FDA’s War Against Raw Milk

raw milkAn Amish farmer is in trouble for distributing raw milk in interstate commerce. If the Leahy bill passes, raw milk “desperados” like him could go to jail for ten years!

Last month the Justice Department, at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration, filed a complaint for permanent injunction against Daniel L. Allgyer, owner of the Rainbow Acres Farm, in Kinzers, PA, for distributing unpasteurized (or “raw”) milk for human consumption in interstate commerce.

They claim that Allyger violated federal law by failing to provide the label information required by law—resulting in “misbranding.” During an inspection of Rainbow Acres Farm, FDA investigators determined that the farm was producing, packaging, selling, and distributing unpasteurized and unlabeled milk for human consumption in interstate commerce. Under federal law, milk can be sold in interstate commerce only if it is pasteurized and in “final package form.”

Whether Allgyer violated federal law or not, FDA has been on a rampage against raw milk for quite some time, and the agency is motivated by its irrational bias against raw milk

According to the FDA press release, “Drinking raw milk is dangerous and shouldn’t be consumed under any circumstances.” But this runs contrary to the scientific data. As the Weston A. Price Foundation notes, raw milk has a proven safety record; it has many health benefits—protecting against infection, diarrhea, rickets, tooth decay, and tuberculosis; and there are tremendous potential economic benefits as well.

FDA’s assertion that raw milk is dangerous and puts consumers at risk—despite the abundant evidence to the contrary—has convinced the Justice Department to go after Allgyer for “misbranding.” If the newly revived Leahy bill passes, the Justice Department will be able to sentence raw milk producers, like David Allgyer of Rainbow Farms, to up to ten years in prison. If you have not already done so, please review our Action Alert on the Leahy bill and contact your senators and congressional representative today!


    1. Whether or not you think dairy products are good or not is YOUR choice; but for the rest of us who are more informed, it is OUR choice to consume what we decide is healthy for us. “Basic FOOD FREEDOM.” That’s the point…

    2. what are you basing that on- the past 100 years? cultures have been safely consuming and thriving on raw dairy for thousands of years- its only recently when farms went conventional (grain, soy fed and pasturized and homogenized milk) that there were issues- and thats not milk, thats conventional processed ‘Milk”. So you can’t take such a myopic approach to it all- because thats actually a false statement based on half truths.
      If there wasnt ever a change in our food system, such a statement would never exist- because there would have been no issues. Its ones choice to drink milk or not, but keep half truths and mis-info out of it…

    3. Hi Diane,
      What is the basis for your argument? We drink our mother’s milk as babies…that’s a dairy product.

        1. No Carole, it’s not joke! Excellent point Jennifer! We are born into this world nourished by an amazing unpasteurized dairy product from our loving mothers. I only wish more people could see how healthy “all natural” food really is.

      1. Thing is, I wasn’t breast fed. At that time women were beginning to be encouraged not to breast feed. When I drink milk, it’s raw milk from a local family farm. When all this garbage started, that raw milk was dangerous, there were some farmers who were not taking the necessary steps to be Immpecably clean with their milk production, They didn’t address issues with sick cows as they should have. That doesn’t mean they should have followed Louis Pasteur’s idea of boiling the milk. That is so insane, I still can’t believe this has been an accepted procedure for all these years. I can remember getting milk to our door when I was in high school ( back then we were in junior high at seventh grade) in glass bottles with the cream at the top. I can’t remember when that stopped but momma started getting that pasturized stuff in wax covered paper cartons. Now we have plastic with bisphonol A. Even my family farm people use those same plastic gallon jugs the big dairy people use. The world is upside down and inside out.

      2. Drinking cow’s milk is NOT natural. Cow’s milk is meant for baby cows, not humans, just as human milk is meant for humans, not cows. Humans are the only species on the planet that routinely drinks the milk of another species and continues to do so after being weaned.
        That said, I do support someone’s right to drink raw milk, as that at least contains the enzymes that will make the milk more digestible.
        If the FDA is concerned about unsafe food, then maybe they should look more closely at the milk that comes from the average dairy with increasing levels of pus, antibiotics and rbgh. These are unsafe for human consumption.
        Blog post about cheese: http://blog.rawchefmarilyn.com/2010/08/02/addicted-to-cheese-isnt-organic-dairy-ok.aspx

    4. This is a fight about freedom of choice, food choices, not your beliefs about whether dairy products are good or bad.

      1. But you see? Big dairy wants us to believe raw/real milk is the bad stuff when people like many of us here believe that stuff in the supermarket’s dairy section is the bad stuff. They are railroading this Amish farmer because they believe they can by using an obscure law to do so. Upside down, inside out. Society allowed this to happen. Society at large wants others to take care instead of us taking responsibility for our own health and well being. As long as the Israelites heard and didi what God said, He protected them. When they stopped hearing and doing with God said, He took away His protection. May God have mercy.

