Breaking News: Outrageous New Attack on Dr. Burzynski—New Action Alert!

JusticiaThe pioneering cancer doctor is a target once again. But you can help stop the attack.

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, is a biochemist practicing in Texas who developed (using his own money) a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons. It has been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.
Dr. Burzynski had tried to get the FDA to review and approve antineoplastons since 1977, to no avail. To make sure he would not get into trouble for using the experimental therapy in his practice, his legal team confirmed that he was acting within the law and could use antineoplastons in his own practice “to meet the immediate needs of patients.” But in the 1980s the Texas Medical Board (TMB) charged him with breaking a law that didn’t actually exist and tried to revoke his medical license. Numerous investigations later—including an appearance before the Texas Supreme Court—found no violation of any law or standard of care. The TMB came up empty-handed.
We have reported on the TMB’s pattern of harassment against integrative doctors a number of times, discussing serious allegations from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the serious attacks on Dr. Bill Rea’s work in environmental medicine and chemical sensitivity, and on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s involvement in appointing board members who actively harass integrative physicians.
As Dr. Joseph Mercola reported in June of this year, the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the National Cancer Institute all knew how promising Dr. Burzynski’s therapy was proving to be. Standard cancer treatment is based on very expensive machines and very expensive toxic drugs. There is an enormous amount of money to be made in this paradigm, and Dr. Burzynski’s work single-handedly threatened to overturn much of it. On the other hand, this treatment showed such promise that they wanted to get their hands on it themselves.
So first they tried to copy his invention using a single non-patented ingredient, and when that failed, they tried to steal his patents out from under him. However, they knew they couldn’t use the stolen patents so long as he had the ability to defend his rights. So the government spent over $60 million to prosecute him on 75 counts of violating federal law, hoping to tuck him away in jail for the rest of his life.
For the next ten years, Dr. Burzynski was engaged in a lengthy and convoluted legal battle with the FDA. After two trials, he was found not guilty on all counts, and his antineoplastons medication is currently undergoing the FDA approval process. His fight was chronicled in a stunning documentary film, Burzynski: The Movie. More info on the documentary can be found at the film’s website, while the movie itself can be viewed online for a limited time.
Now the Texas Medical Board is back. The TMB is making yet another attempt to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license which, if successful, would result in the closure of his clinic, the abandonment of all his patients, and would squelch any possibility of antineoplastons gaining FDA-approval.
Using the death of two of his terminally ill patients as a pretext, the TMB is charging Dr. Burzynski with the off-label use of FDA-approved drugs. It must be stressed, however, that Dr. Burzynski uses the drugs off-label in order to tailor the medication specifically to an individual’s genetic profile, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Burzynski takes blood and tissue samples from his patients to form their molecular profile. From that he chooses from wide variety of existing FDA-approved drugs to tailor his gene-targeted therapy to his patient’s genetic profile specifically.
Multi-agent targeted gene therapies are the way of future. The American Society of Clinical Oncology has stated that they want to focus on “targeted therapies and personalized diagnosis and treatment” over the next decade. Dr. Burzynski is the only one who is using such a treatment on patients today.
The TMB’s complaint concerns a patient who had triple-negative breast cancer, had already undergone conventional cancer treatment without success, and initially felt better after Dr. Burzynski’s treatment and was able to return to work. The board is charging Dr. Burzynski over the side effects of his treatment, though they do not seem concerned with the horrible side effects she experienced with the conventional cancer treatments.
The complaint also concerns a patient with estensioneruoblastoma, a cancer so rare that any medication use would have been “off-label” since there is no recognized treatment for this disease at all. The patient lived for five more years and the tumor decreased in size by 40%, but the TMB complaint is charging that the disease actually progressed during his treatment.
The off-label use of FDA-approved drugs is not uncommon, and it is legal. According to the American Cancer Society, a study showed that 8 out of 10 cancer doctors surveyed had used drugs off-label. And half of the chemotherapy drugs used are for conditions not listed on the FDA-approved drug label.
Please take 20 minutes to watch this brand-new video on the upcoming court case, and share it with friends. Not only does it outline the charges involved in this case, but it also gives you a glimpse at a new side of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. You’ll be shocked at how flimsy the TMB’s case is—and how doggedly persistent the board is in harassing Dr. Burzynski and others like him.
The Texas Medical Board v. Stanislaw Burzynski trial will begin on April 11, 2012. Please write to Gov. Rick Perry, who appointed a number of members of the TMB, including its heads, as well as the House Committee on Public Health and the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, which oversee the TMB. This is about our right as citizens to choose our own cancer treatment—and not allow decades of important gene-targeted cancer research be flushed down the drain in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive. Please take action today!


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    1. not sure what movie this is from, but my thought was “follow the white man with the money’ and you find out the motive every time!
      God save America from men and women who disregard Your sovereignity and persecute others unjustly!

  1. they need to Leave this doctor alone. how many people have died and experienced horrific side effects from chemo??? There is something wrong with this whole thing.

  2. Those that are and have tried to destroy this man for wanting to help others are being watched by God. Their actions will come up in the judgement if they don’t change them . They are putting their own eternal lives on the line by their selfish acts. It amazes me that people like this don’t believe anything is going to happen to them….that there is no God. They think that now, because God hasn’t stepped in on them, where as he’s giving them more than enough time to turn their lives around. We need to pray about this and we need to pray for our country. God is our only hope.

  3. Isn’t there any affirmative defense against being repeatedly hounded by a state agency? Can you ask the legal profession for help in addressing such blatant malfeasance as in this case?
    Have you folks any understanding about the Hoxsey Clinic now still operating in Tijuana or for that matter the Royal Rife approach to viruses and cancer from many decades ago? Both were subject to unfair prosecution and propaganda campaigns.
    I have high hopes for Zheng Cui’s Leukocyte InFusion Therapy, Nobuto Yamamoto’s GcMAF macrophage activating factor, and Marco Ruggiero’s MAF 314 probiotic yogurt. All three of these seem to apply to most cancers, and several other problem conditions for humans and other mammals.

  4. Please remember, fellas, that at some point YOU might need a cancer cure, and this might just do the trick. So, remember, we all have freedom of choice (right, guys??) and leave the man alone. As adults, we can all choose the health care of our choice.

  5. It’s not a surprise that in this day and age, we are still dealing with opression inflicted by Wall Street and Politics. Dr. Burzynski’s treatment is voluntary, certainly not mandatory. His results are positive and it’s criminal, the hardships and beating he has been threatened with and given for too many years now. Shame, Shame on those self serving opportunists.
    I can assure you that Perry will not get my vote, and I will be happy to share this information with all that I can.

  6. I myself have been saved from cancer by a non-FDA approved alternative treatment. JUST ALLOW PEOPLE TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN CURES!!!!!

  7. Mr. Perry,
    what is more important to you? You job or your children/grandchildren? Get out from behind the big pharma cloak and see what is happening. Your very embarassing moment on stage should give you a warning from above that you are on the wrong side of universal law.
    You have to trust in yourself and God to do the right thing. You will find that you will be protected if you do the right thing.
    Do it.

  8. What can one say, one who is INFORMED and involved with one’s health, and KNOWS quite frankly the depth of hypocrisy that has thrived within the medical establishment for so very long, and which has resulted in the death of untold thousands upon thousands of individuals who have been victimized by the systemized propogation of misinformation about alternative methods of dealing with supposed fatal and incurable diseases. It has been and will continue to ALWAYS be ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! If a treatment or natural product or recommendation cannot be patented, it can’t be
    a potential moneymaker for Big Pharma & the Medical Establishment, so it is rejected and labeled a hoax. While there are a lot of imitators of course, their are most definitely bonafide, first-rate therapies and natural methods and regimes that have worked with tremendously successful results for the customers who have tried them. While I know that mainstream doctors perform a much needed service in many cases, many of them unfortunately fall in lockstep with the mainstream, and do their patients a great disservice in not being honest with them, even though they would not subject themselves to some of the painful treatments that fail to truly treat the root cause of the subject’s illness, and sometimes in some cases actually prolong their agony and eventual death.

