Shame on AMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine

Did you hear the breaking news last night—that multivitamins may shorten your life? Here’s how junk science from the AMA set off the media frenzy.

Bloomberg phrased it this way: “Multivitamins and some dietary supplements, used regularly by an estimated 234 million US adults, may do more harm than good, according to a study that tied their use to higher death rates among older women.” The study’s authors outrageously concluded, “We see little justification for the general and widespread use of dietary supplements.”

The study, published in the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Archives of Internal Medicine, assessed the use of vitamin and mineral supplements in nearly 39,000 women whose average age was 62. The researchers asked the women to fill out three surveys, the first in 1986, the second in 1997, and the last in 2004, reporting what supplements they took and what foods they ate, and answering a few questions about their health.

That’s right, all the data was self-reported by the study subjects only three times over the course of the 19-year-long study. To say the data is “unreliable” would be a generous description. This kind of “data” has no place in a valid scientific study.

Then the researchers looked at how many of the women had died by 2008. They reported that the number of deaths were somewhat higher for women who took copper, a little bit lower for women who took calcium, but about average for most of the women.

In the study, all of the relative risks were so low as to be barely statistically significant, and none was backed up by any medical investigation or biological plausibility study. No analysis was done on what combinations of vitamins and minerals were actually consumed, and no analysis of the cause of death was done beyond grouping for “cancer,” “cardiovascular disease,” or “other”—there was certainly no causative analysis done. The interactions of potential compounding risk factors is always tremendously complex—and was ignored in this so-called study.

“Multivitamin” can mean many different things, and of course changed tremendously over the 19 years during which this “study” was conducted. Were they high quality?  Were the ingredients synthetic or natural?  How much of each nutrient was taken? Were they really taken at all? How good is anyone’s memory in describing what took place over many years? One would assume that that the women’s diets fluctuated greatly over the same period; when self-reporting only three times in 19 years, there is a great deal of information one would naturally leave out even if some of it was accurate. No analysis was done of the effect of supplements on the women’s overall health, nor of their effect on women of other ages.
According to Dr. Robert Verkerk the Executive & Scientific Director of ANH-International;

“This study is a classic example of scientific reductionism being used to fulfill a particular need. In this case, it’s supplement bashing, a well-known preoccupation of Big Pharma — and an approach that appears to be central to the protection of Big Pharma’s profit margins.”

Read Dr. Verkerk’s article critical of the AMA’s goals and scientific methodology here.

In short, this study is less than useless: it is dangerous, because it is being used by the media and the mainstream medical establishment to blacken the eye of nutritional supplements using poor data, bad analysis, and specious conclusions—otherwise known as junk science.


  1. Funny how they largely ignored the key point which they note in passing:”At baseline, in Cox proportional hazards regression models with full follow-up time and adjusted for age and energy intake, self-reported use of vitamin B complex; vitamins C, D, and E; and calcium had significantly lower risk of total mortality compared with nonuse; copper was associated with higher risk ”
    Basically, women taking a multi were healthier at the beginning of the study (as would be expected on the multi) and then proceeded overall to do better if on B complex, C,D and E. By “adjusting out” the benefits women had from the multi before the study statistically, the data can be misinterpreted to come to their conclusions. One could come to the same conclusion about exercise not being helpful using this same statistical approach *the exercising group would be healthier at the beginning of the study, so statistically remove that factor and viola–exercise is not beneficial.

  2. If the media read the study, not surprisingly, they would see how poorly they reported on it. They failed to mention how the supplements positively affected the subjects. Here is a direct quote from the study:
    “Compared with nonusers, supplement users had a LOWER prevalence of diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, and smoking status; a lower BMI and waist to hip ratio; and were less likely to live on a farm. Supplement users had higher educational level, were more physically active, and were more likely to use estrogen replacement therapy. Also, supplement users were more likely to have lower intake of energy, total fat, and monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, and to have higher intakes of protein, carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, alcohol, whole grain products, fruits, and vegetables.”
    There were several factors in the supplement group that needs to be addressed: taking synthetic estrogen, not eating enough monounstaurated fat, eating too much polyunsaturated (inflammatory) fat, and eating too many carbs. All of these factors contribute to heart disease and cancer. It is fascinating to note that when the researchers excluded supplement users who had CVD and diabetes, the supplements did not show any adverse affect on mortality. So, in essence, the supplement users were better off than the nonusers based upon the aforementioned lifestyle factors.
    What does this say? That researchers can extrapolate data however they see fit, especially from a questionnaire-based study. For example, we can extrapolate from this study that if you looked solely at supplement users who were most likely to take synthetic estrogen, most likely to eat inflammatory fats and carbs, and who ate the least amount of monounsaturated fats, we guarantee that mortality risk would skyrocket. Even more egregious is that the researchers did not remove subjects who used synthetic estrogen, which has been linked to a greatly increased risk of CVD and cancer. This should be enough to discredit the study outright.

  3. Good grief. More crap science no doubt from the drug companies and their puppets at the FDA. It gets more and more disgusting everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if people would just do their jobs?? I assume most people will understand that this is garbage, and continue taking their supplements. There is no way you can get the vitamins and minerals you need any more without supplements… the soils are too depleleted to give you what you need.

  4. Like magicians, the AMA is redirecting the focus of the American Republic away from iatrogenic disasters and other failures of conventional medicine. I’ve googled this topic and found the web swarming with this article. Of course, I heard about this “Study” first on TV news, then the newspaper. The latest article on this subject I saw was at fox news wherein a UCLA researcher from today, not 19 years ago, states:
    “I wouldn’t recommend anyone change what they’re doing based on this study,” said Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. “It’s very hard to conclude cause and effect…”
    Does anyone in mainstream media want to discuss how many people are dying and suffering every year from the effects of conventional medicine? Not one.

  5. Without vitamins/supplements I would NOT be here, I have chronic conditions,
    Shame on you for your false claims.

  6. Yes, unfortunately, many people are unaware of what constitutes statistically (and thus scientifically) significant findings. Too often people depend upon vague trends or on purely anecdotal evidence. One would hope, however, that the authors of a scientific study, not to mention the referees of a scientific journal, would know the difference (then again, just look at the Sokal hoax – although that was in a sociological journal, rather than a medical journal).

  7. Wow, this little piece of journalism is such mis and dis information! If anyone is concerned about health risks of vitamins, just call the national poison control center and ask how many reported deaths from vitamins! It’s less than a quarter death per year of ALLEGED deaths from vitamins.
    Next ask the national poison control center how many reported deaths from taking correctly prescribed (FDA approved) medication as prescribed and number is in the 100’s of 1000’s.
    Sometimes, with “news” like this, it makes me think: Is there a conspiracy to kill off great swaths of our population?

  8. The main weakness of this study is that it was observational study (as opposed to an intervention trial). The researchers did not control for why people were taking the supplements. Many people take supplements because they have various symptoms or medical conditions, and people that have those symptoms or conditions may be at increased risk of early death. The study did control for various factors such as smoking and diabetes, but it is impossible to control for all factors that could influence the results. Intervention trials (i.e., randomize people to receive multivitamins or placebo) are much more reliable than observational studies, and the intervention trials that have been done so far show no adverse effect of multivitamin use on mortality.

  9. I think this study came out at a very convenient time, considering the fact that the FDA is chomping at the bit to try to have complete control over vitamins and supplements. What better way to convert people to their way of thinking than by producing a “study” such as this that backs up their claims that we are too stupid to be in charge of our own health decisions. I’m not one to jump on conspiracy theories, but this is just too much of a coincidence for me. The FDA is behind this somehow, I’m sure of it.

  10. What? You were expecting something better from AMA. Perhaps dignity or integrity? I’m sure they have a pill for that. But even those shills know that their “medicine” has more negative results than the original compliant. Should they take an FDA approved substance to gain dignity and integrity, they would likely also end up with a compulsion to steal and swear.

  11. Because American doctors are nothing but whores for Big Pharma.
    The only thing they can comprehend is write a prescription keep our population addicted to medicines with worse side effects than the original ailment! While Big pharma laughs all the way to the bank. Our idiots in the FDA are just as complicent!

  12. I am91 yrs. old and take multivitamins and other supplements daily. I believe my good health at this age is due in large part to the suplements I take. It would be a mistake to legislate against them.

  13. Irresponsible for AMA to make claims based on faulty research! And they know better! Who paid them to do it?

    1. The simple truth is the AMA represents the Medical Industry. Healthy people are bad for the Industry.
      Hard to believe? It is no different than for ANY industrial organ. If you make the implements of war you want wars. Notice the continuous wars we are “fighting”. If you want less people on this earth you engineer a “food supply” that will not support health and a medical system that will not cure disease. How can there be 2.5 million research papers on cancer and the overall cancer rate climbs each year? It cannot in an honest world. We do not live in an honest world.
      The AMA is not working for you.

  14. It would be useful to see the research protocol for this long-term study. Also, if you wish your critique to be taken seriously (at least, by me), write it in grammatically correct English. If you don’t know how to write a sentence in which the subject agrees with the verb, then I question your intellectual standing for making your comments.

  15. Big pharma has a very very LONG reach! They all but control the AMA and here is your proof.

  16. The timing of this ‘warning’ is highly suspect, of course. Some big, money-making drugs are about to lose their name-brand patents and go generic – and Big Pharma stands to lose a lot of money. Ergo, it makes perfect sense to attack vitamins, herbs and supplements. . . fear and illness are common tools used to control people.

  17. On the other hand, I am 93, having taking supplents since 1952. And to this day I don’t take any prescription medications. But, I am only one person, certainly only one entry into a popultion of statistical samples. One cannot hypothesize anything from that.

  18. Someone might research what the average total course hours of the education of an American physician are devoted to the study of nutrition. I believe it’s close to zero.
    One also might find out what percentage of American physicians belong to this supposedly prestigious AMA – also quite low I believe. From what I understand, it’s more of a political lobby than a scientific body. If that’s true, it should be made more public and clear to people.
    Nutritional biochemistry is in many ways more helpful to people than pharmaceutical biochemistry. It focuses on getting and keeping people healthy, and the products it creates are generally far less inclined to create side effects.
    Thanks for the article !

    1. “Someone might research what the average total course hours of the education of an American physician are devoted to the study of nutrition. ”
      Figures often given are three weeks, one semester and NONE.
      Doctor Hyman often says the two most important aspects of health nutrition and detoxification are not addressed in most medical schools. This is no accident. Doctors are trained to diagnose symptoms and prescribe the toxic drug the symptoms call for.
      “Modern conventional medicine often offers expensive high-tech often toxic, ineffective or worse solutions to many uncomplicated simple to solve health problems.” Lou

  19. I am writing about the Shame on AMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine. I receive the ANA News Brief daily to up date my self on nursing news. I had not had the opportunity to read the article yet. When I received the email from you I immediately went to the article and ready it. I also responded to their “news” as a doctoral student in health psychology. Thank you, what were they thinking???

  20. In my oponion the AMA is selling out to corporate money, greed and avarice. Natural Supplements has helped me far more than any pahrmecutical companies synthetic drugs. Shame on the AMA.

  21. I have been taking vitamins for 47 years, and I attribute my good health to that fact. Vitamins have helped me get over some health problems in the past that otherwise would have developed into serious conditions, leaving me with limited physical health, and very detrimental to me healthwise. I am proof positive of the benefits of vitamins. Yes, shame on the internal medicine study. I can recall that there have been many times in those 47 years that vitamins have been attacked, but always other studies have proved them wrong.

  22. This is just INSANE!!!! Big Pharma is pushing back harder all the time. We need educated people to speak up and tell the truth about vitamins and supplements. Without them I wouldn’t be here!!

  23. There sure is a huge push right now from FDA, AMA and the other powers-that-be to convince the American public that anything natural isn’t good for them. What is wrong with our society today? Access to Supplements is in danger. Insurance doesn’t cover anything alternative. The push is for everyone to eat GMO foods and articifial junk and take pharmaceuticals. There’s no profit to be made on health and wellness, afterall. It’s a sick agenda, literally!

  24. The American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Archives of Internal Medicine should accept only studies performed using accepted scientific method, tightly controlled with all multivitamin users taking the same multivitamin formulation compared to a placebo (no vitamin/mineral supplements). To do otherwise is inimical to the public interest and common good.

