Carly and I Need Your Help!

Thousands of nutritional supplements
could be taken off the market—
but you can fight back.
Make your tax-deductible donation today!

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine—she’s my personal inspiration to protect our dietary supplements from the FDA’s New Dietary IngredientCarly_resized(NDI) guidance.

Carly Lockman is a Chicagoan, a mother-to-be, and works in the holistic nutrition field. For years, she suffered not only from hyperthyroidism, but from the endless doctor’s bills and pills that were supposed to cure her. Finally, after a punishing radiation “treatment,” Carly turned to natural health solutions: a diet of whole, organic foods; a toxin-free lifestyle; regular exercise; and nutritional supplements.

Carly is now disease-free and living life to the fullest, and is excited to share the benefits of a holistic lifestyle with her clients, her loved ones, and soon, her daughter.

But the way of life that you, Carly, and I value so highly is under attack: thousands of our nutritional supplements may soon disappear because of the FDA’s NDI guidance.

In June, the FDA revoked the first draft of its NDI guidance. This was a huge victory, and was only possible because you stood up to them with ANH-USA. Thank you! But that was one battle in what will be a long war. We now have a seat at FDA’s table representing consumers as the agency begins the revision process—though we fear the next draft could be even worse.

Your donation today, no matter how small,
will allow us to continue the fight against
the FDA’s anti-supplement bias.

ANH-USA works hard every day to protect your supplements from threats like these. We are the only consumer advocacy group in talks with the FDA over the next draft of the NDI guidance, because we are one of the few organizations that work on behalf of everyday people like you and Carly. Not Big Business, Big Pharma, or other special interests.

And we’re ready to take the fight to anyone, anywhere! As you read this, my boss and ANH-USA’s executive director, Gretchen DuBeau, is representing you in Germany at the meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU). She’s there to protect the right of American consumers to truly wholesome foods and high-quality supplements.

But protecting access to supplements is expensive. In 2013, ANH-USA will meet with the FDA to monitor its revision of the NDI guidance and will alert you when the second draft guidance is issued (so you can tell the FDA exactly what you think). We will also submit formal comments on behalf of the public and commission an independent legal analysis—but this will easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why we need your help:

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by December 31 for
research, education, and action on the next NDI draft guidance.
Will you make a tax-deductible gift today?
Every dollar makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your support! Our work would not be possible without it.

P.S.: As an extra bonus, through December 31, your qualifying donation earns you a reusable tote bag, BPA-free water bottle, picnic blanket, or yoga mat that lets you proudly show off your support for ANH-USA. Please make your gift today!


  1. No one should have to fight for what is right, in America! All officials should already be doing “what is right” for America’s billions of habitants. Maybe all who vote for these obviously harmful rulings should have to wear armbands stating their decisions which can harm all human beings coming into contact with them. Maybe they should have to fly flags on the autos showing their harmful rulings. Maybe they should show a list of their relatives and family who will also be abiding by these odd and careless rules.
    Do they believe their forefathers and great grandmothers and great grandfathers were ignorant of health needs? They used many of these supplements, but they gathered them, dried them, and kept them for later use. Many of those items were the beginnings of our medicines; before medications became just unnatural chemicals,or, man-made chemicals which do as much or more harm as the medications which came before them. Anything that harms or kills cells or takes the life of a person, should be looked at with many “sharp” eyes, before throwing them down into the crowds of the billions of unsuspecting citizens. I am ill; all meds given to me, were rejected by my body, with hypertensive reactions; severe and painful. I have to remain ill, or find natural supplements, or natural ingredients which will help me without harming me. This is mad mean georgia, with ongoing pain 24/7 (which began with a trip to the hospital with a severe hypertensive reaction to “My Meds”! from me, mad mean georgia

  2. [NOTE TO SITE/COMMENT MODERATOR: The website I listed is not mine. I just like to refer it to People for it covers CRUCIAL sociopolitical news & maintains a vast archive of data critical towards understanding how the world really works behind the theater curtains of polytricks/polyticks. For anybody else reading this that may be interested, the site is Many dismiss Icke for the few wild things they may have heard/read about him, but we would be wise to remember the words of Albert Einstein in this regard:
    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”]
    I would donate money, but I’m poor. If I ever do somehow come across a fortune, you guys will be on the list of my activist group donations.
    As long as we TRY, with Love & Truth WE CANNOT LOSE…
    As bad as things may seem, just look at how many People have exponentially Awakened within the past decade to the insidious machination of this globalist, corporatist beast with it’s PUBLICLY ADMITTED agenda for a “new world order” (for proof of that & more, PLEASE watch the docmentary “Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined” & keep up with the news at David Icke’s site & also, which you probably already know about- if not check out their online radio show & host Alex Jones VITAL documentary films! They make great gifts for waking People up to the Truth behind the plight of the Human condition…).
    Keep fighting the Good Fight*!*!*

  3. Yes, I agree that David Icke’s info. is excellent. Also, I’d like to recommend a few others I recently discovered: Jon Rappoport’s, and the YouTube videos by George Kavassilas, and PEERS There are more, and if I can, I will post them, too.
    Namaste to Everyone

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