  9. Why don’t you jerks just stop bullying people who want natural alternatives for health issues. There is a cure for cancer, and there has always been a cure for cancer, but nooooo, you just want to produce a chemical alternative for curing cancer so you can make trillions!!! Just go back to the devil, which is where you belong.
    “The thing that bugs me is that he will think the FDA is protecting them. This isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what people think this doing are as different as night and day.”
    – Herbert Lay, M.D., former FDA commissioner

  10. You must let Dr. Burzynski continue with his treatment of cancer. What is your fear? There will always be millions that want traditional treatment. Please allow people to have freedom of choice when it comes to medical treatments and procedures.
    Thank you!
    Sheila Livingstone

  11. Mr. Perry, Please make a honest evaluation of Dr. Burzynski situation. As a consumer, I would like all viable options explored to treat cancer. Don’t be let drug companies and the FDA hinder the important work by great doctors – dr Burzynski. We are courting on you to do the right thing for all people.

  12. An investigation into the FDA and who is instigating this harrassment needs to be conducted . I have zero doubt that the FDA is corrupt both politacally and in taking kickbacks and bribes from big pharmacy and big chemical companies , Monsanto being one in particular on the sale and distribution of their ” Genetically Modified Seeds and other food products , if this stuff is to be distributed it should be labeled as Genetically Modified so that consumers can make a personal decision whether to consume , plant them , or use them in any way . They also have a way of removing competetive products from the market , all with the tacit approval of a corrrupt and disfunctional FDA .

  13. This is a total outrage, because of the money hungry corporations millions of people have to die. When are we gonna really start caring about the people?!!!

  14. To Whom It May Concern.
    Dr Burzynski is a very talented and respectable doctor. He has been seccussfully treating cancer patients for years and has got a very enveniable record of doing so. The FDA and the Texas Board of Medical Examiners have tried numereous times to close Dr. Burzynski’s clinic and deny his patients life saving treatments. And for what rational reasons? Could it be that the Texas Board of Medical Examiners and the FDA (and PHARMA) are fearful of his success? Isn’t it time that in the name Honesty and Humanity that he be left alone by the FDA, the Texas Board of Medical Examiners and be allowed (under the law) to continue treating cancer patients with the most promising hope of a cure for their disorder that many of them have. Thank You.
    Respectively Glenn E. Farris

  15. THis doctor has helped so many people the medical establishment has not been able too. He is honest and admired by his alternative medicine doctor associates. He has been harassed without good reason for years. He is ethical and has worked by the rules. Main stream doctors and drugs kill many, many people. He has a methods that should be embraced. Learn from him, do the research.

  16. It is shameful that politicians allow themselves to be bought by special interest groups and will try to squelch cancer doctors and treatments that have helped so many patients. Many times you have heard testimonials from cancer patients who survived and are doing well with Dr. Burzinski’s treatment. These patients have not suffered the horrible side effects of conventional models of cancer care. How many oncologist s would subject themselves and their loved ones to treatments that they prescribe for their patients. Shame on you for putting profits above quality of human life. Cancer has many causes and many treatments. Allow as to choose the treatment that we believe in. Goverment has taken over too many aspects of our lives.

  17. Please stop this unfounded outrageous attack on a good and caring doctor just trying to help cancer patients. Thank you.

  18. The Texas Constitution in Article 1, Section 26 specifically PROHIBITS monopolies. Therefore, ANYTHING that mandates that ONLY ONE source is allowed is a commercial monopoly and it therefore PROHIBITED in Texas.
    Of course, this is NOT going to work as the Constitution in Article 2 specifically prohibits anyone from one Branch from acting in another, and the TEXAS STATE BAR has members in ALL 3 BRANCHES! The TEXAS STATE BAR was created by and exists ONLY under the TEXAS SUPREME COURT.
    This makes all Congressmen and the Governor, who are licensed members of the TEXAS STATE BAR, in direct violation of the very same Constitution that they allegedly swore an oath to preserve, protect,and defend.
    Now you can see why hemp has been OUTLAWED! If you could grow your own you wouldn’t even have to go to a store to get a Rope to Hang these miscreants!

  19. It is tragicaly sad, that the in the United States medicine and care of citizens is based on proftiability, not good, etihical medical treatments. I have worked in health care for 10 years and see many opportunities for the integration of good quality care with out sacrificing ethics. Cancer treatment is big business and those who have the funds to spend to fight a new form of treatment are only interested in protecting their wealth, not the benefit to all. That’s a real fundamental problem.

  20. Gov Rick Perry… you would run for President of these United States and risk being accused of aiding and abetting with your political appointees, a campaign against a successful cancer doctor and years of successful cancer research…. wonder what kind of mental lapse you will have related to your political appointments when if they succeed in destroying this man and his life’s work..

  21. Thank you for your activism on behalf of cancer patients.
    A close friend of mine is at this moment benefitting from alternative therapies.
    If he hadn’t discovered these treatments i doubt he would have undergone conventional treatments.
    He would not be alive and well today.
    God bless you
    Richard Nemish

  22. For years now I have noticed (especially all the advertising) that there seems to be medication for every symptom but very little available for actual cures. Why? Because there is big money in prescribing medication over and over again. Not to mention the medication to treat the symptoms that the prescribed medications cause.
    It is long past the time for a very thorough investigation into the Pharmaceutical Companies. I’m sure it will lead to other corrupt agencies.

  23. Thank you for posting regarding the cancer doctor in TX.
    Oregon has Dr. Druker, who developed the use of a drug called Gleevec, which is marketed by Novartis. No one in Oregon would consider harassing Dr. Druker.
    Oregon works to be hospitable to cancer research.
    I am disbelieving the terrible risk to its reputation that Texas is courting by more baseless selective and capricious prosecution.

  24. I was very unhappy to hear that Dr. Burzynski is being unfairly persecuted. Cancer has not improved in long term survival for 50 yrs. Now, there is a hope for success without the torture of chemo and radiation. The side effects are terrible and worst of all this treatment destroys the immune system.
    Without the immune system there is no chance of long term survival. I welcome the new Ideas of safe
    gene therapy rather then destructive and painful treatments. I am sorry for the TMB phoney charges.
    The motive is more big pharma losing money and not truth and honesty of treatment. Please drop your unfair charges when the treatment does no harm and chem only has a 3% ten yr. survival. This treatment is much more effective. The board is totally unfair. The federal authorities determined he was not in violation of the law. These charges are false and a lie.

  25. The man is helping people save lives, I know that is against the American Way in this Country. We rather see people die, specially if it makes money for OUR (SECRET) GOVERNMENT as they fight for their lives with surgeries and medicines that will do more harm then good as it runs up HIGH MEDICAL BILLS etc., and usually the result is death. It’s time for us to have the choice of natural alternatives as OUR CHOICE and not have anyone that has a way to help others shut down. It’s OUR CHOICE! We should embrace people like Dr. Burzynski. It’s time for PEOPLE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE!

  26. Founding Father and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Dr. Benjamin Rush wrote, “Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship…to restrict the art of healing to one class of men, and deny equal privilege to others, [which] will be to constitute the Bastille of Medical Science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a Republic….The Constitution of the Republic should make special privilege for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.”

  27. My name is Renate Clausen and I am a holistic health practitioner.
    I am researching new and holistic cancer treatments since my mother died of pancreas cancer 10 years ago. My grandmother also had colon cancer and I did a promise that I will do my research and find a solution and also
    stop the pattern of this disease in my family. My path is the journey of the holistic approaches and I have helped many people diagnosed with cancer to use simple solutions and they worked. Therefore I support people who are progressive in their treatments. I personally have helped three women just diagnosed with breast cancer to reverse this disease by using Dr. Robert O. Young’s book the Ph-miracle. Those people just did a cleanse using alkaline foods for a few weeks. The cancer disappeared when the body got alkaline. A miracle or just common sense??
    I have watched the video and also listened to a one hour interview about Dr. Burzynski’s cancer treatments and was very impressed. We need new approaches and new treatments because the traditional (very costly and harmful) cancer treatments like chemo therapy and radiation are mostly not working. We call this process “evolution”. Many new pioneers in the field of cancer treatments are coming forward with new ideas and they get bombarded by either their colleague’s or the big Pharma. Seems the success stories of people who were already given up by other medical doctors don’t count at all.
    Instead of supporting and doing a run for the cancer societies it is time to do the run for “freedom of choice” in cancer treatments and support those who are progressive and not the big Pharma who has only profit interest
    rather than finding solutions for this still increasing disease.
    I have read the story of the german Doctor Hammer who has researched the brains of 40.000 cancer patients and came up with a new conclusion about the cause. He got put in jail, had to leave his country and his research was still never recognized.
    I think it is time to wake up and stand up for those who come forward and share different approaches!!!
    I call myself a pioneer as well and I know how difficult it is sometimes to bring this message across. But I will never stop to research and share what I know. Those who listen will be rewarded.
    Thanks! Thanks to all who make a difference and an effort to find solutions like Dr. Bruzynski, Dr. Hamer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Robert O. Young and many more.

