What’s the Biggest World Pandemic Risk Today—Untreatable by Conventional Medicine?

Tuberculosis-010Hint: It’s not the flu.

Tuberculosis (TB) is one the world’s most common diseases mainly because it is so highly infectious—it’s spread with a mere cough or sneeze. It’s second only to HIV as the leading infectious killer of adults worldwide, and it is the third largest cause of death among women aged 15 to 44.
The World Health Organization estimates that two billion people—that’s one-third of our planet’s population—are infected with the bacteria that cause TB. Ten percent of these carriers will become sick, and if left untreated, half of those will die from the disease.
Conventional medicine is panicking because TB is becoming resistant to multiple drugs and fear it may become “virtually untreatable.”
According to a new study published in The Lancet, among 1,278 patients in eight different countries who were resistant to two or more first-line tuberculosis drugs, 43.7 percent showed resistance to at least one second-line drug. Interestingly, the prevalence of drug resistance correlated with how long the second-line drugs have been available in each country. The countries where the drugs had been available the longest time—twenty years—had the highest resistance rates, while the countries where the drugs had been available for ten years or less had lowest rates.
What does this mean? That the innate effectiveness of drugs diminishes over time, and that an absolute reliance on drugs is unsustainable. Dr. Justin Denholm, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, put it this way: “The reality is that this one-size-fits-all approach is a major part of what’s led to this drug resistance issue. I think individualized treatment is what we should be aiming for.”
This, of course, is exactly what natural health and integrative medical practitioners have been advocating from the start. Moreover, two studies have now linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of TB. In the first study, white blood cells converted vitamin D to an active form of the vitamin which helps make a protein that kills the TB bacterium. In the second study, Indonesian scientists compared vitamin D to a placebo, testing them on seventy patients for nine months. The patients who received 10,000 IU of vitamin D (rather than the 400 IU recommended by conventional medicine) led to an astounding 100% cure rate.
Even more exciting, a study published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that high doses of vitamin D, administered together with antibiotic treatment, appear to help patients with TB recover more quickly. The vitamin D dampens the body’s inflammatory response to infection, which leads to faster recovery and less damage to lungs.
TB is caused by various strains of mycobacteria, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis. But there are many foods and supplements that are natural and powerful bacteria killers. Garlic, for example, has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Intravenous vitamin C, the herbs Cat’s Claw and Artemisia, and hyperbaric oxygen have been used to fight various dangerous bacteria, while colloidal silver is a powerful bactericide.
The incidence of TB is high in certain countries, so if you are traveling this year, you may wish to take precautions. Swaziland, South Africa, and a quite a few other countries on the African continent have especially high TB rates, but so do Russia, the Philippines, and Korea. This list will help you assess your potential risk.

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  1. Next tiem: You could however cover homeopathic medicine, which is not conventional and not leave people with a feeling of helplessness. I take it successfully through my homeopathic medical doctor, and I a certain a patient with TB would need someone to help whose knowledgeable.

  2. Very interesting – ever wondered why TB patients in the early 20th century were sent to sanatoriums where they spent their days on beds out in the sunshine?

  3. Very interesting – ever wondered why TB patients in the early 20th century were sent to sanatoriums where they spent their days on beds out in the sunshine?

  4. Very interesting – ever wondered why TB patients in the early 20th century were sent to sanatoriums where they spent their days on beds out in the sunshine?

  5. Very interesting – ever wondered why TB patients in the early 20th century were sent to sanatoriums where they spent their days on beds out in the sunshine?

  6. Very interesting – ever wondered why TB patients in the early 20th century were sent to sanatoriums where they spent their days on beds out in the sunshine?

  7. I am currently being treated homeopathically for tuberculosis, with great success. Your article needs to include homeopathy as a viable alternative.

  8. Essential oils, especially Oregano; mushroom extracts; beta glucans, bakers yeast extract; colostrum; grapefruit seed extract; olive leaf extract; herbs: Goldenseal, Astragalus; red marine algae; zinc; selenium; asparagus; enzymes, etc……

  9. Well, If the FDA was not so inclined to hide and ban MMS , there would be an instant cure for that disease and when the Doctors use Antibiotics , it kills all the good bacteria in the stomach and that weakens the Immune system and then it takes longer to cure a disease.
    MMS is simply Sodium Chlorite, and is used to treat Fresh water systems, but when mixed with citric acid it turns into Chlorine Dioxide, and that is the most powerful pathogen killer known to man.
    There is nothing that can build a resistance against it, as it strips the protein cover from pathogens and then blows it up and also kills itself when it assassinates the pathogen. I have been taking MMS for over 5 years now and I don’t get sick anymore with any disease, and NO, MMS is not Bleach.

  10. Of course, what is not mentioned in this article is homeopathy.
    Homeopathy became popular in the early 19th century due to effectively treating numerous epidemics – scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, etc – that had never in the history of medicine been treated effectively.
    Andre Saine, ND presented historical data at the 2012 Joint American Homeopathic Conference (in Vienna, VA) that demonstrated homeopathic treatment of all conditions investigated was superior to conventional medical approaches – including current conventional treatments..
    Homeopathy is probably the most effective type of medicine, holistic or conventional, for treating the vast majority of epidemic infectious disease. Maybe it will get a chance after the antibiotics become completely ineffective.
    I wrote an article about a trial in Cuba using homeopathy prophylactically against epidemic leptospirosis. This was one of the largest trials ever conducted in medicine – involving 2.3 million people – and showed clear superiority of homeopathy to the conventional vaccine, yet the authors could not get the study published in any of the major vaccine journals (though they had published dozens of studies of conventional vaccinology in these journal in the past).