    5. Who says dairy product are bad for human. Anything that God created in its natural form is not bad, it is designed to benefit us human and animals. It is how we alter the things and make them impure is bad.

    6. Since I have been drinking Raw unpasteurized milk I have not been sick although everyone around me that doesn’t has been sick multiple times, & my Mom’s arthritis has disappeared.

    7. Growing up I had a lot of problems with store bought milk. We though I was lactose intolerant. When my daughter was born I bfreast fed her and things were great for her. When I had to start giving her store bought milk she had the same problems. My husbands aunt and uncle had their own cow. I tried the “real cow’s milk” myself and found that I could drink it without any problems. I gave it to my daughter and the same thing happened to her. My last child reacted the same way. This leads me to believe that “lactose intolerance” is really intolerance to the processes that they use for cow’s milk. Those who haven’t tried raw milk shouldn’t say anything until they’ve tried it.

  1. Figures! Big Pharma and friends, the ever-present bullies, are at it again. They should be honest for a change and go after harmful ingredients like aspertame and harmful products like pasteurized milk and leave honest, hard working citizens alone. Money means more to them than our health.

  2. My six children were raised on raw m ilk, cheese and butter because they had alergies and was a member of the Price- Pottenger study groupn theearly seventies. All six are doing fine and I have sisteen healthy grandchildren. Seven are still eating raw milk because they have their own cows. I recieved my raw milk from the former Altadena Dairy in Azusa, California. The kids used to get a kick out of drinking the milk when it came with the message across the top of the glass bottle; Not for h uman consupshion, pet food..

  3. What next. Is the government going to start controlling our bowels. They appear to be controlling everything else.
    Trust me, I have a ton of it to give to them. Come and get it guy’s.
    Leave our raw, organic foods alone. Especially our raw milk.

  4. Disgusting! 10 years? Actual criminals get off with lesser sentences. It is the corporate culture, Goliath, against the individual, David.

    1. Yes, but remember who won…we need to get rid of our fears and take on the giants and get our freedoms back. I’ve got my slingshot and my stone, I’m ready to go!

  5. We have a right to chose the fda is too stupid to protect us all they care about is money and profit I had been told by a medical scientist raw. Milk is healthy and he also warned my not to take perscription drugs if you want to the fda only bows to big pharma not the tax payer I emailed the fda yesterday and asked why can’t they do anything and that they were a disgrace

  6. Leave our raw milk alone!! We don’t want your pasteurized, processed crap. The FDA should spend a little more time being concerned about the people dropping dead from prescription drugs and the additives they allow in foods and a little less time focusing on one of nature’s most perfect foods: Raw milk,

  7. I have been drinking raw milk all my life, 57 years old. At work they refer to me as the Energizer Bunny because people 1/2 my age can’t keep up. Raw milk is the best you can drink, if not then why is it that people to whom are lactose intolerant can drink with no problems. It’s the Homogenization and pasteurization that make it intolerant to man.

    1. The difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk is, raw milk still has the enzymes in it so the body can break it down and use it. Pasteurizing milk kills the enzymes in it and the body can’t process it, so it just goes to fat deposits in the body and weight gain and has no nutritional value.

  8. I would truly appreciate it if you would leave David Allgyer of Rainbow Farms to what he does so well. Please leave raw milk alone. I do Not want pasteurized milk.
    OLease listen to me.
    Thank you. Barbara Finlayson

  9. I am appalled at the low state our country is in when genetically engineered food needs no labeling.
    But something healthy like raw milk would put an honest citizen making an honest living has to
    have the FDA which doesn’t know what is up or down. The FDA after killing people because of
    their inept reporting on drugs which have horrific side affects would go after an innocent man
    and try to ruin his life too. Who is paying them to go after people that do good and work for people that do evil????????? How do they sleep at night?
    But God is greater and sees all and His righteous judgement will win in the end and only wrath
    and indignation will follow them into hell.
    Myrna Rettegi

