Should Anyone Be Force-Fed Soy?

Prison-cafeteria-JCR.jpgSeven prisoners say it’s happening to them—and their health is being damaged because of it.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is seeking an injunction against serving Illinois prisoners soy-laden meals as a source of cheap protein. And now a judge has ruled that the lawsuit will go forward.
The use of soy in Illinois prison meals seems to have begun when Rod Blagojevich was elected governor of Illinois. Beginning in January 2003, inmates began receiving a diet largely based on processed soy protein, with very little meat. In most meals, small amounts of meat or meat by-products are mixed with 60 to 70 percent soy protein; fake soy cheese has replaced real cheese; and soy flour or soy protein is now added to most of the baked goods.
There are three types of soy products: raw soy, which is poisonous to humans; processed soy products such as soy milk; and fermented soy products such as miso. Although tofu is not exactly fermented, it is usually classed as a fermented soy product. Although processed soy foods are often thought of as “health foods,” knowledgeable researchers consider them risky, and quite unlike the healthier fermented soy products.
The Weston A. Price Foundation has been a leading voice on the dangers of processed soy foods, especially when consumed in large amounts. The lawsuit claims that six plaintiffs are suffering bodily injury and adverse health effects from being fed too much soy, and alleges that the private corporation that runs the prison, Wexford Health Sources, Inc., and its doctors have been negligent in failing to provide adequate medical care because of the soy overload. One Florida inmate is also suing, and it might become a class action suit. Weston Price is picking up court fees.
In 2007, the Weston A. Price Foundation began hearing about soy-related health complaints, including chronic and painful constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, sharp pains in the digestive tract, passing out, heart palpitations, rashes, acne, insomnia, panic attacks, depression, and symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as low body temperature (feeling cold all the time), brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections, and thyroid disease.
Most soy in the US is genetically engineered. GMO soy is grown on 91% of US soybean fields. And, as we reported previously, GMO soy has been linked to infant mortality in hamsters, with complete sterility by the third generation.
Soy is highly estrogenic, and can interfere with our absorption of iodine, reduce fertility in women, trigger early puberty, and disrupt fetal development. Dr. Joseph Mercola lists just a few of the health effects that have been linked to soy consumption (though not to fermented soy products such as tofu and miso):

  • Breast cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Infant abnormalities
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Kidney stones
  • Immune system impairment
  • Severe, potentially fatal food allergies
  • Impaired fertility
  • Danger during pregnancy and nursing

The Weston A. Price Foundation has compiled a wealth of information about soy and soy products, including numerous scientific studies on their website, which is a treasure trove of information on many subjects ranging from diet to roots canals. The recent court ruling emphasized how important scientific and medical testimony will be at the trial, so it should be a most exciting case to watch.

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  1. Looks like the agenda is to kill them off thru the food… SOy will kill you pretty fast if you are fed large amounts of it. Its in EVERYTHING in the whole food supply. If you are NOT staying away from it and eating simple, you too will get sick from it

    1. True but the them is US.
      We are all prisoners of the FDA et al. Prisoners UNLESS we understand the agenda and work assiduously to TRY and circumvent it.
      We must not be too hard on those honest prisoners. I am afraid many of us certainly to include, myself may soon be behind those bars being REEDUCATED.
      The regime will be simple. On entrance to prison you will receive your first round of protective “vaccinations”; you will be fed mostly GMO “foods”; in less than a year or two you will be dead.

    1. A long time ago, I used to think like you. However, you should consider that all human beings make mistakes, and that not all prisoners are dangerous murderers. Not to mention that people can and do go to prison being innocent; our justice system is not infallible. Try to put yourself in the position of others and hey, even imagine that you end up going to prison, would you like not having rights? Anyway, prisoners DO have rights.

  2. This anit-soy hysteria is irresponsible. I like you website over-all but if you can’t keep garbage like this off of it, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave.

