1. I so appreciate all the good work that ANH continues to do. At the same time, I am so saddened and disgusted at how easily our governmental officials so obviously could care less about public health or constitutional rights. Many countries have outlawed the use of SSRI;s in children, because it is clear that they have a high potential to cause young people to commit acts of violence. It is far past time to demand we change course.
    We have a long way to go in regaining our freedom, medical and otherwise, but it is important not to give up. To everyone who takes part in action alerts, makes a phone call, sends a letter, or just does a little reading on the subject, know that you have done a great thing for your country. Don’t loose heart. Thank you all so much!

  2. So, glad to know Fox News stepped forward. Republican’s are for less regulation or maybe they responded because of my request. Hurray! The Washington Post needs to get with the program and the Christian Science Monitor, too.

  3. There is only one candidate running for president who respects the the rights of the individual to make their own choice in healthcare and is in favor of natural/alternative/complementary medicine. That person is Ron Paul.

  4. I own a copy of Deirdre Imus’s book, Green This! A green and non-toxic housecleaning book. It’s very good! Way to go, Deirdre and thank you for this important article!
    What I wonder is:
    If “new” supplements in fact may have been used for thousands of years, with that many millenia of proof to their effectiveness and safety….and if the FDA is defining “new” supplements merely as “new” to those in the manufacturing industry?
    Ah, what a game this is ,then. Let’s please discredit thousands of years of anecdotal evidence—proof really, far more numbers would exist than could be done in any modern study. Hmmm…
    ANH, can you brief us in about the answer to this question? Thanks.

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