How Have Supplements Helped You?

herbal_supplementsWe don’t know about you, but we’re tired of seeing one media outlet and government agency after another claiming supplements have no benefit. We know differently because we’ve seen the benefits in our own lives.

What about you? ANH-USA wants to hear how supplements have helped you. In the comments below, please share your story with us and others readers of the Pulse!


  1. I take many vitamins but one I take when my muscles are overworked or when I am stressed is a
    magnesium supplement. I find it help relax my muscles and calms my nerves. That is one of many I can write about.

  2. I do not know if real food is considered a suppliment, but I use raw garlic. I eat it when I do not feel well. I start with 4-5 cloves and then eat 1-2 every hour. It burns but I try to make sure to chew as many times as I can. A wise old Dr. once told me that the digestive enzymes make all the difference, and why raw is better than a pill.
    Other suppliments our familly uses to enjoy heatlh more often then those around us is sunshine, GSE, Olive Leaf Complex, Essential Oils, and Silver. As you may notice we do not visit the Dr. Office unless my wife is pregnant.

  3. I have been using nutritional supplements for over 30 years every day of my life… I would not be the same person without them… I am 61 look 50… Am in better shape than most people in their thirties and I could not have done it without nutritional supplements.

  4. I can tell you honestly that certain supplements have made a huge difference in my health. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to be healthy, that’s money out of their greedy pockets. For example, I’m allergic to the sun, when I started vitamin D3 supplements my weekly migraines stopped. I get no migraines now and so need no expensive pills.

  5. Supplements and Bioidentical hormones have been a God Send for getting my health and memory back…When conventional MD’s wanted to give me meds and pysch meds to bandaid my symptoms my Holistic MD supported my body with the nutrients I was lacking and needed to get me on the road back to health… I’ve been healthy with my memory fully intact. So keep supplements accessible to everyone. Thank you.

  6. IODINE Is the absolute MIRACLE MINERAL that is totally hidden and deficiency of it is causing many many health problems! Learn the truth about IODINE!

  7. I lost my thyroid and had to be put on a thyroid medication. One of the best supplements to keep me ever stable with my nerves was a B complex with C vitamin.
    Another recently to get rid of the tired slump in afternoon is the coq 10. Great product.
    fish oil…….supplement for immune system.
    If you are healthy and eat right you maybe don’t need one.

  8. I recovered from a double mastectomy for a large aggressive breast cancer with Revitaphi superfood drink, 12grams daily of MSM (which also replace pain drugs), 12grams daily of Vit C and frequent doses of CALM (magnesium citrate), along with soaking in baths of borax, epsom salts and baking soda combined. I drank (and still do) a daily sipping drink of green tea with baking soda, CALM and Vit C mixed in with some lemon juice. I took homemade Oleander Soup (see ) as a cancer-specific remedy. I started taking Iodoral and Selenium, as well. By my 6 weeks’ post surgical checkup, I was astonishingly well recovered and my energy, mood, skin/hair/eyes were practically dewey! The surgeon and nurse were astounded…it took years off my appearance. A nice, unlooked-for benefit!
    Prior to having breast cancer, I suffered for about a decade with the increasinly debilitating and painful symptoms of metabolic syndrome. I started changing diet, eliminating processed foods and taking supplements of concentrated, organic cruciferous vegetables.
    Supplements have saved my life; more, supplements have IMPROVED my health. All of the (allopathic) medicines I took over the previous decade did NOTHING to help except change my symptoms – and add other side effects equally difficult to live with.

  9. I have low thyroid, and instead of using synthetic thyroid I use a combination of Ashwaghanda and gugulipid. It works amazingly. I don’t have mid-afternoon slumps where I can hardly stay awake at work, I’m not always cold, tired and foggy headed anymore. My blood tests show
    I am at the normal level at this time. I take the above about every other year, and to my doctor’s
    astonishment, my thyroid levels remain normal. I have always used alternative medicine,
    vitamins, and herbs, and stayed away from chemical sources of medicine. I’m into healing,
    not masking the problem. This is not my only success story with herbs, and vitamins. I could
    go on, and on.

  10. As a result of combining supplements & a healthier, organic way of eating, I have been able to regain my health. I am so very grateful to have a much better alternative to prescription drugs. My life has been forever changed.

  11. I have used them for years. They have helped my avoid any negative medical conditions, with the exception of a broken wrist.
    I will keep the supplements, and avoid the mainstream media (which is a self serving forum for big pharma advertisers).

  12. I have been a firm believer in and user of supplements for over 30 years. Most recently, when a stressful life situation resulted in a slight increase of blood pressure, I began taking a daily regiment of Co-Q10 and hawthorne berry supplement twice daily. My blood pressure immediately lowered to its usual range. I have taken red clover supplement since beginning menopause, with excellent results in controlling hot flashes and night sweats, and the added benefit attributable to the supplement for increasing my ‘good’ cholesterol. When assured by my doctor that my thyroid function was in the “low but still normal” range, while I felt unable to cope with daily exhaustion, I turned to a natural dessicated thyroid regimen which has, I believe, renewed my energy levels.
    I, for one, am sick of mainstream medicine’s concerted attacks on supplements in favor of dangerous, poorly-tested pharmaceuticals with life-threatening side effects.

  13. As i sit here and write this i have been helped today by taking supplements. I have had an extensive rash from detoxing and have taken many thousands of milligrams of ascorpyl palmitate along with ester C and that has taken the sting out of my rash. Also took some protease enzymes, and a detox bath with magnesium salt. Wow, am i feeling much better and am so thankful that we still have the right to purchase these products in our country. I will always stand up for supplements being available and the truth being put forth about their efficacy. Thank you!

  14. It is obvious that main stream media is influenced by the pharmaceutical companies just like the Government is. Simple blood tests can tell what deficiencies people have, their levels of inflammation in the body, along with markers that measure cancer and heart attack risks. The body can be brought into balance simply by getting the nutrients and hormones that are lacking. This can be done naturally with supplements and bio-identical hormones, and regulated by an MD that practices this type of medicine.
    I am a very active woman, former professional mogul skier & yoga instructor. A few years ago, I found that I was always tired. I found an MD who practices anti-aging medicine and he ran several blood tests to determine what the cause of my fatigue was. Found out my inflammation numbers were extremely high, my estrogen was extremely high and I suffered from Hashimoto Thyroid Syndrome. My doc put me on several supplements, Vitamin D, C, Niacin, B, Omega 3, CoQ10, Zinc, Magnesium, multi-vitamins day and night, along with bio-identical hormones to get my Thyroid under control and

  15. I take l-tryptophan to help me sleep. This is far better than the unisom that I was taking. I am also considering taking saw palmetto for an enlarged prostate.

  16. Natural organic supplements have allowed me to eliminate all pharmacueticals. Big pharma doesnt want you well, then they would be out of business. Big pharma spends billions to get their way. Wake up world big pharm and Monsanto are destroying our planet Pharmacueticals are showing up in alarming amounts in our drinking water. They want us all like little zombies they can continue to manipulate

  17. Several years ago I was taking prescription drugs for cholesterol and high blood pressure. I developed peripheral artery disease (pain walking), renal artery stenosis (partially blocked kidney artery) and due to that high blood pressure. Doing a lot of study I found that the drugs were causing the problems, or making them worse, for example the statin drug was lowering LDL but also HDL, and making the LDL particle size smaller and more lethal. The blood pressure drug was lowering my heart rate, causing the kidneys to raise the blood pressure.
    I cut out all the prescription drugs, and started taking a number of nutritional supplements that improve blood pressure and endothelial function, and all those conditions I listed are now cured. I have published an article documenting how bad medical care is in the U.S. compared with other developed countries, the primary cause being the huge influence of the drug companies. I’d be glad to send it to you if you’re interested.

  18. I have had migraine headaches for over 10 years and they got to the point where I was having at least 2 per week that lasted as much as two full days each. I went to a migraine specialist (one of the best in New York City) and had some relief by taking an anti-seizure medication. The medicine left me tired and dopey. That’s why I called it Dopamax. I stopped waking up everyday with a headache but still had them twice a week. Anti-inflamatory drugs helped but after a few months I had to switch to another drug until that one didn’t work anymore. Altogether I went through 6 different medications in 3 years. Still, the best I got was 3 days per week without a migraine. I stopped making plans and missed many hoildays and important events. One day I was talking to a friend and told her I was beginning to have a migraine and she told me about a supplement she thought would help. I would have tried cyanide at that point so I was open to trying anything. I ordered it from her and the headaches stopped within days. That was almost two years ago. I have had maybe five normal headaches since then that lasted less than an hour and absolutely no migraines. My doctor is amazed. I’ve slowly weaned myself off the “dopey” drug and am now using nothing except 3 capfuls of OPC3. It’s a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflamatory. Amazingly, I have not had a cold in over a year and my horrific allergy to cats has gotten to the point where I can now tolerate them for over 3 hours. Before the OPC3 I would have an allergic attack withing 5 minutes. I’m writing this and I still have a hard time believing it. As if that weren’t enough – NO SIDE EFFECTS! Sorry, but I had to shout that.

  19. It is obvious that main stream media is influenced by the pharmaceutical companies just like the Government is. Simple blood tests can tell what deficiencies people have, their levels of inflammation in the body, along with the markers that measure cancer and heart attack risks. The body can be brought into balance simply by getting the nutrients and hormones that are lacking. This can be done naturally with supplements and bio-identical hormones, and regulated by an MD that practices this type of medicine.
    I am a very active woman, former professional mogul skier & yoga instructor. A few years ago, I found that I was always tired. I found an MD who practices anti-aging medicine and he ran several blood tests to determine what the cause of my fatigue was. Found out my inflammation numbers were extremely high, my estrogen was extremely high, testosterone low and I suffered from Hashimoto Thyroid Syndrome. My doc put me on several supplements, Vitamin D, C, Niacin, B, Omega 3, CoQ10, Zinc, Magnesium, multi-vitamins day and night, along with bio-identical hormones to get my Thyroid and estrogen under control and testosterone back to normal levels. I feel amazing now. I used to sleep 12 hours and wake up exhausted – now I sleep 8 full and feel fantastic. Exercise kept me fit, but my body is now toned and even stronger than before. I swear that we are being bullied by the media and our government to support Big Pharm. Some people are getting it, but others have to figure it out. We are not able to get our nutrients from our food source alone, we need some help and the supplements help support the balanced body.

  20. I am taking some wonderful supplements. I keep researching and adjusting what I need. I am in my 60’s and I have never felt better in my whole life! It seems that I spend a lot of supplements, but it is miniscule compared to having huge medical bills. I am healthy and feel great!

  21. I was diagnosed 7 years ago with advanced prostate cancer. Today I am 100% in remission thanks to the supplements I take daily. According to Web Md there is no cure for advanced prostate cancer. I have done the impossible and taught others how to add years to those statistics including stage 4 people. I wrote a book about it, Advanced Prostate Cancer and Me, subtitled How I reduced My PSA 100% Holistically, published 03,27,2009. I and my book have been attacked by Big Pharma. They run phony anti ads daily.
    Daniel Goldstone

  22. I’m allergic to nearly every pharmaceutical product on he market, and nearly lost my life taking those prescribefd by doctors Although I’m not overweight, I lost 51 pounds because of the combination of drugs prescribed for me. Since that ime I’ve regained my health by taking natural herbal medicines, which have no side affects. Anyone who believes that ingesting chemicals is healthier than natural herbal products needs a mental exam..

  23. I had a co-worker, who never looked healthy to me. We went out to lunch together often, so I know that she ate fairly healthy. One day, I bought her a bottle of multivitamins, and she started taking them. After awhile, I noticed that she had a glow to her complextion that she had never had before. People started complimenting her right and left about how good she looked.
    Then, one day, I noticed that she did not look very healthy again. I asked her, if she was still taking the vitamins. She told me that she had run out of them. It was soooooo obvious that the vitamins were helping her. Also, she told me that she felt alot more energetic on vitamins.
    I am telling you, vitamins do help to keep one young and healthy!!!!
    People think that I am in my mid to late thirties. I am sixty four years old. No botox, no face lift.
    I do use a Vitamin C serum on my face and neck, though. (I make it myself, and it works fabulously)
    By the way, I did an experiment, a few years ago. I went without my vitamins for a month.
    Geez, you would have thought that I was not sleeping or eating right. I did not look very well.
    My diet is healthy, by the way. Lot’s of veggies, fruits, Salmon, nuts and grains. These are all obviously healthy foods to eat. But, I really feel that one has to overeat to get all of the nutrients that they need.

  24. I have had lupus since age twelve, but was not diagnosed until age twenty-eight. They kept telling me it was all in my mind. After finally being diagnosed the doctors gave me all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs and I came close to dying. Seeing myself going downhill and no help from them, I threw their drugs down the toilet and began treating myself with herbs, vitamins. minerals, and healthy food. I have not taken a pharmaceutical drug since then.
    I am now fiifty-five and am not healed of lupus, but do okay as long as I do not push myself.
    Pharmaceutical drugs almost killed me. The healthfood industry saved my life. I am forever grateful. They taught me how to avoid the chemicals in foods and how to, at least halfway, restore my health.
    Just for the record the things that help me most are raw garlic, uva ursi, hawthorn berries. white willow bark, and acidophilus.

  25. I have been supplementing for 37 years with no ill effects. Instead, I have had many benefits over the years, but recently I stopped a heart arrythmia with magnesium (relaxes heart muscle) & hawthorn extract (helps regulate the heart).
    I’ve also recently learned that some natural remedies are for RADIATION EXPOSURE. A few are 1) calcium/magnesium; 2) papaya tabs; 3) food grade clay such as bentonite; 4) DMSO; 5) Potassium orotate; 6) activated charcoal; etc.

  26. Over 10 years ago, I suffered knee pain every summer with the onset of baseball season. I started taking joint supplements glucosamine/chondroitin/hyaluronic acid as well as krill oil and D3, and have had pain-free – despite normal aging these many years! I know I’m slowing down, but being pain-free is wonderful!

  27. D’Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract cured me of Lyme disease within about 3-4 months, without the use of antibiotics. I also took extra Vit C and ate a very healthy diet.

  28. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2006. Once I Referenced the appropriate supplements needed to combat this auto immune disease, my RA Md is now a believer in Ubiquinoil Co-Q -10, Krill oil, Super Bio-Curcumin, Green Tea extract, 5000 IU’ S Vitamin D3, 300mg of Hyaluronic Acid, Grape seed with Resveratrol, and 4mg of Astaxanthin…..I am healthier than I was as a teenager, The Indosine, Methotraxate and other Big Pharma poisons made me feel worse, bloated, lose my hair and gave me such upset stomach aches I would rather die than return to that poison. What is even more disturbing is I’m a Medical professional and see the above natural supplements by-passed by other Doctors because there is no end of the year bonus for giving your patient’s all natural remedies.
    I am not against mainstream medicine and many people do need it. However, I am against the Medical people who know better but are only looking out for their bank account… not their patient’s benefit. Please people educate yourself.. and it would hurt to start out by investigation why you should never take a Flu shot!

  29. I’m 75 yrs. young and have been taking supplements of all types, capsules, caplets, liquids, etc. adjusting them to suit my own needs, for over 50 yrs. I have never had any kind of reaction to anything I have ever taken – bar none!! That includes all brands I have ever tried. At present I am taking liquid vitamins and minerals, fish oil capsules, vitamin d, calcium and other assorted herbs. I have been complimented on looking younger than my years, and on my salt & pepper hair, which is mostly pepper at my age.
    What I did get reaction to were Lipitor and Lyrica, drugs that were prescribed for my cholestrol & fibromyalgia. The reaction was so painful she sent me to physcial therapy because the muscles in my arms and legs were aching so badly. Come to find out that it was one of the symptoms of both the drugs I was on. Needless to say, I stopped taking both of them and the aching went away with time and therapy. Every day these drugs are advertised on TV with a caveat regarding their just one of their reactions – “sometimes fatal reactions may occur” – how scary is that? My doctor now knows that I will not take any drug that it prescribed for me, and that I will find an alternative instead. In fact, I am so healthy now that I see my doctor only once a year for my annual checkup. My four kids tell me, “Mom you’re going to live forever” you’re so healthy. Only God knows that – I just keep taking care of myself and stay away from drugs.
    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion regarding the supplements that have kept me going for all these years.
    Delores A. Hobart

  30. Herbs have helped me significantly with abcessed gums, conjunctivitis, constipation, insect bites, major and minor abrasions, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, rashes, sore muscles, carpal tunnel, toothaches, headaches, backaches, earaches, abdominal pain, insominia, nervousness and general inflamation.

  31. Ithe problem is the knowledge base. Because supplements are looked down upon by main stream, the proper use of supplements is absent. I have experienced great benefits by targeting supplements to certain issues…for the first time in my life my fingernails are not brittle since using vitamin K. Serotonin issues have been resolved using L- tryptophan. Skin wounds heal quickly using vitamin E oil. These are significant positive changes. Some supplements that seemed to have no effect I stopped taking. No different than medications that had negative effects, I stopped taking. One difference, supplements aren’t addictive, at least none that I have taken, and some of the medications are. I got trapped by psychotropic medications that I am now seriously addicted to. The sad part is there was no information or follow up of any kind so I had to research on my own. Got off one (benzodiazepine) thanks to doctor Heather Ashton in England and am having a heck of a time trying to get off the antidepressant.

  32. The media is wrong. Vitamins and herbal supplements give me the energy and vitality I need daily. I can tell a difference when I haven’t been taking them regularly, and believe me, it isn’t good. I get moodier and less focused, and I have a harder time coping with stressful situations. I still need to take certain medications, but my supplements enhance them and improve my overall well-being. The government and media have no right to take away these essentials.

  33. I have published a book titled “Miracle, How to Rebuild Your Heart” It’s
    about my personal experience with Congestive Heart Failure and what I
    did with supplements to strengthen my heart muscle and improve my health.
    It cantains a full list of the supplements I use and a reference section for them.
    This book can also be used as a guide for Prevention.
    My cardiologist calls me “Miracle”, thus the title of my book.
    My website is
    and a Blog Radio interview I did is here:
    My purpose is to promote my book and bring Hope to those with heart problems.
    I don’t have any compensation relationships with the products I recommend, except for Simplexity Blue Green Algae.
    I am published on Kindle and it’s an Amazon Best Seller.
    And I am published with, for distribution to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony and others.

