Dietary Supplement Labeling Act—Breaking News!

Senator Durbin’s bill, which will be introduced in Congress this week, is likely to be another example of burdensome and unnecessary legislation.

The staff of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has confirmed to ANH-USA that he plans to introduce new legislation this week—the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act—purportedly in response to the recent melatonin-filled “Lazy Cakes” brownie controversy we reported on recently.

The final bill is not yet available, but friends on Capitol Hill say the bill’s language is expected to include the following:

  • Enhanced FDA registration requirements: Companies will have to list the names of their products, the ingredients in those products, and provide a label to FDA as part of their registration submission.
  • Enhanced labeling requirements: FDA will require warning labels for certain products where the government decides there is risk of an adverse event (this to be determined through a risk review process with the Institute of Medicine), drug interactions (as with St. John’s Wort and antidepressants), or may be contraindicated for subpopulations like pregnant women. In addition, the precise weight or amount of the different dietary ingredients will have to be disclosed for products that are sold as proprietary blends, and product labels will have to include a batch number to help facilitate any possible recall.
  • Supplements vs. conventional foods with food additives: FDA will need to publish guidance about the definition of “conventional food” so that legitimate dietary supplements can be differentiated from products like Lazy Cakes. This is intended to prevent a food producer from falsely labeling it a supplement.

As noted above, the final bill could differ from this. But this is what is expected to be in it.

It is worth noting that the stated impetus for the bill, the Lazy Cakes issue, is an example of where the FDA has simply failed to enforce current law. Melatonin in Lazy Cakes are unapproved food additives posing as a dietary supplement to evade the law. Before a substance may be added to a food, a Food Additive Petition must be submitted to the FDA and must include data demonstrating safety, unless the ingredient and the amount is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)—which clearly isn’t the case for melatonin cakes! Just because FDA dropped the ball on Lazy Cakes doesn’t mean we need further potential regulations (which FDA may then either disregard or misuse).

Sen. Durbin also seems concerned with energy drinks that might be mistaken for dietary supplements. In this case, the FDA has been sitting on a draft guidance that clearly outlines the difference between beverages and dietary supplements since 2009. The FDA just needs to stop dithering and complete its work.

As for the enhanced registration requirements, current law already requires that all facilities must register with the FDA under the Bioterrorism Act. Under DSHEA, labeling must already bear a Supplement Facts table that includes the name and quantity of each dietary ingredient; in the case of proprietary blends, it must include the name of each ingredient and the quantity of the whole blend. To require the weight or amount of each ingredient in proprietary blends wouldn’t tell a consumer anything more although it could tell a competitor or a drug company something more. And disclosure of allergens is already required under the Food Allergen Labeling Act.

The FDA is already biased against dietary supplements. We strongly suspect this is because supplements do not go through drug approval processes costing close to $1 billion on average and therefore do not support the FDA’s own budget. We fear that further registration requirements and adverse events warnings could be a slippery slope to the European model—which has drastically reduced the number of supplements that may be sold, and is in the process of reducing potencies to ridiculously low levels. It wouldn’t surprise us if labels require so much warning information, determined by officials hostile to supplements, that it wouldn’t fit on a reasonably sized bottle.

Enhanced labeling requirements could be useful, depending on how this requirement is defined. We all want to know about the benefits and the risks of dietary supplements, and we need to know where potential drug interactions and real adverse events are a possibility. However, the number of adverse events from supplements is so small compared to those from conventional medicines, and the risks from most dietary supplements so insignificant, that we fear FDA will take this to an extreme, which could dissuade consumers from using supplements based on insignificant or false threats.

The best fix for this problem is to move supplements out of the drug agency and into their own agency under Health and Human Services. It doesn’t work for the supplement regulator (currently FDA) to be so beholden to drug companies, since drug companies are very afraid of supplement competition, despite the current government gag orders forbidding supplement makers from explaining their medical prevention and treatment uses.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated about this bill. Sen. Durbin is widely considered to be the senator most unfriendly to supplements, which puts us on our guard, but we will hope for the best.


  1. I have only had need to vote for Democrats for the last forty years, but Senator Durbin and Senator Leahy are two Senators that need to exiled away from the United States. They belong in Old Mexico.