  11. Dear Alliance for Natural Health;
    Anacardic compounds in cashew pears and raw cashew nuts are very lethal to gram positive bacteria. Therefore it is possible that they would prove useful against tuberculosis since tuberculosis is said to be related to gram positive bacteria. You may see a discussion of their successful use against tooth abscess bacteria in http://charles_w.tripod.com/tooth.html . Perhaps you could use your influence to get what would be an easy, safe experiment performed using cashew nuts, cashew pears, or mango fruit. Anacardic acids could even possibly be used to see if they add to the potency of other medicines.
    Sincerely, Charles Weber

  12. olive leaf extract kills TB dead in it’s tracts, so does oregano oil and sol silver. It’s only the leaf
    off of the tree. how simple.

  13. You mentioned colloidal silver. I have tried to get educated about this but have been unsuccessful.
    There are so many claims and counter claims among the suppliers and within the medical community that it is very hard to make a decision about which product is most effective and which may be harmful. Please write an article so that we can understand the issues.

    1. Check out the archives of the Robert Scott Bell Show on Natural News Radio. The show is downloadable in MP3 format and he has extensive knowlegde of and plenty clinical experience in using the Sovereign Silver brand to cure numerous ailments.
      He does not sell the product so he is not restricted by the FDA from promoting all of its wonderful benefits and uses. The manufacturerer is not allowed to tout these many benefits. The silver hydrosol form of colloidal silver is the best product available in my opinion.

    2. I find itinteresting that your article mentioned the extremely expensve hyperbaric oxygen but not the natural, safer and much less expensive (about 5 cents a day) oxygen therapy methods using 35% FGHP.
      Both increase the blood oxygen level which allows the human body to cure itself of TB and many other diseases.
      The bottom line here is that until modern medicine found a way to charge insurance companies $Billions every year for sessions in these chambers, the general public was never told how important oxygen is in fighting off/preventing dseases.
      But it does much, much more than even that!
      A personal, self-administered oxygen therapy program will also prevent you from ever catchng many of these dangerous germs, viruses, worms, bacterium and patogens in the first place.
      Do yourself and your family a massive favor and get informed about a “self-administered oxygen therapy program”.

  14. Its about time that alternative therapys were integrated into modern treatments. i would like to suggest another one, one that not only has anti viral and anti inflamitory properties, but is also extremely effective and easy to make. Elderberry syrup. Not only does it work for colds and flu’s it works on lung relted issues as well. Imagine the cure rate if you combined D with elderberrys immune boosting prpOprties… Its my belief that using this combination would put an end to TB for good.

  15. The simple truth is there are fairly simple ways to prevent cancer, CVD and most all “disease”. You will never be treated by these simple CHEAP methods at Industrial Medicine.
    So who needs em!

  16. “The vitamin D dampens the body’s inflammatory response to infection, which leads to faster recovery and less damage to lungs.”
    While this may be true the more important mechanism vitamin D uses to halt infection by most pathogens is the vitamin D recharges your antimicrobial peptides which directly destroy the pathogen. This is done within seconds of the pathogen entering your lungs for example.
    The battle is over quickly before the pathogen can proliferate and there is little clean up required.
    With pathogens in the upper respirator tract it is VERY important to completely eliminate the pathogen before it enters the deep lungs where it is far harder to deal with. Deep lung infections are often killers. The H5N1 “bird flu” pandemic virus often kills this way. So when they insist you get your “H5N1 vaccination” just tell em no thanks I have my vitamin D.

    1. Interestingly enough, my grandfather had TB in the late 40’s. He was in a sanitarium and
      they spent time in the sun every day it was available. (not much in Washington State) I
      assume it was the vitamin D that helped heal him. I was pretty small at the time, but it seems he was
      there for 2 years or so.

  17. Now perhaps modern medicine will get out of the old paradigm and focus instead on natural antibiotics such as garlic, tea tree oil, grapefruit, Paul d Arco, colloidal silver, and vitamin C.

  18. Please consider colloidal silver to treat TB. It is an anti-infective that is evffective against ALL infections, but is being fought by drug companies because it is so effective.

    1. @ Center for Natural Healing… That’s right, I bet acupuncture and Chinese medicine could really do wonders…

    2. Tuberculosis (TB) cure Vitamin C! See ‘albert einstein school of medicine’
      Interesting search; ‘cancer oxygen’ From one site this statment I liked, “If you are breathing, you can get healthy”
      Conventional medicine loves it when they can get us to belieive that a disease is incurable. For them, this can be very profitable lie.

    3. Dr F R Klenner cured TB over 60 years ago, Never heard of Dr Klenner, Not surprising, his name papers and therapies have been blackballed for over 60 years for he cured almost all ailments he came across in his 40+ years of practice.
      see the internet

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