FDA “Visits” Celebrated Organic Produce Farmer

Growing wheat.This is not good news.
Jim Crawford started New Morning Farm in Maryland many decades ago. He was young and idealistic. He had little or no money and had to start small. He believed in sustainable agriculture and wanted to produce fresh and healthy produce to sell in farmers’ markets to the urban public. He succeeded and became increasingly well known both for his ideals and his produce.
This may be why the FDA picked him out for a site visit. An inspector appeared without warning and told him that his operation would have to change, according to the Los Angeles Times: “This is my badge. These are the fines. This is what is hanging over your head, and we want you to know that.” It didn’t matter that no health problem had ever been associated with Crawford’s impeccably run operation.
The Food Safety Modernization Act for the first time gave the FDA direct authority over our farms. We thought this was a very bad idea. We weren’t able to stop it, although we were able to eliminate crippling fees for small farms that were in the original bill and also to exempt some of the smallest farmers. Unfortunately this didn’t help Jim Crawford since he is no longer operating on a tiny scale as he was when he started.
It should have been obvious to everyone that putting the FDA in direct charge of farms was a terrible idea.
Much of the FDA’s budget is paid for by Big Pharma instead of the taxpayers, which creates a serious conflict of interest. Despite this funding from industry, the FDA publicly stated that it lacked both the funds and the expertise to do its job, even before farming was piled on. It continues to state that because of lack of funds it cannot do what it is required by statute to do—therefore it is operating lawlessly.
Most importantly, the FDA knows little or nothing about farming. This is already painfully obvious in some of the voluminous and detailed farm regulations it is writing.
The agency also has a well-established track record of issuing regulations that favor big business over small producers, regulations that overwhelm small producers with compliance costs and can put them out of business.
The FDA itself estimates that new produce regulations will cost $4,700 for very small farms, $13,000 for small farms, and $30,500 for large farms. If accurate, these estimates would drive many growers out of business and prevent new ones from starting up. But they are not likely to be accurate.
It appears that, among many other requirements, repeated outside audits will be required, and each one will cost $5,000. Bessemer Farms, located in Ohio, which is closing its produce production and switching to soybeans, estimates that complying with the new rules would cost $130,000, including the required outside inspections.
Produce operations selling less than $25,000 a year will be exempt, as will farms that sell directly to the public via a roadside stand or the like. This exemption will discourage small produce operations  from growing bigger, and will thus make the US even more reliant not only on giant farms, but also on imported foreign produce whose safety is even more uncertain.
This pattern of driving smaller operations out of business or keeping them small isn’t unique to the FDA. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has previously been on the farm but not quite in charge of it, does the same. Why is it necessary for many farmers to drive four or more hours to find a plant where they can process their livestock? Because the USDA has forced many small plants out of business with all their requirements, which include having a government inspector present.
In this case, the interests of big business and big government coincide. The big businesses get a government enforced monopoly for their area. The big government bureaucracies get a more manageable regulatory situation. It is hard enough for them to supervise the big businesses. They feel it’s too hard to regulate thousands of small businesses. And when they leave the government, they expect their next employer will be one of the big businesses.
Unfortunately, the result is that it is harder and harder for small, artisanal, and organic food producers to survive. We get more and more industrial agriculture, and as an unintended but direct consequence, less and less food safety. After all, the record could not be more clear: it is not the small food producers who are causing the contaminated food problem. It is the large, industrial farms that are doing so.
We don’t know yet how the new FDA regulations on produce and on farms in general will end up. There are plenty of worries, but the process will take years.
With your help, we will monitor and try to make the new regulations more reasonable, but with FDA inspectors already sending an intimidating inspector out to New Morning Farm, despite repeated pleas that they lack the staff and funding to do their real work, at the moment it doesn’t look good.


  1. Intrusions by bureaus of fascist corporate regimes are far too common. These agencies need to be abolished! FDA is a farce, a to big business.
    People let your voices be heard, before the GMO poisons leave you without enough breath to speak.

  2. No wonder our economy is in the toilet. The government keeps trying to push small business out the window. This country was built on small business and small business is what makes it succeed and prosper. The State and Federal government are nothing short of paper pushers and tend to create power mongers (Ex: IRS).

  3. There has to be a way to stop these horrible FDA rules and regulations. Perhaps the FDA should be abolished and when we get true conservatives into office again a brand new regulatory agency with the safety of the people in mind rather than big pharma and big operations like the mass produced product and harmful treatment of animals in confinement. (Can’t remember the initials of that type of operation)

  4. I am wondering if the FDA has control over farms like this that do not sell their products in interstate commerce, but only in the state where they grow their produce? Seems like the FDA would not have authority over intrastate produced and sold produce.

