Victory! Sen. Durbin’s Anti-Supplement Amendment DEFEATED!

victoryNatural health advocates spoke out in huge numbers—and we won! Our readers sent nearly 90,000 messages in less than 24 hours, and Congress heard you. Sen. Durbin’s anti-supplement amendment was soundly defeated today, by a vote of 77 to 20.

ANH-USA would like to extend special thanks to all the allied organizations and friends who forwarded our emergency alert to their own lists. Without your help, we may not have been able to stop the amendment dead in its tracks.
This was an important win. If Sen. Durbin’s last-minute, under-the-radar amendment had passed, our access to vitamin and dietary supplements would have been drastically curtailed due to a litany of unexpected and unnecessary new regulations. A big thanks to Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) for standing with us.

Durbin’s failed amendment serves as another reminder that our freedoms need to be preserved. Freedom of access to our own healthcare choices may be under threat, but today we won—thanks to YOU!
You can send a message to your Senators expressing your appreciation for the amendment’s defeat and asking them to continue protecting access to dietary supplements by clicking here.


  1. …proving once again that freedom is NOT free and we have to maintain vigilence so you do not lose the freedom that we have…

  2. yes, thank god we won! vitamins and supplements are a must have in our modern (polluted) civilzation since we can’t get the same nutrients that our ancestors had in their bodies!! I hope that we can keep fighting for our god-given right to choose to be healthy for a better future!

  3. Senator Harkin was one of the Representatives from my state. He gets a lot of letters from me. I’m happy to help, and pleased he saw the wisdom in curtailing the growing power of the out-of-control FDA.

  4. My representative Scott Brown (R-MA) responded by email to me today because of the action letter generated by this website. He says the Durbin amendment is “tabled” or “put aside” which can be taken two ways. The first is in parliamentary procedure “table” means to “kill” the bill while a more accurate political perspective might be to expect it to make another round when they think no one is looking. Thanks to ANH-USA the latter may not be effective. The core of the bill is not fully understood I think. The assumption is the amendment is driven by money but what concerns me is the FDA is being used to manipulate free trade. Other concerns are natural supplements cannot be patented and when found to compete with pharmas need to be restricted if not removed from the market completely. Insiduous, I know. But likely the truth. I want to know what spirit is behind the amendment and intention to be carried out.

  5. Dietitians have harassed Naturopaths and Nutrition PhD’s for 20 yeasrs. Through grassroots we passed the Consumer Health Freedom bill through the Ohio House 66 to 29. The legislators were afraid of the medical boards — we made them terrified of us. Watch our YouTube video “Ohio Health Freedom” by TFS Media. Dr. Jane, Medicine Woman

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