FDA Protects Big Pharma Products by Declaring that Silver Has No Therapeutic Value

SilverThe EPA, on the other hand, allows its widespread use as a germ killer in clothing, bedding, cosmetics, electric shavers, baby bottles, and food containers.

Silver has been used as an antimicrobial for thousands of years—that’s why forks, spoons, and platters were traditionally made out of silver. Nanosilver, however, sprang out of the new science of nanomaterials, which involves creating objects smaller than 100 nanometers. (A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.) For example, the period at the end of this sentence is a million nanometers wide.

Objects this small can penetrate parts of the body that larger sizes of silver cannot and thus potentially increase silver’s antimicrobial effect. The new size however also poses potential risks of misuse. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a lawsuit in January 2012 to block the EPA from allowing nanosilver on the market without the legally required data about possible harmful effects. Australian microbiologist Gregory Crocetti adds that important clinical uses of silver “will be diminished by completely hysterical and frivolous uses” such as nanosilver being used in bedding and clothing simply to prevent odors and keep linens fresher longer between washings. He implicitly acknowledges, as the FDA will not, that nanosilver has important therapeutic applications.

Silver kills all kinds of bacteria, attacking them in three distinct ways:

  • Weakening the cell wall, thus causing the bacteria to collapse or burst;
  • Interfering with the enzymes the bacteria need to metabolize nutrients, starving them; and
  • Disrupting the ability of bacteria to replicate.

This triple-pronged attack makes it unlikely that bacteria could develop resistance to silver—although it cannot be completely ruled out. (Bacteria would have to mutate in all three ways.) For this reason, critics of using silver in clothes and similar products are right.

Because silver weakens the wall of the bacteria, it also allows conventional antibiotics to enter more easily. Research on mice at Boston University showed that with silver added, lower doses of antibiotic drugs were needed to kill bacteria. Silver was also able to reverse the antibiotic resistance of E. coli bacteria, making them once more susceptible to tetracycline. The mice were left unharmed by the silver.

This is huge, if only because it may force medical authorities to recognize silver as a therapeutic agent. It could also be the answer to the growing problem of antibiotic resistant diseases that are becoming endemic.

Individual studies have confirmed silver’s powerful therapeutic effects against thrush, pericoronitis (infection of the gums around the back teeth), E.coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. Silver nanoparticles in blood serum from cattle showed “highly potent antibacterial activity” toward certain bacterial strains.

The FDA does not recognize colloidal silver (silver suspended in a liquid) as a safe and effective antibiotic and believes there is no evidence to support its use. This has been the agency’s position since 1996. This led the authors of this study to want to evaluate the mineral’s antimicrobial efficacy (and therefore the FDA’s claim). They found that, contrary to the agency’s claim, ionic colloidal silver is highly effective in killing bacteria.

Another study similarly concluded: “Silver particles could offer a great potential for application as [an] antibacterial agent with low human toxicity.”

An epidemic of tuberculosis is currently ravaging Myanmar, with 9,000 new multi-drug-resistant TB infections every year. The normal strain of TB is easy to treat with a simple and cheap drug regimen, but when patients skip doses, the bacteria can fight back by mutating in ways that sidestep the drugs’ assault. Now, the drugs that are needed to fight this resistant strain of TB are highly toxic, one hundred times more expensive, and must be taken for longer periods of time. As we reported in 2012, the “miracle drugs” and vaccines of the mid-to-late 1900s are not standing the test of time.

Where is silver in the treatment plan for multi-drug-resistant TB in Myanmar? There are no known cases of silver-resistant bacteria, and as more “modern” antibiotics are rendered useless by bacteria that have learned to outsmart them, silver is an obvious answer.

Silver nanoparticles also show promise in fighting viral infections. The Journal of Virological Methods reported in 2011 that silver nanoparticles inhibit the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the hepatitis B virus, and the H1N1 influenza A virus. That was confirmed in studies here and here. Condoms coated with silver nanoparticles have been shown to inactivate the infectiousness of both HIV and the herpes simplex virus. Water disinfection systems using silver nanoparticles were shown to exhibit antiviral properties, and silver applied to a water filter more than doubled its effectiveness in removing viruses from drinking water. Although this is providing important information, using silver in this way is untested and might also jeopardize silver’s continuing use as a potent antimicrobial agent.

How about using silver against fungal infections? There is mounting evidence for its antifungal effects, including four recent studies from universities and research institutes the world over (1) (2) (3) (4). This is heartening news.

