Do you want GMO foods to be labeled in YOUR state? If so, act now!

Dear Supporter:
On November 6, Californians will vote on Prop 37, which would require all genetically modified foods to be clearly labeled. That’s terrific—but Prop 37 will benefit you even if you don’t live in California! That’s why we need your help.

If Prop 37 passes in California,
GMO foods could be labeled in YOUR state
much sooner than you thought possible!


  • If GMO labels are required in California, it’s extremely likely that many nationwide food companies will use the same GMO-labeled packaging in all states.
  • The passage of Prop 37 could create a “domino effect,” with other states following California’s example to put the GMO labeling issue on their own state ballots.

The Big Food companies know the country is watching, and they have contributed more than $32 million to defeat this vital initiative. We can’t let that happen—we need you to help pass Prop 37.

We need your help to purchase airtime
in California for a truthful and hard-hitting ad
which the Right to Know Campaign has crafted
to keep the GMO labeling issue in front of voters!

Click here to watch the ad.

  • $20 buys a spot on CNN in El Centro.
  • $220 places an ad on the air in Sacramento during Anderson Cooper 360.
  • $900 puts our message in front of all major evening news viewers in San Diego.
  • $6,000 is enough to buy airtime during all late night news shows in the Los Angeles area!

By now, you’ve seen the studies and heard the news: GMO foods are dangerous.

Help get Prop 37 passed—and your family will benefit!

Please make a donation today!
Gretchen DuBeau
Executive and Legal Director


  1. Gentlemen:
    What I cant understand is why medical doctors do “not” interfere into the plans of the GMO’ s sponsors, the chemical companies of course! Tests have proven that GMO’s interfere with the body mechanism bigtime! The proof exists! What connection does the medical sysstem have with these giant powerful chical companies? All of this “mjust be exposesd”!/
    Where is the “free press” also? It all sounds like one big conspiracy to me.
    And why doesnt other great professions do something about this danger looming?
    Are people “that dumb”? Are the supposedly smart people also that dumb?
    Apparently they are unfortunately.

    1. Well said! I want to suggest that this is why we, the people, have to become the media. With blogs and websites, it has never been easier for citizens to become journalists. Letters to the editor, ditto. Let’s take up our pens and write (well informed, fact based, with references and sources, please! Opinions will be argued down,but facts will get people to think, especially if science-based). Thank you all! PS images help a LOT.

  2. It is alarming and shameful that the media is not giving this the attention it deserves. This affects everyone today, tomorrow and yesterday. Why isn’t the media all over this atrocity ? This is as dangerous to our health and future , if not more so, than climate change. And can someone tell me why the VP of Monsanto heads the FDA??? I am worried for our children, our world. It is very unsettling how the media looks the other way on this obvious train wreck. Hard to believe the blatant hypocrisy.

  3. Why do I feel like I am in a Sci-Fi movie but it’s not fiction??? Like everyone else, I can’t understand why there is no news broadcasts on this subject….yes, I can…someone’s getting paid big $$$’s to keep their mouths shut!!

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