  28. I should be aghast, but I know of too many things like this happening all the time. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  29. I fully support Dr. Burzynski, but I am very doubtful of the reception his practices and procedures will receive in the state of Texas. Good luck. Willing to provide any kind of moral support I can offer…

  30. Incredible! Another lame attempt from the FDA and the TMB to discredit someone who actually cares about curing people and saving lives. I’m guessing they are really bothered by the fact that Dr Burzynski will succeed and tap into their financial pockets by actually keeping people from dying! So sad! I pray the TMB will crumble in to oblivion and maybe they will all get cancer themselves and try to stay alive by taking chemo!

  31. This whole thing is waking a lot of people up. We always knew the FDA was acting strangely, but case after case of actions like this has proven to us that the FDA is no longer working for us.

  32. I happen to agree that all too often there are those who refuse to allow independent research to advance science if it would adversely affect the medical professions or the drug industry.
    Chronic diseases and disorders have increased dramatically for the past fifty years due primarily to the false animal fat/cholesterol theory. These diseases/disorders have been studied and supported by billions of dollars of research monies for more than fifty years and no one claims to know the cause for a single one of them. Neither can they demonstrate prevention or cures yet they deny the results of independent scientist as crackpots without offering any evidence to refute legitimate documented evidence that would adversely affect their business.

  33. Is this the same corrupt Texas Medical Board that has required legal correction to their activities?!!

  34. This is outrageous, why can the AMA and the FDA leave these Doctors do their job of curing patients wothout any dangerous chemicals like chemo?. It is time to stop these corrupt officials that don’t represent the majority of people in our country. Where is our freedom to choose how we want to be cured or treated?. It is very obvious that money corrups congressmen, politicians, government officials and I hope there are some good honest politicians that will stop this madness. Dr. Burzynski is doing a very good job in treating terminally ill patients, let him do his job and stop harassing him. Unfortunately the majority of people in this country and other countries are brain washed by the AMA, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies that support all of these corrupt people. On top of that, the media is controled by big pharma, so people can not get the honest and true information when it comes to health and alternative treatments. Wake up America, stop these bastards.

  35. Its time real americans start making a stand against the greedy bastads In power where ever that may be starting with FDA they are the biggest in your face players on the planet .They will approve stuff that will give you the worst side effects and death but when it comes to some good soul who has come up with a cure they will stop it because they can not make huge profits of the sick .Come on world WTF its time

  36. I support the efforts of Dr.Burzynski. I wish the bureaucrats would leave him alone. His success rate is better than “conventional” treatments.

  37. This is about our right as citizens to choose our own cancer treatment—and not allow decades of important gene-targeted cancer research be flushed down the drain in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive.

  38. The work of this great pioneer should be allowed to continue. Traditional medicine does not have all the answers, as our miserable success rate for cancer treatment shows. As a pharmacist trained in traditional therapies, I believe we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by keeping our personal options open to these treatments.
    Sharon Harpole Bass

  39. This is another example of A governmental agency’s being used by Big Business to protect their financial interests. And standard cancer treatment is “BIG BUSINESS”.

  40. From personal experience i cured my own problems by going back to a live nutritional diet. The
    very large tumor that developed over the years in my scrotum began to diminish in size when
    i returned to a vital live nutritional diet. Raw fresh carrot juice will devour a tumor. In just over a
    year the tumor was gone. I realize the medical establishment is a racket, as is most other
    organizations, whuch includes drugs, insurance, governments. I take care of my own health
    by prevention rather than treating symptoms of so-called diseases which are actually diet
    deficiencies. I turned 84 years young on Sept. 6th. Good health is based on proper
    nutrition. We need to stop looking for cures elsewhere. Eat right and live right. Thank you.

  41. The use of nutrients in sustaining life is so nice.
    Continue to tell what the latest news.
    I was diagnosed with a immune dysfunction disease.
    This condition would have me like my friend in the
    hospital needing assistance to turn over.
    I was blessed with alternative health advice and care.
    Drugs for my condition run from 12,000 to 20 thousand
    a year.
    Vitamins and diet changes run about 200 dollars a month
    and don’t need to wear my glasses( which I used from 12 yrs)
    Costing less when I make an effort to buy whole sale!
    I walk miles and hold down a job and do photography
    at age 67 bp is 99/67 118 poiunds eat like champion!
    Keep you letter going it helps so many who have been intimidated
    by the establishment encouraging them to at least try vitamins
    It will make a difference!
    Information about what is happening is so important and you are
    doing so good Don’t quit Please ….
    I also read
    Life Extension October 2011 issue by the way is on the FDA and it
    unhuman yes! and cruel actions.regarding protecting health ! ! …..
    If I had gone the official medical establishment, I may very well
    have been in the hospital with my friend..

  42. Many people know about the harassment of doctors and others who “think outside the box” and who can heal using alternative methods. Why, in this “land of the free” are government agencies allowed to obstruct their work? For the answer, just follow the money.

  43. My father and my brother both died of a gene connected cancer. A very rare form of prostate to bone cancer. My father died in 1979 and my brother died in 2001 in the same hospital. No advances have beeen made in this area. If the doctors had discovered that they had a gene connected cancer one of them may have been saved. Please save others. I give you my full support in writing to our decisioon makers please help Dr. Burzynski in Texas we need him so badly the dead are crying from the grave for him to save others.
    God Bless this man..

  44. There ought to be a law…and it should not come from the FDA or the Texas medical board…unless the law convict those two agencies as idiots!

  45. The American Cancer Society is a pack of lying murdering wolves. They have made more than a Trillion dollars disappear and the new forms of cancer continue to pop up. This is an ongoing holocaust, funded by cancer patients and back-room deals with fascist corporations.

  46. What you have said in the article above is just another spade of manure on an already very large stinky pile, due to the influence of drug companies and the brain washing of doctors along with the vulgarities of insurance companies. However, I cannot be sure about what I read, as quackery is very much alive and healthy and as a scientist I am naturally skeptical about almost anything, as proving truth is a very difficult task indeed. But there is a strong possibility that the good doctor is being had by the establishment for his ideas on the treatment of cancer.
    Unfortunately our doctors are placed on strict and short patient visit schedules, much the same as processing cattle and sheep through insect dips. This overwork prevents much of the necessary reading and updating needed for doctors to stay current and more independent of the drug industry. I spent between 3 and 4 years taking a statin and observing all sorts of physical and mental decline, fully disclosing to a number of physicians the drugs and supplements I was taking, including Zocor. Through all of the tests, no one suggested getting off Zocor, and I was blaming everything else until I finally ran into an article about the adverse effects of statins written by a British physician. Later, I found out what a statin did to Dr. Graveline ( Finally, it was me, Dr. Harold Southward Ph.D. who announced to my physician tht I had quit Zocor and would prefer to die of natural causes. It was like ceasing hitting one’s head with a mallet. It feels good when you quit, but there is residual permanent damage. It is lucky for me that I am a researcher and found out what was killing me, albeit that I have permanently impaired health being treated by this so-called “magic bullet”. Having Prostate Cancer myself, I am open minded to alternative treatments, but I am afraid we are addicted to standard operating procedures and profit.

  47. This man is being crucified for shining the light in the dark spaces of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t take millions to cure cancer. The pharmaceutical companies and the FDA don’t want a cure for cancer. They want to keep us sick and stupid. This is just outrageous. Someone’s got to stop this insanity. It’s criminal what’s being done to him.

