Washington State Medical Board Endangers Public Health and Safety

Tahoma clinicWorse, it continues its decades-long vendetta against medical giant Jonathan Wright, MD. Action Alert for Washington State residents!

Any list of the greatest integrative physicians of America would include Dr. Wright. He is a pioneer who has developed innovative and successful natural therapies utilizing food, supplements, and lifestyle changes for a host of maladies that conventional medicine cannot cure. His style of medicine represents our future.

The Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC—yes, that would be pronounced M-Quack) does not like this. It has attacked and harassed Dr. Wright at every opportunity, often with trivial charges. The latest charge is far from trivial. And it represents a case of where the Commission is blaming Dr. Wright for a mistake that was actually made by the Commission.

MQAC has now scheduled a three-day hearing March 18–20. This famous doctor’s license to practice medicine in Washington state will be at stake. Here are the facts.

A medical doctor joined Wright’s Tahoma Clinic in September 2007. Prior to his seeing patients, Tahoma Clinic employees checked the MQAC website, which listed the MD’s Washington State medical license as “pending.” An attorney for Tahoma Clinic had informed Dr. Wright that it is legal for a medical doctor with a pending license in Washington State to work with patients if he (or she) is supervised by another physician licensed in Washington.

Dr. Wright supervised him very closely, reviewing every one of his patient visits from September 2007 through January 2008. After that, Dr. Wright met with the MD once a week, and weekly reviews of patient records continued until the MD left Tahoma Clinic (and the state of Washington) in April of 2009.

Tahoma Clinic employees continued to check the MQAC website every month while the MD was at Tahoma Clinic, and for the entire time, his medical license was listed as “pending.” Despite supervised practice being completely legal, the MQAC has now charged Dr. Wright with “aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine”—claiming that this somehow endangered the health and safety of the citizens of Washington.

Legal proceedings followed. During the deposition of an MQAC official by Dr. Wright’s attorney, the official admitted that one department at MQAC actually knew from the very start of Washington State’s licensing process that this MD’s medical license (outside of Washington State) had been revoked—but this information was never posted on MQAC’s website for Tahoma Clinic employees or the public to see. MQAC’s website continually listed the MD’s license status as “pending” the entire time he was in Washington State.

Had MQAC at any time informed Dr. Wright of what its own official admitted MQAC knew all along—that this MD’s medical license had been revoked in another state—Tahoma Clinic and Dr. Wright would have stopped the MD from seeing patients immediately. But MQAC did not inform anyone, either directly or by changing the website information available to the public—for the entire time the MD was in Washington State. It continued to say that the MD’s Washington license was “pending.”

It is not known whether the withholding of this important information was the result of error or was done deliberately. However, if there was indeed any endangerment of the health and safety of the citizens of Washington State, it was the action (or inaction) of MQAC itself that caused that endangerment.

Some suspect that this key information was deliberately withheld to entrap Dr. Wright, pointing to MQAC’s decades-long pattern of harassment of him and other integrative physicians in the state. There was no patient complaint or allegation of harm against the MD in this MQAC investigation, just as there was no patient complaint or allegation of harm in the prior two MQAC investigations of Dr. Wright and Tahoma Clinic:

  • In 2007, MQAC sent a letter to Dr. Wright telling him they were investigating the Tahoma Clinic telephone system, alleging that “all incoming calls go to voice mail” with “the potential of harm to the patients.” Although Dr. Wright and Tahoma Clinic wondered how it would be possible to stay in business at all if “all incoming calls go to voice mail,” they were forced to go through the process of defending their telephone system. Two years and $35,000 in attorney fees later, the investigation was dropped—with no changes at all to the telephone system.
  • In 2006, MQAC sent a letter to Dr. Wright alleging that a number of procedures described on the Tahoma Clinic website were “inefficacious.” Procedures described on the website included chelation therapy (which has been studied by the National Institutes of Health with generally positive results), colon hydrotherapy, intravenous ozone, and non-invasive sensitivity screening. Legal proceedings ensued; more than $20,000 in legal fees later, the investigation was settled, and descriptions of these procedures were removed from the Tahoma Clinic website. It was later discovered that the entire investigation was based on a single email communication to MQAC by an MD member of “Quackwatch,” who posts on her website that she blogs about “quackery, healthfraud [sic]…and other forms of so-called ‘Alternative’ Medicine.”