Is colloidal silver safe for use by individuals and families? The evidence is that it is, but that care must be taken to follow the manufacturer’s directions in order to avoid an overdose. In general, it is better to avoid using silver for everyday infections such as teenage acne, but instead reserve it for more serious infections.

Meanwhile the FDA continues to keep its head buried in the sand. It ignores mounting evidence that silver is an important general antimicrobial, an important tool especially against resistant infections and pandemic, while ignoring the proliferation of nanosilver in consumer goods.

The agency appears to be trying to protect drug company products. The difference between drug company products and silver is of course that the latter is natural. As such, it is not easily patented, and not being patentable, no one can afford to spend $1 billion on FDA approval. This is a scandalous situation. How many millions of people will have to die as a result?


  1. The agency appears to be trying to protect drug company products. The difference between drug company products and silver is of course that the latter is natural. As such, it is not easily patented, and not being patentable, no one can afford to spend $1 billion on FDA approval. This is a scandalous situation. How many millions of people will have to die as a result?

  2. The agency appears to be trying to protect drug company products. The difference between drug company products and silver is of course that the latter is natural. As such, it is not easily patented, and not being patentable, no one can afford to spend $1 billion on FDA approval. This is a scandalous situation. How many millions of people will have to die as a result??…

  3. We’ve started using the colloidal silver instead of the antibiotic creams. Amazing how quickly things heal.

  4. It is more than apparent the FDA has lost all creditability, not unlike our federal gubbmint, a rich man’s game. Freedom/ democracy has become an auction.
    “They’ only have power because we allow it.

  5. I have used Nanosilver for years and I know that it works for many things. I have used it for eye infections as well as other infections such as cuts that became infected. I never take Flu shots as the silver works best for prevention I use it every day and will continue to do so.
    The FDA is a toady for the big drug companies and any one with any brain power knows that, I never believe anything the FDA puts out for that very reason.

  6. I have been using Colloidal Silver both orally and topically for over 20 years now and thank God I do not listen to the FDA they are so deep into the pockets of the drug lords it is disgusting in what is supposed to be the greatest Country in the World and our Politicians have the audacity to talk about corruption in other Countries, they need to start cleaning house at home first.
    We will never be a free country as long as the Drug Lords rule.

  7. Hi, Ionic and colloidal silver hurt me…almost died due to it. It blocked my thyroid and other chemical reactions in my body, precancer and strange jigsaw cuts, drooping eye lid, 24 hour a day panic attacks, let my MS kick in, I lost my sugar digestion, many supplements didn’t work or worked in a strange way. I have enzymes blocked. I did EDTA/DMPS IV chelations to remove the silver and other heavy metals in me. Nothing oral helped remove the silver. A hair test said I was at 98% silver. I built it up…my liver could not detox it. I did not take much. I suffered greatly. Many people may be like me…it may help kill bacteria etc..but it may also slowly kill them and they may not realize what is happening. Conventional medicine doesn’t detox people so unless they get Alternative help if they have a problem with silver they may suffer like me which was overwhelming. Coconut oil, oil of oregano, garlic may help kill viruses/fungi/bacteria etc..No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar…vitamins/good oils, fish oil, Vit D3, Vit C, zinc and more may help the immune system. Silver may hurt too much even though it helps. It may do to people what it does to the bacteria etc.. To me people should have hair tests to monitor if they are going to use silver and have a way to detox if needed before they use the silver.

  8. I have been using colloidal silver nasal spray for over a year and it has effectively cured my sinus congestion, which was severe enough to cause insomnia.

  9. The FDA does more harm than good. It needs to be ridded of the heads in the sand folks who are in charge.

  10. I want to be able to take silver based concoctions when I wish. I don’t wish you to protect drug companies by making traditional remedies illegal. Homeopathy, for example, are 200 years old, and persist because they work.

  11. As in the above article,it appears that there has been sufficent usage & studies produced by a wide range of experts, labs & Doctors world wide to cause the FDA to review the available data.The public expects your complete analysis of the vast amount of information, your agency is an extention of the publics need to allow as many natural products in their lifes as apposed to taking only manufactored drugs for everything.
    Additionally, there are many families that have access to generic” drugs due to their lower costs versus those same families going without any drugs simply because that are unaffordable.Medications should never be controlled only by the major pharmaceuticl companies creating a monopoly.We have always depended on competition in business to maintain fair and reasonable pricing,the drug industry should be treated no differently.