  25. I have been hearing that supplements may be harmful and at best useless. I have never really believed this. I smoked heavily (over 2 pkgs/day) for 40 years. I quit a few years ago. I am 72 years old and by all accounts, I should be dead or at best, hooked up to an oxygen tank for the rest of my life. I believe it is the supplements I have taken for the last 35 years is why I am alive today. I do not take any prescription or over the counter drugs. The pharmaceutical companies hate people lime me. Not only do I not take any drugs but I tell anyone who will listen what supplements have done for me. When I tell people what big pharma is up to, some are incredulous, saying, “They don’t want you to die, do they?” I say, “No, they just want you to be sick as long as possible. If you take supplements you will be sick less often and that is not good for their profits.”
    Unfortunately, many of the small vitamin supplement manufacturing companies have been bought up by big pharma companies and this might explain if there is now something wrong with supplements. I try to buy supplements from companies who have not sold out to big pharma.

  26. Did this ‘study’ contain an analysis of the women’s prescription drug use? Drug abuse? Were any obese? These factors could have a great influence on their health. Perhaps in some cases the vitamins were keeping them healthier than would otherwise be the case.
    This so-called study should be analyzed and exposed in the media by some enterprising reporters.
    All they have to do is repeat what you have told about it and expound on any other obvious shortcomings. People will see through this scam.

  27. I really don’t listen to much of what the AMA or the FDA say. I know what they did to Dr. Bruzynski.

    1. What you can do is assume they are misleading us and consider the opposite action.
      For example we have been told ten million times to stay out of the noon time sun or slather on the suntan poison. Guess what is the single most salubrious thing you can do for your health?

  28. No on checked to see what heath issues the women had that they were taking the supplements for. If they were using the supplement to help treat diseases, the supplements could actually increased their life. That is if they had a condition that decreased life expectancy by 3 years and they actually died one year early then the supplement actually increased the life expectance by 2 years.
    I have lyme complex disease. Supplements definitely improve my quality of life. they may be extending my life as well.

  29. Well to sum it up is to say the Government and “Big Phama” control what is put out there.I have been taking Vitamins for 27 years,never sick,feel good all the time,am 61 years old,my real age is 42 as far as physical fitness!!!

  30. The AMA, ADA, FDA all take lobby money from pharmaceutical companies by way of our mis-representatives. Is it any wonder that the pharmaceutical companies are making Billions on our ill health and don’t want to give up the cash cow of the public.

  31. I saw that segment and laughed.. I am a 51 year old female that takes numerous vitamins, minerals and supplements daily. I am 130 pounds, work out almost daily, eat right and get acupuncture for my well being. I feel great, on absolutely no meds other than my BIO IDENTICAL Hormone replacement. I quickly had to make a post on facebook telling all my friends what BS that was and now I am posting this. Most don’t know any better and believe anything they hear on the news but at least my friends are going to get both sides of this story.

  32. worse than junk science, it is mercenary science. it doesnt even look at factors that may have selected for a less healthypopulation to start with. plus the total lack of scientific and statistical validity of this silly poll at best

  33. Excellent reporting from Natural Health… to bad the large media companies do not have the high quality reporters Natural Health has…… Thank you for staying on top of the false and misleading reports coming from the AMA…..

  34. Thanks for the brief and concise clarity on the article. I teach health and fitness at various retirement communities here in western nc. There was a bit of a buzz this am about this article in my classes. I always offer new , to them, and alternative info on the issues they deal with. Fortunately, they listen to my offerings and ask questions. They are learning to question the doctors! I did my best to clarify this article, but I will keep copies of your clarification available to hand out for the diehards. Great work. Much appreciated…….

  35. In our world of poor diets, it would be possible to state that a person would pass away sooner if they never used any supplements. And it is impossible to say just how deficient those people are or would be without supplements. And besides, people are living longer today and that just might be from using supplements. Now this sounds like rational thought to me. More rational than saying people are dying sooner taking supplements.

  36. I would not be at all surprised if Big Pharma was behind this ‘study’. After all,if we stop taking supplements we might get sick. If we get sick then Big Pharma would have something to ‘cure’ which,of course, would be expensive.

  37. The Federal Government should have initiated double-blind studies, using a placebo immediately if they were concerned of the dangers of multivitamins. They are providing warning labels on products that have not been adequately evaluated. The FDA has to be dramatically changed to protect the consumer and the patient.
    Dr. Richard Edlich

    1. “The Federal Government should have initiated double-blind studies, using a placebo”
      Doctor have you heard of the phenomenal success the use of IV vitamin C in doses of 100 – 300 grams is having in treating some stage IV cancers? IV vitamin C appears to be the perfect chemo; safe it targets cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone; non toxic in any amount.
      How hard would it be for HSS, CDC et al to arrange a clinical study pitting IV Vitamin C against one of the toxic EXPENSIVE standard chemo drugs?.
      Did I mention that IV vitamin C is dirt cheap compared to your standard 10K/month chemo treatment.

  38. It would be interesting to see how this study was funded. It seems that, more often than not, the biases of the conclusions made by studies such as this are predetermined by whoever funded it. Seeing that this is an AMA influenced journal, I suspect some pharmaceutical company had a major influence. Natural remedies to the various diseases out there represent a major source of competition to the drug companies for health care dollars.

  39. Thank you for this article. When MSNBC reported this, I knew it was, once again, an attempt by the chemical/pharmaceutical industries to frighten people away from something that is potentially prolonging and improving the quality of life for many people and into the arms of Big Pharma, who would have us drugged, addicted, and unable to think clearly about what we are putting into our bodies so that they could continue to make obscene profits off of the frequently harmful substances they produce. Do we need to be vigilant about what goes into our supplements and only purchase those of the highest quality? Of course! Do we have to succumb to the fear tactics being used by the mainstream medical establishment, which has a symbiotic relationship with Big Pharma, that would destroy our access to alternative medical treatments? No!

  40. THANK YOU!!! That clarification is so badly needed! I was wondering how statistically significant those results were. You made it abundantly clear. The media has such a strong bias against alternative health. Wonder why? (Follow the money, I guess) And yet, less than 1% of people will probably ever hear what you just explained. SAD (that’s a pun – tragic, and StandardAmericanDiet)

  41. Amazing what they will do to get the supplement companies. What exactly what questions were asked like what PRESCRIBED medicines did they take? Some people cant take prescribed meds because they react to them. I’ve known people that had their vision affected by a prescribed med not this med is sold OTC!!!! Burons = half bureaucrat and half moron! I reacted to some meds and by diet, exercise and proper supplement education, the supplements have helped me tremedously!

  42. Thank you for telling the truth about this study – it gives people like us the information needed to fire back and set records straight.

  43. The article made it’s way to Time. Of course, we have to understand that they, big govt, means to make us sicker by taking away our good food and supplements.

  44. It seems that mainstream medicine will publish anything that reflects poorly on supplements. Could BIg Pharma have any hand in this, behind the scene?

  45. That is because they are pushing for CODEX like they did in Europe. Big Pharma insists that Mother Nature doesn’t know what she is doing, only they do with their drugs. Chinese medicine has been around for thouosands of years and the Drs. of the new America insisted that the native indians herbal recipes could never be as good as their concoctions. People have a right to take what they want into their own bodies, not what is dictated by the PTB.

  46. Good article. It is all part of the FDA/Big Pharma assault on natural health and the preparatory steps for a total embrace of the Repressive Codex Alimentarius.
    Wish you would link these assaults to the Codex as most people have no clue about this international effort to destroy our health and make us totally subordinate to Big Pharma

  47. You have written a very excellent analysis. Health freedom is under constant, vicious attack by interests with incalculable amounts of money.

  48. Doctors aren’t scientists. Never have been never will. Isn’t it amazing how the facts get twisted when trying to prove a point. It is like a battle I had years ago on the radio with a earned doctor who said “there is no scientific evidence that proves hypnosis works.” Really, I said to the doctor., “where is the scientific evidence to say that hypnosis doesn’t work! ” He was speechless when I told him that reasearch did not always require a “null hypothesis”.

  49. Thanks so much for sending this…..I was so upset on the latest propaganda by the AMA.
    They truly must be insecure.
    I sent this info to our local TV Stations and our major paper.

  50. This is outrageous scare tactics. How about doing a study on how many people die from perscription medicine

  51. This report dosn’t surprise me! Most medical doctors are not health doctors, they are sick doctors because they don’t treat the cause . They treat the symptom only. They learn in medical school. because who sponsors their labs? That alone should give you the clue.

  52. I hope that you will make an effort to integrate your important knowledge with the thousands who are protesting courageously in the Occupations! In particular, how about getting out the ludicrous positions taken by the Wisconsin judge in reference to illegal to have your own cow’s milk, and related. This would be a real eye-opener on top of all the other financial fiascoes. Jon

  53. I believe that typical synthetically produced supplements will shorten one’s life. 95% of all supplements are synthetic, and only supplements derived directly from food are safe, effective, and adds years to your life.

  54. This is terrible I wonder if the new book “Pharmocracy” by William Faloon coming out has the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Giants up in arms. They have not been able to control nutrients so the next best thing is to attack the nutrient industry.
    Tonight they attached vitamin E and prostate cancer. They are really reaching and if ‘we the people’ do not stand up and say no they will control even the nutrient industry. Which by the way they have been trying to do for decades.

  55. You need to disseminate this critique in the media as widely as possible.
    This is an example of distortions to the point of lying by AMA.
    Unfortunately, the best way for you to get this published as news is to similarly overstate your case with attention getting words, without crossing the boundary to being sued.

  56. My two cents:
    Ah yes, the old 40,000 women study used widely as a hit piece against vitamins, minerals and other supplements in the maim-stream media.
    The problem with the study: the 40,000 women self-reported their use of supplements and there was no differenciation made between unnatural synthetic vitamins and crushed rock minerals and natural whole foods derived vitamins and minerals. You can take it to the bank that the vast majority of the vitamins consumed were the synthetic vitamins found in virtually all the over the counter supplements. Petro-chemical synthetics that is. Coal-tar derivatives. Likewise the vast majority of minerals was assuredly crushed rock minerals and not those which had already been pre-digested by plants to make them bioavailable for human consumption.
    The body knows the difference between the forms of vitamins it has utilized for many tens of thousands of years and synthetics. In fact, the body most often treats synthetics as unnatural toxins. Consume unnatural toxins and put crushed rocks in your body for up to 19 years and there would be a tendancy to have health issues. Especially if you happened to someone who tried to offset unhealthy diet and lifestyle practices with supplements.
    Minerals are absolutely essential for proper absorption and utilizations of vitamins. Thus the vast majority of the women in the study were taking minerals the body could not properly utilize. Which made those synthetic vitamins that much harder to assimilate.
    Had a study been conducted on people who took only whole-foods derived supplements you can bet that the results would have been markedly different.
    I note that the study authors and other commenters found in the widespread media reports also tried to further the maim-stream myth that one can get all the nutrition they need from simply eating a healthy diet. Absolute rubbish! Given today’s mineral depleted soils and the foods on the grocers shelves which have had most of the natural nutrition processed out, harmful additives processed in for shelf life, taste, color and texture and the other items found in the SADS diet consumed by most Americans and it is virtually impossible to get even the measley RDA amounts of the limited nutrients on the RDA list, much less the optimal daily amount of vitamins and minerals and the many, many other essential nutrients not even on the list from a 2000-2500 calorie per day diet.
    In many areas, the RDA amounts are far below what is needed for optimum health. Instead, they are just the minimum amounts needed to ward off illness – and they certainly are not enough to address deficiencies. For example, the RDA amount of vitamin C is only the minimum amount needed to prevent scurvy and is nowhere near the amount of vitamin C needed for optimal health.
    I have often challenged proponents of the “get all the nutrition you need from a healthy diet” group to come up with a practical weekly diet plan which would give even those measely RDA amounts daily. No one has ever come close.
    The bottom line to me is that certainly one should eat as healthy of a nutrient-dense organic diet as possible to get as much valuable nutrition as possible but that depending on diet alone without the use of items such as organic wild crafted superfoods powders and/or a good whole foods derived multi-vitamin, mineral and nutrient product is not likely to cut it. And it certainly won’t cut it when it comes to addressing deficiencies.

