Anxiety: Powerful, Natural Solutions

anxiety GABAWe provide more information about GABA. Readers weigh in on what works—and what doesn’t.

Last week, ANH-USA published an article describing a brilliant writer’s losing lifetime battle against severe anxiety, and wondering why none of his doctors seem to have ever suggested supplementing what our own bodies make to control anxiety: GABA.

The writer, editor of the Atlantic magazine, wrote a book about his experiences. He knew about GABA: some of the drugs he had taken (which didn’t work for him) were supposed to mimic some of the calming neurotransmitter effects of natural gamma-aminobutyric acid. So why hadn’t he taken the obvious step of trying GABA itself, especially in the enhanced supplement forms available today?

Some of our readers expressed doubts about GABA. Many responded with questions, solutions, and their own horror stories about pharmaceutical “solutions” for anxiety. Let’s start with the doubts.

“Does GABA really work? I hear it can’t penetrate the brain.”

There is scientific evidence that at least an enhanced form of oral GABA supplementation reduces anxiety, and while the conventional wisdom says GABA won’t cross the blood-brain barrier, a 2012 study suggests this wisdom may be wrong or that enhanced GABA affects the brain in some other way.

These studies used a form of GABA produced by a Japanese company called Pharma Foods International and licensed to several producers in the United States under the Pharma-GABA brand name. Interestingly, this is the only form of GABA that Japan allows; it is also what worked so well for a member of our ANH team. As integrative health pioneer Jonathan Wright, MD, says about this:

Whether or not the GABA molecule physically crosses the “blood-brain barrier” doesn’t matter, as the effects of naturally derived GABA on brainwaves, growth hormone synthesis, and brain protein synthesis within a short period of time after ingestion have been objectively shown.

Yet another study indicates that orally administered GABA not only induces relaxation and reduces anxiety, it also boosts immunity, even under stress. There are many other scientific studies of GABA very much worth checking out: here are listings in the government’s PubMed database, from the Life Extension Foundation, and from our own ANH-USA database.

For those in whom pure GABA supplementation isn’t effective, and we are all biologically somewhat different, picamilon—a blend of niacin and GABA—may be an option. As Life Extension Magazine explains, niacin is a good “carrier” for GABA to the brain, as it has low toxicity and high biological availability—so a combination of GABA and niacin increases the potency of each component.

“What are other natural solutions for anxiety?”

Theanine is a favorite. Like GABA, it is found in green tea, and is often cited as the reason that green tea has a “smoother” effect than other teas despite the caffeine.

For those who suffer from chronic anxiety, kava root extract has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety. Interestingly, the more severe your anxiety is, the better kava seems to work. A favorable verdict on kava’s safety is contained in an article by Kerry Bone in a special edition (October 2013) of Dr. Wright’s newsletter Nutrition &Healing.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation is at least as effective as prescription medications.

Acupuncture can also help alleviate panic and anxiety disorders.

Studies show that aromatherapy with lavender oil can help promote relaxation, lift mood, and reduce anxiety.

One reader suggested a gluten-free diet will reduce anxiety. Food allergies are always a possibility worth considering.

“You’re right about anxiety drugs—they made me miserable.”

One ANH-USA reader, Carole, shared her story, which illustrated how conventional medicine has “adopted” depression drugs for anxiety although the benefit for anxiety is very unclear, and the side effects a real concern:

I was started on Paxil and Xanax in Feb. of 1994, never being told that they were addictive….Paxil changed my personality completely, and caused me for the first time in my life to consider and attempt taking my life….I did not realize how badly Paxil had changed my personality until after I was totally off of it and looked back at my past….

Next month I will have been on Alprazalom for twenty years (generic for Xanax). I have gone to two doctors during the past years to try to get help getting off of this poison, but both of them have told me it is too dangerous and the best thing I can do is to stay on it….Even missing one pill causes me to be extremely ill and so nervous my blood pressure shoots up to levels way too high.

It is not right that the pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to push these kinds of drugs on unsuspecting patients….

Anxiety, the most common mental ailment in the United States, causes a myriad of symptoms: emotional (feelings of dread, tenseness, and trouble concentrating), physical (pounding heart, headaches, and insomnia), and social (interference with friends, work, and family). Its victims are often desperate for relief. That the editor of the Atlantic wrote a book about his struggle against anxiety without apparently even being aware of natural alternatives was the main point of our story and does not speak well for our medical system.