  3. Infants should be breast fed, if at all possible–as long as possible, even if it is only for a couple months.
    The best substitute for breast milk is a goat’s formula, because there is some immunity conferred, although not as much as with human milk. Synthetic formulae can have all the vitamins and minerals needed, but they can’t fabricate antibodies. Soy milk and soy products cause problems as noted in the above article. The fermented soy products are better and don’t seem to have the problems we see otherwise. Any GMO product can create difficulties and have been outlawed by several European countries

    1. America ate quite well before soy was first fed to us by the Rockefeller clan after WWII. When America ate mostly non-processed products, back in say 1900 cancer and heart disease was no problem.
      Today we must grow our own food or obtain it from local sources we can trust. The FDA claims they have the right to come in your yard and rip up your food. Yes our cowardly congress passed laws giving them this power. Lucky for us our Constitution says this law is bogus and our second amendment provides us the ability to enforce our Constitution.

  4. Not just the prisoners are affected. Check the side of any processed food box and you will find soy in some form or another. It is in ice cream, yogurt, soups, mac and cheese, chips to just name a few.

    1. A little of both. Unfermented soy is high in both phytoestrogens (endocrine disrupters) and antinutrients. Fermenting the soy eliminates both of these problems. However, GM soy is still GM, even when fermented.

  5. Sounds like a Hitleresk scheme. Feed the undesirables a toxic diet and presto, they all die or are maimed so badly, the society’s problems are all solved. It sounds ridiculous, but very effective.

  6. this is mostly a lie these prisoners just want to eat fancy cuts of meat and cheese i myelf am a vegan and i eat tofu every day and drink some soy milk every day i am 71yrs old and just as horny as i ever was no viagra ever needed here but i only buy non genetic modified soy thats also organic i even have a ferret and a cat on soy based vegan cat food both healthy and the male ferret is also very horny this foundation is just a front group for the meat and dairy industry that feels threatened by people becomeing vegetarians and eating soy in place of meat and milk cheese ect.

  7. Thank you so much for being a “fearless advocate” in the face of such relentless political pressure. I have learned so much from the “the Dark side Of Soy” and share it with everyone I come in contact with.
    I work part time (while holding a full time job) at a publicly traded and nationally recognized retail supplement company and I speak to hundreds of persons a week. The FDA, the supposed watchdog of the public is, in my eyes, the Fraud & Death Administration with cozy ties to large, nationally recognized biochemical companies and pharmaceuticals. Joseph Mengele comes to mind!

  8. Dear Weston Price:
    Thank you!!!
    I hope that you can help those poor prisoners to organize a class action suit…
    They will need it to reduce legal fees that most of them are probably too poor to pay.
    It is most fortunate that you encountered a judge who agreed to let the case proceed:
    We are all very lucky that the judge understood that forcing people to eat sick-making trash
    is totally wrong…even if all of those particular people are stigmatized prisoners.
    I hope that all of you win…
    This case in court.
    Most truly yours,
    Louise Esther Rothstein.

  9. My grandson is in a Florida Correctional Center Work Camp, and has terrible asthma. I asked him to write and tell me what his meals consisted of. He replied that they were 100% textured Vegetable Protein, and are recently about 65% of that substance. As this article states, “textured vegetable protein” is made from GMO soy, with its encumbent dangers, including fatal food allergies. I do not believe the facility is privately-operated, but that might be the case. In any event, I suggest Weston-Price Foundation check out t he meals in the Florida Correctional System, as there may be many more inmates dangerously affected by a daily diet of this product.

  10. Soy is just plain garbage, and they keep pushing it. My family and I have tried very hard to keep away from this junk. I agree and hope that they can do something about this, we need to keep protesting and getting the information out there.

    1. We are all being “forced” to eat foods that are unhealthy and eventually over time will cause disease and illness of all kinds. In prisons, where inmates have absolutely no choice but to eat what’s put in front of them for every single meal, and for a long time…it’s a kind of a “control group” which will prove without a doubt, what many courageous doctors and scientists have been trying to
      educate us about for years. My hope is that this class-action suit will materialize and draw national media attention to this travesty.
      All the good benefits of soy, just like yogurt, are only gained by eating the “fermented” forms.
      If you buy soy and yogurt products at most grocery stores you are buying forms of these products that DO NOT have these benefits, but can also cause great harm. What bothers me the most is that the beneficial claims that are made on the packaging and in the advertising were established and proven by organic, fermented products and have no business being placed on the junk versions. It’s just plain lying, and should not be allowed.
      Not too different from the chemically created vitamins and minerals versus natural whole-food forms
      of vitamins and minerals.
      I hope everyone will read and be enlightened by the article on soy at

  11. By the way I let my family and friends no the information that I read. The more we no about this is the only way to do something to get rid of this junk !!