  57. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  58. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  59. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  60. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  61. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  62. Big question is did Big Pharma pay for the phoney research complilation and what Big Pharma drugs were they also taking and what side effects could have resulted from the Drugs?
    Why is it that Big pharma drugs which kill over 100,000 people a year (when properly taken as prescribed) are never in the main stream media, while the natural therapies which have caused virtually zero deaths or adverse reactions get all the blame?
    Until the corrupt and crony organizations like the AMA and FDA (which are both completely in the pockets of Big Pharma) get exposed for the crooks that they are, they will continue to peddle their toxic drugs and fake GM Frankenfoods, while scapegoating the natural foods and therapies as the shams. Typical lies and distortions by the biggest crooks of the century.

  63. Leave your hands, rules, and laws off of our vitamins! My Doctor has told me which vitamins to take. She stays informed. The government has no right and no business interferring with vitamin usage. Worry about our wars and bringing our troops home, worry about the air we breathe. Do something to clean up our oceans and our water supply. There are hormones in the milk my Grandchildren drink. Allow us to reply on our own common sense to choose our own vitamins..all by ourselves.

  64. This is another great example of how the globalists use junk science and the controlled mainstream media to push an agenda. The agenda in this case is to hand over vitamins to the pharmaceutical industry by first making them illegal. In order to make them illegal, the public has to buy into that vitamins are bad for them, therefore, not minding that they will no longer be able to take them without a prescription. Once that happens, the main stream goes back to “vitamins are good” and now you and I pay through the nose for them. Unreal!

  65. People buy these arguments however. I’m in and out of court with my friend because she does not want a conservator. Her conservator is using the argument that I “buy herbs from the internet and maybe I give them to my friend so I can steal her meds”.. my friend’s sister went crazy and emailed me that I should not give her sister “stuff I get from the internet”.. meanwhile I’m 67 going on 40 and their brains are barely functioning [thank you phosphatidylserine, Omega3, Ray Sahelian’s Brain Power Rx, etc… ]

  66. Sad to say many people will hear of or read this garbage, never thinking to look at why their own governmental agencies wish to take away their rights and freedoms through sham science and mirrors. Even worse, that agency likely used taxpayer money to fund this foolishness.
    I always find it amusing the governmental agencies are willing to us this kind of useless information to change the public’s mind, yet never allow anything other then the most rigorous scientic data available for non-agency work….

  67. They want the money that Americans are spending on supplements. I have been sick for years and it is the supplements that are bringing me out of it. Most of my problems came about from prescriptions drugs like Nexium and antibiotics.

  68. You do not mention another, major weakness of the study. Results are based on differences in mortality between supplement users and non-users, plus the *assumption* that the users were otherwise the same as the non-users. This assumption could be wrong, because there was no random assignment of subjects to the two groups. Some of the users may have chosen to take supplements because of health problems that decreased their longevity. In other words, the supplement users may have been overall less healthy to begin with, in which case their slightly higher mortality was not caused by supplements. The authors mention the possibility of this “reverse causation” in connection with iron, but it is equally possible for all other nutrients studied. The authors fail to acknowledge this weakness of their study.
    You are badly mistaken to claim that “all of the relative risks were so low as to be statistically insignificant.” For example, when they say that the hazard ratio for multivitamins was “1.06; 95% CI, 1.02-1.10,” that means that the ratio estimate was 1.06 with 95% confidence that the true ratio lies between 1.02 and 1.10. Because the 95% confidence interval (CI) does not include 1.00 (no hazard difference), the result is considered statistically significant. A paper with “all statistically insignificant” results would not be publishable in most journals.

  69. America, you need to operate at SEE LEVEL !! If you fall below, you can’t SEE the deception and illusion that is being created by the media. KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER and support any effort to manage your own health. Otherwise you will drown in the alternative….as so many have already embracing what they were lead to believe. The AMA and the American media does not have a life raft to send you. Keep your eyes peeled for the truth…as if your health depended on it!!! Because it does!! Last night’s expose was a joke to those of us who have lived long, healthy, productive lives BECAUSE of regular vitamin consumption. 🙂 But if that right is taken away…it will be no laughing matter 🙁

  70. This makes perfect sense because they are trying to make a case for demonizing supplements and vitamins. If you can’t support your health using preventive supplements, Big Pharma will have more customers for their synthetic drugs. Like I said, it makes perfect sense if your main concern is the bottom line as opposed to maximizing the quality of human life. I wonder how these people can look at themselves in the mirror?

  71. More junk science, propaganda and bald faced lies from the pharmaceutical industry, Same old same old.
    Shame, shame, shame.

  72. Oh sure I’m going to believe the ama the fda Ha! fat chance…Get the cd “Dead Drs. don’t lie” it says it all…

  73. I believe supplements are very helpful and beneficial and I will continue to take them.

  74. Isn’t there a bill up to be voted on so the goverement can conroll our vitamins. we should write our congress people

  75. When I began to take one-a-day supplements, I was instructed to take one each day for six days and rest on the 7th day. (Kind of Biblical, isn’t it?) Also, I looked for anything chelated. Chelated supplements work with the body before leaving the body. We cannot believe much of anything that comes from regulated medicine (AMA) any more. I know what works for me and I’m sticking with it.

  76. You call this a scientific study? I’m surprised the editors of a “respected” journal let you publish such hogwash.
    No wonder the general public doesn’t have much faith in the medical profession.

  77. Hmm……..they didn’t even mention how many medications the women were on that could have had side effects that shortened their lives. Guess they didn’t think that was important.

  78. This is a very disturbing report about vitamins. However one question is necessary regarding this report, were any of the subjects taking medical prescriptions along with the vitamins? This is very important factor. I agree we do not know enough details about the study to know the quality or amount of the vitamins which can change the entire results of the study. I personally take vitamins and have a great health record. With diet and lifestyle I do not take any prescription to enjoy great health. I am a senior and work full time. With out my vitamins and supplements I would not enjoy my life as much. When i skip my supplement in short time it takes it toil and I began to have problems . Once I start my supplement routine my problems slowly disappear and I feel great once again.
    Please be assured I believe in the medical profession. I also believe in knowing your body, following a healthy diet and lifestyle and taking vitamins and supplements according to your personal needs.
    Thank you for your time.

  79. Once again the mainstream media clamps onto some junk science study. Are they aware of the thousands of positive studys on supplements? By the way big pharma was probably involved in this someway.they. cannot wait to supplements regulated.

  80. Well thought out. Well written. Thank you for your prompt, unrehearsed and objective response to an atrocious. Prepare another article for vitamin E vs Prostate cancer study recently released.

  81. Not only is this junk science, but also seems to be part of the conditioning process by the FDA (a branch of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment…) in their ultimate goal of convincing the ignorant public that supplements are dangerous and need to be regulated. We could be heading for the day when vitamins are by prescription only.

  82. I couldn’t agree with you more! It is irresponsible for newspapers to print this without an accompanying educated comment and could harm many people who do not have the background to evaluate research designs. Without random assignment to groups, there can be no causal conclusions; there is no basis for betting on the “truth” of any outcome.
    It’s really too bad that people in the news media aren’t better educated in the areas in which they publish.
    Clairice T. Veit, Ph.D.

  83. The AMA and the FDA are made up to individuals who are far more inteested in getting noticed by the “right people” and getting on the right guest lists than they are of understanding integrated physiology.
    An all expense paid symposium to the south pacific goes a long way with these people whose only interest is lucrative incomes and status. Getting noticed by a CEO of big pharma is their dream come true. We are on our own.
    There is nothing the AMA or FDA has to say that I would have the slightest interest in. If they said a cat was black and the cat looked black, it would automatically be suspect. I would wonder what Wall Street Market they are trying prop up to get big pharma’s attention.
    We are a set of biochemical interdependencies and when those interdependencies aren’t satisfied, systems deteriorate, checks and balances are our of whack, defenses aren’t in place and renegade processes occur. But trying to tell that to someone making billions on profit oriented alchemy is wasted breath.
    Thank you so much for standing up to big money and trying to help us stay healthy.

  84. The fact that the AMA published this should be an indication to everyone just how little integrity there is in this association. It’s no doubt in my opinion that this was published to coincide with the FDA’s push to get dietary supplements off the market. And no doubt in my opinion, that this is because the large Pharma’s don’t want any natural competition to their over-priced and over-valued drugs.
    It’s absolutely ridiculous that the AMA and FDA are behaving as they are and getting away with it, and no doubt who they are there to protect, and it isn’t the American consumer’s health.

  85. WHAT is the MATTER with those PEOPLE?

  86. This is not the first such attack on vitamins, with the same argument put forth by the press. In many cases. If you follow the money, the trail leads to their editor, who has been told by his superiors to implement that particular editorial policy. The reason is obvious: the press and the
    mainstream medical profession, as well as the AMA, are in the pockets of Big Pharma.
    It is patently ridiculous to make statements denigrating the use of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements, especially by the medical community. One might as well state that food, which contains vitamins and minerals, is not recommended for use by human beings.
    In assessing the pros and cons of this issue, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and evaluate how animals, including we humans, derive nutrition and why. We all eat so as to obtain fuel to nourish the body. If our ‘fuel’ is of poor quality, lacking in enough essential vitamins and minerals, our health declines. By its very definition, a vitamin is a substance without which, death ensues.
    Just go back and review what you may have heard in your history cleas, about British sailors, who developed scurvy because they endured long sea voyages, without being able to obtain vitamin C aboard ship. Once someone realized what the cause was of this illness, the ships were stocked with limes for the sailors, who couldn’t survive without them. Thus, the nickname “limeys” was coined for the sailors. To this day British sailors are known by that name. Another example is Beriberi, a shortage or lack of an essential B vitamin, or vitamin A, lack of which, can and does cause rampant blindness in the poorest parts of Africa. The list goes on. Take away vitamins and minerals, and inevitably disease and death follows, as night follows day.
    Any medical professional who makes a statement about not needing vitamins and minerals, needs
    to return to school, because that is a demonstration of his ignorance of the human body. No one is saying that all vitamins are created equal, or that all vitamins and supplements are manufactured precisely, but to make a blanket statement that there is no need for them, is certainly
    doing everyone a disservice. Our food delivery system is notablyly less than perfect in this world of fewer and fewer family farms, where our nutritional needs take a back seat to the production of food that is shipped from faraway places, and is sometimes not even recognizable for what it is. The nutrition is leached out of it by long-term storage, shipping delays, warehousing and a host
    of other factors. In addition to these, we are now being cajoled into believing that irradiated and genitically modified food is actually good for us. Round-up ready vittles – um um good! Pass my plate! Who are they kidding? Apparently, the press and those who profit from our willingness to be blind and deaf when it comes to our health and nutrition.
    Wake up, America! Stand up and be counted. Vote for your interests, not against them, and
    this travesty can’t continue, if you make enough noise.

  87. I read the article on MSNBC last night. Judging from the comments made to the article the general public was not at all fooled by this junk science.

  88. My response to this information when I first heard it on Fox News was outrage. I have been taking multivitamins and other supplements for years instead of the worthless, expensive, dangerous drugs doctors wanted to prescribe to me since a mild heart attack in late 2001. This “mild” heart attack was brought on by years of stress due to an alcohol abusing husband and a job that took so much from me I can’t explain it. I am in way better health than any of my friends who are afraid to not take the drugs. I refuse to call drugs medicine. Hippocrates taught that food is our medicine and medicine is our food. Today, though, our “food” is so comtaminated and compromised, we need supplements to off see what produce no longer provides thanks to agribusiness and Monsanto. I suspect that these and others of their ilk are behind this worthless study.

  89. The AMA is in business to protect itself; it is getting further and further away from actual medicine. It seems to be about grant money and profit instead of an endeavor to come to a deeper, genuine understanding of the human body.

  90. I saw this misinformation report given this morning. I never respond to things like this but I am outraged. I will be 71 years old in January. I take no prescription drugs. I have been hospitalized three times when giving birth to my children. I have used my Medicare and prescription drug insurance once. I do however, take supplements and over the years (doing my own research) take the ones I feel I do best with and need.
    This is only the beginning of the scam we are all about to face with the Pharma trying to gain a foothold in our right to choose the supplements we want. I would almost guarantee that those of us individuals who have done research on supplements and are free to take what we choose are not making any profit for Big Pharma, and lets face it, they are a for profit industry for their stockholders.
    I have been blessed with good health, for which I am most thankful, but it is still our God-given right to choose what we think is for our good. Any really, what they want us to think is for our good, is just another right they wish to take from us. I hope people wake up while they can still make a choice for themselves.

