Cancers, Infectious Diseases, and Lifestyle Illnesses: Why “Miracle Drugs” Are the Problem, Not the Solution

Several Prescription Pill Bottles in a Pile
The medical industry’s obsession with bigger, more powerful (and above all, patentable!) medicines may lead to killer pandemics.

We frequently discuss the global threat of superbugs—drug-resistant bacteria, which are created in two ways:

  • If a drug can kill, say, 95% of bacteria, the 5% that remain are by definition much stronger than the others, not killed by current medicines, and can then reproduce without any interference or competition from other bacteria, allowing them to quickly take over.
  • Drugs target specific bacterial proteins, so any new mutation in these proteins will interfere with or negate the drug’s destructive effect, resulting in antibiotic resistance. Drug resistance is a natural response to pressures imposed on any living organism: you must adapt, or you die. Many adapt. Many become resistant to more than one drug, making them even harder to kill.

A few weeks ago we told you about weeds becoming resistant to the lethal pesticide Roundup, creating strains of “superweeds.” It’s the same principle at work.
Drug resistance has wide-reaching effects. Cancer cells may develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs. And multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is one of the most widespread diseases in the world today.
What is causing this “epidemic” of drug-resistant bugs? For one thing, as we noted two weeks ago, animals in CAFOs are given a steady diet of antibiotics to prevent disease—and then the antibiotics are passed to us in their meat and milk, and run-off from these factory farms puts antibiotics into the water table. At the same time, drug-resistant bacteria can arise from seemingly safe activities such as the use of bleach, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps.
Using standard antibiotic regimens, there is a one-in-ten chance that treatment of an E. coli infection will fail because the bacterium is resistant. As more bugs become resistant, there will be increasing pressure to use more powerful antibiotics, called carbapenems, which are the last line currently available—and resistance to those is already emerging: in the last two or three years, some organisms have come along which destroy carbapenems.
The pharmaceutical industry is all too aware of the problem of resistance, and experts openly fear we’re letting ourselves in for diseases that will be impossible to treat. At the same time, drug companies have lost interest in developing new antibiotics—partly because it is so difficult to find new agents, especially ones that can be proven safe. More to the point, it is not commercially viable—antibiotics are taken only for a few days at a time, compared with, say, a heart drug which may be taken for life. To maximize their investment, Big Pharma wants drugs that will give them a constant income stream.
There are exceptions. There is buzz about a compound found in Chilean avocados which lowers the amount of antibiotics needed; they hope it could increase the efficacy of antibiotics against superbugs. So of course researchers are now trying to synthesize and patent it as a drug. Critics fear this synthetic will only create super-superbugs.
This approach—using bigger and bigger guns, to which the bugs also respond by becoming bigger and more lethal—is as wrong-headed as it is possible to be. Natural cures are not only safest, they’re also far more effective.
Look, for example, at the use of intravenous vitamin C as an antiviral and a cancer therapy. Silver is one of the most effective agents against pathogens—and they can’t develop resistance to it. A new study also shows that silver packs as much of a punch against cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug, and could reduce the negative side effects that accompany such treatment. Insulin potentiation therapy, or IPT, similarly shows great promise against cancer when coupled with ordinary chemotherapy drugs used in very low doses, and may also be coupled with other natural therapies such as IV-C.
Dr. Frank Shallenberger has been exploring various treatments for hepatitis and liver disease—which more than three million Americans battle—and finds great promise in intravenous vitamin C (he also agrees that IV-C is a good treatment for most major viruses).
Manuka honey has exceptional antibacterial properties, and has been found to be effective against MRSA (staphylococcus aureus), strains of bacteria which are notoriously resistant to antibiotics. Several herbs are powerful antibacterials, and garlic has strong antibiotic and antifungal properties.
And of course vitamin D may be the best tool of all to fight colds, flu, and flu pandemics.
The great difficulty is that there are so many natural treatments available, but most people won’t ever learn of them for two reasons:

  • Natural substances cannot be patented in their natural form. If they’re not patentable, big companies won’t make big bucks from them, and they won’t shell out the millions and millions of dollars necessary to do the double-blind studies that would prove the substances’ efficacy and safety. The best they can do is to synthesize one element of the substance, patent it, take it through the drug trials, and then prevent everyone else from selling the natural forms of the substance.
  • Supplement manufacturers and natural product distributors aren’t allowed to talk about why their product is healthy for you. They aren’t allowed to cite even peer-reviewed scientific studies—you may remember that cherry growers and walnut processors were found to be in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for daring to mention their health-giving properties, because by saying they prevent, mitigate, or treat disease, you are causing them to be drugs.