  12. Monsanto, and any GMO pushers need to be charged with attempted murder for each and every product sold and produce….then sent into the public for consumption.

  13. I certainly hope that the truth is found in this case, that if the 7 prisoners are indeed being adversely affected by the soy products they are made to eat, that justice will prevail. Please take into consideration that there is a good percentage of those who are in the prison populattion who need to be on medications in order to achieve “normal” behavior, whether they choose to take the meds or not. Also, in any population, there will be a certain number of people who are allergic to certain foods, as these 7 may be to soy, whereas it doesn’t seem to be affecting any of the other prisoners.
    I just hope that the finding of the honest truth, whatever it may be, will be everyone’s highest priority.

  14. i have an allergic response to any soy by-product as well as lecithin. i can eat edamame and use soy sauce for cooking and dipping sauces, but can not eat any kind of tofu or soy oil as the reaction is severe stomach pains. i must be extremely careful so i read labels. on the good side, i will not drink junk smoothies, “healthy” chips, or granola bars as they have soy and lecithin.

  15. My daughter is in a Florida prison. They, too get almost all “meat’ products of soy extraction. They get very few salads, most composed of cabbage, instead of lettuce or other greens and very few raw vegetables like tomatoes,carrots, radishes, green pepper, etc, veggies one expects to find in a salad.
    fresh fruit is almost non-existent. What right do prison authorities have to destroy the health of persons under their care? I’m sure there are standards for our inmates,but who watches over them?

  16. Can we say “captive audience” for GMO testing? Let’s see how this plays out with WEston Price in the mix if there’s any way to prove GMO hurts humans they will do it. YAY for us not the prisoners, pray for them all because they should NOT be tortured (Geneva Convention).

  17. Soy is specifically given to male prisoners in order to lower their Testosterone levels

  18. Although soy advocates talk about the high amount of protien in soy, I suspect that it’s the main reason why so many Americans have weight problems.
    Aside from the fact that I’m allergic to it, I’m doing my best to eliminate it from my diet for the list of bad effects outlined above, and unless you are ready to buy only raw ingredients and cook from scratch, that’s almost impossible to do. Almost every packaged food has soy in it.
    Please keep us informed about the prisoners. I’d like to help by sending letters and signing petitions.
    Could we start a petition to packaged food manufacturers to get them to make soy-free foods? There’s starting to be a market for gluten-free and other foods that don’t contain certain kinds of food. Maybe we could at least get them to label things soy-free, if they are.

  19. Keep up the good work of reminding, informing of the dangers of Soy, and in USA of GM soy that is grown on 90% on fields.

  20. WE will spend a lot more Money – for these Prisoners HEALTH CARE – Eating SOY – than on REAL FOOD………….Protein. Even the most EDUCATED VEGETARIANS – KNOW – NOT to EAT SOY!!! That goes for our School Childrens Cafateria Meals as well.

  21. Roger Mason
    April 24, 2012
    There is a very sick disinformation organization known as the Weston Price Foundation. Their purpose in life is to give people cancer, heart disease, and other horrible conditions by telling them to eat red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Whole grains are considered unhealthy. Soy is called a toxic poison. They are really just puppets for the meat and dairy industries. The scary thing is that they are all too popular. The road to success is telling people what they want to hear. Just tell people what they want to hear, and they will line up to listen to you. The late Robert Atkins is proof of this.
    Their two directors are Sally Balloon and Mary Enigma. Their board of directors is a list of real looney tunes. A funny thing happened recently. One of their directors fell over dead of a stroke at only 41 years old from following his own inane advice.
    Weston Price himself traveled around the world searching for the healthiest people and the longest lived cultures. Of course, he should have looked at Japan to find the healthiest, longest living people. They eat rice, vegetables, and fish basically. Back then most of them were eating brown rice and no Westernized foods. They had a very low calorie, low fat, high fiber diet with no dairy, and almost no meat, poultry or eggs. The Okinawans are even healthier. He should have used these two cultures as his ideal. They eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and very little meat or other animal foods. No dairy at all. Instead he became irrationally fascinated with the Masai tribe in Kenya. Go figure.
    The Masai raise cattle and eat beef, milk, and cow blood mainly. That’s right, cow blood is a staple. Unlike most Africans, they eat very little grains or vegetables. Their average lifespan is less than 44 years! That’s right, the men only live to 42 and the women to 45. He was also obsessed with Eskimos. He saw them as another standard of health. They have the worst longevity statistics of anyone in North America. Their health is terrible, and they eat almost no vegetables at all. This is what he considered the ideal for health and longevity? What a psycho!

