If GMOs Are So Great, Why Don’t They Want ’Em Advertised? Vote YES on Prop 37!

yes-37-label-gmosCalifornia voters can help make the whole country healthier. Get out the news, and make sure everyone you know votes FOR this vital initiative!

What once was supposed to be an easy win for consumers now is a dead heat. The fear-based propaganda of the exceedingly well-funded opposition can still be defeated—but ONLY if everyone gets out and votes in favor of California’s Proposition 37.
The latest polls show us hanging on by the slimmest of margins: 45.1% versus 43.2%, with a whopping 11.6% still undecided. That means your California friends or relatives who haven’t yet made up their minds will shape the outcome—which will have a profound impact on the rest of the country’s health freedoms.
Our sources report that the opposition is raising some last-minute funds—another $146,000 from Nestlé USA, $98,000 from Campbell’s Soup, and $95,000 from Unilever. So they probably don’t think they have it in the bag yet.
And make no mistake, money talks in this media-driven campaign. The gap between their over $45 million versus the Right to Know Campaign’s meager $6 million has absolutely had an effect on the poll numbers—on September 23, a solid 61% said they would vote yes on Prop 37. It’s now an exceedingly close race because of the opposition’s war chest.
They’ve used their money to spread lies and misrepresentations, and mount personal attacks on prominent Prop 37 supporters, including the highly respected integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Joseph A. Mercola. And they’ve managed to co-opt the editorial boards of many California newspapers, getting them to parrot the same two talking points—that it will increase the cost of labeling, and it will cause bounty hunter lawsuits similar to Prop 65—both of which we have completely disproved. But of course newspapers rely on advertising to stay alive—and the opposition’s many companies are some of their biggest advertisers.
The Right to Know Campaign website debunks each of the myths spread by the opposition. Please make sure your friends and family in California know the FACTS before they vote tomorrow. (But send them this star-studded and very funny video first!)



  1. I am thinking the same thing about why are they trying to hide GMOs if they are so good.

  2. just what does it take to have for “by the people, for the people “to make any difference? I have repeatedly voted to make a difference in the labeling of GMO’s and would like to know why it doesn’t mean a thing.

  3. Hi,
    Please include in your newsletter a place where we can vote “yes” or “no” to current health petitions to ‘stop’ or “demand” that health and congress take certain actions.
    Please make an easy way in your newsletters where we can sign petitions to help causes, and these petitions can then be forwarded to the right parties…help us make our voices heard.
    Perhaps this is not the correct venue to do such signing of petitions, but if possible to do that would be great! Thank you.

  4. “What once was supposed to be an easy win for consumers now is a dead heat.”..
    That’s what happens when money becomes a factor.. They can buy time to spread propaganda, misrepresentations and down right lies in order to sway sleepers and dunderheads who believe if it doesn’t pertain to them personally then it’s not worth pursuing THEN these same nim nods gets peeved when they do have an issue but no one else responds.. This GMO may or may not be a good thing, I don’t know (as I’m not an expert) BUT somethings fishy when a conglomerate spends millions of dollars to prevent disclosure instead of allowing consumers to determine on their own whether they want GMO in they’re food.. Oh, I know! Because they would lose a majority of customers thus putting Monsanto closer to bankruptcy.