  91. I am outraged that anyone would try to use such junk science to stop people from making theirr own choices regarding their own health. I use my doctors as advisers, not dictators. How dare any one try tochange these policy for the sake of profiteering by drug companies. SHAME.

  92. I heard something different in the news. The news report said that women who took multi-vitamins had a higher death rate. You did not address that in your commentary.

  93. Vitamins made from dehydrated organic food at low temperature under ideal conditions containing thousands of naturally occurring phytonutrients is like day and night in comparison to synthetic vitamns in isolation crafted in some factory. Did they leave the vitamin source out intentionally or are they just ignorant about the enormous difference.

  94. I can not believe that this type of study is allowed to be published!
    There is no validity but confusion among people. This type of studies makes me loose my time as my clients, either wants to talk about it or wants me to explain the details. I appreciate the summary in this article. Thank you

  95. This is an outrageous claim —- Vitamins are what is keeping us from taking all the drugs that the drug industry wants to supply. Enough already!!!

  96. I have used vitamin and mineral supplements for 40 years. I am now 86 and enjoy very good health I have no chronic health problems and take one med for my hypothyroid. I walk 2 miles daily and work out at the local gym. I believe there is a war on dietary supplements by
    Big Pharma.

  97. I was embarrassed for the AMA or whoever originated that agenda based propaganda. The American people are not naive children. The majority of us have sense enough to see through such a simplistic proclamation. I suspect there will be much more of this kind of thing as long as Big Pharma works to take our suppliments away from us. But the misinformation is going to have to be a little more sophisticated to be taken seriously.

  98. Once again faulty information is publicized by media without any investigation into the source and validity of information. Overpaid media with no accountability!! What would happen to your job status if you did not take responsibility for validating the “facts” before you presented them. This whole situation is becoming far too common. I appreciate ANH’s dedication to verifying and getting the truth out to the public.

  99. I hate to say it, but in some cases they may be right. Have you looked at the pharmaceutical company vitamins lately? Ergocalciferol (D2 -reportedly blocks absorption of D3) instead of real Vitamin D3. Synthetic vitamin E (again – may interfere with real E absorption). Non-chelated minerals poorly absorbed by the body, cobalt-based (look for cobal…) B-12 (said to work, but is mildly toxic) instead of methyl-based. Even “natural” vitamin A that isn’t carotene so it can have toxic effects in too large a dose.
    And that’s not to mention the food additives and colorants they put in that are toxic to the body! If we are talking about those vitamins, it’s better to do without, because I bet you that some of them are quite capable of shortening life. Maybe the AMA knows that!
    Anyway, it is a ludicrous study and statement, and a way to get people to neglect their health since in a state of apathy (“what’s the use taking vitamins – nothing really works, anyhow”) you are going to be even more diseased.

  100. What else do you expect from the AMA and big Pharma. They want people to have to use pe r
    scription drugs rather than something from nature. The natural foods and medicines keep you healthy ,there for less money for the big pharma.,and drs.

  101. Well, they always use studies generally supported by Big Pharma and use synthetic supplements or incomplete complex supplements, all of which means the results will be in
    their favor. Altho it was a large study, I did not hear it was a Random Control Trial study, and somehow I doubt it was. Shaklee has an outside Landmark study showing just the reverse, but then Shaklee does not have any synthetic garbage or incomplete supplements.
    Ditto on the PSA test and the mammograms – PSA has proven to be dangerous and mammograms need not be done routinely on younger women. Gee, I wish I didn’t enjoy research and true science studies so much.
    Liberal media love to shove garbage one-sided information at us and, unfortunately, there are way too many ill-educated and non-thinkers out there who buy into the misguided information spewed out on TV or the newspapers who are never objective.

  102. The US truly is becoming a big industry run police state. The scary thing is that individuals or small, underfunded groups can do nothing to stop it for fear of retribution. Hopefully the march on Wall St. is an example of the kind of resistance to come.
    There’s another one well under way over fluoridation, and yet another over GMO’s. If these are accompanied by ‘equally massive’ movements against chem trails and dangerous vaccines, perhaps we’ll begin to recover the freedoms and choices we’ve been stripped of.
    How can our government officials be such blatant, dangerous, money centered liars, and maintain power?
    Well, I’m scared!

  103. I wonder how long the public wil take to figure out the truth about this horrible game the AMA is playing. Someone should publish all the deaths caused by prescription drugs, if it be possible.! I truly appreciate those on the forefront fighting for our rights to take back the charge of our health . I for one is a living testimony of what good supplements have done to give me my health back when all else had failed and doctors said they did not know what was wrong with me.! Keep on fighting , keep on pressing. We will defeat the Goliath!

  104. The Pharmaceutical Industry and all those that they support strikes again. What a joke. The Pharmaceutical Industry is really starting to panic. The Dietary Supplement Industry is creeping up closer and closer and will most likely win. Look out Pharmaceutical Industry, your lies are not working.

  105. I have been going to a homeopathy therapist for over 20 years. I take supplements which have made all the difference in my health. My history was getting many colds and sinusitis 4-6 times a year before homeopathy. I have not have sinusitis since taking the supplements. Get rid of your prejudice – do some more appropriate research which is hooked into the truth.

  106. 234 Milllion adults??
    That means there are only 70 million kids in America? Seems wrong to me!
    They never stop do they – trying to discredit our supplements and restrict our access to them.
    And yet their drugs keep running into lawsuits and reluctant FDA recalls.

  107. It looks as if the AMA is clutching at straws in this latest denouncement of supplements. I suspect that this is due to their dislike of people who get analyze info they get from the internet and make their own diagnosis and decide on how they are going to take care of their ailments. The AMA don’t like this because they are greedy and see the population as a big cash cow to be milked. Otherwise actual cures would be administered instead of “treatments”. Dope dealers are more honest then our M.D.’s because they will tell you to your face that you are going to get so hooked on the dope they sell to you that you’ll be back for more of their product.
    M.D.’s know they’ve got you on the “comeback” but keep silent about it.

  108. Seems like anyone with an agenda to “prove” something can figure out a way to do it! I’m allergic to most chemicals so rely on supplements, which have helped me greatly over the years. I rely on holistic help and am appalled that they can be prosecuted for helping me!
    Stay away from aspartame, high fructose syrup (HFS), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and genetically modified foods, eat organic and locally grown foods with supplements as necessary and you’ll have a fighting chance for healthy longevity! A pox on such “studies” that are meant to scare people for no reason!

  109. i’am living proof that vitamins do help your health…If we all went and lived by bureaucy bs we would all be dead or sick, diseased…I had cyst in my breast and in arm pits, dr. recommended vit e, back then a 1000 but 400 is all u need he found out later bec the rest is wasted and i have never had cyst since. Also there have been other times and i feel they helped me pull through other incidents. Also i can tell when i have not taken my vitamins, so they can take there opinions and stick it where the sun does not shine and quit dictating and screwing with people’s minds!!!!

  110. i was stunned when I heard the announcement today about how supplements can supposedly shorten your life. Your rebuttal needs to hit the so-called mainstream media. Is there anything you can do to get the other side of the story across the airways?

  111. I’m so glad to see a report that reflects how I feel! The media jumped on this – had ‘doctors’ evaluating it, all to the detriment of taking vitamins. Not necessary? When our food supply is so tainted? Right! I take a LOT of vitamins and my health is very good. I’m 71 and do just about everything I want to. I take care of 13 cats (a lot of work), and am in the process of manually weeding the entire grounds of a house we bought a year ago. It’s looking good, too!

  112. This is just another instance where Big Pharma is afraid that people are going to get wise and realize that the majority of the medications are making them sicker. The Doctors get all kinds of perks and bonuses from the drug companies to push their meds. I am a 63 year old woman who had a Dr. that over medicated me. I was in and out of the E.R. for all kinds of drug reactions and had all kinds of health problems. Then one day I fired my Dr. stopped all of the meds started taking supplements instead. I feel great now and I am able to all the things I couldn’t before. I haven’t been to a Dr. in over a year and I am enjoying life.

  113. The results of this study are inconclusive. Using this data you can’t say conclusively that it’s a fact that multivitamins shorten your life. If this is the best evidence you have then it seems you are grasping at straws. The fact is, there are many studies that do show that vitamin supplements are beneficial.
    Another fact you can’t argue is that prescribed drugs kill thousands of people every year. Maybe you should regulate the drugs, that are actually killing people, a little better and lay off of the supplements. But I guess if you do that your buddies in the drug companies wouldn’t be happy.
    Bob Schicke

  114. You can trace the conclusions reported by the study to big pharma’s influence. This is simply a separate attack on supplements in an effort to reduce their beneficial consumption and steer the populace to prescription drugs. Sad.

  115. I woke up to that news this morning – astounding and incomprehensible! I only take one vitamin supplement…Vitamin L Lysine, without it I would suffer the symptoms of herpes complex constantly, with it I have NO symptoms and I have been taking it for over 35 years. It beats the heck out of prescription drugs. It has no side effects and it has made for a pain free, outbreak free life.
    How dare “they” call their report breaking news and and send yet another message to the general public that self health care is dangerous! insinuating that we are stupid. Thank you for your report that allows people to see how their “science report” deserves an F!
    I am actually so outraged about this as a worthy piece of news that I am now submitting my very first comment in my entire lifetime about anything for any reason.

  116. My daughter actually brought the recent article claiming vitamins may be doing more harm than good to my attention as a must read. I agree Shame On this shoddy research and shame on the media for propagating most likely false and inaccurate information. I for one don’t have do not have health insurance so I rely heavily on good nutrition and natural vitamin/mineral supplementation to stay healthy and strong. the AMA, FDA and all the others agencies that are supposed to be looking out for our safety (yeah right) should be focusing more attention on harmful pharmaceuticals which kill thousands every year, and let us make our own choices about nutrition.
    Please stop the insanity!!

  117. This is outrageous. It amazes me that they can come to a conclusion and speak about it to millions of people without very much evidence to back it up.
    I know just how valuable supplements are to my health. I had been diagnosed with celiac disease by a natural doctor a few years ago. My symptoms went undiagnosed by the medical doctors for 16 years. They could not figure out what was wrong with me and probably thought I was a hypochondriac. I had such severe symptoms, such as abdominal pain or the pain was all over that I felt like I was dying. It interfered tremendously with my life. Since seeing my natural doctor a few years ago, I have lost over 50 lbs and have never felt better. He tested my VIT D (no MD ever gave me that test) and my result was very low. Just taking the VIT D daily has made such huge improvements in my health. When I feel a cold coming on, it doesn’t get nearly as bad as it did before; plus I don’t get sick as much as I used to. There are many other supplements I take. My natural doctor has given me a lot of knowledge so I know what to do to take care of my health. The American people need to be given the knowledge to try to prevent diseases and just stay healthy. Both sides of medicine are needed…mainstream medicine treats diseases…natural doctors are preventative care. I just don’t know why natural medicine seems to be hidden from society.

  118. Since the average American takes about 13 different prescription drugs, simultaneously, what drugs might these women have been taking that have known, dangerous side effects?

  119. Thank you for pointing out the many flaws in this AMA “study”. If this is the quality of AMA research, I will not be using it for reference. Out of curiosity, in what professional journal was the study published? Is the journal peer-reviewed? What is its rating (four star, three star, etc.)?
    Last two questions: is there a list of the drug companies that support the AMA? What about the drug companies that support American medical schools?

  120. I wish they would think before they say things. I guess that’s the idea — make up damning information so they can get rid of the competition.

  121. I wonder if the sicker woman took the supplements n the first place which could explain an association but not aural relationship with wanting to take supplements in the first place. That is the first thing I think of that could explain an even higher death rate in those who take supplements . Only a prospective study where random assignment to the two groups could help determine the validity of a relationship positive or negative.
    Ill inidividauls may seek out vitamins mor ethat people who feel well which is not mentioned here as a contributing factor.