  48. I saw the special on Dr. Burzynski several months ago and was appalled that our government has so shamelessly persecuted him for the sake of preserving the billion-dollar medical industry’s current horror show they call cancer treatment. I was even more appalled that the work of this brilliant man, Dr. Burzynski, was kept so under the radar by his opponents that I had never heard that he developed his treatment in the 1970s. My mother died from bladder cancer in 1993. I wonder if she might have survived if the FDA hadn’t decided to play God and keep the treatment from people. I thought we lived in America, the land of the free, but that is not true. The FDA wants to dictate life and death. It is unconscionable and they should be totally ashamed. Look at their own abhorrent track record — how many drugs have they “approved” only to have to recall them because they killed people? Yet this seems to be ok with the FDA and a lot of other people, while people like Dr. Burzynski have developed truly life-saving treatments, but because these treatments would effectively put the cancer-treatment machine out of business, God forbid that any of these money-hungry vultures might lose a dime. It’s more important to protect the horrible treatments with debilitating side-effects than to actually embrace something that would not only help people but would actually save lives. I wish every American would rise up and force the FDA to stop playing God and to leave Dr. Burzynski and other pioneers alone. As an adult, I am capable of determining whether I want to try a treatment, whether it’s experimental or something sanctioned by the almighty FDA. I encourage every American to contact their Congressmen, Senators, and Representatives, as well as Gov. Perry and the representatives from Texas and the FDA. When Americans get tired enough of this travesty and the abuse committed at the hands of the agency who is supposed to protect Americans, they will let their voices by heard. The only language politicians and bureaucrats understand is that spoken in the voting booth. May all Americans have the conviction and courage to let their voice be heard..

  49. I support Dr. Burzynski and wish our health system would get out of the “dark ages” and could accept natural healing methods many people want. If nothing else, we, the patients should have a choice! Take away that and we do not live in a free country at all!

  50. The harassment of Dr. Burzynski and theft of his work is heartbreaking. He needs our prayers. The behaviour of FDA and National Cancer Institute is reprehensible. How is it that the legal system of the USA permits such victimization of an innocent great mind and good person to continue for so long?
    Something is very wrong in what was once a great country. What can be done? Who will do it?

  51. Burzynski is one of the most pre-eminent physicians in the world and should be supported rather then harassed. The old boy network is desperate to marginalize him.

  52. I am outraged. I have been following this story for some time now. The State of Texas how dare you try to play GOD. You have been elected and can just as soon be un elected by the people. This Doctor is helping Mothers, Fathers, children, Grandparents. This is not a fight about health, this has all to do with money and it stinks. You were right when you said “There is an enormous amount of money to be made in this paradigm, and Dr. Burzynski’s work single-handedly threatened to overturn much of it.”
    Bus loads of people need to go to the courts and protest. If you can get millions of people to follow the Occupy movement we need to get them to turn their attention to the Burzynski Movement

  53. I am very sorry that the greed of the cancer industry causes them to try to deny patients the right to use a protocol that has been tried and has succeeded.
    It is shameful that they value their dollars more than people’s lives.

  54. Please write to Gov. Rick Perry???He’s a real scum-bag and Big Government is like a CANCER, suffocating freedom, destroying economy and they will do anything to make sure they keep getting funding…the situation is completely out of control at this point. I think it’s beyond Redemption…
    I’m praying for the good Doc……..,.Marten the Libertarian Canadian

  55. Dr Bruzynski is brillient and is doing cutting edge research and treatment. Stop persecuting him and his work. He is saving peoples lives and giving people that the allopathic doctors have given up on.
    Get rid of the AMA and Big Pharma and the groups leading health care-neither have the best interests of the patient at heart-they are all about profits! Shame on all of you!

  56. I am appalled how you would persecute an integreative doctor that are using far safer chemical makeups to cure patients. I think it is time for us to progress with something that does no harm to patient’s quaility of life per se. Let this doctor practice and teach others his method. More people will be happier with that result now that we have Occupy Rallies going on world wide. Why are you stealing methods and jacking up crazy exorbitant prices with filthly disatrrous patented pharmaceutical drugs is beyond me. Time now is to make progress for the future by adopting something that works genetically and safely in the human body. We must let integretive medicine practices progress for betterment of all lives.

  57. Dr Burzinsky deserves a medal of the highest order for his accomplishments as well as restitution of the fortune he has spent defending himself, not continued harassment. This latest attack is outrageous! I have the video, have shared it a number of times and am going to donate it to our local library when I get it back this time.

  58. A doctor has every right to practice medicine according to his or her own best judgement, without undue and unconstitutional government interference. People have a right to free choice. To interfere with this is unconstitutional, and not just illegal.
    14th amendment:
    “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States; nor shall any State derive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.

  59. U know we the people have had enough. Millions of people n children could b saved if all were not greedy! Wake up n smell the roses human life is way more important than money people. I’m sure U also have lost a loved one to this horrible dease. Just think they also could have been saved. What is it going to take for all of U to wake up??

  60. What can we do, Big Pharma has bought and paid for our regulatory agencies as well as most of our legislators.We are reduced to suffering with the painful and mostly useless therapies offered by most providers — anything natural does not make enough money for Big Pharma to maintain its payments and to reap billions for its executives. And, of course, hard-core science is nowhere to be found anywhere in our “system.”

  61. I am writing to ask you not to interfere with Dr. Burzynski’s medical practice. I believe strongly in alternative medicine. I have been using alternative medicine for about 33 years and have benefitted greatly from it. I am almost 72 and am in far better health than any of my friends who don’t use it.
    I have read of Dr. Burzynski’s work in the past and heartily applaud him.
    A. B. Niehaus

  62. The people on the Texas Medical Board will one day stand before God and have to answer for their
    deeds and He will repay them. That is all that needs to be said.

  63. My lay understanding of Dr. Burzynskis’ treatment is that a patient has to go through and fail with traditional chemotherapy first. So, that means that that patient is already on their path toward dying. Dr. Burzynski will lose a percentage patients… they will die. However, he either saves and/or provides a better quality of life for so many who have been written off by traditional medicine. If he could have had these patients without them having to go through traditional therapy first the Dr. would probably save more. But that’s the problem isn’t it. The issue is not the well being of the patients it is pharmacutical control. Maybe when someone who has the power to make decisions has their own beloved dying of cancer and then sees through new eyes possibility, the gift, the value of Dr Burzynski protocol and his right touse it then maybe, just maybe that someone will do the right thing and make sure Dr. Burzynski will be able to practice. People deserve the right to choose their treatment. ALoha, Ann

  64. At the Action Alert link, “antineoplastons” is initially misspelled in the suggested message text. It is spelled correctly later in the message.

  65. I can’t understand why one would be prosicuted for making a cure for a terminal illness that isn’t toxic and acctually works, but people that make toxic cures that work some of the time don’t get prosicuted? What’s wrong with that picture. I’ve lost alot of family to cancer and if that’s because some greedy corperate cares more about his bank account and not the well being of people then I can’t wait for karma to bite them in the ass…It always does. If this is so then millions of people around the world have died unnecessarily and how would you explain to the world that their loved one died because of greed. We need more cures without adverse side effects and that aren’t toxic to our system. If anything the rest of the medical feild should be following in his foot prints.

  66. Dear Ladies/Gentlemen:
    The persecution of this man has gone on long enough. Because of what I saw in his case, I decided I DON’T want ANY more laws giving the FDA ANY more power, including over supplements.
    I also NO LONGER give ANY $$ to any breast cancer or other research, because it’s obvious to me, that if a cure is in sight, the cancer people will do their utmost best to discredit it, so that they can keep making people sick with chemotherapy, which, by the way, killed my father-in-law and also a friend of mine who died of lung cancer at the age of 43 becAUSE of CHEMOTHERAPY!
    Please give us a choice as to what treatment method we can have. PLEASE stop persecuting Dr. Bruzynski.
    It is obvious to me now, that the FDA is only interested in protecting the pharmaceutical companies, and has NO interest in helping our health.
    Thank you.

  67. It is rather unfortunate that Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski remained in Texas where he is obviously persecuted by a sociopathic element. I have no patience with a government whether local or state, that persecutes scientists in their endeavor to cure diseases and especially cancer. It is a well known fact that cure for cancer has been found and I have read that from different sources but it is being suppressed by the big greedy pharma which is willing to sacrifice millions of lives rather than lose profits from the use of radiation and chemotherapy which they promote relentlessly.