These last two investigations of Dr. Wright pale beside what happened in 2006 to Dr. Geoffrey Ames of Richland, Washington, another respected practitioner of integrative medicine. He saw a patient who had a positive antibody test (IgG4 RAST) for egg white and egg yolk. Dr. Ames explained treatment options for this problem, including not eating eggs at all, and desensitization to eggs. To achieve desensitization, Dr. Ames sometimes used a combination of kinesiology and EAV (a non-invasive electronic device), which he recommended to be used for this patient. Although no treatment was actually given, and no harm at all was done, the patient subsequently wrote a letter to MQAC complaining about the EAV device.

MQAC charged Dr. Ames with “moral turpitude” (yes, the same charge used against sex offenders and child molesters), violations of interstate commerce (which is a federal, not a state responsibility) and intrastate commerce, and unprofessional conduct for using a device which the Commission alleged was simultaneously “ineffectual” and capable of causing harm to the patient! (No one has ever been hurt by an EAV device; many people, but of course not all, have been helped by the information it yields.)

Although the charge of “moral turpitude” (which of course was made public) and violations of interstate and intrastate commerce were later dropped, and no patient was harmed in any way, the Commission suspended Dr. Ames’s license for five years! In a perfectly transparent attempt to force Dr. Ames to practice “conventional” medicine (against both his conscience and the best interests of his patients), MQAC stayed the suspension on several conditions: that he meet with the Commission and submit to interrogation every six months at a location over 200 miles away, and that he send in chart notes from ten allergy patients every three months along with a signed affidavit that he is not using his EAV machine.

For comparison, let’s take a look at the penalties handed out by the Commission to “mainstream” physicians involved in actual cases of injury to a patient, or even death. Except for the text in brackets, the two examples below are verbatim from the Washington State Auditor’s report:


[MD #1] failed to appropriately treat a sickle cell crisis in Patient A. Patient A suffered significant, permanent neurologic injury.

Sanction Imposed [by MQAC]

  • Submit paper of no less than 1,000 words, with references, regarding current recommendations for prevention and treatment of stroke in pediatric sickle cell patients.
  • Reimburse costs to the Commission in the amount of $1000 within 90 days.

[Auditor’s] Comments

Per the sanction guidelines for practice below the standard with significant patient injury, the range is suspension for 5 years to indefinite suspension or permanent revocation.


[MD #2] performed a laparoscopic oophorectomy [ovary removed through a small incision in the abdomen] on Patient A. [MD #2]’s laparoscopic procedure resulted in perforation of the small bowel. This is a rare but recognized complication of this procedure. [MD #2] was not aware of the complication at the time of discharge. [MD #2]’s system of follow up contact with the patient during the first post-operative hours was insufficient to learn of the patient’s signs of distress in time to effect life-saving repair surgery.

Sanction Imposed

  • Respondent shall submit a paper of no less than 1000 words within 90 days on trochar [a surgical implement] injuries related to endoscopic procedures and response systems for bowel, ureteral, or bladder injury.
  • Within 90 days, submit a policy regarding postoperative follow-up on outpatient surgery patients, and a plan for, or description of, the implementation of this policy.
  • Pay $1000 for the administrative costs incurred in this case.

[Auditor’s] Comments

Sanction does not appear to be appropriate because per sanction guidelines, the sanction range for practice below standard with patient harm is probation or suspension for 2 years to suspension for 7 years to revocation.

We have written before about the problems at state medical boards that range from incompetence to bias to attempts to enforce monopoly medicine to outright corruption. For example, see our reports on the much-investigated Texas Medical Board. You would think that Washington State would be a place that would be accepting of integrative medicine, with its emphasis on diet, supplements, and lifestyle, as a supplement to conventional drugs and surgery. But think again. The Commission’s decades-long vendetta against a giant of contemporary medicine is a black mark against the state.

MQAC should be ashamed of itself for mindlessly attacking Dr. Wright on ridiculous grounds, for blaming him for its own mistakes, and for an arrogant refusal to follow its own rules. It took a lawsuit to start to turn the Texas Medical Board around, and it will probably require a lawsuit against MQAC to get its attention. ANH-USA has begun consulting with our legal counsel.

Meanwhile, if you are a Washington resident, you can help. Action Alert! Please contact your governor and your legislators about MQAC blaming—and threatening Dr. Wright with penalties—for a problem MQAC itself created! You can in addition call 1-800-562-6000; your call will be routed to your state senator and your two state representatives. The MQAC hearing begins on March 18, so please send your message today!

