Vermont Passes No-Strings-Attached GMO Labeling Law!

imagesVermont consumers will be the first in the nation to have a clear choice.

On April 23, the Vermont legislature passed a bill mandating that all GMO foods be labeled by July 2016. The bill will now go to Governor Peter Shumlin, who has said he will sign the legislation into law.

Although Connecticut and Maine have already passed GMO labeling laws, Vermont’s bill is unique: unlike its New England neighbors, Vermont decided not to include a “trigger” provision in its bill. So while Connecticut’s and Maine’s bills won’t activate unless enough nearby states also pass GMO labeling laws, Vermont will immediately move forward with the labeling of GMO products.

Not everyone is celebrating. Karen Batra, spokeswoman for the Biotechnology Industry Organization, lamented that, “It’s disappointing that Vermont sees a need to implement such a costly and confusing food labeling program, and that it takes this action despite unequivocal scientific evidence supporting the safety of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Any state-based law requiring the labeling of foods that contain GMOs creates extra costs for farmers, food manufacturers, distributors, grocers and consumers.”

Ms. Batra’s statement is riddled with inaccuracies. In point of fact, GMO labeling won’t raise costs for consumers or farmers! Moreover, despite what the biotech industry says, GMO foods have not “unequivocally” been proven to be safe—far from it. In fact, in animal studies, they’ve been linked to cancer, birth defects, and digestive issues. It is true that much more research needs to be done about GMO safety, including possible epigenetic effects that would only show up in future generations, but industry has done everything in its power, which is considerable, to squelch such research and those researchers brave enough to undertake it.


  1. How wonderful! Now, could we please copy Vermont out here in sunny California?

  2. If GMO’s are okay to consume, why does Monsanto and others of it’s ilk spend millions of dollars to suppress the labeling of them? Monsanto and their breed know very well that GMO’s aren’t safe, but their bottom line is all they care about.

  3. Excellent job Vermont! Every state Needs to follow your lead!!!
    Well done! MASSACHUSETTS is next!

  4. Thanks for your bravery in fighting the lies from Monsanto and the GMO industry. It is all poison and the sooner it is banned, the better!

  5. Congratulations to Vermont for doing the Ethical and Absolute Right thing to do.
    Countless lives and the health of your citizens will finally be saved.

  6. i am proud to say that i came from new england[nh],i am twice as proud that a great state like vermont had the good sense and courage to put forth a law that gives back to the people the right to choose where their food comes from and how it is grown and processed.i have gone out of my way many times to buy gmo free food items.i grow only hierloom seed and find it at johny’s in maine for one ,there are many that are now selling gmo free seeds and plants.all you need to do is look on the webb for sellers of no gmo seed and plants.if we could only get the ones we elect to get back to representing the people who voted for them in the ballot box and not in a check book we can then have a return to the great nation we were always known for.

  7. Better Government for the 21st Century! How can this really be accomplished? A People’s Branch of Government!
    Advocates for a People’s Branch of Government ( believe the most viable solution is that of the additional checks and balances that would be put in place with a People’s Branch of Government! details this solution and shows the way a People’s Branch of Government can be the most viable political solution. shows how Direct PARTICIPATION of the People, for the People, by the People, within the Republic (representative government) is what will bring about Better Government for the 21St Century.

  8. If it is so safe, why have other countries banned GMO foods and made the importing of such foods illegal. This is again big business strong-arming to get what they want. Who got paid off is the question. Follow the money-traill. Our Congress iswilling to jeopardize the health of US citizens for payoffs and big business. Between hormones in meat, flouride in our water and GMO foods they seem determined to kill us off.

  9. Wanting to know what is in a food we are planning to consume is a basic inalienable human right.
    Wanting not to be a guinea pig for foods that are not properly tested is another basic human right.
    As we all know it is nearly impossible to foresee the full implications of messing with mother nature. It may take years before we realize a genetically modified seed is causing allergies, digesting problems or worse. We are the consumers, we should be the bottom line. We decide with our buying habits. It is our health that is online. The only seeds we want are the seeds that are time tested for millions of years and naturally improved through natural evolution. We the people have to deal with allergies, digestion problems, diabetes, and many other unexplainable problems like IBS or metabolic syndrome or gluten allergies. We the people have to deal with
    hormones in everything that cause untimely puberty, or vaccinations that cause autism in children
    since biotech industry always finds a way to wash their hands of consequences of their actions.