  12. I’ve been using colloidal silver for many things for over 15 years and it works every time. I’ve never had any side effects from it or any adverse reaction what so ever. Just because Big Pharma says something is bad does not make it so, they are saying that for their own monetary gain only. They are not looking out for our better interest only their own. This shocks me because these people have family too. Don’t they worry about their best interest? Do they think that their best interest is to fill their kids and grandkids with chemicals of all kinds instead of trying natural things? I disagree with them and I know that the majority of the public feel the same.

  13. I believe the FDA is the most worthless if not corrupt agency that influences the general public.
    I definitely never believe ANYTHING publicized by it. In fact, I usually go against whatever it says. Checking out a variety of excellent., independent websites will give you unbiased truth.

  14. We need to work on getting someonel like Dr. Wright and Dr.Rowen into positions such as Surgeon General,and FDA head.

  15. Isn’t the FDA wonderful in how they protect the public by declaring natural remedies as ineffective.

  16. Why would anyone find the FDA’s refusal to recognize silver’s antimicrobial and antiviral properties a surprise, when it has been public knowledge for decades that BigPharma OWNS the FDA???

  17. Imprecise language leads to avoidable disagreements. Solid silver, colloidal mixtures of of silver metal with insoluble silver compounds and engineered metallic silver nanoparticles are clearly different forms with different properties and different regulation. Only soluble silver ions kill bacteria.
    We have created disagreements by lumping mercury in amalgam, liquid, vapor, salts and organic compounds. More recently we have seen public argument about inorganic verses organic arsenic contamination in apple juice and rice. Those who pretend expertise but cannot distinguish silicon, silica, silicone and silicate are maddening.
    Back to silver, Any form consumed internally will dissolve in stomach acid, diffuse into the skin and eyes and be reduced by sunlight into silver or silver sulfide particles. Those are at least as persistent as tattoo pigment. The condition known as argyria has neither proven benefit nor harm but should be disclosed as a probable effect of internal consumption.
    If PHARMA released a nanoparticle product whose true distribution in the body was unpredictable and which remained permanently ANH would be outraged. Silver particles derived from the colloidal silver that ANH recommends are no different.
    One could avoid regulation by offering only soluble ionic silver for external applications such as bandages, sprays and ointments.
    The external market is not always obvious. The UK public health service mounts thin copper plates to the walls in hospitals and clinics where one might expect hand sanitizer. A hand swiped over the copper produces Nano-scale wear particles that become copper salts. Those salts kill bacteria on the skin areas most likely to be contaminated. Although individual plates will never wear out, the untapped market is Billions of units.
    With so much to be made from honest products why whine when the Feds oppose one that is so badly misrepresented?

  18. This is the last straw to me. The FDA needs to be completely broken down, re-evaluated, and re-made in the image of the watchdog of the PEOPLE it was intended to be.
    These people always siding with Big Pharma is tantamount to treason and to other offenses which
    should be punishable by death.

  19. Silver is Good as an antibacterial agent is all that I have ever read. So why does NASA
    use silver in space…… In my opinion the FDA is on the wrong side of the fence! As you have stated, the FDA continues to keep its head buried in the sand on this and other subjects. Many
    drugs that have been approved by the FDA have in the end been removed from the market because they are dangerous and kill people.

  20. The FDA has been bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies . Many times over , they need abolished and realighned with their ORIGINAL mission of protecting the people instead of the Pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies .

  21. Well, you could say the FDA is wrong but I would say that would be a massive understatement and most people already know that silver is antimicrobial. Let me say that I think that anyone with education who makes such as statement has been bribed and the government has no business allowing itself to be bribed and we have no business allowing the government to continue being bribed. There, I didn’t shout, did I?

  22. We know that silver is effective in killing bacteria why is this not being expanded upon to see what new benefits are to be discovered? Maybe the FDA is in someone’s pocket? Big pharm to be specific! We are sick of the obstructionism to peoples health, and we are sick of big corporations don’t help us to the wall particularly from our own government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Silver has been used medically since before the time of Christ. It is natural, so cannot be patented, so the fda & big pharma downplay its usefulness. Some even mention argeria, or grey skin, which silver will cause if the particles are too large. Many of the devices sold to make colloidal silver at home produce large particles which the body cannot eliminate & will turn your skin grey. Very small particles stay in the body about two weeks & are then eliminated. I have taken colloidal silver for years & do not have grey skin, I am healthy at 70 though, due in large part to colloidal silver.

