Washington State Medical Board Further Disgraces Itself

Jonathan.Wright.MD.pictureIt blames medical legend Jonathan Wright, MD, for its own misconduct. Action Alert!

In April we told you about the battle that integrative physician and natural health pioneer Jonathan Wright, MD, has been facing in Washington. The state’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) finally issued its ruling last week.

In short, Dr. Wright’s license will be suspended for ninety days (effective mid-June). Following that suspension, he will be on probation for thirty months. He must pay a $7,500 fine; he must appear before MQAC annually to report on any new NDs or MDs his clinic has hired; and—absurdly, to our mind—he must submit a paper to the Commission describing the importance of proper licensure!

Dr. Wright will definitely be appealing this ruling. The appeal will be to a “real court” in Washington State not an administrative agency. As you know, administrative agencies are the prosecution, judge, and jury all in one entity. “Real” courts are not!

MQAC, of course, has unlimited legal resources. Doctors, especially integrative doctors, are not generally rich. They use this fact to try to bully beleaguered integrative doctors in the state, most of whom they have attacked, into settling on MQAC’s terms. You can help by donating to Dr. Wright’s legal defense fund.

Here’s the background on the case, which you may recall from our earlier article. Dr. Wright’s Tahoma Clinic had hired a medical doctor who had been licensed outside Washington State, under the condition that he apply for a Washington medical license. He did so, and the doctor’s Washington license was listed as “pending” on the MQAC website. During this period, Dr. Wright followed the legal advice he had received and monitored him closely as required by Washington law. Suddenly, MQAC charged Dr. Wright with “aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine” because the doctor’s out-of-state license had been revoked.

At least four MQAC staff members admitted during the hearing they knew from the beginning that the doctor’s out-of-state license had been revoked and that he could therefore not be licensed in Washington, but never put that information on the MQAC website (which continued to describe the physician’s Washington license as “pending”) or told Dr. Wright about it. It is MQAC that is culpable of “aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine,” not Dr. Wright!

While much of the hearing held last March centered on allowing this doctor to work at the clinic, MQAC also charged that Dr. Wright had been “non-cooperative” because he redacted private patient information when he gave MQAC the records of patients the physician had seen. These two allegations formed the basis of MQAC’s complaint.

However, when MQAQ finally handed down its decision, the Commission did not sanction Dr. Wright for either alleged violation. Instead, they found him guilty of a new infraction, which had never even been raised in MQAC’s charging documents: failure to follow a vague statute that governs the practice of an out-of-state doctor whose license is pending. And what do these rules say? The statute says the out-of-state doctor must not solicit nor take on patients in his own name, and must not open his own office. The thing is, Dr. Wright followed this statute to the letter. So in effect MQAQ has sanctioned him for a charge they didn’t make in the first place, and which he is completely innocent of.

Why did MQAC change direction like this? We can only guess. But one possibility is that it recognized its own culpability in leaving the doctor’s name on its license pending list, when it knew that the doctor had lost his license in another state and therefore could not be licensed in Washington. So it just adopted another, completely spurious charge.

And why, by the way, did MQAC leave the doctor on its license pending list and not tell Dr Wright what it knew? Again, we can only speculate. But given MQAC’s history of harassing Dr. Wright on spurious grounds (the last complaint before this one was over his phone system!), one can only wonder if there was a deliberate attempt to entrap Dr. Wright. If so, it has backfired. It is MQAC that has entrapped itself, as we hope the courts will realize. We aren’t lawyers, but we wonder if MQAC has not engaged in criminal behavior.

This is a sad day for Washington State, which is usually considered a progressive place open to alternative ways of thinking such as integrative medicine. Who would want to live in a state with a governing agency like MQAC?

Dr. Wright is a champion of natural medicine. He has developed innovative and successful natural therapies utilizing food, supplements, and lifestyle changes for a host of maladies that conventional medicine cannot cure. Now he needs your help. Please give to the Dr. Jonathan Wright Legal Defense Fund!