  10. This is a wonderful Bill. We as human beings have choice. We have the right o ethically choose between healthy nutritious natural foods, or foods that have been exposed to laboratory sciences. This should open Washingtons eyes (that are closed thanks to Monsanto). As far as the farmers go, what if Big Agriculture just stopped messing with our food, water, crops, and earth?

  11. Why on earth is the deadline for implementation SOOO far away? …July of 2016…you’ve gotta be kidding me. The deadline should be no more than a year away, at the most. This just gives Monsanto, and the big agricultural corps that package food, time to pay off Vermont’s lawmakers and have the legislation sh*tcanned, before it ever gets implemented. Hopefully other states will act in kind, but set earlier compliance dates.

  12. Thank you to whomever had anything to do with the passing of this.
    You are the light at the end of a long dark tunnel.
    I will be buying my foods from Vermont, if this actually happens.

  13. Congratulations to the people of Vermont and their state legislature for doing the right thing and passing a gmo labeling law. The simple fact that polls show 90% of Americans want gmo labeling, by itself, should be more than enough of a mandate that our representatives in all legislatures, federal and state, give the public what it wants.
    Even if the biotech industry was 100% right, and gmo was safe (which its not), that should not matter. Representatives are elected to carry out the mandate of voters. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the d fools in legislature ought to start representing the will of the people, and not corporations. I think someone once said, “for the people, by the people”. Well, at least that’s the case in the great state of Vermont.

  14. VT has always been a state that thinks for itself and its residents. I’m surprised NH hasn’t done this yet as well.

  15. Vermont has courage! May the fight to label GMO products and ingredients continue until the FDA or all 50 states stand up for the people that have little choice can be respected and protected. Also, it’s about time for the FDA to start representing the people of the USA rather than the huge agribusiness interest!

  16. This is GREAT! Thank you for reporting it for the general public to read. More people need to stand up to big industries! Thankk you!

  17. This is great news. This should have happened a long time ago and hope this will cause other states to pass similar measures. Unfortunately, in this country, too few pay attention to the conversation about GMO’s, much less take time to study what they are putting into their stomach and how GMO’s can affect them.

  18. Vermont is moving in the right direction. Who is to say that GMO food is not harmful to at least some people. I don’t want to be in this experiment myself regardless of who says this food is totally safe to eat.. I say let the people know if the product is genetically modified and let them individually decide whether to buy the product. I do not need some scientist supported by a food industry telling me GMO products are 100% safe for all.

  19. Woo Hoo! Go Vermont! I am a native, good to see that they still have some horse sense.

  20. Hurray for Vermont! I hope this law will sweep across America. We need to know what is good for us and what harms us and we shouldn’t ask for anything less.

  21. Congratulations to Vermont!!! I am constantly contacting my Reps. in congress to mandate GMO labeling to no avail. It is going to be up to the states individually to make it happen.

  22. I would love to see Massachusetts pass a GMO law. I was unaware the GMO foods have been in our markets since 1995. This is unspeakable for people who wish to eat healthier. I’ve read that more testing needs to be done on GMO foods. Until the powers that be can prove undeniably, that these foods are harmless, they should not be allowed in our markets

  23. simple… the people want real labeling, we are slowly turning to our own methods to have more trustworthy food, grow it or sprout it or local reputable farmers.
    good for vermont, let push for all to do the same(some will have already found another way), it is the right thing to do for the good of all. again .it is .simple….and it is real

  24. I am studying to be a genetic engineer and I support GM labels. I know for a fact that many GM products are safe, but I also know of a few examples that have proven to be unsafe. A few were even pulled from the market because of it.
    The problem is two fold. On the one hand, there are people who look at the rare examples of problems as evidence that all GM is unsafe (which is far from accurate) while on the other hand there are people who claim that all GM is safe simply because the process is proven to be safe. The end result is a general public who is distrustful of all GM.
    I believe that instead of a blanket label that says “contains genetically modified organisms” there should instead be a special QR Code that consumers can scan which would list all of the GM products it contains along with detailed information about those products and where the genes came from. This would help track down any allergens that may exist, while also alleviating fears about a product that truly is safe.
    Furthermore, I believe there should be a scale system indicating how changed a product is. On the low end, for example, a company in India engineered the tomato to last for several months without refrigerating. This was achieved by removing a single gene, and no new genes were added. In this case we can say with absolute certainty that, because no new genes were added, it is absolutely safe and there is no chance of new allergens. From there we have examples of varieties of vegetables being engineered to produce different amino acids that extinct varieties of the same plants once had, so we can generally assume it is safe. Beyond that, we could engineer plants within the same family of plants. For example, we could engineer a potato to grow tomato vines. Since both are in the night shade family we can generally assume it is safe, although both the potato and tomato were in ancient times poisonous and we don’t generally eat tomato leaves or roots so we would in that case want to test tomatine levels before letting people eat them, but it is highly likely to be safe. Going a bit further we have cases of introducing genes from fish into plants, such as for strawberries to survive a frost. At that point there is always the chance of introducing an allergen, although I am inclined to believe that to be safe as well. And we keep going along the scale until we get to organisms engineered to produce known poisons, such as pesticides and herbicides, and THOSE are the…