  34. 12/21/2010: Ken from Henderson, Nv, Usa: “My experience.. Back around 1985 my knees had to be replaced. The cartiledge had worn away, and jagged bone was scraping on bone. Best known Dr. in Boston, Ma took xrays. (BRUINS & CELTICS DR. ) both I and my wife saw the xrays. Got a 2nd opinion from specialist in Lowell, Ma. Same diagnosis same xrays. Looked very bad. I COULD HARDLY WALK UP STAIRS AT all, Knees hurt so bad. No tennis, racketball, waterskiing, skating, no nothing. Bone against bone in both knees. Went home and on line found a study being done at harvard univ. They gave ground up chicken cartiledge to patients about to get knee replacments. They reported amazing reversal of knee problems.
    It took about 2 months for some pain to go away… So I started taking 4 packets of KNOX GELATIN in orange juice every day. After 60 days I saw improvement starting. At six months I could climb stairs and run around with a frisbee with my kids. At one year I felt back to normal. About ten years ago I fell on my shoulder and it was xrayed in winchester, Ma. I told the doctor about my knee problem, he asked if he could xray my knees, and he did. HE POINTED OUT TO ME ALL THE WHITE CARTILEDGE IN MY KNEE JOINTS. He stated emphatically that I never had a knee problem in my knees.
    I am now almost 70 and my knees are perfect. I know people who suffered with knee pain and knox gelatin made their pain go away. I still take one packet every week or two. I actually told Knox about how it effected my knees, but they wern’t interested. (I know there is a lot of money made with knee surgery today. ) So basic it’s hard to beleive. If I can help anyone who has a knee problem, explain what I did, email me at kenpratt1(at)gmail(dot)com. I’m not looking for anything. If I can help one person I’ll be very happy….. Please try it. It is practically free(the knox is so cheap at the food store) email me. I am no doctor, but I have great knees. Also if you have used knox let me know how it worked for you. MAYBE WE CAN HELP SOME OTHERS……….. KEN”

  35. I have several things that have helped.
    1. St. John’s Wort – within 1-2 days at 300 mg tid, I have a much much better grip on my mood with less irritability, frustration, and sadness WITHOUT the side effects of prescribed antidepressants which always take at least 4 weeks for me to see any kind of effect and I wind up with very strong heart palpitations. I actually had an ER visit because of them – turned out I was having premature ventricular contractions.
    2. Melatonin – again used intermittently, but I can fall asleep much faster and sleep sounder with 1-2 mg. No addiction potential, either.
    3. Recently started taking a preparation for adrenal support with calming agents and adaptogens in it. I can deal with the frustrations of my job typing medical reports much more easily and, again, find myself sleeping much better.
    4. Not to mention natural vitamins from phytonutrients – much less spillage in my urine equalling much more physical support.

  36. I completely overcame environmental illness with nothing but diet and Chinese herbs. It used to be, about 25+ years ago, that if I held a newspaper, inhaled the smells of new-made clothes, sat in a room with a new carpet or if a car drove by….that I would instantly go tongue-tied, spacey and my hands went numb. I could move my arms but they felt to me like phantoms, ghosting along. It was the spookiest feeling in the world. I was so fatigued that I was asleep more than I was awake.
    All that changed with a Chinese herbal product (a group of the products, together supporting different body systems) and a Candida diet. we also (with doctor’s guidance) addressed thyroid imbalance and supported my adrenals with the herbs, while also cleansing the liver.
    I kicked the illness, almost in full.
    What do I mean by almost in full? I mean…..I can go down the detergent aisle and have absolutely no symptoms. Cars go by: Ditto. Nothing. Nada. It’s only if I swallow…..pills…from BigPharma…that I get truly ill and not just sick. Some hyper-responses to other things too that I swallow, but the external environmental responses are long since behind me. Supporting the gut lining with herbs is reducing the sensitivity to swallowed things too. There is no doubt in my mind that herbs have been my source of improvement.

  37. My elderly cat (19) was starting to suffer from bursitis; his poor back in a permanent arch. I bought glucosamine/chondroitin for him and within 6 weeks his back straightened out. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t personally witnessed it.
    A couple months after that, I’d started a new job that required that I be on my feet and climbing a lot. At 42, my knees were shot every night. I used capascin creams and anti-inflammatories, but every night I was in pain.
    I ran into an old acquaintance who had recently taken up running. We discussed my problem and he advised me to take the glucosamine and wait a month or so.
    Almost exactly 5 weeks later, I came home and went to the medicine cabinet like usual. Then I noticed something – my knees did not hurt!
    I was excited, pleased to no end and I strongly urge everyone to consider this supplement when they become older and things start to hurt.

  38. It is time to let people live their lives and decide for themselves what is good for them.

  39. A friend of mine was diagnosed with aspergillus, and after researching I came upon the book published by Dr Cass Ingram. In it he tells how oil of oregano will kill the aspergllus. Hard to think that this was a fact because the drugs normally used have very bad side effects, whereas Oil of Oregano has none. Suffice it to say that after taking some P73 Oil of Oregano the problem did not show up on further testing. Amazing.

  40. My first experience with supplements occurred when I was only 16 years old. My dentist told me my gums were in such terrible shape, that I would lose all my teeth. I read something about vitamin C helping with this, so I started taking them and soon, my gums were fine.
    Then I would get daily headaches and my mother had the same problem. She told me to take B-1 every day. Almost immediately the headaches stopped.
    More recently I started having serious intestinal problems and found out I could no longer eat a number of foods due to leaky gut. After supplementing my diet with glutamine, slippery elm bark, marshmallow, green super foods, flax seed oil, DGL, digestive enzymes, etc., my problem is gone.
    I also had my amalgam fillings taken out and did a heavy metal detox with chlorella and cilantro extract, and a number of skin eruptions disappeared from my back, hands, and arms.
    These are just the major health issues I’ve used supplements for and have not included minor cures such as colds, allergies, dry skin, cuts, bruises, pms, etc.
    I will always, always seek out natural cures before ever considering prescription medication.

  41. I woke up a number of years ago with Bell’s Palsey.Thanks to my manager from Nature’s Sunshine,in 3 weeks it was gone.
    The docs tried to give me prednisone and I told them to shove it.
    Years later, I had an infected tooth.The dentist gave me a scrip for an antibiotic which I did not fill.I promptly went home and opened a bottole an immune booster I use,and in a week it was gone and the dentist just said Oh.
    Supplements work,and big pharma knows it.Why do you think they are quietly buying all the vitamin companies. Just get ready,Codex here we come.

  42. I actually have several stories but this one will suffice for now. My aunt was seeing black spots and the Dr. told her it was caused by small cysts on the back of her eyes which had burst and left scar tissue. He said there was nothing that could be done. I told her to take vitamin a and e with it , she did and the black spots went away, her extremely dry skin and cuticles also became much improved. She said for the first time in years she didn’t itch all over and she actually had cuticles. She went back to the Dr. who asked her what she had done because the scars and cysts were gone, she told him and he told her not to take anymore of the a because it could be toxic. She stopped and her eyes stayed ok but the dry skin and lack of cuticles came back. She was afraid to take supplements after that.

  43. Saying that supplements are of no value is a bunch of hooey! My doctors perscribe vitamins to me to take care of fiberous cysts, cholestrol, and the side effects of cholestrol medications. And I would not go a day without them, and I can tell when I skip a day or two. Thanks for being there for us alliance!

  44. I had bone on bone in my knees, very painful. The doctor talked about surgery. I decided to take MSM caps (from a company called Flora- I find they are best) and gllucosamine and chondroitin. It took a while, but no knee surgery. My knees are not perfect, but I still get around.

  45. The only supplement that has shown me visible effects right away and changed my life is vitamin D3. I have been taking it for over 3 years and during our brutal winters, I no longer suffer from any bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, flu, or anything like that, even if other people are coughing or sneezing right next to me. If I get anything, it would be very mild and last for only 3 days, where in the past, I had symptoms for several weeks. I started taking a daily dose of 5000 IU before, but 10000 IU work even better, at least during the 9 months of winter when it is very hard to get any sun in Cleveland, Ohio.

  46. I work with autistic children in many schools within our district. I’m constantly bombarded by different illnesses. I have hardly missed a day of work because of illness since using different supplements to strengthen my immune system and removed toxins from my body. Pharmaceuticals only poison my body and the food supply is so tainted with pesticide and other toxic residue. Supplements have proven themselves as safe and effective in my world.

  47. I have heart arrhythmia and supplements have improved it immensely. I also used a supplement to fight cancer and it did a wonderful job for me. We need to figure out how to defeat these money mongers who want it all, without killing them.

  48. After 20 years of on-and-off depression, I finally experienced feeling normal all the time when I began eating a form of algae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, called Omega Sun(R). The alga grows in an almost pure stand in Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon. This particular product is harvested and processed by Simplexity Health. It’s referred to as Super Blue Green Algae(R). The depression only returned when I stopped taking the algae for a month and a half. I resumed taking it and the depression again disappeared. It’s now been 17 years since I first started with Omega Sun(R) and I’ll continue for the rest of my life.

  49. In 1992 I was so sick that I could not go outside due to my enlarged liver, enlarged kidney, allergic bronchitial asthma that my MD wanted to put me on steroid, and western medicine. I told him that I will find an alternative practioner and see him in a month. I had a dream which herbalist/ND I should go to see. One week later I went to a health food store. I saw an employee working under a ND, and I went to her. One week later she opened her own business to practice as a herbalist. She has awesome gift that I was under her for 1995. I could go back to work a full time job. I did go back to see my MD about 2 months later after I walked out w/o steroid and medicines. He was so surprised and said I did not need steroid and medicine. I told him that I had been under a herbalist from El Salvadar. She saved my life. Dr said he felt that I walked everyday that helped. I told him I could not walk outside at all due to bad smog in southern california where I lived 20 miles from coast. I have been taking herbs what I need to take as needed for different ailments for 20 years now. I am very healthy and stay away from Western Medicine! Thanks! JSR

  50. Without going into a whole lot of talk, i will say that since 1983 i and my family have not gone to regular MDs for antibiotics and drugs since we took the time to learn about truly natural care. As soon as we start to sense oncoming sickness we start our homeopathic, or other natural treatment in the comfort of our home. . . No fuel used, no doctor bill and then a referral bill. Just wellness! Everyone can learn, read, study. We are young and super energetic now. I am 63 and STAY healthy. VIOXX KILLED 60,000. IF 1 herb killed 1person you would never see it on a shelf again!

  51. I am 82 years young and have taken supplements since my first pregnancy in 1953. I do not take
    or need to take any medications. I read many health articles to keep informed.
    I read labels when I shop and stay away from all prepared packaged foods (with all the chemicals
    in them that encourage your taste buds to eat more).

  52. I feel that my supplements have helped me quite a bit over the years, I am 70 years old now, I haven’t had a cold or lost any time off from work in the last 30 years, I don’t get any flue shots or anything from mainstrream medicine, I don’t take any medications, or over the counter medication. I have a little arthritis, or than that I am in pretty good heath, thanks to me supplements.

  53. I’ve taken multiple vitamins and B complex religiously for years. I take the multiple in the AM & the other in the PM, ideally. It is my belief that they have helped me maintain my “temple” at an optimum level. I don’t get sick very often, as I approach my 6th decade. It would be wonderful if all were able to have their blood analyzed to see exactly what they were deficient in, at an affordable rate! GOD only knows if I would have been as healthy if I hadn’t taken the vitamins. No wonder it is the thriving industry that it is, in the long run I’ve invested quite a bit, but what better investment is there to make? It is my firm belief that I’ve benefited from the vitamins. As is said, ” Physician heal Thyself”…there usually is nobody that knows our bodies better than ourselves…We just have to pay real good attention!

  54. I, like you ,am SO tired of being told MY knowledge is “anecdotal”(=worthless) ,even though it tallies with the experiences of 37,000 (yes 1,000x 37!) while “their science” (based on as few as 6 children) is valid.!!!???………
    So, who am I?……I’m the mother of a recovered (yes-recovered) autistic son (=vaccine damaged) who agrees with the DAN questionaire data bank completed by 37,000 other parents ….that supplements/chelation/diet helps our kids …….from “neutral” to “very much” to “fully recovered”.
    Of course, MSM (mainstream media) won’t even publish any of our letters/articles about our successes unless it accidentally slips through their BigMed/BigPharma masters’ net.
    Cynical? Yep!
    Meanwhile …… my adult children continue to recover from CFS, PCOS, insulin resistance, Irritable bowel etc……..I have totally rejected Statins, Fosimax (for my “high” cholesterol and thin bones),
    and am treating myself with minerals, food/nutrition and supplements……..I am yet to have another test (to monitor my progress,which ironically requires a Dr) but I can assure anyone who asks………..MOST of the BigPharma drugs have such serious side effects that I will use them ONLY for acute conditions and I will NO longer take the word of an MD on anything!
    Luckily, my children (all 5 of them) have learnt (the hard way like me) not to trust BigMed either and are spreading the word via their friends and extended families .Isn’t it amazing how recovering
    one’s health grabs the attention of people closest to you far more than the slickest BigPharma advertising campaign?!

  55. I grew up eating fairly good food. Home grown veggies, bread, and local eggs & meats..& lots of dairy.
    I was ‘allergic’ to the changes of season, getting serious bronchial disorders, ear aches, and sore throats
    twice a year. I missed a lot of school.
    Later after becoming a vegetarian it got a little better, but I still was affected by
    the allergy seasons, and like many youths, chronically tired.
    When I was in my twenties, I worked in green houses, growing plants, and using chemicals like anywhere else then. At some point it was like my immune system flat lined. I was sick with bronchitis or strep throat at the same time, and very ill. I went to my Dr. who had become interested in ‘natural foods’, and was advocating supplements, chelated minerals, and a naturopathic approach. He made me list all the foods I ate, and promptly told me I was ‘vitamin deficient’,.. recommending a list of vitamins. He skipped the antibiotic, and said I should be in better health within 2 weeks.. or call back.
    Well, I was well. Feeling better, and more clear in many years. Also, I never got strep throat, or bronchitis ever again; except when I thought I was ‘too poor’ to keep buying supplements. Needless to say, I have kept up, and altered along the way, my vitamins, while educating myself about nutrition, supplemental products, and natural health. It is my life long practice to continue learning, and upgrading my supplements. In 35+ years, I am rarely sick. My health & life quality depends on it.

  56. I have been using Nutrilite supplements for decades. I just turned forty last fall and my three children, ages 4,8 and 11, still can not keep up with my energy through the day. Annually I have full blood work done with my physical and my doctor is aways commenting how I have better blood than most people half my age. I have had deep muscle tears, sprains and strains that heal in a fraction of the time it takes most people to heal. I eat well, but I’m not militant with my diet. I get regular exercise doing yard work, tree-work, waterskiing, snow boarding and playing with my children. People often comment on my youthful appearance and energy. I attribute my health to consistent, deliberate focused nutrition through daily high-quality supplementation.

  57. I have taken a multi-vitamin and other supplements fairly regularly the biggest part of my adult life. I am now 82 and a half. I definitely believe nutritional supplements have played a big part in my longevity. How could it be otherwise that you are what you eat, and digest?

  58. my bloodpressure is down, my glucose is way down, my circulation is much better. all thanks to supplements. no drugs….my heart is drugs…..I have had 2 stroks & my brain is almost back to normal, what ever you want to call normal, no drugs…..just supplements…….if they are not working, what is….

  59. The Media say supplements have no benefit? Forgive my French, but my 40+ years using supplements say BS! to that whopper. Worse, the ultra conservative corporately owned media (all media, newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, etc.) have become the greatest propaganda machine in history. Turned into slaves (bad slaves at that) of overly rich corporations and too big to fail special interests which are using the BIG LIE and their BOOGEYMAN MACHINE to scare us into agreeing to make supplements prescription so they can charge the big bucks. When did we consumers become the enemy? Nothing more than cash cows to be milked dry.
    I’m 76 years old. Look and act 15-20 years younger. No wrinkles anywhere. No aches. No pains. A full head of silver hair. Never sick. The only time I had the flu was 18 years ago when I was talked into getting a flu shot. (That’s when I learned I’m allergic to flu vaccine.) And if it weren’t for three spinal rebuilds (the result of 50 years in the film business) I would have the sustaining energy of a 35-year old. As it is, I can still easily put in a full days work shooting my own films and treking a few hours in the Rocky Mountains near our home in Grand Lake Colorado. (At 8,500 feet where oxygen is in short supply.) I take 8 supplements each morning upon rising. Haven’t missed a day since the late 1960s when I started using supplements daily. I credit my excellent health, great immune system, and boundless energy to supplements. Experience trumps propaganda every time.

  60. 19 years ago I was experiencing such severe joint pain that I had to quit my job. When I went to the doctor I was told that because rheumatoid arthritis was in my family (my older sister had it) it was inevitable that I too was destined for this. I was terrified of the drugs for this disease that he told me I would soon be on (I saw the devastating affects it had on my sister) so I went home not knowing what to do. Fortunately I was introduced at that time to a line of supplements (Shaklee) that I began to take religiously ~ my symptoms went away and here I am 19 years later, completely prescription-free. I greet each day without pain and am enjoying spending quality time with my grandchildren as well as have my own business. Those supplements changed my life and gave me a career in health (I represent these products so that I can share a healthy lifestyle with others) That is my story.

  61. we use glucosamine sulfate for joint pain along with MSM also. my wife uses wild yams for her lack of hormones. it took all her pain away when she had her ovaries removed.

  62. I have been using supplements since age 10. When I don’t take them is when I notice the HUGE difference, lack of energy, physical & psychological stress symptoms, poor sleep, pain from fibromyalgia, constipation etc. Ability to focus and retain information for exams enhanced with supplements.
    Although all parents and grandparents had heart conditions and all but Mom has died from same, I have NO markers for heart disease. Eye doctor says my eyes are as clear today as any 25 y.o. woman and I’ve been on this earth a good 20 + more years. Bilberry 1,000mg each day makes a huge difference.
    As for educating myself, best book I’ve been using more than 20 years is “Prescription For Nutritional Healing” by Balch. Learn how the human body works, remember you are the only one living in that body and trust your intuition when applying the knowledge. Take the time to do the research. Everything we experience in life is through the prism of our body’s chemistry. We are responsible (ability to respond) for what choices we make to optimize our full potential.

  63. Just the beginning – I’ve balanced my nutritional needs at last -having energy, sound digestive system, and average weight. I’ve gone from anxiety and depression to meditation, walking, focus, and new practices to direct my energy. I’ve gone from stress about food, blotchy skin, poor nails to feeling hunger and satiation. I’ve gone from emotional tension in sex to self- respect and full physical pleasure. I’ve rid myself of junk food, anti depressants, cheap synthetic vitamins, appetite suppressants, desperation, anger, emotional mood swings.

  64. I have a patient who was taking chemo and radiation for throat cancer. After his wife saw that he would not survive the brutal onslaught of this conventional treatment, she decided to discontinue it and took her husband home. My heart sank when I saw him for the first time. He could not hold himself on his feet, he threw up all he tried to eat, he had not eaten anything for 3 weeks, some of his organ functions were shutting down. The hospital staff had insisted to start tube-feeding him. Desperate for saving her husband, the wife asked me to be in charge of their cooking and feeding him with mostly raw food and supplements according to my choice. The man quit throwing up in 3 days and was able to eat liquid food for another 12 days. The body functions started to work, he began to gain weight and his mood is normal now. After about 6 weeks of natural treatment and detoxification from the hospital ordeal, he is all chipper, he is eating coarse food, and is physically active. Last week he helped me to carry a desk down the stairway…

  65. My family has been using supplements for well over 15 years now. As a matter of fact, we NEVER use any OTC or Pharmaceutical drugs at all. Supplements are our way of CORRECTING everything that may go astray in our bodies. We have cured everything from cancer (our dog) to hypothyroidism, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding, vitiligo, bronchitis, pink eye, ADHD, asthma, vision loss, carpal tunnel, and allergies. That is just to name a few. As a matter of fact, the ONLY time we have gone to a MD is to get paperwork signed and a couple of physicals. I have a supplement/herb chest instead of a medicine chest. We do not have ANY medical issues at all and if something would arise, I am quite sure it can be cured by just going to my supplement chest or by visiting our natural physician. That is just how we live. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  66. My wife and I are 82 years of age and take no and I mean NO poison drugs pushed by the FDA(murder for corporate profits inc), but do take vitamins, herbs and other healthy holistic items. We have seen & received the pressures from AMA/Pharmaceutical trained Doctors to take useless poison drugs which we had no need for. I do a lot of research on any drug prescribed and would evaluate the pros and cons and most times I find the drug kills rather than heals. Presently I teach classes on healthy cooking and how to stay away from the poisons processed foods that the FDA allows for profit which make one sick and in the end die early under great pain and stress. In the end I do hope all out there love eating the plastic and chemically filled breads, plus other products and all for profits to the food processors, so the money can be spend buying out your corrupt Government, Senators and Representative. I know this to be true as I have written many letters and did many calls with backup information, but because my so call government has sold out for his or her 30 pieces of Blood Stained Silver.