    1. I am sorry to hear about Dr. White’s experience. I have dealt with MQAC personally but from a different perspective. Even though we have clear, cogent evidence that a doctor’s negligence killed my disabled, elderly father, MQAC has refused to take any action, claiming the care met “professional standard”.
      Here is a thumbnail of what happened to my Dad. In April 2008, my Dad was referred to a local facility to be weaned off BiPAP. On admission, he was stable and had no emergency conditions. An allergy band was fastened to his wrist to warn about a life-threatening sulfa allergy that had been well documented in his medical records since 2004.
      On the second day the attending physician prescribed a sulfa medication called Diamox. He claimed he wanted to use this drug to stimulate my Dad’s breathing as a way to reduce his CO2. Prior to the first dose, we asked the doctor twice about the risks of this drug treatment specific to my Dad. The doctor told us there were NO risks and he mentioned nothing about sulfa. When we expressed concerns about the drug causing metabolic acidosis, the doctor got irritated and said, “I have been a pulmonologist for over 25 years and have treated many COPD patients with Diamox. You people need to stand back and let me do my job.” We were intimidated by his abrupt mannerism.
      Diamox caused a cascade of irreversible harm, first ten episodes of diarrhea in two days and then worsened breathing due to drug-induced metabolic acidosis. Shortly after the fourth dose, my Dad complained of dizziness and headache as his blood pressure plummeted. To raise his life-threatening low blood pressure, the hospital pumped large amounts of IV fluids in a short amount of time. This severely compromised my Dad’s heart condition (chronic CHF and mitral stenosis). His whole body swelled up in a day as a result of the induced edema, and his skin started to break down with large blisters and open bedsores. A few days later, my Dad suffered acute respiratory failure, acute heart failure, and acute renal injury. We were devastated, helplessly watching my Dad slipping away and not knowing what had caused his sudden, rapid down spiral. My father passed away only two weeks after he was admitted. On admission, he was recorded as being “alert,” “smiling,” “chatting with family,” and finishing 100% of hospital-provided meals.
      Six months after my Dad passed away, we found that that, at the time when we asked this doctor about the drug…

  1. I have long enjoyed, read, and used Dr. Wright’s wisdom, his supplements and advice to my great advantage. He is to be honored and appreciated as a respected physician. I do not understand WHY he would be attacked like this!!! What is happening to our wonderful USA? Freedom is being slowly sifted away from even the most honest, wise and helpful doctors.

  2. We need to keep integrative medicine alive. It is the best option for what the traditional medical practices offer. I am alive today because of alternative medicine. The poison called medications were literally killing me. Thank God for people like Dr. Wright.

  3. I was an RN in WA state for many years. I developed a rare cancer and had complaints about the surgeon’s post-op care, which I attempted to resolve under the state whistleblower law. Before the stage when the state could release my name, many bad things happened to me as doctors talked (illegally) about me. My health, job and ability to practice were all so affected I left, feeling like I was fleeing a state I previously felt was wonderfully progressive and in line with my values. Even now, I am afraid this much info could cause more harm to me. There have been other problems with the state boards’s decisions about pharmacy practice, access to contraception, and licensing. I miss my friends and the many wonderful things about the culture. Sadly, I feel there is a fundamental systems problem and also short-sightedness in regard to medicine/health/healing.

  4. The attack on Dr. Wright sickens me. I for one, have been helped tremendously by this clinic with its wonderful, compassionate practitioners. I will stand behind Dr. Wright and hope that ANH will publicize his trial dates, so that we can (hopefully) show up in numbers. Sadly, it does not surprise me the atrocities that MQAC has committed. The medical industry is rooted in money and if less costly and frequently more effective alternative means are presented, there is great resistance to their greedy enterprises.
    We love you Dr. Wright! You did NOT do anything wrong! Stand strong and rally the support from the multitudes of people you have helped over the years!
    Beverly Briggs

  5. This is the WA DOH standard and has been for decades. WA is not progressive, especially in Olympia, and you should really stop saying it is.
    These hearings are underadministrative law. The mantra is that the state can do no wrong. Yet Mary Selecky has sat idly by as Secretary of Health and allowed this practice to continue, just as her predecessors, and most likely her successor appointed by Jay Inslee.
    The legislature fails to stop it, bureaucrats destroy records, make of false reports, and innocent people are harmed.
    They call this racketeering in most ofther places.