    1. (It cut me off. continuing…)
      …and THOSE are the cases where studies are finding it lingering in the body.
      If we had a scale system, consumers concerned about greater differences might be open to smaller differences. It would also make it easier and easier for Doctors to establish safety.
      Finally, I believe that no engineered crops were are known to be unfit for human consumption should be allowed outside when they are capable of open pollination. That’s how Star Link corn ended up in the food supply, and even though it has been discontinued fragments of it’s genes are still in the food supply some 10 years later.

  25. It takes time for people to realize that they’re being lied to by Big Ag and Big Pharma but finally enough have seen the truth in Vermont to pass a GMO labeling law. I applaud their action and am eager to see the responses from the money god worshipers in the food industry.

  26. our compromised food supply is the greatest issue we face
    Our soils are nutritionally depleted due to monoculture, lost farming practises such as crop rotation, and soil enrichment thru letting the land lie fallow, etc. Plus spraying toxins that kill insects, etc but also harm plants and animals. As a result we are in turn toxic and nutrient deficient. To add insult to injury we are destroying the honeybee which is vital to so many of our main food sources including fruits and vegetables but indirectly also livestock fed on these gmo, toxic plants. By destroying our soils, plants, and animals and also the bees that pollinate and live off the plants, we are destroying ourselves. GMOs exacerbate not alleviate our already compromised food supply. They bring an unknown into the picture in spite of evidence they are exterminating the monarch butterfly and the honeybee and cause cancer. Our greed continues to blind us to thoroughly investigate GMOs BEFORE it’s too late.
    The laws of thermodynamics say we can’t get more out of a system than it contains, You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. Yet we continue on an unsustainable course ultimately leading to disaster. We must stop and reverse our direction NOW, before it becomes irreversible. God help us
    rudy ferrara

  27. About time, we need to fight to implement the same law in California and other States. Don’t give up, and hope those politicians in Washington do something, instead of protecting big corporations like Monsanto.

  28. Well, Ms. Batra, it’s disappointing that we have to even have our foods labeled against GMOs, much less get the states to mandate it. And I would truly like to know, Ms. Batra, if you actually eat GMOs??? I would be willing to bet that you do not!

  29. simply, THANK YOU VERMONT! It does me much good that you have broken through.
    We will try to be right behind you.

  30. This is good news ..congratulations to Vermont. GMO is not normal. You don’t mess with things like our food. I will not put anything GMO into my mouth, so if it is not labeled. I won’t eat it. I won’t buy it unless I am certain of the origin.

  31. I am glad Vermont passed this bill, and hope it will lead other states to take a similar stand. If we cannot make food manufacturers label GMO foods, why not have non-GMO companies label their products as non-GMO. People who ready labels would appreciate knowing whether it is by GMO labeling or NON-GMO labeling. I know I would.