  68. I have been taking psyullum for a high chlosterol, which has dropped 200 points, and it never got normal in 2 years on statins.

  69. Supplements (and good doctors) saved my life when I was misdiagnosed with cancer. After going through radiation and a couple of chemo sessions before I said, “NO MORE!”, I turned to a homeopathic physician and a nutritionist. They started me on the path to healing and discovered what the root of my illness was. Meanwhile, I received a certified letter from the AMA oncology lads stating that I was in immediate danger of death if I didn’t return for some of their “therapy.” To this day, they still believe I had cancer and refuse to acknowledge that I am alive 4 years down the road.
    Personally, I believe that supplements are most useful when used in combination with a skilled professional. But I will acknowledge that many people have educated themselves on the proper use of supplements and anyone should have the ability to decide for themselves whether or not they make the decision to use a supplement or ask a professional for advice. I will dose myself with echinacea and cranberry extract for an assortment of reasons, but that’s where I draw the line. I want assistance for anything more than a bladder infection or a cold. An internet blog doesn’t cut it. Good doctors and nutritionists can cure a rainy day with supplements if given the chance.
    Should the FDA (the most dangerous organization in America) make supplements illegal, I will buy them from another country. No problem. This can’t be stopped. We’re a global economy, remember? It’sthe Feds that insisted we become a global economy, so they need to learn to live with it. And with our own government becoming so oppressive, I have to admit, the global economy is one of the last freedoms I’m able to enjoy.

  70. It’s all about $$$$$!!!!! I don’t know if I could function, let alone be alive today without the supplements I get from my Naturopath. I took over 30 different Rxs over a period of 12yrs for depression/anxiety/bipolar (I believe now it was a misdiagnosis because NONE of the meds every helped me!!!), plus more than 35 antibiotics in 4 yrs for recurrent bronchial infections (non-smoker). ALL Glory to God & the natural supplements He put on this earth, I am healing. I TRUSTED my Dr’s, yet was never told of the horrible side effects from the meds I was put on. I gained over 100lbs & I’m still having trouble losing it after 6 yrs of being off all meds. My adrenals, thyroid, immune system were so messed up, but they are slowly, but surely healing without meds. Now, when I get sick (respiratory), the duration is much, much shorter & it’s getting longer & longer in between the times I get sick. Before, I was sick every 2-3mths & stayed sick for weeks at a time. I have been FREE from antibiotics for over 2 yrs now!!!! I’m thankful for the Alliance for Natural Health….keep educating people about natural healing!!!!!

  71. I have personally beat stage 4 cancer naturally and greatly improved other conditions with herbs and other supplements. I have and continue to help others do the same thing.
    I have encouraged those I have helped to comment here as well.

  72. Let me count the ways.
    1. I look 20 years younger than my 78 years.
    2. Reversed osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis
    3. Reversed BPH so my prostate is back to normal
    4. Reversed diminishing libido, sure don’t need viagra type drugs.
    5. The only drug I take is Imodium AD for occasional Diahrrhea
    6. Reversed wrinkled skin.
    7. Reversed and prevented hair loss
    8. Reversed Aged Related vision loss.
    9. Reversed Age Related Hearing loss
    10. Cured my 50 year addiction to smoking.
    11. And last but not least, reversed and prevented virtually ALL so called Age Related disorders

  73. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  74. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  75. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  76. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  77. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  78. I am diabetic…I am 71 years old…the only thing between me and heaven is herbal supplements and vitamins. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner and my extensive research has shown that supplements are not only effective but necessary for optimum health for some people.

  79. Improvement of memory functions using both Gingko Biloba and Vinpocetine.

  80. I have been able to get off of several RX meds. By using high doses of vit. C with quercertin and bromeline I got off of 2 asthma inhalers. I got off of GERD meds with supplements and I also treat my milk goats with supplements, herbs and any natural means possible.
    If we loose the ability to have supplements and herbal items we will be in big trouble, BIG trouble.

  81. The whole idea that supplements have no benefit is an outrjght lie and the medical establishment and big Pharma clearly know this but they perpetrate it the for their greedy intentions. Clearly studies through the years have documented these benefits. These studies have been compiled from institutes from all over the world and to deny the validity of these studies is an outright lie and any sane and intelligent person knows this. People like myself who at one time in our lives were using pharmacueticals to little or no effect only to switch to natural diets and supplements and experience outstanding health improvements. To allow a rogue agency like the FDA to deny us the truth and access to natural health is traitorous behavior towards the citizens of America and that agency needs to be abolished and replaced with an honest agency with the sole intention of protecting the health and free choice of the American people!!! The FDA however are the puppets to big Pharma and big Agra who do not care about the health of this great nation of ours.

  82. Supplements have helped me tremendously! I’m still on the mend right now, but Candisol and Syntol have really helped with my candida problem. I haven’t even been on them for very long yet and already I am seeing results. Thyroid Helper and Adrenal Support Formula are also helping with the tiredness I was constantly feeling. Protein shakes (isolates, not concentrates) really help with energy, too. And Natural Calm keeps things moving through my intestines. These are not the only ones I use – I would not want to be without my supplements! Please keep fighting to keep them available to us!

  83. I have had a chronic potassium deficiency (intracellular) since 1994. Symptoms (inabllity of the muscles, eg in hands and feet to relax) are relsolve with as little a 1/3 the daily minimun ot potassium or about 1000 mg, but ONLY ONE TENTH OF THIS AMOUNT or 3% OF MDR (!!!) is availavble as a mineral supplement!, so I would have to take at least 10 pills to get symptomatic relief. For several years I used neutra-phos K, but this is expensive, requires a prescription, and is not covered by insurance because it (ie the potassiumn) is abailable over the counter!
    Thank goodness I found online fantastic supplement that provides not all my daily potassium needs but also other ingredients for healthy and strong muscles. If not for the supplement industry I would simply feel screwed by my government.

  84. Five years ago I learned about three treatments that cured my son of Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety; and cured myself of anxiety, ADD, other low thyroid symptoms and chronic arthritis in my hip.
    The problems were: candida yeast overgrowth causing protein deficiency, leaky gut syndrome causing my low thyroid and arthritis, and iodine deficiency causing low thyroid and heavy metal toxicity.
    I learned that iodine was fear-mongered by the WHO (engineered by a Rockefeller) and subsequently removed from bread supplementation throughout the 1960s and 1970s causing a moderate deficiency. This caused many problems: heavy metal toxicity, low thyroid, pathogen problems (aids, lymes, venereal diseases), problems in reproductive organs, toxicity of synthetic molecules (some of which imitate estrogen causing problems in reproductive organs), plus cancer rates went up.
    High fructose corn syrup (introduced in 1979) greatly contributed to candida yeast overgrowth. Before that, if you got a bad case of yeast overgrowth (like me from colic) you were stuck with it for life since doctors didn’t treat the intestinal flora. A small case went away by itself. But now with HFCS, just a little yeast will stay and grow into alot of yeast. Candida yeast interferes with protein building and causes leakage which will impact itself somewhere and cause inflammation.
    All symptoms and diseases are caused by protein deficiency and/or inflammation and they all start in the digestive tract. So says pharmaceutical health care and holistic health care. But, since there isn’t any money in cleansing and detoxing, pharmaceutical/insurance industries don’t treat it. Holistic health care treats this first.
    Also, all disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Our biggest mineral problem now is iodine, but all minerals are deficient since we don’t eat sea vegetables and land vegetables are poor in minerals.
    The solution to poor quality health care is to get rid of MANDATORY PARTICIPATION. I pay $770 for mandatory participation HMO healthcare and if it were up to my son’s ex-neurologist, he would still have autism and for the rest of his life. It cost less than $100 to cure it, plus practitioner fee/book. We are supposed to have the right to police business practices by taking our money elsewhere, that is why it is in the constitution.
    As long as we have mandatory participation, we are stuck with refills and the $26,000-marked-up chemotherapy…

  85. The most recent way supplements have helped me is with dry eye problems. I suffered for two months just using eye drops and then I emailed an awesome ophthalmologist where I used to live who recommended taking 2G fish oil, 1G each primrose and flax oil with a meal each day. I added eyebright and after about 10 days the problem is pretty much cleared up. I was having to remove my contac lenses early in the day and now I can wear them until midnight again. I also used supplements hawthorn, olive leaf, garlic and grape seed extract to keep my blood pressure in check. I started with high doses (2 pills ea, 3xday) a few years ago and now with some weight loss and increased exercise thrown in I am down to 1 pill each a day for maintenance and my blood pressure is 115/70 down from 145/95. By using supplements regularly (elderberry, beta-glucans, vitamin D and C) for building my immune system I have not had a single cold or flu in 4 years. About two years ago I used cranberry and d-mannose to clear up a bladder infection. I regularly use homeopathic ruta grav to stop carpel tunnel in its tracks when it flares up. For headaches and other aches and pains I use Valerian, Bromelain and an all herbal muscle relaxer. Last year I used DIM, Melatonin, Cumin and D-Glucarate to alleviate some issues that I had due to high estrogen. I also use bio-identical plant-based progesterone cream for menopause issues. No pharmaceuticals for me! Most of these things I have diagnosed myself, found solutions through the internet and when applicable got testing through the alternative medicine system. I should also mention that not once during all of my usage of supplements did I suffer any side effects. I was able to solve my problems and then wean off the supplements without any issues whatsoever. I should also note that I do not have health insurance so it is important to keep healthy, judicious use of supplements make sure that I do.

  86. I could site numerous examples, but the most specific and direct example of how supplements had a healing effect in my family is this: Our daughter was a sophomore in HS. She couldn’t get out of bed, was lethargic, couldn’t sleep at night, slept in the AM’s, etc. I ended up home schooling her because of this. I finally went to a holistic doctor 2 hours away from our home. He diagnosed that her GI tract was dead from the over use of antibiotics during her childhood (and I was very against antibiotics and only used them when absolutely necessary). He “prescribed” a stomach acid, several herbs and vitamins, and after 9+ months of going to mainstream doctors and having no results, within 3 days (yes, DAYS), we had our daughter back. God bless alternative medicines and vitamins. She is now 28 and living a very full live in Colorado.

  87. I am 72 years old, have been taking supplements for the last 40 years, have not been sick or to a doctor in 38 years. I also have been taking homeopathic tinctures, flower essences, herbs, etc. As we all know, medical drugs have all side effects and most people get sicker because of the side effects. Why take something artificial if nature has a cure for everything, yes, I emphasize, everything.If people knew about this they would bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry. I am sure the day will come. People need the education to understand that there are other ways.

  88. I was told to take vitamin E by a gynocologist back in 1989, I still take about 1000 IU a day, I take calcium, vitamin D, C a mutivitamin, I take omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and coQ-10. Vitamions are lie exercise, when you don’t do it you feel crappy.

  89. In the 90s I was diagnosed with fibroids so large the OBGYN recommended an immediate hysterectomy because they were going to impact my kidneys and bladder soon. I refused to get the surgery and looked into supplements. I changed my diet and started using supplements to shrink my fibroids. They are smaller and I am healthier, I lost 5 pounds of fibroid weight. I still have all of my parts, no surgery necessary. In 1999 I was diagnosed with asthma and told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. I was also told that if I didn’t take this medication I would die. I went to a chiropractor and got adjusted, instantly I could breathe better. I still had asthma so I found supplements that treat the asthma and I have lived medication free since 2002. I have had no hospitalizations from asthma or anything else. I have lost weight and feel so much better since I started taking care of my own health care. My allergies are a minor annoyance now where they used to stop my life. I owe it all to supplements, my own research and persistance in caring for myself.

  90. I cannot put my finger on the benefits I have recd from my supplements however I am 79 yrs old & my husband is 84 and neither of us use pharmaceuticals & are in excellent condition. We are alive and thriving and healthy Perhaps we wld both be 6 ft under without the help of vitamins & herbs & supplements As it is we shall continue as we have in the past I began taking supplements in the 1950s and am a testament to their efficacy

  91. In 1994, I was diagnosed with State 3 breast cancer. After surviving chemotherapy – including a stem cell transplant, I went to a naturopath for help in building my body, taking the right calcium, etc. My gynecologist had told me to eat a few Tums every day, because that would satisfy my calcium needs. My naturopath has been the doctor I go to when western medicine fails me. His supplement recommendations always heal, of course, with no side effects. Our daughter is a naturopath in Sydney, Australia. Australians have the sense and progressive thought to put in their bodies that which helps and will not potentially harm them. The French are the same. The regressive thought in our country is frightening!

  92. I started taking Nazanol about three years ago and I am approaching 20 consecutive months without an upper respiratory infection after having three to five per year.
    I have found Nazonol to be great at promoting sinus drainage so there’s less opportunity for an infection to get started.

  93. DMSO with potassium iodide or iodine triclhoride topically for pain, hypthyrodism, lipomas, and the list goes on.
    Coconut oil for just about everything inside and out.
    Peroxide for mouth wash.
    Essential oil (clary sage) for deodorant.
    Open source everything. Patents are tools the controllers use.

  94. I am taking a supplement called Empower Plus made by Truehope in Canada. It contains B vitamins, amino acids, and some herbs. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2006. This supplement, along with psychotherapy, has helped me to get back on track after suffering debilitating problems from psychiatric drugs, including seroquel, lithium, zyprexa, trileptal, and abilify. These psychiatric drugs messed up the entire balance of my body, causing hair loss, sleep problems, anxiety, neurological problems, and terrible muscle pain (like fibromyalgia). I suffered from lithium toxicity when I got the swine flue (H1N1) in 2009. I had brain damage including dysarthia (speech problems) and severe vertigo from lithium toxicity. After I suffered the brain damage, other psychiatric drugs caused severe dizziness, making me disabled.
    The Empower Plus supplement has helped to balance the chemistry of my brain and I am leading a normal, healthy and productive life once again.

  95. That is ridiculous. I am very sensitive to meds, so I often try to find alternatives. And they help. I have a doctor who was a Family Practioner and is now specialized in Enviornmental Medicine. He has got me through so many things. Using standard meds sometimes, and sometimes supplements.

  96. Among other things, the right supplement helped me lower my total cholesterol 112 points and raise my good cholesterol at the same time. Just as important as the cholesterol lowering is the fact that constant inflammatory state of my body is history. At 59, I am in the best health of my life!

  97. It’s hard to count the ways! I’m 71 years old, not on any medications and have been on natural supplements steady for the past 6-7 years. During that time, I’ve not required antibiotics, no sinus infections, and if I felt I was catching a cold, I just upped the supplements and maybe had a one day cold. Life is good. Also, since I’ve been on the supplements my eye sight has gotten better, as my reading eyesight had started to go as it usually does when you get older. I’ve gone from needing correction at -175 when I started, to where I can read all but the really fine print without correction at all! I must add, I trust my supplements and the 55 year old company they are coming from… I encourage all to vet their supplements and sources thoroughly. Anne (aka My Green Living Coach

  98. On my blood test report, it stated that I had a high CRP “high risk for a coronary”. I had a nagging pain in my left shoulder, and was getting blood clots in my right groin. After taking nattokinase, my pain vavished and I don’t get the blood clots anymore.
    I cured my severe allergies, and am in the process of curing all my cancers, but I’m too terrified of the FDA to publish what supplements I’m using. I’m affraid they’ll declare them unapproved drugs and have them taken off the market like they did the effective humane cancer treatment Laetrile.
    I use many other wonderful supplements. I’m sure I’d be dead without my supplements.

  99. I have completely healed my osteoarthritis with Glucosamine and Chondroitin,
    I have treated adrenal insufficiency with several supplements.
    I am currently treating my mother’s Alzheimer with numerous supplements. These include many antioxidants. She takes absolutely no drugs and has not suffered any negative side effects from these supplements. She suffered terribly from statins.
    Both my mother and I have had excellent health except for her Alzheimers. Supplements have been a great benefit to our health.

  100. A few years ago, I developed a condition in my thumb where I could not bend it all, big knot formed at the base – tried acupuncture – was told I would need surgery for ligament – took good quality hyaluronic acid – two weeks- it was all better and has never come back. I totally believe in all my supplements – can’t get what we need for good health when our food is filled with chemicals and geneically altered and planted in soil that has been depleted of all nutrition.

  101. I started using vitamin supplements about 8 years ago to try and reduce the ‘Stroke Headaches’ that I suffer from a stroke that happened 10 years ago.
    I was reading a article 8 years ago that was in ‘Readers Digest’ that said if you have a headache to take magnesium and vitamin B2 and also to try eating a bannana.
    I thought ‘What Da’ but my Mom said to me ‘What Do You got to Loose’?
    But thankfully it worked because the neurontin that my doctor prescribed for me wasn’t doing a thing. All I can say is vitamin supplements saved me from those ‘Screaming Headaches’ where the prescription painkillers didn’t do a thing..
    But my word of advise to anyone out there if things don’t seem right for you go to a hospital as fast as possible because all strokes can be different. My stroke when it happened it just came on as a headaches and my eyesight went blurry and stayed that way and I thought it was just a headaches and did not go in to the hospital right away. Listen to what your body is telling you get a second opinion from a doctor my delay was doomed me to having a permanant visual field deficet and I still suffer from the headaches but they are not as intense.
    Maybe if I went to the hospital they could have saved more of my eyesight at least it might have made the headaches somewhat more bearable also my stroke happened when I was 41 they can happen to you at any age.

  102. media only interest is advertising dollars. as much as they hate damning the supplements, they need advertising dollars

  103. I don,t pay fda or any other gov. agency any mind. I have been using supplements for quite a while some have help me keep my blood pressure down where I don,t take my meds for weeks at a time ,my cholesterol is great and my circulation is much better.I will always be greatful for my supplements.

  104. vitamin c lowers my bp i take 2000 mgs two or three times a day. billbery does the same thing. i drink argenix every day to control the greese. i use zink to control the rining in my ears. iu use ana c to control ibs. i;m also on five heart meds have a torn valvein my heart,i am 69 i power walk 2 to 3 miles a day and do insanity. i was predibetic before insanity. i eat good food no processed food, no fast food, i eat very little meat, lots of whole grains, fruits and veg.

  105. Herbal Supplements have helped my recovery from serious heavy metal and chemical exposure. Herbal cleanses have provide relief that NO Medical doctors were able to do….Freedom to use supplements is a right in America….

  106. As a child my parents gave me vitamins and minerals with my doctor’s encouragemnt. When I went away to school and college I had my vitamins and minerals. Into my adult years, I was working, and sudenly realized I had no recollection of driving 15 miles to work…I was there, I was functioining.. but felt I was in a bubble…
    Went to my Nutritionist and described my symptoms…He proceeded to ask me a lot of questions.
    When he had finished them he said I had a yeast infection. I said “No” – “I’m fine”…at the time, I thought he was referring to a vaginal monilial infection. He explained that it was a systemic yeast infection. He put me on a no sugar, no yeast diet… and many supplements. In less than 2 weeks, I was living again! It was a whole new world out there! I have continued a similar diet, and the supplements he recommended… I know I would never have had the good health, and energy
    that I have had without those supplements. Today with so many foods that have been engineered, and stuff added to them – like preservatives – I am glad I have good organic supplements to help my body fight the attacks of all the chemicals, etc. that are currrently added to most of the foods one can purchase at the grocery store.