    1. Without arguing about whether it’s the do-gooders in the Democrat party, or the do-gooders in the Republican party…. They all get the same information on Capitol Hill, and these bright ideas just circulate around until it sounds legitimate. I think that this is precisely the type of parental government policy that needs to end, not because requiring supplement labeling and testing is bad – but because the federal government has ZERO enumerated power (under the scoffed-at Constitution) to legitimately make a law like this. IMO, until the people staunchly reject any new legislation that doesn’t fall under the authority of Congress – we’ll just keep getting this kind of legislation introduced. But, for example, if you support the health care bill and reject this one – then you can’t argue the principles of government staying out of areas they have no business in.
      Instead of flying your Democrat colors, and point to Durbin as the exception, how about flying your Constitutional colors and insist that all members of all parties stick to the restrictions that “We the People” put in place when we created Congress?

      1. As a Sports Dietitian that works with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, we need this bill to be approved more than ever. There is so much crap being sold in our market that we need more than labeling. With over 41,000 supplements, there needs to be much more stringent policies prior to a company selling a product. For example, USP labs creates a variety of potential harmful products (i.e. Jacked3d), which is now banned by the NCAA.
        We also need a bill to have strict licensure laws in all states to practice nutrition to stop the amount of quakery in our industry, especially from so-called nutritionist who don’t have a license, Naturopath’s from non-accredited institutions (Not Doctors or ND’s), and others who claim to be professionals in the industry.

        1. The fda has ample power to removed harmful products. I would like to make my own decisions and not have to rely on a nutritionist,no offense . Check the supplement industry safety record and cross check that with fda approved medications. The FDA needs to enforce existing rules. I am not for pre approval from the fda because there is no critera. USP labs for example – the product has synthetic geranium – should not have been able to be made because it is not naturally occuring in plant or animal.Why hasnt the fda pulled it? So i am with you on that TP. Thanks for your input.

      2. The FDA should be abolished. The NIH should run all clinical trials, and publish the results through the nationalized electronic health care record system. Only the CDC should have GO/NO GO authority and hopefully they will have enough discretion to exercise only when really necessary.

  2. Labeling, in and of itself, is important for informed consumers. It has had significant effects on product transparency for decades. I am concerned about the role that drug companies will assume strategically in creating a suspect view of supplements. Unless our legislators are wholly informed about diet supplementation, they are making ill-informed decisions at best.

    1. Our legislators are fully ill-informed by the Pharmaceutical Business-With-Disease companies.

    2. I have family members who have serious food allegies including young children. I want my food carefully and clearly labeled for the health and safety of consumers.
      Secondly, I support Senator Durbin. He is credible and honest.

      1. Surely you jest, I think personally he has crawled in bed with the drug companies, I have been taking vitamins for 30 some years have yet to have any kind of problem, why doesn’t he keep his mind on the economy with his boss.

      2. So because of your families poor genetic backround the rest of us should suffer from a lack of quality supplemements that help cure illness in a cost effective and safe from drug company inspired side effects of patent medicines? Get a life, your family is a minority, carefully live with it. It’s like saying outlaw peanuts because of peanut allergies.
        The politicians mentioned are in bed with the drug companies or they wouldn’t be pulling such tricks.

      3. I hope you are right. I think this has less to do about labeling and more about controlling through semitransparent legislation..

  3. This legislation looks like the perfect way to get GMO labeling. There is plenty of research on risk adverse events associated with GMO foods. I think it would be worth the pain for supplement makers if it could be amended to include a clear GMO warning. “conventional foods” should not include GMO foods.

  4. Please move supplements out of the drug agency into their own under health and human services. It does’nt work for the supplement regulator to be so beholden to drug companys, since drug companys don’t like the competition. Thank you.

    1. Removing FDA from having any control over supplements has been my dream for years. What can ANH-USA member do to help move this notion forward?

  5. Your suggestion to move oversight of supplements from the purview of the FDA to its own agency within Health and Human Services is fabulous. It could provide the possibility that supplements – which can’t be considered food or pharmaceuticals, yet which have an abundance of scientific literature supporting their use and potential benefits – can have oversight specific to and appropriate for this special category of therapeutic yet safe and mostly natural agents.
    Has ANH lobbied congress to consider this very type of regulatory oversight move? It could eliminate so many of the endless concerns faced by supplement consumers and the entire industry that access to these crucial (in my case) compounds may be lessened or in some cases eliminated all together.
    Thanks for battling on all of our behalf!