  5. In the beginning the FDA was established to protect the consumer. Now they have become the enemy of the consumer, having corruption as their foundation, bought and paid for by big business and big pharma.

  6. This is a travesty It createss a problem out of thin air then sends out regulaters to solve it ..Big brother will save us all. Then we will have to eat unsafe GMO foods that are cancer, and other diseases that haven’t been discovered yet, causing. Pretty soon we will have no safe foods to eat at all I guess it is plain to to follow the money. Big pharmacy and Monsanto will rule the world.

  7. If big pharma is subsidizing the operating costs of
    The FDA then, it is no longer a sightings government agency
    By default. That gives the organic farmer the right
    To pick up arms supported by the puplic and run them off
    The poverty under trespass laws. Right now in my mind there
    Isn’t. A ligitimate government agency in the whole government
    Outside of Medicare and social security; constitutionally.

  8. If big pharma is subsidizing the operating costs of
    The FDA then, it is no longer a sightings government agency
    By default. That gives the organic farmer the right
    To pick up arms supported by the puplic and run them off
    The property under trespass laws. Right now in my mind there
    Isn’t. A ligitimate government agency in the whole government
    Outside of Medicare and social security; constitutionally.

  9. Just one more infuriating thing to point out how the government is complicit with Big Ag in herding our people toward starvation. People, we have got to do something to turn this horror around — it is not enough (though it makes us feel better) that more and more people are beginning to see this Beast of totalitarianism. It is going to take big, unified, sacrificial action. And it is not going to happen as long as elections can be bought — as under Citizens United. Yet every day we do nothing makes darker the future of our children.

  10. With the decreasing availability of non-renewable resources our economy will become more and more community based. Local farms will become much ore important as will other local suppliers of goods and services. To put such sources under operational handicaps now will reduce their capabilities for supplying us when they will be urgently needed. Please try to avoid overregulation.

  11. The farm is in Pennsylvania, not Maryland. Once I saw the very first statement was in error, I’m not bothering to read the rest until ANH does a better job of fact checking.

  12. If big pharma is subsidizing the operating costs of
    The FDA then, it is no longer a ligitimate federal government agency
    By default. That gives the organic farmer the right
    To pick up arms supported by the puplic and run them off
    The property under trespass laws. Right now in my mind there
    Isn’t a ligitimate government agency in the whole federal government
    Outside of Medicare and social security; constitutionally speaking.

  13. This is tyranny at it’s worst and I won’t let you force me to drink the Kool-Aid. It’s a regulated form of genocide that only the rich 1% might possibly avoid for a while but it will catch up to them eventually. Let’s all put our lives on the line and protect the future generations from this govermental rot that is trying to slowly let us suffer with ill health and death while the rich laugh while enjoying the spectacle. Fight for our rights and we will get the last laugh.

  14. It is obvious that the FDA knows very little about farming. It should leave farming to farmers!
    And organic farming to those who are dedicated to raising real food for real people; those who work with the Earth, and not against it.

  15. Idiot Fascist puppets. FDA are a bunch of incompetent toadies for Big Business. The only time anything positive happens from them is when someone has died and they get to feel very important.

  16. I think that a carefully thought out legal action plan should be real immediately. At same time senators especially from that area should be asked to be prepared to defend their farmers. Also Heritage Foundation should be apprised of this and ask for their support.

  17. They push regulations in the name of food safety, but really their giving monopoly to big agribusiness.

  18. This is terrifying! The more small farmers are driven out of business, the more dependent we become upon GMO produce and unacceptable farming practices. I vote with my dollar to show that I will not participate in these negative practices, but I have a limited number of dollars available for this practice. This will force the supply down and the prices of organic produce up beyond the already barely affordable prices.

  19. The FDA should be ashamed of themselves. And they call American the land of the “FREE”!
    Shame, Shame on the U.S. Government. Get rid of the FDA NOW!! They are a corrupt organization.

  20. This is not a problem unique to food growers. Us booksellers (used and new) got online back in the mid–1990s and the middle-men huge corporations saw that the market for all products by small businesses was lucrative and jumped into the middle, without inventories, to take over search engine traffic and the larger 3rd party sites that up till then had treated sellers well.
    Now it is happening in the physical world with the farmers and ranchers, and small merchants of all sorts.
    Soon people won’t have choices – only huge monopolies to buy from – and in the case of our food has and will continue to affect our health. In the case of books, it will affect our young particularly in that knowledge and history will be less available to them (along with less $ going to our public schools). And because they’re young, most may not realize it was once different.
    Not a pretty corner we’re all letting ourselves be painted into.

