Removing Heavy Metals from the Body Is “Dangerous”?

Not only are doctors being advised to reject chelation therapy—they’re being asked to report on their colleagues who practice it.

The American College of Medical Toxicology held a conference at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this past February about the “use and misuse” of chelation therapy—a misleading title suggesting some semblance of scientific objectivity, which was nowhere in evidence. The conference was more like a Salem witch hunt in which chelators played the role of the accused witches and warlocks.
Why is chelation so threatening to mainstream medicine? There is no disputing that heavy metals are extremely toxic. The human body is engineered to remove small amounts daily, but not the large amounts we often pick up from modern sources. One of those sources has of course been vaccines, which have used mercury as a preservative (it is still used in the US flu shot). Another source has been dental “silver” amalgam, which also contains mercury. This may be part of the reason for the hostility to chelation.
How does the therapy work? One method involves injecting into the patient’s bloodstream organic chemicals, which can bind and remove the heavy metals in the bloodstream (metals which are toxic to humans and interfere with various physiological functions). There are also oral or suppository supplements for chelation, and some foods are natural chelators (e.g., cilantro and chlorella).
Chelation therapy has been used by many physicians and administered to thousands of patients since 1952. An informal survey of our readers revealed that body detoxification—whether through chelation, or through sauna or special dietary methods—is among their top ten most popular integrative therapies. The National Institutes of Health is currently studying EDTA chelation for cardiovascular disease in the TACT trial. (EDTA is used for lead and other heavy metals but not for Mercury. Other chelators are used for that.) Many people have doubted whether a US government agency could be expected to produce a fair evaluation. The jury is still out on that.
Doctors attending the conference received continuing education credits for attending and hearing all the chelation-bashing. Various topics seemed designed to highlight the dangers of chelation—while attempting to dismiss the benefits.
A look at the PowerPoint slides (available as PDFs downloadable from the conference’s website) reveal the following:

  • No hard data was presented on the supposed public health dangers of chelation—only three anecdotal case studies. Hardly a “scientific” analysis.
  • The speakers were biased—they made no attempt to represent or provide information from doctors who actually administer chelation therapy to their patients.
  • Their main basis for dismissing chelation therapy is the way lab results are interpreted. This detail, however, does not address any of the effects of the therapy itself.
  • The conference targets two “advocacy sites” for spreading “misinformation”: the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), and the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M)—both of which are respected organizations that represent integrative doctors. ACAM offers training and certification in chelation therapy.

Equally revealing is who else was represented at the conference, either as attendees or as panelists: the FDA and the Federation of State Medical Boards!
In the FDA’s session (“Unapproved Chelation Products Available Over the Internet”), the agency tried to conflate unapproved chelation products with the supposed dangers of dietary supplements. But “unapproved” chelation products are already illegal, and FDA is already empowered to enforce against them. Moreover, these products have nothing to do with the regulatory status of dietary supplements.
The FDA has the power to regulate interstate commerce of drugs and devices, and has used that power to clamp down on the sale of chelation products. In 2008 the agency released a Public Health Advisory on EDTA—simply because inattentive hospital personnel mixed up the medications being administered! In 2010, the FDA ordered eight companies to stop marketing over-the-counter chelation products. Our sources told us FDA was aware that many integrative doctors were doing heart-related chelation, and hoped that by blocking one particular form of EDTA, these doctors might be put out of business.
The presence of the Federation of State Medical Boards (a private organization largely controlled by the AMA) is especially troubling, as they could take this misinformation, adopt anti-chelation policies in each state, and target doctors who practice chelation therapy. In Kentucky, for example, doctors cannot discuss chelation therapy with their patients lest they face revocation of their license. Indeed, almost all Kentucky physicians who use alternative therapies have been either forced out of state or forced to desist from using alternative therapies, especially chelation therapy, because it “departs from prevailing practice in the State of Kentucky.” This is all too common, to one degree or another, in most states.
As the central federal agency for providing information on disease and public health issues, the CDC (which led a session as well as hosting the event) is in a key position to spread bias and misinformation on chelation.
We were also told that “Quackbuster” Stephen Barrett was a key participant. The Quackbusters are a group of self-proclaimed skeptics of any medical or health modality that avoids drugs, surgery, or radiation; they attack almost all nonconventional healthcare practices as quackery—regardless of the scientific research to the contrary. Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling is on their quack hit list, along with many well-known and respected doctors and scientists, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and dozens of others. The Quackbusters run over seventy websites, so millions of people are exposed to their propaganda.
Unfortunately, integrative physicians who practice chelation therapy fear being vocal about it lest they be targeted by their state medical boards. Let us be clear: chelation is in no way a “public health danger.” If you want a real public health danger, you need look no further than many parts of conventional medicine. Gary Null points out that mainstream medicine kills nearly 800,000 people every year through physician mistakes, hospital-related illnesses, and reactions to FDA-approved medications. That’s the equivalent of six jumbo jets falling out of the sky each day, and more than the number of American casualties in the Civil War and World War I combined.

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  1. I might be able to shed some light on why the stupid medical industry feels this way. My SIL was taking spirulina to help with some sort of detox thing during – mind you, DURING – her chemo and radiation therapy treatments for a supposed breast cancer which I don’t even believe she had. When the lab found “metals” (undeclared types because I asked what metals they found and no one would say) in her blood they told her that heavy metals were “accumulating” in her liver which could kill her.
    Well, in the first place the spirulina was doing what it was supposed to be doing despite the chemo and all the rest of the allopathic crap she was using. It was removing it from her body via the liver. She is a huge believer in allopathics so I don’t know who convinced her to use the spirulina. Nevertheless, they scared the heck out of her and made her stop using it. She would have been better off getting those metals out of her system and the medical industry KNOWS that, which is why she was ordered to stop using it.
    Also, for a whole new look at quackwatch (lots of new stuff happening there with Barrett et al) check out or if you haven’t already found his site. Tim Bolen is following all of this very closely.

    1. I suffer from a serious condition (trigeminal autonomic cephalgia) that I suspect may be caused by mercury and other heavy metal deposits from living in a polluted city surrounded by small factories that put out godawful paint fumes and downwind of the big garbage burner run by the city. I’ve been reluctant to try DMPS or the other hard chelation drugs because of the possiblity of making my situation worse by redistributing the toxins. Have had tests showing high levels of mercury, cadmium, thallium, cesium and barium. I have not ruled out trying DMPS and in fact keep planning to, but first I am giving myself another year to do the more natural-based and slower methods of chelation: one product that is especially good is MODIFIED CITRUS PECTIN–not the same as mere pectin. This one needs much more publicity and usage! The research supporting its effectiveness is great. I also take a lot of vitamin C and NAC, some MSM when the head pain subsides, some regular pectin, probiotics, fermented foods, enzymes, olive leaf extract and other supplements. I found that when I took a lot of cilantro (juiced) alternating with HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) drops and modified citrus pectin, and did a 24 hr test, my levels of mercury excretion were quadrupled. It would be a crime if the more aggressive forms of chelation, DMPS, DMSA, EDTA, were made unavailable. But Western Medicine is organized crime in its current state. This needs to be fought from combined alliances of those of us coming more from a political Left point of view (“alternative” health) and those of you who seem to be coming from the RIght wing libertarian position. If you want to win this war we have to combine forces.

      1. PS: I have also tried chlorella and spirulina but have mixed feelings about whether they are clean enough to do more good than harm. They do tend to have heavy metals in them. A new product called Intestinal Metal Detox and other micro-silica products may be better in some ways, but I haven’t seen anything about testing for safety or effectiveness on these. I recommend we be concerned about BOTH safety and legality on our side so that it isn’t seen as just a bunch of yahoos who want to be reckless fools, but thoughtful, serious, responsible people who have a right to make our own decisions based on RATIONAL thought and research.

  2. Removing Heavy Metals Like Mercury from the Body Is “Dangerous”? Fraudulent Statement &
    Nonsense, Nonsense, Nonsense
    The Truth About EDTA Chelation Therapy.. An excerpt from Dr. Michael Cutler
    Indeed, ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) chelation is very controversial—especially as an alternative to expensive heart surgery. The truth is, most doctors are inexperienced when it comes to chelation and don’t understand how it really works.
    There are a few thousand doctors in the United States who perform chelation in their offices, but the vast majority of doctors have not witnessed the impressive results of EDTA for themselves.
    Like nearly every other area of medicine, you will find articles “for” and “against” chelation. It is interesting how medicine is presented to the public—through the eyes and interests of the controlling parties who stand to profit the most.
    Keep in mind, doctors and surgeons who continue to gain huge profits by performing angiograms… placing stents… performing balloon angioplasties… and cracking the heart open… do not want to read glowing reviews about this therapy!
    And, heart drug-related pharmaceutical companies would love to see chelation proven ineffective—to keep their competition down!
    However, clinical and scientific studies show that the nutrient EDTA is effective at eliminating plaque from the arteries.

  3. What chelation does is to makes the heavy metal more soluable so that it can be carried throughout the body. The underlying concept behind its use is just that on the assumption that making the metal soluble will make for its elimination, presumably through the kidneys. But, what is the added effect of that chelated, soluble heavy metal while it circulates throughout the body before elimination? That fact may be most important.

  4. More witch hunting to bolster business, regardless of medical benefits of chelation therapy.

  5. I’ve had chelation done. It’s very useful if done by the right person …and it certainly doesn’t kill anywhere near the number of people dispatched each year by mainstream medicine pharmaceutical errors and iatrogenic infections. Stephen Barrett’s presence here is proof that this conference was nothing more than the modern medical equivalent of a witch hunt.