  107. I have been taking 5-HTP, Rhodiola, and DHEA. I have never felt better in my life. My mood is elevated, I have tons of energy and I have lost 12 pounds. These supplements have been a godsend for me. I am 52 years old in I feel fantastic.

  108. Please admit that not every manufacturer produces a high quality product. I personally know of a man who was taking a weight lose pill until it was discovered that his liver function was way out of whack. When he discotinued, his liuver recovered. Your world is no more perfect than the medical profession.
    Honesty is required of both

  109. i began taking the Universal Formulas line of whole food supplements found at about seven years ago and am pleased to share my story. Prior to this time I had taken the One-A-Day brand of multivitamins. But about seven years ago, I read an article that pointed out some of the shortcomings of most of the vitamins that are found on the shelves of grocery stores, pharmacies, even vitamin shops, such as the fact that almost all of these vitamins are synthetic isolates, meaning one, they are chemically derived analogs of the natural vitamin that are cooked up in a lab, and two, they contain only a portion of components of the full vitamin complex. Regarding the latter point, biochemistry teaches us that vitamins only have their intented biological effect in the presence of all of the components of the vitamin complex, which is comprised of factors, co-factors, enzymes, co-enzymes and minerals. So when you’re taking these isolates, unless your body has an adequate reserve of all the other components in the complex, that isolate will not have the intended biological effect. Regarding the former point, I believe the fewer chemicals you put in or on your body, the better. Another fact I found very concerning is that most of these supplements are made with flowing agents used in the manufacturing process to make the ingredients flow through the tubes of the machines that make the supplements. Tthe most common of these agents are magnesium stearate (also called “stearic acid”) and talc. It turns out magnesium stearate is a hydrogenated oil and that it destroys your T-cells. It also forms a biofilm over your digestive tract which inhibits the absorption of nutrients. And it’s everywhere! Just about every supplement label I’ve read has this stuff in it. And talc is a carcinogen. Given that I take supplements daily, I concluded it wasn’t a good idea to take supplements made with this stuff. Thankfully the supplements at are made without any of these ingredients.
    I also learned that the best type of supplement to take is whole-food supplements, that is, supplements made from concentrated food sources. Having taken them for a while now, I’m of the opinion they’re the only type of supplements worth taking. Fortunately I was introduced the supplements sold at by a friend and they’ve made a great difference in my health. First, my energy level went through the roof, which is…

  110. I am an 86 year-old living example of the benefit of taking supplements chosen by my Integrative Physician to balance my body chemistry, based on thorough analyses of blood and excretions. I have not taken pharmaceuticals for 25 years or more, nor so-called flu vaccines. The only one of the latter I ever had was in 1948, and as a result I had the worst care of flu I have ever had. In addition, at least 90% of the food I consume is organic.
    I am fairly active physically, drive my own vehicle-never had but one accident in my life-maintain active Internet correspondence and reading of articles of interest to me which offer a learning opportunity. I do not own a TV, as I find it a waste of time. Although I no longer work-my last job ended 3 years ago- I do volunteer work with an organization which is establishing neighborhood community gardens in my city, and offer teach-ins on how to prepare and grow organic vegetables and fruit. I will be moving June1 to a senior living establishment, where I hope to encourage residents to create a community garden there. I also play bridge at which am fairly proficient. I call myself a “tough old bird”, and I intend to die with my garden gloves on.

  111. Through time I have had problems with blood pressure and was prescribed at least three different medications two of which I had to discontinue because of allergic reactions. My blood pressure is good now due to dietary changes and a little known natural remedy of putting a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of filtered and sunlight detoxified water every day, although my doctor says I have pre hypertension, which to me means I do not have hypertension so my blood pressure is OK in reality. I also was told I had a high colesterol level so I was prescribed statin drugs in ever increasing strength which caused severs muscle spasms and caused depletion of my coenzime Q 10 levels,which will cause a heart attack not prevent it. I had to have stents put in my arteries only to have the problem return. So I did my own research and found out coleserol was not the problem at all. Excess homocystine levels causing chronic inflamation was the problem. So I take a vitamin B6 B9 & B12 combo every day as well as tumeric powder in a glass of vegetable juice and 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves. My health is as good as it could possibly be now as my latest blood test had clearly shown. I eat whole foods and organic foods as well although a complete organic diet is really not necessary. I make sure I get all 4 of the vital minerals I need as well as the trace mineral also. I take Omega 3 supplements as well as natural and/or organic omega 3 foods. I drink alot of green and white teas and use alkaline drops as well. Oh and by the way I did experience a mild heart attack before this shift in my diet and supplements and my blood pressure was normal and my coleserol was not high. It is a clinical statistic that 75% of heart attack victims do not have high colesterol . Before the heart attack event I already was
    taking omega 3 fish oil capsules and coenzime Q10 (ubiiquinol type) and the doctors were amazed that my heart showed no damage at all. He said my heart is as strong as a brick house and that is because of the 2 supplements that I had been taking every day for at least a year prior to the heart event. I meditate every day, I do Meridian QiGong excercises 2 or 3 times a week , I ride my bicycle often go for walks every day and do deep breathing excersise. I do an herbal detox once a week but I change the formula periodically. I am as healthy and in the same strong physical condition I was when I aws in my 20’s. I am now 57 years old and it was natural diet and…

  112. I take vitamins and minerals as well as herbal mixes to keep up my health. I’ve had bone spurs for years and was mentally preparing myself for either some form of surgery or being handicapped the rest of my life. However, I got into herbs and found some that help ‘wear’ away the spurs allowing me to once again see myself walking for many years to come. I can’t run. Waited to long to do something about them and have other issues, these too I treat with suppliments. Over night fish oil helped the arthritis in my hips, legs, hands, shoulders and feet. Have depression and mood swings when I don’t take my suppliments for them and my heart burn had gone away. If I don’t take my suppliments I will eventually become an emotional wreck who feels like dirt day in and day out. I use suppliments to help me sleep more restfully as I often toss and turn for hours. I use them for my allergies and sinus troubles. I have digestive issues and use probiotics as well as food enzymes to help me digest my food more properly. Without other suppliments I would be unable to absorb my nutrients passing through the intestines. My list goes on and on. I used asprin for years and had to switch because of the foul taste it began to leave in my mouth that would turn my stomach. Had a couple of tooth infections and couldn’t take the pills because they made me so drowsy and fogheaded that I couldn’t do my job which makes it hard to keep up with the bills. I pay more for these suppliments on a monthly basis, yes, and costs are rising all the time. If I can’t keep using these things I will be disabled because of reoccuring bone spurs or so severally depressed I will be dead. These are not drugs to me, these keep me sane and able to have a somewhat normal life. I can walk today when I was so sure, five years ago, that I’d be in a wheelchair by 2012.

  113. Supplements do no harm. The market is replete with supplements for generations, they can come from domestic or foreign markets. Attack on supplements is indirect, the medical society is after markets that use supplements (e.g various therapy modalities not identified as markets by the economy) Some of these markets have grown into industries and others remain too broad to organize but in general growth threatens to compete with the “monopoly” western medicine has on the American economy. Rhetoric of the medical society recalls an era of doctors perceived as “god”, “trust me” without question. The rhetoric is still out there but holds little to no weight anymore in the public mind; the medical society betrayed the public. Once altruistic physicians with strong relationships with the patient are now business people with stronger relationships with money. The public has moved to other modalities because of pubic interest in personal health rather than focus on disease, drug management and death. New modalities prevent and promote health and supplements play a role to strenghten the immune system. Supplements are affordable; no insurance co-pay applies. The argument for regulated supplements is predictible: it is based upon fear and the exception always makes the rule. There is no science behind the rhetoric and most certainly example that supplements harm the public.
    If supplements are regulated it will be the synthetic kind because natural supplements cannot be regulated; it may be a good thing to weed out the market at the expense of the medical society.
    I take supplements at the direction of homeopath and choose natural ingredients only.

    1. I’ve been taking supplements for over 50 years, and I’m never sick. The government/FDA/drug companies are always trying to discredit supplements because they want you on their dangerous life-threatening drugs for the rest of your life. It’s called the bottom line. I also use colloidal silver and MMS and NEVER see an MD, because I don’t need one. What if everybody was like me? Bad news for the drug companies and their ill-gotten billions. So you will continue to hear supplements being discredited, as long as it interferes with the bottom line of corporations that make a living on sickness and death.

  114. Are you nuts I take vitiamim A for my eyes, vitamin E for circulation, Saw Palmetto for the old prostate. The vitamin Bible is my doctor and I take no drugs I am 72 years old so wake up druggy American there is a better way.

  115. I suffer from Retinitis Pigmentosa a debilitating eye disorder that leads to blindness, I depend on supplements such as omega 3, multivitamin and most of all vitamin A, in order to preserve the little vision I have. I don’t know what I would do without supplements.
    I know for a fact that in this Country the food that we consume is lacking the nutrition that it should have. Food travels many miles from its original place plus its loaded with insecticides and fertilizers.
    We must fight to preserve our right to buy the supplements.

  116. My “miracle” is Vitamin C. All my life I had bad allergies. Cats and dogs would make my eyes red and swollen, my ears and throat itchy, with coughing and wheezing. I had a standard excuse from gym until the first frost in the fall because my hay fever was so intense. And the medication put you right to sleep. Then, in 1972 I read Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis. She wrote about Linus Pauling and large doses of Vitamin C for allergies. So I tried it. Summer rolled around and one day I realized my nose was clear and my ears and throat didn’t itch. It worked! Then I went on to graduate school,finished, and got my first professional job. I got really busy and slacked off the vitamin C. Summer came and all of a sudden, I had horrible symptoms. I realized what I’d done and started the Vitamin C, but it didn’t work. I kept it up anyway because I knew it did so many other good things. Next spring, surprise! My protection was back! Even thought it is water soluble, I think it must build up to a certain level in my cells over time. So I swear by Vitamin C, which I have also recommended successfully to friends for constipation.

  117. I’ve been taking supplements for over 30 years. Here are the results that I can confirm.
    – one case of the flu
    – less than 5 colds
    – minimal dental issues (I take 4000 mg of vit C a day)
    – score three times normal range on memory tests
    – at 58 my eyesight is improving and is better than when I was 16
    – every medical checkup has come back with perfect health though I excercise sporadically at best – my bad
    I have no doubt that the supplements I take help keep me health and functioning.
    Very truly yours,
    Mike Parks

  118. My immune system has been weak since childhood.
    When penicillin became available, our family doctor had me put in the hospital for round the clock shots. After that, vitamin supplements were used to help build up my system.
    As an adult when with child and nursing, vitamin supplements helped both me and my children. In old age, vitamin supplements are still helping me to be healthy.

  119. In February and March of 2009, I had pneumonia. My daughter, who is now a naturopath, put me on a program of natural infection fighters, such as goldenseal, olive leaf extract, sovereign silver, and oil of wild oregano, along with vitamins and minerals. She also had me drinking herbal teas and water with fresh lemon in it every two hours.
    I didn’t take all the infection fighters together but stayed on goldenseal for 2 weeks and then switched to the others in turn until I ran out of what I had on hand. I did not want to eat anything but she make me eat 1 egg in the morning (yard eggs) and home made chicken soup with lots of garlic and herbs in the afternoon.
    Every day, I was just a tiny bit better. After a month and a half, I was over it. I have a friend who had it twice, went to the hospital and it took her the same amount of time to get better.

  120. For the past three years I’ve been taking 10,000 i.u. of Vitamin D3 per day, and in that time period my most serious ailment has been one sore throat and one sinus headache. Before I came across ANH and Mercola, I would get an annual flu shot – followed by: the flu.

  121. A supplement containing red yeast rice has brought my cholesterol down from 250 to 198 in a month. However, I was cautioned by my doctor that red yeast rice is a form of a statin drug, or that statins are similar in their formula to red yeast rice. . However, I had no side effects, such as muscle weakness, or other statin side effects. This was a miraculous drop in cholesterol as I have always had a tendency for my cholesterol to be high. Also, for the first time, the HDL was higher and the LDL was lower. I am very pleased with the supplement that had no side effects and was effective.

  122. I have been using supplements for almost 20 years and I feel great. I have been helped so much by different supplements and I have helped some of my friends and family members and even clients with them.

  123. I used to have sinus infections for decades, 4 x a year.Very debilitating and the infection was so bad it would open up and drain out of my face~! Tried every antibiotic and every doctor known to man and still I was sick many months out of the year.
    So I finally took action, started to read about yeast, alternative and natural healing methods, diet, and more.
    In the last 10 years, removed my silver dental fillings, added probiotics, detoxed, increased vitamins with local company, better my gut health, removed yeast from diet, never eat fast food, cook almost all my meals, grow my own vegetables or go to local organic farmers markets, changed household cleaners and cosmetics to non toxic brands, use essential oils from young living daily, increased certain minerals-too many to mention, use only Himalayan sea salt-never table salt, don’t use fluoride toothpaste, use organic apple cider vinegar, don’t eat GMO foods, never drink soda or eat processed boxed food, removed all plastic from my food storage, never use a microwave and drink plenty of water. And yes this can be done I am a busy business woman. (one day at a time)
    Feel like a teenager and I am middle age! People think I am 15 years younger that I look. My doctor said he cant believe the transformation. I never need to visit him but every other year for a physical- he is sold on my changes – after he saw the before and after and endless energy- naturally! He now is reading some of my health and natural healing books! I never take any medicine and never vaccinate! – don’t need to, life is wonderful when you feel good.

  124. I have been in holistic practice for 20 years, and do not use pharmaceuticals unless confined to a hospital, and then only sparingly. I truly believe I would be dead or in significantly poor health today if I had not discovered herbs, supplements, energy modalities and essential oils to maintain my good health. I am making my 70th trip around the sun, and the Lord willing, I will complete this circumnavigation in September in much better health than my parents and grandparents before me and many of my contemporaries. I have met so many excellently trained people in the holistic health business who have helped me along the way and given so generously of themselves to advance the cause of good health. I am eternally grateful for the loving community of holistically trained people that I am proud to be a part of, if only in my small way.

  125. I would not live very well without supplements, above all probiotics. For reasons I won’t go into, I have suffered from a candida albicans overload for most of my adult life. When I started treating my condition with homeopathic medicine, probiotics and enzymes my health improved amazingly. I must have access to these supplements or my quality of life will be very poor.

  126. I have been taking glyconutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and other supplements for the last seven years and have had little incidence of illness. I firmly believe in them !
    Prior to this regimen, I had beginning stage of breast cancer, requiring lumpectomy and radiation. All testing has been good since then !

  127. There are several supplements that have helped me. In fact, my PCP has me on a mega dose of three right now for my homocysteine.
    I’d rather take something natural than the chemical pills that are doled out too much. They usually cause another problem then the doctor wants you to take another pill for that problem. The chemical pills just mask the problem , they don’t solve the problem.

  128. I have managed my arthritis and joint pain since 2000 with Turmeric capsules, and a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement. I managed the pain and cramping that followed an out-patient OB/GYN procedure with nothing but Cramp Bark tincture. I use Valerian and Melatonin to help with my sporadic bouts of insomnia. I use supplements in all aspects of my self-care. I am so thankful to have access to them! 🙂

  129. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  130. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  131. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  132. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  133. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  134. I’ve been taking supplements since 1991! I have spent thousands of dollars and fixed myself of many ailments. I order from Swanson’s, Bioinnovations (Dr.Becker), Dr. Sinatra, and Dr., Flex-O-min for joints, I would not be without this one, Melatonin for restfull sleep. Leg Cramps with quinine is a must. COQ10 for heart health. Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract for Candidia. MilkThistle for Liver health. Vitamin D for immune along with Vit C. Zinc forwarding off Colds(I do not take any vacines and have not had theflu for years) I could go on and on, but it’s late and I must get my beauty sleep. I take many many spices and medicine from trees and coconut and olive oils exclusively! Green tea is the best antioxident, drink plenty of water, and sleep 8 hours every night. Get my exercise and laugh a lot……….have a great day!

  135. Supplements have been a great help to me, and they work more effectively than a lot of medications on the market. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2004, and have been prescribed various anti-depressants since then. For the past 3 years, I have been taking Cymbalta, which seemed to work better for me than the other anti-depressants that I had previously taken. About a year ago, my brother sent me a couple of weblinks about antidepressant use and how they affect the body in bad ways, and that there are a number of supplements that not only work, but work better without all the side effects of current antidepressants. So, for the past year I have been taking 100mg of Vitamin B6, 1000mcg of Vitamin B12, 400 IU of Vitamin E, 1400mg of Fish Oil (with 900mg of Omega-3), and have noticed much less occurrence of any depression-related symptoms while taking these supplements on a daily basis versus the standard 60mg dose of Cymbalta. I have thoroughly discussed these findings with my primary care physician, and she has given me the go-ahead to come off my dosage of 60mg Cymbalta, and drop to 30mg for two weeks, and eventually quit taking Cymbalta or any other antidepressant altogether. I feel much better and more in control of my moods and emotions taking the supplements than when I was taking an antidepressant.

  136. Have Supplements Helped Me ? Where do I begin because there have been so-o many benefits. I am 81 years young and in excellent health. Friends and family know that I take a lot of supplements and family members are beginning to come ask me what they need to be doing to look like me when they get my age. It would be a sad day for the world if the government agencies are allowed to take away our access to adding nutrition through supplements.

  137. I had reactions to Norvasc and Lisinopril (paralyzed arm for a day) medicines for high blood pressure. After the last episode I decided I would look for something natural to take. I now take 2 celery tablets in the morning and evening and my blood pressure stays in the normal range.
    I was on Prilosec for a time and read how stomach acid was necessary and it was damaging to stop it with medicine. I gradually weaned myself off Prilosec and started using Digestive Enzymes. I discontinued the Prilosec in 2007 and have not had any problems since taking the Digestive Enzymes.
    The only medicine I take is Armour Thyroid. Took Synthroid for years and it was not helping me.
    I will soon be 77 years old and am glad my health is good.

  138. I had polio at age 3 1/2 years old. After many times in the hospital, I ended up with a zoster virus that causes me to get fever blisters, paraticularly when I am stressed as well as if I am exposed to other ailments. I found years ago after much searching through information for natural remedies that Lysine will stiop the fever blisters in their tracks. I also had chicken pox, so at my ripe old age I am a candidate for shingles. I do not expect I will get shingles since I take a capsule, (not a pill that does not completely disolve in the gastric tract) almost daily and at the first sign of a fever blister I may even take two capsules during a day. I’ve never had a flu shot, I use a homeopathic called Flu and have others I’ve suggested they try it and they no longer get the flu shots but use the homeopathic. There is more, but too much to put here. Studying all I could about suppliments and homeopathic has helped me deal with post polio syndrome to at least continue to move around on my own feet at home, but I need to decide to try more to use the stuff to take care of the chronic pain. I never tell anyone to take anything, but I suggest they give certain things a try to see if it will do anything for them. Always in moderation. The idea that if one is good, then more is better. That is not the case since more of certain things can be very dangerous. Always with care and education is the way to go.

