Let’s Get the Boycott Rolling—Please Sign the Pledge

Label-GMOsAnd to paraphrase a famous Californian, “We’ll be back!” Sign the pledge.

The opposition spent $45 million and narrowly defeated this citizen-driven initiative. If we are patient, we can still eventually win.
California’s Label GMO proposition failed at the polls last week, the vote is currently 47.2% to 52.1%, ballots are still be counted due to the of millions of mail-in-votes California processes every election. Even though we lost to an overwhelmingly well-funded opposition led by Monsanto (they massively outspent Label GMO), the vote showed tremendous grassroots support for GMO labeling—with four million Californians voting in favor of the proposal.
Here’s an irony for you: the Big Food industry claimed that the proposition would increase food costs. This was proved to be untrue, yet they were willing to spend $45 million to keep foods from being labeled. Clearly Monsanto et al. are terrified of the American public actually learning what’s in the food they buy every day. They must be really proud of their product!
Even better, this campaign made genetically engineered foods a topic of state and national conversation, despite the opposition’s fear-based propaganda and personal attacks on integrative physicians.
A luta continua, as the saying goes—the struggle will continue. We’ll continue to build on the momentum, and roll up our sleeves to get the proposition back on the ballot when we have another chance in 2014.
But until then, there’s something we all can do: continue to boycott the companies that fought against your right to have your food properly labeled! In addition to Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow, you’re familiar with the big consumer food names:

  • Campbell Soup
  • Coca-Cola
  • ConAgra
  • Del Monte
  • General Mills
  • Hershey
  • Hormel
  • Kellogg
  • Kraft
  • Land O’ Lakes
  • Mars
  • McCormick
  • Nestlé
  • PepsiCo
  • Sara Lee
  • As well as with many other food manufacturers

But you may be shocked at some of the brands they own—brands you’d never think would be associated with the pro-GMO camp. Don’t let these companies get away with trying to eliminate your freedom of choice! See our full list of companies and brands that donated to defeat Prop 37, and please sign our pledge that you’ll keep up the boycott!

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  1. As long as you continue with GMO. I shall not purchase your product.
    Fred J. Champy

  2. I find it interesting that EVERYONE is parroting that Prop 37 lost when, as of 11/13/2012, there are still 3.3 million votes that have not been counted in the State of California. 3.3 million is a lot of votes. Isn’t it possible that Prop 37 could STILL come out ahead? CA has until Dec 14, 2012, or something like that before all the votes/ballots need to be counted.
    Perhaps we should wait until the final tally/word is said on the subject rather than grinding it into the ground that Prop 37 lost. Maybe, just maybe, Prop 37 still has a shot of passing.
    I, for one, want to know what the REAL vote count is for/against Prop 37.
    Thank you.

  3. Gmo’s = the scourge of our age – over 100,000 East indian farmers have committed suicide due to Monsanto’s suicide seeds, killer herbicides – health and the cycle of life destroyed. Monsanto employees are protected from the very products they manufacture!!!

  4. I like the motto. If you are so proud why don’t you label it?
    Yes, why don’t you label it, but more importantly why don’t you eat it??? I hear people who make this GMO stuff won’t give it to their famiies.

  5. All the ballots were NOT counted in the larger counties in California — like LA, Santa Clara and Orange. A petition is out there now to get the election people to count the rest of the ballots, some say total a million or more. The Prop 37 could STILL pass!!! That’s my ballot and many others who vote via absentee ballot (estimated about 47% of the population of California).

  6. Along with boycotting these food producers who don’t think we have a right to know what is in our food, we need to all be sure we are supporting the good guys. Continue to seek out and buy from the companies that contributed money for the “Yes on 37” campaign.
    And spread the word about the non-gmo project: http://www.nongmoproject.org. The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance. These folks are verifying non-gmo products and making it very easy to seek out the products because they put a ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ seal right on the package! You can search for products right at their website, along with supporting retailers that are supporting the project. And you can request that your favorite products get verified. Please check out the site and spread the word. Their wonderful work makes food shopping so much easier!

  7. “California’s Label GMO proposition failed at the polls last week, 46.9% to 53.1%, ”
    No I don’t think so.
    “How the vote is cast does not matter. What matters is how the vote is counted.” Uncle Joe Stalin
    We go back to paper ballots or we CONTINUALLY lose at the polls.
    We need not lose at the market. NO PROCESSED “FOOD” period. There is a lot more bad in processed “food” than GMO.