  6. If this agency has “deep pockets” then it can afford to pay for damages, including punitive damages for the tortious interference with a respectable business. Hopefully, this case will go to a jury where the citizens of Washington can send a strong and unmistakable message that such blatant abuse of government authority and professional bigotry will not be tolerated.

  7. You are right, the medical board has committed a criminal act And no less then a civil Rico Offense. Every member of the medical board should Investigated. I suggest that office personnel and especially recently terminated or retired personnel The nicely interrogated for any things that they found distasteful or suspicious. Concerning Dr. Wright’s case.
    Dr. Wright should start to keep track of any costs in this matter as a successful
    Rico case provides for attorneys fees treble damages.
    Good luck just some suggestions sitting here thinking about reading about another
    Thank you

  8. Dr. Wright is a champion of natural medicine. He has developed innovative and successful natural therapies utilizing food, supplements, and lifestyle changes for a host of maladies that conventional medicine cannot cure. Dr. Wright followed the statute that governs the practice of an out-of-state doctor whose license is pending.to the letter. Leave Dr. Wright alone so he can go on being a good doctor.

  9. This sounds like the 500 conservatives and organizations the IRS unfairly harassed.

  10. The Washington State Medical Board are the ones who should be penalized: like losing their license and their American citizenship! There’s a place for these criminals! One day they’ll stand before Almighty God, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, to give an account! Then there will literally be “h to pay”! Bunch of liars, con-men, crooks, and wackos! They’re nothing but stooges and fools working for the New World Order who wants to shut down everything that’s not in line with their eugenics agenda by which they seek total extermination of us all!
    Visit: http://www.infowars.com and http://www.naturalnews.com and http://www.mercola.com

  11. Have your lips curled in disdain at the transparent trashing of my/your rights ? .. because I am you .. an ordinary consumer of medical services ..
    These cheap jack practices by a supposedly official body make me all the more determined to avoid these people and their ilk at all costs .. For a trade union to engage in such underhand trade protection tactics, is a clear demonstration of something not very nice .. sick people ministering to the sick.
    I shall spread the word never fear .. its all in plain view .. its no wonder that we as a people are sick our children have never ever been so ill .. our elderly have never ever had to stand such a medical flaying before dying .. they are a total and utter disgrace.
    When the truth outs .. which it will .. then I shall be calling for the answer to all ills .. the hempen rope.

  12. The men and or women on the Washington Board are either stupid…or criminals..
    they .probably are or were taking bribes and or money….under the table…to avenge one or more persons in the medical field who have an ax to grind against Dr Wright.
    it is quite obvious to me based on my long history as an administrative law judge in the state of California.
    I am quite familiar with this case, and the facts, charges and allegations…….and watched as it developed….and have a prior history and personal experience with Dr Wright having helped my doctor Kwiker in CA……….. to save my life when I had repeated and chronic pneumonia, due to a run down immune system and hormonal defects that dr. Wright’s lab diagnosed through various lab tests..
    I am hopeful that the court case and appeal will bring out and adjudicate the facts, …..righteously……and not only absolve Dr. Wright of all charges….but also enlighten the citizens of Washington State of what criminal behavior their Board is capable of, and strive to remove them from their positions. This would be so they do no further harm to any more innocent persons within their state, and hopefully penalize them sufficiently………. so they do not continue to “ride
    roughshod ” over the innocent……….. and contrive and plot to secretly entrap innocent victims….which …….in my opinion….they deserve to be criminally prosecuted.