  6. I fear the United States government with the likes of the FDA , EPA , etc : etc : etc : far more than I fear Al Qaida or any foreign terrorists . After all I am a veteran , a conservative , a Christian , and a constitution advocate , all the things the head of homeland security named as terrorists .

  7. And, yet, the FDA has approved EDTA for use in food. Next, they will be outlawing cilantro and chlorella/spirulina while at the same time allowing the continued use of BPA in cans, antibiotics in farm animals and mercury in vaccines and dentistry. As long as it’s good for us, the FDA will find a way to make sure we don’t get it. As long as it’s bad for us, the FDA will make sure we have plenty of it. I hope the alternative medicine doctors have their day and are able to push back some of this moronic conventional medicine and idiots at the useless FDA.

  8. You’ve got to remember that doctors make millions prescribing pharma drugs to ill people. Chelation therapy removes those toxins and poisons that make people ill. Chelation is therefore a real threat to
    doctor’s profits. The bond between doctors and dentists who put mercvury amalgams in our mouths is
    a hugely strong one, as these dentists are responsible for huge doctor profits down the line in the form of drugs prescribed for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc, which are caused by Mercury poisoning.much of the time.

  9. Chelation therapy saved my life. Without it I would be dead. This is disgusting. The AMA just want to make it illegal, so hospitals and Big pharma can rack up medical & drugs fees. As long as patients can’t get better by using chelation therapy, they’ll be racking up hospital bills and being forced to buy prescription drugs that wil only treat part of their symptoms & not the cause. In addition, to heavy metal toxicity being a big money maker for the medical profession and Big Pharma, its the leading cause of stroke, heart disease, and cancer. 20% of the population doesn’t make it to 5, while 1/3 don’t ever get a chance to collect even one social security check. Both the government and the banksterd want to make sure a larger percentage don’t either. After all, once you’ve reached 50, the best years of your working life are over and you’ve already raised the next generation of slaves. Why prolong your life, so you can collect social security? Nah, they just will just give more licenses to build coal burning plants to spew more toxic lead, continue to put mercury fillings in your mouth, and put more mercury & aluminum in vaccines to continue to shorten the American lifespan.

  10. It’s rather obvious isn’t it? Were all supposed to die. Prefferable a a younger age, and remain sick whilst were still kicking AND paying what little money we have available to the AMA, ADA, and all the blood-sucking letters in-between, It’s just how it is, and will remain until the population finds out just how diumbed down and lied to we have been for over 50 years! Remember, we’re just a bunch of useless eaters with a pay check and soon to be enforced by law – Health Insurance.

  11. My Naturopath said she used to do chelation until two 30′ something year olds died of heart attacks.. she said there are more gentle ways to do it.. I’m getting results of my hair test in a week or so, I’ll find out exactly what the methods are i’m sure.. Also from what I understand it can rip out the good minerals our body needs.. so even though it’s necessary, be careful with any kind of heavy metal removal program..

  12. Guess who’s come for dinner
    I have an uninvited guest, who doesn’t want to leave but
    I think I know what’s best, so my kin won’t have to grieve
    while his appetite is viscous regardless of the host
    to him what’s most delicious is when the host becomes a ghost
    providing for his exile is not a simple task
    but to go that extra mile is what I have to ask
    of myself and family, both extended and close friends,
    to deal with this anomaly before we reach the end
    his occupation devastates the space he uses up
    including outside landscapes or inside where he sups
    we’ve joined the bloody battle, my friends, my wife and I,
    though I can’t but feel like cattle while the AMA tells lies
    we’ve found successful protocols from Doctors who have won;
    not just any port of call, you can see the work they’ve done
    hospitals and pharmacies and insurance companies:
    each one supports a fallacy meant to maintain your disease
    I must admit this bag of skin I wear that holds this soup
    is frightening when the room mate’s in and forces me to stoop.
    If you’re watchful for a minute you can see the muscles twitch,
    you’d think a snake was in it, it can almost make you itch
    mainstream medicine won’t tell you where to find a cure
    if it involves nutrition the line becomes obscure
    if it involves a growth hormone, outside the standard call,
    they won’t bother with the telephone, they’ll send a paper wall
    the protocol for this disease is FDA approved
    administered as if to please those whom it most behooves;
    not the patients, they just die, but the drug’s sold anyway
    what good it does is half a lie,”good question” as they say
    the side effects belie the good; argues quality of life
    still alive, as if that would be enough amongst the strife
    of lost control, inch by inch, someone else to wipe my ass
    food by tube, it’s a cinch, a lung pump in a glass?
    do we become so desperate that to keep the mind alive
    we rent a respirator so just the brain survives?
    what’s hard for me to understand is the politics of death if
    to argue, challenge, take a stand and fight the loss of ethics
    is too much for the average guy, then who takes up the fight?
    doctrines used without a why are blindfolds in the night
    embi 4/17/12

  13. What is happing now with regard to the supression of reasonable therapys like chelation is nothing compared to what will happen if the National Healthcare Plan is upheld by the Supreme Court. We’ll be lucky if we can get anything but Government approved drugs and proceedures. We will have completely lost our healthcare freedom not to mention our economic freedom. What freedom is left then?

  14. Two issues stand out here:
    First, that Stephen Barrett was found to be a fraud, passing himself off as an industry expert and even lying in previous court testimonies to support his own myopic view of medicine.
    Second, that herbal and supplemental formulations which have proven themselves successful have done so because they supported the liver’s ability to properly align both Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification capabilities.

  15. Hmmmm….
    So…..what about radioactive iodine causing leukemia?
    What about heavy metals causing MS?
    What about antibiotics causing Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome?
    Oh, but the Big Pharma Drugs are not dangerous?
    Of course, the fact that autism has now risen to one in every 52 instead of one in every 154 boys (I am quoting roughly, not accurately, by memory) according to Dr Mercola…has nothing to do with vaccine and other chemical exposure?
    And what of the fact that murders (Columbine Highschool shootings, others) have been set off by the use of SSRI’s? Oh and I forgot, suicides too. So much for those “antidepressants”. Hmmmm….
    It’s probably true that metal chelation requires some cautions and I would frankly agree wtih that. I don’t think this should be done without medical supervision, given the fact that “detoxification can be retoxification” as Hal Huggins, DDS MS puts it
    Still, these Big PHarma drugs are *far* more *dangerous* than anything else “medical” on the planet. And heavy metal exposure can lead to MS and other dangerous illnesses. The risks of detoxification, under proper medical supervision, surely is outweighed by the benefits.
    Perhaps these agents are describing their own shadow, and asking all the wrong questions about all the wrong people.
    I am not a doctor, but have had personal results with much of what I am writing about here and am very well-read. I claim no cures to anyone, and I offer no advice to anybody. Instead, I only offer information based on which readers may ask their own doctor the appropriate questions. Be sure to ask your doctor about this.

  16. Well…we can’t have healthy individuals walking around. How would that look to our FDA? How would our doctors stay in business? We all know we’re being poisoned, on a daily basis. I wish these doctors would grow a spine, and tell this FDA to “take a leap”. So scared of the “big boys”…
    Pitiful shame….majority of folks know they need to detox from all the chemicals in our foods, and then gettin’ dumped on daily with chemtrails….all in the effort to make us/keep us sick to lower the population. These are some really sick people that wish to harm us/kill us off.

  17. Perhaps they should study the “harnful” effects of chelation in New Zealand. I don’t know if my info is up to date, but it was true that bypass candidates were refused surgery until they had been through chelation therapy. Frequently the surgery was deemed no longer necessary as the chelation had unblocked the arteries. This looks like another attempt by big pharma and big medicine to limit options to drugs and surgery which maintain the chronic (fininancially enhancing, to them) illness.

  18. what is this, nazi germany? it sure feels like anything and everything is ‘regulated’ these days! i have several friends who swear by the chelation therapy and have used it for years. in fact one of them has ONLY found relief through chelation therapy!
    this is something i’ve known about and followed for years and i find it impossible to believe whats being said about it, let alone that physicians who use it are being driven out of business???? again, i have to ask, NAZI GERMANY??? thats what this reminds me of.
    it doesn’t sound to me like The American College of Medical Toxicology has done their homework sufficiently on this topic and/or they have some hidden agenda as to why they are pushing this. whatever the case, i belief there needs to be ‘alot’ more research done as to the ‘problems’ and/or health risks involved in using chelation therapy!!!
    this criticism, (just short of ‘banning’) to me seems so ridiculous that it truly makes me wonder the real purpose of all this and whats the ‘real deal’ going on behind the scenes!!

  19. Chelation tx. saved my life. I was sicked on a golf course due to chemicals and was tested to determine toxic chemicals in my body. The test proved an overload of lead and cadmium in my system. After 30 tx. of chelation my lead level is half what it was and I am alive again. I will continue with chelation for the rest of my life.
    I hate mainstream physicians, they are just drug pushers and murderers, the FDA is the biggest disgrace this country has as our advocates.
    Everything in this country is about money, caring for people is gone.
    Leona Thompson, RN, ND

  20. I am age 86, in excellent health because of two things: 1) I eat only organically raised/grown foods, and 2) the only doctors I visit are Integrative physicians, who are light years ahead of their allopathic cousins. I have had chelation some years ago and found it invigorating. There is no argument possible to prove to me that traditional medicine and its bedfellows, the pharmaceutical industry, have any answers on how to keep humans healthy.