    1. I agree with you whole-heartedly!!! I have three (3) auto-immune diseases and treat them holistically with organic supplements with absolutely NO side-effects!! It doesn’t matter how much I take either. After much research, I found a herbal MD in California that distributes these supplements and have been using them for years. I went with traditional treaments initially for a considerable period of time with drastic side-effects! I had to find an alternative…and…I did! My doctors did not approve of my supplementation for a while until my lab work started to come back with great results and my symptoms improved. Now, they just tell me to continue what I’m doing…and…with a smile on their faces! : )

  6. I agree Durbin and Leahy need to put out to pasture the next time around. Also The best fix for this problem is to move supplements out of the drug agency and into their own agency under Health and Human Services as the article states..

  7. Are you sure supplements would be safe under Health & Human Services? I’ve read a few things lately that makes me very leery of that agency as well.

  8. Taken from Mr. Durbin’s site: “It’s important to note most products labeled as dietary supplements are legitimate health aids. I take a daily vitamin just as millions of Americans do. My gripe is not with the array of vitamins available at health stores across the nation; my gripe is with products containing potentially dangerous additives, labeled as ‘dietary supplements’ and marketed to young adults who find them on store shelves right next to conventional food and beverages whose ingredients have been deemed safe by the FDA.”
    Should Mr. Durbin be sent articles which demonstrate that the FDA “safe” label does not mean the conventional product is safe?

  9. Once again I feel we in the alternative community may be fighting a losing battle. The FDA has made it very clear from the get go that it was not going to allow dietary supplements to compete with drugs. The Pharmaceutical companies are FDA clients and that is what the FDA calls them. I do not believe that the FDA or Senator Durbin do not know that melatonin laced cakes are unapproved food additives posing as a dietary supplement to evade the law. This is just an excuse to put more choking regulations on dietary supplements. Senator Durbin has always wanted to do away with dietary supplements. The FDA knows that the public will not let congress do away with DSHEA so the game plan is to either choke the industry to death with regulations and/or dismantle the essence of DSHEA regulation by regulation or law by law. There is not a week usually that does not go the you are not giving us yet another alert. Are we just postponing the inevitable, just to see us be dragged into codex and like the EU its all over but the crying. I certainly hope Europe can undo the TMPD but I am not holding my breath.

  10. I suspected all along that the Lazy Cakes may have been a deliberate government-planted strategy, leading to the ends which we are now seeing. I could be wrong, but I did have to at least think about it. How about you?

  11. Putting the FDA (and therefore drug companies, since they are so closely interconnected) in a position to have control over supplements is like hiring the fox to guard the henhouse. Supplements and natural health alternatives, such as herbs, are the competition of the “big pharma”. Of course they are looking to “keep them down”. They should be regulated by a separate and impartial entity.

    1. And thank God for Judas, without him they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus. I guess what I’m saying is that there is room for all, no matter how evil or misdirected. But let Durbin rule elsewere, not on our supplements, and not in the sneaky manner that he is using.

  12. Sen. Durbin has stated that it’s not the health food stores, but the the fringe element that he’s targeting here. The real burden, however, will be primarily on the legitimate businesses, with the associated cost increases passed on to consumers. It’s naive to think that the bad element working in shadows of the dietary supplements industry – having already demonstrated their disregard for the law – would change their business models. The most likely result of this legislation will be for the fringe element to become more adept at getting in and getting out quicker while everyone else pays for these politically inspired cost increases. In reality, the benefit simply does not justify the cost.

  13. Can you spell H-A-R-M-O-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N??
    This IS the introduction of the EU model, it isn’t merely pointing to it. Americans seem to think that their government, and only their government, determines what happens with US law, but such is not the case. Trade agreements, which are international contracts and are enforceable, will force any relevant legislation to be either created or repealed, in order to harmonize with that of the trading partners.
    The EU model is coming to Canada in the same insidious way, bit by bit, but Americans need to realize it will not stop there. The CETA agreement with the EU has the power to force those regulatory standards on Canada, and NAFTA etc. have all the right strings to pull to force them on the USA, DSHEA or no DSHEA. That law is no longer relevant: only the international standards will be allowed.
    Wake up and smell the scam, people, this is not local, this is global. They are doing what they tell us to do: THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY. And please, call it what it is: It’s not the “EU model”, it is the PHARMA model.