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  1. I personally find that traditional medical doctors often do more harm than good with the pharmaceutical industry in cahoots. Hope there will ultimately justice for MD like Dr. Wright.

    1. I have been a patient at Tahoma Clinic for several years and have always gotten “top notch” care, had all my questions answeredi in a timely manner and ALWAYS had access to numerous articles about my medical conditions. Dr. Wright is an M.D. and also practices alternative treatments which benefits all of his patients that I had conversation with. Dr. Wright is “the best” when it comes to diagnosing hard
      medical cases always with good outcomes and grateful patients.
      Stop trying to put this good doc. out of business just because he follows alternative medical practices without filling us full of RX’s that most times don’t help and have MANY BAD side effects
      I trust him and the doc’s he has working with him to keep looking out for the best interests of his patients, so “llay off” prosecuting a very well informed doc. We are very lucky to have such a caring group of Doc’s available to serve our state of Washington.
      Stop wasting taxpayers money on these frivilous lawsuits and spend it on things that will help all Washingtonians for a better life.
      Maureen Buss

  2. Dr Wright I would like to offer you to do a radio interview any Saturday to talk about what is happening in the medical arena and to express the outrage of you legal battle. You can call my office at 915-833-0222 to schedule the interview. Check out the show on http://www.naturalsolutionsradio.com. It has been on 17 years on a clear channel station KTSM 690 am every Saturday from 8:00 to 10:000 am. It plays to west Texas, New Mexico and North Mexico and streams live all over the world. Also all shows are archived and are available free of charge to the public.

  3. I am not a resident of Washington state so the governor, or any legislator of the state, probably could care less about what I have to say. However I have been a subscriber to Dr. Wright’s newsletters for years and have found them to be very helpful and informative. I find the harrassing of Dr. Wright (no relation) for something not his fault, but an error on the part of another entitiy, to be totally unconscionable. He is a reputable physician who has helped many people and for an organization to make unfounded accusations about hiim is reprehensible. Carol J. Wright

    1. Carol J. Wright: I am also not a Washington state resident but I am just for this! I felt compelled to make up a false identity just for this because I refuse to stand idly by while stupid and ignorance prevail. I wanted to help bombard the nitwits and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like not being a resident stand in the way of taking action. Like the others said, this is happening all over the country. I reside in probably one of the most ignorant mainstream medical states and where most people are asleep and have given their power over to their drug pushing doctors.
      I just went in to see an allopathic (aka nitwit drug pusher, tow-the-line, non-thinking …) doctor the other day just to get a baseline blood test slip and ended up using Life Extension’s blood test. I’ve also made the switch to the state’s only Holistic/Integrative N.D. but was trying to save money by having the new allopathic doctor give me the blood test. Needless to say, it was a very bad idea; I’ve learned my lesson.

  4. There has been a similar outrage against Dr. John M. Gambee of Junction City, OR, (formerly of Eugene, OR) who is also an integrative MD. Long story short, he has been shut down by the Oregon State Health Board for practicing “non-allopathic” medicine. He is awaiting the reults of his trial to see if he will ever be allowed to practice again. Could the wonderful people at ANH-USA please investigate this story and see if there’s anything they can do to help Dr. Gambee?
    Thank you ~
    Kristi Cooke, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

  5. Dr. Wright is an authentic genius who should be treated with honor and respect.

  6. It’s maddening that this state, which has such a vibrant integrative/natural medicine community, should tolerate the renegade MQAC. I well recall its continual assault on the Tahoma Clinic and on Dr. Leo Bolles in Bellevue. Yes, sirree, “the land of the free…”.

  7. I am following what the Commission is doing to Integrative Drs in Washington State with great interest. I’m following the same pattern in a number of states where all I have seen thus far is harassment and excessive monetary punishment. You people need to wake up to what will be occurring in the near future and learn from these great minds trying to benefit the Alternative and Health Conscious Citizens who have not found healthy answers through your chemical methods. The 21st Century Findings will lead us away from your hands anyway. You are not Gods, but you will face Him someday with great humility at your wrongdoing.

  8. I am an R.N.with many years of experance-am in good standing in my profession and have worked with several Drs–M.D.s that have practiced this medicine–I was raised by a father that was a Dr. so I know what I am talking about–I came from Gonzaga/Sacred Heart Hospital–very traditional–I have been familier with Dr Wright by reputation for years-and have taken people to him that were helped whwn the usual treatments were not doing well.In my past I was working wirh another Dr. in Reno.Nv.–he was not my employer –just shared office space–he was doing chelation–and I could go on to tell of the remarkable things I saw–the other Drs were very critical–but after their offices closed they would come to him to get the chelation set -up to take home to use it–that is only one thing that I could go on about–these days many people don’t trust the pharmacys or the many other things done–so stop the witch hunt for the good of all of us .