  1. I took a bottle of GABA one time a long time ago, Swanson vitamin brand. I did not like what it did to me, seems that it made my heart pound. Needless to say it was enough for me to not take it anymore.

  2. Dear ANH,
    As a long-term sufferer of chronic depression and anxiety who has tried all the meds and medicinal herbs, I am glad you mentioned (some of the herbs) that are somewhat helpful. Am surprised you failed to mention the one that truly works (for 100% of people who have tried it), is proven safe, is heart healthy, most likely has a positive effect on cancer and diabetes 2, lowers bp, and is legal in 49 states. Kratom. It also is a natural analgesic/anti-inflammatory so much more powerful than lavender, scullcap, ginger etc they aren’t even in the same league. I imagine that is why it is causing so much controversy (and these others are not). When medicinal herbs are this effective, they almost always get the attention of Big Pharma who begin the “Reefer Madness” treatment on them via the media; and it has truly begun. Meantime, I, who lived nearly 3 decades with chronic severe pain, depression and anxiety, don’t even remember what any of that feels like. (I’ve finished college in my 50s and opened several successful businesses (2 unsuccessful but we can’t win them all); married the woman of my dreams, etc. Never a chance for any of that living with the horrors of pain and depression (yes was treated 25 years for it too).

  3. When I went to acupuncture school, I was taught about a point in the middle of the chest, “Ren 17” as I recall; it had a Chinese name meaning “the governor of chi and blood” something like that. Anyway if you exert pressure on it, like with your knuckle or something, it will abort a panic attack. Feel for the tender place approximately between the nipples in males, in the center of the chest. A person might benefit from pressing it before a public speech. Certain types of energy work seem to help with anxiety too, especially with energizing the har-a or lower dan ti-en, and having some of the warm then go up to the heart. Barbara Brennan gives some information about har-a energization in her second book, “Light Emerging” I think the name of it is. I’m sure other energy techniques work too.

  4. Mid-day sunlight without sunglasses, taking vitamin D3 unless you are vegetarian, magnesium and a good vitamin B complex. Reduce carbohydrates/ sugars / high fructose corn syrup, etc. as that consumes b vitamins, causes the overproduction of insulin and of course mood swings. Add saturated fats such as coconut or avocado. And lose the canola, soybean and other hydrogenated oils that were only mis-assumed to be heart and otherwise healthy. As 90% of the soy, canola and corn grown in North America is GMO, it comes with an unmeasured concentration of Roundup herbicide that in turn has been shown by MIT studies to kill beneficial bacteria responsible of proper digestion and the assimilation of necessary vitamins and minerals vital to both physical and mental health.

  5. I’ve taken GABA while on Ativan and it was too much, hard to breathe hot flash etc, but when I wasn’t on a prescription anxiety med it helped. I still had anxiety on Ativan, down to 2 mg from 3 the doctor saw it made me sleepy, so I came across an article about gut flora and anxiety. I started a better probiotic and built it up to the recommended 3x per day, and I do have less anxiety now.

  6. In the January 2014 issue of Women’s Health Letter (paid subscription publication), Dr. Nan Fuchs writes on several scientific-research-supported natural alternatives to prescription drugs for stress, anxiety, hypertension, high cortisol, high c-reactive protein, insomnia, etc. These include: the scent of jasmine essential oil (9 drops in cup of hot water by the bed at night for insomnia); ashwagandha for reducing stress/hypertension/cortisol/C-rP (by 32%); resveratrol instead of aspirin (aspirin no help to women 65 or older, and it takes 2 million aspirins to prevent one heart attack in women of all ages). A woman named Michelle offers a “stressless smoothie” at url below:
    Apparently heavy-metal chelation aids such as PectaSol Plus and B-complex supplements help, too.
    The reason for my gathering info like this is that this problem is an issue with family and friends, and with me, too. Nutritional supplementation seems to help the most. Hope this helps someone.

  7. I had a bout of anxiety for 1.5 years or so. Kept telling docs it was not emotional but physical. It was like a dial of nervousness was turned up and up and no one could stop it. I knew I could not keep on like this. I finally found help in a small clinic in central Ohio Through natural meds and chiropractic. Sometimes a blow to the head can cause it. Sometimes emotional factors/stress. I never knew but doc took me through and out. I have such empathy for anyone going through this. Yes there is help. I prayed. God answered. I will tell anyone do not go on drugs. I never did but I do understand the trauma!