  139. I have multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood. I have responded to the conventional medication, but I have survive for 9 years because of the advice I have received from a Naturopathic doctor. She suggested several supplements and dietary recommendations. These supplements are very important to me and I hope they will continue to be available.

    1. My daughter has multiple myeloma, too! She unerwent chemo and a stemcell transplant at. M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX. That has been 2 1/2 years ago. Can you give us tips as to what you feel has helped you the most? Thanks. MH

  140. I have had osteo arthritus for 15 years. About 10 yeasr ago I had a job as a cook, which required me to stand in one place for long periods of time. I thought I was going to have to quit because the pain in my knees was terrible. I was a cook in a natural foods co-op in Ashland. OR. and one of the nutritionists told me about glucosamine and chondroitin which I began to take. I have beem taking it daily since then. and while I have occasional pain in my knees, I have been able to remain in lines of work which require me to stand. If I miss 2 doses in 2 days, I feel it! I don’t know what I’d do without glucosamine and chondroitin. IT WORKS FOR ME!!!

  141. Supplements help fortify my diet which is constantly improving as I become more familiar with personal health and education about nutrition. How supplements help? Multivitamin gives the overall sense of vitality, Fish oil is helping reduce inflammation, and I feel hormones, stress more under control. B-Complex gives brain strength, metabolism feels stronger and again, stress reduced. Vit C makes skin and tissue stronger. Antioxidants in general, reduce aging signs like blurry eyes, dull complexion, and the SCIENCE behind them makes me know they are working . I can see it, feel it, and at 57, I am in perfect health and do not have any health problems. If I do, I go to the health food store to nip it in the bud before it drives itself deeper into my body. Supplements COMPLEMENT a great diet of organic foods, and healthy fats, proteins and carbs. The supplements have also helped me build a stronger digestive system so that I can ABSORB everything, and ELIMINATE that which the waste products. The supplements like KELP in tablets help me strengthen my thyroid. It is good to use them in a proactive way to strengthen your body as you age to ward off the onslaught of free radical damage we are exposed to today.

  142. I have felt the same for decades, that supplements are a waste and that we should rely on a good healthy diet to get the nutrition we need. But at the same time I ‘ve been vegan for 35 years almost, and during that time I’ve also been getting very tired frequently, had a lack of energy, and needing extra naps. Sometimes when driving I just have to pull over and take a rest for a few minutes. At private lessons I’d be giving , sometimes I’d have trouble staying awake. I always thought this was related to when I had a cyst taken out of my brain in 1988 and the troubles it had caused by being their for the first 29 years of my life. Well I finally read some information about what can happen to people when they don’t get enough vitamin B-12, and that eating meat was really the only true way to get it. Well I’ve been vegan for 3 1/2 decades. So I tried having some drinks that had B12 in it and I felt a little better, but it was hard to always have enough of the drinks each day, so one day a few weeks ago, I tried taking some B12 supplements that had 2000mg of B12. I can’t tell you how much it helped. I certainly feel more energy, and rarely get tired any more So I guess some supplements can be good. but I still prefer to use them as little as possible.

  143. At one point in time I was on 19 prescription meds. Every time I developed a new problem it was treated with a new med. Not one MD thought that maybe new symptoms were side effects. I had an epiphany one day that maybe something was amiss. Being on all those meds and suffering all those side effects I felt awful. I researched all my meds, thoroughly, and my symptoms, I was appalled! One by one I slowly cut down on my meds and slowly started to feel better. Believe me, my MD was not happy but I didn’t care because I new I was right. I didn’t make any move without thorough research. One med gave me secondary hypertension, my MD didn’t figure that one out either, I did. I went from being on 4 hypertension drugs at higher doses to one at a lower dose, which happens to be the only pill I take a day at this time. All I’m on now are topical allergy meds and my one time a day blood pressure pill. I felt a whole lot better after getting off all those meds but my biggest improvement came when I started taking certain supplements. I take fish oil, Co-enzyme Q 10 (I had the most improvement with this), a daily vitamin, niacin, calcium with vitamin D, vitamin C and half of a baby aspirin daily. I don’t believe in mega vitamins but a healthy balance. I’m a 59 woman that feels the best I’ve felt in 20 years. My blood tests are perfect. I could write a book on what I went through, I just hope that eventually I can dump my last blood pressure med.

  144. I have been studying nutrition and supplements for over 30 years. Part of my interest is no doubt due to working for a pharmaceutical company, a nutraceutical and health food distributor, and a nutraceutical manufacturer. In addition, I have written and edited a health newsletter. I finally decided to write a book on the subject, titled “Major Steps to Health and Wellness” which is available as an ebook on and Amazon, etc. Since I’m not a physician, I express my personal opinion on lots of nutrition issues, most of which I have personally tested and found helpful. I also quote from numerous alternative medicine physicians, such as Dr Steven Sinatra, Dr Robert Rowen, Dr Julian Whitaker, Dr David Brownstein, and others. I also feel free to dump on the federal alphabet agencies – FDA, etc. I can and do bear personal testimony to the value of nutraceuticals – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nano-silver, beta glucan, and so on.

  145. I have been taking supplements for 25 years. Without them I wouldn’t still be here. I can’t afford medical treatment or alternative treatment and they help me manage my CFS, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease, Addison’s disease, and a long list of other auto-immune conditions. Conventional medicine has had no effective treatment that works for me and many prescription drugs cause sevre or even life threatening side effects for me. Also, when I was living in the UK and had surgery and there taking herbal supplements helped my recovery and sped up the healing process. My doctor had a knowledge of the herbs I was taking and allowed me to take them along with the conventional pain medications. Without herbs and vitamins I would be completely non-functional or worse – dead.

  146. I take an “all in one” powder packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, certain herbs and jog 3 + miles anytime, play racquet ball with the youngsters and take care of three children. i am not sick, have no insurance for I do not believe in it ( why bet against myself?). I beat myself up by drinking a little beer but only after I get my vitamins in the morning along with my excercise in afternoorn or early evening. Vitamins are not going to make one live forever but one can live “happily in control of their lives with out being sedated in an old folks home…which if you chelated these folks living a”subprime” life most would be out working or living an active life however “big Pharmacy” along with political forces will keep them “high on drugs” and maybe even ask them to vote for a special canidate. Now is that not nice?????

  147. I used to have leg cramps at night that would painfully awake me .I don’t know why I have them but since I take amodest amount of Calcium and Magnesium every day I have’t had any cramps since. I thank God that this was an easy and cheap fix to my problem.

  148. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes several years ago. I did not want to take insulin so I used the book “Nutritional Healing” which sets forth a regime of vitamins and minerals plus herbs and glandular supplements to control diabetes. I followed the regime and still do follow it but my blood sugar has remained in the normal range for several years. As a maintenance program I take a supplement called Glucose Optimizer every day.
    Taking supplements saved my life.

  149. I have taken ” supplements” back as far as I can remember, I am going on 74. I am a volunteer teacher at a local high school and I” tell you this. i have never seen such ill people at the high school age. They are fat, lazy, no energy, not engaged (expect with their thumbs on a little electronic key board) , non focused, about 3-5 seconds is the max. I ask them what they eat, its all garbage they rarely take supplements, they drink the chemical laden water (chlorine, fluorine,) they eat bread that has empty sugar calories and that contain bromine and other man made chemicals. They drink “stuff” from cans that contain chemicals such that when they are transported on the highways they are classified as a hazard. They eat substances that contain high fructose corn syrup, a man made modified cheap substance that could be causing all kind of problems, They are eating substances from the cafeteria that they call food while drinking man made chemical that contain so called artificial sugars that are known to cause all kind of problems in the body. All of their food is sterilized, pasteurized, homogenized to the point that the body does not recognize it as food but as a toxic substance. They eat no food that has been fermented. They are, on the whole, a sick group of students, and in my view are poisoning themselves. We know that our foods are grown in nutrient lacking, mineral depleted soils, using artificial fertilizers and grown with herb-asides and pesticides, Then picked, washed with more chemicals, processed using even more chemicals and then buying it off the corporate shelves to give to those that we supposedly love. If this is not a receipt for disaster then the world must be in one big mental institution. And the government now wants me to believe that supplements are not necessary, not needed, harmful or what ever. Utter lies and deceptions to further some other agenda rather than health. My position: Eat only food grown without chemicals, if eating meat the same goes and only grass fed animals.Drinking only water with no man made chemicals. If cooking use a stove but throw the micro away. Eat mostly food that has been fermented, eat a variety of food, Salt the food liberally with Celtic salt. And take a complete vitamin mineral mix derived from organic grown food sources. Exercise like the animals in the wild do, by sprinting. Pray to your other power that people you love will become aware and start to take charge of their own health. Get…

  150. I have been using mangosteen juice that contains 100% of the fruit (Xango juice) for a year now. I no longer have the aching joints that previously plagued me, causing me to take 3 (sometimes 4) 200mg iboprofen tabs 3 times a day, for 10+ years. I haven’t taken any ibuprofen in over a month, when I hurt from starting the gardening season. I also no longer take Prilosec and the antacids that I needed in addition to the Prilosec for chronic heartburn, for over 10 years, and the antacids as long as I can remember. I find if I skip the juice for a day or 2, the aches and heartburn come right back, so I would say that this supplement is very beneficial. My allergic hay fever is rarely a problem, even in TX, and I haven’t had a sinus infection in over 6 months, instead of 2-3 infections a year since the 70’s. I also take high quality multivitamins that I started at the same time. I don’t know how much the vitamins are adding to my relief, but I do know that I am much healthier and feel better than I have in years.

  151. All I can say is that taking supplements has helped me tremendously, and without them, my life and quality of life would be much different.
    I was on blood pressure medications for almost 10 years, and my blood pressure was never low enough to be considered normal. In fact my doctor was considering stronger doses to help with this problem. One day I read an article on the dangers of prescription medications for blood pressure and other problems, and the long term effect of these drugs looked pretty bleak. I went to my doctor and asked for his help in weaning me off of these drugs and his response was that I would have to be on them for life, due to genetics. I was not satisfied with his response and decided to get involved with my own health and did some research. I also visited a Naturopath/Integrative Medicine doctor who prescribed natural supplements to get me off of the prescription meds. I was afraid at first, but I am happy to report that I was weaned off the drugs after about 2 months and now use only supplements to control my blood pressure, with no side effects.
    This is just one of the things supplements have done for my health over the last few years. I am currently on no prescription medications and life is far better.
    It would be frightening at the very least if I could no longer have access to these valuable supplements.

  152. I have taken various supplements for over 30 years. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in my early twenty’s and prescribed medication that caused adverse side effects. After my second surgery due to the Crohn’s , I begin to research natural supplements to treat my condition.. Since taking the supplements I have not needed prescription meds and remain in remission. I n 2006, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I refused to take the medication my rheumatologist prescribed and took natural supplements instead. I am currently in remission, thanks to the supplements.

  153. Hi, I take 43 vitamins/good oils a day. Without them I go numb at midnight. I have MS. The vitamins/good oils rebuilt my cells so they burn oxygen. Celiac is very common. I am Celiac so I don’t absorb nutrients as well. Millions of people are Celiac and also need vitamins/good oils. Food eaten may not absorb. Juicing food may help. I take LDN which helps to block Celiac and eat no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar and more which helps to heal my intestines…but I still need the vitamins/good oils to be ok. I would not survive one day without them. I pray God will always help me to get the things I need in life to be ok. I do EDTA/DMPS IV chelation which help to unclog my blood vessels and remove heavy metals. It also removes good minerals before it gets to the heavy metals…which I have to replace by supplements. American’s downfall maybe Celiac…people need vitamins and good oils. To withhold them would cause people to suffer/die. Few would be left in America. I pray I can always get what I need to be well/survive/thrive.

  154. It has been 19 years since I have had a cold or a fever. Starting at that time, I started to take supplements. Before that time, I would get such once a year.

  155. I have used many different dietary supplements for almost 40 years as an alternative to prescription drugs. I have only two presriptions now from my Doctor.One for Involuntary hand tremors ,the other to keep my thyroid numbers in balance. I only see my Doctor twice a year ,and my opthalmoligist twice a year. He has told me for several years that I have advanced cataracts ,but I have no blurred vision ,and can read fine print even without my glasses. I am near sighted. I am taking three different supplements ,formulated by doctors who are alternative practicioners. each with some different substances that support the eyes nutritionally.
    I get my information from many different souces , catalogs , websites ,health magazines from which I learn what can help my body to heal itself with proper nutritional support.. None of the supplements I take have been approved by the FDA , and I have never had a momentary adverse side effect. I do not have colds or flu ,even withou flu shots for the last 6 years. I have not had a headache for 10 years or more.
    I am almost 89 ,have been on Medicare 24 years .Only in 2 years Medicare has paid out more for my medical expenses than the premiums they deduct from Social Security. Those 2 years are when I had cochlear implant surgery and when i needed a replacement processor.

  156. In 2003, I ended up in the hospital with diabetes from massive amounts of stress and no rest, poor diet, etc. As soon as I got out of the hospital, I went to the bookstore and got Dr.Julian Whitaker’s book, Reversing Diabetes. I found out why I was sick and what I needed to do to heal my body including diet, exercise and specific supplements. This worked so beautifully that my doctors had to adjust my insulin back daily until I was completely off. I took chromium, vanadyl sulfate, an herb from India, and a few others including alpha lipoic acid at a dose that completely healed my diabetic neuropathy. These supplements restored my body to normal functioning. (It’s no wonder the FDA doesn’t want us to have them.)
    I used to get horrible colds in the winter. Following Dr.Mercola’s advice including supplementing with vitamin-D, I never get sick and I do not take the flu shot.
    Yes, supplements work because they are things our body actually needs in order to function properly. High cholesterol for example is not a body deficit of a statin drug. I would like to mention that every supplement I take has been medical doctor recommended and in some cases, medical doctor formulated.

  157. For over 25 years, I have been using supplements. It started when I kept getting sick, after being on medication prescribed by my doctors. Yes, doctors, because of moving, I would have to get a new doctor. I would be on the medicine, anywhere from ten days, to a month. I would be off of them for a week or two, and would be sick, again. I worked a lot of hours, at that time, so I was probably wearing myself out. However, when I asked the doctors, why I kept getting sick, they could not tell me. I started looking into nutrition and discovered the minerals and vitamins that I was deficient in, that led to my symptoms. Then I researched to see which herb, had the most of these necessary minerals and vitamins. Once, I started taking them, I’ve never had pneumonia, again. Yet, before, I had pneumonia five times.
    I look after my 88 year old Father, who has autoimmune system. He has had polymeuromyositis, dermatomyositis, shingles, severe heart burn, congestive heart failure, mitrol valve prolapse, and atrial fribrillation. His muscles are weak and too many of the prescriptions given to him, weakened him more or resulting in one of the autoimmune disease to reactivate in him. I watch his medication like a hawk. Research, research, research. I use individual vitamins, homeopathic medicine and herbs, to keep him as healthy as possible. Unfortunately in these times, our modern foods are not healthy, due to the preservatives, pesticides, water contamination, and the food packaging procedures. True organic foods are difficult to find, thanks to the GMOs cross breeding. Without the herbs and supplements, we use, I know my Father would not be here, but I truly doubt that I would be as healthy as I am!

  158. My husband and I take the supplement “emulin” in GC7x because we are diabetics. It has been tremendous for normalizing our blood sugar readings naturally. If you want to see the studies on it, just go to or search on “emulin” on youtube for news stories. Wouldn’t it be great if they added a little bit of it to the carbohydrate foods we eat every day? I think that could help children and adults prevent diabetes.

  159. I was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma. My vision is very important to me, so I started doing some research. I began taking 45mg. of Lutein everyday. After some time had passed, the glaucoma was gone. My opthamologist was impressed because in 1 year, the optic nerve in my “bad” eye had gotten thicker.

  160. I had a unique response to Biosil, orthosilic acid. I clean office buildings and homes and several years developed severe joint pain, ankle pain, foot pain and lower back pain from work. The pain was bad enough that I could not walk my beautiful dog and I stayed in bed til time to get dressed for work. After a little research I tried Biosil. Voila! After a week of this MOST MARVELOUS supplement, I was pain free. I mean PAIN FREE! The feeling of my back loosing and uncrinkling was nothing short of miraculous. No more joint, knee or ankle pain. I could walk again without cringing. I am not without it.
    I also have rid my bathroom of all SLS containing toothpaste, soap and shampoo. My mouth would peel terribly after brushing with a standard toothpaste, the skin on my legs dried til I scratched them bloody and my scalp flaked and itched all the time. I switched to a natural toothpaste, shea butter based soaps and natural shampoo. All my problems cleared up within a month.

  161. Over two years ago, I had an attack of Iritis; inflammation of the iris in the eyes. It was rather severe. My doctor sent me to a rheumatologist since iritis is an autoimmune response. They found no signs of rheumatism. I later had an episode of colitis, which my doctor felt explained the iritis attack. I was put on medication that was something I was told I might need to take the rest of my life. When I asked about diet and supplements, I got the blank stare.
    I did my own research and decided to take eye vitamins, fish oil and Vitamin D3 and a B complex to boost my immune system. I also suffered a vitreous hemorrhage after the iritis and my retinal specialist approved of the eye vitamins. I recently had an eye check up and was able to read at 20/20; I had distortion in my vision after the episode and I now see much better.
    i am convinced that supplements have helped me regain my health. Since I have started using supplements, I have not suffered a cold or missed any work due to illness. I pay attention to my body and get rest when i feel fatigue or stress as soon as possible. I don’t want to be drugged and suffer side affects.

    1. I am only one statistical sample, I know. I am 94 years old and I take no medications at all. I’ve been taking some kind of supplements since 1947 adjusting what I take to what I read about in the various literature on research. ‘Put that in your smoke and pipe it.’

    2. I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 & tried the standard doctor approach. But right away I did not want to be experimented on with standard drugs. So I started to change my diet. Now I am vegetarian except for fish & eggs & dairy. I have been a regular exerciser for years (Jazzercise, swimming & walking). Now I have discovered supplements. Yea! Besides eliminating trans fats in my diet being a miracle cure for my MS symptoms, the supplements have done wonders. Dr. Stengler’s Joint Performance Plus has fixed my knee & hip pain & my Sun Chlorella tablets are detoxing my body gradually. I also have moved to a climate with healthier air (Orange County as opposed to the Sacramento Valley) I am 66 years old & have a new life beginning. It would be a crime for supplements to be banned or not available. People should be cautious about using anything, but the information in readily available & should remain so.

  162. Been a caregiver for my wife for 14 yrs and there is so much to list that I have learned by using natural remedies, as well as being aware of reactions from prescription meds that go unrecognized that lead to more prescription drugs being given to her. It’s hard to look back when the roller coaster is still moving forward.

  163. Pure green coffee bean extract has helped me alot, I no longer take blood pressure medice from the doctor, since I have been taking this my blood pressure has dropped from 142 over 94 using doctors prescribed medication to 124 over 79 using the pure green coffe bean extract, It has also changed my appetite and given me lots of energy. I have more energy and have lost 43 lbs in the last month taking this because of my energy increase that I have now. My starting weight was 338 and now I am at 296 and still loosing.