  9. Th arrogance of the MQAC and their self-rightious attacks illustrates ineffectiveness at protecting Washington state pateints while the “bigger” fish are allow to get away with greater violations. In the medical world of Washington state (from direct experience), it’s not what you know but who you know is how you “get away with it!”

  10. I probably would not be alive today (i’m 74) if it were not for the kind input and assistance That Dr. Wright gave my doctor, Michael Kwiker, Of Sacramento, CA.when I was age 37.
    my Doctor Kwiker resolved some serious problems with me having chronic pneumonia…. by using input from his colleague : Dr Wright… and also using the Meridian Lab in WA. state, to elucidate some of my ongoing serious metabolic irregularities and abnormalities.
    I was BLESSED to have Dr Wright’s inputs and opinions, since I was age 37, and my mother died at age 37, and my brother died at age 37, and many cousins in their twenties or earlier, seemingly from possible genetic problems? and I was literally so sick from continuing lung infections, I was literally on “deaths door” at age 37, when I went in desperation to Dr. Kwiker.
    Your medical board members should be ashamed of them selves!!!
    They are obviously getting paid “under the table” by some influential wealthy persons or perhaps drug corporations to try to make a vendetta against him!!!
    What about all the thousands of patients that he has helped?????
    Don’t they count?????
    the board is sure making a fool of themselves….. in the eyes of the world…… who see what they are attempting to do to Dr. Wright!!!!
    They cant sweep this cynical bad behavior of the Board under the rug ….now that so many folks know of Dr Wrights fantastic medical “track record”, thanks to his fame through the internet …..and patient “by-the-mouth-personal-referrals, made by many patients, with terrible problems who were helped by Dr. Wright, ……happy satisfied patients from many countries from all over the world, as well as different states in the USA

  11. So sorry to hear about this continued and quite believable harrassment by the continuing inquisition in the medical hierarchy that is now in power. Sometimes I feel so discouraged hearing these things that it is hard to carry on. but I feel that the strength to do so comes from a higher power. I hope that the underlying issues will be resolved as this is the only way we will have peace in these matters. For the present time, each individual should be allowed to decide their own medical treatment as long as providers disclose their credentials and training. How long would many doctor’s last if they had to provide an ongoing and complete list of all their patients with their causes of death, complications from drugs they were given and the fact that they were never cured and eventually suffered more disease as a result of the the treatments and drugs that they were given.? It is time that all people were given a thorough education regarding the true state of our medical services that are considered “acceptable” and approved care.

  12. Having relied on Dr. Wright since 1980, perhaps he needs to leave this mentally disturbed liberal state and move to where he would be appreciated for actually HEALING people. He is a valuable asset to the medical profession and has encouraged health consultants (such as myself) and many doctors to move into more orthomolecular and supplement care with our clients and getting great results. Because of this, I have become an acupuncturist as well so that truly modern medicine can be practiced instead of the old AMA garbage which maims, kills, and in general does little good in the healing arts.

    I probably would not be alive today (i’m 74) if it were not for the kind input and assistance That Dr. Wright gave my NEW doctor, Michael Kwiker, Of Sacramento, CA.when I was age 37.
    My Doctor Kwiker resolved some LIFE-THREATENING serious problems with me having chronic pneumonia…. by using input from his colleague : Dr Wright… and also using the Meridian Lab in WA. state, to elucidate some of my ongoing serious metabolic irregularities and abnormalities.
    I and my new doctor were BLESSED to have Dr Wright’s inputs and opinions. MY LOCAL DOCTOR IN REDDING,CA. WAS UNABLE TO PULL ME OUT OF chronic pneumonia…… ,and SINCE my mother died at age 37, and my brother died at age 37, and many cousins in their twenties or earlier, seemingly from possible genetic problems? and I was literally so sick from continuing lung infections, I was literally on “deaths door” at age 37, when it was suggested that I try an integrative wholistic doctor, so I went in desperation to Dr. Kwiker, IN SACRAMENTO,CA.,
    .And he called on Dr Wright to help him evaluate and assess my COMPLICATED medical problems.
    Washington medical board members should be ashamed of them selves!!!
    They are obviously getting paid “under the table” by some influential wealthy persons… or… perhaps drug corporations to try to make a vendetta against him!!! ….. Or ….perhaps trying to just “SAVE FACE” for some reason ……they took it personal …..and tried to TRAP him by withholding relevant info on the new doc that dr. Wright hired, The new doc was described as “license pending “on the BOARDS OWN WEB SITE ….a site that all the EMPLOYING doctors’ offices depended on…… to inform them appropriately…. the CURRENT license status of a new prospective hire. That site continued throughout that timeframe, to show the newly hired Doctor’s license status. was “PENDING”.
    If the board doesn’t know the new docs license was REVOKED….how on earth could Dr.Wright Know it??????
    I was an administrative law judge for many years for the State of California, and It’s obvious to me with THAT EVIDENCE>>>>>that administratively-speaking, the board doesn’t have a “leg to stand on” in that regard.
    Additionally, What about all the thousands AND THOUSANDS of patients that Dr Wright has helped?????
    Don’t they count?????
    the board is sure making foosl of themselves….. in the eyes of the world…… who see what they are…