    1. Please check your own post for disinformation before accusing others of it. WAPF does address Chinese, Japanese, and Okinawan diets.
      “They are really just puppets for the meat and dairy industry.” Seriously? If you were at all familiar with the principles of the WAPF you would realize how preposterous this statement is.
      I’m not sure why you think there’s an irrational fascination with the Masai. . . according to the site, the Masai are not lauded. “This is one of the most important lessons of Price’s research-that a mixed diet of whole foods, one that avoids the extremes of the carnivorous Masai and the largely vegetarian Bantu, ensures optimum physical development.” If you wish to present a persuasive argument, I suggest taking a look at your opponent’s side rather than resorting to name calling and false accusations.

  22. Please check your facts outside of the NIH, which is not an unbiased resource.
    Soy does not cause estrogenic problems as this erroneous article states. The estrogens in soy are “phyto-estrogens” and are “adaptogens”, meaning that they help stabilize hormones in the body, not add to them. It is “synthetic estrogen”, the kind that are patented and prescribed that cause cancer. Soy products have been proven to some degree to protect the body from cancer and have not been proven to promote cancer at all. The fear hormones in the animals killed for the flesh of their bodies, the inorganic grains and chemicals they eat as well as the terrible over-use of antibiotics force fed to these animals are compounded and amplified as we, being higher in the food chain by eating their flesh, suffer from this accumulation of badness.
    I support the use of vegetable protein. But, the emphasis in this case should be to offer other types of vegetable proteins as well.
    Check your facts before misinforming the public. I am very disappointed in this organization for publishing this article written in this obviously biased and poorly researched fashion. Please check with a Naturopathic doctor, N.D. and other other such educated resources on holistic nutrition and health.
    Sample of a resource:

    1. IF , after you have read every article you can find on soy at both and (probably numbering in the dozens), you still believe that non-fermented, non-organic soy is a health food, then feel free to have it your way but the rest of the human race needs to be aware of its dangers.

  23. I have been using soy ingredients a large part of my life, I am 73 years old. The reason I started using soy was that I am allergic to dairy products. I have not had any of the issues that were listed. Feel free to inquire further.

  24. I had no idea. I thought it was very healthy. May explain some of the syptoms i have been having but didnt know why.

    1. Unfermented soy is toxic in many, many ways. Unfermented soy has been used to poison our food supply for decades.Many of our unattributable health problems, you know all the idiopathic disease out there, is being caused by unfermented soy.
      ALL GMO “foods” are EXTREMELY toxic to include GMO soy. All the soy AND corn in those tens of thousands of processed food products in your supermarket is GMO soy AND GMO corn.
      The results of this toxic food supply IMO will start showing up in the next few years as a vast wave of UNEXPLAINED strange deaths all over this fair land. The magnitude of this wave of “GMO caused idiopathic disease” will be far greater than that resulting from the unfermented soy.

  25. I personally have a hard time believing that prisoners get tax payer paid health care, food and shelter. How about WORKING for a living and paying for all living expenses. Perhaps there could be a choice, If you don’t like what is free to you, pay for this meal. Unfortunately I have forgotten the Texas Sheriff or Warden that puts inmates to hard work. That should be mandatory. Perhaps there would be less complaining.

    1. Do you actually believe that no human being is sitting in a prison cell never mind that some may be innocent of the crimes they were convicted of?

      1. Yes but if it said 2 + 2 = 5, both would be as true.
        Much of our problem is we are being fed bald faced lies and we are pretending to believe them.
        9/11 was not caused by a few men dressed in rags in a cave in Afghanistan. 9/11 was caused by men in 5,000 dollar suits in most of the capitals of the western world. We often call these men bankers. They own over one half of this poor world.
        These same men are ultimately behind the poisoning of our food, water and “Health Care Industry”.