    1. Hi I have been looking for help and live in ohio Could I get the name of the clinic that helped you please ? Thank You

  8. These are all in addition to important dietary considerations such as elimination of all sugar, refined carbs, caffein and alcohol. You have to explore and try different things until you find what single or combination of things works best for you. Some natural remedies for anxiety and depression that worked very well for me include;
    Klamath Lake blue green algae – Starting with one or two capsules per day, dosage should be gradually increased over consecutive days until mild detox symptoms may appear such as mild diarrhea, mild headache etc, at which point one should lower the dosage until detox symptoms subside and then gradually increase dosage as the body adapts to the algae. Over time dosage can be raised or lowered according to changing needs. This is a natural wild food and is completely safe to consume at any amount.
    Another very effective remedy is the micro-nutrient supplement called; “Empower Plus” sold by This supplement has been helping thousands to alleviate symptoms of different forms of mental illness such as bi-polar disorder for many years now.
    Another good option one can try is working with a licensed practitioner of Chinese herbology (usually an acupuncturist or OMD oriental medical doctor).
    Another option to try is ‘L-Tryptophan’ the amino acid. Follow directions for dosage.

  9. There are many wonderful botanicals (herbs) and nutrients that promote GABA. GABA itself may be useful in panic attacks – empty a capsule and sip on it for relief – but other approaches last longer. For GABA support combined with testosterone, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, and Passionflower are hard to beat. Bacopa is an excellent choice in females. Theanine in green tea supports GABA and the amino acid helps sleep and anxiety – I like Magnesium glycinate. Vitex, a promoter of progesterone, is a great GABA promoter for 90% of females in my practice during the second half of the menstrual cycle – increase the twice a day dosing the closer it gets to your period. The king of GABA though is a mineral. In those who do not have thyroid issues, investigate low dose natural lithium e.g. lithium orotate. It give virtual 24 hour GABA coverage, as 2/3rds is still in the body after 24 hours. For those with COMT mutations (half of us in that category), it is a Godsend! Jim

    1. It is nice to hear an MD who knows and promotes natural supplements. Thank you for the great information.

  10. It is a really sad fact that the FDA & Big Pharma have sytematically brainwashed people into believing that when it comes to depression & anxiety issues that what we have is a drug deficiency; and that a little pill cures all! Besides many of these natural supplements for help w/ these issues, a complete blood profile of deficiency levels of vitamins & minerals.need looked at & addressed first & foremost; the deficiency’s corrected & then additional supplements added. For instance; many times a lack of magnesium can cause anxiety, tenseness, irritability, difficuly sleeping etc, so that needs to be addressed first. Obviously when deficient in one thing there are other deficiency’s in other nutrients that work synergistically with others. That really has to be the starting point, but if its not covered under your insurance, or you don’t have insurance, most people cannot afford to do this on their own; hence the fact that we obviously have a “disease care system”, and NOT a health care system, unfortunately, sadly!.

    1. I totally agree with you Cheryl. So many nutrients are washed out by our SOY laden diet that it happens without even knowing you are doing your body harm. All you know is you are hungry and don’t have time to cook so you grab a quick meal out. We have no idea how much SOY we consume in a day. But in the 70’s the FDA considered 24 grams of SOY to be a health risk! Over 25 grams a day is the equivalent of a DAILY BIRTH CONTROL PILL for every man woman and child! So read every label at your grocery store and insist on an allergen menu when eating out to AVOID SOY. Once it hurts your thyroid it causes DEPRESSION. Then many more symptoms of hypothyroidism start. Dry skin, hair loss, constipation, mood swings, red eyes, weight gain too. And NEVER let your babies drink soy milk! 20 times the heavy metal manganese than breast milk. AND if the mother drinks SOY milk it will travel to the infant and they will get estrogen they DO NOT NEED!

  11. I have used valerian and motherwort and skullcap for anxiety with a lot of success. I would suggest always to work with a good clinical herbalist for dosages and which medicinal herb would be best for you. I did not have any good results with kava kava. We are all different and a knowledgable herbalist is great to work with. I have PTSD and anxiety.