  21. The FDA and “Big Pharma” want to keep us or make us all sick. With-holding alternative health information is a conspiracy to keep us all sick. There is more money to be made with a nation of sick people than allowing us to choose alternative, non toxic remedies.
    The FDA is in the pocket of all the big drug companies, who do nothing to prevent us from becoming ill (by letting us use supplements of our choice) and want to keep us sick so they can poison us with their chemical concoctions. I’m SICK of allopathic medicine in this country and ONLY use it if I break a bone or need some emergency fixing. The FDA is beyond corrupt and should be shut down, and reorganized with NO financial ties to Big Pharma.
    The medical schools should NOT receive grants from the drug companies as the doctors now are only being trained to mask symptoms with drugs and not diagnose and treat the CAUSE of the symptoms.
    We should look to Germany as a model of integrative, and much safer, medicine.

  22. When “science” is use as an antithesis it becomes anti-science. The scientific method is clear-from observation one can formulte an hypothesis and then through experimentation a result can be formulated…when “scientific” panels do not include the observations and results of the, in the case, doctors using chelation, and furthermore present only 3 case studies!!, it can be infered they are really,really biased and are working with larger interest in not loosing their business to alternative therapies.

  23. “Removing Heavy Metals Like Mercury from the Body Is “Dangerous”?”
    Yes it is dangerous if you are protecting our toxic Health Care Industry’s Medical Monopoly.
    Chelation is a natural process our bodies use to remove toxic metals and other toxic substances. Like all other detoxification means if you get ahead of your kidneys you may have a problem. Start low, go slow; works every time.
    The unmitigated gall of these professional quacks is beyond words. If you want to protect your medical monopoly fine; how about showing some good results first. Chemo has a documented record of 98% failure; ten years after the start of chemo you are dead 98% of the time if you complete the deadly chemo. Do you tell us chemo is deadly 98% of the time? Do you tell us that chemo is four times faster at killing you than is cancer? Do you tell us that doing NOTHING will allow you to live four times longer on average with most cancers than allowing chemo to rapidly kill you?

  24. Think of it if people knew the truth of natural remedies that have been around for thousands of years actualy healing people so call modern medicine only been here for two hundard years and are still killing people in the name of greed!

  25. The FDA needs to be stopped, and re-vamped as a regulatory body.
    They are supposed to protect the health of the American public,and not support large drug companies with their profits, not interfere with peoples choices on natural medicine.
    When and where did they go wrong ???
    As with other “systems” of our country – the FDA needs to be re-done, or eliminated !!!!

  26. Doctors,
    Chelation therapy for toxic metals is here to stay (my opinion), and we rule-breakers are once again expanding the box, likely to good end. I look forward to playing a role in this development.
    However, far too many of us grossly lack adequate knowledge of toxic metal and chelator kinetics, redistribution dynamics and reduction, and – for that matter — even how to correctly interpret the biomarkers we are ordering — to safely and optimally prescribe and manage toxic metal chelation regimen. And to that extent, the authors you criticize are, I think, correct.
    Please — you appear to have your politics down pat; but don’t become just another under-informed spokesperson for popular/trendy unverified — and potentially harmful — alternative therapies. Sincerely, John Hibbs ND, Professor, Bastyr University
    PS — I’m aware of no evidence showing that mercury mobilization and excretion can be significantly enhanced by CaNa2EDTA. There was (very interesting) one case report published in 2007 by Corsello et. al. reporting clinical improvement in a treated patient, with no pertaining reference.

  27. I prefer alternative health choices to western medicine. As a woman I recognize the medical model is based on the male; women therefore are poorly served in America. In MA health care insurance is mandated; I object to being mandated to recieve care I do not choose for myself. Insurance companies decide what care will reign.
    Alternative medicine is growing. More and more Americans choose preventative medicine and decide among a global variety of treatments backed by centuries of experience and cultural integrity. Western medicine cannot compete. Hospitals take advantage of market growth by integrating various medicines patient gravitate.
    Institutions are threatened. The call to science is mute; it has lost its clout. Entrenched systems fear loss of business. I object to the FDA doing the dirty work for big business. It has taken strides to regulate supplements in the name of science. I believe it is only to quell the groeth of

  28. Thank you for making me aware of this. I found this article extremely helpful. I am a patient of an integrative/functional medicine practice and believe in chelation. I also have heavy metal poisoning. I did not realize there was a backlash from the traditional medical community but it doesn’t really surprise me. I find it fascinating they are so vehement against it when it is partly the traditional medical community’s and the government’s fault that we even have to deal with this toxic poisoning. I am a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I use your newsletter as a resource for information for my health coaching business. Thank you!

  29. I know of a lady who had all kinds of medical problems until she had all her amalgam fillings removed and had additional chelation therapy. After the chelation therapy she is in perfect health.

  30. Leaving known toxins in the body when decades of safe use of chelating agents are documented safe procedures, and even “FDA approved” as a therapy for extreme cases of toxicity is counter intuitive. Carefully examine the motives of those promoting “alternatives” to detoxing from these poisons and you’ll find greedy promoters of unproven techniques (like zeolite, oral EDTA, and other BS).
    The evidence is scientifically supported that removing toxic metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and others benefits most people, but careful monitoring and selection of therapy is necessary. Metal detoxification should be carried out by professionals trained to recognize toxicity, treat it appropriately, and stop it should the individual patient demonstrate adverse effects.
    This take years of training and experience. There are plenty of real doctors ( DOs’ & MDs’) around that have literally save the lives of metal toxic patients. They undergo intense training in human biology and if they are “good” doctors remain forever students.
    Steven Barrett is an embittered longtime non-licensed “psychiatrists” running a profitable website out of his basement that criticizes every thing alternative, and doesn’t even recommend any “conventional therapy” to be beneficial! Gary Null is a PhD with no license to practice medicine, (meaning he can not diagnosis or treat patients). How do these folks obtain their “experience” in treating patients? By reading crap on the internet?
    Go to Study the scientific developments in metal toxicology while working toward getting a real and legitimate license to practice medicine, then you can qualify to screw with peoples minds and bodies regarding recommending and applying metal detoxification therapy!!!!
    Until then chill with your fear mongering!
    Richard R. Mason MS, DO, NMD, PhD
    Powell, OH

  31. The “troublemaking” doctors are probably aware that chelation isn’t entirely innocuous…For one thing, the internal deposits of toxic metals that have to be routed back into the blood before they can be expelled can create a veritable cavalcade of unpleasant symptoms.
    It is also true that chelation compounds sometimes expell “good” metals…and that Vitamin C (which is considerably less problematic that way) is “weaker” than a “strong” chelator.
    However,I prefer the difficulties above to remaining toxic all the time.
    I live with that.
    Every day.
    And those doctors do not.

  32. The problem with chelation is that it removes all of the heavy metals in your body and you need copper and zinc (both heavy metals) for healthy functioning. In small amounts, but still you need them. That is why chelation is dangerous.

  33. I have a brother-in-law, who’s caroted (sp) arteries were 95 % blocked. Since he has been on Chelation Therapy, his condition has greatly improved!

  34. I don’t trust the FDA as far as I can throw them. Let us not forget the pharmaceutical companies that are poisoning people right and left. Let’s see, then there is Monsanto dumping toxins into our food and the FDA thinks none of these are a threat, but something that takes poisons out of our bodies is not good for us? Oye. And then there are the chem trails that crisscross the skies dropping heavy metals in their wake. Sigh. I vote for chelation therapy. The FDA is a bad seed gone wild.

  35. Sadly, this article represents the problem with mercury chelation. Mercury is a big bad dangerous heavy metal that has been associated with brain damage and a long list of other symptoms and illnesses. Chelation is not something to be embarked upon in a reckless manner or the person could be made much sicker. BECAUSE of the fact that so many people have been made much worse by going to doctors who use the protocol you describe, chelation therapy has a bad rap so of course the FDA and mainstream medicine can trash it. UGHH! First of all, EDTA forms a compound with mercury that is more toxic than mercury itself and will cause permanent damage. EDTA should never be given to a person with mercury toxicity. If the person has lead poisoning (which EDTA is good for), get the mercury out first. The only known chelators of mercury are DMPS, DMSA and ALA (alpha lipoic acid). Mercury needs to be removed slowly and carefully to avoid causing worse damage. That would be done with frequent, low-dose oral chelation that keeps the blood level of the chelator fairly stable. Mercury mobilized and not eliminated tends to redistribute and settle in fatty areas like the brain. This is why these “over the counter” and over the internet products should not be used, most of them contain things like chlorella which mobilizes and drags mercury all over the body, and does not follow a protocol based on anything scientific, just somebody noticing that there is more mercury in the urine when taking the product, completely oblivious to what is going on inside the body when this stuff is mobilized – it is dangerous! This is the problem with this whole field, conventional medicine has suppressed information and clueless people are trying to make up their own thing, and both groups are messing people up. See the book Amalgam Illness by Andrew Hall Cutler, and join the Adult Metal Chelation group on Yahoo to learn more.

  36. Thank you for this timely writing on taking toxins out of our bodies. Seems mainstream medicine likes the poputlation to be “sick”. Quakbusters, insult to my intelligence. Do think for myself along with read articles for my health. Gary Null is right. I have 2 of his books on my shelf make excellant references with sound advice. Chelation, yes.

