Brain Injury: Pentagon Officials Should Have Their Own Heads Examined

indexInvasive brain implants? Anything to put off considering safe and effective natural treatments for our war veterans!

According to NIH, approximately 5.3 million Americans—more than 2% of the U.S. population—are living with a disability that results from traumatic brain injury (TBI). This number includes 280,000 soldiers who suffer from combat-related TBI. And, in what experts are calling the “concussion epidemic,” 25,000 school-age football players each year suffer from concussions that require emergency treatment. Other young athletes suffer as well.

To date, the Pentagon has favored drugs to treat brain damaged vets. Many of these drugs are used off-label, which means the FDA has not approved their use for this purpose.

The use of anti-psychotic medications off-label for brain injury is particularly cruel, because these drugs are highly toxic and can make a bad situation much, much worse. Such drugs can easily lead to violence and destroy lives.

The latest news in this deplorable story is that the Pentagon favors highly invasive brain implants: devices embedded directly into the brain (with wires running through the head and scalp as well as to an electrical-impulse device inserted under the skin of the chest area), that record and stimulate brain activity.

What are the Pentagon’s motivations for choosing implants? Could it have something to do with the $35,478 that MedTronic employees contributed to President Obama’s 2012 campaign (the White House is directing the BRAIN initiative funding the implant project)? Or, could it have to do with the “Catch-22”—the fact that natural treatments aren’t patentable (and thus won’t make industry bales of money), while drugs and implants are?

But there may be even more that implants can do for the Pentagon that natural treatments can’t: Pentagon researchers are hoping to use the implants to develop future technology for “warrior websuits” and “geckskins”—physically integrated suits that will help future soldiers climb vertical walls (without climbing equipment) make soldiers “stronger and less prone to injuries or fatigue.”

This sounds like we are using our wounded veterans as some kind of guinea pigs to develop new technology not directly meant to cure them. If true, it would be shameful.

What are some of the natural treatments that the Pentagon refuses to consider?

Dr. Paul G. Harch, former ANH-USA board member and the foremost expert on hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for brain injury, has published evidence that HBOT is able to dramatically help veterans with post-concussion syndrome and PTSD.

Dr. Harch’s research caught the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama, who called on Dr. Harch to help innovate new treatment protocols for veterans. Unfortunately, the Pentagon and FDA have refused to give HBOT a full and fair review.

Other natural treatments cannot necessarily cure brain injury but can help:

  • Osteopathic cranial adjustments done by DOs skilled in this increasingly hard-to-find art;
  • Specialized chiropractic adjustments;
  • Critical brain nutrients such as phospholipids and omega-3s;
  • Melatonin supplementation to minimize brain swelling and dysfunction after TBI. When used proactively, melatonin supplementation can also protect against age-induced susceptibility to brain injury.
  • Ginger extract to “significantly” enhance working memory, increase brain function, and shrink the area of damaged brain tissue.
  • Coconut oil and other supplements known to combat Alzheimer’s disease for the reversal of TBI-related memory loss.
  • Arnica, a remarkably effective homeopathic treatment, to be taken as soon after injury as feasible.

When will the Pentagon stop marching to the beat of the drug industry and their allies in the FDA and instead do what it takes to help our damaged soldiers?


  1. The National Cancer Institute has known since 1986 that CoQ10 prevents cancer by giving 100% oxygenation to every cell. They covered up this knowledge in May 2008. Please read the article in Align Life . com on statins and CoQ10 Health editor, Barbara Minton included my story about 1992 lung cancer mice study in China. Rep Denis Kucinich passed a bill to “experiment” with CoQ10 for PTSD victims. The bill passed and never implemented. My friend in Florida tried to get VA to implement program. No action. Ex Rep Kucinich cannot be reached. At least by someone wanting to ask him about progress on implementation of his bill. He works for Fox5 now, and cannot be contacted. Please understand that you can take an oximeter, place it on any finger, record the blood oxygen level, leave it on finger and then take 600mg Ubiquinol (reduced form Ubiquinone) and watch the blood oxygen level rise to 100%. The 35 average free radical cancer cells cannot attack a fully oxygenated cell. They knew this in 1986. The 3 corium meltdowns and ultimate collapse of Unit 4 requires everyone to take CoQ10 in either Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol form, forever, for life

  2. Of course marijuana isn’t on this list even though it has proven to be a blessing for people with TBI.

  3. Let’s try this lethhal experiment on those who want to do it to veterans first. Let’s see how many of those Pentagon “brainiacs” step up to this plate? 0 right ZERO! Then let’s talk to those in Congress who love wars, wars with anyone who might hate us–most of the world so that one is easy. Most in Congress could use a brain transplant so why wouldn’t we offer this grand experimental deal to those who start wars like the rest of us start our cars?

