Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

GEGE organisms actually become part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts and reproduce continuously inside us. But the USDA now wants to to remove all controls from GE corn and cotton!

There are no human clinical trials of genetically engineered foods. The only published human feeding experiment revealed that genetic material inserted into GE soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. Even after we stop eating GE foods, we may still have the GE proteins produced continuously inside us.

As the Institute for Responsible Technology has noted, the genetic engineering process creates massive collateral damage, causing mutations in hundreds or thousands of locations throughout the plant’s DNA. Natural genes can be deleted or permanently turned on or off, and hundreds may change their behavior. Even the inserted gene can be damaged or rearranged, and may create proteins that can trigger allergies or promote disease.

The idea of having genetically engineered genes permanently living inside our guts has staggering implications:

  • If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GM crops were to transfer, it could create antibiotic-resistant diseases.
  • Bt toxins (Bacillus thuringiensis) inserted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of 93% of women and 80% of unborn babies because of the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs from livestock fed GE corn. This could turn bacteria in our intestines into pesticide factories.
  • Animal studies show that DNA in food can travel into organs throughout the body, even into the fetus.

And we’ve seen cross-species transfer of DNA happen before. A significant percentage of human DNA is actually viral DNA that became part of us over 40 million years ago. There is concern that virally transmitted DNA may cause mutations and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders. GE organisms may exacerbate this phenomenon.

Genetically engineered food genes transferring to our own genes could lead to problems like leaky gut syndrome:

  • Our small intestine, which is responsible for about 70% of our immune system, behaves like a selective sieve: it lets only nutrients and well-digested fats, proteins, and starches enter the bloodstream and keeps out large molecules, microbes, and toxins.
  • Leaky gut syndrome happens when the intestinal lining becomes inflamed, and the microvilli on the lining become damaged; this prevents the microvilli from absorbing nutrients and producing necessary enzymes and secretions for healthy digestion and absorption.
  • In between cells are desmosomes, which keep the cells together, forming a strong structure preventing large molecules from passing through. When an area becomes inflamed, the structure is weakened, allowing larger molecules to escape. The makes the immune system produce antibodies and cytokines to fight off molecules because they are perceived as antigens.

Allergies have already skyrocketed in the US, and with the introduction of GE soy in the UK, soy related allergies rose to 50%. Yet federal agencies turn a blind eye to the dangers of genetic engineering.

In 1989 there was a tragic outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), an incredibly painful disease. The outbreak was traced to consumption of l-tryptophan supplements produced by a Japanese company using genetically engineered bacteria. The bacteria are used to increase yields, but they increase impurities during the fermentation process—possibly leading to a level of contaminants that caused the EMS.

To this day, the government has refused to address the issue of purity standards for GE-manufactured products. Instead, federal agencies and biotech companies claimed that contaminants linked to the EMS tragedy were caused by changes in the company’s manufacturing process—despite the fact that the company was precisely following the purity standards enforced by government rules.

The EMS was rare and had a fast enough onset that the case histories of the patients could be linked to this supplement, and it was also acute enough that doctors took notice. There is a very clear causal link between EMS and these genetically engineered organisms.

The effects of other genetically modified products may not be as obvious so quickly, but can be even more devastating; as we have reported previously, GMOs are causing terrible genetic changes in mammal offspring. Scientists are seeing birth defects, high infant mortality rates, and sterility in hamsters, rats, and livestock fed GMO soy and corn, and some hamster pups even begin growing hair inside their mouths.

The late George Wald, Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology in 1967 and Higgins Professor of Biology at Harvard University, was one of the first scientists to speak out about the potential dangers of genetic engineering:

Recombinant DNA technology [genetic engineering] faces our society with problems unprecedented, not only in the history of science, but of life on the Earth….Now whole new proteins will be transposed overnight into wholly new associations, with consequences no one can foretell, either for the host organism or their neighbors….For going ahead in this direction may not only be unwise but dangerous. Potentially, it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new sources of cancer, novel epidemics.[1]

The USDA has released two Environmental Assessment reports, one for Monsanto’s corn genetically engineered to be drought-tolerant, and the other for Syngenta Biotechnology’s cotton genetically engineered to be pest-resistant. USDA believes the cotton is “unlikely to pose a plant pest risk”; for the corn, the agency is considering either keeping the corn under regulation, or assigning it nonregulated status (banning it altogether is off the table). The comment period for both EAs is open until July 11.

Please take action today! Tell the USDA that the corn and cotton must not be deregulated—that without strict controls, GE crops will encroach on non-GE crops, contaminating them, including organic crops—which will, of course, render them non-organic.

The GE corn is especially dangerous because it is for human consumption. As noted above, GE genes from foods can affect the bacteria from our digestive system, and can lead to allergies, disease and even sterility.

GMOs are causing terrible genetic changes in mammal offspring. Scientists are seeing birth defects, high infant mortality rates, and sterility in hamsters, rats, and livestock fed GMO soy and corn, and some hamster pups even begin growing hair inside their mouths.

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Please note that the comment period has now closed and this action alert is no longer available.

[1] George Wald, “The Case Against Genetic Engineering,” The Sciences, Sept./Oct. 1976.


  1. It is outrageous to alter our food without knowing the outcome! I consider myself lucky that I live
    where I can grow our own food.

    1. Don’t let that make you feel safe GMO’s spread through the wind for miles, contaminating crops through cross pollination. corn in the most remote areas of Mexico (which has a ban on GMO’s corn) has shown contamination., They must be stopped!

    2. But alterning the way our body’s are meant to function is harmless. And so is our Genetically Engineered food. Bunk. The allow independent tests, and why does it have to be patented? No is is all about control, that is why the patent, and we do not want the world at large to know what a monster we have loosed on the world.