  68. I received this email in Germany. It would be nice to let your foreign readers also protest!

  69. Well, o course any evolution in the treatment of any disease or illness that tends to theaten the income of either or both the medidcal practioners or the pharmaceutical industry is going to have those individuals or groups attempt to squash it.
    I would ask the medical practioners – all MDs I would assume – to remind themselves of the Hippocratic oath they took when they first became doctors. And, further, I would also assume they became doctors because they chose to help those individuals who came and come to them to be excited about a new treatment that holds the promise apparently enjoyed by antineoplastons.
    And, since the promise of using antineoplastons fulfills the guiding principle that all doctors shall abide by of “Do No Harm”, it’s puzzling that a Medical Board, composed of doctors (I assume) would act as the Texas Medical Board – or any medical board – is or would be acting.

  70. Well, of course any evolution in the treatment of any disease or illness that tends to theaten the income of either or both the medidcal practioners or the pharmaceutical industry is going to have those individuals or groups attempt to squash it.
    I would ask the medical practioners – all MDs I would assume – to remind themselves of the Hippocratic oath they took when they first became doctors. And, further, I would also assume they became doctors because they chose to help those individuals who came and come to them to be excited about a new treatment that holds the promise apparently enjoyed by antineoplastons.
    And, since the promise of using antineoplastons fulfills the guiding principle that all doctors shall abide by of “Do No Harm”, it’s puzzling that a Medical Board, composed of doctors (I assume) would act as the Texas Medical Board – or any medical board – is or would be acting.

  71. This is the reason I hope Gov. Rick Perry does not get the Republican nomination
    for President of the United States of America!!

  72. Do you know anything about the late Dr. Neville Solomon’s research and development of topical skin cancer treatment products? I am trying to determine if his holistic products were prematurely discredited by the FDA due to pressure from large pharmaceutical companies.

  73. Dear Lord Christ Jesus,
    Just this One Luciferian Government attack against the Doctor who Truly cares about serving his fellow man and saving thier physical liives alone proves that it is Lucifer who sits upon the Throne of this Nations Government, Federal, State, County an City. Lord help this Good Doctor and grant him VICTORY and help me Dear Lord to awaken this Nation. And, Lord make this story go across the Nation and expose Lucifer’s Human Agents for exactly what they are, Your Enemy and the Enemy of this One Nation Under God. Amen and Amen

  74. I wish I had known about this wonderful Doctor in 1995 when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer -2 days after Christmas I heard “I’ve got 3-6 weeks to live”. She lived in Hampton Bays NY at the time. After finally getting an appointment with an Oncologist January 24, she was pressured to take chemo therapy. Her response “If I’m going to die in a month I don’t want it to be with my hair falling out and puking my guts up”. I brought her to San Diego CA where she received radiation treatment that prolonged her life 5 months.(the same treatment she asked for and was denied in NY)
    I have met Dr Burzynski at a medical conference I attended. He is a warm hearted person with incredible determination. How many more people need to suffer needlessly and die because of this strangle hold ! Its more than time for the truth to come out about cancer and what really heals !
    Joyce Falkowski RN 1980 to present

  75. Both the Texas Medical Board attacks and your own rebuttal seem entirely irrelevant to the real single burning issue of independent corroboration of repeatable results instead of worthless anecdote and celebrity endorsement.

  76. No profits….no cure. That is the platform they stand on. The business is based on the sick and not the well. No illness, no profits simply stated.

  77. This is one of the reasons why health care and medical insurance is so expensive in the US. We know that there are many cheaper found cures for diseases and the FDA is banning them in order to keep the pharmaceutical companies rich and their own pockets lined! Shame on you!

  78. The best thing Dr. Burzynski can do at this point is pack up all the equipment, bring the blueprints on his person, mail copies to a trusted person and go back to Poland. I’ll bet that he’ll be welcomed there.

  79. ITS not all about the graft the big drug companies give. Its about saving lives. You won.t know till it happens to one of your children or another loved one, and it will touch every one of you on EPA .Please approve

  80. People could go to marathons (huge crowds) and all medical “walks” and to political debates, carrying posters saying a cancer doctor with an extremely successful cancer treatment is being attacked by Rick Perry appointees, and giving ANH contact to help save his treatments.
    ANH needs to reach the Occupy groups and have them post this attack on Burzynski across the country.

  81. I am grateful that he and his treatment have survived this long and hopeful that his treatment will be approved and will be an option for people.

  82. I believe in the freedom to make choices concerning our health. Inspired by a chiopractor who sent my sister-in-law to Mexico for a alternative to the American Medical Association’s standard of high dose radiation and chemotherapy I decided to pursue a career as a doctor of chiropractic.
    My sister-in-law survived a non-Hodgkins lymphoma that was biopsed and diagnosed by Mayo Clinic. The cancer was aggressive and during her care in Mexico spread to both sides of her neck. On her return to Mayo Clinic for a reevaluation after she was in remission, they simply stated that they had mis-diagnosed her and she never had cancer to begin with. I am appreciative of Dr. Burzynski’s lifetime efforts in his pursuit of excellence caring for his patients. Thank you for caring enough to fight.
    Dr. Michael Denery

  83. It makes me ill each time I read an article that seems to say “profit is more important than care and concern for the patient”. Instead of spending so much money in legal fees, they could be investing in Dr. Burzynski’s research/treatment, which it appears is legal and truly benefitting his patients. I’m sure I wouldn’t want Gov. Perry as the Republican choice for the next President, for it seems to appear he has some “big pharma” in his back pockets. I pray the day comes when those who are suffering from the terrible illness of cancer and other horrific illnesses become the first concern of all the corporations and government entities involved the the medical world.

    1. As a cancer survivor myself, I know for sure the money that is made off of cancer patients with chemo alone. They make billions a year for this alone and who knows how much on other drugs. They do not want a simple approach and especially one that would limit how much money they make. They did this years ago to another doctor with B17 or laetrile. Yes they do not always work for everyone, but the odds are with you to try. This man should be able to go on with his work.

      1. I think this is horrible what is being done to Dr. Burzynski . He truly wants to help save lives. I have seen the movie. The FDA wants to see him shut down & this is terriblly wrong! Please help stop this !

      2. Did you know that the Director of the FDA tried to get Krebiozen for a relative after the FDA “testing” had shown it to be nothing but horse serum. (in the report it stated that K … was phosphorescent under UV.) I guess only a few noticed that horse serum is NOT phosphorescent.
        NAMES… we want NAMES. If these “REGULATORS” names and likenesses were made public more folks could ignore them.

      3. My father spent his is life savings and went to another country to get the laetril CURE that was not available in America. . B17 is in sweet potatos so eat up.

  84. People are already talking about how the cancer profiteers really don’t want a cure for cancer, simply because the pharmaceutical industry, along with others that want to profiteer from other forms of cancer treatment, are just plain greedy and really don’t want a cure found that would cut down their profits. This is nothing short of actual cancer patient genocide and the public will no longer stand for this kind of dishonesty. Stop the harassment of Doctors that work for patients and not big business now.

    1. The Republicans don’t want the cure either, unless it’s given privately to themselves and the rich. It is their way of “culling the herd” here in America to let the poorer people die off of cancers caused by the toxins they allow in the air and polluting the water and the environment.

    2. They removed me from the “survivor” list. Probably because I refused chemo. I think that qualifies as “Falsification of Medical Records”, but I doubt that I could get anyone to prosecute.

    3. I asked my friend why a cancer cure would not be allowed. My friend a marketing analyst told me that hospitals are supported by the money made from “cancer treatments”. Hospitals would operate in the red if a cancer cure was discovered. Follow the money!

  85. There are many doctors and other people who are before their time in their fields of expertise and they are persecuted because of it. So, everything is politics unfortunately. But we all have to make a stand and punlicly defend our BASIC and all other God given human rights! Nobody else will. Look at Codex alimentarius Nazi program for killing not curing people here in Europe!

  86. First of all, thank TMB for not killing Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, as a Ukranian friend and doctor doing similar work recently was (with similar untraditional success), not to mention a number of others. This at least shows some progress. However, the time has come to take our healing out of the hands of those who would cut us up and poison us (for very great profit) and put it into the hands of those truly interested in our healing… often, as we can see in this case, at an extremely high personal price.
    I trust you can rise up to use our public finances in better ways then nonsense judicial battles that has only to do with money for a few and nothing to do with health for humankind or the support of the genus behind it.