  123. Business as usual for the American Medical Corporation. Big Pharma over vitamins that keep us from getting sick. Let’s call the AMA what it is…a business with obscene profits as their bottom line. They’ve made great commissions doing the bidding of the pharmaceutical companies treating “symptoms” with quick fix chemical mixes…and never actually “healing” the patient. The real money is in stabilizing and maintaining a disease and not curing it. Makes for a lot of repeat business. Hippocrates is raging in his grave.

  124. My doctor told a friend who said he used cod liver oil, “Don’t tell me about things like that. I’m a scientist….”
    Scientists are people who know things, by definition. This individual clearly knows nothing, has read nothing other than drug company literature, if that is not an oxymoron, and seems to be quite happy with that state of affairs.
    I am quite surprised that even junk science of the kind reported here, found no clear evidence that taking supplementary vitamins etc, had any positive effect. Other, presumably better-designed studies, have, for example, found clear correlations between multivitamin use and telomere length, the latter being positively associated with longevity. I suspect that the data was, er, shall we say, modified somewhat, and its collection methodology kept deliberately vague and unverifiable, to produce the sought-after conclusion.
    The body requires that certain vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids be acquired from the diet. Multivitamin tablets and fish oil capsules supply these requirements. Magnesium, vitamins D,C,E, selenium, DHA/EPA, etc,are all unequivocally linked with positive health outcomes.
    He that has ears to hear, will hear. The scientists involved in this duplicitous study will die earlier deaths than necessary,and be buried in coffins lined with the yellowing pages of their wasted lives’ work.

  125. That’s it! This is the Tipping Point. This is where the old drops off, and the new hitches a ride with a scythe while we move into the “Fahrenheit 451” phase of our culture. Fahrenheit 451 was a future novel where firemen ran around in trucks that did not put fires out; rather, they started fires by burning books. This is the AMA version. Healthcare is no longer about maintaining health, but, alas, stopping it. We are in the way. It is time for us to be permanently sick. Big Pharma, the FDA/Monsanto, the CDC, and it seems the AMA have realized that they make a hell of a lot more money if we are sick. Our sickness is the incentive for their profit margins. We are farm animals who make them money by being sick. Sickening, huh. Moooo.

  126. I’ve heard three different accounts of the same report analysis, two different accounts by CBS news and one by a supplement and food manufacturing newsletter. Health conscious consumers are able to discern the quality of research studies and are aware of the antiquated medical paradigms and biases of the existing medical establishment thus the 2004 study will not create much discord among natural product users. Common sense is all that is necessary to know bad science when its presented and this dissemination of a statistically insignificant out-dated study only proves that someone is worried within the Allopathic institutions.

  127. Yes, this supposed study is junk. I don’t believe any of it. Multivitamins have been proven healthy, safe, and effective, and I take them daily.

    1. You are right. People with a brain know this “study” is ridiculous, designed to take away our vitamins.

  128. Years ago my youngest kid brother, professional carpenter, developed arthritis in his wrists so severe he could not hold a hammer. Sports doctor prescribed large doses of glucosamine & chondroitin, reducing to normal levels when he could go back to work. Later dear Mom slapped a large jar of G-C tablets into my hand and said “Take these!” My counter arguments dismissed, I took them, and continue to this day. I am now over 70 and experience no joint pains. I know this is not a scientific experiment and there could be any number of alternative explanations, but I have no desire to be a guinea pig in cause and effect research. I appear to be in that section of the population who benefits/has no adverse reactions, so media sniping does not disturb me. We are not identical, what seems to work for me may not work for some other group. And I am doing well so far, and am afraid to stop!

  129. More fear mongering. Also, I wonder how many of these women died of premature death due to a mouthful of mercury fillings, most commonly used doing their lifespan.

  130. The very minute I saw the article from AMA on multivitamins, I just rolled my eyes. It always seems (to me anyway) that the AMA and others always want to make taking charge of your own health a bad thing. I think it really comes down to all these associations and others feeling rather threatened by the fact that people are taking charge of their own health by turning away from pharm meds and turning to a more holistic approach. So, they will conjure up some ridiculous “study” and put it out there to scare people back onto the pharm meds. That’s my honest opinion, I think it’s a scare tactic on their part and it all comes down to money……..bottom line! I don’t listen to the foolish reports I listen to what my body tells me, and that’s the best medicine of all……listen to your body people!

  131. Bravo for always reporting the truth and separating it from all the junk fiction out there, especially on vitamins and supplements. Keep up the good work. We all need you..

  132. I found the supplement my mum was taking contained miniscule amounts of vitamin C plus a jot of fillers and other junk, including aspartame. It should not have been labelled ‘flavoured vitamin C’ but rather ‘carcinogenic candy with mitigation’. This is why mass-market vitamins are a problem – they give nutrition and supplementation a bad name, and are sold without any sensible guidance.
    Such a study needs to be designed properly to test professionally organised nutritional programmes. But why bother? Anybody on such a programme knows the answer.

  133. I had read the article. This is how it works. PR (press) positions the message they (some group or faction)want to sell / promote to the public to change or mold the general public’s opinon about a subject. You’ve seen this with cartoons and actors on TV depicting anti-depressants as “good” though the disclaimers and statistics prove they cause depression and suicide. The AMA/FDA /APA/ Pharmaceuticals are looking for ways to promote to the general public that vitamins are “bad” even “dangerous” . The general public will read/hear/see this same message repeated to create the impression that it is true and everyone agrees — even though it is only one source spreading the same false message to various media. When this has gone on long enough, laws are then introduced against this “bad” thing and the general population goes along with it. You may also have read where the FDA want to abolish, by law, certain vitamins, including Vit D which is proven to be anti-cancer. When the “black PR” (lies)has saturated the public, there is little or no public protest against a bad or corrupt law. The press is fed false data and lies, such as the report on dangers of multivitamins — they will then report whatever they are told — this avoids any “truth in advertising” laws. The public buys it, the public is softened up, the public accepts sweeping changes, even accepts destructive actions as “good”. In Germany, pre WWII, there was a huge “black PR” campaign against Jews and Gypsy’s. There were cartoons depicting them “stealing your children”. This campaign of lies set the public’s mind that Jews / Gypsys were dangerous. When the Nazi’s came to take away one’s Jewish neighbor, there was no protest. One assumed that the neighbor they had known and admired for years must have been covertly doing some of these bad things the media had been “reporting”. So one needs to “look”, look at these studies, get the truth, do not “listen” — check into the source of the propaganda, follow the money, check into voting records of political leaders (congressional votes can be found on-line), do some research yourself, and know what you know from your own experience.

  134. Well, things are often not ideal. Though this is senseless in one way, it does make sense as a way for pharma and the AMA to forge a positive bond with the media which is always looking for stories to fill their time.
    The real horror is the dearth of medical information on the internet.

  135. I strongly disagree with the report that vitamin supplements are bad for us.I, for one, have used supplements for years,and consider myself to be healthy, I am 70 yrs. old, & seldom sick.
    This report does not change my mind about supplements at all.

  136. I believe the AMA is losing credibility. Some of the information I’ve been reading and heard of indicates we have lost our edge as a leader in this profession. The FDA is also part of this downfall with some of their actions as of late.


  138. When the allopathic medical establishment says something is bad for you, I am inclined immediately to believe the opposite. For example, the FDA has been trying to stop people knowing about and using 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and the Mineral Mineral Solution for many years because they would be bad business for Big Pharma, if people knew about them. I have found vitamin supplements useful and helpful over the years when I have taken them, which was for a reason each time. I suspect an ulterior motive to the “study”.

  139. Hello,
    I was so upset when I read about this and got into a heated discussion with my sister because she believed it. This sort of stuff can cause people to damage their health because they stop taking supplements. When one gets a certain age they need supplementation more than any time in their lives to improve their health; without it they will go downhill faster. This is dangerous information as far as I am concern.

  140. I for one knew that this was not true when I heard it on TV. It was obviously nothing but Junk Science . A lot of the points in this article I had already thought of. The mainstream news is always looking for a way to discredit the Vitamin /food supplement industry simply because it can’t be patented and it works.

    1. I’m German and visited this side for the first time. As far as I understand, this side deals with natural health and natural food. If you eat a diet that contains all kind of food (Meat, eggs, vegetables, milk products, etc.) there is no need for additional dietary supplements. Only if you are a share holder of the big Pharma companys then you should use these supplements to encrease the value of your shares. It is not nessesary for your health. I think a society? that calls herself “Alliance for natural health” should be glad about the findings of Dr. Mursu and his colleagues because is supports the aims of the Alliance of natural health. Dietary supplements are in no way natural but composed in big chemical factories. So please tell me who is behind the Alliaance for natural food?
      I think behind the ANF is big Pharma and not an association of natural health or natural food or nutrition.
      The study of Dr.Mursu may contain faults but it shows similar results than other studies befor. So this indicates there must be somthing wrong with dietary supplements!

      1. The German Society for Nutrition ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernaehrung, DGE ) is promoting a “balanced diet” consisting of mainly bread, grains and noodles, milk and milk products and meat, accompanied by vegetables and fruit since 60 years now. The DGE speaks out against supplements since 60 years as all Germas allegedly get enough of all nutrients from food. And where did that bring us? To more than 15 percent forced deduction ( illness insurance ) of our income to repair ill health. Rising. Shouldn’t we start to look critically at those recommendations of this lobby organisation for the food industry? Why don’t they advise against food categories known to be risky for parts of the population? Because the DGE serves its clients. Would the German Society for Nutrition serve the German population it would long have begun to recommend amounts of nutrients that are needed to counter the effects of car exhaust and other pollutants. Why are death rates of cancer and heart disease rising so quickly? And did so during the last 6 decades? Because we are so well nourished? No, because even the very low reccommendations for “healthy adults of 60 kilograms” are only met by very few people. Our paleolithic ancestors ate diets void of milk and grains. Their raw food diet constisted of amounts of vitamins and minerals two to four times higher than what the DGE is promoting as sufficient today. Orthomolekulare Medizin für Aerzte und Apotheker, p. 15.ISBN 38047109279

    2. I concur with you. I hope that many out there will keep abreast of this propaganda and protest any suggestion of the Pharmaceutical industry trying to take over the vitamin industry that we are free to use as we see fit. It’s the old adage, “Follow the money”!

  141. Big Pharma has been trying to do away with supplements for years now. I can see them using this kind of propaganda against multivitamins or any kind of supplements in order to caucus for them to be swallowed up by the pharmaceutical Hydra and force prescriptions for supplements with prices that will pump them up some more and rob the average person some more, while adding to stealing people’s health along with their money in this endeavor. Time for the Wall Streeter’s 1% theme to include every other area in which people are being stripped of their rights to good health while the drug companies don’t even test their products before releasing them. How many recalls per week do we hear about? It’s time to do our own research, and listen to our own bodies.

    1. Yes i agree and strange how big pharma never mentions about the 16000 americans that die from taking pain killers annually ,And the untold thousands of deaths from other untested chemical cocktails. If just one person dies from a reaction to a vitamin it will be banned

      1. i agree totally !!! bet if these same supplements were sold through the big pharmas, they would be perfectly ok to use…..what a coincidence that the supplements came under scrutiny just as the patents ran out on a lot of big pharmas big sellers !!! i’m betting a prescription from the dr for the same supplements would be find and dandy !!!

  142. This is just the usual corporate propaganda from our friends at Big Pharma. Google Codex Alimentarius, the Un program to limit our accessibility to vitamins and natural supplements. For these people a strong immune system is bad for business.

  143. So glad that I chose to read your article. After hearing the report on supplements Monday night, I was very confused. I, at 66, take a multi, C, D, A, garlic, calcium, cod liver oil, and flaxseed oil five days each week. With all of the bad things I put into my body, I thought these supplements would help. We should be able to trust something printed by the AMA to have been completely researched. I should know better.

  144. Irresponsible and unreliable information distributed based on limited study or testing. This is a sham, farce and outright lie and untruth. The goal of the individuals who claim supplements are dangerous to ones health are obviously under the “influence” of big pharm. Natural is a threat to their bottom line, they want us all under their control. The real threat are the pharmaceutical companies themselves, they have created a Sick” society that has been made to believe their drugs are needed to survive , when in fact they makevus dependent and more ill.