  8. What happened to Mr Obama’s pledge early in his first term to see that gmo food would be labeled in the United States? Probably just another one of those things, like transparency, that sounded good at the time to garner votes, that he really didn’t care about keeping.
    Amazing how many people in California are so ignorant as to vote down the right to know what’s in their food, and to vote themselves a tax increase at the same time.

  9. Sir/Mdam,
    All lists I have seen include Unilever as a contributor of over $ 300,000/ , but not in your list.
    Kindly confirm that Unilever did not support the NO initiative.
    More power to ‘NO TO GMO’

    1. Hi Hiran–Thanks for your comment! You are correct: Unilever did contribute over $300,000 to defeat Prop 37. Thanks again for reading!

  10. Why are so many people in Europe so vehemently opposed to GMOs? We are no longer a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a nation of by and for the special interests! You have loaded our food with sugar, 80% of supermarket processed foods has sugar in it! And don’t tell me it’s what people want, it is what you want too hook people on you lousy over processed products. Remember Tony The Tiger, “It’s not just for kids any more.” Diabetes is epidemic, but all you care about is selling you trash! The head of Pepsi wanted to come out with more healthy foods, and you put her right down! BWell! Stuart Small

  11. You have left out all natural food companies owned by these companies .For instance Coke owns Honest Tea etc.Why?

  12. Wondering why you would report that the initiative ‘lost’, when more than 3 million votes remain to be counted, and a final count may not be in until December 7th.
    Proposition has not lost…. the vote is not over. The projection of a loss was made with zero polls reporting a final outcome, which is anything but accurate, yet the media proclaimed that Prop 37 failed.. which is outrageous!
    The Organic Consumers Association says they are waiting for the vote count to decide whether or not to launch a protest, Natural News and Jon Rappoport are all over this story, so why is ANH-US not telling people about the uncounted ballots? And what about the strong possibility of vote fraud in this mess? it’s not like that is an unheard-of thing, in this day and age!
    The boycott idea is a good one… hit them on their bottom line. Also, it’d be a good thing to put out a downloadable flyer to be handed out at grocery stores, with PLU codes to show fresh produce status, as well as the names of the companies who opposed Prop 37 and use GMO’s in their foods. Educated shoppers…. what a concept…..

    1. Hi Dee–Thank you so much for your comment! ANH-USA, like the OCA, is carefully monitoring the California vote count and will certainly notify our readers should anything not pass the smell test. However, it seems likely at this point that Prop 37 will not pass (this time). Thanks again for your activism, we need engaged and empowered consumers like you!

      1. I disagree with your statement that “it is likely at this point that Prop 37 will not pass (this time). On what basis do you say that. With Jon Rappaport reporting that, of 4 of the largest counties in California, there are 1.6 million votes uncounted and who knows how many in the 54 other California Counties, how do you have any legitimate basis to make a conclusion like that. If so many people had not protested the viewpoint of this article, when would you have told us that you’re watching this to see if there is anything that doesn’t pass the smell test.
        Saying let’s move on to a boycott is your fallback position, like telling a woman to get on her back when she is attacked by a perpetrator. As a martial arts practitioner, I say that is stupid, you stand confidently, gouge eyes, knee the groin and drive that heel into their foot and scream for the world to hear – kowtowing like you are suggesting sounds wrong and makes me wonder if, despite all the respect I have had for your site’s activism, if maybe your organization has been infiltrated by Bilderburg/Rockefeller/Rothschild moles.
        If you don’t want this conclusion to be drawn, don’t mince words, and let us know you will stand up for us, or we will have to find a site that will – or make our own!