  10. These idiots probably think drink Pepsi and Coke are healthy…Pasturiuzed kills alk the good stuff…so it might as well be just like coke and pepsi.
    Raw Milk is the healthiest thing for anyone on this planet…Too bad these idiots cannot read….And they wonder why THEIR kids are sickly and and into drugs and sugars and in jail……Ain the latter they are probably being fed better than at home…

  11. I am appalled at the low state our country is in when genetically engineered food needs no labeling.
    But something healthy like raw milk would put an honest citizen making an honest living in jail for 10 years has to be the last straw!!!!!!! How many lives have to be forever ruined by the pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that the FDA condones, Mr Leahy. Why don’t you get a life.
    . The FDA after killing people because of their inept reporting on drugs, which have horrific side affects, would go after an innocent man and try to ruin his life too. Who is paying them to go after people that do good, and to work for people that do evil????????? How do they sleep at night?
    But God is greater, and sees all ,and His righteous judgement will win in the end and only wrath
    and indignation will follow the people who do such things, for what ? For profit?
    Myrna Rettegi

  12. Regarding Raw Milk– This law has nothing to do with food safety just protecting the huge dairy industries that are poisoning our milk daily. All recent deaths concerning milk have come from pasteurized milk not raw milk. However I feel that it is MY choice what I eat or drink and I am prepared to make that choice on my own.

  13. When I leaved in PA, I brought raw milk from a local farmer. My whole family drank it, including my 1 year old. We had it every day for over 3 years and NEVER had any issues from it. I really miss it, it tasted sooo goood!

  14. Big companies have been contaminating our air water and soil for years. Factory farms are not considering health risks to their animals or the people they serve except for the quick buck. These small farmers protect the land and water and their animals and provide a food source that is more natural than most of what is available. Please protect their and consumer rights before big annihilates all of us.

  15. I am opposed to the Leahy bill that would imprison those who sell raw milk.
    Dr. Edlich

  16. Irony what milk company got upset about loosing a few dollars to milk that is good for you. I was raised on raw milk that I milked from the cow. Fun thing is we didn’t have all the antibiotics that are injected into the cows to produce more milk plus all the extra persevatives. Then there the fact that I milked by hand in a stall with lots of cow manure. You know what it didn’t kill us nor did it make us sick.
    the great thing about was we had butter, butter milk and most of all chemical free milk 3x a day.
    Then again it was the good old days when we didn’t die from the chemicals in food and most of my family is living to be 80-90 years old. It isn’t bad for a good ole country family.

  17. Raw milk is so much better for you than pasteurized and homogenized… this process put Di. Ox. puts a very bad collestrol into your heart that give you a heart attack..all the science tell you this and more…why can’t you listen to the people in the know…the people are so disappointed in all of you… what is dangerous is the FDA, AMA etc…

  18. Why doesn’t Bill Laheay go to jail, he must be best buddies with John Mc Cain try to squash the health food industry because of the lack of ethics by the MD’s for steroid given to athletes….Where does the problem really lie….with the untoughable Doctors.

  19. Milk must be pasteurized in order to drink otherwise don’t you think we would be getting all kinds of diseases from cows that are NOT being fed decent food? These Amish are rediculous with some of their beliefs.

    1. their beliefs.”
      Wouldn’t a better answer be to feed the cows decent food?
      I personally drank Alta-Dena Certified raw milk throughout the 70s when I lived in California, often 2 quarts a week. The milk was labeled both “Raw” and “Certified”, to indicate that regular inspections took place to verify all aspects of production were sanitary and met state hygiene standards. This system worked. I never had a problem nor did I hear of any adverse reactions if there were any.
      Today if I drink even 1/2 cup of so-called “milk” (pastueurized, homogenized, antibiotic-ized, hormone-ized, GMO-ized, irradiated) the result is loose bowels or worse. When you add grass that is now contaminated w/radioactive fallout AND genetically-engineered alfalfa in the animals’ diets to the injection of antibiotics AND artificial growth hormones, to the soft plastic containers that leach who-knows-what into the milk, there is no other choice than to say that the marketplace-available “milk” is history for me, i.e., industrial milk.
      What kind of ignorance believes irradiated milk is fine but raw milk is not? You are simply inviting debilitation and malnourishment down the road because you are not getting the nutrients available in clean raw milk. Another victory to fear-mongering propaganda by the milk industry factory farms, which I’m afraid you are a victim of. Re-think for yourself after researching for yourself in all areas of health.