    3. I’m learning about gardening and raising livestock so that I KNOW where my food is coming from. Some may feel that this is a little extreme; but if only we all really understood the precariousness of the government’s actions by allowing these poisons into our food so unscrupulously by NOT labeling GMO from non-GMO products, it may not seem quite as extreme.

      1. We must fight to have GMO food labeled. It is not fair to the public, the masses are very unaware of what is going on. GMO food should be banned forever!

    4. Obviously GMO’d must be eliminated, but in the meantime we need to create a labeling campaign where non-gmo products are labeled as such. We can’t wait for the offending companies to label their poisons; those making clean food must advertise “NON_GMO”.

    5. It is comforting knowing that one can grow their own food but take caution when planting. Many of the seeds that are on the market are genetically engineered as well. For example, packages of corn seed that are hybrid types are examples of genetically engineered seeds.

      1. Hybrid is a natural combination of two strains of the same plant. This has been done for many decades, probably as much as a century, and is harmless except that the seeds will not breed true and so cannot be saved at home. Genetically engineered means genes form unrelated organisms have been artificially inserted. Entirely different mechanism.

  2. “Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!”
    Headlines an article posted May 31, 2011
    I am appalled that the problems with genetically modified foods are not being recognized. This is not scientific. We need our food to be healthful for human life. These genetically changed foods are not. I am fearful every time I need to purchase food. The US refuses to require labeling of genetically modified food. I try to purchase organic produce and meats when I can, but being a human I am forced to eat daily and organic foods are hard to find. At least I would hope to find foods labeled so that I would know what I am eating, but Americans are not allowed such knowledge. As much as all of this bothers me, I am even more bothered by the fact that we are allowing Corporations, not scientists, decide to let loose in our environment, human created organisms. This is not science and is disruptive to the ecology of the planet!

    1. Karin you are absolutely right. For how long we will live in double standard law. Absolutely agree, that corporations now leading the world and our governments became a pappies, they do what they told to do. Thus mean there is no one to protect us we have to unite and boycot, knowing that 80% of US food is GMO what are you waiting for, all these genes already inside of every US citizen doing its damage, today perhaps you are able to use your mind but there is no quarante you will be able to do so tomorrow.

      1. It will never happen. The FDA is now run by one of monsanto’s former CEO. And while that person runs the FDA then no GMO food or product will ever be stopped.

  3. Fantastic article, surreal situation. It explains a lot of things, How might we stop this? We must, I think, somehow. Even “ORGANIC” foods may be genetically modified, as ridiculous as that seems, so how can we possibly protect ourselves from this onslaught?

  4. i am glad to help in this…This GE situation has gone on long enough !!!!!! I look at it as an EVIL AGENDA so to speak…as I look at things in Wash.D.C. as evil also…Nancy Pulosi Reed Obama etc etc….on and on…I am getting tired and i have been doing YopuVote with the leader of the House Eric Cantor for a spell as well…I cannot goive up on this…we need to get the word out there…The internet is under attack as werll …they want to limit how much info is going out through AT&T …they want you to get the bundle and then LIMIT YOU…How about that for apples HUH…? AAARRRRRGGGHHHHhhhhh…ok I’m done for now BUT I WILL BE BACK…hahahahahahaha (maniacle laughter)

  5. We need strict controls enacted immediately on GM crops. No one really knows the long term consequences of these modified plants on our health or the environment. It’s time for the USDA to step up and protect the health and well being of the citizens of this country!

    1. You mean do their job, Joseph? That would be a first!
      I just wonder how longer it’s going to take before we all have to admit that our government “servants” aren’t even human. They are obviously from a differnet planet or a different dimension. They have no qualms whatsoever about killing us all off. That’s in fact what they are obviously trying to do. No human being could possibly be this stupid, demented, or reckless. That leaves only one alternative – they literally aren’t human.

      1. Hey Stephen, AMEN! Athough I don’t think it’s that they are not of humanity, but rather consumed with the almighty buck, making it more imprtant to them than even the future of their own children. Power is the poison of the world. It causes blindness.

      2. Mr. Smith,
        To use your quote”They have no qualms whatsoever about killing us all off. That’s in fact what they are obviously trying to do.” Yes that is what they are trying to do. IT’S CALLED AGENDA 21 !
        Go to these web sites to learn more about them.
        But since Monsanto and other companies have the FDA & the USDA in their back pockets.Heck the director of the USDA used to work for Monsanto! They have been able to block any product labeling of GMO foods. Well I say if they won’t allow foods to be labeled as GMO . Then companies that produce non GMO foods should want to self label. and the world should boycott all foods that are GMO. I for one do, yeah it may limit what I can buy right now.But as more companies feel the monetary bite from boycotts, they will stop using GMO ingredients or see their company bite the dust.
        But again it all comes back to AGENDA21. The UN even has their hands in this.

    2. it is their plan-new world order and reduced population by 2/3 by the year 2050, how cruel all who are above us.

  6. The summary of the article that was referenced in the initial paragraph does support the evidence that GE organisms become part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts, as evidenced by the following paragraph. But the conclusion did not support this evidence, and seemed somewhat contradictory.
    Three of seven ileostomists showed evidence of low-frequency gene transfer from GM soya to the microflora of the small bowel before their involvement in these experiments. As this low level of epsps in the intestinal microflora did not increase after consumption of the meal containing GM soya, we conclude that gene transfer did not occur during the feeding experiment.

    1. you are mad or pretend to be silly. I guess you are selecting only GMO for your family. ITCHING TO SEE.