  32. This is fantastic news. Yeah for Vermont. I have signed every internet petition that I have been sent to support GMO labeling attempts from any state. I am so proud of the state of Vermont for this fantastic step forward. Maybe, the rest of us will have the courage to move forward after such clear leadership from Vermont. As far as Ms Batra’s comments… every single individual is responsible for doing their own research and deciding that they believe; not relying on what they hear. If they do, it will be clear, I believe, that GMO foods are not safe to eat. Many countries throughout the world have laws banning GMOs. Why is this so? Because they know what is kept from us. Also…Monsanto’s GMO seed does not reproduce seed for the next year’s crop. You have to buy it from Monsanto every year. How is that saving Farmers money?… or consumer’s ultimately? Since Monsanto sues farmers whose fields are contaminated with their GMO seed that has blown onto their fields by the wind and sprouted… and since that seed takes over and destroys other heirloom seeds, ultimately it is clear that Monsanto could control this country’s food supply by the dying off of other seed and the take over of GMO seeds – only replaceable each year by purchase to Monsanto. Hey…I am just one lady – but I read a lot about it online and elsewhere, and although I have not given a highly technical comment to do it full justice, this country is made up of people like me. We are not all PhDs.. We need to find out – it is the food we put into our bodies and we have our children and future generations to think of. We need to know the truth and then help in the fight in whatever small way we can. All we are asking for is to know if our food is GMO or not. If you knew, would you chose to purchase the GMO food? I wouldn’t, and that is what those who are against labeling are afraid of. Without labeling, we are helplessly ignorant of our choices…not very American…or what used to be American. Yes, we are all busy – life is too full, but some subjects such as the food we put into our bodies and our little children’s bodies… that can build our health and quality of life or destroy our health is one subject worth taking the time to investigate. To everyone in Vermont…my congratulations and great appreciation for your leadership on this issue.

  33. If GMO’s were so safe as they claim them to be THAN WHY is there such resistance to them being labeled as such. Sounds pretty strange to me that they don’t want them to be labeled if there is GMO’s in the food product. They know these foods ARE dangerous and are harmful, that’s why. Plain and simple.

  34. If we are truly free in this country, we have every right to know what we put into our bodies.
    Highest congratulations to Vermont for passing the GMO law!

  35. Re: the Vermont decision:
    Halle–ing-luja! It still infuriates me that the CA voters didn’t have sense enough to do this, but at least the Vermont legislature has seen the light.
    May CA be next — or may any state be next, so long as we keep this bit of sanity-momentum going.

  36. Thank you Vermont! Now how about some more states stepping up. Don’t forget the effort to get a federal bill passed to override states rights on this. So there is plenty more work to do.

  37. Yeah for Vermont! Hopefully this is the start of states getting truthful labeling on our food. We must start to know what we are eating…our corporations and Government are starting to expect us to take ownership of our heath, the only way we can successfully do this is to know what we are eating.

  38. sadly for all of us , the odds are congress witll pass legislation nullifying vemonts victory . …it has started already

  39. Mrs. Batra is welcome to my share of all GMO seeds, however if she takes the time to look up France’s 2 year study of these toxic foods grown from them, I seriously doubt that she would even consider one of them in her mouth, much less swallow it.
    Hope everyone realizes that if GMO soy beans, corn, etc. are toxic, that cooking oils and other products coming from those plants are also going to be toxic.

  40. Things have gotten so bad and filled with liers, that its mighty hard to trust what they say. People need to educate themselves on these things [ GMO and other added chemicals in our foods ]. Every time I eat something or give my pets something to eat, I’m thinking, ‘I wonder how this is going to effect my body and theirs? How sick are we going to become? ‘ Yes, they need to be labled, along with anything else that will hurt others or animals. When I hear about such things coming about [ like GMO ], I sense greed, not really to help others, but just simple greed. Then they lie and make excuses for what they are doing…caring nothing about those it will harm in time. All I can say is…God IS watching our actions on this earth with our fellowman and the time is getting mighty close to his rath.

  41. Bravo Vermont, The Green Mountain Boy’s blood still courses through your veins. A debt earned fighting off the oppressive British so; we may all be free men and women. Now, again 238 years later, you again stand and fight a Righteous Cause against disgusting, filthy corporate entities. Whom only see profits above all else. I am Proud to say I have lived, worked, partied with Vermonters. May you always stand as a shining example to the world. That when a Righteous fight is to be fought, you can always count on a Vermonter to have your back. Now if we can get America to get a pair of nads and stand shoulder to shoulder with you?

  42. The hidden reason GMO-oriented organizations are opposed to GMO-labelling is that such information would make it easier to see how far and how quickly non-GMO foods, which are grown from non-patentable seed, have gone toward driving non-GMO seeds into virtual extinction (except for seed-bank stock from which other, new, patentable GM varieties of seed can be developed). High profits from selling patented varieties, which cannot be legally saved after harvest and used for the next season’s planting without a farmer’s being punitively sued, are the object of giga-agribusinesses.
    Incidentally, note that Batra speaks of “state-based law”, not Federal, because taking on each state individually is much more of a logistical nightmare for pro-GMOers than pushing for the issue of GMO-labelling to be introduced at the Federal level, where mega-bucks can be used to fight one over-riding battle for “seed-supremacy”.