  13. This is blatant. Whose tail is wagging the dog. Why did the other doctors who knew this guy flunked not tell Dr. Wright. Why did the Medical Board leave him out to dry and then blamed him when the directors knew the truth all along. I pray that a doctor in WA is not needed. I am cringing to think checking around can get me so screwed it did as Dr.Wright and his patients

  14. Sounds like the evil of BigPharma at play here. We can’t have people getting real healthcare in this country, that’s insane, not while so many profits are at stack. That’s the real truth of the matter.

  15. The butt covering aspect of the MQAC is troubling. Sounds like all parties could embrace a bit more due diligence. Anything more than a slap on the wrist in this case is disproportionate to the infraction and smacks of vendetta.

  16. This 96 -1/2 year old guy can only afford a pittance but it is the principal of the matter! The State of Washington now has another blemish to resolve. Please!

  17. Dr. Wright’s nutritional solutions saved me from going into preeclampsia while I was pregnant with my first child (27 years ago). This man should be revered for his innovative medical cures that do not require prescription drugs instead of tormenting him! Washington State is supposed to be progressive in this area!

  18. My family has used the information in Dr. Wright’s books for many years. He should be revered for all his knowledge and the help he has given people over the years. Support Doctor Wright.

  19. I remember how the foul MQAC attacked Dr. Leo Bolles in the 1990s, and it has been persecuting Dr. Wright for a long time. These monsters staged a SWAT-type raid on the Tahoma Clinic years ago. WA state is an example of what happens to personal liberty in a progressive nirvana.

  20. This issue is really one of integrity; Dr. Wright has always had it, while the members of the MQAC are still believing that THEY are the reason that the allopathic side of their profession has any at all. NOTHING could be further from the truth.
    The truth is that licensure has been a double edged sword from the beginning, and while many people have labored under the belief that it helped to guaranty some measure of industry quality, what it did do was make money a deciding factor. Dishonest, disreputable, and incompetent people have hidden behind it for well over 100 years and rather than help to educate the population on what aspects of the health care profession might better serve a patient’s needs, these self-styled “do-gooders” justify the cost of their six to eight years of often wasted training by frequently denying those with holistic offerings a chance to practice.
    Unfortunately, there are charlatans in every profession, and the practice of medicine evolves with our understanding of it, not the income it produces. And these charlatans are, sad to say, still comfortably able to practice under the invisible cloak of licensure.
    What is worse, a licensed MD who is so concerned with his tee-off time at the club that he writes the wrong prescription, or an unlicensed practitioner who does something harmful out of ignorance? The way the system is currently set up, the MD is allowed to err and then blame it on the idiosyncrasy of the patient’s physiology, while if the allopaths get wind of that error, they institute a witch hunt and pillory some poor bastard whose practice they fail to understand.
    This doesn’t imply that NDs are out of the woods either, since many of them are forced to conform to some level of AMA accommodation in order to be “accepted” by the various state legislatures.
    The sad part about today’s medicine is that patients have been turned into guinea pigs and attempts by holistically oriented professionals are met with disdain by those who always try to convince others that they have all the answers.

  21. Why are our western medical physicians so detirmined to remove all helpful alternative physicians from our misst. At this stage of the game, the only physician I will trust with my health IS an integrative physician. Please stop persecuting what you have not bothered to study!!!!

  22. The people in Reno Nv. remember the same harassment given to another M.D. –I knew as an R.N. and was involved with many of his patients–heard him called a “quack” by some of the Dr.s that I worked with–I was present when I was helping this Physician move his offices and remember this same group come in late after the offices were closed to request the treatments that they complained–byw–the tx worked–this sounds like the same petty uninformed and hypocrital bunch–how many of them sneak in when no one is looking–this man is a treasure in the profession and we would all lose if this continued.I really think the interapatation of the “rules ” are read as they wish–not as they should be–aRetired R.N. that spent over 50 years working –and if I were to become in need of a Dr. I would like him to be there.

  23. it is utterly shameful that the organization would take such action, on what seems like an embarrassment on their part, but don’t want to take control of the situation themselves. To charge the Dr. with these trumped up charges, since especially since he can back up all the events with documentation of his actions. How silly they are who won’t take responsibility for their own failings.