  145. I heard this report on the national news and almost died laughing. It’s like saying that a traffic accident which happened at midnight where a drunk driver runs into someone is caused by an absence of sunlight.

    1. Actually it’s like statistics showing an increase in car accidents during the day due to alcohol over many years and researchers saying it was due to the sun allowing people to see clearly lol.

  146. Please continue to publish rebuttals of this biased study. Based upon what I heard coming from MSM, I should immediately through out all my supplements or I’ll be doomed to an early demise. Big Pharma has the MSM in their pocket. They will stop at nothing to keep people from staying healthy with supplements to avoid taking their expensive, toxic prescription drugs.

  147. It is too bad, AND SAD, that the A.M.A. has to resort to SCARE tactics and the use of “medical studies” such as this one to sway the general public out of taking nutritional supplements. I was always under the impression that the A.M.A. and doctors were there to help us stay healthy and lead long productive live’s. The A.M.A. seems to have lost site of the real purpose why they are here. It all comes down to the all-mighty DOLLAR! It seems that most of the medical profession (including the pharmaceutical industry) is concerned with writing prescriptions, operations that may not be needed and anything else they can add to your medical bill to please investors! It would seem that if the A.M.A. and the natural health associations could come together for the “better health” of the individual this may help to ease the burden on medical insurance carriers, including medicare and medicaid. I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for both “natural health” and for doctors, medications and even sugical proceedures if absolutely necessary. With changes in lifestyle (including diet and execise), proper supplementation and regular medical check-ups a person may live to be a ripe HEALTHY old age.

    1. The AMA has had an agenda that’s been highly suspicious, to say the least, for decades. They were sued (and lost!) some years back by a group of Chiropractors because they’d been spreading continual lies, preventing MDs from having anything to do with Chiropractors, having DCs imprisoned, and doing their utmost (with their almost unlimited funds) to destroy the Chiropractic profession. They destroyed the Osteopathic profession to where these practitioners are now merely watered-down, wannabe MDs with nothing valuable to offer.
      People have become increasingly dumbed-down–by design–and will believe almost anything the pharmaceutical hucksters and their shills, the lamestream media, bray to those who will listen. MDs have become cookbook-readers who match up symptoms with very dangerous and powerful drugs that haven’t been proven to do much of anything at all except destroy organs, immune systems, and any quality of life.

  148. This sort of research conclusion is the reason, sadly, that I have such resistance to the medical association as a whole. My distrust was developed, almost against my will, as I grew into adulthood based on exactly this type of “breaking news” and hype. It saddens me, as I know there are so many truly talented and caring medical professionals out there who are swayed all too often by the ridiculous bias against natural and proven methods of maintaining and improving overall health. My current belief in the affectiveness of the medical profession does not stray from the realm of emergency and trama situations, such as broken bones or burst appendix. For everyday preventative care and health I steer clear.

  149. I started taking vitamins and minerals when I was 57 and am now 73. I have not had a cold, virus or flu (plus other benefits) in all those years, but I am around people who do suffer. I never take flu shots except sometimes when I was still working because no one else would take a flu shot unless I did. The shot never gave me any side effects, but did for some others. Before I started taking vitamins, I suffered from colds and viruses the same as anyone else that I worked with. I agree with your article that it is very disappointing and suspicious that the AMA who should know how to conduct a study could publish such non-scientific confusion and distortion. It makes the scientist who did the study appear to be uneducated or concerned that they are not on the receiving end of alternative and safe ways to maintain health. They must have been absent the day they were supposed to take the oath to do no harm. If our vitamins and minerals are trashed, they will have done harm. No wonder our health costs soar.

  150. How ridiculous these so-called research results get into the main stream media. As you already know, more people DIE from legally prescribed drugs than even illegally acquired drugs on the street: Anna Nicole Smith, Keith Ledger, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on. So I cannot recall any mention of someone dying from an “overdose” of vitamins.
    Big Pharma loves to scare the unknowing public, and it’s a disservice to the viewers of main stream news to listen to this garbage.

  151. This just goes to show you that while great advances in medicine are taking place, the ‘mind-set’ or thinking of the medical profession is decades behind the paradigm shift to a health and wellness as opposed to an illness consciousness. No doubt the study was funded by drug company money either directly or some hack federal agency.

  152. Thank you! The reporting was si vague! And genetic because it was a national report with no local investigation!
    THEN as they shuffle their to end the 3min segment by looking at one another
    ‘ ……guess best to rely on food…’ ‘…yes not just vitamins supplements……’
    I Thought WHAT; vitamins are supplements for foods over processed and lack vitamins needed daily. Holy cow they even add to milk!
    This was not responsible reporting

  153. As a 64 year old who has taken quality multivitamins and many other supplements over the last 40 years and am still thriving and riding my Harley, I must say, “What a bunch of crap!”

  154. This is ridiculous. I am not surprised. The Big Pharma Group should be outed as irresponsible
    when conducting research. I really don’t listen to any studies. I have a doctor that applies
    many integrative procedures and I trust him completely. People that get their doctoring from
    tv reports on various studies are doing themselves harm. Also, do we even know whether
    the participants really even needed the supplements? Where they advised by their doctor to
    take them? I don’t take things unless my doctor tells me that I am deficient. Another wasted study!

  155. OMG…they will not stop trying to CONTROL us will they? Please tell them to get the HECK out of my BUSINESS….I CHOOSE vitamins/natural medicine over their CORRUPT silent killer medicines….GET A GRIP AMA….this is AMERICA and the FREEDOM OF CHOICE….SHOULD BE OURS.

  156. Why we never hear of summary like this about prescription drugs? How not only useless they are, but dangerous; how many side effects (all bad) and many times worse then what they are suppose to treat? If they would take one prescription medication at a time and aired it’s ‘dirty laundry’ on the nightly news they would have horror stories to tell for next hundred years.
    The worse that can be said for supplements or some vitamins is that they may not all be up to snuff and some people could be wasting their money…that, however, is far cry from what prescription meds are doing to individuals.
    And one thing that I never hear about is that the people (many of them seniors) are on so many drugs that they drive under the influence; and that is legal?and scary!

  157. Thank you for juimping on this discraceful charade so quickly.
    As I read the details of the “study” I became more incredulous and shocked. The AMA’s cynical disregard of the overwhelming evidence of the positive benefits of supplementationat is breathtaking. So much so, that the real purpose of the “study’ quickly reveals itself as a yet another blatent attck by big pharma to build “evidence” to support their congressional; efforts to control vitamin supplements.. First get the lie published, then broadcast the “Sensational Study Results” around the gullible press.
    It would be great to see your assessment above published as a offsetting Press Release.
    Thanks again.

  158. During the study, I would like to know the different kinds of prescription drugs used by the women. I think when medical drugs are factored in, you might see a different picture. In my opinion, you could do a 19 year study on women who only took supplements, and women who took NO supplements. That would present a better picture to me.
    I would suggest that also the women in all, not take hormones or the birth control pill.
    I am not a Doctor or a Scientific Researcher, just wondering about the true value or not
    of supplements.

    1. This whole discussion is making me nervous. I am a person living with AIDS for 25 years. I would have died a long time ago if I did not have access to the vitamin and herbal supplements along with my HIV drugs. Some of the supplements are critical to my survival and to avoiding severe physical discomfort. I don’t want my access to these supplements to be threatened in any way! Over the years I have seen the medical Doctors have little or no knowledge of nutrition and or supplements. Certainly drugs/Doctors have there benefits, but not foreverything! If you wish to discuss this with me, my phone number in San Francisco is 415-861-4984 or e-mail is [email protected].
      Nutrition geek, Jordan L. Donovan

  159. It would be interesting to know if the women themselves were asked whether or not they thought that the vitamins and supplements did them good. While this question is not scientific in itself the answers would indicate the mindset of these women. Is it not true that a person’s optimism, beliefs, and hopes for the medicine they are taking has a lot to do with the effectiveness of that medicine, vitamin, or supplement?

  160. This is but one tiny example of the AMA’s vendetta against any health system that is not Allopathic and therefore, not pharmaceutical in nature. The AMA was formed mostly to ‘rid the world of medical charlatans.’ They did a great deal more that throw out the baby with the bath water. They were successfully sued by chiropractic medicine for “conspiracy to defame the practice” over a long period of time. They used their resources and propaganda to bring down and slander the chiropractic practice because they don’t like competition. If the average person was aware of the caliber of corruption the AMA has displayed in their history there would be an uprising.

  161. When I heard the “news” about vitamin supplements on the media, my first thought was “They’re at it again “- “they” being BigPharma.
    Are people finally catching on to the fact that doctors in many, many cases prescribe drugs which they do not understand and which in consequence harm and in some instances actually kill people? Are they finally discovering that one drug’s side effects may lead to the prescribing of yet another drug which in turn has side effects for which still other drugs are prescribed until finally the patient has a full medicine cabinet of drugs?
    All drugs have side effects. Some of these can be fatal or, at the very least, extremely harmful (the drug industry’s favorite cash cow, statins, is one of the most notorious in this regard) and the news is finally getting around. Meanwhile, hopefully people are finally drifting over to the use of CoQ10 and other supplements which are not the huge money-makers that patented drugs are but which are necessary for human health (coenzyme Q10, for example, is part of the mitochondria’s electron transport chain which makes ATP, the energy we need in order to survive. As we age, our bodies don’t make enough of it, and of course statins deplete the body of this vital stuff, which is part of the reason statins can cause so much mischief).

  162. This is all too typical; people actually get benefits from supplements, need less pharmaceuticals, perhaps, and the big Pharma sends out it’s monkeys to trash another industry that may be their competitor. Plus, that so-called study is so lame! Puh-leezee!

  163. “They reported that the number of deaths were somewhat higher for women who took copper”
    Copper is difficult to supplement IMO. My recommendation would to be under competent care and be tested for your BOTH copper AND zinc levels before supplementing.
    Chicken liver is perfectly balanced with bio-available zinc and copper which should be about 10 zinc for each copper. A good helping of chicken liver about once a week and you will be getting balanced zinc and copper as well as a whole LOT of salubrious nutrients. One of the worst things we as a country did was to stop eating liver once a week as we once did. The liver does NOT store toxins it DOES store nutrients. Try it for a couple weeks if you are low on one of the key nutrients chicken liver supplies you will receive an exciting boost in energy.
    Copper appears to be a difficult mineral to deal with
    “Activated charcoal is the single best supplement for enhancing detoxification. You can take charcoal to wipe out decades of toxic heavy metals that may have been building up in your body. Harmful metals like arsenic, copper, mercury, and lead. And it could one day save your life. An activated charcoal detox leaves you feeling like a new person – pumped up, recharged, and bursting with energy. As if you were suddenly 20 years younger. It’s best to use a powder form, mixed into a liquid. Tablets or capsules take too long to absorb and release the activated charcoal. And the dose is usually too small to do the job. Take 20-30 grams a day of powdered activated charcoal (in divided doses) mixed with water over a period of 1-2 weeks.” Doctor Al Sears MD
    Copper appears to be a difficult mineral to deal with. The daily required value for copper is 2 mg. At about 8 mg per day copper starts to get dangerous. This is one reason your water filtration system (See Water Protocol) MUST remove most of the copper. Ten glasses per day of water with the EPA allowed copper limit ALONE will give you over 3 mg of copper. Be sure to chelate (See Chelation Protocol) excess copper. Some experts believe that elevated copper levels, especially when zinc levels are also low, may be a contributing factor in many problems including schizophrenia, hypertension, stuttering, autism, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, childhood hyperactivity, depression, insomnia, senility, and premenstrual syndrome. Citrus foods increase the absorption of copper.
    IMO you need to get your copper from food sources. Chicken liver (See Animal Liver Protocol) is a great source of balanced zinc and Copper. Here are the food sources highest in copper.
    Copper and Zinc may Interfere with each other
    Copper and Zinc (See Zinc Protocol) may interfere with each other when eaten at the same time and over time if the ratio is wrong. For example if you eat more than a little beef liver you will need to get more zinc in your diet, as the ratio of copper to zinc is way wrong. The ideal ratio is ten zinc for each copper (10.0). In beef liver the ratio is about three COPPER for each zinc. OTOH if you are low in copper it’s the way to go.
    Foods with low ratios of Zinc to Copper; 10 Zinc for each Copper is ideal (10.0) too much of these foods may cause you to have low Zinc. Note some foods are high in Zinc in relation to Copper ratios and may also cause low copper. Just be aware of a possible problem with copper and zinc. I usually eat a LOT of these high copper foods, take supplemental Zinc (See Zinc Protocol) and chelate (See Chelation Protocol) free copper.
    To reduce high copper levels, you must use significant amounts of vitamin C and zinc and assure good cholesterol levels.
    Foods with low ratios of Zinc to Copper (Too much Copper)
    Make sure you take supplemental zinc if you eat a lot of these. I eat a LOT of many things on this list; you can see why I MUST take a LOT of supplemental zinc.
    Tap Water can be so low as to be off the chart
    Beef Liver 0.4
    Potato skins 0.7
    Mushrooms 1.7
    Banana, raw 2.0
    Nuts 2.0 average
    Seeds 2.0 average
    Chocolate 2.6
    Cashew nuts 2.6
    Avocado 3.4

  164. I hope that the AMA is castigated in the media for allowing such “junk science” to be published under its auspices. It seems that fascism and corporatism is rampant in our society. It’s time for a healthy change – pardon the pun.