  4. It seems such a vital opportunity to offer all non-invasive treatments before doing potential harm to our brave veterans who have sacrificed so much already. It borders on criminal to encourage
    anything we know has potential to make unspeakable brain injury worse. No one should sleep after such action. We must help our vets have all comfort possible.

  5. I’m a US Army Vet, and deeply concerned about the terrible problems that Vets face after returning from war. I was in during the Vietnam period, but nothing substantive has happened since then, to help Vets when they return.
    The best hope–and something I hope you will look into immediately–is the work of the DavidLynchFoundation’s ‘Operation Warrior Wellness’. They have been raising money (and dramatically increasing public awareness), about the problem of PTSD, and the practical, proven, scientifically verified and highly cost-effective solution of introducing Transcendental Meditation for Vets.
    They have garnered the high profile support of CNN’s Candy Crowley, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Clint Eastwood, Hugh Jackman, Soledad O’Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Russell Brand, Martin Scorcese, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more prominent, thoughtful leaders of society (including a Republican Congressman from Staten Island who is also a Vet). The medical profession at the highest level is also expressing support: Dr Mehmet and Lisa Oz, Dr Paula Peake, Dr Norman Rosenthal and a highly decorated four term Mid-East Military Doctor, Col Brian Rees–and many others as well. And most importantly, they have the full support of some of the most prominent Veterans organizations–and the leaders of those organizations.
    If you Google Operation Warrior Wellness, you will be able to watch some of these leaders–as well as Candy Crowley, etc.–talk about why we must begin to use the evidence-based approach of Transcendental Meditation. It is a simple, natural, effortless, non-religious technique that eliminates the stress and imbalance that creates disease, drug and alcohol dependency–and unfortunately the horrible suicide rate among Vets.
    Sorry to write such a long message! But I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of this practical, proven technique for healing–and how you might have a measurable impact on saving lives–and billions of dollars that would keep draining the resources of the US if this problem is not addressed. There are approximately 500,000 Iraq/Afghan Vets who have PTSD. My sincere, simple wish, is that you work with these brave, visionary leaders to help introduce this program.
    Thanks for taking the time to look into this–and again, best wishes for the greatest success in your national leadership role!

  6. Everyone knows that the FDA and the pharmaceutical drug companies are getting and receiving kickbacks from the phamaraceutical companies.They only care about putting money in their pockets. There are many alternative treatments that really work without the side effects of drugs. But of course the FDA would not receive the money that they want.

  7. You forgot to mention the fabulous work Dawson Church has been doing using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as tapping to help thousands of veterans with PTSD.
    He has the statistics to back up his work.

  8. Another source of help is meditation. In addition, regression is a form of meditation that can revise damaged and fearful mental issues. As a therapist, I can ask the body for the healing information and do regressions to reorient the thinking process into a healthy basis moving past the damage into a new foundation of balance and harmony. There are also flower essences which help the old energy of thought leave the body for a loving basis of life and living. Any means that raises the energy of a person into a higher consciousness will achieve a healthy life style. I am internationally board certified to do this. My results have been helpful to my clients.

  9. Our boys put their life on the line for us and should be treated with dignity not with high powered drugs that may harm them more.This anti-psychotic medication off-label for brain injury is cruel as said they are highly toxic and can make a bad situation worse and as said can easily lead to violence and destroy lives please reconsider and not use this on the people that lay down their lives for us.
    Thank You

  10. Some thing new I have recently read about is gastrodin that provides unparalleled, multi-factorial support for cognitive and circulatory brain function. It has been used in China, for many years, with out any side effects and many good results. It is a herb derived from and orchid plant.

  11. have you heard of LENS treatment. My son is having it right now for TBI. Radiation to his brain caused it to swell and caused TBI. He was in terrible shape and suicidal before starting LENS.
    LENS is totally non invasive and helps greatly with TBI.
    Lens helps all kinds of brain problems.
    The naturopathic college in Portland Oregon does this LENS treatment.