  43. It’s too bad the legislators and proponents of this bill are so ignorant. All of our food is genetically modified. What they mean is genetically engineered food, where a piece of DNA from another species is implanted into the target organism’s genome. The sloppiness in the law will cause legal problems galore until it’s straightened out. Talk about the blind leading the blind.
    I happen to be a biologist.

  44. In response to Karen Batra… if GMOs are safe… what’s the problem putting them on the label. Sugar and other ingredients are safe… not really. Sugar is one of the most deadly toxins in the world.
    Forget GMOs and grow organic…

  45. GMO foods are not only a human health threat once consumed.
    It is the process of growing these crops that introduces insidious hazards to the entire food chain in the form of PESTICIDES.
    The public relations campaign, combined with scare tactics that allege labeling costs are passed on to the consumer are rife with sins of omission: namely the exorbitant health costs associated with exposure to toxic chemicals applied to GMO crops. DId you ever stop to wonder why these companies don’t proudly announce their wonder GMO products on lables in the way that organic producers do? What do you suppose these CHEMICAL COMPANIES are hiding?
    Make no mistake: the chemical companies shoving propaganda down the throats of the public just happen to also sell seeds. KEEP IN MIND: THESE ARE CHEMICAL COMPANIES. Their interest is in selling chemicals to farmers to ensure high crop yields. The chemicals amount to warfare against soil, air, waterways & the flora & fauna whose lives depend on these elements. These chemical companies are the real eco terrorists. They are in the process of sabotaging the natural world for the profit.
    We are part of the fauna being poisoned by chemical companies owned & operated by an obscenely rich minority that do not have your best interest in mind. And they are calling the shots in Congress to ensure that you do not get access to the truth & are too afraid to demonstrate your legitimate concerns about what amounts to the hijacking of our food supply & the poisoning of the natural world, as well fetuses developing in the womb can persist because you are too afraid to fight for what is right. Many of these pesitcides are neurotoxins, as well as endocrine disruptors.
    Vermont has taken the right step. A bold step. The rest of the nation & the world must follow Vermont’s lead. Our lives depend upon it.

  46. Curious response from the BIO spokesperson…if it were worth bragging about, you can be sure it would be on the label! And of course it costs everyone more…good things tend to cost more and sometimes they’re worth it. To our better health!

    1. Marci. It does not cost anything more to label GMO. While you share my belief about labeling, supply and demand will set prices. Putting GMO labeling on products is a simple matter of changing the packaging. In case you haven’t noticed, packaging changes occur frequently in the food business resulting in the consumer getting less for greater cost. This deception is currently practiced in all kinds of foods including those for both people and animals. Please keep up the good fight for GMO labeling.

  47. What a fantastic win for Vermont. Implementation of the law doesn’t have to be complicated; since manufacturers and distributors will have to label foods clearly for Vermont, they can simply label foods clearly for ALL locations.
    Thank you Vermont

  48. Hurray for Vermont!!!!! I hope other states follow their example and GMO labeling requirements will continue to grow. People have a right to know what they are eating and make their own choice instead of manufacturers make it for them.

  49. Good for Vermont, may just have to move there … hope all states will follow….

  50. Congratulations after so many years, Vermont you have finally brought some justice in having companies reveal that their food are GMO. Now we need to have those companies label on our products exactly what is in the GMO. Also have federal laws that testing is done for years to reveal more of the negative health results of GMO.

  51. Please, let Florida be next! Every tinny steps like this one helps. All my food is from a small organic farmer or labeled USDA organic but it still contains GMO… Gosh, if only we could have seen this coming.
    Lets make a distinction here, there are safe farmers that refuse to use GMO or other unproven invasive materials. The safe farmers will likely see an increase in demand for clean food (if you will) and would benefit from this. I will benefit from this too as a consumer as the demand for safe foods increase so will the supply and ultimately equalize the price.

  52. I think that anyone representiny biotechnology products should have manditory 8 years of testing clinical & on there personal familys of at least 5 -10 people in there immediate family. With these clinical& personal testings, we may see the true results. They can test these new products on their family not mine. I say we stick to protecting organic products. Composting and the natural circle of life

    1. Patrick – Yours is a fabulous idea….If they are such believers, let them put their mouth where there money is!!!!!! (How’s that for a twist on the old phrase !!!!)