  14. Ya know that Dick Durbin refused to include more wellness in the National Health Care Plan and this is one of the reason’s why the Republicans refused to pass the bill. Where’s the Welllness Plan? Durbin worked to not allow more wellness. Bill Leay just has missinformation period.
    The Mannatech Corp gave thousands of dollars to his corporation to police their own consultants… this all messed up or what.
    I for getting out Dick Durbin and Bill Lehey and Waxman.

  15. The huge pharmaceutical industry which owns the FDA is out to control an in essence destroy the vitamin and herbal supplement market. Please let your congress people know that you will not tolerate this happening.

  16. Quote: “The best fix for this problem is to move supplements out of the drug agency and into their own agency under Health and Human Services. It doesn’t work for the supplement regulator (currently FDA) to be so beholden to drug companies, since drug companies are very afraid of supplement competition, despite the current government gag orders forbidding supplement makers from explaining their medical prevention and treatment uses.” Unquote
    That is it in a nut shell.
    FDA has no business in the supplement world nor does pharma! It’s all about the mighty dollar.
    You bet everyone wants to know what they are putting into their bodies to keep them well as well as be cured of horrible diseases. Supplement companies do just that; each bottle has a label for customers to read and most say talk with your doctor. HA! . I cannot say the same for toxins that are mainlined into diseased patients. Doctor says put a cancer patient on something like Taxol or Carboplatin and the lambs go to slaughter because FDA has approved it! I’ve read that cancer is an eight billion dollar business in the just the United States – each year. IOnly 2-3% cancer patients recover. That is good for the public I guess because FDA approves of this nonsense. When human lives are put at risk because of the mighty buck for medicines, I find this unacceptable in a civilized world.

  17. Most government officials today are way over their heads and have absolutely no true knowledge when it comes to supplements, herbs and all forms of medicine. Since they have a small amount of knowledge about medicine and health in general, and they have the power to control the masses, this is a very dangerous mix and must be immediately addressed by all of us that are concerned about our health and longevity. In short, our government has way too much control and power over us and will continue to grow and abuse their power through cronyism and socialism until most of us keep saying something and challenging them at the Supreme Court level.

  18. So, anyone know how many sitting at the top of the FDA are associated with the pharmaceutical companies? Talk about a conflict of interest. At one time, I believe it was all but a few. Just curious if it is still the same.
    I’m all for accurate labels with ingredients listed. I’m even OK with supplements having labels cautioning if they have the potential to interfere with pharmaceuticals IF all pharmaceutical companies do the same for their labels. Are they willing to label their products with all the potential interactions associated with other drugs.
    I agree that there are those that are selling inappropriate products with adverse side effects that are designed for quick sale to cash in on trends – especially weight loss – like ALLI. (Oh wait, that is a SAFE drug by FDA standards.)

  19. Some of those actions were straight out of Codex Alimentarius. I understand that if a country brings ANY of its food standards into compliance, it is understood that it has “signed on” to Codex, and the country is thereafter subject to potentially crippling sanctions if they deviate thereafter. There’s a way out that Dr. Rima Laibow calls the “Codex Two-Step_” or quick-step or something like that, that allows a country to detach Codex from its food standards. An analysis of the food standards of Codex showed, per Laibow and her organization Health Freedom dot com I think, that the intent is to starve three billion people to death, one billion quickly of simple starvation and two billion of the preventable diseases of malnutrition. Codex Alimentarius is NOT a consumer protection agency; it’s a private corporation under the W.H.O., also a private corporation serving other, giant corporations. Codex was the brainchild of the former CEO of I.G. Farben. He supposedly contacted a friend at the WHO after getting out of the prison he was sentenced to for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg. It’s all part of the Depopulation Agenda, and the FDA, CDC and other agencies of the US are all on board.

  20. I oppose the proposed legislation, but please don’t make glaringly false statements like, “To require the weight or amount of each ingredient in proprietary blends wouldn’t tell a consumer anything more,” as of course it would. I don’t favor the prohibition of proprietary blends but perhaps an appropriate label warning should be required.

