Is “BPA-Free” a Lie?

bpa-free-water-bottlesClose. Many products that now boast they’re “BPA-free” have simply switched to a BPA relative that may be equally toxic!

Regular readers will be aware of our campaign against BPA. Bisphenol-A is a dangerous, endocrine-disrupting chemical found in many polycarbonate plastics. It has been linked with serious health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and heart disease, but has been used in baby bottles, children’s dental sealants and fillings, and cash register receipts.
Some unscrupulous manufacturers, responding to the controversy, have switched BPA in their products with bisphenol-S (BPS), a BPA analogue in the same bisphenol chemical class—which may be every bit as toxic. This allows them to trumpet that their products are now “BPA-free,” and technically, they are: but they still contain bisphenol.
BPA has become a concern worldwide, and many countries have banned it in baby bottles and other applications. In the US, several states now prevent BPA from being used in children’s products, and consumers are demanding that their products no longer contain BPA—which is why substituting BPA with BPS seems like such a devious shell game to us.
Two studies published recently in the journal Environmental Science and Technology discuss how BPS is increasingly being substituted for BPA. BPS was found in thermal cash register receipts in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam in similar concentrations to original BPA. BPS was also found in 87% of paper currency from 21 countries. And BPS was found in the same concentrations as BPA in individuals from eight countries.
The health effects of BPS have been studied less than with BPA, but a growing body of additional research indicates that BPS is an artificial estrogen just like BPA, with clear potential for carcinogenic effects and damage to reproductive health.
Many companies simply do not disclose the chemical used in their plastic. For example, the famous Nalgene water bottle is made with “co-polyester” plastic. While they claim to be “BPA-free,” they do not disclose what chemical they are using instead!
Bisphenols are part of a broad family of chemicals, each with different properties but all, it seems, potentially dangerous to humans. Bisphenol AF is used in electronic devices, optical fibers, etc., and studies show it to be an even more potent endocrine disrupter than BPA. Bisphenol B and F are also frequently substituted for BPA. Bisphenol B is potentially more potent than BPA in stimulating breast cancer cells.
However, most of the best research concerns BPA rather than its lesser-known siblings. New reports show that:

This is all in addition to the risk to reproductive health outlined in the groundbreaking book Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? by Theo Colborn et al.
Despite the chemical’s demonstrative dangers, FDA has refused to ban BPA in food packaging, claiming that “there is not compelling scientific evidence to justify new restrictions” on the chemical. In the past, FDA has relied on industry studies in reaching its decisions.


  1. protect life, prosecute those that seek to destroy our shared home and our fellow beings
    life has value beyond measure
    Peace and Love
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  2. Thank you ANH, for this informative update. I (mistakenly) thought our country was making progress in the area of BPA’s. I should have known that the FDA would hinder that. The only sense I can make of that is that the FDA (our govt) wants people to be sick, weak and compromised. Another example of why we must be proactive in our own health and protect our supplements.
    I also wanted to thank this organization (ANH) for keeping us informed regarding the very supplements I speak of. So many of us would not have known what our current administration was planning to do to the supplement industry and consequently would not have been prompted to speak out against it.
    Your newsletter helps keep me informed. I am so thankful that you all have taken up this cause!!

  3. Is there a directory or compilation of which plastic bottles contain this? Poland Spring bottles? any comments as to which bottled water is safe and safely packaged? Is this the plastic lining in cans? (which can be found even in organic manufacturers’ cans…)

    1. Unless the packaging advertises itself as BPA-free it is almost guaranteed to contain BPA. BPA alternatives are slightly more expensive, so manufacturers will be sure to advertise BPA-free if they have taken that extra step. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell which BPA-free goods may contain other bisphenols.

  4. In my opinion, “BPA-free” is not a lie. It just shows poor editing for typos. The hyphen is in place of the deleted verb “is” as in there is no extra charge for BPA. It is free. This is much like MSG-free that you see in so many restaurants that serve MSG in every bite.

    1. I developed severe allergies that can not be pin pointed because its from some ingredient in processed foods. Most likely a case of MSG allergies plus others. Went to and found industries hide the MSG in about 40 different names. Just when you thought that food was MSG free, HA, they just have another name for it. Now, I no longer eat processed food, (minimal really), and cook whole foods only, very difficult though when you go out to eat. Big industries get away with too much while they line the politicians pockets to get their stuff passed.

  5. It is ridiculous that corporations in order to make a profit are allowed to use products that are a public saftey hazard. It is wonderful that this website is bringing these issues to the maistream so that we as professionals and consumers can take the proper public policy actions.

  6. The FDA should require manufacturers to prove the chemicals they use are safe before their use. What is their purpose if they don’t do their job? Hey, there’s a big government money saver, just shut down the FDA alltogether. Why do we have all these agencies if they don’t protect the people?

  7. The system in this country is broken. We the people are guinea pigs to the big industries and their chemicals. When one is found to be harmful after years of harm to the public, they switch to another without adequately testing if even tasting it at all. Years then go by until it is discovered that it is just as harmful as the last one. The corrupt FDA and USDA do not take actions or precautions for the safety of the American citizens. They protect the big industries (big Pharma, big Agra, Biotech, etc.) We need to abolish these useless agencies and replace them with ones that do the jobs that these current agencies were originaly meant to perform. These agencies are beyond restructuring and need to be scattered into the wind once and for all. We need to be heard loud and clear and if our elected officials do not listen then we absolutely must replace them without delay. Otherwise we will become a very sickly and impaired society with a very dark future for generations to come. Take action now brothers and sisters of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!!!