    2. Geez Louise! Do you really need the conclusion to support that somehow human-designed and created foods/organisms are possibly detrimental to the humans on this planet? Please…. “scientific” proof, or whatever you want to call it, is most definitely not needed to CONCLUDE that ANYTHING that is of human origin (designed and produced solely for profit, I might add) is not healthy, is dangerous to put into one’s body (if it’s not food, don’t put it into your stomache – or even mouth for most instances), and if you believe that’s possible, then you are probably in the wrong place to be reading to enlighten yourself. Perhaps you are not here for enlightenment – just to attempt to refute valid arguments and enlightenment designed to counter the BS put out by the corporations.
      So you really believe that eating something of human lab creation is what our bodies are designed to assimilate and metabolize?!
      I’m not surprised, if that’s the case. If you want to slam crap into your body – GREAT! Please do. Just don’t support the effort to try to keep us from consuming REAL food. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I’m sure you are not.
      This is just one of a list of many reasons why our country is “going to hell in a handbasket”.

    3. Please don’t castigate Jim for pointing out an inconsistency. He’s right. That STILL doesn’t mean he wants nasty little things in his DNA; it just means that he noticed that the journal article cited as supporting the conclusion “Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems” actually DOES NOT support it. It appears (and I stress APPEARS) that the author of “Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems” is either being deliberately misleading or has misunderstood the scientific article cited. (Please note that I have only read the journal article abstract; I didn’t pay $32 to read the whole thing.) I would like to see someone at Alliance for Natural Health address this issue; preferably without castigation.

      1. It appears that Jen is the only one of the people who replied to my comment that got the point of it. The final paragraph of my comment “…we conclude that gene transfer did not occur during the feeding experiment”, was directly from the abstract of the journal article that the author of this article (Genetically Engineered Food alters Our Digestive Systems) used to support his position. It was not my own conclusion, as it appears some of you seem to believe.
        I have learned from experience to not take the word of authors as fact, since everyone has their own person biases. Even articles in such prestigious medical journals as The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, The British Medical Journal or The Journal of the American Medical Association, while peer reviewed, still has their biases (follow the money in most cases). The best we can do is investigate their sources of information, as I did with this article, to see if it really supports the authors position. Then, measure the weight of the evidence. As Jen points out, it appears that the referenced article does not support this authors conclusion.
        Does that mean that I am a proponent of GMO foods, as some of the previous comments indicated. Absolutely not! My family is moving towards as much of a raw, natural, unprocessed diet as possible. I could go on, but I don’t want to make this personal, as some people seem to do.

    4. Your own conclusions are suspect. What this comes down to is that Monsanto and other such corporations do NOT understand as much as they’d like to think, and worse, THEY DON’T CARE! This carelessly pursued GMO industry could easily end up altering the DNA of the entire planet, but THEY’RE WILLING TO TAKE THE CHANCE! Are you??
      Someone earlier mentioned the “depopulation agenda” of the super-wealthy who essentially own all the functioning wealth of the planet as aiming for a 2/3 reduction of the population. The figure always mentioned though is 90%! These people are psychopaths, and one common flaw they all have is sociopathy. To them, we are nothing more than domestic animals that might interfere in their desires. They have no more problem with “culling the herd” than a rancher has. If we don’t start fighting this careless alteration of the entire food supply, of the air, the water supplies and everything else they can reach, we may well be one of the last few generations of humanity.

      1. It appears a slew of replies appeared after my own conspiracy tinged response. And it’s nice to have astute folks around who can pin point subtle (or not) inconsistencies in this age of distraction. Wanted to ad here that Dr. Mercola supports the gmo as a proven disruptive stance. From what I’ve seen of the scientific studies there’s little doubt so mayhaps the author here was, distracted.
        This next item is Fringe; but with gmo’s, chemtrails and Nano Particles….we at times think the folks who claim the elites desire to literally change the human as we know it are on to something.
        All this makes me wonder about karma and god and all that. It is up to us of course. Rather, we are (or can be) agents of greater forces…but we think it’s a bit more than saying a prayer or lighting a candle. Shamans need to network……..
        But hence my comment as to the vast (compartmentalized) network of their system. Feudal and or fascist – the big boy club. What cracks me up is that the people never seem to have the right weapons to make their own effective moves (even with the scores of geeks with attitudes). Petitions and the like are akin to sand castles.
        What we need, imo, are splinter factions to arise from within their own camp. Especially somewhere in the military industrial complex. Might be a way to save their soul if anything. All this is so very weird as if you Listen to nature…….you’ll know if you’ve done wrong and if someone is after you.
        A trained shaman, imho, should have the ability to literally track who did what. But if the offender is truly psycho pathological it may be harder to track. As we know, that is what they are. Still.
        So lastly, we may be entering into that window new agers etc claim will heighten psi ability etc. If this is true it’s only a matter of time. Hence why They are taking off the gloves perhaps. A lot of this crap calcifies the pineal which is certainly no coincidence.
        Also ask yourself what the underground cities are for. That is, the Specific reason they went to the trouble.
        But we can’t forget about the countries or “countries” who are opposing the western big boy club either! That chinese rocket launched off the west coast wasn’t some training exercise. This is another Major topic that you really need to go out of your way to find info on. Interesting times, for some. Sucks for the rest.

  7. PLEASE stop the madness with your food supply. You are playing with fire. If you don’t care about us, maybe at least you care about the children?

  8. The FDA is allowing the medical industry to run amuck. These “scientists” act like they are God, when they don’t have the knowledge to even scratch the surface. And yet they think they can change molecules & the like without harmful effects! It has already been proven that cloning can wipe out a species from the lack of natural changes which keep ahead of bacteria. This is not much different. Somewhere, the users of these changes will wipe-out a large chunk of our population. That is the natural law of the REAL GOD.