  21. There are a large number of uniformed, lazy, or corrupt policy makers in Washington. Many are adversely influenced about our supplements thru the pharmaceutical company’s who are eyeing this area for big profits once the control it, remember John McClain‘s proposed bill? When this happens your availability will suddenly be very limited, look what they have done to vitamin C therapy. I thank those who watch out for us and keep us abreast of what is happening. Dan

  22. While I also have food allergies and intolerances and need my food/supplements labeled so that I know whether or not I am ingesting something I should or shouldn’t, I don’t believe we need to regulate ourselves into a black hole, nor do I believe that the FDA needs to kill any and all supplements; as everyone has been warning for years, it’s all to kick supplements and all “good” things out of the market place so that the drug cartel (medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, those in the gov’t getting monetary kickbacks) can reap untold windfalls of money. Not to mention, keeping us the people so malnourished and our bodies so malabsorbed that we are ripe pickings for said cartel to completely and totally drain us of any and all of our money. You know, at some point, all the money becomes dried up and gone, and when the people are so diseased, wasted, and bed prone they can’t get up out of bed to go to work–who is going to be there for the cartel to keep sucking money out of?
    The sick-care industry is on its last legs now, as evidenced by the panicking way that the FDA, the pharma cartel, the medical/insurance cartel–how all of them are literally foaming at the mouth and screaming that “alternatives and alternative medicine is for the devil”–only because they KNOW that their house of cards is coming down.
    KEEP UP THE FIGHT! Fax, write, send–FLOOD–any FDA or government official you can–and let them know that you do NOT want any of these “laws” to go into effect. People PUSHBACK works–but we have to keep doing it, over and over and over again. Our time is coming; natural and organic and alternative WILL BE the choice in the years to come. Pharma has backed itself into a corner; their lucrative patents are now expiring, and they have nothing new and big coming down the pikeway. Plus, many, many people are waking up and realizing that pharma/conventional medicine doesn’t cure; it only puts a Band Aid on. Whatever issue or problem you have will just come back later, or come back in a different way. The problem or issue has to be resolved at the base or where the issue originates from. If that’s not addressed, then the problem/issue doesn’t go away. It’s as simple as that.
    Mother Earth–all of it, the earth, the plants, the animals, us humans–are suffering because of the greed of a few corporation monopolies and greedy people at the top. It’s time for us to take back our planet, take back our health. Supplements are right up there with organic food, fresh water, and clean air–what our bodies really need to live healthy, long lives.
    I send in my signed petitions to stop all of these bad, illegal behaviors, and I have been on a bill to overturn the Obama Universal Healthcare bill as well. I will support a universal healthcare bill when EVERY form of healthcare is allowed. There is nothing there that states I can see an alternative healthcare practitioner, that I can buy the supplements needed to make/keep me healthy, or that any routine yearly health exams are covered (like thermagrams). Until ALL healthcare options are included in the universal plan (after all, doesn’t universal mean all?), then I don’t want any part of my taxes going to pay for such a program. The universal healthcare bill as it now stands will be what causes our economy to collapse, because we can’t afford the sick-care society/economy we currently have.
    Which is really sad, because we will have caused the implosion ourselves.

  23. I do not believe out government is ill-informed. I believe they are doing exactly what they want to because they can and we are just sitting around letting them do it. Our country is in such chaos that we don’t even know where to begin to stop the madness. Our rights are being trampled left and right and NOBODY is standing up for us or our rights. They are in a position to take and they are taking while the taking is good. And WE are letting them get away with it. We hire the FDA, FTC, TSA, we vote in the government. They are subject to US. We need to watch, to take a stand and say “NO MORE”. They are hurting us in so many ways. We didn’t originally fight for freedom just to come under another yoke of oppression. Our supplements are how we live, survive and become strong. Don’t let them take this away from us. I believe Sn Durbin is paid off. He certainly in not for our welfare.

    1. I am waiting for the day that the American people wake up to the disaster that our government has become. They are oppressive, dictatorial and completely out of control. Our government does not even pretend to be “of the people, for the people and by the people” anymore. They just crap on us at every turn because they know they can and we will not do anything about it. This is just yet another example.