  24. I’ve personally used and prescribed colloidal silver for over 30 yrs. It has proven to be a highly effective, antimicrobial agent in a wide range of infections, including MRSA, without ADRs.
    The FDA is criminally ignorant in its unsubstantiated statements about colloidal silver.

  25. SDS Burn Cream ? I guess its all about the proven history , the history according to the AMA . I’m sure the next thing will be changing the Freedom Of Speech to Shut up or we’ll lock you up !!! So Fluoride is GOOD and Silver is bad ! Mercury Fillings are good Looks more like a political move . Are they going to make silver illegal to use so they can later come out with a new study that says we need silver to fight all the new viruses , bacteria and funguses that all the drug and chemical companies have created ..????

  26. I use silver shield when needed, even with my pets. I find it is effective and very safe. Silver
    shield can be used in any orifice in the body without any adverse effects. I have used it for
    sore throats, discomfort in my ears, even for my cats if they have lose stools and with great
    success. The brand Silver Shield is produced by a very reputable company called Nature
    Sunshine who run 600+ tests on their products. Big Pharma can’t make money on this product.

  27. Why would anyone listen to the FDA ? We need to do what is correct for ourselves. Turn your back on the FDA. Make your own choices. Be brave. Best regards

  28. I have an antibiotic resitant e. coli infection of the right middle ear. I am currently taking a daily IV of antiobiotics. While I do this (a half hour), I inhale neubulized 240 ppm colloidal silver. My research shows silver enters the body better through the lungs than through the gut or topically. Can you confirm that.

    1. I have been taking ionic silver for over 5 years. It has done amazing things for my body, killing fungus, eliminating ever getting another cold sore. Making it into a gel with aloe vera has healed wounds. I spray it in my eyes, put it in my ears and snort it up my nose. The body can NOT absorb this small of a particle, so, it gathers anything that does not belong in the body and excretes it. Truly a godsend in this overly polluted world.
      Get it here for the best price possible and at 25ppm. http://tinyurl.com/killbacteria

    2. Lois, we have been distributing the products derived from the technologies of American Biotech Labs (ABL) for almost a decade. These are not conventional ionic silver suspensions, but rather an entirely new technology for medical silver applications, currently available as nutritional supplements and topical gels. ABL has three US Patents and WIPO (worldwide intellectual property protection). This is elemental (not ionic) silver nanoparticles bonded in solution to water molecules. The Penn State Materials Science labs performed a 4 year peer reviewed and published study which identified this product as a nano-catalytic silver hydrosol, an entirely new class of medical silver.
      The amazing antimicrobial properties are confirmed in numerous independent lab and accredited university studies, some of which can be reviewed here http://lifesilver.com/v1/studies.htm
      The extensive safety studies can be reviewed here http://lifesilver.com/v1/safety.htm
      In addition to the US patents, the EPA has already issued 5 approvals for disinfection. The nation of Ghana has issued a homeopathic drug approval as a result of the successes in curing malaria and TB in Africa. The FDA last year approved the gel product for wound and burn healing which is soon to be available in prescription strength. These are not conventional silver colloids. They are far more bioavailable and effective.
      Since discovering these products about 15 years ago I have remained totally infection free. So have my dogs. Unfortunately the FDA has drawn the line at approving these products as internal disinfectants. The silver sols would devastate the antibiotics and vaccine industry if allowed widespread knowledge and use. Thirteen other FDA approvals for internal use have languished for a decade awaiting approvals which have been stonewalled. No matter that the products are completely non-toxic and backed with impressive safety reports. Utah University just completed the first ever double blind human study on a silver supplement – this product. That study is currently in peer review and will be published soon.

    3. Please try Natural Solutions Foundation. A GREAT organization that not only teaches us about our corrupt government/pharmaceutical/agricultural and how harmful vaccinations are, but also sells the silver you are inquiring about.

    4. Please try Natural Solutions Foundation. A GREAT organization that not only teaches us about our corrupt government/pharmaceutical/agricultural corporations, but also the harmful effects of immunizations. They sell the liquid silver that you are inquiring about.