  14. last half of corrected comment:
    They can’t sweep this tyrannical bad behavior of the Board under the rug ….now that so many folks know of Dr Wrights fantastic medical “track record”, thanks to his fame OF ASTOUNDING SUCCESSES. FAME that has spread ACROSS THE WORLD…through the internet OF HELPING MANY …WHOSE OWN DOCTORS WERE NOT ABLE TO HELP, OR CURE, OR AMELIORATE THEIR PROBLEMS …..when in desperation, they went to Dr. Wright, and finally resolved their problems!!!!
    Dr Wright’s fame has been spread by patients “by-the-mouth-personal-referrals, made by many patients, who had terrible problems who were helped by Dr. Wright, ……happy satisfied patients from many countries …;.from all over the world, ……as well as different states in the USA.
    Washington state doesn’t realize how many out-of-state folks are watching what is going on there, and their underhanded TRICKS are recognized for the facetious, tricky and evil smear campaign continuously made by the Washington Medical Board….many folks are watching!!!.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was eventually discovered ….that the doctor whose license was first belatedly listed as “pending” and much later listed as:”revoked”……..(and he obviously KNEW his license had been REVOKED!!!!!!
    he had made a criminal deal to apply for the job at Dr Wrights clinic….knowing his license had already been revoked!!!!
    He must have had a SECRET deal with the board ….under-the table- to try to trap dr, Wright!!!! otherwise …why else would he even apply for the job? knowing his license had been revoked!!!!!!
    So it is the PREPONDERANCE of the evidence IS: that the criminal doctor applicant for the job, early on…made an underhanded deal with the medical board to apply for the job and have the board wrongly list the license as: “pending”…just so the board could come back later and file charges against Dr. Wright.
    Preponderance of the evidence is: that the board was complicit in criminally trying to get Dr. Wright disciplined or revoked, by tampering intentionally with the boards correct records available for the medical community to access..

  15. MQAC reminds me of the Catholic Church––excommunicating persons for being gay or getting divorced, while priests molesting children are moved from parish to parish. Bizarre!

  16. You guys are being unreasonable! I just don’t understand what purpose you are serving by punishing this doctor, who followed your listing!
    I can’t figure out what your problem is. He has done nothing wrong, but follow what is posted on your board.
    Please get your act together. Your patients in the state deserve better than this!

  17. The persecution of alternative MDs w i l l end.We need to expose all the crimes and murders that have occured over the years through allopathic medicine:800.000 people dying in the US each year from iatrogenic causes,about 250.000 from infections and bedsores in nursing homes and hospitals.WESTERN MEDICINE (introduced by the ROCKEFELLERS) is a slaughterhouse.Unless there is a CLASSACTION LAWSUIT against a l l allopathic MDs and a l l medical boards that continue to allow this MEDICAL, we won’t see results.Instead of simply d e f e n d i n g those MDs who really h e a l people – which is money and time consuming enough- we need to aggressively collect money to hire for instance http://www.emord .com for a deadly blow against the medical establshment.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.My mother just was killed in a nursing home by an allopathic MD, who treated her against her and my will with prescription drugs and junkfood.She had a curable condition , that her naturopathic MD could have easily healed.They wouldn’t let her get alternative treatment…took sis months to defigure and mutilate my beautiful mother…disconnect all her neuropathways from brain to ears and speechcenter…it was MURDER….Doctors such as Jonathan Wright are HEROES ..we will DESTRFOY WESTERN MEDICINE…their chemical arsenal belongs into the deepest pit of the earth and their practitioners in jail.