  21. This is so backwards, the paradigm needs to shift. We all need to protect small farms, as it is easy to predict if we have another growing season drought, the organic produce is what survives, not the Big Ag produce – polluting everyone’s environment with toxins and somehow shielded for doing this by the FDA.

  22. Thank you for keeping up with the ‘Bullying’ tactics of the goverment regulators in the FDA. Please keep me in mind whenever there is the opportunity to lobby Federal goverment representation and / or the FDA.
    This is BIG BROTHER, control powered by big business not the goverment that proports to be “for the people’. The past several Decades the politicians are definitely ‘for their bank acounts and after term favors’.
    Looks like we need to grow our own food, and ‘network’ with individuals like the gentleman that was harrassed by the zealous ‘Bureaucrate’ we pay, but is run by the corporations.

  23. The news about the FDA harassing New Morning Farm is just the beginning of our rights to reject Monsanto and big agri. The government and all of its agencies have become as corrupt as the Mafia of the 1920s. This is not about protecting our health. It is about pandering to the folks that pad their pockets.
    Heaven help us all if there is not a revolt of government interference with our rights under the Constitution and God.

  24. It’s a shame that the FDA will intimidate a farmer who I believe has the publics health in his best interest by farming the way our ancestors did. I strongly believe that the backbone of our country and also it”s salvation will be determined by the very people the FDA harasses and interferes with the type of farming that is supported by the majority of Americans. When will our government start listening to their constituents that we don’t want Monsanto determining what we eat nor do we want government pressuring the small farmer who believes that farming is best done as natural as possible, and stop having the FDA influenced by big pharma who only care about profit verses what is good the health of our country

  25. These laws against the little farmer really upsets me. We never find out what the government is
    doing until it is too late. I dislike the fact that they will not but GMO on food labels. I have a small garden in the summer, but you can’t grow everything.

  26. Why does the FDA put onerous rules on small farms? Are they really necessary or are they really trying to dry up the small farmers that supply us with organic and natural products. Most of these farms have operated free of any health problems for years. Why are they being targeted when many large scale factory type farms have very poor records which can affect many consumers while the smaller farms affect very few if their is a problem.
    A campaign should be mounted to educate our legislators and congress members about the problems of the FDA and the eminent shutdown of our local small farmers.

  27. You are making life impossible for small farmers. You serve the greed of your corporate bosses. It is not only unconscionable it is also not to your advantage. In the short term it might be a good situation for you but harming our food supply is as bad for you people, doing your number on small or organic farms,as it is for all of us.

  28. What is your point, FDA. The United States is simply better off if the FDA could be shut down, not farmers working for an “honest” living. I, for one, am sick of this. The FDA supports MONSANTO, BAYER and other jerks who contribute nothing to sustainable agriculture. Just ask Monsanto. They are on their way to wrecking this country, aided by Monsanto and others.

  29. America’s government stopped being a government of the people years ago. It is now a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. And they are determined that Americans will not have healthy, organic non-GMO food! They much prefer a sick populace that is either struggling to stay healthy or desperately trying to regain their health!
    Healthy organic, non-GMO food should be a HUMAN RIGHT!
    Ruling elites hate to see small and medium businesses and farms prospering and providing jobs to other people! They much prefer that small and medium businesses and farms are destroyed and people jobless! Ruling elite wealthy champagne socialists are reminiscent of Queen Marie
    Antoinette who, when she was told the people were hungry and had no bread to eat, declared:

  30. The government has absolutely no right to hinder an all natural or organic farm.
    Modern commercial farming is much more destructive, damages the soil, and produces sub-standard food.
    This power given to the FDA much be removed.
    Businesses do not have the right to dictate how our food supply is created.

  31. This is part of the crush of our civilization. We must fight back; there are more of us than they.
    This is a segment of Agenda 21……….How cruel, how evil. This group eats their own food but
    they do come out into the poisoned air……….sooner or later they will be effected regardless of
    what precautions they take. Depopulation is the key; they want us gone so they can rule
    like Gods. How sick is that. After they finish polluting the environment (food, water, sky, air), I would love to see how they intend to turn it around for their pleasure.
    Fight back

  32. This just another move to push the good people out and let the crooks have free reign. I would love to see a widespread boycott of those greedy idiots. I do not want to eat food which is riddled with toxins, genetically altered and picked before it has absorbed all the nutritional value from the soil! I want real food with a list of ingredients that don’t sound like something I would use in my car.