  12. Do you (or anybody) have any input about the use of these supplements during pregnancy/nursing?
    Thank you for any information

  13. For a year now I have suffered from menopausal symptoms, one of which is anxiety. I’ve always been a worrier, but since the periods stopped, the anxiety has been ramped up a notch. I don’t know if this is common. But someone recommended trying Shatavari, an Indian supplement made from the root of the asparagas fern. Doesn’t do much for the hot flashes, but I have noticed a marked decrease in my anxiety levels. Is there any information on this supplement for anxiety?

    1. Sounds like you are also in need of progesterone for your menopausal symptoms. I use Source Naturals: It is inexpensive (more so on line) and contains no parabens. Apply the cream a couple of times a day, rotating the areas you apply it to so there is no buildup in any one area. Even much younger women can benefit from progesterone. Check out what Life Extension has to say and the comments on Amazon. Among other things, progesterone helps alleviate depression, reduces anxiety and promotes normal sleep patterns

    2. I, too, had anxiety for the first time in my life when I missed my first period during peri menopause. The next month I got my period : no anxiety. It was completely related to my menstrual cycle. Every time I didn’t get a period the anxiety was extremely high. I never had anxiety in my entire life until this. It has taken almost 3 years for my menstrual cycle to stop.
      My doctor stared me on compounded progesterone, NuMedica Methylation Cream, (B Vitamins), Metagenics Symphora (B, D, DHEA), and Ortho Molecular melatonin. (I was having insomnia) I no longer experienced anxiety.

    3. Great relief from many age related symptoms I have found by using the Wiley Protocol. Feelings of dread & anxiety for no reason that I could think of, joint pain & stiffness, headache, excessive tiredness, hot flashes & night sweats have been eliminated with bio-identical bio-mimetic dose. My biggest challenge was finding a doctor licensed to prescribe it.

  14. I was on several different anti-depressant drugs from 1991 until 2009. I knew I had to find another way when I was put on Wellbutrin and for the first time, experienced severe anxiety and panic.
    I have been off of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for four years as of 12/20/2013. I take a daily cocktail of amino-acid rich multivitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. L-Theanine features heavily in the mix. I found GABA helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. It helps with central nervous system pain from a spinal chord injury.
    Interestingly, I have found that a higher dose of GABA actually makes me more alert.

  15. I am a hypnotist in the Cincinnati Ohio area.My business is
    Hypnotic Solutions 513-205-5669 Hypnosis works and
    EFT both work very effectively for anxiety! Find a
    practitioner in your area! Learn EFT online. Even doing
    that will be somewhat effective for you.
    Hypnosis helps with a wide variety of things. Whatever you
    make up your mind to change in your life, hypnosis helps
    make it easier to achieve. I have successfully worked with
    people who have depression, anxiety, stress, tension, IBS,
    want to stop smoking, have fears or phobias, insomnia,
    fibromyalgia, pain, insecurity, low self-esteem, relationship
    problems, test anxiety, study skills & want to lose weight.
    The list goes on & on.
    With the hypnosis session, you receive a CD of the hypnosis
    that we do in the office, so that you can reinforce the message
    at home. The key is to not give up. Your recovery will be
    faster if you can do the homework you receive with the
    sessions. (Listen to the hypnosis CD & do the tapping with
    your finger tips that I show you how to do.)
    I customize the sessions & I use both hypnosis & something called
    EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is based on acupressure,
    & helps you alleviate negative emotions… stress, tension, anxiety,
    boredom, sadness, anger, cravings, negative thoughts, etc… it will
    help you to get RID of the underlying emotion… INSTEAD of
    being sad/depressed or nervous or anxious!! It is a big part of my
    program, & is VERY effective.
    Clients with anxiety that I have worked with have said the session was
    “life changing”. Look into it… it will work!