At least this second problem is fixable today. Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R–UT) and Jared Polis (D–CO) have introduced the Free Speech about Science Act (HR 1364). This landmark legislation protects basic free speech rights, ends censorship of science, and enables the natural health products community to share peer-reviewed scientific findings about natural health products with the public.
If this bill passes, it has the potential to transform the healthcare field by educating the public about the real science behind natural health. This is a small bill with vast potential leverage. Support the Free Speech About Science Act by writing to your congressional representative and asking him or her to co-sponsor the legislation. Take action today!


  1. I will contact my representative and have him or her sponsor the legislation.

  2. Have you seen the article from Johns Hopkins about cancer. If I had an E mail I would forward it to you. It is revolutionary if it is truly from J H.

  3. Is there some unwritten universal code somewhere that says those with brilliant scientific minds must be without humanity, compassion, or sound reasoning? One cannot improve on God. Every living thing from viruses, bacteria, plants, etc, have a consciousness–whether this is recognized or not. Everything with a consciousness has a will to live, to adapt and to reproduce. Even evolutionary biologists recognize this. And now thanks to the science of antibiotics and ease of availability, pork products are now infested with not just Staph. aureus, but MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus.

  4. The key phrase is: IF the bill passes. Unfortunately, a majority of federal legislators have been bribed and/or blackmailed by Big Pharma. The bill doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell of passing.

  5. Our Government just loves this, they can keep our S/S money for themselves after
    they kill us all off !!! You see, they are too stupid to realize that they will also die
    from the same thing !!!

  6. “Drug resistance has wide-reaching effects. Cancer cells may develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs. And multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is one of the most widespread diseases in the world today.”
    Just say Yes, to the War on For Profit Drug companies…

  7. Thank you!! for this information; especially about the Silver. I’ve used Silver Shield with a US patient since it’s inception. I may have cancer tomorrow I will know more–probably a biopsy tomorrow the doctor’s said.
    I’ve used NOTHING in the way of drugs for 30+ years and I started feeling bad and began with Essiac tea (in capsules) and then added the hot and spicy herbs (in formula like turmeric, ginger, etc) and looked through my cupboard and found Pau d’ arco…
    And now with this article mentioning Silver I’m happy to say I have 3 bottles on hand and can get ahead of this situation–either way.
    Keep up the good work with these types of information.

  8. IV-hydrogen peroxide is also very effective, after all H2O2 is what our white blood cells use to kill bacteria. It’s what really got our family into alternative medicine.
    My mother-in-law had pneumonia and was going down fast even after two rounds of antibiotics. She gave up but someone said try IV-H2O2. I thought they were nuts but she was about to die so it couldn’t hurt her any. We made a bed in the back of our SUV and took her to a doctor that would administer it. After two hours of the drip she was perking up quite a bit. After we left the doctors office we stopped by the mall!! I was shocked!
    There is also a UV light treatment for blood that seems to work very well on some diseases.
    There are options and we need to be using them more but of course the patent grabbers will never allow it.

  9. Please support the Free Speech about Science Act (HR 1364). This landmark legislation protects basic free speech rights, ends censorship of science, and enables the natural health products community to share peer-reviewed scientific findings about natural health products with the public.
    If this bill passes, it has the potential to transform the healthcare field by educating the public about the real science behind natural health.

  10. It would be helpful on your website if you could provide us with the names/address/phone of our senators and congressmen based on our zip code. The Animal Rescue Site does this for asking our leaders to pass certain bills, etc. Maybe you could check this out and find out how to include it on your site. You would get much more support if that’s provided as busy people are not going to try to look all that info up, but would jump on it if it were made easier. Thank you for all your good works and info. I’ve found it quite valuable and may help save lives – WILL help save lives and help those of us “natural” people to know what we can do without Big Pharma for our health.

  11. It is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop running the country by paying off the senate.
    We need to start educating the public about the real science behind natural health.It’s obscene that the scientific research is censored from the general public so that the diabolical cabal of “public servants” can continue to stifle important imformation and continue to sell us drugs that have side effects that can ruin our health and possibly kill us. Work in the private sector if your salary in congress won’t support you. I vehemently support the Free Speech About Science Act. Stop interfering with our constitutional right to know about these important studies.

