FDA Isn’t Listening—Time to Turn Up the Heat!

Sign_HereA champion of supplements in the House sends a warning to FDA. Persuade others in Congress to join him with our Action Alert!

As we reported last week, FDA has flatly refused to listen to the Senate, rejecting the call of Sens. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to withdraw its disastrous New Dietary Ingredient draft guidance and start over. You may recall that Harkin and Hatch are the original drafters of DSHEA, the law that requires supplement manufacturers to submit notifications whenever an NDI is introduced into the marketplace. FDA’s job was to articulate how those notifications are to be submitted, but they ignored the original intent of Congress and created a de facto approval system for any supplement or ingredient created or changed over the past eighteen years.

Now Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has composed a letter to FDA expressing regret over FDA’s dismissal of Senators Hatch and Harkin’s request and reiterating that Congress did not intend to give FDA pre-market review of new dietary ingredients, nor did it intend to permit the agency to treat dietary ingredients in the same manner as food additives.

The letter goes on to articulate the legal problems with FDA’s proposal, and strongly urges FDA to withdraw its guidance and instead design a fair and workable NDI notification system. It also requests that FDA refrain from taking any enforcement action that is based solely on positions articulated in the draft guidance that are not unequivocally grounded in the law.

Rep. Chaffetz’s letter to FDA ends with a warning that, in the unfortunate event that FDA does not withdraw this guidance as requested, legislation to clarify current statute will be considered. Let’s show FDA that the House means business—that there is support from Democrats and Republicans alike to withdraw the draft guidance altogether, so that consumers won’t lose access to thousands of supplements.

Please write to your congressional representative and ask that he or she sign onto Rep. Chaffetz’s letter to FDA. Reiterate the serious concerns with NDI guidance—how it severely threatens access to thousands of supplements, even though supplements have a proven safety record (unlike FDA-approved drugs!)

And if you haven’t yet asked your representative to make a one-minute floor speech on this subject, please do that as well.

Please take action today!

Take Action!

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  1. It was my son Willy’s and my discoveries in regard to combining supplements for maximum therapeutic effect that is behind this push to take away supplements. One blog I wrote explains why. It is titled “The FDA Will Mandate that Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured” (a title that is searchable in Google. It’s a miracle that I am still alive, as many times as Big Pharma’s Mafia friends have tried to kill me these past two years. Now it seems the Feds have joined them in trying to silence me. It would be wise for you folks to research my story. Without knowledge in this regard you will never know the depth of the monster that you are fighting.

  2. On and On it Goes Where It Stops Nobody Knows!
    Shame on the FDA trying to go above the people to regulate nutrients.
    The real truth is: MD’s and Pharmaceutical Companies do not study nutrition or benefits of all natural food supplements in College, therefore, the FDA or Drug Companies are not qualified to make choices or decisions on regulations……food supplements are not drugs!

    1. An MD student who had finished his classes told me that MDs get only 4 hours of class time on nutrition. Don’t we need MDs in our Universities and in practice that know a lot more than what one can hear in only 4 hours? Is there a degree called anything like Medical Nutrition Doctorate? Do Doctorates of Pharmacy learn about nutrition?

  3. The FDA isn’t just interfering with natural cures. The FDA is interfering with Stem Cell Treatment. I know for a fact because I know a Stem Cell doctor and I see the people travel to see him. People bring their children with brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Systic Fibrosis, Autism. People with Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Strokes, COPD and it is endless. These doctors cure them with Stem Cells. People don’t have to suffer anymore but the FDA hassles Stem Cell doctors and files injunctions against them. These doctors continue to save people. The FDA and Pharmacutical companies are in bed with each other. The FDA will hassle any doctor that doesn’t prescribe prescription drugs. Why, because it is big money. Some of our Congressional Officials that we voted into Office care about big money instead of people. The FDA should not have a right to interfere with a doctor and patient but they keep hitting. I have petitions on several site fighting the FDA for the good of people. To see a smile in a mothers’s eyes because her child is well when there was no chance with normal medical procedures is priceless and makes me keep fighting. People have to rally together and tell the FDA to get out.
    People have the right to be well and not suffer when the cure is here and now.