  26. As a former law enforcement officer I probably have a different take then the general public. When we imprison people we take on the responsibility of their health and care. We are not allowed to knowingly harm them. If there are health implications from ingesting GMO products or soy products we, the tax payers, will end up paying for the treatments to cure the problems. so what may seem a cost effective way of feeding prisoners may end up costing us more. I don’t understand why prisons don’t grow their own foods. It would provide work and better food. n times past prisoners made most of what they used. But I guess that would screw the people who make money off our justice system.

    1. this is an amazing question, why don’t they grow their own food…. as well, why don’t all of us, why should my family get sick from eating the same crap..GMO’s suck from the ground UP.

      1. Yes we are being FORCED to grow or obtain local known non GMO and otherwise non-poisoned food. 90% of the “food” in your average supermarket is toxic.
        Folks we are absolutely no different from the cattle they are also raising. So sad in the land of the free but to ignore the truth never helps.
        Farmers are cutting up GMO fed deceased livestock three years old and finding decay and the old bodies of 12 year old livestock. The farmers doing this work complain of the STENCH; the smell of decay and death. That is the plan for us. This STENCH, the smell of death and decay is what I smell coming from Washington DC and our state capitals as almost EVERY AUTHORITY has bought into the depopulation agenda.
        I try to NEVER eat GMO. This means never eating anything in a box or bag among thousands of processed and fast food products.
        UNfermented soy has ALWAYS been toxic even before almost all soy was poisoned by being made GMO.

        1. UNfermented soy has ALWAYS been toxic even before almost all soy was poisoned by being made GMO.
          You see that was the way they could poison us before the wonder of the “Genome Project” and “Food Technology” gave them the much more efficacious GMO toxins!
          Sorry I do not mean to be a downer but unless we wake up to this ongoing depopulation agenda we perish. Look HARD at our “Food Supply” to include our water, and you will find evidence of KNOWN toxic “food” and water everywhere.
          Food and exercise or lack thereof are the CAUSE of most “disease” and have been since we left our homes in the trees. We could and SHOULD throw completely away our Medical Industry and if we ate good food and water and moved a little the health of this country would VASTLY improve. Yes sadly those who control our “Health Care Industry”, at its very apex, are also in on the depopulation agenda.

    2. It would also screw the corporations that have prisoners working for 30 cents an hour doing everything from telemarketing to manufacturing jobs to be able to purchase products like toothpaste & deodorant at exhorbitant prices. Products that no matter how they are sealed cannot be purchased from outside sources by the family because you know they may have found a way to stuff some drugs in there. Something only the guards are supposed to be delivering to the prisoners. The American three ring circus!

  27. The prisoners are not the only ones forced to eat soy. It is an ingredient, like corn, in almost everything. It is very difficult to eat and avoid soy entirely–but some of us have to figure out how as we are allergic to soy. I do not doubt that some prisoners have a health issue with it.

  28. It is really sad as i read this article i began to realize that since i’ve started using Silk which is a soy milk. I have been bombarded with these strange symptoms…After reading this i began to realize that none of this was happening til after i started using this product not realizing thats the main reason why i stopped eating a lot fast food and why i dont allow my son to eat that crap either and his school breakfast or lunch. I have been having constipation that hurts,pain in the abdomen,off and on headaches,as well as throat problems…this is some serious business. i heard that organic milk and raw is the nastiest ever thats why i havent gave it try yet,but is it nasty?

    1. Organic milk is the best thing on the market! I love milk anyway and have drunk it all my life and I am 73 and quite healthy. One of my children turned me on to the organic milk and she is correct. i would rather drink this and water than anything on this earth! I like the fat-free but have no objections to 2%…IF it’s organic. Regular 2% seems to coat my tongue. Try it. I’ll guarantee you will like it.

    2. If you’d like why not research online more about organic milk and its various forms. Then get what you feel is the best available option in your area. Or just ask your local health food store workers what they think is the best organic milk and try it out. See what works best.

  29. Soy is one of the top 8 allergies in the country, I also am allergic to soy, which causes my throat to swell closed. Why does our g overnment not stop using soy as a filler in almost everything… chewing gum, fruit, even tea!!!! Because of greed and business trying to find the new buzz word to sell, soy can be found in furniture and clothes. I can barely eat out because of veg oil being used with soy. My friends must now know what their food is made with before I can eat at their home. NOW it will require for them to know if their furniture has soy in it. IF this isn’t bad enough!!!! Try gasoline. We with allergies will be required to wear gas mask because business isn’t concern about the top allerlgies in the country or if they kill the USA people…. WAKE up people. We need to stop this free use of a product which can kill people… Make it be a special food available, instead of pushing it on all Americans….