  37. Hello,
    I am a person who has now taken many doctor ordered IV treatments of Chelation Therapy, along proper diet, with vitamin and mineral IV, and mineral supplements. When I began seeing this physician I was literally a walking dead person. My organs were failing, I was in a complete brain fog, so fatigued and in so much pain, that I could not function in daily life. I was dying! My toxin levels were off the charts as well as having extreme weight gain, severe hormonal disorders, and depression like symptoms. The physician I found is not only one who uses IV therapy, he is also a man of faith. He is one who knows the “Great Physician” is God, and our faith in him is the most crucial factor in the healing process.
    Chelation Therapy has given me back my life and made it possible for me to function much closer to normal without the use of any drugs. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone who refuses to allow “conventional medicine” to control their life. Conventional doctors were perscribing pain pills, anti-depressive drugs, all sorts of hormones, and literally insinuating I was a “druggie.”
    I have always been one who loves life, is very active, stays on a natural high. And now through my faith in God, and this therapy I am regaining my enthusiasm for life. I advise anyone out there who is suffering any form of illness, to seek out a doctor who uses proper diet, detoxification, vitamin and Chelation Therapy to literally give people their life back.
    Go Chelation, from Louisiana

  38. There are libel and slander laws in this country. Why doesn’t the persons who are being libeled form an association to file suit against the AMA for damages? Bring this before a judge and make it public.

  39. Please get your money grubbing heads out f the sand and realize that we are not your guinea pigs nor hired hands for your experiments. It is not for you to decide how we choose to heal ourselves.

  40. I have mercury toxicity – from ‘silver’ amalgam fillings. This was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I had all my amalgam fillings removed by a specialist (so that I would not breathe the vapors nor swallow bits of filling during the process), and then began chelation therapy. I started with IV therapy and then switched to pills, because I tended to pass out after the IV therapy. But then I started having problems with the pills – severe dehydration. So I needed another option.
    Now I’m not writing to warn people from chelation therapy, as many people who did the therapy at the same time as I, had better success. So I know it is valuable. Instead, I’m writing to tell about an alternative therapy that is working for me.
    I’m doing two things, at the same time:
    1. Homeopathic mercury, a tincture of cilantro, and chlorella powder (broken-cell-wall type) – all three are daily. The homeopathic mercury stimulates the body to release mercury hiding in delicate tissues like the brain. The cilantro is an herbal chelator that both lures mercury from its hiding place, and then mops it up before it can travel the bloodstream to find a new hiding place. The chlorella is a backup for mopping-up free mercury, that I add to my morning smoothie.
    2. NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) treatment for mercury and lead toxicity, performed by my acupuncturist. This treatment balances the body’s metabolic processes and immune system so that they can rid the body of the poison. The process is not an overnight cure – you won’t dump all your mercury right away. It takes time, and every so often you need to repeat the NAET treatment. And its important to eat a good diet during this process and include mop-up chelators like cilantro and chlorella as described above. See for more.
    Note that these two treatments augment each other.

  41. Just another way to keep the money going to the big pharm no matter what it does to the public. It is sad, and do these guys really think we dont know what they are up to

  42. I have taken chelation therapy off & on since the 1990’s with much success. I would take more treatments if I was closer to the source as it’s a better way to rid the body of toxics in my estimation! I feel much better after the treatments & get very good test results!
    This form of therapy is VERY SAFE & cleans the whole body, not just the artery that’s plugged.
    I feel that the attack on this form of therapy is probably largely due to the AMA & CMA as it rids the body of the need for bypass surgery (which can be fatal), angoplasty, stints, etc & in the long run keeps the aforementioned establishments from making the almighty dollar!!!.

  43. The concept of alternative medicine is too often portrayed as quackery by the powers that be. And to turn medical practitioners into informants is deplorable; but one doesn’t have to play that game, either. It takes courage to stand your ground.
    When it comes to your health, you must trust what your body tells you, not experts. Certain treatments are effective for some, and not others. This tells us how little we understand the human animal.

  44. ANH articles are always so well written–enough detail and enough explanation in balance to allow us to grasp the facts and also the significance of those facts. However–it would be good if the articles could include at the end a Sources section, citing the source of the information, thus allowing readers to pursue further the topic presented. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gertrude, for sources you can click the links embedded in the text. To see them as a list at the end, please try clicking “Print this page” which will generate a list at the bottom of all the sources linked in the text.

  45. Chelation has a valid use. Heavy metal concentrations in humans do severe damage to kidneys, nervous system tissue, etc. Heavy metals include Lead, Mercury, hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium and others. When these are present in a human body the best thing that can be done is to try to remove as much of them as possible. Chelation must be properly administered by competent physicians and must utilize the correct chemical chelating agents. Use of the wrong chelating agents can lead to removal of essential calcium ions from body fluids which can result in heart malfunction. This is not a therapy to be advocated for use by amateurs.
    The groups who will be most affected by successful utilization of chelation therapy to reverse physiological maladies will protest the loudest as their misuse of heavy metals for outdated and totally unwarranted medical and dental practices will be shown to be the causative agent for the physiological deterioration of the patients..

  46. Stephen Barrett’s diatribes against alternative medicine are insulting to intelligence. Unfortunately, with the money he gets from the Pharma, he spreads himself around the Internet like fungus. The funny thing is that, while screaming against the harm of alternative medicine, using misinformation and calling CAM physicians quacks, he was selling on one of his websites some of the most compromised — and FDA-admittedly dangerous Pharma drugs on the market.
    This character has been active for more than 40 years — paid by the AMA to write a book on vitamin quacks in the early 1970s — and i wonder whether his websites are now actually maintained by the Pharma or the AMA. After all, how long can one keep trying to get rich by making other people ill?

  47. Jesus, how do these FDA and AMA quacks get away with this manipulation, domination, control, and blatant murder of so many people for pharmaceutical money?How can these villains be stopped?

  48. We cannot expect C.H.I.M.P.NU.T.S.G.D.I.C.— my acronym for the enemies of Health in the USA:
    C = Chemical
    H = Hospital
    I = Insurance
    M = Medical
    P = Pharmaceutical
    Nu.T = Nutrition Technology
    S = Surgical
    G = Governmental
    D = Dental
    I = Industrial
    C= Complex
    to be “objective” except when the “object” is money! It makes the old Military Industrial Complex
    pale in comparison!
    From a Scientific point of view I want to confirm my understanding from well over 30 years of membership in A.A.M.P. and A.C.A.M. that EDTA — whether as Di-Sodium – or Calcium-Sodium- is a poor chelating agent for Mercury. However, when given immediately prior to Oral or IV DMPS, or oral DMSA, the EDTA will remove Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, Gadollinium, and Arsenic that would otherwise be bound to the DMPS/DMSA. This results in reducing the Sulfur Compounds’ capacity for removing the Mercury.
    In other words, you will get more bang for the buck for the Mercury excretion!
    Warren M. Levin, MD

  49. Some of this info is totally wrong. I am 100% in favor of alternative medicine.
    But EDTA does NOT chelate mercury. It chelates other metals.
    And EDTA should never be used on a mercury toxic person until the mercury gets out first.

  50. I’ve known too many people who were helped by chelation when conventional medicine, with all its risks, was useless. The idea of persecuting doctors who do low-risk, inexpensive, drug-free therapy is just another corporate witchhunt from Big Pharma.

  51. Sometimes I feel exhausted and helpless when I consider the scale of the “true” charlatans. The FDA the CDC and their ilk. I am so sick and tired of theses drug and propaganda pushers that I want to just give up. But that is what they would like for us to do. I just pray that the good citizens of this country and this world would rise up and put these SOBs on their collective arses…

  52. A wise old man once told me that doctors were like fishermen. Once they set the hook, oh they may play you for awhile, but they’re going to land you. He was from the generation among whom doctors were rightly known as “croakers.”
    With the miracle of the internet, and access by the average person to more information than has ever been available in the history of mankind, the establishment witch doctors with their sacrificial pseudo-religious establishment paradigm are in a complete snit that the average person can research and take responsibility for their own maintenance and find out where their priests (doctors) are constantly goofing up. Folks are also starting to find out all about the John Rockefeller snake oil business, the origins of the AMA, and Rockefellers henchman, Lawrence Fishbein, his criminal minion responsible for the sacrificial healthcare system we now are cursed with. I encourage everyone to educate themselves about these matters, so that you can have a more realistic idea about managing your own health and that of your families. A good place to start is almost anything written by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

  53. EDTA chelation is an aggressive form of detoxification and should be reserved for serious acute cases. In Forbidden Healing I outline a more gentle protocol using Vitamin C, clays, chlorella, etc.
    Since metals and toxins generate free radicals and inflammation, initially boosting antioxidant electron intake quiets symptoms. Then the same charge increase begins to mobilize metals from tissues where chlorella and other “chelators” can bind to and carry them out of the body.
    Refusal by government agencies to admit the cumulative effects of mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum, arsenic, etc. releases industry and pharma from liability while perpetuating inappropriate production and use of these substances.
    Open study of this problem needs to take place for safe and effective detoxification by various methods. Hair analysis testing for metals/toxins across the population would reveal a much bigger problem than is currently recognized, much less officially acknowledged. An at home protocol can be highly effective if 1) there is awareness and 2) simple inexpensive treatments are recommended. Detoxification results in healing many intractable diseases currently being made worse through conventional means.

  54. I had a heart attack in 2/2003. I then took a series of chelation treatments and have done well so far. If handled properly there should be no problem. I do think the public deserves the right to use such treatments from properly trained physicians.