    1. The FDA doesn’t just interfere with Holistic doctors that use natural herbs. The FDA interferes with Stem Cell doctors. They harass them and file injunctions against them. These doctors continue to heal people. I know because I know a Stem Cell doctor and I see what it does. People travel from all over to see these doctors. They bring their children. Stem Cells cures Cerebral Palsy, Brain damage, Autism, Systic Fibrosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Strokes, COPD and many more. I see what they can do for people. When I see a mother’s eyes when their child is well and there was no hope with normal medical practices, it just makes me keep fighting. The FDA shouldn’t have the right to come between a doctor and patient. Why do they do that? The answer is simply because the FDA and Pharmacutical companies are in bed together. Drugs are big money. Some of our elected Officials in Congress care more about big money than the rights of people. People don’t have to suffer anymore when the cure is here and now.


  5. I am a 61 year old woman who has studied vitamins, herbs and natural medicine for 40 years. I have probably spent about half of my adult life without health insurance, either because my job didn’t provide it or because I owned my own business for 10 years and could not afford to buy it! The pharmaceutical industry, in my opinion, is totally out of control and is legally pushing new drugs that are not adaquately tested, have a plethara of side effects that are often worse than the problem they are treating, and worst of all are extremely addictive. It is a travesty that we have allowed big pharma to control our citizens in this way. People who are not otherwise educated have total trust in their doctors and most doctors have total trust in the drugs they are prescribing that they have been told are safe!
    I was raised to believe that I live in a free country. When the pharmaceutical industry has the ability to control or take away my use of natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years, then I don’t consider that freedom! When something that God put on this earth that grows naturally is made illegal, then I don’t consider that freedom. Our government has become a cesspool of corruption where innocent people have been harmed or even killed because of the desire of the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry to make big profits. The FDA is not a credible agency because it is run by ex pharmaceutical and healthcare industry executives who would squelch any natural products that people may choose over the many poisons that they prescribe that do genuine harm!
    I have learned over the years how to heal myself with natural medicine when I either can’t afford or don’t want to get addicted to harmful drugs that my doctor may prescribe. If you want to regulate in such a way that vitamins and herbs are true to what their labels say is in them, then I’m all for that. But please don’t take away the only lifeline that I have due to the fact that I have no medical insurance and can’t seem to find a job.
    The FDA lately has so much power that they more resemble Nazi storm troopers than a government agency that was designed to protect us! Raiding Amish farms, waring against the freedom to drink raw milk, trying to stop organic farmers from producing real food that hasn’t been grown with chemicals. What have we come to? Our country is being run my Monsanto, Merck and United healthcare! This is so wrong. Our children are being…

  6. From a life time experience i condem all members of the FDA, who ever worked there. This 3-letter
    agency has done nothing for the people of good intentions. They have worked with Lucifer to poison
    us with all kinds of lies. The latest for instance, raw milk, they have raided a privat party in their back
    yard who were celebrating, drinking milk instead of beer. If i had been there, i would have shot those
    illegal intruders. This filthy insane outfit FDA has to go, they have a license to kill. But the day of
    reconing is near. They will run like dogs when the time comes, they are killers, treasonous insane
    murderous monsters of evil.

  7. We, as human beings, have a right to allow what WE want into our bodies. Supplements are a natural way to treat various different conditions with shoving hundreds of pills, with horrific side effects, down our bodies. Sorry, that doesn’t make the FDA a ton of money, but this is about PEOPLE not MONEY. Listen to the House and the Senate and stop gambling with LIVES.

    1. Remember supplements are not meant to cure, heal, or mitigate any disease. The are meant to supply the body with nutrients that may be missing in our diets. In turn we attain optimal health. The FDA and government in general, needs to stay out of our lives. Just sayin….

  8. I am still confused by this issue. Does this mean the FDA is going to pull my supplements without review or consider them food to be recalled if someone suffers an allergic or some other reaction, perhaps due to other drugs being taken?
    What I’d like to see is some kind of independent agency that oversees the purity of my supplements only. I can read and make my own decision whether or not I wish to take colloidal silver (I wouldn’t) or glucosamine chondroitin ( which has saved my husband’s and my joints).
    I don’t understand completely what the differing legislations mean here. It seems that the FDA is doing something I favor and so are the Senators.
    But neither seems to be doing what I wish to see done; it appears to be an “all or nothing” situation is presenting itself.
    Thank you for any clarification you can provide.
    Sincerely yours,
    Kimberlee Whitaker

    1. The sad truth is this the FDA does not want you taking ANY supplement that will help your health; the FDA wants you to take toxic drugs for any and all “problems” which are mostly caused by the toxic “food” the FDA is allowing; the FDA wants you, your spouse and kids DEAD. Of course they want you all to die in a SLOW untraceable manner.
      I know this is hard to accept but unless we face the truth we DIE. The honest employees of the FDA have nothing to do with the agenda of death and my heart goes out to them. Evil controls this country we love.