  24. Since this is the United States of America, this rogue agency should clean up its act before it lose its shirt. Alternative medicine is alive and well, and rapidly growing in popular use nationwide, – for very good reason! Dr. Wright is a fine, principled doctor who practices effective, humane, non-lethal medicine. He deserves to be exonerated of these ridiculous charges,

  25. How appropriate that the medical board is referred to as M Quack. Good luck, Doc. You’ll beat these tyrants.

    1. M Quack! Perfect! Before the ama (lover case on purpose…) came into being, those docs were actual quacks and were known as such but there were so many of the money dogs around selling nostrums to the unsuspecting public that they bunched up and formed the ama. Now they continue practicing their medical dogma as professional …quacks. If it walks like a duck….

  26. We need more Dr. Wright’s and I ‘m proud of his effort to bring true cures to those in need without chemicals and toxins sold by FDA. Being a Dayton Ohio youngster I will help my friend from Xenia with a donation to his defense fund. Thanks Johnathan, keep up the fight. George


  28. I am a bit confused as to why you are asking for more money for Dr. Wright, since the website clearly states that the amount raised is above the total desired. I fully believe that Dr. Wright needs to be defended. If he truly needs more than 26,000 dollars, please update the goal amount. Thank you.

    1. I contacted Tahoma Clinic and learned that the legal fees for all the “administrative hearings”
      were almost $200,000. The anticipated legal fees for appeals to the Superior Court and so on
      will add considerably more.
      I plan to send a small amount that fits my budget; I encourage you to do the same.
      sam adams

  29. I no longer live in Wa., but did for twenty years, and I remember Dr. Wright’s practice coming under attack during that time. It’s almost as if he’s being singled out, targeted. What could possibly be the reason for this?

    1. Greed. Big pharma does not like alternative medicine. My 96 yr old Mom has lived with cancer for over 10 years. She refused conventional treatments and chose acupuncture and chinese medicine. She has no pain and the quality of her life is awesome. I hate it when the government pretends to protect us from ourselves.

  30. The Washington State medical board is just another bunch of A.M.A. brainwashed conventional doctors who in my personal opinion should be sued themselves for their malpractices and their death causing polocies. They got deeply involved in Naturopathic doctors ahd Bastir Naturopathic College., and giving Naturopaths the ability to write prescriptions for anti-biotics, etc. What the hell does synthetic drugs and anti-biotics got to do with natural medicine? This was another method of control over natural medicine. And the insult of this latest attack on a medical doctor that dares to have a different view than the status quo. Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. should be a model for these M.D.’s I call Money Dogs. But they choose to ridicule and disrespect this exceptional doctor because he is upsetting their apple cart. The people of Washington should be in an uproar over this harassment and unnecessary mistreatment of a fine physician in their state. Wake up Washington state and make your voices heard and back Dr. Wright.

    1. I must say that it is refreshing to hear a true, negative opinion from a practicing medical professional,, about a “professional medical” group. Most physicians will not say anything negative about another, no matter how obvious their shortcomings may be. Doctors like Dr. Wright, who truly care about curing/correcting health issues instead of just throwing pharmaceuticals at it, are usually targeted by the mainstream medical community. Dr. Wright, do not let these cretins get you down! There are thousands of Americans who support your approach to “medicine” Unfortunately, there are many thousands more who NEED a physician like you and do not have access to one. Please continue to be a light in the darkness for the patients who live in this so-called “enlightened age”

  31. This is so laughable it is tragic. This commission is obviously owned, controlled and managed by big pharma, the AMA, the health industry, and medical suppliers of all types. They are morally bankrupt predators who have sold their souls with little care that it is also their offspring who will be collateral damage caused by a run-a-muck medical juggernaut. They are first cousins of the FDA, the CDC and other Federal Regulatory agencies in service to the corporate criminals raping people throughout the world both economically and medically.