  55. Having been raised in a medical family, with nurses and a MD Grand Father, even my wife with MSN and other certifications, I have some idea how the system works. I have 45 years of natural health practice experience. It is true that many Doctors refuse to consider the possibility there is more than one way (conventional western medicine) to bring about healing. My wife didn’t believe in alternative medicine until she was so sick that surgery was the ‘only’ possible hope. As a matter of last chance she tried an alternative therapy and it worked, no surgery needed. Now she is one nurse who is quick to say, ‘check it out’. Yet, there is good news; Very quietly some MD’s ‘allow’ their patients (when every conventional method fails) to visit the alternative providers. Conventional doctors are seeing the evidence first hand, as their patients come back healthy. These doctors will not always be quiet. Change is coming, a change that will be good for everyone. There is a place for conventional medicine. There is a place for alternative medicine. The Asians have much to teach, with more than 2000 years of experience. I could tell and prove so many stories of success to the naysayers but it wouldn’t do any good. When the competition cuts into their earnings they tell lies and pass laws..but it won’t always be that way. I would probably feel the same as the naysayers if I had the same training and been fed the same lies. The naysayers are good people, hopefully the AMA will allow doctors to open their hearts and minds to methods that have worked for thousands of years, at least give Doctors a chance to investigate. Thanks for your story.

  56. Have the CDC, the AMA, and all the other involved agencies forgotten that it was the US Navy that developed and perfected the use of intravenous EDTA chelation to cure its sailors from lead poisining due to the constant use of lead based paints for painting the Navy ships.
    How ignorant can these people be?
    I guess having a healthy population is not desirable in this country. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical community must be very afraid that their gravy train is being threatened by the use of natural medicine.

  57. Thank you so very much for bring this travesty to our attention. I have been “chelating” for years to remove the toxic mercury from my body and have been very successful. Had I not used chelation therapies, I would probably be dead.

  58. I am against anyone who would try to stop me from receiving chelation therapy. I’ve been getting this therapy for over 8 years and it has worlked for me – I refused bypass surgery after discovering this miracle therapy and it truly is effective!

  59. Oh my. The FDA is so controlled that I have been run into bad health. I use an Integrative medical doctor that uses hard drugs that I oppose. I essentially have to rely upon my own knowledge from my extensive studies and once practitioner in the natural health field. I want to thank the staff here and other organizations for your dedication to keeping us informed. I have been a long time supporter and continue on my Facebook pages. I’m not hard to find and will continue to fight as long as I have breath (they may want to regulate that soon). I am also Fracking Mad and provide a bunch of links to many causes as long as Zuckerburg allows us to.

  60. This sounds very much like the vendatta that is being waged against doctors who are trying to treat Lyme disease patients and are subsequently attacked for doing what their oath obligates them to do. They risk losing their licenses and livlihood, and thousands of patients with Lyme disease suffer with a devastating illness, which ultimately may only be cured with antibiotic therapy.

    1. Lyme disease can be handled by elecrical/electronic & magnetic protocols. Check out the protocols of Dr. Robert Beck, physicist. Equipment may be obtained at

  61. The CDC hosted the event and Stephen Barrett was a key participant. The FDA and the Federation of State Medical Boards had representatives there. A conspiracy is brewing against any doctor who dares to practice responsible medicine, no doubt about that. Blend together “Stephen Barrett” mentality, FDA gastapo tactics, and.CDC treachery, and Medical Boards’ underhandedness, and what do you get? Health care disaster!. It’s a mixture of all of those things, spurred by politics, that lead to the lab created AIDS virus. These people are dangerous.

    1. More than dangerous they are implementing a depopulation agenda on the backs of we who pay them to do it..

  62. I was wondering if chelation could help with memory loss. Is it not true that aluminum has been implicated in Alzheimers?

    1. Yes it has. And yes chelation will help memory loss! In 2005 I couldn’t remember wkat I did yesterday. After Chelation Therapy ( 2 times a week for 4 months ) My memory returned !!!

  63. Years ago, I had mercury poisoning from eating too much of the bigger fishes. My doctor refused to do chelation, claiming she didn’t know enough about it. So I went to the Portsmouth
    NH Health Food Store and bought Heavy Metal Cleanse, a product consisting of two kinds of pills – one for a.m. and one for p.m. (or maybe it was two). At the end of a month another blood test showed that the mercury had almost gone from my system. At that time, the Portsmouth bridge was being stripped of the lead paint the contractor had used. The workers were tested once a week, and if any lead showed up in their tests, they came in and got Heavy Metal Cleanse. It was simple and easy and effective.

  64. The more I read about the FDA, the more I’m convinced that they are the arm of the state in charge of reducing the population. What better way than to eliminate vitamins and alternative medicine. Millions of people will die if the FDA is allowed to proceed with their program unchecked, because millions of us are allergic to the drugs and conventional therapies they push. Their behavior is so outlandishly evil, it amazes me that more people aren’t aware of it.

  65. Follow the MONEY..fools put WEALTH above HEALTH..only to find without Health NOTHING ELSE REALLY MATTERS..

  66. I had chelation therapy and with other alternative procedures too long to mention, I was able to get rid of an infected psoriasis and other health problems. After the treatments, I was visited by cancer three times, all unrelated and surgically eliminated on time. The Drs. who take care of me do not cease to compliment my strength and estamina as well as my fast recoup times. I am 77 years old and I received more than 200 chelation treatments. I am the sole caretaker of my 85 year old husband who has several impairments. I have complete medical records of the chelation procedures, if any one needs to present a defense for chelation, I would consider to become an eyewitness based on my own experience.

  67. There is a safe way of removing mercury: a gentle chelation with humic acid. I have tried two products: Swanson’s Metal Shield and a norwagian product called Detoxiflex. Both work the same way. In about 8-10 weeks you can get rid of heavy metals with it.

  68. One of my upper left molar teeth developed a split in the jaw, beneath the gum. It’s filling was compressed into the tooth over the years by the opposite tooth and the tooth split. My dentist showed me an x-ray of the tooth. The mercury looked like smoke coming out of the tooth and into the surrounding tissues. My left cornea had developed a tear and drops of blood had entered my field of vision in that eye. The left side of my face felt odd, sort of numb. My emotions were completely overwhelming.The dentist recommended a doctor who gave me a challenge test. He found as high a level of mercury as he had ever seen. The DMPS (I think) IV did not bother me, but then he gave me a different chemical in pills which were too strong and greatly exacerbated the condition. I resorted to another more holistic doctor who put me on Modifilan and other natural chelators. I learned what made me feel better and over time taking natural chelators I got my mercury level back down.Mercury poisoning was terrible. I could barely write my name. Chelation can be dangerous, but it can return your life to you. Cilantro, Modifilan, and modified fruit pectin really helped me greatly. I pity anyone who suffers from mercury poisoning.

  69. I have been getting IV chelation for about 15 years. Was given 2 years to live 16 years ago. I also quit most medication 5 or 6 year ago.
    I lhave idopathic cardiomyopathy , atrial defibrillation and type 2 diebeties and plan to live to be 93 and presently 71. Hope to wake up on my 93 birthday and decide how much longer I may live. If the good Lord should take me before then so be it.
    Wake up America and learn what is going on in our medicene, crooked politics, schools and so forth.
    We are being systematicly posioned by and with the aid of our own goverments. Toxic fluroide in our water and processed foods. Silver dental fillings being 50 % mercury and root canals toxic as well. lMercury preservatives in the vaccines they seemingly force upon our children as well as flu, tetnus and other shots as well.
    We have gotten to the point where we are permitting the sale of fluoride enriched water for lmixing baby formula lin our grocery stores and we do nothing.

    1. Go Man !! I’m 69 and off all man made Chemical meds because of chelation therapy!!! Please Everyone, let’s do away with the FDA.

  70. There is much more money to be made by ‘treating’ the symptoms than by initiating a cure. The FDA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Pharma which makes big bucks with ‘treatments’.

    1. Which is why the president of the AMA said during his speech at a convention many years ago, “If a cure is ever found for cancer, we are in deep financial trouble”. (paraphrased but accurate)
      Having managed a chelation department in an alternative medical office, I saw dozens of patients get back to good health in just a few weeks. FDA, bad – Chelation good

  71. I believe in alternaitive medicine, Im sick of coventional medicine most of the time it doesnt solve the main issue just masks the problem instead of resolving it. I am defantly for alternative ways .To get well. Safe and naturaly.

  72. Probably the most disengenuous aspect of this is the implication that the process of chelation itself is dangerous when used for all applications, as opposed to focusing upon why there have been several deaths in recent years from chelation, at least one of which had less to do with the overall process than it did in using the wrong formulation, which was actually a pharmacological mistake, which is one of th eprimary causes of at least 100,000 deaths per year on average (per the CDC). Calcium EDTA is relatively safe; it was disodium EDTA which killed the autistic boy near Pittsburgh several years ago. And DMSA and DMSO are both extremely safe medicatin when used properly, with far fewer complicatins on record than many OTC medications.
    The reason that chelation is being targeted has very little to do with the safety or efficacy of these medications (even disodium EDTA). It is being spurred by the industries which do not want toxic metals seen as the danger they are, particularly as they affect autistic and MR children. It is really just that simple.

  73. 13 years ago, I fell and broke my wrist. I had a DEXA test and was told that I had the bones of an 80 year old. I started natural hormones and oseoporosis supplements (never those dangerous drugs) and wasn’t gaining bone that well. I found a doctor who did oral chelation therapy for heavy metal detoxing because he said the heavy metals are the real cause of osteoporosis. It took over a year, but when I had my next DEXA bone density test, the lady was overwhelmed who did the test, “Wow, did you grow bone!!” she said and I had gone from the worst osteoporosis up to the top of osteopenia. I have had DEXA tests regularly and now I am also taking the mineral Strontium and I still am growing bone and it’s good bone, not like the fragile bones from Fosamax or those horrible drugs that wreck your liver too. I was in danger before and now I can jump and be more normal and it’s thanks to my natural MD and his oral chelation program.