    1. scientists are slaves mafia pay them and gives an order and the order is damage as deep as possible and make it irreversable. look at the Euro zone bacteria, only silly will think this is an accident. where is the guilty one? have you heard any explannation? no because the media owned by the same people who owes Monsanto, intensive food production industries and pharma and military. Say what you want today tomorrow you will be prisoned for this without trial. It isalready too late.

  9. No wonder their is so much acid reflux and irrriable bowel syndrome with thousands of people. I grow my own to avoid man made.

  10. Stop GE to corn, soy, cotton and any other food items. It is known now that it causes problems in the animals tested. Do we have to have a crisis in our population before this folly stops?
    The bottom line is $. and the greed that goes with it causes people to look the other way. I often wonder how the people who are carrying out the GE process think that they won’t be affected. Don’t they eat corn, soy, etc? Other countries have banned GE seeds and products, why is that? What do they know about this process that they don’t want their people to be exposed to it?
    Stop playing GOD. You can’t turn back the clock when it all starts going wrong.

  11. As more independent research (meaning, not funded by Monsanto, Syngenta and the like) is carried out on GM foods, I’m sure we’ll see many more contradictions of the idea that GMOs are safe for humans or the environment.

  12. We have to take back the control of our own bodies…This means we have to grow our own food and start trading our local made goods for other local made goods!!! This DNA research isn’t being long term tested because the FDA knows it’s not safe, but is under control by a higher form of government…I am confused…I thought we the people were the government??? I can’t imagine anyone I know wanting to let their families eat food that would make them sick!!! Do you know of these people that are involved with our food alteration??? Is this just another form of population control??? DLM.

  13. Please do what right and let the truth out abauot dratch.
    bob robert jerreld dratch.
    —–Original Message—–
    From: Alliance for Natural Health USA
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tue, May 31, 2011 5:41 pm
    Subject: Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

  14. Most people who leave Monsanto get hired at the FDA and vise-versa. I signed the petition but truth be told, these two entities are so tightly entwined that speaking up only seems like a joke to them. But that doesn’t mean that I will stop speaking up, I simply realize through a lot of reading that Monsanto and the FDA are two scary, scary places. I don’t buy or consume anything they support. They are killing us for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    1. The building blocks of life are dna, and they are destroying the very foundation of life. If we the people do not stop this madness then we will be destroyed. With this type of aggression from corporations, eventually the only choice other countries will have is to strike back at the U.S.A. We must take action now.

  15. This is such an important issue for the sake of our future HEALTH problems & our CHILDRENS futures also. THE USDA needs to make sure they always notify us when our Foods & or medications are being Altered at all times. NO DOUBT about we need to know this for our own safety. We are slowly getting LAX on things like this & CANCER is rampant in the USA & in the World today because of this type of problems. DON”t HIDE thIS From US> EVER !!! Please USDA do your JOB now & ALWAYS!

    1. Cancer is rampid because big Pharma only gives you a few choices of crap cures. If you want to find cancer cures, go to and read about the many cures out there. Read about the energetic ratings for how well they cure. Chemotherapy rates a #30 . I would pick somthing that rates a 10 or 20 thousand. If you wait for big pharma to heal you, good luck!
      It is disgraceful the amount of cures that are not approved because they can’t patent them, No patent, no FDA [fraud and Deception Association] approval for you.

  16. The FDA is the prime example of corruption in government. The FDA does not look out for the American public. They are controlled by Big Pharma and big money corporations. It is so obvious that these foods are not a good thing to digest. Something has to be done and our government is not going to get the job done. Gee, just think how many more bilions of dollars Big Pharma can make in the years to come “fighting” all these new diseases…..just sayin’

  17. Well, nothing like using humans as genny pigs, is there? Our poor country is going to the devil…literlly! The things that are happening in this country [ including our foods ] are not connected to God like attitudes , but satanic attitudes. We need Gods help, folks and quickly.

  18. I have written several letters to the President about the right to know what is in our food.
    I also talked about his promise to be transparent. They sent me back a letter saying that Mr Obama was transparent. Well he refuses to address our right to know about our food. I guess thats about as transparent as you can get.

  19. I was sick, my dad was sick and my oldest son was sick and we didn’t know why. Then I saw a web page posted by a lady who had the same symptoms as I. She fed her dog the same stew she had made for herself and for her husband. The dog almost died. She traced the poisoning of her dog to the corn. It was genetically modified. By avoiding genetically modified foods, aspartame, trans-fats & oils and MSG, I mostly recovered from the symptoms I had. [Similar to Morgellon’s disease plus high blood pressure & high blood sugar.] I told my dad and he mostly recovered. This correlation I discovered to late to save my oldest son who died of liver cancer. He was eating too much processed and fast food. Yet the USDA & FDA are pushing for genetically modified foods and trying to limit the amount of organic foods grown Worldwide. Originally I thought the incentive was plane greed. Then I read a reference in the ‘Food Safety Act’ [H.R. 2751 Sec 404] that can be traced back to the United Nations ‘Agenda 21’ [1992] that says the Earth is overpopulated and encourages population reduction through vaccine, [genetically modified] food, [fluoridated] water and air-born pollutants. How evil is that?

  20. Please…People of the USA stop being so complacent. Of all the issues that face the United States, this is, in fact the most serious issue. This is our food supply that we are talking about here folks. They are saturating our food supply with poison, hormones and tons of other chemicals and we are too complacent to stop them. Rise up people. Ask yourself if you care about the future generations of our nation, and if the answer is yes, then DO SOMETHING. STOP buying these GE foods mo matter what. Inform you friends and relatives to stop buying them too. Write your congressmen. This is really the only issue that is hurting every single American in the USA. And it will hurt all of us for years and years if we don’t stop this madness. This is our food supply for crying out loud!!

  21. I have been getting hives for several years now. Nothing seems to get rid of them. They only last a couple of days but as some go away a new crop appears. I’ve thought it was ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Now I think it is linked to gmo food. I try to eat only organic but not always successful.