  87. Please let us see the true freedom of the U.S.A in” by the people for the people”.
    We see nothing more than pink ribbons and email candels asking God to please let someone find a cancer cure. But we see that when someone has the possible cure for some cancers they are threatened with imprisonment because they fall outside of the Pharmaceutical network.

  88. Did you or your colleagues look into Dr. Burzynski personally, does he have “real” cases of curing terminal patients? Our experience with his clinic was that his pratices do need to be looked into and he does need to be held accountable. He is treating the most vulnerable patients that have no where else to turn and he charges a hefty amount for record transfers, blood work, consults where he isn’t even there, and not to mention his “treatments” We flew in from Chicago to find out that he was not there, we were charged $500 dollars for transfer of medical records because they need them asap. When we got there the Dr. that we saw had not reviewed them. And they did say that they could help Ovarian cancer patients but when we got there they said they really couldn’t. They then suggested Avastin, which if they had looked at the records was already tried and unsuccessful. Also expensive blood work was done and they never contacted us with the results and when they were contacted they were inconclusive. We have all these documents. So just be very careful and very aware of what you are getting yourself into. They charge your credit card immediatley for everything. Insurance does not cover any of this. I really do hope it is helpful for some, but we are extremely doubtful. Maybe it is not his experimental drug, but his pratice that is being investigated.,

    1. I have had similar experiences at alternative cancer treatment clinics in Mexico but I am greatful for what they did for me and many others. I have no doubt that your experience was upsetting to you but consider the situation Dr. Burzynski is dealing with – always under attack and trying to treat as many people as possible who have no time to wait.I don’t know Dr. Burzynski but I bet he doesn’t live a lavish life and needs all the help he can get. If he didn’t have to fight his legal battles he might be able to devote more time and money to the clinic’s patient experience. At least he is still in the US. And please consider that their recomendation of Avastin might have been benficial to you as it is to some. The FDA recinded it because the insurance companys don’t want to pay for it anymore. I think there are as many different treatments for cancer out there as there are people with cancer so it is up to the individual to find the treatments that work best for them which is no easy task. It requires a lot of research and time spent looking inward as well. I found that journey very rewarding healthwise and spiritually.

      1. Burzynski is a multi-millionaire. Far richer than most people in the pharma industry, and just as nasty. Google ‘burzynski threats’ and see for yourself.
        He gives conventional chemo drugs (at hugely inflated prices) along with ‘antineoplastons’, which is his own name for a mix of two simple compounds – which he doesn’t have the patents for, because nobody does. You can buy them yourself and save $200,000.
        He’s also running the only clinical trial in history to be still going after 34 years (!) and actually charging people to participate. Normally, a clinical trial pays you.
        If I’d cured cancer, I’d release it to the world. Burzynski apparently prefers to keep it a secret, and only ‘treats’ people if they bankrupt themselves. Still, he has a millionaire’s lifestyle to support…
        Sick, sick man.

    2. Yes that is what happened to me. I went to the Clinic. They took 1,500 right off the bat. I had not even walked through the doors. If he is a big fight with the govt. maybe he should show, have proof and have all patients write what they experienced and how was the service. The clinic did let me talk to the onocologist, Dr. Bryinsky himself, and another person. They said they would send in my slides (which never made it until I went back to my original Onocologist at MD Anderson. The place is called Caris in Arizona…gene therapy where they try to find the best meds. or chemo. to kill the disease. I was told I might have to do light form of chemo …. still when in the beginning it was not going to be used. Everytime you walked through the door it was 160. a visit. I did not feel like they were professional. The talk with the Doctor was maybe 20 minutes but he really did not say more than I had already knew by watching the YOUtube commentary. So I am confused. I want everyone to be cured. I pray to God that he would take this monster or demon out of peoples lives. Let us all pray that if he is right he will show, prove and tell people what it would cost and get the FDA approval for his drugs. He then too would be more apt to have more patients. Prayer. God please help us and know that he is working with God for a cure… Anyone a patient of his? I always would ask and they would say this is our first time. So therefore please if your a patient of his say something!!!

  89. Funny that Ron Paul isn’t on the list of recipients and Perry is. They are both running for Prez. I sent a note to Paul anyway.

    1. Governor Perry was included because as the current governor of Texas, he has authority over the Texas Medical Board. Ron Paul does not have the power or authority to act in this matter.

  90. As a nutritionist, I understand a pray for you Dr. B. You are being wrongfully covicted by a
    lynch-mob known as Big Pharma, aka AMA, FDA HHS et al. Hang in there. The tide will turn, soon.
    Blessings, from a fellow Pole – Johnny U.

  91. The purpose of the Occupy movement is so closely tied to the purpose of yours that perhaps a partnership should ‘somehow’ be struck between the two?
    The blatantly obvious evil of those in power who would allow suffering and death in order to increase their bottom line has to be exposed to ‘everyone’.
    It’s terrible that the average citizen today can’t afford even modest out of pocket costs for natural remedies (because anything ‘natural’ isn’t covered by medicare), and worse that so many families – and even the country’s – finances are being destroyed due to those evil tyrants greed.
    Fascism is an ugly state. I hope we wake up sooner than later.

  92. This article is very interesting since there are so many medical procedures which have been proven to be effective but are hindered by pharmaceutical companies who might lose money because of them. This must be stopped

  93. If this mans genius is squelched by sending him to jail, this would be the saddest yet, most ludicris thing ever. Instead of putting him away, the state needs to be working WITH him. Or is it that the drug manufacterers are afraid of losing the big bucks they are raking in now?! Greed is an ugly thing.

  94. I am reading “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer” by William Kelley Eidem; if you’re not aware of this phenomenal Emanuel Revici, M. D; if you have cancer or a loved one is so afflicted….this is a must read! This man suffered the same persecutions that Dr. Burzynski’s enduring, only much earlier. Our ego-centered, pharmaceutical controlled, American Medical Association and FDA, has much to answer for. What they have done to our medical rights is unconscionable. What they have done to good doctors is abominable.

  95. Thanks so much for this informative article. I am in support of Dr. Burynski’s work and appreciate
    being kept informed about the ongoing travesty of the TMB trying to lock him up and take away a life-line
    for so many people who need his work.

  96. It really is a shame that the pharmaceutical companies now own the FDA. They are so concerned about their murder of American people by toxic drug administration – KNOWN ineffective medications being sold under the law – they don’t want to chance people finding out. I can only pray that enough people keep coming forward, as with the tobacco industry, and the truth is ultimately exposed. If ever there was an anti-Christ – it would be pharma and Monsanto. Too bad they are allowed to run this country.

    1. Yes- why can’t someone bring a lawsuit against the FDA or the NCIS or the TMB to stop them from this witch hunt? The tobacco companies were finally brought to justice and the tide has turned against smoking and tobacco. The hold that big pharma has on this epidemic of cancer needs to be taken up by an organization that has the means and the methods of impacting it. They need to have funds, and use tactics to smear the FDA and discredit their actions against Dr. B.

  97. i have lukemia and have had oncologist tell me there is no cure. since then i have met doctors
    that know how to treat these devastating diseases. i know there are cures.
    why does the texas medical board and the fda continually try to stop legitimate cures and
    disregard someones health and integrity in the name of lies and money. please stop this.

  98. Regardless of the outcome of this new insult to our native intelligence, let’s implement a permanent injunction that forbids these pernicious government bureaucrats and their families, from ever using any cancer treatments that resemble in any way those treatments that Burzynski employs or develops. Without the successful efforts of brilliant pioneers such as Dr. Burzynski, we can only expect further burdens of additional failures and expensive and generally futile cancer therapies employed today. I still want my sister back, and today’s cancer regimes offered her little, or nothing worth having.

  99. I can’t believe in this day and age we are still limited in the choices we make for our own health care. I just lost a dear friend who underwent the “conventional” route for cancer treatment.
    After two years, countless hours of travel for treatment, out of pocket costs, limited coverage on her health care……the doctors, without much empathy, told her to go home and get ready to die.
    The doctors told her she only had 6 months to live. She lived two.
    I told her about Dr. Burzynski, but her insurance wouldn’t cover her seeing him.
    I would pay out of pocket to go to Dr. Burzynski…..I would not, and will not, ever let a “regular” oncologist treat me. It’s a death sentence. GET OFF Dr. Burzynski’s back. Leave him alone. I do not trust the self absorbed, greedy doctors who believe in conventional methods. i believe in what Dr. Burzynski is trying to do. TMB leave this man alone!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Gov. Perry:
    It’s our life – our body. Shouldn’t we be allowed to make decisions ourselves concerning what we feel is the best treatment for any illness we may have? And the government is concerned about what is safe for us? Ha. Have you read the ingredients in the food that you are eating? That’s the poison. That’s part of the cancer causing agent. You and I know that the government is only concerned about where the money goes. Back off and let us make our own decisions. You guys run enough of our lives – stop telling us what we can do for our ailing bodies.