  33. Joel Salatin survives official garbage like that described.
    We all need to read him to learn how.
    Should you do so,you will find that a supportive community is essential.
    Please bone up on how that is achieved.

  34. Just another example of idiots with authority. The government must change to serve the people. I feel the old ways are out so we should re-write the laws, that work! For the people, Remember!!

  35. Organic farmers produce cleaner (non-toxic) foods, do no damage to the land or environment and practice better and cleaner farming methods than anyone else in the US
    The association they belong to also have extremely high standards.
    Leave the superior farms and put the regulations n the polluting and disgraceful over use of fertilizers, pesticides and extreme damage to the soil and lands around, and related crops
    Beside that- I have a right to choose the kind of foods I wish to eat. I desire clean and pure-er foods— leave me to my rights and no longer pick on the little guys— of pure motives, at least. Thank you

  36. ganic farmers produce cleaner (non-toxic) foods, do no damage to the land or environment and practice better and cleaner farming methods than anyone else in the US
    The association they belong to also have extremely high standards.
    Leave the superior farms and put the regulations n the polluting and disgraceful over use of fertilizers, pesticides and extreme damage to the soil and lands around, and related crops
    Beside that- I have a right to choose the kind of foods I wish to eat. I desire clean and pure-er foods— leave me to my rights and no longer pick on the little guys— of pure motives, at least. Thank you

  37. Organic farmers produce cleaner (non-toxic) foods, do no damage to the land or environment and practice better and cleaner farming methods than anyone else in the US
    The association they belong to also have extremely high standards.
    I have a right to choose the kind of foods I wish to eat. — leave me to my rights , please . Thank you

  38. ganic farmers produce cleaner (non-toxic) foods, do no damage to the land or environment and practice better and cleaner farming methods than anyone else in the US. The association they belong to also have extremely high standards.
    Leave these farms be and regulate the others.
    Beside that- I have a right to choose the kind of foods I wish to eat.. Thank you

  39. Organic farmers produce cleaner foods, do no damage to the land or environment and practice better and cleaner farming methods than anyone else in the US. The association they belong to also have extremely high standards.
    Beside that- I have a right to choose the kind of foods I wish to eat.. Thank you

  40. we have our government telling farmers how to operate their farms,raising food to feed our people when they cany agree on anything in washington,they cant operate without spending more than they have ,they are constantly trying to change every countrys government to a system like we have,so disfuntional that we only go backwards.Leave the farming to the farmers and send all our senators and congressman back to school to learn how to get along,leave political parties aside and try working for the people of this country and not for corporate america.

  41. The question needs to be loudly asked – and answered; “just who pays FDA’s salaries & just who are they protecting & why?” …as if it isn’t obvious…& what are we going to do about it?

  42. The FDA is the epitome of a “captured regulator,” owned and controlled by the industry it is supposed to be regulating. Instead of protecting public health, safety and welfare, the FDA protects drug company profits.

  43. This is horrible news. I buy only organic/non-GMO foods. Is it going to be possible to continue that? So how can we get the executive branch and the congressional branch of government to so something about the corrupt FDA?

  44. There is NO WAY that this is fair to farmers. Please do not cause hard-working, tax paying Americans to struggle to pay these unconstitutional “audit fees.” This is not right and needs to be addressed immediately. Thank you. Mrs. E. Young

  45. This is part of Monsantos attempt to control the country through controlling peoples health through controlling all food production. Already Europe and the Orient are rejecting their GMO produce. Unfortunately our present administration has been a Monsanto supporter and has received continual campaign contributions from them. It shows that most politicians are in it for the money and not the health and well being of the American people! Good riddance to another loser administration I hope they enjoy their offshore payoff money in what time remains for this corrupt system since that is all they are getting plus the memories of having been an iconic Presidency.

    1. Monsanto is a weed that needs to be eradicated. Our hope is that our efforts at the polls can empower
      the Green Party to support intelligent honest farming.

  46. This is just so Disturbing……..I don’t even know what to say. We have to keep fighting these issues……..otherwise we will lose all these great well meaning farmers. It reminds me of the old Cheese makers back in Wisconsin and other States. They made cheese the old fashion ways – and then they were FORCED to SELL to the BIG CHEESE FACTORIES……..Big BUSINEES……..it was so sad – how many Great Cheese Makers/ Families lost their Family Business to the New Regulations the Gov. imposed on them. I don’t know if we can WIN – but we have to keep Trying !!!!!