  16. When I was poisoned by dental mercury fillings (aka “silver amalgam” fillings), and suffered great anxiety and depression, B vitamin injections enabled me to stop the anti-depressants I was prescribed. A combination of B12, B-complex and folic acid was injected into the hip, every 5-6 days. It helped immediately and I never needed anything else. The injections are a bit painful, however, and now I just take the sublingual B’s.
    BTW, just being chronically poisoned by various things can cause anxiety: “silver”-mercury fillings are more than 50 percent mercury, new carpets, new or tight buildings, particle board in cabinets, walls, floors and ceilings, new paint, cleaning fluids, aerosols, air fresheners, WD-40 to name a few things that outgas enough to harm people who have become “chemically hyper-sensitive” to low levels of fumes that most don’t notice.
    What’s happened is that these folks’ “blood-brain barriers” (a dense cluster of cells at the base of the brain designed to keep poisons out of the brain), becomes damaged when the detox system is overwhelmed and breaks down. This allows toxins to enter the brain and spinal column (central nervous system or CNS). The CNS is not able to expel toxins well, so they remain and cause anxiety. The only remedy is DETOX.
    There are many kinds of detox: Dry heat saunas, baths, certain foods are cleansing (radishes, artichokes, lemon juice, beets, asparagus, onions, cilantro and more), certain supplements, a strict “detox diet”, and more. There are many library books on this subject. I had good success with dry heat saunas, cleansing foods, especially cilantro. Five tablespoons chopped cilantro per day can help clear toxins out of the brain.
    I’m sure there are other kinds of support that can help anxiety as well. Evie Wilson, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions Coordinator. See DAMS, Inc. for more information.

    1. Be AWARE that SOY washes out your B-12, copper, magnesium, iron, and zinc! You will become anemic or once you have had enough soy to wash out your B-12 or magnesium you can get anxiety or panic attacks. It is a simple solution but you must be vigilant and read EVERY label and do not eat out at restaurants unless they provide you with an allergen list to order off of. Soy destroys your thyroid as well as fluoride in our tap water. So if you eat out you get lots of soy unknowingly and the soft drinks are made with filtered water but the fluoride it still in there. Zinc keeps heavy metals out of your brain and a B-12 deficiency can also cause memory loss and incontinence!! LOOK UP DEFICIENCIES OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS AND YOU WILL FIND WHAT IS CAUSING MOST OF THE ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS. Farmers are being subsidized to plant more soy every year. It causes depression, infertility, hypothyroidism, latent maturity of boys (phyto-estrogen) and advanced maturity in girls (early breast development and periods from too much estrogen), Low libido and is linked to ADD and ADHD. Even the prisoners of Illinois have filed a law suit in 2010 for excessive SOY laden foods causing many of these ailments including Thyroid Cancer! Calling it cruel and unusual punishment. AVOID SOY, it is NOT healthy unless it is FERMENTED. i.e. miso, tempeh, or natto or brewed soy sauce. It is also being put into almost every protein bar! READ the LABELS! Use your smart phone to get smart people.

  17. You can get off psych drugs safely. To find a practitioner who can help with this, contact Safe Harbor at for a free referral to a practitioner (you can phone or search on the web site) or to search for a practitioner directly.

  18. What works for our family is the Feingold diet. Food additives FD&C colors red, yellow, blue, green, several artificial flavors, and corn syrup all caused fight or flight response in one of my children. All of these ingredients contain or are made from petroleum, a known neurotoxin. Some fruits naturally containing salicylate can also do the same thing. It might be especially worth checking out if there are accompanying symptoms such as headaches, hyperactivity, sleep problems, learning difficulties, or behavior issues. You can find out more from, a non-profit website.

  19. Theanine- non-addictive, natural, and effective. Paxil is poison. It brought on symptoms of Parkinson’s in my father and so thus diagnosed was treated with more poison and as a disease instead of a person.

  20. β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid works, plain GABA is worthless taken orally. Overpriced placebo effect.

    1. Neurotransmitters are not just located in the brain…they are systemic and global…the same holds true for GABA…evidence suggests that only 1% of the GABA taken ever crosses the blood brain barrier…yet GABA doesn’t just work in the brain…it works in the body system as well…those who take just GABA may find relief…and some don’t…i have been using picamilion for years on my patients…one of the protocols we use actually to help patients get off benzo’s… The River Souce in Mesa, AZ is highly successful in using natural treatments to get people off these “GABA Medications”…dr dave

    2. When using any of the Amino Acids that are Neurotransmitters….You need to use Vit B-6 with them.
      Vit B-6 helps them to breakthrough the Blood barrier. It works great with GABA.
      Go to and find the Book Heal with Amino Acids/Magnesium and B-6. By Dr. Shelley.
      Very good book to have for understanding the Amino Acids. If, we get out of balance in one of these amino acids that the body makes, it causes a chain reaction in our cells. Lot of sickness due to this……Food for thought!