  22. Some of our officials in government should be indicted and put in prison for the harm they have done to the whole of humanity. They have sold themselves out to big business and lobbyists for too many years. Look at Wall Street, no one has ever been charged with any crimes yet and they’ve completely destroyed our country. It’s no wonder we can’t get anything changed as Michael R. Taylor, Monsanto lawyer and lobbyist is now deputy commissioner for foods at the Food and Drug Administration. What can we do to have something done as crimes like these just seem to go on and on, with nothing being done. We all are pissed at what they have done but so far we don’t seem to get anywhere in correcting what has gone on.

    1. We need to unite on facebook, twitter, somehow! Look at how Egypt demanded change…with a single mom communicating via Facebook! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    2. Not sure of the thinking here. We are not dealing with isolated groups of greedy ceo’s etc. It is a network; a big boys club (which includes the bankers). They protect each other…They write their own laws! They try to keep those laws on the books and as we see they’ve done a great job. It allows them to do what they do.
      An example; Bill Gates. Most think he was the guy who came up with a great idea and then the american way gave him his pie and us Windows. This guy is a front man, he was placed there. The technology itself, as with genetic manipulation, was Already there. This is the military industrial complex and all that suppressed technology that we unwittingly fund but do not get to see – but for the crumbs.

  23. This will be posted on as many sites as I can post thank you for this valuable piece of information

  24. Surely there must be some high-octane class-action attorneys (concerned about their own & their family’s, maybe even the nation’s, health) who can define at least one class as those organic farmers facing extinction from GM crop contamination of their fields by region to launch some spears at the Monsanto Monster and the USDA.
    Where are they? Are there any volunteers acting on your organization’s behalf at this time? If not, why not?

  25. article has a lot of information about not agriculture student but i have interest in the genetically field.govt must be support the agri student to produce healthy food.

  26. What surprises me most about all of this is the length of time which it’s taking to recognise the risks. 40 years ago at university I remember watching a cine film shot through a microscope showing bacteria exchanging DNA between themselves. Not long after genetically engineered foods stuffs entered our food chain, our hospitals started to encounter the so called “super bugs” which are resistant to antibiotics. Surely that knowledge should have been a strong hint to the genetic engineers, or are they so bent on profit that they actually don’t care if they damage peoples health?

  27. “The FDA is allowing the medical industry to run amuck.”
    None of this is new and perhaps we “deserve” it. Rather, we’ve been bested as we were entertained etc. This has been carefully orchestrated, from chemtrails to education and just about everything between. No accidents.
    Many toxins and stealth methods used today were identified in the 1800’s. That is, they were then placed on standby to be introduced.
    The depopulation agenda can be found as an official stance at the UN. Just a bit harder to find the mechanisms. Yet now all we need do is read the news.
    All the Agencies…are arms of the Same group at the top. This is all blatant now. The vastness of That network is what’s appalling.
    So good luck. Also beware that some campaigner orgs are actually fronts for these same folks. Giving the public the impression someone is batting for them. Not implying anything here.
    I do wonder about folks these days bringing more kids into the world. If they’re rich that’s one thing. But if this keeps up the majority will rather be dead in the coming years of lack and over control.

    1. Marc, you refer to “..some campaigner groups..” as fronts (for these folks). I have just received an appeal from Senator Russ Feingold for membership in his new organization called Progressives United, which Sen. Feingold writes is devoted to fighting back the “….outsized influence of corporate special interests…”. What do you know about this organization? Is it legit and ethical?

      1. Sorry no. Need to check the connections and histories of the major players. Some profess philanthropy. Watch them obviously. Also look for catch phases. The ptb and lackey’s have a kind of language all their own and it comes through. Beware slogans like greening, sustainability, austerity measures etc. They are in fact indicators of a eugenics agenda. Of course, many employ these unwittingly with fair intention.
        What’s their path? Saying hey that’s not fair isn’t working. Small victories are just that. Not to sound defeatist. Seems to me they simply need to be taken out like an enemy that wants you dead. Guess I’m a cowardly soul who’s bought in the karma idea. Otherwise, it would be…well yes.

  28. What are we willing to do to have healthy, wholesome, un-corrupted food? Are we willing to buy organic, take up causes, and be activists for a clean food supply? It is time to walk the talk and let big corporations know that they can’t take over our lives with their filth and greed.

  29. The disease, Morgellons is linked to GM foods. Apparently the same bacteria that is used to create GMO’s are found in the people with this odd disease. These people have colored fibers coming out of their skin!

  30. Deregulation is a joke and this is another effort by big business to control the masses. It is disastrous to the entire world. The United States is so far behind so many countries when it comes to healthcare and benefits to workers. I am tired of the manipulation of the masses by the media and lobbyists that grease the palm of politicians. This story needs to be spread throughout the world but I am afraid apathy and indifference has become the norm. Let those of us that are willing stand up and unite. The Robber Barons are in control again.