  12. “When will the Pentagon stop marching to the beat of the drug industry and their allies in the FDA and instead do what it takes to help our damaged soldiers?”
    Never. If they are funded and supported by them, why would they care? It it hideous and outrageous that they would treat our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, on and on it goes, not to mention citizens of the country they are supposed to be protecting, with such careless, invasive, dangerous and irresponsible ‘guinea pig’ activity!
    History DOES repeat itself! H did the same thing in his day … using people as guinea pigs. The difference is today people have been convinced that they can TRUST the military, politics, FDA and other pseudo ‘experts’ of that which is ‘safe’ and ‘trustworthy’ to their personal care. After they have convinced them with their lies and manipulations, they can allow them to make the decision for themselves, offering no safer, healthier alternative options. It is all the same evil mentality, just different flavors!
    Such treatments of humans toward and upon other humans really angers me! I understand when you have to eliminate such comments as I am posting, yet I still feel the need to vent! Just taking the opportunity at the moment. I am sure that someone reading this before it is deleted will relate.
    Thank you for what you do! I am too upset and angered right now to be civil about it. Perhaps a little later on.

  13. Another effective treatment for post concussion and some types of brain injuries is cranial sacral therapy.

  14. I am truly alarmed by this research. My son works in a VA out west which is soon expanding and might be the largest US center.
    A product derived from Klamath Lake algae has been serving me well for over 25 years, mostly on focus and mental clarity. Can’t make any health claims of course despite the fact research has been done; you know the drill, but the stuff (Omega Sun, now known as Mind) is quite amazing for any brain issues (attention, focus, “events”, and so on).
    First, my site needs some updating but my contact number is correct. The company is now New Earth.

    1. you take the free people…the most independent people…you create a system where the slightest bit of depression/or other emotional symptoms are evaluated by the the doctors tied to the pharm companies…you drug them beyond any level of comprehension…proof?….the US uses at least 80% of the psychotropics produced in the world–yet studies show that 90% of the patients on anti-depressants would have done better on a placebo…the top selling drug in America last year was Abilify…over 6 billion dollars worth sold…an anti-psychotic..oh–“if your antidepressant isn’t working for you we suggest you talk to your doctor about adding Abilify…you take our American soldiers and decide to experiment on them?. unbelievable…just beyond any sense of care or logic…unbelievable…

  15. You left out Chinese medicine! I have PTSD (from working in NYC before, during, and after 9/11) and Chinese medicine (acupuncture & herbs, mostly) worked WONDERS for me. It’s what set me on the path to going to medical school and becoming licensed and board certified in Chinese medicine. I’m constantly amazed at how quick the turnaround time is for so many of the emotional /spiritual/psychological issues one contends with having PTSD. If only folks would get acupuncture and herbs (in place of toxic anti-psychotics and SSRIs), bodywork, etc – they’d be amazed at the healing that would occur and how fast.

  16. I was happy to read the comments on Transcendental Meditation above as I’ve been told to try that and I thought it was a bit too esoteric for me. But after hearing about it more than a few times, I think it is time I try it out.
    Another great NATURAL solution for TBI and PTSD is Neurofeedback. After experiencing numerous childhood TBIs and struggling with PTSD, I was at the point that even while sleeping 8 hours / night my brain was still on full alert, so rather than recharging my batteries, I was still draining them. I was waking up exhausted and dragging through my days. I was often anxious and quick to fly off the handle.
    I found a Zengar Neurofeedback practitioner to whom I sought out for motion sickness. After 3 neurofeedback sessions I was feeling energized and getting out of bed before my alarm. I was shocked as well as thrilled as this was not what I originally came for. My anxiety, OCD and hyper-vigilance also diminished with treatment. My daughter who is a gymnast has had multiple TBIs and we’ve had great results with Zengar Neurofeedback.
    Unlike conventional bio and neurofeedback systems, with Zengar, there is nothing that must be done during a session other than listen to music or watch a video. I found this to be a major relief as video games easily frustrate me, which was counterintuitive to what the process is intended for.
    I’ve had such great results with this non-invasive AND passive modality that I bought a machine myself in order to help others. And a new client of mine works at the VET center and wants to bring this modality to them. What an odd coincidence.

  17. OMG, this method has PROVEN over and over, with double blind trials to CURE PTSD in veterans and anyone, and they will do it for low to NO COST for any veteran from any war., If you put ptsd into the search bar here, you will see the clinical trial results that showed a 85%-100% permanent reduction in symptoms in SIX hours of therapy….
    the White House knows, the senate knows, Congress….
    The American Psychological Association KNOWS, Medical doctors know……

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