  47. The FDA are going out of their way to crush local farmers. They no longer represent “we the people” but have become big pharma’s private muscle and have no problem putting undue
    burden on local farmers to crush them and make no safe food available
    to the millions who know GMO’s are slow poison. Now that the industrial
    food complex has figured out millions of Americas refuse to GMOS, their
    plan is to corner the organic market by putting locals out of business and
    replace it with corporate organic. The FDA gets their marching orders
    from Monsanto. Our government is bought and sold. God help America.

  48. I suggest that we go to either a different currency or how about a whole different mode of operations.
    We farmers give away our produce and accept donations and have suggested donations. Farms could be set up as non-profit organizations with the purpose of feeding people!!
    Of course they could pass legislation against that as I heard they did somewhere making it illegal to feed the homeless.
    Everybody everywhere who has room could plant seeds and grow and eat the produce and share the abundance….

  49. Quit taking money from Corp. and start thinking about the people that really pay taxs, This so called bought off goverment is to corrupt

  50. With they disturbing ‘events’, recalls, and unsavory chemical additions to the food supply coming from corporate food suppliers, not to mention the abusive treatment of factory farm animals, I, for one, have very little trust in the food I can buy in the conventional grocery stores. his inflexible butchering policy cannot be surmounted in some reasonable manner, would it be possible for someone who knows the business ans can handle the bureaucracy demands (or even the organic farmers to cooperatively) to reopen the small operations for a greatly reduced time-period, perhaps on some sort of rotation circuit so that the costs could be shared more equitably? I may have missed the point, but it’s a thought.

  51. I want to live a long time to see ‘what is around the next corner’, but it gets more discouraging all the time. I want to live in a healthy way, too, and that is increasingly in danger because of big agri-business and big pharma concerns. Their bottom line is all about profit. What about quality of food and quality of health and quality of life? I fear for the lives of my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

  52. It becomes even more important for EVERYONE to grow their own foods.
    And wasn’t a conscientious objector.

  53. Why does the FDA make money from anybody besides the American taxpayer? That is a conflict of interest. The public does not elect these individuals into office. We need to rein them in drastically.
    I have antibodies to almost all foods I ate for 22 years due to pain pills they approved which left my stomach bleeding and allowing food to enter directly into the bloodstream causing these antibodies. I have already had heart attacks due to these fierce reactions! This and Guilliam Barre disease from a FDA approved flu shot taken at the CDC in Atlanta in 1976 which actually killed more people than the flu did that year!
    I grow some of my own food because I do not trust the food labeling that is allowed nor the GMO foods that are so prevalent in the marketplace. None of GMO foods have been properly tested. Payoffs must be rampant for such a lack of scientific investigation and study! I fear for the health and well being of the American people. It is time to investigate the FDA thoroughly!
    I vote they not be allowed to make one penny from anyone except us and they answer to us only!

  54. If small farmer are regulated out of business there goes the country. The idea of smaller government and less regulation is largely falling by wayside for the small farmer. It look like their will be less government for big farmer which is big business and the wealthy and more government for the small farmer who is trying to make a living and chasing the American Dream. Small farmer should be allowed to expand his farmer without being penalized. These penalty is not what America is about. America is about allowing people to work hard and prosper. This what the small farmer want to do. Work hard and prosper.

  55. This is very concerning. I appreciate your watchfulness and keeping us informed. I buy solely organic foods and support organic farmers; it is critical to my health. Thank you for all you do.

  56. I am tired of goverment and big business working together in detriment of the people, the 99%. Greed, ignorance, lack of heart and vision for a better future for all is not in their agenda. Sad, so sad.

  57. This happened here in Salt Lake City where I live. A small chicken farmer who has all free range chickens and are fed organic food. The point is is that we, the citizens need to fight locally. ANH and other fine organizations can do a lot, but we have to do all we can locally. Find out who your local farmer and ranchers are. Research on line, get info by going to your local farmers markets. Ask them what they are up against and offer to help them any way you can.
    Write your local representatives, call them. Tell others in the community. Buy local and never back down. The biggies still need us to buy from them to make money…if we don’t buy from them and support the locals that are organic it will make the biggest difference. If you want something to go away, stop buying it.