      1. I’m waiting for the day they wake up too. I’m not sure I’ll live long enough. I’ve been using herbs for 30 years. I know people that think I’m some kind of “nut”, even though I keep asthma under control with herbs. There are those that don’t feel the need to take supplements or use any type of alternative (be it herbs, nutrients, accupuncture) and make fun of those that do. These are the people that will trust dotors and drugs until they kill them. It’s as if an imaginary bell rings in their heads and they go into a trance and they don’t want to hear anything that’s against what they trust.
        Unfortunately there are more of them than us. Until they wake up and stop voting for corrupt politicians things wil only get worse.

  24. You know it really cracks me up that the FDA wants to protect us from supplements while they allow food manufacturers to put toxins in our food and water like, lead, chlorine, MSG, nitrates, BHA, BHT, aspartame, HFCS, food dyes that cause learning disabilities in children and oh yah what about the chemically toxic vaccines. They can’t seem to keep us safe from any of these items but they feel the need to step into our lives and tell us what we can and cannot take. Over 100,000 people die annually from prescription drugs and as far as I know not one death from supplements. But we do have a toxic chemically overloaded society that is being fattened up on GMO corn and soy products all for a huge profit to the USDA who also has no conscience. If we don’t start standing up against idiots like this we will be no different than the followers of Jim Jone’s. We have been drinking the kool-aid that they have been spoon feeding to us thinking that someone, somewhere has checked these things out to make sure they are safe and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m tired of big government trying to force themselves into my bedroom, my church, my Dr’s office and my life. Read a book called The 100 Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald and then tell me the FDA, USDA, EPA have our backs!

    1. Agreed Lori! Does anyone really think that ANYONE (rep or demo) who is an elected official has our backs at this point? C’mon! The people who support this bill under the notion that it will give them all around better labeling are just naive and lazy. It may create stringent labeling requirements for supplements but it will NEVER require the Franken food industry to label a thing correctly. In fact, the FDA supports these companies in their endeavors to get around appropriate labeling. Any study on anything coming from agribusiness is an outright lie and is as good as Scott paper as far as I’m concerned. An FDA stamp of approval means nothing to me other than they have been paid by pharma-agribusiness to put their stamp on chemicals they call food. When will we see the TRUE research on high fructose corn syrup really revealed? When will we see the results on crystalline fructose? NEVER!! that’s when because there is no protection from the government. The only people getting protected are in megacorporations. I am an American and, at least for now, believe that I am somewhat free. I have the RIGHT to determine what I put into my body at the levels that I wish to. I took advice regarding my kids health in the form of the government mandated vaccine schedule. Now I need these supplements to get them better from my momentary lapse of trust in an entity that no longer exists. Now they want to cut off my ability to get them better once they made them sick? There are a few of us that are smarter than they assume. We can read their bogus safety research and see right through it.
      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

  25. Why can Congressmen who propose trash like this not be charged with subterfuge, and for that matter, with outright treason? Attempts like this threaten the health of the country; it is clearly an ATTACK on the citizens of the U.S., and no matter how many times its defeated, turn around for a moment and look back and there it is again, a little different, lots of lying support but NO truth – just another lying attack on the health of the U.S. WHY is this not treason? This kind of subterfuge on behalf of the giant multinational corporations that have battened on the lifeblood of America is nothing less than treason, and I’d like to see the charge for once! It’s NOT simply dereliction of duty, it’s a violation of their oaths, and if it succeeds it would pretty much help finish off any health in this country. How is that NOT a threat to National Security?

  26. I was an alternative health counselor for thirty years. Like the poster said “Lots of people die at the hospital, but hardly anybody dies at a healthfood store”. Folk medicine has been a privilege for Americans since our foundation—the only reason it has become a problem now is that the licensed drug cartel wants the millions of bucks going to the healthfood industry. Neither they—or the FDA—are even vaguely concerned about your health. If they were, the 80,000 plus per year who are victimized by malpractice would be recieving serious attention.
    This move towards regulation is actually partly coming down from the damnable CODEX organization in Europe who would like to regulate everything in your lives. It may seem like a small insignifigant issue—-but whether you use vitamins or not—–confiscation of this freedom will likely lead to others. (scan the Internet for CODEX ALIMENTARIUS)
    I am not fully anti-traditional medicine. I just think the whole playing field is out of control, but realistically, traditional medicine is far more out of control, far more problematic, and far more apt to result in serious health problems than any benign misuse of supplements by the public. (Misuse of vitamins is microscopic compared to those resulting from mis-prescribing in traditional medicine)

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