  20. There goes the governent again, trying to Nazi rule the lives of free thinking Americans. US government has too mcuh on their table already…don’t allow it to decide what is put on your homes’ tables too.

  21. I have drunk raw milk for years. I grew up on it and I believe that you are wasting your time and the tax payers money in you witch hunt over raw milk. You have more important issues to deal with.

  22. Amish farmers have been here before the laws were enacted. Raw milk is the best for you. As kids we had raw milk. I take no pills. I feel I am healthier than city people who are taking pills at each meal. The government is placing everyone who is an honest person in jail and the drug companies are making the profits.Farmers have no rights and will fight back by not farming.

  23. Growing up I drank raw milk for years. I live in the midst of Amish country. And I would trust raw milk anyday from a farmer over the legal bull I keep hearing about Sen Leahy. Tell him to quit trying to destroy what God approved thousands of years ago. He certainly is going to have to answer to God in the end, not the other way around.

  24. Lets let Science and Nature govern our choices, not the government. People have informed choice and freedoms that we fight for in other countries yet our “politicians” are taking away from us in our own country. Insane and uncivilized.

  25. The FDA allows Genetically engineered foods for human consumption—that should tell us how much they desire to protect our health. At the very least, GE foods should be labeled. Pasteurization destroys much of the nutritional value of milk. Healthy cows will produce healthy milk—factory dairies need to pasteurize their milk—it would be deadly otherwise.
    Its time the government stopped harassing good people—lets see them remove hi-fructose-corn syrup from our food!

  26. I am outraged that the FDA comes down on Amish farmers selling healthy unadulterated raw milk to the public and allows genetically engineered food and chemically contaminated foods to be sold to the American public.

    1. I am outraged as well, and frankly horrified. This farmer is making an honest living and providing for what many of us need and demand. Having a innocent man jailed essentially because of the misguided opinions of FDA officials ruling that raw milk is unsafe when truly unsafe substances and foods get a pass is simply wrong.

  27. I want to have a choice of drinking raw milk if that is what I want to drink. I have been drinking raw milk for years and it is perfectly safe.

  28. Raw milk is a much better food item than pasturized milk where the most inportant good items have been taken out. I was raise on raw milk for over 20 years and no problems. I’m now 84 years of age. I would like to be able now to purchase raw milk

  29. Can you say COMMUNIST AMERIKA folks? FDA and all these other big corps like Big Pharma, Big Agro, Big business of any kind is slowly leaching our rights away. Don’t blame the Govt, it’s the Big Corps and they need to be put down like a lame horse!

  30. How did the Amish guy come to the attention of the FDA anyway? Talk about an unbelievable waste of taxpayer money if we are funding idiots to watch over raw milk farmers. This is yet more federal government tyranny, done at the behest of some puppet master (in this case big dairy who is threatened by raw milk farmers). And the statement “Drinking raw milk is dangerous and shouldn’t be consumed under any circumstances” is one of the dumbest things I have EVER heard. Last I checked, babies consume raw milk from their mother, so is that dangerous? Not to mention that man has domesticated various herbivore animals for something like 10,000 years and consumed the milk of these animals, which was obviously raw. The level of stupidity here seems impossible, but since the government is involved it is of course made possible.

  31. It is not the raw milk that puts people at risk, it is the unclean, pathogen-laden, factory/feed-lot farms. Cows that are injected with antibiotics to ward off the disease that results from the corn/grain diet are bound to pass on those harmful bacteria in their milk. The FDA needs to close their wallets and open their eyes.

  32. Stop harassing this farmer as well as others for producing and selling raw milk. This is atrocious. Let these small farmers resume their LEGAL distribution of raw milk to the many people who cannot drink pateurized milk. Stop this insanity and throw out these cases.o

  33. What really needs to take place, is a law that makes it mandatory for all elected officials to be completely educated about the very line items on which they are voting! How many would pass that test?