  58. The question was asked , “What can we do?” If all of the people in this country are getting sick and tired of the way that the FDA, Monsanto, and Big Pharma are all determined to destroy the food supply or make it unsafe to eat, as it appears they are trying to do now, we can all be willing to put actions behind our words. If each one of us would simply take the time to sit down and write a letter to the President or the Congress, voicing our concerns and asking them to take action to stop this insanity, does everyone not realize how that could bring about some change? When hundreds and thousands of actual letters flood the government, as has been done in the past about other concerns, they get the message and change occurs. It is true that a letter in small amounts does nothing, but overwhelming them with hundreds of thousands does get attention. This is a simple plan of action that does not cost anyone anything but the cost of a postage stamp. Emails or signing petitions doesn’t seem to work anymore. Remember, “We, the people, are the Government”!!! and we have the power of using a vote or a letter, but we just don’t seem to want to do anything but complain.

  59. To fix the problem ,enforcing all parts of the Constitution, removing all violators of the Constitution from public office, and sending them to jail would be a good start.

  60. It sounds like the FDA received training from the IRS, given the stated attitude in the article. It appears Corporations/big business are gaining more and more control over government and how it functions, all to their benefit of course.

  61. Clearly the FDA is protecting Monsanto, Dupont, General Mills, Nestle, and big pharma interests before protecting the American people’s health. This is ridiculous!!!
    FDA: Please leave organic farms work and produce healthy food for us and our children!!!!

  62. We really need to have a law that requires that NO person who has worked for a company that has ANY connection with or would possibly gain anything for their past employed company if they become employed by the FDA, cannot be employed by the FDA for a minimum of 10 years. That way, at least, the swinging door would hopefully close. Maybe then we could get some decent things done by the FDA like they should be doing at this time.

  63. What is sounds like is that the US FDA needs to be present at the big farms and facilities. But it applies the same rules to all farms regardless of their size. Could you imagine a large farm not being monitored by the US FDA ? Then we would be screaming about that.

  64. Ridiculous article.
    “Much of the FDA’s budget is paid for by Big Pharma” – they are called user FEES. You make it sound like “BIG BAD PHARMA” pays the FDA kickbacks to do their bidding. Quite the opposite. The FDA collects fees (and fines) FROM the companies that they regulate.
    What were the violations this farm were cited for? You (not surprisingly) left this information out of your “news article”.

    1. I think you are taking this wrong. Haven’t you seen what has happen to our Health Care. What the Pharma is doing to our country. How many have to die because of their greed. Its about time we try to get rid of this government and go back to some decency. We cannot sit back and think others are going to do it. We need to band together and that means all of us. In regards to your comments you should be sure what you are reading.

  65. We really don’t have to worry about this in the long run. The pending nation-wide financial collapse that our government is securing for us will make food of any stripe the nation’s most valuable commodity, and there really won’t be a government left to over see it.

  66. Hit the government where it hurts in the pocket ! It’s tax time right???? Band together and refuse to send them money to use against you .Tax money is what they depend on to pay these people who are stomping all over your rights . THEY NEED MONEY >>>DON”T SEND IT !!!!

    1. that has to happen EN MASSE…we ALL have to stage a taxpayers revolt together…meanwhile…good luck…the IRS will be at your door..in your pockets..in your bank accounts..take your house and first born unless they get it all from you………the internet is a good medium for disseminating the idea…but we have to do it before it too is regulated beyond any possibility of exchanging ideas…other freedoms already out the door…watch your freedom of speech carefully..we should ‘take it to the streets’ on April 15th..taxpayer’s revolt..yeah!

  67. Boycotting corporate products is why this is happening. Many, many thousands of people are now wise to the industrial contamination of our food and are buying organic. The giants realize that as long as we have access to safe organic food, they will lose big time profits. It is well worth the investment to legislate organic farms and ranches out of business. Our access is getting smaller with each farm lost to excessive regulation and expense. Without supply, the will of the majority will falter and this could cost us the war. Question is, how do we stop this?

  68. Organic farming is a threat to the industrial farming model, it is real and the people in control of promoting the destructive industrial farming methods know it. They are doing all they can to eliminate or reduce the influence of organic farming. They have the money and they have bought off many institutions and paid for regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act. To quote http://haveatree.com/what-is-organic-farming/ organic farming are the “farming methods our forefathers used…” These kids just don’t have any respect for the old ways, they only value profit.

  69. Is it possible to get our farms divided up into smaller ones, that only produce the 25$ thousand or below.?

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