Washington GMO Labeling Initiative Concedes

We fell just short. But Big Food is having to spend tons of money and may not consider it much of a victory.

Although the important GMO labeling initiative was defeated, the loss was only by a tiny margin of 51-to-49. We have much to be proud of, and our collective work has laid the foundation for victory in 2016. This incredible community of grassroots advocates, parents, health professionals, and consumers will remain steadfast in its mission and strong in its purpose.

We hope you’ll share the infographic below on all your social networks to let people know who supported your right to know what’s in the food you feed your families—and who spent millions to keep you in the dark!



  1. Dear All,
    The GMO labelling shenanigans in CA last year showed us that the present voting system is flawed and open to Corporation abuse.
    Sure the likes of Monsanto, Killoggs, et al placing millions into the advertising budget to brainwash ‘asleep’/unconscious American’s played a huge aspect, BUT we were all misled and mis-fed BS (BS = BeLIEf System) in thinking like I-522 in Washington that we (the empowered awakened citizens) had the power to vote and perhaps win so that labelling all GMO/GE products would become mandatory, as in so many other enlightened countries like the UK and Europe.
    The only reason ‘we’ lost by such a small margin was because the controlling corporations didn’t want us to start rioting or creating more internal wars!
    “Hello McFly”!
    SOULution – Think globally but act locally. Get to know your local farmers. Only buy whole, alive (hopefully organic) foods. Don’t buy anything with a SHELF LIFE because it doesn’t have a SELF LIFE.
    Follow the great work done by Jeffery Smith – Institute for Responsible Technology. Join Mike Adams’ – Natural News and Follow Dr Mercola’s passion.
    Sending love and light
    Magnus A. L. Mulliner

    1. The reason we lost and Europe has it, not because we are dumb but we are dumbed with fluoride so we become the nice little sheep’s that go with everything the government, Monsanto and all the other money making companies want. Why has nobody fought to get the fluoride out of our waters? More people would wake up.

  2. “Right to Know” is a nonsense campaign. Certainly we have a right to know. We have a right to know about a lot of things we aren’t told about. What we need is a campaign for our right to know the truth about GMOs. Anybody reading this knows about GMOs, knows they are not only bad for us, but are destroying the food supply for the generations to come. THAT is what people should know. But the “Right to Know” campaign is not telling the ignorant masses this. The ignorant masses are merely being told they have a right to know WHAT TO CALL stuff which is in their food, when they don’t even know why they should be paying attention.
    THAT should be the target of any campaign designed to wake up the masses. It’s not that they are being lied to or kept in the dark…we’re all quite used to that, we grew up on TV commercials and political rhetoric. What people should be apprised of is that they are being systematically sickened and killed, along with the planet’s entire food supply. What we call it is secondary.
    If this fails to wake people up, at least we can say we actually tried. “Right to Know” is a limited hangout, not an earnest effort to stop what can only be seen as a dangerous game of genetic brinksmanship, on the part of the elite, to control human overpopulation.

  3. You know what? People have plenty of reason to start fighting back but for the most part they would just rather stay in the comfort zone. There is nothing those that are aware can say or do to shake them out of their normalcy bias. Ayn Rand said it best. “You can ignore reality, but you will not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Time and circumstance will do what we are not capable of doing. A wake up call is coming for the American people.

  4. Arizona is going to do a gmo labeling initiative beginning Jan 2014. That’s when we start collecting signatures in order to get it on the Nov 2014 ballot. Meetup.com “Right to Know Az” is the group most responsible for gathering signatures. Also see gmofreeaz.org.
    Regarding fluoride-the comment “why has nobody fought to get fluoride out of our waters”-they have and they are. See Fluoride Action Network at fluoridealert.org.

  5. Just like with the CA loss, two things are very suspicious:
    1. Despite national polls showing over 90% favoring labels – each race was a squeaker loss. Funny thing. If I was manipulating the Diebold computerized voting machines, that’s how I would make it look also. There are no recounts with computerized voting because there are no paper copies enabling verification. They manipulated the voting machines.
    2. Another weak campaign avoiding the C word – Cancer. If you show the tumor rats from the french GM Corn study, then the sheeple will realize that they have far more to worry about than higher grocery prices from newly labeled packages. You have to scare the sheeple so they know what’s at stake – GMO Food Causes Cancer. CA and Wa should have had bumper stickers statewide with the tumor rats on them. I highly suspect Monsanto bribed the leaders of both state campaigns to keep the message weak and avoid the C word. Everyone has their price and this is beyond suspicious.

    1. Dan Golay, Washington uses all mail-in ballots, so there would indeed be a way to verify them in a recount. And I highly doubt anyone on the Yes side was bribed by anyone. My opinion is that the Yes on 522 campaign refused to take off the kid gloves and fight. We knew what lies we could expect, from the CA measure, and if the 522 campaign had started out their advertising by giving the voters a heads up on what to expect to hear from the industry side before they heard it, that might have made a difference. And the No campaign hired people who had been in positions of authority in the state to do their ads, such as a former Attorney General.
      If there was going to be any bribery I’d guess it would be flat out vote buying.

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