  29. The International Criminal Court of The Hague, aka The World Court, has charged the Pharmaceuticle Cartel with war crimes and crimes against humanity. The poisons and toxins they call drugs have killed millions upon millions of people around the globe. Louis Morano Ocampo, the lead Prosecuting Attorney of the World Court has said that the toll of those who have died from these poisons and toxins that the Pharmaceuticle Cartel calls their drugs now numbers in the hundreds of millions dead around the globe and counting. The United States Congress is ignoring the World Court’s demands for those responsible for these deaths, and are protecting them from justice because they have been bought off by the Pharmaceuticle Cartel. As the ancient Greeks would say, “When money talks, truth is silent.”

  30. Use 3 1 9 3 5 7 to obtain patented nanosilver at wholesale prices
    I have saved alot of lives with this.
    I have developed detailed protocols combining silver and herbs for such maladies as heart disease presenting profound results. Call for list. 561. 460. 3168 Edmund 🙂
    “it is not easily patented, and not being patentable”
    The former is correct, the latter is not.

  31. I feel that FDA and Big Pharma are only out for their own and their masters best interest and thAt the interest of the rest of population of the country and world are just Guinea Pigs for their testing as well as their will. It is time that both back off and start looking out for the populations well being and health care,

  32. I have researched for years, the use of silver. I need the correct type of silver safe to use. I have lots of researched papers on the topic. I KNOW it will help me with health and safe kind to use. I respond to only one antibiotic, now, and fear when I will no longer respond to that one. I must get a supply of the correct kind, soon, while it is available, or risk an early demise.
    Thank you for this information; which reminded me of my purpose of finding a supply of the correct kind of silver product.

  33. What has happened to America and freedom of choice with the properties we choose to heal ourselves with

  34. There’s quite a difference between silver used in containers, surfaces, etc. and silver used in the body. We sure don’t want to kill our gut bacteria, and I don’t use antibacterial soaps because I don’t want to kill bacteria living on my body (unless there’s an infection). There’s no doubt silver works, but it’s a blind killer.

  35. perhaps the FDA should check with NASA and discover how silver is used on the space station to assure a safe water supply for the astronauts?

  36. I believe in Colloidal Silver enough that I consume 2 oz per day as a preventative. No proof that it works other than no illness for past 2 yr I have been using AND a bladder infection that my 12 yr old dog had was not cured by 2 doses of antibiotics but went away and not returned after starting her on the same regimen (doubled for the 1st month).

  37. As usual the FDA and “Big Pharma” are turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to all that is good for mankind in the way of natural and organic foods and medicines, as well as homeopathic, naturopathic and ancient chinese wisdom and medicine which has tremendous healing powers without caustic side effects. We must stand up and continue to align ourselves with healing through organic and proven remedies such as “colloidal silver”. I use colloidal silver as part of a daily regimen, for antibacterial properties and an immune system boost. A couple of sprays under the tongue and a fine mist spray on my face. There are no side effects, but a small, very non-intrusive fungus on the side of my foot, probably from the nail salon, disappeared within two days. There are so many benefits from products, naturally derived, from nature and our great “mother earth”, such as organic apple cider vinegar, one of the best, and all other greens, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spice and supplements, that I know, based on wisdom and common sense, that if each of us uses these, we will no longer need doctors to misdiagnose and mistreat with unnecessary medications and surgeries those simple ailments we commonly are afflicted with in todays world. We must not allow the FDA to continue to dictate to us what is good for us. They are lying and there only agenda is money, money for them, for big pharma and big government. In addition, acupuncture, chiropractic massage, body brushing and a healthy diet will cure whatever is bothering you. Silver is an added bonus. Wake up FDA, we are onto your schemes and tactics to keep us sick. At least I am.

  38. Silver is also the active ingredient in some antibiotic ointments for animal use. As the same bacteria could infect humans, common sense says it would work for people, too. But “common sense” and “FDA” don’t belong in the same sentence!

  39. Since this is a great break through for assisting millions of people around the world while lessening the volume of antibiotics required to do the same, the small amount of money lost by Big Pharma, once again, creates such a furor that the FDA bows to this pressure! How sad that everything boils down the same basic premise: money is the sole aim of corporations, not the well being of people.

  40. The FDA is showing their true colors and nature that they have sold out to large and greedy corporations. They are sellouts to the American people.