  165. I never cease to be amazed at both the hubris of the AMA, the CDC, the growing NFP Cancer Societies taking money and NOW THIS!
    A study like this makes NEWS? We obviously have no REAL news anymore. Like Congress it’s all about the money!
    If the AMA is so concerned for our health than why do they support along with the ADA the use of a toxic poison in our drinking water? FLUORIDE! DEADLY TOXIC!
    BEWARE THE CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is right around the corner people! WAKE UP! And fight this monster of the FDA and our government stooges in office!

  166. Great article !!!
    The media never looks for the facts behind any (so-called) study, when the (so-called) results fits their agenda (in this case, the goals of their too numerous to count Big Pharma advertisers). We see this lack of media objectivity when it comes to political, social, and cultural topics, so why would we expect them to be objective with regards alternative health and medicine ?

  167. Ones health will drive them to look for other means besides traditional meds and that would be to look at Natural Health meds. On my journey I discovered the importance of taking vitamins that are active allowing the vitamins to get into the blood quickly to help the body heal. I try to change the minds of friends and family to read the lables, search the iInternet to education themselves so that they can make the right decisions about which vitamins are the best to bring results. Knowledge is Power. I am taking vitamins that have made a difference in my health so until there is reason to change I will continue on the journey to kick the meds given to me by my doctor.

  168. I’ve taken prescription meds for 50 years. About 30-35 years ago I was diagnosed by an optometrist as having cataracts.(He said I needed to see him every six months forever!) I then visited an ophthamologist for confirmation. He suggested I take some antioxidents. I did. When I got my first computer I did some research online and found a world of information that might help with other health issues also. Prior to this I had intermittently taken a mullti-vitamin but never with any consistency. I also asked how long before the cataracts would have to be removed and he said probably 10 years. Actually I did not have to have this operation for more than 20 years and I credit supplements. When my eye doctor retired and his young associate took over my care (including cataract surgery) this young man told me my cataracts wouldn’t have developed any sooner even if I’d never take a vitamin or supplement. AMA had taught him well! Never mind contrary evidence.
    Bloomberg’s statement is rediculous on the face of it. He acknowledges that 234 million Americans are taking vitamins and supplements. Why would we do this if we were dying from them? If Congress allows the FDA to control vitamins & supplements, we all suffer–except Big Pharma! FDA is unable to protect us from Big Pharma’s drugs why would anyone think they will do a better job if they also control vitamins and supplements?

  169. Ok – I’ll go back to eating fast food and TV dinners. I’m sure I’ll get all the nutrition I need there. Think of all the money I can save. As far as organics I’ll just start drinking pesticide and chemical fertilizer smoothies. Why let the toxic byproducts of the Nuclear power industry go to waste? You could call it a health bomb.

    1. In a clinical test the rodents given the paper box to eat lasted longer than the rodents eating the “cereal” in the box.
      True story this trial has NEVER been repeated. However your high school student could.

  170. That’s funny. In July of 2002, they recommended all adults take multivitamins.Just globalist trying to take control of all and everything in our lives.

  171. the ama is responsible for about 1 million medical mistake deaths a year. On top of 1 million deaths a year from their drugs. ONLY 2 million deaths a year and they are picking on supplements !!! Must be a slow news day……

  172. I am 86 years of age and wouldn’t be alive now if I had taken pharmaceuticals instead of vitamins/minerals/herbals that I have been taking for the past 20+ years. ‘Nuff said.

  173. Moderator – I think you misunderstood my comment to be against the article. I have attempted to clarify, if so. Please e-mail me privately if you decide not to let this post and tell me why.
    Start of comment:
    Yes- this study is useless except for a lame attempt to discourage people from taken vitamins and other supplements.
    I hate to say it, but in some cases vitamins as they are sold in discount stores may be harming health as much as helping it. Have you looked at the pharmaceutical company vitamins lately? Ergocalciferol (D2 -reportedly blocks absorption of D3) instead of real Vitamin D3. Synthetic vitamin E (again – may interfere with real E absorption). Non-chelated minerals – poorly absorbed by the body, cobalt-based (look for cobal…) B-12 (said to work, but is mildly toxic) instead of methyl-based. Even “natural” vitamin A that isn’t carotene can have toxic effects in too large a dose.
    And that’s not to mention the food additives and colorants they put in these cheap versions that are toxic to the body! If we are talking about those vitamins, it’s better to do without, because I bet you that some of them are not doing much to support health. Maybe the AMA knows that!
    Anyway, it is a ludicrous study and statement on the part of the AMA, and a way to get people to neglect their health, since in a state of apathy (“what’s the use taking vitamins – nothing really works, anyhow”) you are going to be even more diseased.

  174. I believe that the most important information from these surveys was ignored. “What kind of foods and prescription drugs were these women consuming over this same period of time.” This data would more accurately shed light on risk for and causes of death. Also in the press…worry about shortages of drugs. We should see an increase in the overall health of the population from this.

  175. Same old story. Their goal is to “create doubt and confusion” when discussing natural remedies. If a good study is promoted, there’ll be 10 more bad results on same subject. Don’t buy it!
    Big Pharma, Big Medicine just want complete control and so , of course, they never will have it because their lies are an insult. It’s too obvious they think we are all idiots.
    When you hear or read “peer reviewed”, “gold standard”, “prestigious medical journal”and even “scientifically proven”, etc, know that you are being sold some a bunch of lies. ….. and when you read “calls for ….”, “may do more harm than good”, “the study suggests…”, “it is now thought that….”, “not a proven…”, or any of the other standard phrases that the PR’s and marketing agents pump out in their press releases for Big Medicine/Pharma or against natural health/remedies, know again that you are being sold some lies. Science and medicine is a tool. That’s all. The way these zealots pump their stuff, you could be forgiven for believing they are talking about some omnipresent God that knows all and is the sole guardian and grantor of Life. Nothing could be further from the truth for many people who fall into their clutches. Certainly the constant attack on nutritional preventative medicine/ healthy measures is just too obvious a slander. Don’ let anyone else buy it. I know you haven’t, yourself bought it..please don’t let any of your family or friends blindly believe the garbage.
    Oh, and one last thing. If you look back, it took years and years of attacks on “grandma’s lumbago treatment” or whatever Grandma or Ma offered as a treatment. There was a concerted and continual effort to discredit the original, universal caregivers by branding their treatments as “old wives tales” etc…well, try revisiting some of those “old wives tales” and you’ll find that many worked well. Better than genetically modified foodstuffs that are being rammed down our throats now.
    I read the other day that the US is now declining in life expectancy. I wonder why!?!???

  176. This is being done to scare people. It is also being done in the best interest of “Big Pharma”. They are the ones who have the most to gain by these obvious lies. Call, write or email your representatives in Washington D.C. and let them know how you feel about this.

  177. What I really want to know is who/what funded the study at the University of Minnesota which came up with these conclusions, and who/what funds the fellowship of the young post graduate doctoral candidate who appears first on the list of authors. My guess is we will have some answers when we know this information.

  178. To be really cynical, they maybe, possibly did the study with more people, more ages, more monitoring, but extracted only a subset that would give the conclusion they wanted.

  179. Most doctors are bought and paid for, they are fools, and told you that everything from Agent Orange to smoking to aspartame is safe. Their association is a bunch of criminals.

  180. I am 64 and wish I had been part of the story! I started on my liquid, complete supplement in Oct., 2008. I was house and chair bound. I have not missed a DOSE of it since, get up at 5 every morning, work out, and stay busy all day. I spend every minute the weather will let me on my jet ski. If I HAD NOT started taking MY supplement, I would not be here today!…. a little alone so ACTIVE and alive!! The pharma companies do NOT want to hear these stories because I have been able to get totally off 12 prescribed medications. $$ out of their pockets. We need REAL feedback!

  181. Those of us who know the value of supplements need to unite to fight the AMA and Big Pharma and to educate our physicians and our members of Congress who have been brainwashed by the drug companies, especially at ths time when the FDA is trying to gain more control over our use of supplements.

  182. What a great way to deflect from the pharmaceutical companies that kill millions of people every year with the drugs they manufacturer — not overdoses, just taking them as prescribed. That is the crime and that is where the legislation should be taking action…. The people aren’t buying it anymore…Occupy Wall Street says it all!

  183. After a while it becomes easy to spot fraudulent studies whose only purpose is to confuse and influence the American public. I would ask the AMA what the fourth leading cause of death is in the US? Many people now realize that it is called iatrogenic diseases which basically means either doctor caused or treatment caused. If the AMA wants to cast aspersions on the supplement industry, it had better clean up its own house first. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I deal with patients every day who have taken supplements successfully to cure a multitude of illnesses and unfortunately I also see many patients harmed, maimed and even die from prescription meds. Just when I think I’ve heard about the worst scenario, I hear one worse. It isn’t only inhuman, it’s criminal. For that matter fraud in the form of bogus studies with no factual base are criminal as well. Misleading the American public for the sole purpose of vested interest is a disgrace to the medical profession and reprehensible in its scope and magnitude.

  184. Another thing that I would like to mention about the AMA is that if you check medical history, you will find that the AMA has a long and devious history of misleading the American public. Not only that, but they also have a long history of destroying legitimate scientists who happen to buck their medical tide. Case in point, poor Dr. Raymond Royal Rife of the Rife Technology fame. It is a story worth investigating as the then head of the AMA, one Martin Fishbein actually set out to destroy Dr. Rife because Dr. Rife refused to allow Fishbein in on the proceeds of the development of Rife Technology. Also, in the latter 1800’s when the AMA joined forces with the chemical companies they devised a concerted effort to eliminate any medical college that was not chemical and also to eliminate any medical college that taught minorities and women. In the time period there were women’s medical colleges, Homeopathic medical colleges, Naturopathic medical colleges, Herbalist medical colleges, and minority medical colleges. The nefarious AMA and the chemical companies got their way because by the 1920’s all the other medical colleges were gone. A sad tale of corruption and deceit, indeed.,

  185. Is there ever going to be a criticism of vitamins that you all will accept? Study after study from this massive conspiracy of yours comes out that shows vitamins can be quite harmful. Don’t search on google, search at instead, where us scientists go for real information. If you don’t believe the gathering evidence of the danger of vitamins, then contribute to scientific research. THink about it: How would you like a scientific study to be conducted so that you would be convinced by its conclusions? If you have the solution, then write it up and apply for a grant at Collect about $2 million and pay for it yourselves, because who is going to pay for it otherwise? The vitamin industry? Why would they cut into their profits, when they already are successfully selling snake oil to the masses? One last word of warning: Vitamins and supplements are not nearly as strongly regulated by the FDA. Maybe they are made in the same places that our lead-painted-toys are made? Be careful what you consume. Just because the pill is small, does not mean that it is not harmful.