  101. I have read the entire story on this Doctor and he is amazing. If our Representatives are at all interested in helping the American people they would leave this Doctor alone. Texas Governor Perry should be honored to have this fine man living in his State and should fight for him and his cause. As a Presidential candidate he could really make a lot of points with the American voters if he were to back this Doctor. Since Governor Perry’s self interets are in Big Pharma I don’t expect this to happen.

  102. This needs to be brought to the attention of the Occupy movement; I myself have posted on the Facebook pages of Occupy Houston, Occupy Dallas, Occupy Austin and Occupy Texas with no result. Perhaps if enough people posted the same message on these pages then notice would be taken and protests against the Texas Medical Board would begin.

  103. anthing that can help that is more like natural treatment should be encoruaged
    to see the results help against cancer .
    thanks kindly

  104. Everyone should read Suzanne Somers book (Knockout). She cured herself of breast cancer and has many alternate treatments that you wont find with standard oncology. The success of cancer treatment in the US is 2%. 98% of the patients die from the treatments as they are cancer causing.
    My wife was one of their victims. In Somers book I found out that the cancer industry has nothing that would have worked for the cancer she had, but they destroyed her with chemo and prednisone anyway.

  105. Here is a new tool against tyranny that can be used to practice alternate health care. This book explains that:
    1) Our government was based upon a long tradition of natural law and the presumption of liberty in which all laws are tailored for minimal infringement upon liberties.
    2) In the 1930s, the Supreme Court changed the rules for reviewing legislation for constitutionality. Henceforth most legislation would be presumed to be constitutional and beyond review by the courts, destroying the presumption of liberty, allowing laws to be passed that infringed upon our liberties, changing our form of government.
    3) Our inalienable rights are God-given, beyond the reach of government, and this book describes lawful means for asserting those rights using the natural law tradition.
    The Supreme Court of North Carolina said:
    “Some MD’s doubtless believe that all treatment of disease, except by their own system, is quackery. … they cannot decide for mankind that their own system of healing is now and ever shall be the only correct one, and that all others are to be repressed by the strong arm of the law. This is a free country, and any man has a right to be treated by any system he chooses.” State v. Biggs, 46 SE 401 (1903).
    This book contains a lengthy section on how to apply the theory to the practice of alternate health. While the state has the power to protect society, it cannot protect us against our will and convert us into wards. By bring the doctor and patient under contract with full disclosure wherein the patient waives all rights to the protection of government, we can practice our healing arts.
    Furthermore, the government in labeling a disease incurable, has in effect waived jurisdiction over that disease, and has no power to suppress alternate approaches which may at least maintain hope for relief or cure.
    For a complete summary, table of contents, and other information see

    1. In merry old England, it was customary for juries to throw out bad laws! The accused would walk free because the jury decided the law was defective. It was perhaps the most powerful tool the people had to keep their government in check. It is still legal doctrine, but if a juror attempts to convince his fellow panelists to dump the law itself, most judges will rule them in contempt, and imprison them.
      The only hope is for enough of us to get together and take over one of the two big national parties from the grassroots up. I suggest the Democratic Party, because the Republican Party is now wholly owned by the big money, as will be proven when the Ron Paul grassroots types are shut out of power by insider rules changes about to go into effect this Tuesday morning, August 28th, 2012 in Tampa at the Republican National Convention.

  106. I believe that the amercan justice system afer all is played out, will in fact loose their case against Dr. B.. I live in Astoria, OR and we have a local female, 36 who has a glioblastoma, incurable by regular medical models..She is traveling back and forth from Houston, TX for treatments nobody else can give her. She’s just looking for a little more time to spend with her 2 children and husband and praying that a miracle will happen for her with this new model by Dr. B. The medical cartel will loose this one in the end like they have done in the past. What a waist of good money! The accepted medical model killed one of the greatest innovators of our time and this was Steve Jobs. He got talked into a liver transplant instead of just surgically removing the cancerous liver tissue. The liver is the greatest of organs of regeneration of itself. This would have bought him some more time. But, by having a transplant, he had to take organ anti-rejection medication. This suppresses if not shuts down your immune system. This is why Steve Jobs’ body lost the fight against this demon called cancer and he left us earlier than he should have. The current medical model killed him. The treatments he was taking literally killed the cancer and all his god living cells. A little more confidence in alternative medicine would do us all some good down the road.

  107. All established institutions are very hostile to efforts that they see would “disestablish” them…even if their initial purpose has been “remedied” by advancement of new knowledge. Remember the March of Dimes and the desease called polio? One man named Saulk stopped the “March” and polio.
    A preferable cancer cure without using chemicals to kill these rampant unwanted cells, will be done using modulated micro-waves. I have been touting this method ever since 1990 while attending the University of Ark Medical Sciences and previous military experience in Radar Technology. The “establishment” has become the worst cancer of ALL! amen

  108. I have followed Dr. Burxynski’s carreer over the years and know he has the support of many
    patients who have come to his defense. Also he has support of Dr. Julian Whitaker and many
    others icluding Jon Robbins (Reclaiming Our Health). If I had cancer he is the one I would look to.

  109. When will the system be held responsible for these attacks on Dr. B that only cost valuable time, money and resources to fight someone who is on the side of conquering this disease? How many times can they attempt to defame, persecute and destroy this man? To find out why we are losing the war on cancer and more about Dr. Burzynski’s work, see Cut Poison Burn – available at ANY cost at – even free… It’s THAT important.

    1. persecution – that’s it. I was calling it a witch hunt but persecution is the right term. thx

  110. The governor of Texas is sinning against God, for attacking Dr. Burzynski. Drs. are to cure and make people well. I know that there are cures for almost every disease. The drug companies,have many many side effects that make people ill with their side effects. I was on two prescriptions drugs and got sicker, thought I would end up in a wheelchair. My health and wellness Dr. told me to go off the medication and I did. Now I am on no prescription medications at all and am very healthy and 68 yrs. old. Went on natural and herbs like God meant it to be. Persons who make people ill are going to answer to God someday. The Bible is still the truth.

  111. As a cancer surviver totally committed to alternative treatments I have been aware of the FDA’s and Big Pharma’s efforts to control what all of us are subjected to with standardized medicine for a long time. Some of the best doctors doing alternative treatments have been forced out of business or out of the country (Dr. Donsbach). Look at the documentary film “Under Our Skin” (available on Netflix) for another really scary example of the evil our standardized medicine system. Pay close attention to the law that changed the way Big Pharma is allowed to “own” and control research that if shared could benefit and have meaningful cures available to all.

  112. Brzynski is being attacked to save the Organized Medical Cartel from becoming KNOWN by all of us that their own cancer treatment therapies are only JUNK. If Dr. B’s cancer treatments wouold be KNOWN by all of us as VERY SUPERIOR – that would show everyone that the Org. Med. Industry cancer treatment scam methods are only trash. Information from good doctors has stated that each U.S. patient who is treated by the ordinary Org. Med. Industry methods will allow the medical and PHARMACEUTICAL industry to rake in about $350,000 before the poor fool dies. The fine book “Fight For Your Health!” tells how our Organized Medical Cartel became as crooked as it is these days. That occurred after the all-knowing & all-loving & excellent AMA was bought in the 1930s for USD$10,000 by the “Rockefeller interests”. By doing some studying anyone can learn that the U.S. is by FAR the most fascist nation on Earth. That means the entire direction of the Big Money folks who are RUNNING this nation is only for the purpose of raking in more loot for themselves VIA the major corporations they basically OWN.
    It’s been written by knowledgeable people that Organized Medicine is the largest and most lucrative criminal scam that’s ever existed throughout the history of mankind.

    1. If I read your email correctly you are against alternative methods. It saved 3 people that I know. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And I can say that even though we have several medical people in our family. Hope you will open your mind.