  9. Important reminder.
    I would like to remind everyone that 100 years ago, in 1912, Casimir (Kazimierz) Funk coined the word VITAMIN (Vitamine) and isolated vitamin B1. Since 1912 vitamins save lives and are the part of mainstream medical practice. Can you imagine life without vitamin D or without vitamin B12?
    Please, let the entire World of this important Centennial.
    Jan Radzik, MD

  10. I’m not at all surprised that the FDA has perverted/twisted a law passed which clearly states the parameters of their role. It seems to ME that the pharmaceutical companies lobbyists have gotten to persons within the FDA due to their losing $$$ – as WE ALL know – supplements are safer, more viable & a much better way to get healthy, stay healthy and live longer!!!

  11. Is the FDA’s objective to make life safer for American citizens by regulating vitamin companies?
    If so, Why is it we never hear of people dying or getting sick because of vitamin intake? isn’t it the drug industries who have made people worst because of drugs? If drugs kill and vitamins heal why do you need to protect us against vitamin manufacturers?
    What information I’m I missing here? Or, could it be your gaol is to corrupt another system or product that exposes the weaknesses in system or products you are supporting and even profiting from?
    Let’s be honest, what is the problem they are attempting to fix? Isn’t it the competition to drug industries? Are they not trying to take away the winners from it’s owners? And will the American people be better off in the end? Take the power away from a just and fair ruler and give it to a corrupt and self-centered ruler and it’s people will suffer.

  12. I have said or written before: They are greedy and none feeling and only in there interest to keep hounding and making sounds they only can relate to keeping us (people) under their thumb. This is sad as so many comments that have been posted agree and think as I do. Amen to those whole are trying to help to keep these greedy, no feeling idoits.

  13. I have tried to communicate with my congressional representatives. Either I receive no reply or else get a standard garbage response that has nothing to do with the issue. One reply said that all “life-giving drugs” were well regulated. I suspect that the responses are automated. Some key words are used to generate a canned reply. How can we reach them?

  14. i have written about this on going nonsense with fda before it was kind of comical at first the now these clowns are just turning their backs on what the american people want freedom to chose what we want to do for our own health care i just watch a speech from 2008 where pres obama said one the things he would after he was elected was to make sure products with gmo s would be have labels on them so consumers could read them its 2012 still no lables just pure nonsense we have to voting for these clowns who say one thing when running but after elected do nothing remember to vote these clowns out in next election dems repubs a like if they are for this bill put them out of office

  15. I’m crippled from statin-the main med use4d in all cholestral reducing med-for prevention-If I had a stroke I’d be in physical therapy-I am from statin. Stroke-limited movement-statinlimited movement; stroke sit and get fat-statin I’m sitting and getting fat. Stroke heart attack-I’d probably be dead-Statin-I wish that I was dead. I walked over a mile a day-now I have a difficult time getting around the house, suffer great pain, Achilles tendons blown, probably will be on dialysis; I hired a dog walker last night.
    I was an active-happy person that hiked in the desert and mountains, did my own landscaping. My whole body feels like pins and needles. I called the drug manufactorer, filed grievences with the insurance, and FDA. This summer-the FDA showed that it can’t even manage cantaloupes-why should they be allowed to have a larger jurisdiction when it can’t handle cantaloupe or statins? The warnings on cholestral meds only are sypmtoms of permenent muscle damage-they don’t list the warning symptoms that precede permenent damage.

  16. I have used natural supplements to stay Healthy for most of my life . iI raised my children the same way.. Natural medicine HEALS..BIG PHARMA IS POISON.. WE NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD AND REVOLT . LETS ROLL!!!

  17. THE NWO wants POPULATION CONTROL..In New Zealand the minister of health is making it illegal to drink herbal tea or take dietary supplements a 50,000 fine …WE MUST STAND AGAINST TYRANNY OR DIE


    1. Most of the Tea Party fell right in with the usual Congressional corruption right in the door. As with most of the RadRight, the Tea Party considers denying them what they want to be attacking them, while their attacks on others – and they ARE attacks – are “matters of Christian conscience.” I have NO use for them; like all but MAYBE one or two, they are a waste of space.

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