  32. I’ve been an admirer of Dr. Wright’s for years – he’s undergoing the same kind of persecution that haunted Dr. Burzynski in Texas. He needs to sue these people and get them off his back once and for all. I have contributed to his legal defense fund. I hope others will do the same.

  33. Why did Dr Wright hire a doc that had a revoked license? Ignorance of the law is no defense.

  34. It’s not so much about ideological differences as it is about economics. Whenever a local CAM practitioner is successful that means that the local MDs are “losing” patients to him/her. They won’t tolerate that. I’ve seen that happen in many places around the country. Surprising the state of WA is so anti-natural health, considering it’s the home of Bastyr College and so many other natural health innovators. As someone once said, if you follow the money you’ll find out who’s behind it.

  35. The best for JW. The AMA and Big Pharma and FDA are so corrupt they are out there to discredit
    those that give their lives to save and heal.
    The agencies above are Medical Mafia trying to destroy true those that really care.
    God Bless Johnathan Wright.

  36. This is so unfortunate that something like this is happening in Washington State. I feel lots of gratitude for Dr Wright and his work. We as a collective ‘peace-loving citizens’ – have we made ourselves irrelevant by our silence? – Then I wonder whether it is a surprise that the agencies indulge themselves in such activities. If by any chance, they want to make Dr Wright an example by intimidating him and others, what can we do to ensure that it does not happen again?

  37. Let’s review: How many patients were harmed or killed as a result of Dr. Wright’s actions in this matter?? And how many patients died in Washington of truly negligent medical care while MQAC was spending so much time and resources on this non-problem?? Never mind that Dr. Wright has been (and clearly continues to be) on MQAC’s hit list – MQAC’s actions here were (and are) a gross waste of taxpayer money and state resources. There are some truly bad doctors out there whose practice of medicine puts people in real danger, or worse. MQAC board members need to get their collective heads out of their a**es, get off Jonathan Wright’s back and DO THE JOB they are paid so generously by the taxpayers to perform. SHEESH; what a waste!!

    1. This is due to the fact that the Dr.’s that push drugs for the big drug companies get to do what they want while Dr.’s that try to help the sick find Real Cures are on the hit list. Can’t have anyone stop taking drugs now can we?

    2. I can answer the question, how many patients died in Washington State of truly negligent medical care? Estimates for the country as a whole, deaths due to medical error, are larger than 150,000 per year. For one average state out of 50, that would be 3,000 per year.
      Medical error includes prescription of a treatment that turns out to be fatal, such as a drug overdose. However it also includes failure to prescribe an effective treatment when one is available, whether due to mistreatment or usually misdiagnosis of the disease, so that the patient needlessly dies of the original disease.
      If Dr. Wright has patients who die due to lack of an available effective drug treatment that he did not tell them about (prescribing an ineffective natural remedy instead), then that would be a medical error on his part. I do not know of any such case, and it seems like AMA should be charging him on that count if they knew of any such case. So my first guess on that question would be that Dr. Wright has at least as good a record as other physicians, and better than many.
      There are some patients who have a known fatal disease that has no effective natural or drug treatment. If such patient wants to die under Dr. Wright’s care instead of another, that is clearly not a problem that anyone should be concerned about. I assume that some of Dr. Wright’s patients die, but that does not by itself indicate poor care on his part; we are all going to die regardless of medical care and probably within the next 100 years or some of us much sooner than that. The question is not will we die, it is how will we live until then, and I believe Dr. Wright makes great and often successful efforts to improve that status.

  38. I am a chiropractor, an osteopathic physician and have a allopathic specialty. Dr Wright is pretty darned awesome. However, he was pretty darned to not check on credentials of any new hire. That is day-one common sense. Especially if you are on the board’s radar… it’s smarter to keep your practices squeaky clean.
    I strongly recommend that readers contact their state legislators about the Board. You will be surprised; there is often a real person in Olympia who is on your side. That is why you elected your representative.