  53. I’m glad to see this law passed in Vermont. However I’m worried that the July 2016 deadline is much too far into the future. It gives time for the bad guys to get it overturned. I’ve seen it happen with other issues in the past.

    1. 2016 does seem faraway but actually 2014 will soon be half over. We can not allow any bad goys to turn anything over.

  54. In my 40’s, I have developed allergies. I never had issues before, but I have serious GI issues now that include gluten, wheat and recently, dairy. Doctors want to treat it by taking OTC drugs and prescription drugs to mask the issue and give my stomach / GI system a temporary/fix. This was going on for about 10 years. After several years of following the medical path, I had enough! I shouldn’t be taking these pills each meal and/or daily – depending on my script. I don’t want to mask my symptoms – I want to fix them. I want to correct and heal my system and give it what it needs to strive and remain healthy. I’m tired of having a weakened immune system. These problems didn’t exist to this extent for US citizens decades ago. This is becoming a serious issue in our country.
    I have changed my diet to basically 80% organic / all natural diet. It is difficult to find all the products you want / need organically; especially when on vacation or visiting friends/family. But everything I have been doing organically has definitely made improvements on my health; I no longer have chronic discomfort or pain in my stomach!! Because of my new diet, when I eat something my body doesn’t like, I know within a couple hours! Obviously, this allows me to immediately zone in on what is aggravating my stomach.
    It is imperative that I know what is in every product I consume to avoid more Gi issues. Just like someone who has an allergy to peanuts or soy………..we need to know exactly what is in each product. To do anything less is completely unacceptable. We are supposed to be living in a democracy where our government is supposed to represent the best interests of its’ people. Those in political office are supposed to be honoring their oath of office by representing the needs and wants of the people who voted them in. We need to demand that these people do their job in representing our needs.
    Label the products for the consumer!

  55. Great!
    Did you read about the Vermont exclusionsl/exceptions on the bill?
    I believe, “strings attached” would cover these exclusions.
    I want the life of the product to be gmo free.
    If cattle and chicken are fed gmo corn, it must be labeled gmo.

  56. Good on you Vermont! Meanwhile Monsanto is claiming patent rights over seeds, the fundamental source of all plant life, so it can charge farmers royalties for doing what people have done for thousands of years. I worry by 2016 they will have circumvented GMO labeling by controlling the source of the crops!

    1. Not only does Monsanto claim patents on their GMO seeds, they claim patent rights on everyone else’s [non GMO] seed they’ve alllowed their GMO crops to contaminate by cross pollination or seed dropping. And not only that, but Monsanto has a whole legal team which does nothing but litigate against those farmers whose non-GMO crops they have contaminated with their GMO genes. And they have sued many of them into bankruptcy.
      Not only should monsanto be barred from suing those farmers whose crops they have contaminated, they should be forced to clean up at their own expense the damage they have done, and compensate those farmers for the harm they have done to them.

  57. Hurray for Vermont! wish Washington state had passed theirs, but bigger money from grocers assoc, and chem companies flooded media with crap.
    I’d like everyone to write their senators/congress and ask that they vote no, on the so called Monsanto dream bill, that would set a precedent preventing states, like Vt, from getting the gmo’s on labels! What’s next could be almost anything not having to be on a label. Just think how many chemicals we’ve already heard of that could be hidden from labels in the future if this federal bill passes protecting gmo’s from being labeled. HR 4432 bill introduced by Mike Pompeo(R-Ks).

  58. After watching Stephanie Seneff’s talks on the dangers and implications of glyphosates on our health, and knowing the GMO crops designed to resist this herbicide are saturated with it, hence in our food supply, I am even more against the GMO foods than when I thought it was just a ‘Frankenfood’ issue. I live in Pennsylvania and I can’t wait, and hope we down here can implement the same laws as they did. Kudos to those states! Every person in this country should have an active interest in this. If you feel the jury is not in on the actual GMO science, believe this, the jury is in on the chemicals they are satuarted with and that we eat everyday making us sick!

  59. If foods containing GMO ingredients are so “safe,” why are so many manufacturers opposed to labeling them? Seems like a no-brainer to me….

  60. FDA our enemy, thought it was not always, to stop the corruption, the offending industry and the “some one” who signs off on the so called research results hsould be charged / tried in criminal court punishment to relate to the injuries / deaths. Stop protecting the professionals that injury, cause death to our children. Cease being polite, a known death is murder.

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