  5. The creationists see scientists in all disciplines, from all countries and over a span of centuries conspiring to ensure that their false arguments against an 8000 year-old universe somehow mesh seamlessly.
    The fossil fuel industry sees investigators ranging from paleontologists to xenobiologists to archeologists to chaos theorists and yes to climatologists from all countries and over a span of centuries conspiring to ensure that their false arguments in favor of anthropogenic climate change also agree.
    What these have in common is that a small number of people with minimal scientific standing who obviously do communicate with one another and who have a common economic interest are accusing the rest of the planet of conspiracy.
    A similarly small handful with similar qualifications and similar motives made similar claims regarding childhood immunizations and autism. They did make a few bucks before they were recognized as charlatans.
    Who is it that would have us believe that the FDA, the USDA, a select committee of the European Union, the AMA, the NEJM, and 100% of the medical professionals in Medscape who have studied GM products are engaged in a worldwide conspiracy to poison the public?
    Gee! If it isn’t the organic food industry still stinging from their inability to prove product superiority or cost effectiveness. They want the rest of the food industry to label their own products as inferior to organics and to charge their own customers to pay for that labeling.
    Given the millions of dollars that would have to be spent for the relabeling, would any rational person be surprised that the food industry chooses to spend millions to avoid relabeling?
    Exactly why should I pay more for my food so that I can more easily tell that it is not organic when I knew that already and did not want to purchase the organic product anyway?

  6. I like Jon Rapporport’s comments:
    Monsanto and it allies claim that you knowing that GMO food is in any food you eat is unfair, because you might be swayed, by your own prejudice, to leave that GMO food on the market shelf, when in fact there is no reason to leave it there.
    They are telling you the companies who are selling you food are more important than your own judgment about what to put in your body.
    You would be impeding commerce if you believe GMO food is bad for you, and in order to protect GMO companies and the economy, you must go into a market blind, to keep things “honest.”
    That’s what they think of you: you’re an idiot. You can’t make reasonable judgments. Therefore, you need to be blind.
    Your inherent right to know is a threat to the established order. It must be taken away.

  7. After seeing the end results of a two-year long study and research project done on mice who were fed ONLY genetically enginered food, I WANT NOTHING TO DO with GMO PRODUCTS. After seeing the HUGE TUTORS on the bodies of these mice, I VOWED I WILL NOT put GMO products in MY BODY! I certainly do not want ANY TUMORS, nor would I wish them on any human being or animal. We need to GET BACK TO NATURE! — the Natural!!

  8. Hello to all, I have read Dr. Nercola’s take on these GM foods, and I have to agree with him. I want my foods labeled with this poison. look what this has done in Viet Nam. they have thousands of barrels buried on the army base that will leach out in due time. then you will see what damage it will cause to their health and land.. besides killing people, poisioning their land and water. The U S will have to clean the whole country. then the truth will prevail.
    IIs that what you want in your food? I think not. Nor do I.
    If its on the ground to kill weeds, water carries it to the roots, from the roots to the stalk from there to the fruitt. Every-one will get it in their bodies. What effect it will have no one knows.

  9. Hmm – there is a thought that is just bugging me and so I want to ask you all if this is maybe a valid thought. I and we all know that Monsanto wants to or is suing farmers who grow Non-GMO crops or even organic crops close to Monsanto GMO crops for ‘contaminating’ their GMO-Crops through pollinating their crops by bees and wind. Now, isn’t it just vice versa, that the GMO crops contaminate the Non-GMO crops which then can’t be called Non-GMO crops? And even more so with the organic crops, which then can’t be called organic anymore? Please, can someone explain to me, why Monsanto can sue the farmers and not the other way around? Or is it that Monsanto uses all the (dirty) money that they got and that the farmers don’t? It is just not right and I wished we could do something more. But then: big oil money Shell and Chevron got beat by not big money people when they united with tens of thousands of people! Couldn’t we do that too? I am so ignorant, please enlighten me…

  10. you are missing the point on prop 37 its good to be informed about GMO’s But the open lawsuits for no reason that will be created will only be a boon for ambulance chasing lawyers

  11. If Europe doesn’t want GMO’s in their crops then it’s evident there is something VERY DANGEROUS about them but big AGRIBUSINESS is trying to suppress this information. Do your research and you will find that GMO’s are DANGEROUS with LONG TERM EFFECTS some of which are still unseen.

  12. This is a no brainer. Do the right thing and label GMO products. Better still, ban them altogether!

  13. i’ve read another article stating that in the cafeteria at Monsanto headquarters, there is a rule disallowing any GMO food to be served. now THAT screams a message!

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