  18. I am not surprised. You know better then most what is going on with healthcare and anything related to it. Just like the FDA our government is out of control and totally dysfunctional. We are blessed to have organizations like yours to keep an eye out for this sort of stuff but alas it is up to us “the people” to act.
    Thanks for the “heads up” I’ll do my part.

  19. I made a complaint toward an MD who prescribed an antidepressant for an elderly man without an assessment or without informing him of what the medicene was for and its side affects, nor did he set up a follow up appointment. This older man went home thinking that this was a form of pain medicine for a sore tongue. Nothing was done, the MD denied giving this prescription (although we had it as proof). This could have caused this gentleman severe consequences if he had taken it…he drove, got up on ladders to fix things and he was not informed of what he was prescribed nor was a follow up appointment made. I think this is beyond malpractice, but the MQAC found nothing admiss!

  20. The actions of MQAC appear to me to be the dying gasps of a dinosaur caught in the tar pits, thrashing around at a futile attempt at survival. Alternative medicine, a misnomer if there ever was one (let’s face it, using artificial substances, i.e., drugs, surely has to be considered “alternative” when compared to using natural substances) will be the dominant modality of the future. As to the MD member of QuackWatch, I noted that she blogs anonymously, so why would anyone take her seriously? She is a coward who should be ignored, and I fear for the health and safety of her patients.

  21. I am not a resident of the state of Washington. However, attacks on a dedicated physician who actually desires
    patients to be healed, This thinking does not come from the AMA medical graduates…..I wonder if medical school gradluates actluallly take the Hypocratic Oath: first, do no harm: second, let food be thy medicine. Pharmaceutial drlugs kill people every day in amazing numbers. Who wants to take that poison?
    Those who attack physicians who believe in actuallly healing their patients should put their efforts and money into attacking the poisoned waters, poisoned air, poisoned land that grows food. Major industries that have polluted all that we rely on get by with a slap on the wrist…but no muscle to enforce their ridiculous sanctions to big business.
    I truly hope the citizens of the state of Washington take action to preserve the God given rights to have healers who actully care about their well being.

  22. MQAC is a joke. Any organization which persecutes effective medical procedures that benefit the individual should be disbanded and their leaders thrown in jail.
    Will this happen? No, and we will continue to try to live with corrupt, dangerous bureaucracies that seem to bow down to greedy drug companies, mainstream medical organizations, and no good federal watchdogs like the “FDA” , and many others…

  23. I’ve been a fan of Dr Wright’s since the late ’70’s when he began writing a column in Prevention Magazine. Someone above mentioned genius, I would agree.
    I thank ANH for this article but have one small correction. Near the end of the article you state “You would think that Washington State should be accepting of integrative medicine…as a supplement to conventional drugs and surgery.” The problem is that integrative medicine is not a supplement, it is a replacement. The medical profession is fighting for its life and its wallet. That’s it in a nutshell.

  24. Dr. Wright is the only doctor I have seen who’s made it his mission that my body act as the keeper of my good health. He has educated me on how I can pro-actively help to keep myself healthy from cancer. My energy levels have improved my hormone levels are where they should be, I eat better than I ever have and take vitamins I never knew existed. He taught me the reasons for each vitamin and why they are important to me. He has made it his mission to keep me cancer free and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him in my court. My oncologist never mentioned any need for me to look into my lifestyle to help to keep me cancer free. I left her care feeling like I was all alone and wondering when it would come back. Dr Wright makes me believe I have the power to set my own destiny by taking every precaution to keep my self heathy.
    We can not afford to lose him and the influence he has on the medical community. Doctors like Jonathan Wright are innovative and will keep us learning about what’s possible.
    Shame on those who would try and shut him down to shut him up. They do not know the beast they will awaken if they are successful.

  25. This harassment is so outlandish as to show that all the FACTS are not on the table. The MD which should be investigated is the Dr. who “knew” his “pending” status was actually a “revoked” status when he applied to Dr. Wrights Clinic and the inept MQAC who did not post the correct information online. Those two obvious wrongs do not make a right and it will be arrogance which leads to their fall. The arrogant are unable to see that given enough rope they will/can hang themselves.

  26. This is truly sad for a wonderful doctor like Dr. Wright. I have subscribed to his newsletters for years and he has helped me and many of my friends and family. He truly wants to heal people not just mask the symptoms as mainstream medicine does .MQAK take responsibility for your mistakes, don’t blame innocent well respected natural healers.

