What Would Cost $1 Trillion, Unravel GMO Labeling Laws, Ruin Small Farmers, and Affect Sixteen Million Jobs?

farm-billThe mainstream media’s focus is on food stamps—but here’s what the natural health community needs to know about the Farm Bill. Action Alert!

Over the summer, both the House and Senate passed wildly different versions of the Farm Bill. Now, through a conference committee (where both chambers of Congress meet to merge their separate bills into one), your legislators are trying to bridge a $36 billion dollar gap between the two bills.

The Farm Bill doesn’t just affect farmers—it could have a real impact on you and your family: at stake are 16 million American jobs, the price of groceries, several already-passed GMO labeling laws, and $1 trillion of your tax dollars.

For the natural health community, there are multiple areas of concern in both versions of the bill (the House’s version alone is 608 pages long, so this isn’t surprising). However, there’s one amendment the final Farm Bill should not include, and one section it definitely needs to keep.

What to Throw Out: The King Amendment (a.k.a. the Interstate Commerce Amendment). It could undo state-level GMO labeling and animal rights laws.

“It’s exactly what our founding fathers wanted to avoid.” That’s what Rep. Steve King (R-IA) had to say about California’s Treatment of Farm Animals Law, which bans caging farm animals (for example, chickens and veal) in a way that does not allow them to turn around, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs.

Rep. King was so offended by California’s law that, this summer, he succeeded in adding his amendment to the House’s version of the Farm Bill. Perhaps some of Rep. King’s outrage stems from the fact that he receives campaign funding from Premier Pork Marketing and Lynch Livestock, and doesn’t want to offend major donors! Simply put, the amendment would forbid any state from imposing its own higher standards or conditions on food produced or manufactured in another state.

While it specifically targets California’s animal treatment law, the way this amendment is written, it could usurp states’ rights to pass laws on food and farming in general, including GMO labeling laws. This means if the King Amendment is included in the final version of the Farm Bill, it could invalidate the GMO labeling laws passed earlier this year in Maine and Connecticut, and—if Washingtonians vote Yes on November 7—GMO labeling Initiative 522.

The King Amendment is a blatant infringement on states’ rights—some even argue that it’s a violation of the Constitution—and could unravel years of progress by the natural health movement on GMO labeling, animal rights, and state-level farm standards.

What to Keep: Section 11321 of the Farm Bill. It protects small farmers from burdensome FDA regulations.

In 2010, Congress Passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), in which you, through your grassroots activism, won some major concessions for small farmers. As you may recall from our August 2013 update, the FDA—via the rulemaking process—is attempting to void these hard-won protections while failing to address such real food safety issues as antibiotics in animal feed.

However, Section 11321 of the House’s Farm Bill counters the FDA’s FSMA regulations by requiring the following before their implementation:

  • A closer look at how FSMA rules affect small farmers. This would mandate scientific analysis of the information relied upon in the FDA’s final FSMA rules, with a focus on how they would affect agricultural businesses of different sizes and in different regions.
  • An economic impact analysis of the final rule, again with a focus on businesses of varying sizes.
  • Initial and ongoing evaluation of the FDA’s final rules. Section 11321 will outline a plan to systematically evaluate the regulations, as well as an ongoing process to address future problems that may arise.

We applaud Congress for recognizing a host of FDA missteps on the regulations:

When it comes to the Farm Bill, there’s so much more than food stamps at stake. Action Alert! Ask Congress to throw out the King Amendment and keep Section 11321! Please contact your legislators—help us stand up for small farmers and GMO labeling activists. Please take action immediately!



  1. We fought a revolution to rid ourselves of an unjust “king”. Perhaps it is time again to refresh the tree of liberty…

  2. With all due respect…This isn’t about King wanting to put animals in harms way..it’s about the freedom our own constitution affords ‘each individual state” to not be trod upon by the unconstitutional demands of “another” state or the federal government. Just think if everything the crazy state of California passed for THEIR citizens was allowed to be mandated nationwide on ALL citizens? IE: They passed a law allowing a 12 year old CHILD to make the decision IN school WITHOUT parental consent to be injected with the lethal, brain damaging,sterilizing, paralyzing HPV vaccine. No thanks, I don’t want California making serious decisions for the whole country.
    If you want to send out a needed action alert here it is.. we not only need to stop all of these “nationwide” unconstitutional acts but each “individual” state of this union had better stand up and start to exert their own constitutional power while they still have a shred of it left. That’s the beauty of our constitution. If ONE state passes a measure we do not like we can either fight to have it overturned or we can move somewhere else that offers far more freedom. Hence, there is a mass exodus OUT of California right now because they have become power hungry, over-regulating small businesses, and tax crazy. This is exactly why all “nationwide” mandates are utterly unconstitutional…they give people who oppose those measures No freedom for any other choice.
    I’ll choose REAL freedom any day. I do not have to like what Kings amendment “blocks” to understand how it is a constitutional stance he is taking. If each individual state hates the way factory animals are treated they then have the “individual freedom” to enact similar measured for their respective areas with the input of the people who actually live there. California is not acting within the constitution and they have zero authority to ram this into the lives of ALL states in this country. That is how hardcore fascist behave..not people who reside in a constitutional republic.
    Stop all subsidies and we will find we have a lot more resources to feed our people. As long as farmers are paid not to grow food an p aid to only grow crappy health depleting GMO foods our food supply will continue to diminish and become more corrupted. If we don’t stop the overregulation and over taxation we’ll all be in the poor house and more of our infrastructure will be driven out of this country. Will these animal rights activist feed the poor? I…

  3. Will these animal rights activist feed the poor? I think not. They don’t want anyone to own or eat any animals. Start supporting only US farmers and ranchers. If they want to talk about stronger control, more regulations get busy with cheap toxic IMPORTED foods. Those toxic foods are virtually untouched for inspections and they don’t face a fraction of the insanity that American farmers and ranchers face. This insanity is going to lead to the starvation of millions of American people who have no freedoms left to even feed themselves much less anyone else if it isn’t stopped.
    We need less regulations..not more. We need less government interference not more. Just replacing one law with another one does nothing. The entire Food insanity bill needs to be trashed into the dustbin if we really want to grow our own food and know what the heck we are eating without big brother breathing down our neck every step of the way. People need to get some self respect too and get OFF food stamps unless they absolutely have to have them. That program was never intended as a way of LIFE…it was intended as a leg up to temporarily help out. Now we have able bodied college aged students signing up for food stamps instead of getting a job. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous.

  4. How about publishing a list of congressmen who accept contributions from big agr,i so we can vote these bought politicians out?

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