  164. In 2000 my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She was advised all they could do was “reduce her suffering and prolong her life”. This was at one of the finest teaching hospitals in the country. They started chemo but had to stop as she was allergic to the only approved chemo. Her tumor needed to be shrunk if she was to have any chance of a successful surgery. She got 30 days of radiation before the surgery. I did internet research and found the wealth of information on IP-6. After discussing it with her doctor, she took it every day multiple times a day as described. No problems at all with the supplement. When they took a picture of the tumor the day of the surgery, it had shrunk over 70%! The doctors were amazed. She had the surgery and recovered quickly. She is now 12 years CANCER FREE! The doctors are all amazed! I have since advised 2 others with extremely poor prognosis and both are many years cancer free now. IP-6, many years of research at the U of Maryland. IP-6, a supplement with low cost, no harmful side effects, and proven effectiveness.
    I use grape seed extract to heal my aching hands and elbows for many years. Many others have had the same experience. Also cheap and no harmful side effects. I believe that the more consumers learn about supplements, the more they can benefit……as long as they are available. Ask yourself, “Why have I not heard about IP-6”? It even prevents cancer! Read the research. Be well….Charlie

  165. I overcame chemical sensitivity because of diet and herbal supplements, alone.

  166. I have Hep-C and Cirrohsis (stage 4 ) of the liver . I tried big-pharma’s cure twice, 140,000 dollars and got nothing but sicker . 5 years ago , I was told that I needed to get my affairs in order and could expect to maybe live another 3 years. Instead of giving up , I contacted a fellow named Lloyd Wright , a man who cured his Hep-C with natural herbs. I started taking about 15 different herbs and natural supplements. Today , I have stopped the Hep-C and Cirrohsis in it;s tracks . Last week I had a cat-scan and blood work done and my Hep-C doctor said my blood work was fantastic and my liver had showed no change since this time last year. Natural Supplements work ! , the sad thing is Doctors are trained to push pills and no nothing about natural cures.. Anybody who doesn’t believe this, I’ll be glad to fax you my latest lab work.
    Thanks for reading , Ron Payne

  167. 37 Years ago I had a terrible attack of rheumatoid arthritis. I could hardly move and at that time the doctors could not help me exept to prescribe cortisone which was no cure and had severe side effects. I had to look for a cure myself. I read a book by Adele Davis about nutrition and vitamins. By studying the information I gathered that some people need more Vit B5 (pantothenic acid) than others do. I was completely cured after taking Vit B5. Through the years I experimented by not taking Vit B5. Every time I had to return to taking the supplement. What would have happened to me if I started on cortisone all those years ago?
    Through my knowledge and experience of nutrition I also found out that I am sensitive to gluten. By eleminating gluten from my diet I prevented an operation for Carpal tunnel syndrome.

  168. I have found that supplements are an absolute requirement for me. At 62, I feel better, and I have more energy when I supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals than I do without them.
    With the food and our environment being as they are today supplements are absolutely critical in my estimation. Unless we eat totally organic we aren’t getting the nutrition that our bodies need to maintain a high level of health, and even then we can require extra nutrition because of the myriad of pollutants and poisons we are subjected to every day.
    The media is against supplements because they are either misinformed by false studies and reports generated by big pharma, or are they are being paid to be by the same companies. Because trillions of dollars are at stake, their view is that if they can’t control supplements the next best thing is a media blitz to convince people that they’re dangerous. These people make money when we are sick, not when we’re well. Frankly speaking, THEY are what is dangerous.. not supplements.
    Dr. John Michael Christian

  169. I am 67 and have taken nutritional supplements for about 50 years, in addition to studying the field. I am never ill and do not use any medications, not even aspirin. In fact, I would not consider doing so. Instead, I take 16 different supplements a day for a total of 23 capsules. Whenever I see misinformation reported in the media, the media hears from me about it, as does any individual who is quoted in the article. Studies reported by the media have been flawed, sometimes in obvious ways such as the much-quoted SELECT study involving Vitamin E that used a synthetic form of the vitamin that had alpha tocopherol only, which is potentially dangerous, instead of a natural form that contains mixed tocopherols. Yet the media and doctors have jumped on that and proclaimed Vitamin E to be “dangerous”. I wrote to a doctor who advised people not to take Vitamin E in his column in my local paper and explained to him in a two-page letter why he was giving bad advice. I then registered a complaint with the paper’s editors after the doctor did not respond to me, and received a reply from the “public editor”. About two years ago I started doing eye exercises and taking vision supplements so that I would pass the vision test when my driver’s license came up for renewal. At the time my vision was about 20/45. That would have been good enough to pass my state’s comparatively lenient requirement, but I didn’t want to cut it too close. Even though I use my eyes a lot as I have written five books, my vision is now 20/25 and I hope to eventually be at 20/20 or better. (A doctor tested me at 20/15 when I was 48.) I have never worn standard glasses, not even reading glasses. Astaxanthin seems to be especially helpful for vision improvement. And of course I also take Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols, naturally), usually 800 IUs per day. I have been taking supplemental Vitamin E for about 45 years. Certain members of Congress have been proactive in informing the FDA that they do not have the power to create new laws, as the FDA is apparently trying to do. I have been in contact with my Congressional representatives and I suggest that others do the same. Of course there are unscrupulous people in any field, including the supplement industry as some fanciful product claims have been made. At the moment, however, most of the bad guys seem to be on the other side of the fence.

  170. Healthy life without supplements is not possible. Especially vitamin C & ubiquinone, both in high dosage, are indispensable.
    But there is much more, of course, e.g. vitamin E, A, lipoic acid etc. etc.
    After age of
    Dr. med. S. Boehm
    East German Internist in Istanbul

  171. My book, HEALTH IS WEALTH, An Encyclopedia Of Over The Counter Natural Remedies And Good Food, has been a best seller here in Ireland. It promotes the use of herbal, homoeopathic and natural remedies also food supplements. Many of these I have been prescribing for almost 50 years. As a result many have been able to free themselves from the use of prescribed chemical drugs. I continue to receive an amount of ‘Thank you’ cards and letters, Mass Cards, telephone calls, also with people who have been helped calling to my home. At 84 years young, without fear of contradiction I say “There is not one chemical drug that cannot be matched in the Health Food store or by a good herbalist, homoeopathic doctor or alternative health practitioner. Apart from this all too much of the ‘food’ eaten is fake, being additive filled rubbish. Here is one of the main reasons why we are a sick nation.

  172. I was sickly, and completely wore out. I lost a desk job and I took a job that was pretty physically taxing. I started taking a supplement or two. I was also taking blood pressure medication. I added one supplement that is known to help reduce blood pressure and now my pressure is way down. The food we eat doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals because the earth has been depleted of nutrients we need. I take a good multi-vitamin and several supplements. You have to read and educate yourself on what to buy and how to stay healthy. The articles that say supplements aren’t safe are from big Pharma that wants everyone to be sick and taking their meds. You can’s sit on your couch downing supplements and expect to be healthy. Get off junk food, pop, cigarettes and all the food that is killing you. I was a big beef eater and I decided to cut it out. 12 years later and I can’t even think about eating beef, and I don’t even miss it! Pork as well.. You are what you eat and supplements can help keep your body heathy. Don’t go to grocery stores and pharmacies and pick up cheap stuff off the shelf. You may as well throw your money in the garbage. Find a good organic healthy living store and pay the price. You’ll be swapping the cost of pop, and junk food for good supplements. Best of luck. I feel great and I’m 66 years old. Also, sign up for the health rangers email., and ANH-USA. YES, you guys rock.

  173. I will just name one of the ways that supplements have helped me. After years of failed attempts to lose weight gained during menopause, I turned to Life Extension to purchase a comprehensive blood test (at great savings of hundreds of dollars I might add). Based on that, I chose supplements that are assisting me in losing fat and pounds and in restoring lost hormones in using bio-identical hormones. It is also wonderful to have more energy, decrease obesity-related health issues and more uplifted moods. My life is better, and so is my family’s. I am grateful.

  174. I´ve had severe health problems for many years. It all began with mercury tooth fillings when I was 13 years old and got worse with antibiotics, against kidney pains from the mercury, and with vaccines.
    Regular medical care has done almost nothing good for me, but has caused me so much trouble. After more that twenty years I turned my back on them and turned to alternative medicine, instead; probiotics, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, herbs, homeopathy, energy medicine, kinesiology and more has helped me a lot, they saved my life.
    I can for instance mention colloidal silver, because it is under such a hard and unfair attack from Big Pharma in media today: colloidal silver cured me from gastric ulcers; it cured me from what antibiotics had caused me.
    Nutrition from high quality supplements help people to get well, but those who own and run Big Pharma are psycopaths and their business concept is to keep people sick.

  175. Supplements saved this family!
    My son was diagnosed ADHD 8 years ago, though I never agreed with the diagnosis, particularly when I saw how non-scientific and subjective the “testing” was. When I scrutinized his behaviors, it became very obvious to me that his body was lacking in something, and it was not amphetamines and dangerous psychotropic medicines! Biomedical treatment which includes vitamin and mineral supplementation and specialized diet did the trick; he was a changed child within 1 short month, and I was ultimately able to rid him of his ADHD diagnosis. He’s now a college freshman with a bright future ahead of him.
    I turned to a biomedical approach for my daughter (non ADHD) when “lamestream” medicine offered no real help for her physical issues; her symptoms vanished within 2 weeks.
    Vitamins,minerals, and a healthy diet/lifestyle are what keeps me healthy and out of doctor’s offices. It’s time individuals research for themselves and take back control of their health. To rely on allopathic doctors, who sorely lack in training, will surely send you to an early grave. I believe in treating root causes (supplements fit in nicely with this) and not just treating symptoms.


  177. I developed acid reflux in 2004. After sinus films, pH testing, and multiple scopes, a head and neck surgeon suggested I have surgery on my lower esophagus. Fortunately, a trusted old doctor friend advised me against it. But I did end up on nexium, famotidine and at one point, another huge pill to chew with each meal. I was taking up to 8 pills a day to treat my reflux, plus slept on an elevated pillow and had a no acid food diet. In 2011 I was down to 2 nexium and 1 famotidine a day but was not comfortable with all I had been reading about PPIs. I did some research and began taking a probiotic. I felt some relief from other GI symptoms but still had reflux. I added a second probiotic in the evening and what a difference. I began to cut back on my intake of processed foods and changed to a diet with more whole foods. I slowly weaned myself off of nexium and have been off for 9 months. I’ve experimented with my diet and found that contrary to what I had been told by doctors, I don’t need to remove all acid foods and in fact, can eat all of them. My only restrictions are no carbonated beverages and not eating after 7:30pm. Not one of the multiple doctors I saw ever even mentioned adding a probiotic to my diet. Not one talked about a healthy diet (probably because I am thin so they think there is no need). Not one asked about my stress or my circumstances. After all I had been through and all I had been told, I would not have believed I could ever stop taking a PPI, and I credit probiotics with allowing me to stop the PPI cycle. But make sure you do the research and find a high quality probiotic. Not all are created equal. And find what works for you. Each of us is different and will have different needs. Take charge of your own wellness because doctors, who almost always have the best of intentions, are not trained to do it.

    1. Hi can u share the brand of probiotic u use please? I really would appreciate your input! Thank you!

  178. Not every supplement has helped me, but MOST of them make it possible for me to live a very active life at 57, despite a health history that includes food allergies as well as an injury to my hip. Probiotics? YES! B vitamins? YES! Vitamin E? YES! Fish Oil? YES! Magnesium?(for muscle cramping) YES! Cosamin? YES! Hyalluronic Acid? YES! Zyflammend? YES! You get the idea.
    At 57, I bike to work, I run up and down stairs. I danced (briefly) in a video that Spin Magazine called “The Best Music Video of 2011”. All this with an injured hip diagnosed as moderate to severe hip arthritis. The physical therapist had told me to just “get a cane”.

  179. I’m afraid my post from yesterday on this topic ran long and exceeded the character limitation. My apologies. I’ll try to make this brief: About seven years ago I began taking the whole food supplements available at The first benefit I realized was my energy level went through the roof. In fact, I would get to my normal bedtime and still have so much energy I wasn’t ready to go to sleep. In pretty short order I grew accustomed to the increased energy level and sacking out at my normal bedtime became no problem.
    A few months before I began taking these supplements, I was diagnosed with eye allergies for which I was prescribed pills and a nasal spray. The side effects were miserable as I had brain fog and developed nose bleeds from the nasal spray. Within a couple of months of taking the supplements, my eye allergies resolved, I threw the remaining meds away, and I haven’t taken anything for allergies since. But the best part is not only have I not taken any allergy meds, I’ve not taken any meds at all for the last 7 years or so, not even so much as an aspirin. I used to get a cold or flu every couple of years. The only illness I’ve had in the past 7 years is one bout of the flu which I got this past winter during a period when I had become lax on taking the supplements because I had felt so great for so long. I didn’t take any meds for this flu. I just let it run its course. Needless to say I’m keeping up with my supplement regimen faithfully.
    The supplements I take from are: Vitamin D – I take an amount sufficient to maintain my blood serum level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D at 50-80 ng/mL year-round (5,000 IU daily during the summer and 10,000 IU daily during the winter does the trick for me), vitamin E, their whole-food multivitamin called “Quintessence”, and their calcium called “micronized cal/mag in a 1:1 ratio”.
    I also take colloidal silver from the only place I would recommend buying it:
    Thank you ANH for the wonderful work you do.
    Wishing you all good health and good fortune,

  180. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue at the age of 38. Mainstream doctors couldn’t help me, I went from doctor to doctor with no real solutions. I had to find things out on my own; actually as I like to say God brought me my answers. What I found was that I had mercury in a filling that was poisoning me along with drinking diet soda with aspartame. On top of that I was anemic! I started taking supplements and I would NOT be without them. I had also suffered a mild heat stroke when I was in my 31 and this left me with a weakened blood brain barrier. I have to take high-powered antioxidants such as R-Lipic acid, grape seed extract, etc so that I am protected from the onslaught of toxins. I take Chagra mushroom to boost my immune system along with several other supplements to maintain my health. The FDA needs to leave our access to health-enhancing supplements alone! Our freedoms are slowly being eroded away and before too long, the America that we once loved is going to be unrecognizable.

    1. Most of the chronic problems I have experienced responded very well to various nutritional supplements — much better than the pharmaceuticals given to me for conditions such as arthrities, osteoporosis, and even migraines. While I am fortunate to have a doctor who doesn’t willy-nilly prescribe medications, I do agree that the government needs to leave our access to supplements alone and also to integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Sometimes the combination is the best approach. Vitamin supplements have kept me healthier than I have ever been in my life while enabling me to more effectively deal with the chronic problems mentioned above. Every time I hear about another so-called study debunking supplements, I roll my eyes and sigh. There is some “fatal flaw” in each one of them, such as the quality of the supplements, the timing examined, etc. Even when benefits are actually found, the bubble head news commentators NEVER comment on those.

  181. I have had surgery for clogged arteries behind my kidneys, bowel surgery and 5-way bypass open heart surgery. I was on a drug which caused drug-induced diabetes but no doctor thought it important to research what I was taking to get me off of it in time. I started showing high blood sugar readings six months after starting this drug. I do not take any of their drugs anymore and depend on faith in God, supplements, and good, healthy food (nature). Of course, doctors try to find something wrong with me. One said I was developing high blood pressure. I said, “No I’m not.” Needless to say he didn’t like this. I monitored my pressure for three days and it never rose above 116/72. He was just another legal drug pusher. I’m not saying all doctors are bad, but I don’t trust alot of them. They have house payments too. They just shouldn’t put someones life at stake for the almighty dollar. This goes against the hypocratic oath saying, “I will do no harm”. In most cases, doctors only treat the symptoms and don’t address the root.

    1. You’re doctor may have taken a correct blood pressure reading, since there is a disorder called “White Coat Syndrome” this is when the doctor in his “White Coat’ comes into the room and our blood pressure rises!

  182. #1 People need to become aware, there are FAKE supplements and REAL supplements. Med. Drs. are actually right about the fake ones. But they are clueless about how the real ones provide what is lacking in our diets due to modern farming methods, ( which is a whole issue by itself) depleted soils, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, roundup, chemical fertilizers,etc.
    #2 We are NEVER EVER deficient in any chemical compound made by man, but we are all likely deficient in many, many nutrients that can be provided with real nutritional supplements.
    My wife and I are 70 years young, we take zero medications, a load of REAL supplements (which by the way, anything that actually IMPROVES health, is never covered by “Health Insurance,” and we have NO medical conditions that would “require” medications.
    Our food is so highly processed these days, there is less & less nutritional value in it each year. To live without REAL Nutritional Supplements would result in endless trips to the Med. Drs. & getting prescriptions that mask the symptoms we’re complaining about. Then, getting some more to mask the side effects of the original ones, & on and on and on. NO THANKS!!!
    Lastly, the FAKE ones are the most advertised & the biggest sellers. Go figure.

    1. Supplements have, literally, saved my life. I’ve been extremely fortunate and blessed to have found a doctor who, besides being a medical doctor, also specializes in naturopath. All the supplements he has been given me during the passed 12 years have kept me alive and healthy….and I thank God for him. Had I kept taking all the super drugs I had been given prior, I would have died, not from my condition, but from over medication. And this is my God’s honest truthful testimony.

    2. My daily routine includes phosphatidylserine, GABA, vinpocetine, choline, inositol, pantothenic acid, turmeic, ginko biloba, and DMAE, all to avoid dementia, plus many other overall supplements for veins, heart, hearing, detoxing, energy, et al, and at 160#, and 6′ in height, I have no pains.

    3. As a Naturopath, 4 yr medical school, I know there is a LOT of junk out there for supplements! People do not really know what they are taking, and will not know unless they consult with a licensed Naturopath, a nutritionist, (not a dietician), or an integrative MD that knows something besides drugs and surgery. After going through several years of med school we definitely are trained and have much information and guidance in this area than traditional medicine. We have 2 years of classes in NUTRITION/SUPPLEMENTS!
      Supplements for myself and my patients is a staple of life..everyone does not know what goes with what, and most Md’s don’t think anything works outside of their realm.
      I hope that people wake up and realize that GMO’s are alive and well, most MD’s don’t understand that the body will heal itself if given the opportunity, and drugs will help and kill you!
      I Love Melody’s testimonial!! We hear this in our community and practice everyday!!!!

  183. I would like to add that because of the supplements that I take, I am very active at the age of 53 and do NOT look my age at all. I am usually mistaken for someone in my 40s, even 30s. I dance 3-5 times a week, walk, strength train and I am even thinking about going into competition for Figure Body Building. I was over-weight for about 5-6 years and with the use of Green Extract, R-Lipoic Acid, garlic and raspberry extracts I lost all the weight and now I’m being called “skinny.” 🙂 I also was able to train for a Waltz routine and show cased it, all along with working full time and taking care of my mother. Without supplementation I do not believe that I could all of this.

  184. When I was going thru menopause, I took isoflavones and black cohosh. I did have a few ‘power surges’, but otherwise it was an easy experience. I also had been taking lysine, so when I got shingles, I barely noticed it except for the itch, NO PAIN.

  185. I’m 67 years old and I have taken vitamin C supplements since Linus Pauling released his book ” Vitamin C and the Common Cold”.. I have taken vitamin E for about 15 years now. There is no question in my mind that these natural antioxidants help maintain one’s immune system and also help prevent respiratory infections and other problems associated with excessive amounts of free radicals in one’s body. Keeping cancer from developing is also another positive effect.