    1. Why does our government not stop using soy as a filler in almost everything… chewing gum, fruit, even tea!!!
      Can you spell D, E, P, O, P, U, L, A, T, I, O, N ?
      The other filler is CORN which is also GMO and thus death.

  30. All of the healthy eating programs I have looked at, and the one I follow, all say to stay away from soy, and especially GMO, which almost all of it is now. Stay away from all processed “foods”. Take a look at the list of ingredients and tell me you want all this crap in your body. The american people are being used for guinea pigs and it’s obvious it is having an adverse effect on the population. Every modern disease (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.)in this country is getting worse and worse, all because of our food and water supply.
    And speaking of milk, I grew up on a farm drinking raw milk and have been for years. Once it is pasteurized it loses everything beneficial in it. Grocery store milk is nothing but white water.

  31. Here is a little of what the poor prisoners are being subjected to.
    “In January 2003, the diet of inmates in the Illinois prison system was drastically changed to include large amounts of processed soy protein. Soy replaced cheese, meat and flour in the prisoner’s diets. When their diet changed, the inmates got seriously ill with chronic and painful constipation, alternating with debilitating diarrhea. Sharp digestive pains and vomiting occurred after soy-based meals. Fainting, heart palpitations, and panic attacks were common. Skin rashes, acne, thyroid problems, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections, and depression were also present.” Doctor Al Sears MD, Note WOW

  32. I am healthy, 78 years old and people tell me I look much younger. I have not taken any pharmaceutical drugs for 48 years, they are all toxic (side effects which are cumulative over a period of time). There is not a single pharma drug that does not have many, serious side effects. Verify this from the Merk Index book? For the last 30 years I have eaten substantial amounts of ORGANIC ‘super firm tofu’ (concentrated like cheese) every day, plus about 1 quart daily of ORGANIC, Silk Soy Milk Unsweeten, and I feel great. Chinese and Japonese people have eaten soy products for their life time and they are the healthiest people, according to ‘health statistics.’ I am vegetarian. My vegetarian cats lived to 25 years of age and had plenty of ORGANIC tofu. I read that these prisoners are being fed ‘meat by products’ and GMO soy products, both TOXIC. What is the true culpirt behind these complaints against soy? Is the Price Pottenger Foundation financially supported by the ‘meat industry’? Commercial feef, chicken, turkey, etc. contain antibiotics and hormones which are ingested by the ‘suckers’ who eat them. Fish is loaded with aluminum and mercury. No wonder Alzheimers is on the rise. Most commercial pet foods contain the 4 D’s: diseased, disabled, decaying and dying animals, which constitutes profit. People do not investigate ingredients. Ignorance is bliss, but animal suffering and Vet’s bills are not bliss. The USA has FOOD abundance/QUANTITY but poor QUALITY.

    1. Hey! Firstly,id like to say I was a prison inmate in Illinois,at Decatur for a year in 2007. I was fed soy,and I was always healthy b4 soy consumption. The whole town smells like dog food,which officers told me was the soy plant/factory. Anyway,one evening on the 3rd shift dietary,kitchen duty,i got sharp pains while trying to breathe,mind u I was only 25yrs old. The pains were so sever
      e,i couldnt move! I went to medical and was told it was indigestion lol so a month,a MONTH goes by b4 the dr ordered an ultrasound,on my gallbladder. So a month I sat in pain,crying,lost 30 lbs. They found out my gallbladder was FULL,completely full of stones. A week later I was transported to Decatur memorial hospital for surgery. Two weeks after surgery,i was yellow,other inmates noticed,and it turns out I had again I waited a month with poisonous bile backing up in my system because a stone fell out during surgery and was completely blocking the opening to my intestines! It was finally fixed but I feel I had very substandard health care from the prison AND Decatur hospital because I was an inmate.i believe it was due to soy intake,and since ive been home 5 years,ive been healthy again,eating normal foods. Coincidence? I think NOT.

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