  186. I have been supplementing my diet with natural herbs and vitamins. I also have used organics fruits and vegetables when I could get them.. They have come down in price as more gardeners are looking at the advantages of using fresh rather than shipped half – way around the globe. I lost faith in the medical profession a long time ago when I had bronchitis and asked the doctor if he thought if I stopped smoking it would help and he said “no”. Good thing I didn’t follow his advice. That was 40 years ago. I fully embrace the use of a doctor if I were to break something! I feel the people who care about natural health should be working as hard to keep our rights as the gov’t. and Big Pharma are working to take them away from us. Remember folks, this group, Alliance for Health could probably use your financial assistance.

    1. I also lost faith in the general medical profession 20 years ago, when, at 35 i was diagnosed with every thing from bronchitis to pneumonia to asthma, until a year later they found out i had inoperable lung cancer. Luckily i searched out one of the only surgeons in the world that could actually do the operation (notice i said “I” searched out) I found a naturopath (Dr. Peter D’Adamo) and worked with him through out my surgery and recovery for a year. Happy to say that i have been taking supplements ever since, especially Vitamin D, Krill, Ubiquinol, resveratrol, Magnesium – everything varying according to my particular needs at the time, but consistant – and i eat good, real food (organic when ever possible) not processed or prepared, no sodas or any junk foods. AND….No Cancer…20 years later.
      Imagine if i had believed the Dr. when he said i probably wouldn’t make much past 3 months!

  187. This is unbelievable well unfortunately I do believe it. It is tragic that I am not surprised that the AMA would conduct a “study” in the manner. I mean common sense tells you that well made supplements can only help. I am over due for writing a post on my blog maybe I will touch on this. I have spent the last week revamping my blog, AGAIN lol. I am new to blogging and have been learning everything the hard way. Anyone who has a moment come check it out and leave a comment about the new look thanks

  188. Interesting that they release this anti-supplement “study” just now, when there’s a Codex-oriented bill up for votes that all but makes them illegal! With this corporate government we have now, it may as well be deliberately trying to cull the populace, as a lot of people say is happening. And it IS still national policy to follow a “Depopulation Program” formulated and recommended by Kissingers study group in 1974; it was quietly adopted that year for Third World countries that had resources or location we might want one day, but it appears to have been extended to the U.S. populace now per the beliefs of David Rockefeller and other ‘elites’. There’s a YouTube set of speeches by him, and even one featuring the Baron du Rothschild talking about it. There’s also a short interview with an NSA administrator of an office in that agency dedicated to depopulation in which the man says that if countries have been set population goals by the IMF in an austerity program and failed to achieve the set goals, then his office “takes a hand.” These people are all up front about it – it just doesn’t get any traction in the MSM. Considering that it’s owned by a total of six people, I guess that’s understandable.
    Keep going though and you run into things like the new blackout decreed by Obama on the Calhoun plant in Nebraska, another in Missouri, and radiation levels in the US from Fukushima that are so high some scientists are flabbergasted that we haven’t evacuated the Pacific Northwest! There ARE things that can be done to mitigate the effects and to protect against some exposure, and we’re not being told about that either – we have to look it up on the Internet, and that information tends to disappear sometimes. Then we have the US using threats, blackmail and bribery – and the usual redacted statistics – trying to force countries in the EU to accept growth hormones in meat like ractopamine, which is illegal in 160 countries, Farmers get an added $1-$3 per animal, but the stuff is poison and doesn’t clear from the meat. Citizens aren’t told, and we eat that along with the sodium nitrites and nitrates and other additives that other countries don’t use, and our meat is banned all over the world because it’s toxic and MAKES PEOPLE SICK! Then there’s the FDA, which now has a Monsanto lobbyist as second-in-command; brilliant. FDA admin ignores the FDA’s own scientists and approves drugs with lousy records in studies – that never make it into public view. A lot of new meds get recalled within the first five years of use. SSRI’s are based on fluoride compounds that cause damage while they’re being taken, and when the patient tries to quit they cause the symptoms they;re being taken to mitigate in the first place, but so badly that patient and doctor assume it was helping and reinstate the med, not realizing that those exacerbated symptoms are caused as a side-effect of trying to quit!
    The list seems endless – we’re being poisoned form all directions. I haven’t even started in on food yet, really, and Big Ag is pushing as hard as it can to keep up the dangerous factory farming of plants and animals that cause so many recalls and disease outbreaks, and most of all, they’re pushing GMOs, which have now been shown to be very dangerous to the health of ANY creature that consumes them, or even takes in ingredients derived from them! Then there’s the environmental pollution. *sigh* If there really is no “depopulation agenda,” there may as well be! But there is – too many agency heads and administrators have talked about it, and there are simply too many records that admit to it. What we’re NOT being told is that it’s now being applied to the American people. With the Constitution being totally ignored or, if some part of it gets in the way there’s always the Right-Wing heavy, corporate-owned SCOTUS to turn any laws or interpretations on their heads for the corporations.
    With the Congress cooperating with the alphabet soup Intel services and the power mad Do to criminalize anything and everything so as to add profits to the Private Prison industry cum slave rental industry, which is busy finishing off any union activity in the U.S., Americans have just about no chance unless we all stand up on our hind legs and make a LOT of noise! And we’ve seen what happens there too: peaceful protesters attacked and mauled by badge-wearing thugs, “free speech zones” blocks or miles away from the people who need to hear what we have to say, preemptive incarceration, and now anyone can be arrested and held indefinitely on suspicion alone, and everyone is a suspect1 Go where they can’t get to you or it’s too inconvenient and Obama will just order your assassination.
    This may be “Game Over”.

  189. Is there some way that the above information regarding that ridiculous article could be spread to the media and made known to the general public?

  190. There is plenty of news out there to report on that is trustworthy and worth reporting. This last report about vitamins was just too low to go. I am angry about this report that vitamins can cause early death. Anyone with common sense knows how vitamins work on the cellular level and they can only do good, unlike the “hypocritic oath” these doctors that take, promising to do no harm first and foremost. I don’t like to hear when doctors are telling patients how long they will live, they are not our Almighty God. The Medical Schools that are teaching these doctors need to change completely from the inside out. A new way is about to emerge that will teach the truth about nutrition and supplements and spiritual awareness. Jesus still heals today. God is real and very much alive and in control.

    1. did you vote to have drugs and chose what to eat and how to supplement your needs. well you may could have been a part of this history in the making, would you still want that to be the one that puts words in to peoples mouths and make them belief that croc or the dead doc. or the one in Jail even doctors that chose different are still doing so to put words in the mouths of peps pepets when to stand is like here or not at all when others chose to move to to be longer lived with juice then to wait it out.
      get sick or die trying is the key just point the direction in life and see a better option.
      Can you think for any reason beyond any reasonable doubt that now is the time to abolish the the stupid that made this chaos possible and tell them they made a mistake and let it be as it was before the 1994 Amendment , and remove the Adminitration and put in a new policy one that protects the the reseached evidence and gives possible truth and let right be safe and wrong doing be illeagal. So that i can go to Mc Donolds and still order off the menu as well. not to get sick but be healthy and maybe a side of vitamin and herb with pastachio fruit salad. And NOT get in trouble with legalities OVER the problem with beef, mabe cow is better as milk instead. I know for a fact my mommy gave the life of immunnity from the breast of her own and now i need more cause my body don’t provide the same properties of such.

  191. We are a country that was built on freedom, but are fast becoming government owned, we are in a sad state, this country of ours, Mr. MacLeod has it right, and he has only, just touched, on the issues. I’ve been in the Health Food Industry for over 20 years, and have been fighting this battle for years to keep our supplements safe, We only need look at the TV to see that now, as the big pharma advertise their drugs, the side affects are truly scary, yet, can they show us the same results of god given herbs.
    We will always have those few individuals out there that will say if one pill helps, more will do better, and they, in their ignorance, are the ones that hurt our industry when they get sick, because of their own doing, then demand for someone other than themselves to be responsible for it.
    A boy becomes a man at the age of 18 when he chooses to enlist in the army, or so he is told, yet in the same token, is also told that he isn’t smart enough to decide what supplement he can take. We can fight for our country, pay taxes, yet have no say so, on what we take as supplements? It’s called government control, and if left unchecked, we as individuals will no longer have any rights. Is that what we want?
    With that said, right after Sen Orin Hatch worked on passing the bill to protect our rights to take supplements, a few years back, I have also seen it open up another side to our industry. Companies that have come in, that put together low quality supplements that aren’t the best. It’s like everyone jumped on the band wagon, because they could, to make a buck. It unfortunatey tends to make our industry look bad, when these supplements are produced, but don’t work as well as they should. I would love to see a committee within our industry, assembled, to look into things like this, but I feel like it should stay within the industry, and Not government controlled.
    You see MSG in just about every food, yet no one knows the dangers it carries, milk, that the ppm’s (puss per million) is way over the limit, and it goes right into the milk that is sent to market, the antibiotics that are put on the udders of the cows at dairy farms, to fight the infection from being milked so often, also in the milk. ………….Why doesn’t FDA do something about this, there’s no money to be made, by them, that’s why.
    I guess this is enough said, I could go on and on, but won’t. People, if they don’t start taking a stand, will have no one to blame but themselves, when we lose all rights as american citizens of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am a disabled father and like minded understanding you are right about your post and I , for one will take a stand when the Government will come to a vote to abolish an amendment which is the reason a doctor goes to school to bs and come out to talk bs and give some sort of injection that does worse than some proven stuff, that is better and has only one problem it can’t make a claim because of the fact that it is a supplementation of which the FDA is hiding in the mists of millions of people fed up with the health care. That started in 1994!! People that are sick and tired of getting sick again and dying wrongful cause, of the studies that are not done and the that they aren’t doing cause of a stupid bunch of people taking advantage of dollars for lives back in 1994.
      I take Vemma and it is better for me now then any drug will be!! Or any sort of nock off junk pill in any of the market of wich is governed by FDA.. or that is illeagally passed with the dollar.
      V E M M A =Vitamin Essencial Minerals Mangosteen Aloe vera
      This has brought health to my life and wealth to my pocket book to git me off Social Security of 7 years, in 3 months i will be a better happier person knowing that I nor my family will never need to rely on U S or any Gov. assisted program.

  192. Junk Science and stupidity and the gain of the all mighty dollar is behind this abuse to American’s.
    I don’t take drugs ever…..I eat certain foods and take nutrients without side effects. There is no such thing as overdosing vitamins and minerals…..nature knows best.

  193. I recently went as an emergency patient to major hospital in Phoenix with labyrinth vertigo. I told them I was allergic to allopathic medicine and they didn’t believe me. When they convinced me to take just one pill, I almost died. As a result, I was rudely kicked out of the hospital and told never to come back. At the age of 75, I do not know what I would do without access to herbal supplements and vitamins. Now the government and allopathic medical association through the FDA want to limit public access to vitamins and herbs!!! A vote will be coming up soon and you don’t even hear about it in the Media.

  194. It’s interesting that one of the study’s authors advises that vitamins “be used with a strong medically based cause;” in other words, when you get sick, you should take them. To me, that’s like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out! Here’s what I know: Your body needs minerals. Ninety-five percent of your body’s daily functions are mineral-dependent. Your body can’t make minerals; your body also needs antioxidants, phytonutrients and glyconutrients. It needs way more vitamin D3 than you can get drinking milk. So that leaves you two options: Eat foods that you know are rich in the 65+ minerals every day, along with foods rich in vitamins and phytonutrients. And while you’re at it, get your kids to eat those foods every day, and somehow track it so you make sure you’re all getting enough every day…or take a shot of Vemma, as recommended by Dr. Mehmet Oz in a magazine article.

  195. The study, published in the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) Archives of Internal Medicine,assessed the use of vitamin and mineral supplements in nearly 39,000 women whose average age was 62. The researchers asked the women to fill out three surveys, the first in 1986, the second in 1997, and the last in 2004, reporting what supplements they took and what foods they ate, and answering a few questions about their health.
    That’s right, all the data was self-reported by the study subjects only three times over the course of the 19-year-long study. To say the data is “unreliable” would be a generous description. This kind of “data” has no place in a valid scientific study.

  196. Seeing that, that artical of such non-scientific evident research has gone you you should think about your health in result to your life and how certain medical treatments can be related to as to how, you could have a stonger belief in taking your vitamins but no, you must not. Just think how you affect the public belief there of such knowledge of they are doing so and many are firm belivers that in all cases the doctor or a friend is concerned if you take your vitamins and how can you sleep at night your Mom must be upset with you where ever she is.

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