  8. Why can’t we just go back to using glass? It’s non-toxic AND recylable…….

    1. It’s because glass is expensive and a pain in the rear.. It breaks, shatters, is much heavier than plastic. All of these things are a nightmare for the packaging and shipping industries.

  9. Get rid of plastics unless they have no BPA or BPS in them and bottle in glass. I’d rather pay a $1.00 more for something than be poisoned. Most of the people on this newsletter feel the same way.

    1. if you think big oil makes it’s money from refined fuels, think again. the best kept secret is the money they make from the plastic industry. most of our foods that were packaged in glass are now in plastic. who checks to see if it is safe? my suggestion, if it comes in glass, buy it. replace your plastic bowls, food storage containers, etc. with glass. bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store. the fight starts with one person at a time. make a difference!

  10. I have contacted the Ninja blender people today to see if they have replaced BPA with BPS – will comment again with their answer – if they answer… G. Chance

  11. Thank you for this informative article. I do not trust the govt/industry/big business connection and/or anything they publish, make or say about our health, our food, our products or anything alse for that matter that comes out of this dangerous liaison
    Several years ago my body broke out in huge red splotches that burned, itched &c. My doctor suggested [off the record] that I go organic with everything that touches my skin, body or anything I eat, sleep on or sit on or wear. That bout covers it all. Now, how to do this on disability was the tuffie.
    I simply replaced products as I ran out of them, with organic items with NO CHEMICAL WASTE in them. Food was a different story. I cleaned out my frig/freezer when I got home that day and either gave away or threw out everything. I did a cleanse as suggested, and my pain meds were changed to patches. All my other meds were switched to Brand name ones rather than generics. I re-washed every piece of clothing, linens, and more with Charlies’ Soap. and you know what? When I washed the ‘clean’ clothing and other items, the wash water was dark brown. That soap I use has nothing in it but pure castile soap, finely ground and disolves in cold water. got our the real dirt that the detergents [which are not soap and are all chemical] got out all the additives that detergents put into my items of waer and use. I was shocked..true story and you can check with Charlies Soap website..
    No more hives, eczema, rosacia, and since I now use handmade Shea Butter soap from Ghana, my dry skin is a thing of that past. Four of the meds I took for bad reactions to my necessary medicines are now dropped and I am feeling better than ever. My chronic pain has lessened and very well controlled on patches, and the best blood work is almost perfect. As soon as we get my hormones straightened out, it will be perfect. We found that I had no Vitamin D and my Testosterone was at the very bottom of the scale for a healthy post-menopausal woman of 69 years of age. I do take 3 replacement hormones and vitamin D and K is included in my new vitamin B comp patched I purchsed from a doctor in the upper 48 by email.
    I have learned from your site and a few other good ones, all about this scam by the powers that be, to make us as unhealthy as possible. I would like to know the stock holdings of all of our elected and appointed offiicials..wouldn’t you?
    Thanx again for the great work. I just signed up for your email…

  12. This just one more deception played upon the people along with Big Pharma, Monsanto and its relatives, Big Ag and the corporate greed which onlyhas profits in mind not the health & well being of the people.
    Henry Kissinger said ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.’ How true how this has become in our time.

  13. This begs the obvious question, how can we know which plastic bottles are Bisphenol free, and for that matter, are there any?

  14. I work for a company that makes cans like you find your canned foods in at the grociery store.We put a coating inside the cans so the food doesn’t react with the metal can.The coating we use now they say has BPA in it and we are supposed to be switching to a new coating that’s supposed to be BPA free.I need to check the new coating and see if it has any bisphenol of any type in it.If it does then I know us switching to this other coating is a waste of time a big scam and that someone is padding their pockets on this.Like the article says I would like to see the politicians stock holdings and I’m sure the lobbiests to.No wonder there are so many un healthy people in this country.I will comment again when I find out about the new coating.

  15. Clearly the system is broken, way past the point of making sense.
    Most Americans are unaware that EPA or FDA rely solely on the manufacturer’s to test their own products for safety, what motivation is there to truly test the products. Please do not assume that either agency does their own testing.
    Therefore, the fox is guarding the hen house. This govt. system of allowing products on the market without independent testing is causing this mess.
    I second the motion above to disband the EPA and FDA, and start over. There is no way for them to do a good job the way they are structured, and what they are doing appears reactionary and inhumane.

  16. Definitely stay away from anything Bisphenol related, on the other hand…
    Apparently, Eastman has had their product Tritan tested by an independent third party who says that Tritan copolyester is also free of estrogenic activity.
    A series of tests conducted by third-party laboratories demonstrated the lack of estrogenic and androgenic activity using well-recognized methods, including Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) computer models,
    Receptor Transactivation Assays, the Uterotrophic Assay and the Hershberger Assay. Results from these tests confirm that Tritan does not demonstrate an affinity to bind to hormone receptors or have potential to induce endocrine disruptive effects. In addition, no other chemicals utilized in the production of Tritan are known or suspected to be EDCs.
    You can go to Eastman for more on this including references.

  17. We are locked into exposure to toxins at the very least via dental repair work – either you mercury amalgam fillings or ceramic-resin fillings. The latter option leads to at least two choices – one with BPA & one without … but no idea what replaces the BPA.
    We opt for glass or stainless steel storage for food & drink as much as is possible. Our currency here (Australia) is plastic & I understand it is made with BPA. Our note manufacturer also manufactures for some of our neighbour nations.
    We do not know enough about all the chemicals that are used in our society. We have allowed power/money/corruption to dominate human society because that disgusting human trait – Greed.

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