  41. Perhaps I’m missing something here and correct me if I’m wrong but colloidal silver is considered a mineral. Minerals would be regulated as foods and therefore, since foods cannot be regulated as medicines, the FDA will not recognize silver as having medicinal properties that could treat disease.
    The regulatory laws would need to change of course. Is that what we really want though?
    Wanting our naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals to be recognized as having therapeutic benefit and supporting good health is a catch 22 and I’m not so sure that it’s wise to wish for such approval given that industry influence and profit will dictate what is available to us and in what form or preparation. Currently, our grocery stores are full of synthetic ‘nutrients’ and other mutant ingredients as well as derived from genetically engineered seeds. Do we want to rely on Centrum and One A Day for vitamins and mineral supplementation? Centrum plus colloidal silver? In other words, the gov’t will destroy the integrity of anything that is good for us or the environment by replacing it with an inferior and more profitable ( very expensive) ingredient/product. If and when they produce a synthetic pharmaceutical grade silver, then and only then will they patent it and approve it and recommend it but, I won’t be waiting in line to purchase it.
    BTW, I’ve used silver for my dog’s gum disease and it works quite well.

  42. As an RN, I have a love hate relationship with the FDA… I personally have used nasal sprays with silver for sinusitis. It works!!!

  43. As an RN, I have a love/ hate relationship with the FDA!!! I personally have used nasal sprays with silver for sinusitis and it works.

  44. A few years ago I went to the ER and was diagnosed as having a staph infection. Of course, the doctor did precisely what you would expect: recommended a regimen of antibiotics, which I politely declined. Instead, I treated it with topically applied and orally consumed colloidal silver along with Essia capsules. This ALL NATURAL regimen took a bit longer to resolve the infection, but it worked great!
    Also, I recently developed pericoronitis. I treated this with colloidal silver as well. The infection was completely resolved within a week.
    Again, colloidal silver takes a little longer to resolve infections than antibiotics, but it absolutely is a far wiser option.
    Finally, I take colloidal silver whenever I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. It works great for this purpose. I have staved off numerous colds this way.
    I don’t have to tell ANH-USA readers the reasons the system doesn’t want these natural treatments to used by people. I’m just thankful I know the truth and am able to share it with the people in my life.

  45. I know firsthand that Colloidal Silver works. Two years ago I came down with pneumonia. Thought I was going to die from the fever, cough and breathing distress. Because of my busy life I was in a hurry to get well. Of course by the time I was going on my third round of antibiotics and other meds (inhalers), I realized I should have gone the holistic route. Instead of starting the third round of antibiotics I started using the Colloidal Silver in a cool mist humidifier. After the first use it started to alleviate the sore throat pain by that night I was already feeling better, by the third day everything gone. So the possibility of it working in conjunction with the antibiotics really needs to be researched. All I know is that it worked so fast, that even the non-holistic family members of my household realized something happened.
    Since that time, others that I know, who have been like me, on their third round of antibiotics and I told them what happened to me have tried using the Colloidal Silver and discovered the same results almost in the same timeframe, three days.
    Do I think it merits research? Absolutely. Do I think Colloidal Silver works without antibiotics? I do, because since my bout with pneumonia I have seen the results in so many friends and family for other issues they were dealing with from surgical procedures to the use to alleviate sore thoats and the first signs of a cold.
    Do I think that it should be taken every day. No, but I know that silver has healing properties that do benefit someone who is fighting viral, bacterial or fungal infections, so maybe even low immunity to such things may merit its use.
    Now, how could we get some research done? There is a big movement into holistic approaches to healing. It would be nice to get some grant funding to do the research.

  46. Up until 2012, I would come down with 3-4 colds per year, along with a bout of whatever flu was going around! In the spring of 2012, after just finishing cold #2, I asked my chiropractor if she had any suggestions on building up my immune system. I was scheduled for a total hip replacement surgery in August, and did not want to have my surgery cancelled if I was sick!
    My chiropractor recommended that I try Ionic Colloidal Silver, which I did. I drank 1 Tbsp. every morning, on an empty stomach. I made it through the rest of 2012 without a single cold or flu!
    During this time, I also would apply the Silver to any scratches/cuts that I would receive, and noticed a visibly remarkable healing time! I also get ‘fever’ blisters/cold sores (herpes simplex 1) on my lips 2-3 times a year. I’m pretty sure they flair up when I’m under a lot of stress. So I then started to treat the effected area with the Silver.
    I was amazed that the ‘sores’ never reached a point where they were visible, even though I could feel the discomfort it would cause. Also, the duration of these ‘sores’ would last no more than 5-7 days, compared with 2-3 weeks taking OTC herpes ointments!!!
    I am a firm believer in Ionic Colloidal Silver, and have even recommended it to many of my friends, and they too are amazed at how well it works!
    Nowadays, I take 1 Tbsp. every other day, internally, and still have yet to catch a cold or flu virus, 16 months later!!!
    Thank you,
    William Buring