    3. Gabba works if you have a leaky brain…… joking. I have been reading Dr. K’s book “Why isn’t my brain working ?” and tried it ……nothing……….months later when I went off the GAPS diet and began binging on nuts, I tried again and had no effect for 15 minutes or so…….forgot about it and then wham….I felt like I had a soft drink go off in my head………followed by a head ache which I hadn’t had since I got off gluten. Apparently (according to Dr. K,) GABBA should not be able to pass through the BBB. but fortunately the situation heals quite easily.

  21. For those trying to get off prescription anti-anxiety meds, it can be done. I know because I did it. Was on generic Ativan for 5+ years – 40 mgs per day at the most and most usually 10 mg per day at night. Finally decided to get off as, with most all these kinds of meds, after a time they don’t really work anymore, so what’s the point? Once the decision was made I cut back by half on each reduction. Stayed at the reduced level for a few weeks until comfortable about cutting back again. Got down to 1/4 tablet in a few months and then off. Experienced very little physical discomfort. Dealing with the anxiety as best as I can w/counseling and group. That old traditional glass of wine at dinner helps and at least provides the benefits of reservatrol.

  22. I have used GABA successfully for anxiety and postherpetic neuralgia caused by shingles. Radio Frequency Radiation from wireless tech (cell phones, wifi, cordless phones etc) can cause anxiety.
    RF levels are thousands of times higher than they were ten years ago. Smart meters installed on our homes can disrupt the 60HZ power we are supposed to have and create electromagnetic interference that is coming into our homes through the outlets and can be a serious health issue. Radio frequency can cause openings in the blood brain barrier. There are forums online that discuss this issue ( and provide help to those who are suffering from EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). I have found mixing GABA with glycine to be more effective than GABA alone. I also use the combination topically mixed with aloe vera. The solution provides pain relief for headache as well as a temporary relaxation of facial frown lines! Use twice a day for frown lines and say goodbye to injectable toxins.

  23. The only real “natural” solution is to overcome anxiety without trying to play with supplements and medications. You must be willing to close that door, and open a spiritual door that takes you outside of the anxiety “box”. It is possible.. even necessary for true self-actualization. I’ve tried it all, and I can honestly tell you that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. Nothing else.

  24. I agree that Gaba by itself is effective about 30% of the time. The products I recommend are Mind Balance from Insight Nutrition and Pure Life’s Gabatrol, Both with Phenabut, theanine, taurine and glycine. As a counselor, I have often seen better result long term then with Benzos or SSRIs.

  25. I suffered many years with severe panic attacks. Tried many so called “anti-anxiety meds including some anti-depression substances, to no avail. Even tried to medicate myself with alcohol with disastrous results. Many who suffer chronic anxiety may have a condition known as “MVP”, mitral valve prolapse. This cardiac condition floppy mitral valve is not serious and rarely treated. However it can cause all symptoms associated with severe anxiety, shortness of breath, sweating, headache pounding heart ect… I was diagnosed with an echocardiogram. Stress and some of your anti-anxiety meds can actually irritate the heart and increase symptoms. Once I knew that it was a major cause of my anxiety, I never needed another “pill”. I also did a little research into the “process” of fear (neuroscience). I read books by Joseph E. LeDoux (renown authority on stress and fear) such as, “The Synaptic Self”. Once I learned what actually goes on during fear response it almost removed me from it. I seemed to gain some control. Cognitive steps to control anxiety is better and more lasting than any drug/substance.

  26. Here’s something to consider. The gut has more receptors for neurotransmitters than the brain. Perhaps the reason why people may have a discernible reaction to taking GABA is that it is acting in
    the gut.
    I have found taking GABA very helpful if sleeplessness troubles me.

  27. I’m dealing with several long term health issues. The stress of living for many years in pain has brought on anxiety and fear – which I never experienced before. Many people are not aware of or maybe do not believe in energy medicine, but I can attest to the fact that it does work. Just one treatment with an energy practitioner literally saved my sanity – the results were instantaneous and profound.
    Ashwaganda (an Indian herb) is another safe and effective treatment for anxiety; Dr. Mercola is a good source for it.

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