  34. I have drank plenty of raw milk growing up, and I am still alive and have never gotten sick. If people from the city knew anything about farming they would know that the way a small farmer gets his milk is far different than the way a commercial farmer does. It is a much cleaner w much less chance of contamination. I have milked cows myself and when you are not using machinery to milk your cows you hand clean there utters instead of just dipping them into iodine. So I don’t think abunch of men that grew up in a city, and have prob never spent a day at a farm that wasn’t a factory farm. Should maybe visit one and see how things are done before they go putting people in jail, and I also think if someone wants to drink and buy raw milk it should be there own personal choice. It may be more fatty but you can bet the milk that Amish man is selling is free of all the antibiotics and growth hormones the crap you get from the store is full of. I would give my children raw milk from an Amish farmer before I would give them some of the garbage they sell in the store

  35. Raw milk from organic farms that practice good hygiene is both healthy and safe. A century of scientific evidence backs this fact.
    The two most unfortunate effects of pasteurization are that the calcium is changed to an insoluble substance and the lactose sugar is modified to become far more soluble beta-lactose, which is more rapidly absorbed, giving caloric overload and resulting insulin response. Additionally, vitamin C is destroyed as well as 20 percent of the iodine.
    At the end of his life, Louis Pasteur himself rejected the concept pasteurized food as safe and healthy. Who profits from it now? Large corporations do. Farmers and consumers do not.
    It would be preferable to pass legislation requiring that food be clean and healthy through hygiene and the chain of cold!

    1. Great points Janet,
      I believe the reason why the FDA is interfering with small family farms and raw milk production is because the large-scale industrial dairies are threatened by the possibility of being forced to clean up their own processes. Industrial dairies are able to produce more product at a lower cost by pasteurization and homogenization. These processes enable cheap transportation and long term storage of dairy products thus lowering their costs and increasing profits. Unfortunately these practices also result in destroying the beneficial and natural occurring enzymes and bacteria that are inherent in unprocessed raw dairy milk products. These enzymes and bacteria are ironically also what assists humans to digest milk safely. Removing the enzymes and bacteria renders the milk indigestible by humans.
      Our government and the FDA should not be allowed to restrict my right to choose which foods I consume.

  36. There is surely a way – without imposing wildly prohibitive requirements – to license certain individuals to sell raw milk. Testing milk samples is routine prior to processing, so surely there can be checks on raw milk and the animals that produce it. There is a demand, and a need, for this product.

  37. Raw milk, yea!
    Corporate – commercial, boo!
    Let’s fire the USDA corporate whores.

  38. Whatever happened to live and LET live? I think the FDA has too much power! They should just give their recommendations, their reasons and leave these decisions up to each individual! Certainly providing unpasturized milk from smalll,noncommercial farmers should NOT be a crime. How ludicrous! God help us all!!

    1. they’re bought and paid for by Big Dairy, Big Agriculture, the Corn Refiner’s Association, Cattle-Growers Association, MONSANTO (this company is frighteningly evil and powerful.. ), DOW CHEMICAL, Big Pharma, and on and on.
      Also… major research universities receive millions from these huge entities to perform “research” to support their products. Therefore, the education coming from these universities is biased in favor of who provides the most funding. That’s why they “educate” doctors to not know squat about nutrition.
      To find a well-educated doctor who acknowledges and uses nutrition in their practice, you have to find those who graduated from private universities that do not receive any funding from large corporate entities with agendas to promote. Bastyr University in Kirkland Washington state is one. I’m sure there are more but you will have to search them out.

  39. Check out the grassfedonthehill.com website where there is information on a rally that is happening this coming Monday on this very subject. Let’s let these guys know that there is really big support for raw milk AND Dan and all the dairy farmers like him who are putting their own lives and livelihoods at risk to give us a choice in how we choose to eat. Armed raids on small farmers is unacceptable. Using the law to get rid of your competition (because the farm to table movement is gaining momentum across the country) is unacceptable. People are waking up to the fact that our big agra-business foods and big pharmacology drugs are what are killing us with heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc. Let’s stand for wholesomeness and for the local farmers on Monday and from now on!

  40. I raised 7 children on raw milk from local farmers. Now you can’t buy raw milk in Crawford County, PA. None of them ever got sick on raw milk .

  41. The “food police” are alive and kicking.How can the American electorate keep putting these morons back in office time after time for a few lousy dollars sent to their districts.Health costs are out of sight and the FDA wants to pollute our bodies with unsafe drugs and vaccines.The have allowed the big chemical companies to make our food and water supply unsafe and the are promoting GMO foods that will kill us all “and the band plays on” Leahy should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail along with the rest of the irresponsible policrooks.