    I believe, a relatively small percentage of arrogant, greedy Americans seem to be driven to reap excessive profits at any cost to others, or consideration of the world which provides our sustenance.
    I believe the people in power for the last 60 years have shown an unchanging lack of ability to foresee, or even consider short, or long term consequences. They are either so evil or so ignorant that they hold the belief ( like a 6 year old), that “bad things won’t happen to me or mine”; and …” Just close your eyes and maybe it will all work itself out, or go away”.
    Rape and pillage comes to mind.
    WE, the majority of the American public, seem to think that we are powerless and that the powerful “others know better than we do”. I call it the hopeless/helpless mentality; the “someone else will take care of us”; the “just let me watch my T.V. shows”; the shrugging “everything’s made in China anyway”, mentality.
    Well, I’m here to tell you that we are ALL responsible, and we are ALL VOTING WITH OUR DOLLARS. Every decision, every purchase we make, reinforces the direction of our nation as a whole.
    If we become informed, REFUSE GMO PRODUCTS, LOOK FOR AMERICAN MADE or (any of “WWII ‘s American allies made”) and COMPLAINT TO EVERYONE: I mean everyone, from the other customers to the clerks in the stores, to the CEO of the company when we don’t find an American made alternative, or a healthy food….
    If we don’t claim and use the power we have, we deserve to be a slave and a victim of others careless, greedy, visionless, ill considered, decisions.
    Insist on identifiable labels on any products containing genetically modified plants or animals; look for and buy non-GMO products; insist on natural fibers and renewable products.
    Stop thinking:
    1. someone else will take care of any problems; 2. my little opinion, voice, vote won’t matter anyway; 3. Scientists will solve everything; 4. Chemical and drug companies are brilliant, honest and good-willed. (That’s like thinking banks and credit card companies are your friends. They are NOT).
    Assume nothing.
    If you will insist on better labeling, organic products, more American Made and renewable alternatives YOU MUST ALSO BE WILLING TO PAY MORE . The way many of us can afford to pay more is by cutting our rabidly excessive consumption in half. Carefully coordinate your clothing choices so that you have multiple outfits from mixing and matching 6-8 classic, well made tops and bottoms (stop buying multiples of low quality seasonal things); buy a minimum of top quality tools, cook ware, kitchen appliances and take care of them; limit shoes to 6 pair of top quality leather (2 dress pair, 1 sandal, 2 work flats; 1 work boot or dirty job pair) and polish and leather treat them regularly. Stop using disposable items whenever possible; cut down the hot water rather than cutting up the cold water to get the right temp. ….You get it….Now get busy.

  32. Monsanto and other companies continue to exploit our farmers, our dairy producers, our children. Remember the movies “Michael Clayton”? Loosely based on the Genetically Engineered food industry.

  33. What do we expect!! WE as a PEOPLE do NOTHING! We don’t protest enought….we are not united on this issue. We need thousands of us to get united for this disaster to STOP! Big corporations are untouchable if only a few speak up.

  34. those that control the food, control the people… they have engineered our food to where we can’t even plant the seeds to grow our own food. Remember to buy only heirloom seeds so you can eat, grow, eat, grow. don’t buy hybrid food. buy local raised or grow your own. saves yourself, your community and makes our own economy grow stronger… buy local or grow yourself, i can’t say that enough. everyone needs heirloom seeds before they are band too. if you bought hybrid seeds you would only get one season, can’t save those seeds for re-planting. if the government decided not to sell hybrid and had band heirloom, there would be no more food.
    save your heirloom seeds…. there is just not as many as the hybrids (government engineered seeds)
    watch your water too………. not sure whats going on, but the people aren’t in charge anymore.

  35. From the research that I have seen…the government is to late. the GMO seeds are everywhere.
    Monsanto is worse than the tobacco companys. I would really like to know what the staff at Monsanto actually eat.

    1. Somewhere on our blog on we posted a link- there was a british monsanto branch office with a non-GMO cafeteria

  36. Good article. We help people eat non-GMO and connect with people and resources on from all over the US. We’re trying to pass mandatory labeling in California and other states. Please look at the brochure for that on our front page to see why helping this cause does so much for all of us. Then write us to see what you can do if money isn’t it. There are some actually really easy ways to help that do a lot! If you read it, thanks in advance because we’re right to be worried- if we let this future unfold without serious and smart intervention, that is.

  37. The employees at Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Cargill, the FDA, USDA, etc. eat the foods they help produce, promote, and distribute. A side effect of such consumption is to make them greedy, rapacious, and sociopathic–utterly uncaring of the welfare of others and, indeed, of the future of the human race. GMOs have a tendency to turn organisms consuming them into various forms of zombies and vampires. One overriding tendency of vampires and zombies is the compulsion to spread their affliction to as many others as they can reach.
    By all means, petition these ghouls to stop, if it makes you feel that you’ve “done something.” But if you’re not also eating organic, while endeavoring to raise your own food and learning to use a shotgun, don’t be surprised if the future for you and yours is of distressingly short duration.

    1. That’s quite a post. Anymore on that? Another poster mentioned the science is old and surely it is. They, knew about DNA long before Crick. Pretty amazing the scope of deception. I’d like to read some specifics on vampirism via gmo! Feel free to email if so inclined. Thanks

  38. GMO’s have been in our food-with NO labeling- since the late 1990’s. (Tomato, corn, soy) thanks to Pres GWH Bush. It was very important that the US be NUMBER ONE in bio industry no matter what the costs: humans, money, etc. They pushed the patents thru as fast as possible. No testing necessary. Watch: ” The World According to Monsanto” for a chilling background story.
    FYI: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is often made from corn, vitamin E is usually made from soy. Vitamins A, B2, B6, and B12 may be derived from GMOs as well as vitamin D and vitamin K may have “carriers” derived from GM corn sources, such as starch, glucose, and maltodextrin.
    Not only is the bt toxin in food but also in the FORCED aerial spraying of towns and urban areas with pesticides: FORAY 48B/76B — because of a “moth”. Two separate days of spraying houses, cars, trees, yards, swing sets/schools/churches. Requiring TWO airplanes (one crop duster, the other one flying higher for some reason), government employees, etc. Must have cost a fortune. Was it to save the trees from the moth to send to Thailand? Big Oil? What? (Then comes mosquito sprays, but at least this but poses a health threat).
    Btk is a naturally occurring bacteria from the soil is all we were told. But btk is only a component of the product. Personally, I feel bacteria should STAY in the ground and should not be inhaled by humans. Where did they get the soil from?
    Just a matter of time before the globe is saturated with bt. I just don’t understand why.