  47. The FDA & the pharmaceutical Co’s are no less than a legal mafia. Over 3 decades ago, my grandmother told me about “Argerol” (spelling?); at the time, I didn’t know what is was, I was just told, “that is works”. I used to get strep throat, at least 3x’s per ur. As a professional singer, this is more than an innconvience, it was devaststing, & caused me to lose weeks of work per year!. I got the “Argerol”, (now I know, it was collodial silver). I swabed my tonsils 3x’s per day, & w/in a wks time, my strep throat was.gone!!!!. Too many people think that allopathic antibiotic’s are w/out any side effects. I would like this group, Alliance for Natural Health, to write an article in your newsletter about the real effects of the use of antibiotics!. (Maybe you already have, but please do again!!!!!). There are such real ramifications of the overuse of these antibiotics, yet it is not widespread known to the “average person”. It is such a sad state of affairs the literal cover-up’s that go on day after day, year after year, decade after decade, century after century. People need to wake up!!! & be there own advocates, & literal detectives to uncover the truth, that the “powers that be”, will try to keep us all away from the truth!!!, that natural products are ALWAYS the best way to go!!!!.

    1. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s. I have 3 siblings. My mother used Argerol (silver solution) for our sore throats and for pink eye very effectively. I used it for my first child and was very frustrated when it was no longer available.
      As an adult I have made use of colloidal silver solutions on a few occasions because the new antibiotics make me sick. Like any powerful healing preparation, silver needs to be used with discernment, but in my family’s experience it has been safe and helpful. The FDA is no longer primarily focused on protecting public health and well-being, so as far as I’m concerned their opinions are to be taken with a huge lump of salt and a lot of personal research.

    2. Antibiotics certainly have their benefits but are not always necessary.
      Many moons ago, my microbiology professor told me that antibiotics would be the cause of human demise. I’ve known for decades how dangerous antibiotics could become when over-used given how they alter the cell membrane ( oversimplified explanation). When broad-spectrum antibiotics were introduced, that’s when the real trouble began. Doctors were no longer culturing bacteria prior to prescribing and began relying on the one size fits all antibiotics that would treat every possible bacterial infection. We should ban broad spectrum and return to culturing to determine the bacteria-specific antibiotic when it’s necessary. The other thing that most folks are not aware of is that most bacterial infections are not cured by the antibiotic and will run their full course despite the medication. What antibiotics do though is prevent an infection from becoming a more serious infection. An example would be when someone has a urinary tract infection that could become a kidney infection. The urinary tract infection will continue to live out it’s full life cycle, but the bacteria will not spread to the kidneys. Silver works much in the same way, preventing a more serious infection from occurring.
      I was given an antibiotic in 03 when I was diagnosed with SARS. The antibiotic, Tequin, all but killed me and left me with permanent damage to my blood vessels and nerve damage to my eyes and ears. To this day, not a single doctor will admit that the drug harmed me and yet, it was banned shortly after I was given this drug. When my integrative doctor requested my hospital records, every single line on the record ( that I paid for) had a black line through it making it unreadable. My doctor just shook his head and explained to me that this was common practice when a doctor requests records from a medical network organization/company that he isn’t a member of.

  48. Do know if it would be possible to use silver to treat our soil in the garden to perhaps eliminate the fungus that causes repeat problems, i.e. Sephora Leaf Spot in tomatoes?