  27. I feel the same way Ingrid does. My body has done more healing using holistic methods than any prescription I’ve ever been given. Some of us prefer Dr. Wright’s methods, stop the madness.

  28. Just like Burzynski, just like so many other good health care providers, Dr. Wright is being persecuted. Bullies be gone. Let’s get sane and ENDORSE people who are helping, not whack them for inane reasons.

  29. Please read your particular state’s rules governing the “Practice of Medicine.” MDs are allowed to prescribe medications and perform surgery, but they are prohibited from practicing healthcare.
    Nurses are given the legal power to practice and prescribe healthcare.
    It is all legal language.
    Anyone is legally allowed to recommend wellness care. They are not allowed to “prescribe” specific treatments or specific dosages. MDs are restricted to only prescribing specific items and dosages. MDs “legally” can not say you should eat your vegetables without prescribing a specific vegetable at a specific dosage. Hey, made their own rules. Now, They are annoyed because we are taking responsibility for our own wellness care.
    MDs are frustrated and threaten unlicensed individuals, because non-medically trained individuals have more legal freedoms than MDs do. So, they threaten to have us jailed or worse. They have the money to fund this terrorism.
    MD terrorism under consent of the law is the true crime.

  30. I don’t understand. He advised a doctor for a year (or more) who had a pending medical license, without ever inquiring about why it was still pending? No phone calls put in to figure out what in the world was going on? Do medical license’s typically “pend” for over a year?
    Seems fishy to me.
    I’m glad they’re there to root out these fraudulent treatment methods. So many people are preyed on every day by snake oil doctors.

    1. People are free to consult whichever medical practitioner they wish. If millions of thinking people reject conventional medicine, you should conclude that they have good reasons for doing so. You advocate denying other people any choice in the matter. Give people credit for some intelligence. You yourself have neither the knowledge nor the right to dictate to others what steps they should take with their own health.

    2. Charlotte,
      I know from your comment to this issue that you do not prescribe to Dr. Wright’s website. If you did you wouldn’t call what he is doing as “snake oil” because it is plain common sense, without pharmaceutical drugs. It is about exercise, diet, using vitamins & minerals our bodies need, and about keeping a positive attitude. Sounds like you could use a good dose of all of the aforementioned.

    3. It is not at all uncommon to experience extreme delays in professional licensing in many states. It takes the states time to investigate and do their due diligence before granting a license. This does not surprise me that in Dr. Wright’s case, they would fail to inform him and his staff that the revoked doctor that he was supervising was, in fact, revoked. However, his supervision must have been more than adequate if no patients were harmed in his practice.
      I can site over and over how mainstream medicine has harmed me and my family, and in the same breath how alternative medicine has healed us from all sorts of chronic diseases. You may not want this choice for your family, but I certainly want that choice for my family. I can document and prove how pharmaceutical companies are literally running our HMO and how extremely difficult it is to reduce or eliminate drugs that are no longer necessary. So again, you may not want this choice for your family, but you would side with this MQAC and deny me the choice for my family.
      Before passing such sweeping judgments, I encourage you to do some of your own research. You may not accept Dr. Wright’s methods, but you cannot deny his results or the results of many alternative medical practitioners all accross this country. Please check it out yourself and do your own due diligence before writing off an entire effective alternative treatments using food and supplements that do not harm other systems in the body.
      I sincerely hope that Dr. Wright fights these allegations and then sues the MQAC for their negligence and his legal fees. They really need to be taught a lesson.

  31. Snake oil eh? Jonathan Wright? These don’t belong in the same paragraph. Big Pharma flexing it’s muscle here!

  32. If you think you are ‘FREE’ in this country just try doing anything without a PERMIT or LICENSE and you will find out just how free you are.
    The U.S. will soon become the ‘U.S.S.O.A.’ thanks to the ‘PROGRESSIVES’.
    In case you are wondering what U.S.S.O.A. stands for, it is UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA.
    Get used to it IT IS HAPPENING!
    The people of this country have been so DUMBED DOWN by the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS and the LIBERAL MEDIA that they can’t see the similarities around them
    Remember this “WHAT YOU PERMIT, YOU PROMOTE”!!
    Sorry if this makes anyone unhappy, but the TRUTH sometimes isn’t very pleasant!!