  186. Candex and Probiotics 11 allow me to live a normal life. I have not yet gotten rid of a yeast overgrowth caused by too much antibiotic use but the Candex and Probiotics 11 help me in getting rid of yeast on a daily basis. This has also helped with allergies to mold, outdoor, indoor, animal dander as well as rosacea type face inflammation. I need these supplements for quality of life.

  187. I’d probably be dead without supplements. Although I try, I can’t get enough vitamin B from food. I have a chronic B deficiency. Supplements are the only way I can keep healthy levels of B in my system. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the health benefits of vitamin D3. I live in the north where the sun is, at best, thin in the winter. D3 supplements are the only way to keep a healthy level of this ‘sunshine’ vitamin in my system.

  188. Some years ago, I lost a wrestling match with a pile of laundry, and took a fall resulting in an occipital skull fracture, and complete disconnection of the main nerve to my nose; in other words, I totally lost my sense of smell. My neurosurgeon told me that, since nerves don’t regenerate, I would never regain that sense. At that time, I had among my friends a man whose father had been a pharmacist (in the ’20s and ’30s). He said that pharmacists had known that zinc encouraged nerve regeneration. It was not unusual for pharmacists’ knowledge to surpass that of physicians in the field of ‘chemical’ medicine. I worked in a doctor’s office then, and I managed to talk the doc into giving me some samples of a prostate medication which was very high in zinc. I had researched zinc, and discovered that, even though it’s a heavy metal, it does not stay in the body— unlike lead, mercury, etc., what your body doesn’t use is excreted. In a remarkably short period of time, I began to recover my sense of smell, ultimately regaining probably 95% of functionality. I now take daily zinc supplements not requiring a prescription. An interesting “side effect” of zinc is that it chelates destructive heavy metals out of one’s body. Because of its smell, I could detect the copper as it dissolved in my system and was excreted.
    I believe that people are more knowledgeable right now about their bodies’ nutritional needs than they have been in decades, and they know that what knowledge they lack is easily available online. The pharmacy stands to lose big if people can treat themselves successfully with a few trips to the Supplements aisle at Safeway. We must not allow this ability to be stifled!

  189. If it were not for supplements, I don’t know what my quality of health would be as of now. But with supplementation throughout the last decade I have experienced renewed health. I was prescribed antibiotics a years ago to help with my weakened immune system. But I hated how I felt and the fact it didn’t cure anything but mask the true issue. I have taken garlic, colloidal silver, red clover, milk thistle and an organic cleansing program once a year. Because of this and eating better and sleeping more I was able to overcome the immune system issue. Also, when I had the flu once, I used garlic, rest and juice to overcome it in less than 2 days and felt great afterward!!!

  190. Acidophilus for when one has been on antibiotics, or is not feeling good as in nauseous, or feel like one is coming down with a cold;
    Vit D because I keep testing as being below a healthy level;
    Vit B complex to maintain mood;
    Bewer’s Yeast to keep biting insects from biting;
    D-Mannose when one feels that one is coming down with a bladder infection, you take it and it makes the inside of the bladder slippery so that bacteria can’t get a foothold. It is made from blueberries. Prior to that there was a supplement made from cranberries that I used but I find the D-Mannose works better. If one tries to drink cranberry juice either it is full of sugar which little invaders love or it is very sour.
    I use seed pillows to cover my eyes to fall asleep.
    I have considered buying a hops pillow to sleep on.
    I use White Vinegar around the house for cleaning.
    I have used Taurine for my cat who was allergic to cat food. who started to go blind.
    I use L-Lysine for my cat who is on Prednisolone for IBD and who developed fungi on its eye and once cured of that I was told that if I gave L Lysine 2 x a day the fungi would not come back. So far so good.
    A friend swears by Sambucol: which is elderberry extract. She finds that it helps with light sore throats and with preventing or shortening a cold. Birds self- medicate by going to elderberry trees when they
    are feeling poorly and they eat the berries.

  191. Instead of albuterol I give my children silver hydrosol in their nubulizer. They have had no real problems since then. They are in preschool so of course they are going to pick up something here and there. So, whenever I hear a little cough or sneeze I put silver in the nebulizer and it is gone!

  192. I have for several years used a supplement protocol developed by Dr. Martin Hinze at the University of Minnesota. This protocol consists entirely of OTC supplements. (
    I use it to control depression and migraines. I used to use anti-depressants, and stopped because of the nasty side effects, and because they never really worked.
    The supplement protocol is entirely benign, has no side effects, and is completely effective. My migraine occurence has dropped from several per month to less than one per year! My depression has evaporated.
    But BigPharma can’t make any money on OTC supplements, (they cost me about $30/month) so they want them eliminated. And the AMA and other medical associations march in lockstep with Big Pharma.

  193. The food-based supplements (non-chemical) are extremely helpful. I take approximately 30 supplements daily and just do not get sick. I take zero over-the-counter or prescription drugs. I have found the following benefits since starting supplements and good diet approximately 25 years ago: no disease or aches and pains, hearing greatly improved to near normal, daily dizziness or vertigo that had lasted for 2-3 years disappeared in two days and has not returned (this occurred about 25 years ago), digestive problems due to hiatal hernia completely disappeared, energy level excellent at 68 years of age, and an irregular heartbeat that I had for years disappeared almost immediately upon beginning supplements about 25 years ago and has not returned. Now this is anecdotal, but many others including my significant other female friend have had very similar long term results including high energy at over 60 years of age and no sickness or disease what-so-ever. Another benefit is that typically people that take food based organic supplements and eat organic look and feel at least 10-15 years younger.

  194. I take Juice Plus, pro-biotics, and other vitamin supplements. I swear by all of them. Probiotics are now being pushed by the mainstream OTC manufacturers like Phillips. Those products are often 3 times the amount you can purchase in vitamin stores, and you get better products than what these commercial suppliers are making.
    I read a book called “What Your Doctor will not tell you about IBS.” This gave me a ton of information about digestion, foods, probiotics and the proportional ideal amount of probiotics and what blends to look for. It was and has been a part of my diet and has allowed me to live free of pharmeceutical drugs for over 3 years under the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colits. With the dietary changes and these supplements, this has truly changed my life and my health.

  195. Pain, Ruptured Discs, Arthiritis and Joint Inflamation stopped.
    I had a major hit from behind in an automobile accident that left me with ruptured discs in my cervical neck area among other joint and pain problems. Short and to the point, after four years of every medical procedure and drugs along with alternatives from accupuncture to pill supplements I was still in tremendous pain.
    I found a natural product sold in a health food store called “Joint Complete” made by a company called Tropical Oasis. It was a liquid product suggested to me by a knowledgeable friend. It contained MSM, chondroitin, glucosamine, vitamin c, and hyaluronic acid. The liquid form was more absorbable and it contained msm and the hyaluronic acid in liquid form that research showed lubricates the joints while removing the toxins, inflamation, and making the moving the supply of the nutrients needed.
    In less than two months the pain was completely disappeared for the first time in four years. Two years later and it is still gone. I later tried another pill supplement by New Chapter and one also from Garden of Life for joints and the pain returned both times. Each time I went back on “joint complete” the pain and inflamation went away. It has to also be attributed to the fact that liquid supplements are so much more absorbable as well as the specific ingredients in “Joint Complete”.
    No drug or operation could do what this natural supplement did for me.

  196. Unfortunately for me I listened to doctors for too long. In the last 8 years I have been on almost every kind of blood pressure medication and drugs for swelling and after a year of treatment led to drug induced diabetes. Its important to note that most doctors these days do not believe drug induced diabetes is real [it has been relabeled “unmasking diabetes”]. My reactions to all these drugs was burning stiffness in bones, severely weakened muscles sometimes leading to joints seating improperly, chronic weakness and shortness of breath when attempting to exercise, nerve twitching in the face dehydration, bleeding in the digestive track and possibly stomach, dramatic elevations to blood glucose levels, insomnia, sinus and throat swelling and over all body swelling and skin sensitivity. Now I’m on a constant research path to work out what supplements can help my body get back on track. They never diagnosed my original problem and did not want to, they profile you put you on drugs and expect you to stay on them till they kill you. They only things they looked for were things that would let them put me on more drugs.

  197. As a 53 year practicing pharmacist in Glen Ellyn IL (Chicago Land) I percieve a 500 billion dollar cost off set annually for health care in just 3 areas. Everybody gets vitamin D tested and achieves levels 40 to 70ng/ml of 25(OH)D. Further findings that food sensitivities could be linked to 60% of all illness. This is an easy reliable blood test. And 3rd, we have found over 101 health conditions linked to dysbiosis – or an unbalanced microbiome in the intestines. We use Florajen3 (a probiotic) with a 1/4 teaspoonful of a 95% FOS a prebiotic to constitute Synbiotic Therapy. Our FOS comes from PURE Encapsulations as we have the analysis. There are other companies equally good too. And for the newborns to 2 months or up to 4 years if needed – Florajen4Kids. The probiotics come from American Lifeline in Baraboo, WI. There are other quality high cell count products available too. I think $500 billion savings would go a long way to fix a lot of our health care costs constraints.

  198. I thought I was the only one! I am fascinated to read everyone else’s stories and learn that, like me, supplements are the first line, and often the only line, of defense needed for almost everything related to health. I discovered great supplements through a nutritionist, then a homeopath, and now a naturopath. I use them in conjunction with homeopathic remedies for everyone in my family. I completely agree that our food doesn’t do the job anymore and that supplements are a necessity. I also believe that our bodies are having to detox on a scale much larger than years past, also requiring more supplements. In my family of 4 with two young kids, we use them for general health (probiotics, multivitamins), but I have also used them to help with lyme’s disease (immune boosting), eczema (skin supporting), mood issues (nervous system balancing), and acid reflux (gut healing). Now that we are all much healthier – we rarely ever get sick anymore – I’m seeing that the root cause for all of us is mostly in the gut and with detoxing. We are mostly using grapefruit seed extract and other ‘antibiotics’ on rotation, with good probiotics. Detoxing is gently encouraged by simply adding extra selenium. So much can be done with the basics: great food, REAL supplements, and mindful attention. I’m visualizing the day when there will be a place where this information is accepted and shared widely. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. Thank you ANH for helping us get there!

  199. I had celiac disease. One of the characteristics of celiac is that it drains your body of nutrients, which is often hard to diagnose. But testing and symptoms did reveal that, at one time, I was severely deficient in B6, zinc, and selenium. Supplements are the only way to fix this kind of deficiency; most foods available in the USA are deficient in vitamins and minerals, thanks to soil depletion and the ever-present GMOs.

  200. I have suffered from insomnia all my life. Frequently it will take me 2 or more hours to get to sleep and then I wake up during the night and it takes me a half hour or more to get back to sleep. I was shocked when other told me they go to sleep and wake up the next morning with not trouble. I’ve never slept through an entire night.
    Several years ago I was reading something about magnesium and got the idea it might help me sleep. I bought a high qualtiy supplenment at a coop and found that it help me tremendously. My body is a dead weight when I do wake up and I sleep more solidly. I also take one aspirin with the maganesium and occasionally take a valerian supplement. They’ve all helped to improve my sleep. Magnesium also has reduced the “tendon knots” I had in my back

  201. I have taken a number of supplements for a least ten years. My family doctor approves of these and
    tells me that of all of his geriatric patients I am doing better then any of his others.
    My cardiologist also approves of what I am taking. I hope that I may continue taking supplements.

  202. Supplements have definitely helped me. I had borderline high cholesterol and shortly after taking red yeast rice capsules my total cholesterol, triglycerides high/low density cholesterols improved markedly. Glucosamine, chondroitin with MSM has greatly improved my right knee function too. My wife is a holistic physician with training in biochemistry and pharmacology. Her stock of nutraceuticals at her clinic is simply amazing – all of which she has carefully evaluated before prescribing to her patients. People come to her and she gets most of them well after they have repeatedly visited numerous doctors.

  203. A few months ago (upon returning to the USA after many years abroad) my gut “crashed”. I was in bad shape – diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, dysbiosis, a systemic virus, gluten intolerance, H pylori, and intestinal parasites. My integrative MD has been treating me with some prescription meds (for the H pylori), but mostly with various probiotics and natural cleanses, InflamX, Thymate, Primal Defense, multi-vitamins and diet change. I now eat only organic, gluten-free, non-GMO foods, use a water filter that removes flouride and chlorine, use SLS- and flouride-free toothpaste,
    Months later I am now feeling good and getting back to good health.
    Additionally, I have dealt with migraines for more than a decade. The best prophylaxis I have found is a daily combination of potassium, magnesium and vit E.

  204. I got a sinus infection which wouldn’t go away. I did three rounds of antibiotics each increasingly stronger but as soon as I was done the infection returned. I was already using some products from a company called Nutraceutical Solutions,Inc. and noticed something in their catalogue called Colloidal Silver which said it was a natural antibiotic, so I tried it and ,surprise ,I didn’t need any more antibiotics my sinus infection was cured. Hurray!!

  205. I am almost 70 and have used vitamins for 20 or more yrs. I am on no prescription medicine, exercise regularly and try to eat right. My doctor asked me “what are you doing and said “never mind just keep it up”. I take a multi-vit, c, calcium, salmon oil, extr vit d3 and constantly read and check up on nutrition information. I am a firm believer anyone can be healthy with proper nutrition, daily exercise and vitamin supplementation. Please do not take my vitamins away from me as I am hardly ever in a doctors office and try to stay away from hospitals. I will fight to keep my right to give my body what I think it needs to feel strong and healthy and do not feel I need to have anyone dictate to me what is good for me and what is not. I been around for a while and am not stupid!

  206. I love my supplements!!
    My first experience was accidentally discovering that vitamin D cured my horrible 10-year TMJ disorder, while also preventing the yearly winter seasonal affective disorder, the reason for taking it in the first place. It also dramatically scaled back the frequency of migraines. Since then I have kept up on the research and have been amazed by the cancer-prevention aspects of vitamin D as well.
    Astaxanthin has cured my dry skin, and has made using sunscreen a thing of the past. This and vitamin D has completely changed my relationship with the sun, and I now believe that humans absolutely NEED sunshine for optimum health. The sunscreen conspiracy is ridiculous!
    High-powered probiotics cleared up my acne, which I had been dealing with since my teen years (I’m now 37).
    VERY important to stress that the quality of supplements is paramount, as the first commenter wisely notes. I understand big pharma is able to dismiss vitamin D by using D2 instead of D3 in its studies. I’m sure they are using crap-filled synthetic supplements in the studies that “disprove” supplement efficacy.
    Dawn in NZ

  207. I have used food based supplements (Vit C) to quell nausea due to food poisoning on many occasions. Similarly, head cold symptoms are greatly reduced in longevity compared to having the ailment run it’s course.
    If 100% whey protein is considered a supplement, then a daily scoop has eliminated chronic & crippling pain, due to a bone spur in my lower back vertebrae, in just a few weeks.
    I personally do not believe in synthesized lab vitamins very effective. Thus the large doses in those compounds versus a tenth of the doses of food derived supplements.
    pretty simple!

  208. My personal experience: Taking the right minerals with vitamin A can cure or prevent an oncoming cold..GTF chromium and zinc both partner with A and compete with one another when the supply of A is low…see for details…look for Ted Birnbaum. Manganese, zinc, vitamin A, GLA in Borage or Evening Primrose oil cure / prevent acne. The more vegetable oil you consume, the more you need manganese for that purpose. 100 micrograms of vitamin K1 daily is one of the things necessary to prevent diabetes type 2…at least in the older person. K2 may even work better but along with K1 must be balanced with vitamin D3. A poor balance, either too much or too little can impair sleep. Daily manganese can prevent bad inflammation due to chigger bites. Echinacea can sometimes be the remedy of choice for a cold that starts with slight chest congestion..and is the only symptom. Lysine, B6 and Lemon Balm (aka Melissa) also help under those circumstances. Magnesium stops leg cramps, but taking K1 minimizes the need for this. Strontium in moderation is good for teeth & bones, as is combination of K1, calcium and vitamin D3. I am 64 years old and take no medications because I don’t need to and they are mostly no good.

  209. My mother had a heart attack when she was 55 and 2 of my uncles have had bypass operations. Twelve years ago (when I was 43) I decided I didn’t want to go down the same road, so I did a comprehensive search of the literature to see if there was some way to prevent this. My search lead to the work Dr. Linus Pauling did at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine in the late Eighties and early Nineties. It turns out that atherosclerosis (plaque in the arteries) is, like scurvy, a nutritional deficiency diseases and can be prevented and cured by taking the correct nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) in the correct dosages. This nutritional protocol has worked for me and many others. Knowing that this is not well known, I have put up a website: If you go there and have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].

  210. My wife and I have, at various times, had moderate to serious health challenges. A few years ago I was diagnosed with borderline congestive heart failure, and I was indeed very sick. After 2 years on heart meds, with no improvement, I went off them and onto a program of nutritional supplementation, homeopathics and traditional Chinese medicine. My cardiologist was furious and scolded me repeatedly, even as I began to improve rapidly. I am now 100% non drug, 100% nutritionally supported, and my heart function is completely normal. My son had it worse. At age 2 his immune system suddenly failed. Doctors gave him one antibiotic after another, and he only got worse. It seemed that he would die. We dropped the allopathic doctors and started him on acupuncture and herbs, plus homeopathics and nutritional supplements. It took 5 years, but his health steadily improved, and by age 7 his health was completely normal. Now, at 17, he is taller, stronger, and more intelligent than most kids his age. Thank God for alternative medicine!

  211. I take all different supplements on a daily basis. I rarely get sick. I only take supplements from reputable companies. As a nutrition coach I have learned about the ones to trust and the ones that aren’t high quality. I also eat a very healthy Paleo Diet with all organic foods — nothing packaged and very little processed food. I don’t want to take pharma drugs. They aren’t really tested and if they are it’s by the pharma company who makes them.
    The FDA rarely challenges these companies. It’s sickening. However, when you weigh the problems with supplements vs the problems with pharma drugs, the supplements always come out with better results.

  212. I have had more than one bout of MRSA.
    My allopathic doctor put be on Colloidal Silver. She said it has been the only thing that can kill a MRSA. It did. I take it now whenever I have any kind of sickness come on….I use it on cuts.
    It is a Wonder Drug…!

    1. There are other substances that MRSA is sensitive to most notably is iodine which the body acquires from suphur containing foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, broccoli, brussel sprouts, leeks, etc. After surgery for carpal tunnel I suffered for more than a year and a half with recurrent MRSA infections until I started supplementing with Kelp and switched my diet to strictly raw vegtables for a period of about six months and I have not had a MRSA outbreak ever since. I also have to say I see a nutritionist on a monthly basis and have been hiv positive for over 22 years. In the early years of my virus my nutritionist got me through the lean years of anti-viral meds so I could take advantage of the new meds that knocked my virus down to undetectable levels. If not for the vitamins and supplements I’ve taken for the last 20 years I would not be here.
      I reccomend the website:

  213. I began taking much better care of myself after my child was born 8 yrs ago. Losing 70 pounds over this period was done with the help of changing my diet to lacto-vegetarian , and taking vitamin supplement daily. I refused doctors orders of using high blood pressure meds & instead began eating 5-10 cloves of raw garlic daily. No high blood pressure today. Also I regulated my blood sugar by eating organic greens EXCLUSIVELY for 2-4 weeks ( which also fixed my high cholesterol).
    By using 5-10,000 mgs of vitamin c daily year round most of my past arthritis pain has vanished! I also have been cold & flu free for another winter even though my child has been coughing, and sneezing in my face the whole time. There a few more supplements take daily also, but I feel I have made my point.
    Don’t take my word for it. Do the research yourself. The proof is there! Then try it! You will see the difference! No on in the media will tell you this info. We will

  214. I find that if I don not take a B-vitamin supplement, I will get depressed. Combing a good multivitamin, a B-vitamin supplement, and correctly timed doses of the right amino acids, I end up feeling far better than prescription antidepressant.