  49. I have seen people’s comments on using Colloidal Silve on here and I agree—I’ve known for years that colloidal silver was good for many things. My oldest daughter went through a period of having teeth problems (she started in her 20’s with wisdom teeth). My husband’s insurance was lousy where he worked at the time and she had so many problems with her teeth, she just couldn’t work to pay for going to the dentist (surgeon). We finally found an oral surgeon that would take the wisdom teeth out (2 at a time for $350). She had it done. Then over the years she started having more problems with her teeth (because of not being able to go to the dentist for so many years when my husband’s insurance was so lousy). She ended up going to the emergency room 2 times (they told her to just go to a dentist, waste of time and money but thank heavens she was able because of not working to get help at the hospital with the bills). She ended up on antibiotics for almost 2 years for teeth problems and at the time, we were in the process of losing our home because my husband couldn’t pass the DOT physical for his job anymore, so again, she couldn’t go to a dentist/surgeon. Now (because of taking all those antibiotics) she has full blown Candida (all through her body and it is wreaking havoc on her immune system). She has tried many strong natural things for it but many of them have mushroom in them and she is allergic to mold/mushrooms (has been since she was little). So now she is taking something called Diametaceous Earth and it seems to be settling the Candida down but antibiotics caused all this mess in her body and she can’t seem to totally get rid of it. Colloidal Silver might be the answer for her and I’m going to see if she can try it. Thanks everyone for your input about Colloidal Silver. People need to wake up today and realize what is causing all their physical problems—many problems are beng caused by taking antibiotics and my daughter is proof of it!!!!

  50. Colloidal Silver is amazing. Been using it for over 8 years now. Instantly relieved pain from my children’s ear infections in the middle of the night, the next day’s doctor visit would show no significant infection in the ear. It helps get rid of tooth abscesses (along with a tea tree swab). Great for healing skin injuries so much quicker and less scarring. Sore throats are greatly helped (only issue was children’s loose baby teeth can unexpectedly reattach themselves to the gums and you’ll have to pull them out)… so it is really great for injured gums and loose adult teeth that need to heal and reattach! Great for eye infections and skin infections on humans and animals. Never ever had a problem using it and we always get the 500ppm for best and quickest results. Wish I had known about it when my children were babies so that I didn’t have them on so many antibiotics, pain meds and unnecessary doctor visits and surgeries.

  51. I’m kind of confused here, don’t they use silver nitrate drops in newborn infants? Is this not a type of silver?
    I’ve been taking Silver Hydrosol for about a year and I no longer have a chronic cough and allergies that were plaguing me for years. Silver Hydrosol is suppose to be a purer form of liquid silver and there are no known cases of Argyria associated with it to date. I haven’t been sick this whole year! 🙂

  52. I believe Silver is very helpful with killing bacteria of all types. Conventional antibiotics scare me as there are so many side effects.
    Does anyone know what the main ingredients are in conventional antibiotics? Such as Doxycycline, Flagyl, Rocephin, etc. Is it true that most antibiotics contain mercury which is a poison?

  53. In spite of the FDA’s obvious bias against colloidal silver (at the behest of Big Pharma) there are literally hundreds of medical and clinical research experts who agree that colloidal silver and other silver-based antimicrobial substances work wonders against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
    This site, for example has hundreds of quotes on colloidal silver from a wide variety of experts: http://thesilveredge.com/experts.shtml
    And this site contains over 80 clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of colloidal silver and other silver-based substances against infectious microorganisms: http://thesilveredge.com/studies.shtml
    I’ve used colloidal silver for over 20 years now, sometimes daily, and sometimes occasionally, and it has always been my #1 “go to” natural nutritional adjunct for infections.

  54. I have been using Silver Hydrosol for the passed 10 years. It is my secret weapon! I always have a bottle at hand for myself or friends in need. One of the best uses I have found is to take a teaspoon before flying. Planes are such a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. I pay attention to my mornings and pay attention to either green nose mucus or green throat mucus. This is the beginnings of a cold. If so noticed, I take a teaspoon in the morning and swoosh it in your mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. Be noon of any day, no more issues!
    Another great use is for anyone going to the hospital for any procedure. Add 1 tablespoon to your water bottle, it will keep any staph infection away. I have had friends in the hospital and had serious staph infections, the doctors will tell them it will take 3 weeks to beat it, but my friends will beat it in three days on the Silver protocol. Good stuff!
    Real good for eye infections and ear problems as well!
    If you treat your symptom’s early with the Silver, you will keep the viruses from growing in your body.

  55. American Biotech Labs, the makers of the popular Silver Biotics supplement, recently had a comprehensive human ingestion safety study done on their patented SilverSol Technology at a large university. It was the first human ingestion study in history ever done on a silver product or even a nano-particle. The study showed their silver particles did not build up in the body, and that they didn’t negatively affect any system they tested (which were extensive). The study also showed that their silver particles did not cause platelet aggregation, which has been reported in other studies with different silver particles. It was published in two parts, and here are the links to the the PubMed abstracts for the articles http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=23811290 and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=23517080.

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