  74. ‘Big Pharma” is running scared!
    They evidently are seeing some impact from forward-thinking physicians – and their patients – on their ill-gotten gains.

  75. I am interested that formal Medicine revert to a priority of health and health prevention vs. profit for the big pharma industries (at Great Expense to our personal states of health).

  76. Very good article. Smoe of what is said is the reason I advocate getting rid of the FDA. Give it to the pharmaceutical and food industry. After all that is who the FDA works for. They sure don,t work for the benefit of the people who pay the taxes that pay their salaries and I am sick of seeing my tax money going into their pockets. It irritates me that there are so many medical organizations that have only one goal and that is to keep medical practices in the dark ages. I am a diabetic, am 66 years old and have been diabetic since my 13th birthday. I’m in great health with no diabetic complications and it is because I have totally turned my back on the medical profession. I see a doctor at best once a year. If natural alternatives are ever yanked away from me it will be my end because mainstream medicine has nothing to offer.

  77. I know that the government and the FDA – Seems one in the same always aprove bad things
    like cigarettes, alcahol drugs they are real backwards.

  78. Sorry, I am going to have to agree with the powers-that-be on this one. Heavy metal chelation is a process not to be undertaken lightly. Intravenous use of agents can mobilize more metal than the body can dispose of at once and cause redistribution to a really sensitive organ: for instance the brain. Chlorella, being way too weak, will just stir the stuff up and move it around. Cilantro is particularly scary as it actually does chelate but nobody knows its half-life. I have read many testimonials of people injuring themselves badly with cilantro.
    It is scary to see practitioners leap in to heavy metal chelation with no idea what they are doing and the risks they are taking with their clients. And this goes for both integrative and allopathic doctors equally. I am also going to reproach the alternative docs for indiscriminately prescribing Alpha Lipoic Acid as and antioxidant, not realizing that it is a powerful chelator that crosses the blood brain barrier and should only be taken in very low doses and according to its half life. Docs! You may be helping your clients’ diabetes symptoms but you may at the same time be condemning them to Alzheimer’s Disease. Especially is they have amalgam fillings still in t heir mouths.
    I am convinced that the only safe way to chelate metals is with frequent low dose chelation as per the Andy Cutler protocol. You can get the book about how to do this, “Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment” at his website If you are a practitioner and going to undertake chelating a person who is ill with amalgam illness or some other metal, you owe it to yourself and to them to read this scholarly work.

  79. Isn’t there a petition we can sign? I certainly would sign it. It sometimes seems that the FDA wants people to remain sick, wants to keep the cycle of toxins, drugs, chemo, and surgery completely closed to any alternatives. The very name “alternative medicine” has a certain stigma now because of the big pharma and the FDA.

  80. what can be done about the F D A ????????? lets put them back in the box.

  81. I was poisoned by cipro antibiotics, given to me by the so called safe conventional medical profession.

  82. It is obvious that the medical “profession” is driven only by greed and not by any altruistic considerations. Our gutless lawmakers and the AMA are criminal in their disregard for humanistic standards and should be subject to the laws of the land.

    1. YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!
      Main stream medicine, with the help of Greedy Lawmakers, Greddy Doctors, and BIG PHARMA are killing more people than they help.
      Chelation Therapy saved my life in 2005 because of lead & mercury poisesing and the side effect of cleaning out my atreries has me healthy and PRODUCTIVE again!!!! Hear that LAWMAKERS.
      To get more TAX $ you need healthy people, not sick ones eating up tax dollars!!!!! DUMBOWS!!!

  83. Not everything is “fixed” with a pill! The FDA needs to be shook up and straightened out. Look at the numbers of people that have been harmed or have died because the FDA “approved” a medication or device too quickly. There are reasons why a medication or device needs to be studied before it is approved for patient use. They need to stop and think about whether they would give something to their mother, child or grandchild.
    Big Pharma is to blame here also! Stop the kick backs for using their drugs! Disgusting.
    Alternative medicine has been used for years and is beneficial! But, thankfully, no kick backs are involved! Imagine that!

  84. If the above information intrigues you or frightens you, please read the new book, “Which Poison Will Change Your Life? An MCS Survivor’s Eye-Opening View into the Socio-Political Forces Which Make Today’s ‘Invisible Illnesses’ Possible and Probable”. It will show you not only why these problems exist (history of the AMA) but also how they are perpetuated through high-level government/corporate collusion. An excellent read with something for everyone (including irrefutable scientific fact for the nay-sayers).

  85. I would like no know how much Mercury is in the Air (Per Million) Presently in Southeastern Michigan? Facts,please Not Opiinion……

  86. Chelation therapy is wonderful for removing heavy metals from the body in addition to IV vitamin drips ……both saved my life after a poisoning on my job.
    I’d like to add that therr were numerous other people receiving these drips while I was..all with a similar story as well as heart conditions..some of whom were doctors , and all found EDTA to be beneficial.
    Follow the money trail. It is less costly to clean the arteries with EDTA than to have heart surgery.

  87. – MMS on Trial –
    Grand Jury to Determine
    the Fate of Daniel Smith (and MMS)
    A man’s life – and that of his friends and family – hangs in the balance. They need our immediate help. The FDA’s prosecutor has called for a federal grand jury to be convened in the Eastern District of Washington in less than ten days. We don’t have much time to make history.
    Please take a stand to help save MMS and Daniel Smith from the FDA:
    The FDA seeks to have the courts declare MMS a “drug” subject to regulation by the FDA and to charge Daniel Smith of Project GreenLife and others with violations of Title 18 Section 371, “Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States” in violation of The Food Drug and Cosmetic Act.
    On June 29, 2011, without any warning, the FDA raided Daniel Smith’s home along with two companies that did Project GreenLife’s fulfillment and bottling.
    Armed with guns and vests, they seized everything: computers, hard drives, business records, private member records, product, equipment, and every penny from every bank account, wiping Project GreenLife out all in a single afternoon. Not a bad day’s work for a stealthy yearlong operation.
    Project GreenLife was a 1st and 14th Amendment Private Membership Association. As Trustee, Daniel wrote the FDA a year prior, asking if the agency had any legal and valid objection to making MMS available to private members in the private domain.
    By the help and counsel of the ProAdvocate Group, Daniel based his inquiry on a good-faith understanding of U.S. Supreme Court case law as it pertained to the activities of a private association. Daniel told the FDA unless they objected within ten days he would assume they had no objection.
    While they could have just replied, they didn’t, leaving Daniel to believe he was free to go about his business. In the meanwhile, FDA agents spent a year quietly going through his garbage, putting GPS tracking devices on his cars, having agents sign membership contracts affirming they were not federal agents so they could make fraudulent buys.
    Slowly and methodically they gathered enough information to craft a story that would shock a Magistrate into granting them nearly a hundred warrants so they could completely wipe Project GreenLife out all in a single day. They wanted to teach Daniel Smith a lesson, limit the availability of MMS to the world, and make sure nobody else tried exercising their constitutional…

  88. I wonder how many veterans could have improved health from this treatment? There needs to be unbiased trials on this treatment. I think that as long as people know the risks of ANY treatment they should be allowed to use it. After all we are adults and should be able to make our own choices. The governments role should be one of education (giving us all the pros and cons of anything) not censorship/protection.

    1. My thought EXACTLY Charlotte. I am currently in China on business and I can tell you that all my colleagues here hate the Chinese government because “they control everything”. We Americans must not allow our government to do that!!

  89. An Apology
    I owe the author of the lead article. When I saw the main title, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that… here we go again, another attempt to frighten everyone away from Chelation!
    I was mistaken and I apologize to ANH-USA.

  90. One thing is for certain: If the remedy works, greedy competitors will fight it…….. If it didn’t work it would simply have gone away without gov’t suppression. The fact that supposed humanitarian healthcare providers don’t question this propaganda is distressing enough but to see taxpayers funding it is nauseating (CDC sucks). Chelation is safer than aspirin.

    1. Capt.
      Why don’t you contact the website. Everyone wants to know what you have to say.
      Conact info may be found under the “About Us” button.

  91. Cadmium from tobacco causes lung cancr. So if u get rid of it maybe cancr won’t come back! I no alot of people thats benefited from chelation.

  92. Good article. You say, “Why is chelation so threatening to mainstream medicine? .. . One of those sources [of..heavy metals] has of course been vaccines” The CDC – sponsors of this witch hunt, are deathly afraid the public will associate mercury and aluminum in vaccines to autism and the last thing they want is for autistic kids to be cured by chelation – proving the connection.
    Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock featured on Youtube and Natural News exposes suppressed CDC research linking vaccines to autism and schizophenia. He further explains that CDC heads sacrifice the public in order to take lucrative Merck and Phizer retirement jobs as a delayed bribe payoff.
    I’ve been taking 2 tsp of zeolite daily and I feel it’s been improving my circulation, seratonin and energy. I found that I had to take food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) for a month in order to open up the circulation in the back of my neck to alleviate detox headaches that typically occur when one initially takes a chelator. Detox headaches can be pounders – so take the HP first and open up those neck arteries or your head will be pounding. I’m up to 4 tsp of zeolite and 80 drops of 36% HP daily. I understand Diatominous Earth is similar to zeolite as a chelator and I’ve ordered 2 lbs of that also.
    I believe there is strong evidence that toxic metals disable and close off cells causing a metabolically dormant condition that attracts fungus – sensing dead tissue. I believe this process is the basis of virtually all degenerative diseases. That’s why bug killers like HP, Vit C, garlic and others are only partially effective because they don’t remove the cause of the congestion which is toxic metals. Unfortunately you need to remove the emeshing fungus and waste that holds in the metals at the same time that you apply the zeolite to bind away the metal. It has to be a two part process for effective removal and that includes cleansing the gut as well as the arteries and tissues. This theory seems to explain much of my experience. Metal removal is key and HP helps you take it without pounding detox headaches.
    Good Luck Ya’ll
    Someday our pursuits in natural health will pay off in disease reversal and rejuvenation and we will be able to show the obvious effectiveness of natural medicine and cleansing to the world. As Will Rogers said, “Words seldom convince – only observation”. You guys are great..