    1. Those of us who know the eminate danger possed by GMO’s in our food chain and biosphere – and who desire to eliminate their presence – might consider changing our strategy. We would do well to observe how the Medical/Military Industrial Complex deals with obstacles to their many profit streams. They treat obstacles to profit as one would treat a vicious, invading enemy, and/or a lethal, cancerous tumor: deciscively Perhaps we should consider treating those who increasingly foist GMO’s upon us with the same due diligence and rigor.

      1. I guess my own heated verbiage sounds a bit silly. But I agree. I find it so very odd that with all the smart kids out there we the people haven’t come up with an effective plan besides saying hey stop that. Of course, those kids have been rather conditioned. There needs to be splinter factions with the goods. Or at least getting the right goods into the right hands. It’s different these days however… movement can be easily traced. A satellite can read a stamp. But code is important to. Note the stuxnet virus. REAL NEWS would be the origin of that virus.
        But I still wonder about that grade school trick where everyone stops doing what they’re supposed to do. Funny how we can’t even do that!!!!!!

  39. Isn’t it flawed logic to appeal to the USDA to rein in GMO’s?
    After all, it is THE USDA that is pushing GMO’s down our throats. How can it make sense to appeal to the bully to stop bullying? How can it make sense to ask the bank robber to quit robbing? Asking the entity that is enabling the GMO crisis doesn’t make sense.
    When will it become clear that pleading, writing our “representatives” and begging for reasonable laws isn’t going to work?
    Consumers have a combined strength far greater than any legislation or law. We are still able to vote with our dollars. As long as we continue to buy products with any GMO ingredients then we are enabling them. Soon there won’t be any choice except false foods and even worse health.
    Take a look around you. The rampant obesity in children and young people is a direct result of what they are eating and drinking. Will they live longer, healthier lives than us? What do you think?
    Real people need real food.

  40. In Europe, especially Germany, we are experiencing an epidemic of the bacterium Escherichia coli EHEC enterohemorrhagic, causing several casualties. Research is done in the food chain, no result yet …..
    I feel that we are paying the consequences of aggressive large industries have stifled and stolen the land from small farmers for their own benefit globally.
    Meeting the environmental challenge? What changes to make that future generations do not inherit the Earth dying?
    “In a century of runaway industrial civilization has battered the planet, to threaten the very existence of mankind. Yet, these are neither modern science-or technology that have produced these disasters, leading us to the brink, but the absence of joint and “collective intelligence “. The inability to manage our resources in solidarity and in full consciousness gives us the excesses of opportunism and greed. Universal values ​​of solidarity, spirituality, the “common good” were sacrificed solely market values​​. Here lie the most obvious causes of the current world disorder.
    An African proverb says that when one is lost and we no longer know where we go, we must return to see where you came from.”…………excerpt from the book “Guérir la terre”(Healing the Earth)” directed by Philippe Desbrosses.

  41. Many of the comments above seem to be quite simplistic, and lacking science. It would be normal to expect some genes from all the food we eat in our digestive system since it takes some time for them to degrade. Yet these genes do not transfer to our DNA, or otherwise we would start looking like the wheat, and corn and rice and cattle and pigs that humans have been eating for millenia. It is no easier for GMO genes to enter our DNA. GMO genes are not new, but simply transfered from other plants and species to different plants. Many of those GMO genes have been in the food chain for millenia already, eaten by birds and animals or different groups of humans in other parts of the globe. Where is the evidence that these GMO genes are more transferable, or more harmful than any of the other genes we have been consuming for millenia? If a “vitamin A producing” gmo gene is taken from an ordinary carrot plant, and inserted into a rice plant, does that mean we should stop eating the carrots that this gene originated from since this gene is so harmful to us?

    1. I agree with John on the general tone of many of the comments, since most lack any science and seem to shoot from the hip with emotion. I agree with his point of “Where is the evidence that these GMO genes are more transferable, or more harmful than any of the other genes we have been consuming for millenia?” Unfortunately, the money to fund the research needed to answer this question on the wrong side of the dilemma. Why would Monsanto, or any of the other GMO proponents ( the ones with the money) want to fund such a study?. So who else does that leave, the FDA? Again, if one were to look into the board of directors at the FDA, it is my understanding that we would see many former executives of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry at these positions. Don’t just take my word for it. Do some research on your own!



  44. Why change perfection? People will pay the price for quality and appreciate what they do have instead of making more profits and mass producing.
    Mananto’s crops have not done well in other countries. In India it has been a disaster causing heads of families to commit sucide from shame.

  45. The bottom line is that genetically modified foods create genetically modified humans. If people looked at it this way, maybe there would be more resistance.

  46. This is about the most dishonest article I’ve read in a very long while. Riddling with scientific inaccuracy and lies.
    To quote the Nature paper linked in the first paragraph: “we conclude that gene transfer did not occur during the feeding experiment”
    In other words, the author of this article either outright lied or didn’t understand the paper at all.
    There was no transfer of the gene into bacteria. Not that you would expect that. Interkingdom transfer of DNA is hard.
    You have to get the DNA into the bacteria, which for most, especially those in the intestine, is nigh impossible (Getting DNA into the genome is a viruses job! That analogy is worthless here).
    Then you somehow need to get it to a plasmid or the genome so it won’t be lost, all while avoiding the restriction systems.
    Then you have to get it under the control of a promoter and an RBS.
    And all of this for no selective advantage.
    This ignores the fact what we eat is pretty heavily degraded. To quote the paper again: “he transgene did not survive passage through the intact gastrointestinal tract of human subjects fed GM soya”
    Not to mention the most common gene added to plants is from bacteria in the first place.
    You people are as bad as creationists. You won’t be taken seriously as long as you butcher the data like this.