        1. To address your concerns:
          Q: Are there millions of votes still uncounted, why so many?
          A: Yes, as of 5pm Pacific time November 13, 2012 there are 2,304,250 unprocessed ballots. The unprocessed ballots are mostly vote-by-mail ballots (that need to be post marked the day of the election, so they are counted after the election) and provisional ballots that include people that might have gone to the wrong voting location. Keep in mind the number of unprocessed ballots not just “uncounted votes for prop 37” but yet to be tallied votes for ALL ten ballot measures in California as well as votes for president, senate, and house races. State law requires county elections officials to report their final results to the Secretary of State by December 7. The Secretary of State then has until December 14 to certify the results of the election.
          Q: Is this uncommon?
          A: In 2008 there were 2.4 million votes uncounted after the election in California, considering the increase in the number of people in voting-by-mail in 2012 the number of outstand ballots was expected.
          Q: Why was the election called so soon? Isn’t that fraud?
          A: By law, polls have to be closed before media can predict an election result so not to discourage people from voting. That’s what happened in California on election night, the polls closed, and the media used available polls, exit polls (interviewing voters that day) and examining publically available tallied votes to make predictions on thousands of races and ballot measures around the country. If you were following polling leading up to the vote, the Prop 37 tally did close to what was projected.
          Q: Just because the media said the Prop 37 failed, that doesn’t mean it has.
          A: With 2.4 million votes outstanding, and the Prop 37 behind by 578,481, it is statically very unlikely it will pass. Is it possible, yes? Regardless of whether media thinks it will pass or fail, the votes are in and they’re being counted.
          Please keep in mind ANH-USA doesn’t back down from a fight, no matter how big the opponent.
          Unprocessed ballots: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/2012-elections/nov-general/pdf/unprocessed-ballots-report.pdf

  13. I am appalled that you continue to say the Prop 37 has been defeated. With 3.3 million votes still not counted, there is something very rotten in the state of California. To declare Prop 37 defeated on election night, I can only surmise, is indicative of vote fraud. Way too many people have been so quick to accept defeat, that I question their motives from the beginning. Did the No crowd infiltrate the Yes crowd? Was this all just for show? The Yes on Prop 37 crowd were not even willing to hang in there and demand all the votes be counted before they just packed up their tents and left. The fight does need to continue elsewhere, but first make things right in California.

  14. Most of those Companies above have GMO products that most people don’t know has been Genetically Modified, Like Soda,Candy Bars , Cereal and many other products.
    They all use High Fructose Corn Syrup, and it comes from Corn and 80-90% of Corn is GMO and also HFCS has been found to contain Mercury in it. So look at those Companies and figure out what they sell and most of it has HFCS in it and they don’t want to have to label, example, Hersey Bar as (Contains GMO)
    Then Sugar Beets are also GMO and so, if they don’t use Sugar Cain, then it is also going to be labeled as Contains GMO.
    All Soda is not worth consuming, because they all contain Sugar, Aspartame (which turns into Formaldehyde at 86% in your body) or they contain HFCS . So they are all dangerous to consume. That is why Pepsi and Coca Cola fought against Prop 37. All their Soda would have to be labeled as GMO. Most people have no Idea these products are GMO, and if they find out a lot of them will not buy these products

  15. Sure would be helpful if – along with the company name – there was a list of their more common products so it would be easier to boycott them. … maybe in a easy to print out and take shopping.

  16. Living in a world of corporate socialism that seek to unabashedly poison its citizens to keep money in their pockets is disgusting. Things have to change eventually (we’re going backwards here) so let’s just go ahead and change it now. I will maintain a pure diet even if it costs me triple to do so.

  17. I live in Memphis Tennessee. I will Boycott these products. Many people here are too poor though to make these choices. We don’t have anything else available.

    1. Please, please, learn to cook . You can live with a fraction of the cost , if you know how to cook.. Plus it’s healthier.

  18. Consider also that boycotting these products will put a big kink in supermarket sales. Maybe then the big grocery chains will get behind the push for labeling.

  19. Some of the companies who contributed money to support Proposition 37 are Nutiva, Nature’s Path, Clif Bar, Pacific, Earthbound Farm, Udi’s, Organic Valley, Dr. Bronner’s, Dr. Mercola, Lundberg, Amy’s, Annie’s and Aubrey Organics, to name a few.
    As for the companies who opposed the proposition, Unilever contributed $467,100 against Proposition 37. Their products include Ben & Jerry’s, Pond’s, Tresemme, VO5 and Suave.
    Goya contributed $18,179 against the proposition. Smucker contributed a total of $555,000 and their products include Santa Cruz Organic and R.W. Knudsen.
    Bear Naked is a Kellogg product, Odwalla is Coca Cola, Naked Juice is Pepsi and Larabar, Cascadian Farm Organic and Muir Glen are General Mills products.
    B&G Foods also contributed to defeat the proposition. Their products include Cream of Rice, Cream of Wheat, Mrs. Dash and Emeril’s. Clorox also contributed money against the proposition.
    This is info from http://www.cornucopia.org/2012/08/prop37/, http://abetterworld.tv/yes-on-proposition-37-label-gmo-foods/ and http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Campaign/Committees/Detail.aspx?id=1344135&session=2011&view=late1.

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