    1. Dan, it is refreshing to witness your level of motivation to look outside the confines of the fascist medical establishment. I, too, have used Zeolite and taken various minerals,orally, like Selenium, to naturally chelate mercury out of various organs and bone. Hydrogen Peroxide too, is a cleanser and oxygenates! No fungus, virus or bacteria can stand O2.
      Additionally, I had all 12 mercury amalgams removed over 17 years ago. Certain related health issues persisted, however because It is not easy to remove the lingering mercury in the tissues., as you’ve stated the pathways of elimination MUST be open and often the GI tract, small and large intestine often function less well, because of this heavy metal… leading to dysbiosis and fungal infections: a vicious cycle. I recommend using plain Psyillium powder as a mechanical, soft fiber, cleanser for the bowels, over a period of time to remove the impacted feces that often slow peristalsis. It works, and better than Metamucal which is a Psyillium product but is full of sugar and dyes.
      Finally, the right to treat as doctors deem necessary, including chelation therapy, offers more benefits for the patients: allowing the doctor to be true to the oath they swore by. A local cardiologist wrote an article locally, stating that the chelation therapy helped so many of his patients who were slated for open-heart surgery, to reverse the cardiac issues and surgeries were cancelled. He even presented the before and after thermography which proved the blocks in the cardiac arteries were gone.
      I look forward to the day when every day citizens stand up to the FDA and the AMA and the medical greed, to take back full responsibility for their health, individually and as a country!

  93. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves”.
    That’s what happens when the goverment gets in there with its “protections” that really end up being anything but that.
    When the government cloaks itself in the word “protection”, some of the time this may be true, but much of the time you can also be watchful of their real intentions ot censor and control.
    It’s time to replace 85% of our Congress and our FDA with new and good people.

  94. If it weren’t for chelation therapy, my son would be in the throes of full-blown autism. Like most parents and not knowing any better, he was vaccinated through the age of 4. Unfortunately, he also had 4 silver amalgam fillings at this time (why do dentists push for fillings on baby teeth?). The metal overload completely changed him overnight. We stopped vaccinating, prayed for the fillings to fall out and when the last one finally did (at the age of 6), we started chelation therapy through the use oral supplements. It’s a long road (chelation can be hard on little bodies if you do it too quickly), but he is doing much better now. If we hadn’t been able to detox him this way, I have no idea the kind of life he would be having now. The conventional medical establishment won’t be happy unless we are all sick and indebted to them and their inflated cost for treatment. It’s no wonder that they shoot down anything that holds the possiblity of healing. I thought the oath was to “First do no harm”? We all wouldn’t be in this mess now if conventional medicine lived the oath they are sworn to uphold.

    1. Funny how they call them “silver” when the main ingredient is mercury. Let’s just call them what they are “mercury fillings”. Toxic and regulated in the Dentist’s office but safe when in your mouth.
      I’ve wondered for years why my grades went down and I couldn’t pay attention anymore during the sixth grade and the best I can remember it is when I got two mercury fillings.

  95. There is 1 thing about using food grade Hydrogen Peroxide – it causes a lot of bloating. Can anything be done to lessen that side-effect? I’m going to do more research about chelation therapy to see if it can help my frequent migraines which I have meds to take & they don’t always relieve the pain. I just have to ‘ride it out’ for 1-4 days at a time.
    You have provided very interesting info. Thanks.

  96. I have had I.V. chelation from an M.D. and an attending R.N. The Dr. was in the office but not in the room , he was available on call. I had several treatments over several weeks and everything went well. I had a friend who had I. V. chelation with an alternative practitioner and unfortunately, a large piece of the plaque that was being removed, broke off and lodged in his heart and he had to have bypass surgery. An R.N. told me that there is always a risk of this complication whenever this procedure is performed.

  97. In an article in JAMA 2003 a study cited a relationship between blood lead levels and hypertension. Physicians know blood lead levels are not the whole story, the body removes lead found in the blood stream quickly to avoid poisoning and it is stored throughout the body in soft tissues like arteries and bone; blood lead levels indicate recent exposure. The article stated the presence of lead in the bloodstream drove up blood pressure. This article addressed the accumulation over time of lead in the body and not acute exposures.
    In the journal “Neuro Toxicology” an article stated that mercury is a potent cause of autoimmune disease. In the publication “Neuro Endocrinology Letters” people with autoimmune thyroiditis may have mercury as a cause of the condition. The toxic effects of mercury are numerous and frightening.
    So let me ask this…what are the miseducated physicians who earned CME hours listening to these lies going to do when they develop high blood pressure, heart disease and effects from their mercury exposures due to the flu vaccines they are required to take?? They are baring themselves from the care of a trained physician utilizing chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is an approved treatment for metal toxicity and has proved itself clinically in use for over 60 years.
    Heart disease and related circulatory problems are big business and if you develope an inexpensive treatment plan that resolves the cause of these diseases you rob the medical establishment of its millions. That is why safe, effective new ideas are attacked. It is the $$$$.

    1. You did the right thing to refuse “chemo”.
      “Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies… The medical establishment wants everyone to follow the same exact protocol. They don’t want to see the chemotherapy industry go under, and that’s the number one obstacle to any progress in oncology.” Doctor Warner, M.D. The Cancer Business
      “A 1994 major study of Levamisole written up in the British Journal of Cancer showed almost double the survival rate using a placebo instead of Levamisole! The utter mystification over why this poison continues to be used as a standard component of chemo cocktails can be cleared up by considering one simple fact: when Levamisole was still a sheep de-wormer, it cost $1 per year. When the same amount was suddenly upgraded to a cancer drug given to humans, now it costs $1200 per year. Thank you, Johnson & Johnson. (Los Angeles Times 11 Sep 93.)” Tim O’Shea “TO THE CANCER PATIENT” Chemotherapy
      “To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit center. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to this reality.” John Diamond, MD & Lee Cowden MD
      “64 out of 79 oncologists confidentially polled stated they would not take chemo or radiation if they contracted most types of cancer.”
      “75% of the average oncologists take home pay is profit from the chemo drugs he gives his patients. Cancer therapies are built on myth, and lies.” Doctor William Douglass MD, Note cancer doctors are the ONLY doctors who are allowed to profit from the toxic meds they sell their patients on. Strange no? Gee doc do I need 5 courses or more of the toxins? Well Sir lets see how my boat payments come out. Cancer therapies are built on myth, lies and PROFITS.
      But if more cancer patients knew this “chemo” using poisons would be finished FOREVER.
      “An investigation by the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Australia, into the contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year survival in 22 major adult malignancies, showed startling results: The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3%…

  98. I will fully admit that I don’t really know anything about chelation therapy. But I do know what it is like bucking the established medical practics for certain medical problems. I was told I had breast cancer in late August of 2010. I flat told my doctor that I needed time to decide what “I wanted to do”. I took nearly 5 weeks to decide how I wanted to proceed. In the mean time I checked multiple sites on the internet for cancer therepies which included Surgery, Chemo, Radiation and Daily meds. I opted for a Lumpectomy, Radiation and Daily meds. I ended up with TWO surgeries actually. The first surgery was the Lumpectomy and a couple Lymph Nodes were removed. The Lymph Nodes were canerous so they had to go back in a month later and removed the other Nodes on that side. The only ones that were cancerous were the Nodes taken out originally. A couple months later I started Radiation. My Oncologist had a FIT that I refused Chemo. But I flat told him that I would rather die from the cancer than the cure. Yes! Chemo can and does kill people every day. Think of Chemo as eating several poisons to rid your body of another poison. Chemo ravages your organs and leaves you worse off than you were before, most of the time, just to kill the cancer. The problem is that Chemo also kills other cells in your body that are NOT CANCEROUS. And heaven help you if you get an infection while on Chemo. They CANNOT guarantee that the meds they give you to kill the infection will work. In fact, infections while on Chemo are what kill most cancer victims. And this is CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE at their “BEST”. I will take the cancer over the cure when it comes to Chemo. I have already decided that I will still NOT DO CHEMO if my cancer comes back. I AM 62 and have lived a full life and will soon be celebrating our 39th anniversary with my husband. I have TWO children and THREE grandkids. If I die tomorrow I will die happy because I know that I have contributed in a good way to our planet.