    1. The abstract can be difficult to follow if you haven’t read the full article. They make several statements –
      The study looked at humans with both intact GI tracts and resected GI tracts. They found that when intercepted halfway through the GI tract via the colostomy bag, “the amount of transgene that survived passage through the small bowel varied among individuals, with a maximum of 3.7% recovered at the stoma of one individual.” When they say the gene did not survive passage through the intact GI tract, they are saying the subjects’ bowel movements did not contain the gene. If the gene can be detected in the stoma but not the bowel movement, this means it persisted somewhere inside their body between those two points. They also note that “three of seven ileostomists showed evidence of low-frequency gene transfer from GM soya to the microflora of the small bowel before their involvement in these experiments,” and only conclude that gene transfer did not occur during their own particular feeding experiment because the levels didn’t seem to increase. That is different than saying it does not happen at all.

  47. Thanks for sharing these all ideas which all are very valuable. I’m sure if we will use these basic guidelines action by phase then undoubtedly we are going to get very good end result for us in much less time.

  48. Agree the article should be more precise in reporting the research, but also balanced in questioning what happens when non-GMO food is eaten. What is the difference? Are the GMO genes new to food, potentially causing pesticides to be manufactured in our guts? What is needed is more research, not simply a focus on money making. We need to understand what is going on, the potential risks etc. This should be a gov’t function to drive this. Also we need start having flash mobs using facebook or something, to demonstrate somewhere. And stop buying GMO.

  49. gmos nanotechnology larvacides all the new and exciting stuff all the universitys colleges company(goldmines)and corprate greed machines should take a hard look at your own kids and think what if…hair started growing in there mouth or there bowl was damaged like mine…. start to look at what this world is becoming …a world with bee colapse this stuff killing heards of sheep still bearths all the misery thats being caused multiply that by a thousand a million…. i see the eu is taking a second breath maybe the united states should too…. greed is a terrible thing when there is no oversite…no containment…no common sense… remember when cnn and fox is telling the world what has been done ,where are you going to stand…ps what if some nut got ahold of this and went crazy…..maybe they already did…

  50. The very fact that we have to research what foods are alright to eat is alarming. I guess that’s what happens when we become too busy too grow our own foods – giving the government control. Even if we did still grow our own and raise our own animals there are government regulation that require tagging and inspecting, etc. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to shop as the prices of organically grown food is sooo expensive and most grocers only carry some organic. This in itself should be a concern to most people. Most people would rather not know and keep their heads buried in the sand. The ones I talk too can’t believe that the government would allow such things….guess what??? They do and it’s getting worse day by day! Just because people choose to believe it’s not possible doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

  51. The links to the Action Alerts above are no longer valid… I just get the message “We apologize, but the action alert you are attempting to access is no longer active.” So, it appears someone has removed our ability to speak out against GE regulation… perhaps? or what’s up?

    1. This article is from May of 2011 and the comment period we encouraged folks to send letters in here has since closed. We have now removed the links to avoid confusion.

  52. If it was not for GMO we would not have insulin, growth hormone, clotting factors and many others all created by GMO… we need to demand research as GMO has many benefits.

    1. Insulin and growth hormone did not come about from GMOs. If you think they did, please show a source/sources. When people refer to GMO, they usually mean things that are transgenic, that have had genes transferred from one organism to another (like fish genes in tomatoes). Not sure what you mean by clotting factors.

  53. Well I can no longer eat wheat, corn, or peanut butter!!!! Basic human staples are now being taken away from me since my body will not allow the GE foods and their dangers. I have a painful allergic reaction and swelling in my abdomen that makes me appear to be six months pregnant from a flat belly. GE foods are dangerous for us, our pets and the planet.

  54. The fact that DARPA is developing super soldiers using GM techniques is well established and already published.
    That is just one account. Now, do you really think they will feed these guys the same crap GM that leaves other beings sterile and with severe liver and kidney damage? No way; these guys will have specially tweaked GM foods just for them. But the rest of us, well, standard lethal Monsanto GM crap is good enough to terminate our lines for good. After all, we were just born to be slaves, so say some.
    Nanking University in China has recently established that fully functioning miRNA survives the digestive process and continues to function in any animal or human that eats a plant or animal, in a cross-species, almost symbiotic manner, to modulate organ and other physiological functions, thus demonstrating that all creatures are tied in to each other to preserve the same ecosystem to dwell in together without tampering with the DNA.
    They stated that dysfunctional miRNA, also referring to ‘exogenous’ miRNA ‘added to food from an external source’ which I believe to be a thinly veiled reference to GM food, can cause illness, cancer, and death, as demonstrated by the Indian cows dropping dead a week after eating GM cotton plants.
    The possibility exists that specific GM foods will be developed to feed specific worker and soldier classes in the future, that can only feed one class, being lethal to the others.

  55. We need to stop the altering of our foods. This is the cause of all the illness in our country and the world. I need information on where and to whom i should be writing to.

    1. You should move to Somalia. There are still millions of people in Somalia who have to drink all natural water from the river , plough fields by hand and they are too poor to go to the doctor or buy any medicines. They dont even take any evil vaccinations. Sounds like heaven for you…

      1. Terry is right, every disease that has come up in the last 50 years was because of the food industry and that’s a fact, people if they want to remain healthy must return to natural food, not crappy gm food with antibiotics and etc…

      2. some scientist say that DNA will be fragmented in the gut,so there s no possibility of entering the body. im lost can any one help in this concern

  56. I think it’s time for a class action law suit against Monsanto and all the companies that keep it alive and thriving for damaging our health. Any other manufacturer that screws with our health and our bodies gets sued. Let’s go.

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