Urgent Action Alert – for Indiana Residents! UPDATED

UPDATENewly added amendment language would give a Dietetics board (majority RD’s) the power to turn complaints/individuals over to the attorney general for investigation.

This new language creates the mechanism for the Dietetics board to harass and undermine unlicensed practitioners as they have been doing in other states.

In the absence of any significant, or vetted, documentation of harm to the public from non-RD practitioners, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has adopted strategy of filing complaints to convince legislators of the need for exclusionary laws. This new language creates the mechanism for the Dietetics board to harass and undermine unlicensed practitioners as they have been doing in other states

Contact your elected representatives in Indiana TODAY and let them know that the Dietetic Association—which is funded by the junk food industry—will not monopolize the nutrition profession in Indiana!

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  1. i have family in Indiana. The asininity of this proposed legislation is further proof that corporations run the govt.
    Correction, the rich suits that make all the decisions and hide behind the lie of corporate respectability, run the govt. Our various branches of govt seem to be in direct competition with each other to cause the most damage to the American working economy and we the people.
    This is just another sad case in point. There is actually a group of morons on some level of Indiana govt that want to imprison a police officer and his wife who rescued a young deer that was hit by a car, raised by them, and then freed. The DNR wants to kill the deer and put the people in jail for at least 60 days. The Attorney General there is going along because apparently, none of these people have any concept of compassion and morality.
    No govt body has the legal right to destroy our health and nutrition. You can bet it isn’t in the Indiana Constitution any more than it is (not) in the US Constitution. That makes it a right/freedom retained by the people.
    I hope the citizens of Indiana get pissed enough to slap the bejeezus out of these sycophantic fools in their govt.

    1. If it’s bad for agri-business, government does apparently believe in its right to block health and nutrition because of who they believe they represent (corporations). The worst part however, is that there seems to be no limit to what the public is capable of ignoring, at the peril of all of what we call our ‘rights’.
      Thank you for having the wherewithal, the honesty and compassion to speak of difficult subject matter. I am deeply moved by what the policeman and his wife did for the deer and so saddened by the collaboration of the DNR and attorney general to destroy this good work.
      May God bless you and the good samaritans that saved the deer.

  2. We all have to be super vigilant about these things or we are doomed. Wake up fellow Americans, we are a police state!

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