ANH & LEF: Teaming Up to Protect Supplement Access

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Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 4.17.21 PMOn and off Capitol Hill, ANH-USA defends consumer access to dietary supplements, truly healthful foods, and natural health treatments and practitioners. We proactively stop attempts to limit your access to natural health, before you feel their affects.

Right now, we’re working to:
Stop FDA’s proposed ban on folate, a necessary-to-life B-9 vitamin, in dietary supplements.
Defeat Senator Dick Durbin’s Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2013, which would remove countless supplements from the market or make them prohibitively expensive.
Promote the incredible benefits of natural health, while protecting natural health practitioners.
Oppose the FDA’s New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) draft guidance, which threatens to remove 29,000 dietary supplements from the market.
Since we rely on consumer funding, we can only continue our vital work with your support. Happily, an incredibly generous donor has offered to match all tax-deductible donations to ANH-USA from Life Extension readers, up to $100,000. This means if Life Extension readers collectively donate $50,000 to ANH-USA, this donor will donate another $50,000–up to $100,000!

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  1. Maryland has passed a law that forbids the purchase of blood tests over the internet. My understanding is this in within Congress’ purview as it is interstate commerce. Is this an improper law?

  2. Oh coarse it’s not a proper law. It’s our decision what to do with our bodies not theirs. They have stolen DNA off many people and cataloged them. When we must people to stop giving away their freedoms. Please check out loss of rights due to voting and the social security number usage when working. This is how they are getting away with their law under the Uniform Commercial code.

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