    1. The problem lies in big corporations and billionaires who PAY OFF our politicians and government officials through massive donations to PAC’s (that’s called corruption). To blame progressives and the so called liberal media who try to shed light on corruption shows how warped you have become by the propaganda spread by right wing news organizations and Talk Radio who are also bankrolled by the big corporations (drug companies, oil companies, etc.).
      Regarding Jonathan Wright. Maybe he should be investigated and maybe he shouldn’t. Both sides would need to be objectively examined in detail. It seems that alternative medicine should be able to exist and those that espouse it shouldn’t be slandered.

    2. I am as progressive as they come and also a supporter of Dr.Wright and many other alternative medicine practitioners. When you think of big business monopolies such as big pharma, big oil, and the military-industrial complex, their biggest supporters are conservatives. The problem here is big pharma and the AMA, both of which have huge investments in business as usual and will go to any length to protect their assets.
      I’m afraid you have been brainwashed by the ubiquitous conservative media.

  33. MQAC, It’s your fault you didn’t keep your website information up to date. Apparently you didn’t do your job in the first place, as a revoked license shouldn’t have allowed this MD doctor to have “pending status” at all. I’m real happy with Dr. Wright’s Tahoma clinic for giving me the chance to get better. My health care needs were not being met with the MD doctoring I was getting before. My serious health problems root causes. have now been found and treated. In all fairness most of the commission members are MD doctors. No ND doctors. Why?. I read one of Dr. Wrights books. he’s way sharp. It would be a huge loss to lose him. and I don’t want to go to mexico to get my medical needs met.

    1. It is my wish that Californians will take action against this atrocity. I live in Florida and the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights states that I have the right to decide if a therapy or treatment is unnecessary or dangerous. After a mild heart attack and a triple bypass, I was on more than a half dozen drugs to address my health issues. A few months later the doctor prescribed Paxil and later methotrexate for psoriatic arthritis. I started reading about alternative/nutritional approaches to my health concerns and tried to share with this doctor what I was learning. He was abusive. He asked me where did I get my medical degree. He acused me of self medicating. I went to another doctor. He was worse. He said he could not be my doctor if I refused to take the drugs. I refuse to call drugs meds. Drugs are not medicine. Drugs are toxins that cause stress on the organs and sometimes death. The second doctor later sent me a certified letter giving me 30 days to find another doctor. I went back to the first doctor and he also did the same thing. I got news for them both. I never intended to go back to either one of those bozos. To them I was a stupid old lady. That was like many years ago and I’m still here. I don’t do everything right but I don’t do a lot of what I use to that was so totally wrong. I owe that to Dr. Jonathan V Wright. I read everything he put out to learn how to take responsibility for my own health. It’s ashame but we live in a corrupted nation full of corrupted people who could not care less about the people who live here. Good luck, Dr. Wright. May God’s will be with you.

  34. I am a retired Chemical Engineer with many years of success behind me. I have been following Dr. Wright for more than thirty-five years and am convinced that he is a reliable doctor. His Nutrition and Healing magazine has many good ideas. Anyone with new ideas will be subject to attack from the Establishment.

  35. Dr Wrght’s alternative treatment should always be encouraged.
    Hope there will be justice given to MD like Dr. Wright.

  36. Dr Wright’s work includes intelligent work in view of hundreds of research articles, written by doctors and reserchers. If Dr Wright is a snake oil con man, then so are all the others, but of course they are not, many of which are operating in prestigous intitutions from all over the world.

  37. Well, it took me all of 5 minutes to verify online that the physician hired by Dr. Wright, one Roby Dean Mitchell, had his license permanently revoked by the state of Texas. If Dr. Wright cares so little about whom he hires that he couldn’t be bothered to verify this, just how much time or care does he give his patients?

  38. Mr. Greg Madision let us be forthcoming in reporting what the Texas state board of physicians revoked his license for rather than conviction by omission. He was attacked for his practice in promoting alternative medicine through diet and fitness. This treatment may not be for all illness but do not discount the recorded results of Cancer treatment using alternative medicines, or type 2 diabetes by diet and exercise for example. The standard AMA approved treatments are big “money-makers” for the enterprising medical industry because they don’t work but make “returning customers” out of patients.
    If you place you entire health and faith in the AMA, FDA, and big “Pharma” at the expense of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” that are the mainstay of our foundation in the United States Declaration of Independence you may consider revisiting your convictions. It is not the government’s legal ability to select who lives or dies, rather it is us – the governed who have final authority over our individual rights and lives.

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