  12. Humankind is going to have take the more difficult path if we ever want to reach our highest potential. That will require addressing problems instead of side-effects, in our society as well as our health system. Homeless soup kitchens do not make less people homeless. Taking ‘medicine’ for a side-effect cannot prevent what is causing the problem to begin with. Taking the easier path and shrugging off all the evidence that is screaming at us that we’re being pretty stupid (considering how smart we are) can do little more to improve things for the majority of people. Often, when a task is difficult it is because it is important, even vital. We can’t continue to back down when things don’t work out exactly how we wanted. We can’t continue to pretend everything isn’t connected, and it may take a motley crew of experts (some of whom may not even have formal education) to get to the bottom of things.
    I, for one, think most of the healthcare industry is unnecessary. If we invested our military budget in the nation’s education, we could teach every adult and child not only practical skills that would improve our country overall and make us stronger (conflict resolution, self-defense, basic nursing skills and family doctor skills). It wouldn’t eliminate the need for doctors, but it would narrow it down to specific problems that require a specialists with a lot less people running to the ER for four stitches they could get at home. Whatever happened to Americans being strong, self-reliant individuals? All I see are a bunch of fat drones too lazy or stupid to do anything for themselves and that’s not entirely their fault considering all the BS they’ve absorbed through ‘education’ and TV. People can be trained to pay better attention to their bodies–they can be trained to be their own doctors for the most part and that seems far more important a skill set (as in, it will actually be used throughout life).

  13. Hello ANH, I really appreciate your article on “Cancer, infection and Lifestyle Illnesses”.
    I have a Health & Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica and help people with cancer, infection and many illnesses and will honestly tell you that there are too many natural foods, herbs and supplements which help the body overcome and heal itself from any and all disease.
    As a doctor for thirty years, I have seen the daily miricles of God’s natural resources which he left us here on earth but the biggest problem I have, which I feel is the biggest problem yet is complacency.
    I have written about this many times and talk about all this in my book, Heal Thyself, Optimum Health Forever, that complacency is killing us slowly but faster than we think.
    All the answers to sickness and health are right there at our finger tips but we just don’t get it, we just don’t believe it because we have become blinded by our controlled environment. This is now the case in all western civilized countries including most third world countries as well. We are conditioned to do what we are told or what we see or hear.
    It all starts with the major food conglomerates that legally use toxic chemicals in our food sources in so many different ways that we have no idea. Then, eventually, these food, drinks products we use help to create sickness which the CDC creates a diagnosis. The doctors then treat that diagnosis with drugs made by the big pharmaceutical companies who patiented a systhetic substance which only treats the effects not the cause. Not only do these drugs not cure anything but mislead the public as to the effecacy of said drugs/medication. As well, they create many other side effects which are very acidic and cause deeper rooted problems and is a direct causation for getting sicker. The sicker you get, the more drugs and surgery are used to try to help you, which is what I call “sick care”.
    Learn to practice “health care” on your self because becoming your own doctor is the only way to improve your illnesses and diseases.
    Any questions for me please go to “contact us” at and also feel free to have a FREE Health Evaluation Assessment or leave your name and email address for a FREE RETREAT GIVEAWAY IN COSTA RICA.

  14. Thank you so much for this info, it will change our ‘American Medical Practices’ if we all keep speaking loud and clear. I so appreciate your efforts! Thank you again!!!

  15. And I am curious as to why I’ve seen NOTHING in trade publications, online or anywhere, about what I see as the actual plan afoot regarding the drug industry/FDA and their long-standing step-by-step program to eliminate the natural products industry so Big Pharma can take it over. I’ve observed for years, and it seems quite clear to me now – I can almost imagine the secret meetings wherein talks are had about how Americans are choosing supplements over drugs simply because they ARE healthier as a result. The supplements are not killing nor maiming them; on the contrary they are enjoying their lives much more. Sounds far-out, doesn’t it. Not when you consider the money to be made …………..

  16. I’m in WA State and have sent ALL the pathetic reps here numerous emails in regard to the FDA, Raw Milk,, educating the public about the real science behind natural health, and many other topics, and it is obvious THEY ALL have been *Bought*.
    And….it is ALL ABOUT $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!

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