now, apparently, in the materialistic science laboratory, there is nothing out of bounds so far as manipulating genetics to produce organisms which never existed in nature, and which can be patented and owned by corporations. If this is allowed to continue, the world as we know it will cease to exist, as genetically modified humans, owned by corporations, stand on the assembly line and make repetitive motions all day and all night, needing only a few minutes for nourishment, and take on tasks in all sorts of industries. There will be the elite, the gene warped workers, and the rest of us will be redundant. No doubt they will find it expedient to get rid of those of us who fail to conform to their model. I seem to recall the term ‘useless eaters’ to describe the unmodified population. And what do for-profits do with anything useless?

  14. This manipulation of our DNA for profit is disturbing and this technology could easily fall into the wrong hands. I urge lawmakers to put a stop to this before it’s too late.

  15. REgardless of the head researcher’s rationalization, this is wrong immoral and unethical, and potentially very dangerous! What could go wrong??

  16. Scientists haven’t read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, or any books ever published about the dark side of manufacturing humanity, cloning, or the movie “Gattaca”, or anything like that. I was hoping I wouldn’t see this in my lifetime, or my young son’s. We don’t need a UPC code tattooed onto us for the “mark of the beast”, science created it!

  17. There are already too many people on this planet, so WHY would anyone want to “make” more??!? It’s insane! It’s the typical scientific and medical mindset of “let’s see what we can do” vs. “what should we do/not do – let’s look at the impact”. The human race will indeed destroy itself. Unfortunately, we’ll take the rest of the planet with us.

    1. To create people who can be controlled. if you can create someone you can define how they think and what they will do by controlling their DNA. You can then use these people to control the masses.

    2. They want to create a technique so that they can make “perfect babkes” for the rich people of the world. It will be just like the movie “Gattica.” It is a type of eugenics.

    3. you can thank monsanto, this way the next generation may not get sick with cancer etc.. from the GMO foods we eat now (80%) of our food is GMO in all supermarkets,,,, we need to stop monsanto & the FDA from this!!!! good luck to us!!

    4. More than that, you’d think scientists would know better just from the number of horror movies that have had genetically modified/created creatures go insane and become mass murders that this is a very bad idea….

    5. It’s not about making more people; its about manufacturing a docile servant class to work for the ruling class at minimum wage without protesting. That means humans engineered to not get sick on cheap food, or to die young before the cheap food makes them too sick. Think of it as an alternative to robots, which are still a very long way from doing what humans can do.

  18. It makes sense, Monsanto kills everybody with GMO food, then the GMO unhumans eat their food!

    1. They have put human DNA in the corn to cause infertility. And added spider DNA to corn. Why? To try and see if humans can grow thicker skin. These controllers and globalists are mad men and do not have humanity’s best interest at heart. They want to disable, destroy and enslave us.

  19. The scare tactics used in this article are abhorrent. These tactics are really no different from the current right wing manufacturing of false stories to enrage their base. As in this story in People
    for The American Way
    Yes, there are things to be worried about in the field of genetic manipulation, like weaponized strains of smallpox, but selectively pulling quotes out of context to make it look like evil scientists are plotting to manufacture children is misleading and wrong.

    1. Hi Jim, would you please give your interpretation of the article in terms of it’s social value.
      My perspective on the introduction and application of new ideas should be based on their intrinsic value to humanity not on we do it because we can and there is a fortune to be made. There is always a diminishing value to society when money is a motivating factor. What are your thoughts?

  20. I do wish the Apes would hurry up and take over from this accursed race.

  21. We can mention all want about all the things that will happen unless we as caring people we HAVE TO DO something about it. The FDA are pushing everything and making these big parma richer for a few extra bug and they are making the human race sicker & killing the people. Do Ur check up people from Ur doc. but eat whole food and from land as my family does and take UR vitamins to preent and write to Ur congressmen and be on top. Good luck

    1. This is predicted by Jesus in the Bible when He said “the last days will be like the days of Noah.” The early church believed that the Nephilim would return until Augustine and the Catholic Church changed that view to what is called the Sethite View, which makes no sense.
      Hercules was probably one of these creatures. Goliath, in the Bible, was one also. They have been digging these creatures up, but paleontologists will not go near it, because it proves the Bible.
      It is the new arms race between the nations and that is to develop the perfect soldier. Transhumanists call it “the next step in human evolution”. Of course, evolution has been proven, by true science to be a myth. It cannot end well for those humans who are still here when this “next step in human evolution” reaches its ultimate conclusion.
      2 years ago, I saw actual documentation from various law schools on what rights these creature that look like us will be treated. See Tom Horn’s work on this subject.

  22. This is their goal. They want avatars; bodies they can inhabit, and one for Satan to enter as anti-christ. Transhumanism. The world will have to be destroyed as in Noah’s day. If you survive up to the end when the giants run amok on earth, you will be raptured if you accept Christ. Otherwise, you will surely perish as the world will be scorched.

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