      1. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”? It’s not a soft drink, for heaven’s sake!
        Open-minded? You’d be amazed how open-minded I am. Just not to inflicting highly debatable treatments without a shred of proof on vulnerable people at incredibly high prices.

        1. Obviously you are being paid by the TMB or FDA or a big pharma to live out your miserable life. When you do get cancer you can try the chemo and die.

          1. “Obviously you are being paid by the TMB or FDA”
            Heh, you’d love that, wuldn’t you? Actually, I denounce quacks and charlatans for free in my spare time. Unlike the snake-oil merchants who denounce medicine while selling their own products at high prices.

  113. I also watched Cut,Poison,Burn. It is a must see! I do not understand how this can be happening, especially since they have already drug this doctor through the mud and lost. What also pains me is all of the lives that have been lost and the cure is right in arms reach but we are not being permitted to be treated with it, this is absolutely ridiculous! When I saw the movie there is a family who was seeking Dr B’s treatment for one of their twin daughters, I think she was 3 years old at the time. They were prohibited to get his treatment for her unless she first tried traditional therapy (chemo) and it failed, then she was able to see him. Since there was no other way, they did what was necessary to be allowed to see Dr B, and his treatment did kill the tumors but the child died from the chemo that they were forced to have administered before she could see Dr, B. The family went bankrupt in the process. All of this could have been prevented! What an outrage! There were also some success stories and all of the facts are right there, so please try to watch the movie. It isn’t that long and it is very insightful. Maybe someone reading all of these comments will watch it and spread the word about it and it will reach someone with some influence to change things. I’m going to follow the advise from “Lisa” in a comment I read here. She said that she posted on Facebook to Occupy Houston, Occupy Dallas, Occupy Austin, and Occupy Texas but so far has gotten no response. She thinks if enough people post the same message on there that may get results. I don’t see how it could hurt to try, so I’ll give it a shot. I also am pleading with everyone following this to also post to those FB pages, and if you get any other ideas as to what we can do about this, please post them here. We have already lost to many important people that may have lived a longer life. I believe that God is in charge of everything, so please be in prayer about this cure being made accessible and legal. Thanks for reading my post.

  114. Yes, support this Burzynski guy who sends his goons to threaten critics and their families !
    Seriously, have you people any idea of what this “treatment” actually does? Or the fact that it’s NOT a treatment but an incredibly long-running “clinical trial”?
    Those who got better: glad to hear it. But it probably wasn’t because you got injected with urine extract.

    1. I cannot believe you have the audacity to say that people who “got better” from cancer just naturally abated and wasn’t due to a treatment that are receiving. What are you- A shill for the FDA? I don’t understand the obsession with stopping a treatment that holds promise to save the lives of people?? If you can’t understand the profit motive of the Pharma controlled FDA, then you are either in denial or stupid. The budget for the NCIS is 52. billion a yr(that’s billion with a ‘B’). What’s hard to understand about this. Especially given that the treatment that Burzynski uses is not toxic and the chemo industrial complex is derived from such agents as DDT. If the Burzynski method doesn’t work, so what! Neither does chemo but yet they put you through and agonizing death and your family members have to watch you suffer and lose your hair and puke your guts up everyday. What manner of ridiculousness is this? We allegedly live in a free market and people can do whatever they want to in order to save their loved ones. What business is it of your to control people and try to “save” them from spending money on what they want? oh and by the way- the only reason that this treatment is still in clinical trials is BECAUSE the FDA refuses to approve it. If you did your research, you would know that- It’s not rocket science.

  115. Natural Health International will be big wave for medical sciense. I think Yoga is good for health.
    And drug and surjery should be reducad.If a man take healhy meal , he will live healthy and long.
    Now true medisine is spleading fast. Natural Health International will help us all over the world.
    I studied medicine at medical school, old medicine.Its not sogood. So Iretired medical school.
    I hate steroid , cancer drug,,,,
    Now is the time for us resieving NHI good and new medicine.

  116. OK, look at the facts. Side effects? Doesn’t seem to be too bad as after 5 Grand Jurys the FDA hasn’t come up with any. Side effects of known cancer treatments (many and none seem too pleasant), maybe my urine comes out smelling like roses. Effectiveness? possibly 25%? a one in four chance? If you had 0% chance of living and there was a 25% chance of living with a new treatment, which one would you take? Why wouldn’t the FDA do everything they could to support his trials? Oh I forgot, he doesn’t pay their bills or offer them a future job. Get rid of the FDA and any other Medical Board, we don’t need them and can’t afford them. They are working for the Man and its not us.

  117. All I can say about Dr. Burzynski is that he has kept our father alive for the last two years, which several other well known doctors from MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, and Abbott/Sister Kenny Institute said would be highly unlikely. They gave him months not years! Our father has metastasized colon cancer in his liver and has been seen by Dr. Burzynski, Dr. Marquis and several other doctors from his impressive team for the last two years. We have prodigious faith in him and his incredible team. Dr. Burzynski’s recommendation of drugs was not conventional even though each individual drug was FDA approved. It was the combination that the many oncologist that we sought out were unwilling to administer. After many phone calls, doctor appointments and much pleading we did find oncologists who were willing to treat him…and boy are they glad they did. They can now join in the team of supporters for Dr. Burzynski by seeing first hand his effects on our father. If it were not for the fact that Dr. Burzynski looks at each individual patient’s genetic profile, many oncologist would have treated our father with conventional chemotherapy…and who knows where our dad would be today had that happened! The only criticism I have is that the state and federal governments have made it so difficult for Dr. Buryzinski and because of this, many of his patients are not able to use their insurance to cover the tremendous cost associated with cancer therapy. THIS IS THE CRIME!! If you can afford to pay the out of pocket costs, we would highly recommend seeing Dr. Burzynski!

  118. Just another example of the corrupt system we have. The FDA is basically owned by the drug companies. They say they are protecting the general public but they only protect the drug companies. How else can we explain them allowing side effects of cancer, heart attack, stroke, tuberculosis, Suicide, kidney failure etc. If a nbatural treatment or supplement had even a hint of any of those side effects the FDA would rush in with guns drawn. The corruption is so obvious they do not even try to hide it.The real more natural, less expensive cures that are out there are always supressed by the drug interests because this would cut into their profits or even put them out of buiseness. They should be brought to justice for crimes against hamanity.

  119. In ’75 I was given Delalutin to stop false labor. I was 37 weeks pregnant, did not want or need the shot, but took it to keep the doc off my back (I worked for him). The shot relaxed my uterus all right, along with the baby’s heart. It was stillborn two weeks later. The same doctor did the same thing to another nurse assistant the next year. She was also in her last month of pregnancy and her baby died immediately after getting the shot. The drug company took Delalutin off the market for two years (the statute of limitations for lawsuit) then they put it back on the market. They listed in the PDR that it was not to be given at any time during pregnancy. This was to cover their butts. Delalutin is only sold to OB doctor offices. They don’t care that it’s killing babies as long as doctors are willing to buy it. I was asked to give it to a patient in 1993 and I refused. I explained to the patient why I refused to give it and offered to get another RN to give it. The doctor fired me for standing up for my conscience.
    As an RN whose worked in doctor’s offices, I know how the system works. Pharmaceutical companies send their drug pushers to doctor’s offices causing patients to have to wait for hours to be seen while the doctor is being enticed by the drug rep to use their drugs. They offer paid vacations and the like. My grandson was diagnosed with epilepsy and the doctor ordered a “standby drug” for them to have on hand just in case he had a seizure even though he was on anti-seizure medication. The one time “standby” drug cost $5,000! They thought we would pay it because of the emotional effects of the diagnosis! I wonder what kind of kick backs the doctor was promised for that drug?
    Doctors don’t take continuing education courses in drug therapies, they rely on the word of drug pushers hired by the pharmaceutical companies. They aren’t told the side effects, only the side the pushers want them to see. Pharmaceutical companies also run medical schools with their donations and they influence the results of research. Many researchers have admitted that they were told what the outcome of the “research” would be before the research was even begun! It’s all about money.
    The pharmaceutical companies don’t want a cure for cancer or anything else. That would put them out of business! They want to stop alternative doctors from finding cures (which they have) because it hurts their business. They’ve had police to raid…

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