    1. My best friend died from heart failure due to chemo with methotrexate. She had found a lump in her breast and went to an oncologist at a major NYC hospital. They did a mammogram and told her it was negative. She said she wanted it out anyway. They ridiculed her, but agreed to do a needle biopsy, which also came back negative. She still insisted that the lump be removed. They finally agreed to remove it, and while on the operating table they biopsied the lump tissue and found it to be malignant. When the surgery was over, they admitted that, yes, she did have breast cancer, but that they had gotten it all out. Later, when the lymph node results came back, it turned out that she was in stage 4. She went through every chemo they could come up with, pretty much by trial and error (it was the 1990s), and she finally died of heart failure, with her lungs full of liquid. But she almost made it to the five year ‘cure’ milestone. At one point she tried to switch from her large NYC hospital to Sloan Kettering, but they wouldn’t take her because her prognosis was so bad, she would have skewed their claims of being ‘the best cancer care anywhere’. As for mercury detox, the Life Extension Foundation has a protocol that is short of chelation. It involves supplements and one pharmaceutical drug. I recommended it to another friend whose mercury level was so high that the public health dept. sent investigators to her Larchmont, NY mansion to track down the cause. The most likely cause was the fact that she had been eating a small can of tuna fish for lunch five days a week for many years. The LEF protocol brought her mercury level down very quickly.

    2. Chelation therapy is essential and can be in the form of IV or prescription pills made at compounding pharmacies, depending on the severity of the levels of metal toxicity. It is essential therapy to undo the damage from either mercury fillings, vaccines, food intake or most likely a combination. I am using chelation under my holistic MD, along with my husband and one daughter who has suffered significant damage from vaccines. I had one mercury filling as a child, only recently removed by a biological/holistic trained dentist, along with too many flu vaccines, which I recently stopped. NO more vaccines for my family and none for my future grandchildren! Not only does western medicine want to continue damaging our health, but they want to remove any possibility of our healing from their damage. The travesty in it all is enormous. Thanks to Alliance for their excellent work is revealing the enormous corruption in the system and for fighting for its end.

      1. I got infected with M.S. from a vaccination 🙁 Two days after a tetanus shot I was completely incapacitated and ended up having to go to physical therapy for months. Thanks guys! They’re gonna try to force people to get these in the future. Also passed a law to inject this garbage into chickens to “Save us” from “bird flu” (which they probably created as well) Very comforting

      2. I have to say that I am a medical professional and a patient and even I am losing faith. However, not all vaccines are bad or should be avoided. I am not saying that babies should be given so many at once, but polio was eradicated from the US. Smallpox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. These are serious illnesses. Chicken pox sucked but I wasn’t in any danger. They are very important and tried and true methods. These diseases are on the rise again and parents are risking their kids lives. People do need to have just those basic vaccines and not all at once and spread apart, but I agree, they are doing to many. I had to have additional vaccines b/c of my jobs. Wonder if this is why I have been sick for so long,

  99. An excellent article and I also enjoyed reading the comments. We need this open forum and educating the public is crucial. Thank you for your newsletter.

  100. This is my introduction to this feature and I appreciate the oppotunity of seeing what others think.
    Thank you. I have been critical of Big Pharmacy for many years and it is refreshinging to see that others feel as I do.
    William D. Steigers.

    1. It’s funny how things change. I almost majored in Pharmacology/Toxicology but when I realized I’d have to sacrifice animals, well, I couldn’t do it. Sure would have been big bucks, but if I even saw problems, I wouldn’t keep quiet about it and I don’t know any scientists who would. Most are truth-seekers but I’m sure people in Big Pharma have to sign NDAs, are threatened, and those who are potential whistle-blowers would lose everything they’ve worked their lives for and have families to support. Now, question is, does someone start a trust fund for these types of people, so they don’t lose everything and feel they have security when they blow things wide open?

  101. I am with a new natural Product company called Qivana that started three years ago. It is well worth your time to do the research on these products. I have a grandson who is autistic and I have used our product called ‘Detox’ which is made from ‘modified citrus pectin, Certified Oraganic Kelp, and Modified Alginate Complex. It does the same thing the chelation does only it removes the toxins from the body naturally, but does not strip the body of it’s minerals. There has been extensive research on this. It has also proven that modified citrus pectin will stop prostate cancer from metastisizing. (I have a relative whose PSA level went way down after taking this). Also, cancer can be prevented by keeping your pH level in an alkaline state. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, Nobel prize winner for his research, proved that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. You can contact me at [email protected] if you would like some more info.

  102. This is outrageous! Just across the border in Canada, you have medical doctors using chelation as a first line of treatment for people with atherosclerosis. This is the accepted protocol of treatment! Long before by-pass surgery would be considered. But I suppose our medical profession does not consider Canadian doctors to be real doctors? I would suspect that if this is the first line of treatment for this condition, there would be TONS of evidence about how well it works.

    1. but chelation therapy is cheaper than surgery. How are they going to stay filthy rich if they advocate cheap therapy?

  103. . “Why is chelation so threatening to mainstream medicine? There is no disputing that heavy metals are extremely toxic. The human body is engineered to remove small amounts daily, but not the large amounts we often pick up from modern sources.” how incompetent you are? do you have even basic knowledge? how many heavy metals we inject and how many detox? checks studies and dont embarrass yourself. This is good example how people like you spread misinformation either from incompetence or to sell they products or people buy membership…

    1. Your comment makes no sense, what are you trying to say? Lots of heavy metals are picked up from food, water, air, car fumes, mercury tooth fillings etc…

  104. I came across an article about cinnabar containing mercury. I’ve had a cinnabar stone, in dolomite, on my shelf for a long time. It gets a bit of sunlight and I am worried about mercury vapors in my home. I’ve since put the stone in a glass jar with a lid & wiped the shelf. Should I do anything else? I am I just being paranoid. How hot does the stone have to get to release mercury vapor? Please email me at [email protected]

    1. Cinnabar is HgS (mercuric sulfide). The is extremely stabile; cinnabar jewelry has remained unchanged for centuries. HgCl, mercurous chloride is very toxic and unstable. The mercury in this is easily separated from the chloride molecule.

  105. Lyme, doctors couldn’t talk about it perhaps even now, just as we get more insight…the affordable care act, wonder if anyone has considered how the TPP that we just found out about will affect supplements and the controversial codex alimentarius?

  106. During a recent biopsy of my prostate, the urologist missed retrieving a specimen on one of the shots. He told his assistent, he would have to take 14 specimens instead of 12. In my mind, if cancer was found, there was a good chance he just spread the cancer outside of the prostate. About a week or two later, the urologist diagnosed me with low-grade prostate cancer. The report only showed 12 specimens. The options he put to me were surgery to remove the prostate, radiation to kill the cancer or watchful waiting. What caused me the gratest discomfort was that he could not look me in the eye when he was discussing my situation and said he had another patient waiting so he could hurry out of the exam room. My confidence and respect for him went out the window and the mutilation, radiation and eventual castration he offered was not the course I chose. I have altered my diet to include mostly fish and vegetables; no dairy, red meat, chicken, eggs and wheat. Success for prostate cancer only goes out 10 years. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. I want to be around for another 25 years so I’m choosing to stay away from doctors.

    1. It’s interesting you say that b/c all of my grandparents avoided doctors (except for things like broken bones) and drugs their whole lives and all lived to be over their mid 80s. I too have been sick and the past year, I have avoided them after a decade of disappointment and being turfed around like a hot potato. They make you see as many newbies as they can get you to when you have been sick a long time, That makes no sense.

      1. It is plain you have no idea what these doctors do to men about prostate cancer…my father opted for this estrogen shot …did you know England used a variation of this ti chemical castrate gay men caught in the act.

  107. Actually, there is good reason to avoid chelation as a doctor would do it. Chelation DRUGS are even more poisonous than the toxic metals they are supposed to remove. Calling them “organic chemicals” is loaded language. They are chemicals. I have a feeling the reason those power points don’t cover good evidence against chelation (can’t actually read because the link is broken) is because Chelation in itself is not bad, it is the individual drugs for doing it that are bad. You would need to go through each individual drug and point out the negative effects. You can’t just generalize.
    If you want to do safe Chelation, do it naturally through exercise (sweating) and a vegan diet (eat your cilantro!). No need for a doctors permission, and no one but yourself can hinder you from doing it the natural way.

    1. Chelation is routinely done with EDTA, a synthesized amino acid, used for decades as an anti-coagulant in phlebotomy. Chelation began as defense workers during WW 2 became dangerously ill from the metals, solders, and fumes from welding large battle vehicle, munitions, and ships. Chelation removed these toxins, and those 4F workers with heart conditions found their symptoms approved.
      Properly trained chelation MDs use EDTA and replenish electrolytes during the sessions. This is a much safer (and less expensive) procedure than surgery and/or plaque dissolving pharmaceuticals.

  108. I tried nano zeolite spray on my Autistic son for 3 weeks starting 2 spray to 5 sprays a day. Generally while trying any supplement either I or wife takes along with him to see the difference. Till now no difference observed by any supplement. However after starting Zeolite spray second day rash appeared on son’s whole body indicating heavy metal existence beyond normal. Rash disappeared in a week. However his hair started dropping from root which also indicated existence of heavy metal. However no such symptons shown on wife. In three weeks hair drops increased so much that I compell to stop Zeolite spray. This indicated that his body is unable to remove heavy metals and his body has accumulated it and as soon as it forced out by Zeolite, it tried to come out by other possible ways like skin and hair drop. Whether anybody else tried detoxification in better way

  109. Below is my experience. I seems atleast 10 % of Autistic childrens will recover considerably if their natural path to throw out heavy metal is cleared

  110. Very informative blog. Yes, it’s very dangerous to remove heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead from the body. But to overcome this problem Chelation therapy is used. Chelation therapy is basically a treatment that uses medicine to remove Heavy Metals from the body but if we remove these metals in large amount from the body in regular it may cause various health problems like Diarrhea, Headache etc.

  111. It depends… You can indeed do it dangerously. The best way to do it to use a product called detoxiflex taken together with mineral supplements for 6-10 weeks. No side effect, but it works.

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