Update: Recent Article on Dr. Burzynski and Patient Privacy

FDA unfairly blamed? In this instance, yes.

ANH-USA strives to provide our readers with accurate, evidence-based news with integrity, and to immediately update or correct any information.

In our recent article “Dying Patients Denied Access to Dr. Burzynski’s Potentially Lifesaving Treatment,” we quoted a Burzynski clinic employee who stated that the FDA shared private medical records with a USA Today reporter. We have since learned that this was not accurate.

USA Today’s reporter had previously stated, “I read about N’s case in a document that Dr. Burzynski sent to the FDA, in response to its ongoing investigation.” This seemed to confirm the allegation that the FDA had given the reporter confidential patient information. However, in response to our article, the reporter now says, “Those patient records did not come from the FDA, so there was no privacy violation on their part.” The first statement appears to have been an attempt to protect the identity of the person who did provide the confidential patient information.


  1. Dr. Burzynski has been harressed by the Fed. Gov’t for years. They took his CURE away from him. Before ANYBODY condemns this Doctor. CHECK THE HISTORY. This has been going on since the 1980’s. At the last update before the Gov’t put him nearly out of business, he had never lost a patient! Children that should have died are alive because of his treatment. The Gov’t in Texas kept sueing and sueing him, for what? No Patients were complaining, they were LIVING! The Gov’t does not want US citizens to live. Dr. Burzynski has a cure. Check out the people who have LIVED from his treatment. There is not ONE doctor who has never lost a patient. Dr. Burzynski should move to Mexico, that way when MY cancer comes back I won’t have to put up with the Cancer doctors in Texas and the US. His treatment does not make you sick. Everybody knows about your medications and what it costs in the states, you can buy these SAME medications in Mexico and Canada for pennies compared to the States. The AMA is NOT in the best interest of the patients. All they want is the money and kick backs they get. Folks you should be sueing the AMA for allowing those drugs to be released and then they kill you. Not the drug companies. The AMA gave them permission after the drug companies pay the AMA to look the other way to release a drug in a hurry. The AMA and the Federal Gov’t SUCK!!

  2. Why is Dr. Burzynski not advertised so he can help people with cancer? I know he has had problems over the years with media/ FDA but if the man can heal my God let.him.
    We need to know more about good doctors like this

    1. Dr. Bursiynski had been one of the first american doctors to treat cancer in this country differently as the traditional chemo and radiation therapy, which had been made in to law 1986 by President Reagan and the FDA. Funny thing is when he contacted cancer he flew to Europe to be treated for cancer. As we know it had been to late. But it was him and the FDA made it a law that cancer can only be treated via chemo and radiation!!! We do have many Dr.’s that have different treatments but do not want to go to jail.
      A question for you. What business could survive over the years and use a Trillion Dollars in organized fund raising from the public and has not come up with a cure or product? There are cancer treatments in other countries, successfully, but you will never see them here in the US. It is big business. there are cures, but no or very little money to be made with them. The consumer and the public in general need to get engaged to turn this around.. As always, greed and power.

  3. So, are you going to demand an investigation into the clinic for the massive leak of patient data?

  4. It seems like there is only one option left. They must have come from the clinic, right? I hope you guys investigate this and find out. It would be a bit unfair if you didn’t.

  5. It appears that the USA Today reporter is now lying to cover his tracks. Perhaps he was threatened by the FDA? Either way, something smells fishy with the reporter and the FDA!

  6. I have gone through the documentary “Burzynski’s Cancer is Serious Business” many times. It is clear to me that his medicine of antineoplastons is amazing and non toxic unlike standard of care treatment. Thank you ANH for keeping the focus on the deception of the FDA and big Pharma.
    People should have the right to this medicine it should be paid for by medical insurance.

  7. Wow, good for you for updating the mistake. Not many people do that. Good to know you’re all about the truth, guys!

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