  215. I am 90 years old and a retired physician. I participated in the Harvard U study on vitamin supplements, where several thousand physicians took vitamins or placebo for over 10 years. At the end, there was no evidence that vitamin supplements helped anyone in health or in preventing diseases like heart trouble or cancer if they did not have a specific reason to need the supplement and ate a regular normal diet. Supplements are not necessary for anyone on a rounded diet with no specific deficiencies. Vitamin makers do not like this kind of evidence, but it is valid.

  216. I’ve been using supplements for many years and they have worked very well. I’m still alive to tell the story at 81 and hope to reach 10 x 10 pretty soon! Just keep healthy thoughts and love God. He is most glorious! Love to all.

  217. I am 67 and have been taking vitamins since my mother gave them to me as a baby. I now take some 26 vitamin pills a day including magnesium, C, E, D, and a variety for vision and multi- vitamins. I am not nor ever have been on any prescribed medication, mainly because I am healthy. At my last physical, my doctor asked me if I knew how rare it is for someone my age to not be on any medication. Yes, I know .. and I am convinced it is because I take care of myself and take vitamins.
    If Big Pharma successfully convinces our government to effectively ban all vitamins, we are doomed to shorter, unhealthy lives.

  218. I am 67 and have been taking vitamin supplements since my mother began giving them to me as a baby. For years I have been taking multi-vitamins, vision supplements, magnesium, C, D, E, to name just a few of the 26 vitamins I take daily. I am not nor ever have been on any prescribed medications. When I was 65, during my physical, my doctor asked me if I knew how rare it was for someone my age to not be on any medications. I attribute that to taking care of myself and a lifelong habit of taking vitamin supplements.
    If Big Pharma successfully convinces government to effectively ban vitamin supplements, we will live shorter, unhealthier lives. We can’t allow Big Pharma to win.

  219. How have supplements helped me? Four years ago I turned 40 and became horribly sick. My cardiac doctor of 10 years couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and, when I repeatedly asked him what was wrong/how I could get better, he told me to go someplace else and find help and kicked me out of the clinic! That was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.
    I thus began my own investigating and using of alternative medicine. Discovered I had Severe Heavy Metal Toxicity (chelated 3x); severe malabsorption; severe vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme deficiencies; severe Dysbiosis/Leaky Gut; a genetic liver mutation that doesn’t allow my body to detox or metabolize correctly (per a test done by the Mayo Clinic), which meant no pharma/synthetic drugs should go into my body (unless absolutely needed); a severe allergy to (cow) casein; food intolerance to gluten and soy, along with about 20 other foods to varying degrees; moderate adrenal fatigue; hyperplasia from having an irregular period my entire life (had a NovaSure Ablation done); a system-wide infection; a system-wide Candida/yeast infection that I’m still fighting (I’m going to try Sodium Bicarbonate/Baking soda!), and a severely compromised immune system.
    All of the supplements I take are very high quality and from very reputable dealers; I do not buy them from the local grocery store, drugstore, or anywhere else cheap supplements are sold. I buy mine from Whole Foods, the Community Pharmacy, the local Co-op, from Taking a daily multivitamin and B-complex (for food allergy/intolerance/gluten needs) is an absolute given. I also take different herbs to bring my Adrenals back under control. I take several different things for female hormone regulating/PMS/Perimenopause. A mixture of 10-different mushrooms and/or a mixture of a variety of herbs helps build up my immune system. A daily, high-dose probiotic is taken, as well as Digestive Spectrum (supplies enzymes to break down gluten, casein, along with other powerful enzymes–even if I don’t eat these foods, I’ve discovered that these enzymes help me digest my food a LOT better), Vit E, Vit C, and Vit D. I take other herbs and vitamins and minerals as needed.
    I had been taking 10 different pharmaceutical drugs; I now take none. By cutting out the cow casein/dairy (and perhaps also the gluten) I no longer have asthma and no longer take Advair. By cutting out soda pop and drastically cutting down on sugar and carbs/gluten overall,…

  220. I take a lot of supplements. I think I would be a vegetable, or maybe dead, without them. I am sensitive to a lot of foods, so I need vitamin and mineral suplements to compensate for dietary restrictions. There are other thiings that food doesn’t provide, especially ones that support my nervous and circulatory systems.

  221. I don’t even know where to begin. I buy my vitamins, herbs and amino acid products from reliable (rated) manufacturers. There are a few products where I have proof (for me) that they work.
    1) a probiotic (I tried about 8 different ones before I found one that worked for me) I am lactose intolerant. Within reason, I can eat ice cream and cheeses that I could not before. 2) Feverfew: I use this herb to prevent migraines. 3) Vitamin D3, K2 and Calcium for my wife . . . has reversed her bone loss. 4) Red Yeast Rice . . . has controlled my wife’s Cholesterol level. There’s more. Bottom line: Read reliable sources and buy from reliable manufacturers.

  222. I keep my blood preasure between 116 / 78 and 124 / 84 with Res-Q 1250 and GlycoMarine. No more need for BP medication.

    1. Instead of having my mom on Benicar a blood pressure meds that gave all sorts of side of effects. My sister put her on 11oz of low sodium tomato juice and two 100 mg of Bio active Q. We follow Dr. J. Whittaker and Dr. R. Shultze.

  223. Have survived mercury poisoning, coinciding with dental mercury happenings. I am 62, not on
    any meds. Continue to work to decrease my mercury level with supplements and OTHERWISE

  224. Beause of a clumsy diability my life was one endless bladder infection. I said nuts to antibiotics and went on cranberry extract in capsule form. No more infections.
    Echinacea at the first sign of a cold, zinc for a few days if a sore throat happens.
    The healing sometimes takes a little longer but is much more effective.
    And no side effects.
    Oh, and B6 & Bcomplex for depression.

  225. Pantothenic acid helped me to start sleeping again.
    MSM stopped all dental cavities.
    Co enzyme Q10 stopped gum disease.
    I take my vitamins and minerals every day, believe me.

  226. If supplements are useless, why is it that my husbands nephrologist, treating him for End Stage Renal Disease, prescribes them right down to the amount, and adjusts them according to his monthly blood tests. He is on peritoneal dialysis and has zero kidney function.
    If supplements are useless, why is it that they are so scared of them?

  227. We use supplements and homeopathics in our family on a regular basis. These are, without question, effective in preventing and treating common ailments and often some not such common ailments. I use these in treatment with my Chiropractuc patients and get results way beyond what one would get with traditional medicine.
    Of course the products used are of high quality. One must be careful about their source of these products. Most of the commercialy available, grocery store brands leave a lot to be desired and don’t necessarily contain what is printed on the bottle. Also people should be aware of possible drug interactions and contraindications of whatever supplements they take. That is common sense. But there are so many reliable free sources of information this should not be a problem.
    The bottom line is 12 or so years of higer education can not give anyone the ability to second guess what took nature many billons of years to put together. Virtually everything we need to survive and thrive has been provided by this planet and within ourselves. That sort of puts new meaning into “getting back to our roots”. Doc

  228. Suppplements have helped me reverse DM II ,cancer (head and neck), and helped me over come viruses and completely changed my bio markers for the better. A simplified version.

  229. I rely on quite a few supplements every day to maintain my well being. If I skip 2 or 3 days, I can feel the difference. I have rheumatoid arthritis and supplements keep it under control, so far. Also take D3, Ubiquinol, Chlorella, probiotics, B-Complex and several others. I’m 70 years old and take no prescription meds, due largely to the supplements I take. I buy ALL from reliable sources and most are organic. Without these, I feel my health would deteriorate rapidly.

  230. I have been taking vitamins for 40 years…I take C, D, E, Multi, Tumeric, B and a cocktail of amino acids, Magnesium and some others daily inclluding Melatonin to sleep. I am 63 years old and have never been on a prescription medication,, except for my bio-identical hormones which I will NEVER be without. My blood pressure is perfect. Big Pharma hates that Vitamins are good for you — they can’t make the huge profits that they can on Prescription Drugs. I knew when my kids were young that we would end up over-using antibiotics and sure enough, now we have MRSA. I never over-used antibiotics, used aspirin and Vitamin C.

  231. In Minnesota i was having severe leg cramps, waking up in the middle of the night praying my legs would go to hell so i could join them in a few years. I tried (New Vision) colloidal minerals from the Utah humic shale deposits in a citric acid solution and the first night i tried them my cramp was so small i literally laughed at it and fell asleep while it was still gently cramping. I also lost my sugar cravings.
    I’d banged up my right elbow pretty badly and it was painful for about 3 years when the weather changed. I took OPC, or Grape Seed Extract (oligomeric proanthocyanidins?) consistently for three months and the joints have not bothered me since then unless i really work them on the jobsite in an unusual way.
    During this time my cousin called. He has had Macular Degeneration since his late teens. He called me up in a panic, knowing that at that time i had about 10,000 alternative health articles and several hundred books on alternative health. I did NOT have the book written by a medical anthropologist whose personal collection of studies about nutrition and the eyes has over 20,000 studies, and whose Book at 75 dollars was too rich for me. He has specific nutrients for different eye issues in that book.
    I told Russell that i didn’t have that book but that heavy antioxidants should do the trick and since i’d read that OPC helps repair connective tissue and since macular degeneration involves cellular issues that may be helped by that aspect, i told him that in his shoes i would take OPCs, heavily at first to saturate the body quickly, and then taper off, and i would take alpha lipoic acid because it works in both fat and water soluble ways AND is one of the few antioxidants known in the 90s that worked on an intracellular level.
    His eyes stopped the degeneration.

  232. I am 73 years old and look 43 years old. I can play football with my teenage grandchildren In 1980 I began an anti-aging program. This program is based on different supplements special formulated to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy, young and disease free.
    I have taken these supplement daily since 1980.
    I do not have – heart problems, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis. I have the prostate of a 20 years old. I have excellent t eye sight. My joints are young and healthy.
    I never go to Doctors and I never take drugs.
    God has designed our bodies to be fueled by vitamins and minerals. It is not possible to get the amount necessary to be young and disease free. If it was possible we would all be young and disease free.
    I know that supplements are absolutely vital to remain young and disease free.
    I plan to live for many more years in a young disease free healthy body because I feed my body with the proper supplements. Supplements are the answer to a healthy disease free body.

    1. Slight correction on my statement;
      God has designed our bodies to be fueled by vitamins and minerals. It is not possible to get the amount necessary to be young and disease free from food. If it was possible we would all be young and disease free.

  233. In 1999, I met an RN who told me about glyconutrients. I am also an RN and had never heard of glycos so I began to soak up all the info that I could about them. I started taking them and have never stopped. I am now 65, still working full time on a very busy surgical unit. I get one minor cold once every other year–and I am exposed to a lot! While I do have inflammation throughout my body, it does not keep me down. It is caused by leaky gut. My diet is very limited. I take other nutrients daily and I run rings around the young RNs. I am unable to take drugs because they make me sick or give me all of the side effects and little of the benefits. In fact, the last 2 colds that I had was caused by doctors giving me drugs.
    If you want to stay healthy, watch carefully what you eat, take supplements and pray.

  234. I used to take St Johns Wort,(I do have a sever form of depression,also known as Major), Gingko Biloba, Bioten, A Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E . I was working 10pm- 7am at the Hospital in Medical Records. I know I never ate enough food. I never really had time to eat, I was always working or going to work. All I can say is during that time of my life whenever I took my vitamins I felt better. Those doing studies can say and think what they want. Keeping in mind everyone is differnt, what works for me may kill someone else. I know what works for me. At one point I was medicated for the depression as well. I never mentioned having taken the suppliments to my doctor. I now know why we are supposed to. But I didn’t, And when I combined the Nortriptillin with the St John’s Wort I really felt better. And had fewer migraines.

    1. I have used Mannatech products for 15 plus years. They are based on Real Food Technology. That is unique to the marketplace. 95% of all vitamin/mineral supplements come from coal tar and/or ground up rock. The body doesn’t know what to do that inorganic matter. Real Food Technology gives amazingly positive benefits. At almost 60 years of age, I feel like I’m 20, with plenty of energy, a good memory, and ability to accomplish my tasks. Real food supplements have made a very positive impact on my health, as well as my family.

  235. Clinical trials have shown that many supplements are beneficial, such Alpha Lipoic Acid reducing inflammation, Milk Thistle repairing the liver, and so forth. When it comes to any type of pollution or toxin vitamin C and B-1 help metabolize them and protect the body. And this also includes things like alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs, additives, sugar, and so forth. All of the B-vitamins and vitamin C are essential for the production of neurotransmitters — the chemicals that allow the brain and nerves to function (see the series, Nutrition and the Brain). They are also essential in the production of hormones (see the book, Handbook of Vitamins, Minerals and Hormones by Kutsky). It stands to reason and common sense that for biochemistry to function it is necessary to have the building blocks that produce biochemicals. There are obvious examples, such a a type of Schizophrenia known a the Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome due to a vitamin B-1 deficiency, scurvy due to Vitamin-C deficiency, and so on. When all is considered NOT using supplements is dangerous.

  236. I was on 13 medications last year and am now on just 3 to manage my Fibromyalgia and depression. I no longer take any antideppressants for my depression, (except trazadone to help me sleep, as melatonin doesnt get me into a deep enough sleep or I would stop that also.) I take fish oil, zinc and magnesium and it works wonderfully! Its sad I had to find this information on a health message board rather than my dr telling me about it. Magnesium also helps my IBS. I also take calcium and Vitamin D, plant sterols for my cholesterol, vitamin c for gum health and Vitamin B for that energy boost FM patients need. Ginger root also relieves my arthritis. I am already a mess, but supplements make my life tolerable.

    1. I forgot to add that I also take Niacin for my high cholesterol, because when I took the statin Crestor, it caused extreme and unneccessary muscle pain that stopped as soon as I stopped it. 12 Years this went on and my cholesterol didnt improve much! The ginger root also helps with constipation.

  237. My favorite supplement is black elderberry syrup. I take it any time I feel ify or unbalanced and in short time feel better. It has been extensively researched in Israel and Europe and is sometimes branded under Sambuco. I also like Arnica gel for bruising. It immediately soothes and will prevent bruises if applyed within a short time after the injury.

  238. I was wrongly diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica 12 years ago, subsequently wrongly medicated, I actually had a bad back ,anyway the massive doses of Prednisone I took for years destroyed my Immune System and Bone density, the weight bearing joints simply wore away the bone, I now need two hip and two knee replacements, I rebuilt my Immune System and Bone density with Glyconutrients, I took massive doses for 2 months, I have since had a Laminectomy and the Neurosurgeon said I had the strongest bones he had ever cut, I am 70 years old and as healthy as a horse except for the damage the pharmaceutical drugs done to my body, because of this I do not take any drugs at all, I only take the Glyconutrients and will never stop taking them as long as I live
    Ps My wife is the same age as me and she does not take any medication either only the Glyconutrients

  239. I woke up to an abcessed tooth over 4 months ago. Unbelievable pain! I take hydrocodone for
    constant pain from a van hitting me and it would not drop the tooth pain at all. I put cayenne pepper on the cavity and around the gum of the tooth which helped a lot. I used a damp q-tip that I dipped in the cayenne pepper to apply. I did not want to touch the cayenne pepper to my lips or tongue as it is very hot! I do eat food with cayenne on it and have no problems with it when it is sprinkled on. I also took 1200 mg. of gel tab garlic and the tooth pain became manageable in 15 minutes. The next day the pain was gone completely. I continue to take garlic everyday and have not had any tooth pain since. I have not been to the dentist to fix the cavity as I can not afford to. I use baking soda to brush my teeth and the sodium in it is helpful to whiten my teeth and help kill bacteria.
    The cayenne is also useful for killing some species of parasites in the intestinal trac. Everyone on the planet has at least 2 lbs. of parasites in their bodies. Parasites can travel to every organ of the body including the brain and eyes. Look up the definition of a microbe and it will say parasite!
    Microbes are what penetrates cells and cause cancer in some cases. It is beneficial to the body to eradicate parasites that may be in any organ. Remember, parasites can get into your heart just as they do your pets. Walking barefoot outside can cause you to get parasites. Drinking untreated water from streams or lakes can give you parasites. Eating any food can give you parasites unless
    it is cooked very well. This includes fruits and vegetables. Parasites are almost everywhere. Most parasites are microscopic and can enter the body through the pours of the skin. You can get parasites just by shaking hands with someone that is infected with them. Most doctors will test you for the 50 or so parasites they know of and if they do not find these they declare you parasite free.
    There are however between 1000 and 3000 species of parasites that will invade your body that
    can not be tested for. Many people including myself have found that by killing the parasites in the body they feel better with more energy. MSM kills some parasites in the body and helps to alleviate
    being hungry all the time. I would check out for the easiest protocol on getting rid
    of the parasites that eat your vitamins and minerals etc. before your body gets them. I have read
    over 750000 pages of…

  240. About 8 years ago I had terrible knee pain and went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me shots for the pain and suggested surgery. There was a shot that was natural but quite expensive. Shortly after I started to take supplements and within a year or two I found I didn’t need the shots nor the surgery. I am also using supplements instead of cholesterol medication. I feel safer using natural supplements and they do the same thing as the undesirable chemical prescriptions.

  241. My wife and I have been taking supplments for over 15 years… I’m 70 she is 66… we take no prescription meds and are always looked at curiously when we say that to others, like there must be something wrong with you that your not on some prescription drug or 2 or 5 etc…
    We are healthy and just returned from a hiking week in the White Mtns of NH…
    Our motto is if the FDA says it is OK stay away!

  242. I have taken supplements all my 79 years: my mother fed me cod liver oil and “Radio Malt” – probably similar to blackstrap molasses? Later she taught me about vitamin C. My few times of following a doctor’s orders and taking their drugs showed me that I always came out the worse for taking those drugs. I get all the “rare and seldom encountered side (= unwanted) effects”. I have avoided the MD’s negative programming that I would soon be diabetic (58 years ago) by removing all food additives and manufactured food-artifacts from my regular diet. I have kept my eyesight in spite of being allergic to timolol maleate, the basic ingredient of glaucoma drops. I still have all but 1 of my teeth (except wisdom teeth) and no new cavities in about 50 years, although two teeth have broken and needed crowns. My blood pressure and blood tests are all at the Normal level. I heal fast, I have had some big falls and not broken bones except one cracked ankle bone 9 years ago which was back in full use and strength within a few months. I garden without power tools other than a whipper snipper (and a car with trailer to get mulching materials) raising most of the vegetables I eat. I am healthy, happy, still flexible and strong for my age, blessed with wonderful friends and living in a community of kind and supportive people.

  243. I have cycled all my life, and still do, never walk up the hills, age 67. Got cancer in 2009, Broke my ankle last year, but cycling again within 3 months. Broke one shoulder, infraspinatus damaged on the other last march, still recovering from that but was cycling again after 2 months. I take vitamin C, D, E, K, Q10, Omega3, garlic, astaxanthin, MSM, raw milk, quinoa, amaranth, blue-green algae. Now in good health.

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