  39. When I have a health question, I always turn to Dr Wright. He is one of the best doctors in the world and he gives his time every Saturday on the radio show. How incredible we are alive in this life time and we can glean his wisdom, see him in person and ask our personal questions about ourselves and loved ones.
    Every time I read a book written by the greatest known doctors on every one’s lips, they always seem to be missing a few things that I have learned from Dr. Wright.
    So many doctors tell everyone what supplements to take, but how many tell you how you make sure you are absorbing them.
    I learned all about stomach acid and digestive enzymes from his book ”Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You” . I told Dr. Wright it was the most important book I have ever read in my life, and I meant it. Stomach acid is the key to our immune system, fighting infection and without it, you set yourself up for malnutrition.
    I could go on and on. I trust the quality of his products and his advice and I just want to say that this is not just his problem, it is all of ours that are interested in keeping our freedom and having the choice to buy our supplements and choose our alternative health care.
    I just now heard about this issue which tells me not enough people are talking about it.
    Dr. Wright, I hope you make every first hour of your radio show or more regarding this issue and let this issue go viral and let it be as powerful as when you were raided for B-12 shots and they had to create a new fax line for the complaints.
    Just look back a few decades, perhaps the health care of our parents. Both of my parents died in their fifties, partly because of alcoholism, partly because of prescription drugs, shock treatments, a hysterectomy that might not have been needed. They did not stand a chance for longevity because of the limited medical knowledge.
    I see an incredible life ahead of me, ageless and wise and hopeful and I owe so much of the credit for this belief partly because of the knowledge I have learned from Dr. Wright.
    God Bless you and your family during this time,
    Janet Thome

  40. Six months after my Dad passed away, we found that that, at the time we asked this doctor about the drug risks, the hospital pharmacist had warned the doctor that my Dad had a risk of anaphylaxis from this drug. Without any emergency, the doctor went ahead and ordered my Dad to be monitored and to stop Diamox if anaphylaxis occurred. But he never informed us the warning and his plan to monitor my Dad, even though I held my Dad’s medical POA and stayed with him 24/7 at the hospital.
    Later we also learned that medical literature has widely warned against the use of Diamox on patients with severe COPD and metabolic acidosis is a well-known side effect of the drug because it can worsen CO2 retention and respiratory failure, which side effects can be detrimental for COPD patients with respiratory acidosis. For these reasons this off-label use of the drug as a respiratory stimulant is contraindicative and no longer recommended for severe COPD patients. The treating physician, who failed his board examination twice in pulmonology, claimed that there are no negative effects of Diamox on severe COPD patients and he admitted that he never kept updated himself with drug information. When MQAC investigated him, he provided many self-serving, false information to the state. Yet, MQAC never verified his false statements with medical records; they took everything he said as truth.
    I have no doubt that MQAC is protecting its own school boys, not the public and their safety. MQAC plays double standards, they are arbitrary, and they make their own rules as they go. They attack natural-path practitioners and at the same time protect their own kinds.
    You can read about more on how MQAC protects that negligent doctor who in no doubt committed unprofessional conduct, exposed my elderly, vulnerable father to unreasonable risks of harms, and was responsible to his death:

  41. I do not know much about Dr. Wright and I also know that integrative MD’s are certainly harassed. One of the topics mentioned above in the letter does not make sense to me, though. It says,
    “Why did MQAC change direction like this? We can only guess. But one possibility is that it recognized its own culpability in leaving the doctor’s name on its license pending list, when it knew that the doctor had lost his license in another state and therefore could not be licensed in Washington. So it just adopted another, completely spurious charge….And why, by the way, did MQAC leave the doctor on its license pending list and not tell Dr. Wright what it knew?”
    It seems to me that it is Dr. Wright’s responsibility to check whether this unlicensed provider he hired had his or her license revoked in another state. And, whether this unlicensed provider could or could not be licensed in the State of Washington. Having a license pending does not mean this individual’s license would be approved. Why didn’t Dr. Wright check into this further and NOT trust the MQAC web site’s information? Why should the MQAC contact Dr. Wright and tell him this information?

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