    1. It seems as though they are trying to kill us off. I wonder if their spouses and children eat the stuff they allow for the “commoners”?
      The good thing is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
      Out of this mire a new paradigm is rising and it’s called Functional Medicine. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner who practices functional nutrition. Functional medicine and nutritional therapy acknowledge the power of food, supplements and herbs to bring the body back into balance, thereby alleviating a possible disease state from occurring. Pharmaceutical drug therapy is a last resort only in the most persistent cases.
      Let’s start thinking out of the box and showing others how to do the same. Good sources for more information: Dr. Oz, Weston A Price Foundation, Nutritional Therapy Association

  42. My uncle had cows and shared milk with us. I am still alive. Actually if the hands and teets are clean there is no problem. Even using the milkers there is no problem if evey thing is clean. In the past when there was a problem they thought it was the milk but it has been proven that all you need is a healthy cow and cleanliness.

    1. Truth be told, the small raw-milk dairy is amazingly clean and kept to strict USDA standards. The factory-farm dairy is disgustingly filthy because it’s faster and cheaper to not be clean and they know the milk will be pasteurized anyway so they don’t care.
      I’ll take raw any day over that dead white liquid laced with chemicals that sits on grocery store shelves.
      case in point: a co-worker of mine is from Turkey – been here about a year. She loved milk in her home country. She came here and within a few weeks was sick with gastro-intestinal problems traced to the common 2% milk she found at the grocery store. She learned the hard way to carefully source her food here in America. Things are not as they seem here. What a shame that these factory farms and corporate food giants are allowed to do what they do to us.
      One day…
      but until then, we have to be smart, choose carefully, and keep fighting.

  43. Raw Milk. Several years ago LA County CA took Alta Dena Dairy to court and got blown out and the Judge Chastized LA county for bringing it into his court. Pasteurized milk is a hazard to our health, not ‘raw milk’. The FDA is part of the vendetta against raw milk, the most healthy of foods. The case now in federal court is proof of this.
    Do not give the FDA another weapon to attack Raw Milk with the Leahy bill.

    1. Honestly.. I think the FDA needs to be either shut down or completely overhauled. The thing is we are funding their paychecks!!
      Any ideas on how we can do this?? The FDA is not watching out for us at all. They are bought and paid for by Big Pharma, Big Food, MONSANTO, DOW, and Big Agriculture.
      This has to stop..
      How many more billions are going to pass hands and how many more people are going to get sick and die before we are free from lies, drugs, adulterated food and harassment?

  44. I’d been suffering from pollen allergies every Spring for about 20 years after moving to DC area. Every year in the spring – sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, face, looking horrible for 3 months is pretty significant chunk of life. Medicine made it worse, I felt I was getting addicted to it and more allergic to other stuff. After some research found studies they’ve done with kids in Europe I decided to try raw milk. Took me a while but it’s been 3 years now that I found this private group and after drinking gallon a week religiously, come Spring that first year I felt almost no reaction to pollen. It was the first time I could actually smell all the blooming flowers and enjoy the spring in 20 years. That drinking raw milk was the reason for that great improvement there’s NO DOUBTS ABOUT IT. My hair and skin improved as well, I feel and look my best. Besides, this group is a set of highly intelligent individuals and brilliant forum on all health issues. I have learned a lot and am proud and lucky to be part of it. I cannot thank enough the hardworking farmers and this group organizers for giving me my health back.

    1. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and my clients are getting well from my cottage-produced raw milk yogurts, soft cheeses, and cultured veggies from the naturally-derived whey. It’s awesome.
      No matter what they do, they will not stop us. We will always find a way to eat and drink the wonderful natural food that comes from this amazing earth.
      It is our right and our heritage –

  45. Most of the world today consumes raw milk. Where’s all the salmonella?campylobacter?undulant fever?

  46. I wanted to share an email I sent to some idiots over at the FDA today….
    “So I was just wondering when the FDA became the food police. I am reading about all these raids your organization is conducting. The last time I checked I was free, white and over 21. That means I have the right to CHOOSE what I want to eat; I don’t need a sham for a government agency telling me what I can and cannot eat.
    Why don’t you all spend a little more time breathing down the necks of the big drug companies instead of hassling the little guys that don’t want to consume things not laced with carcinogens, toxins, fat and steroids? Oh wait, I know why! The drug companies have you in their pocket!!!! Just turn a blind eye to all the drugs being pumped out with little testing and please have no concern for the long term effects they may have on people. Hey those full body scanners you guys approved for use in the nation’s airports? Who will people be suing 10 years from now when we find out they actually DO cause cancer? Should they sue you or the manufacturer?
    The FDA is a JOKE! You’re bought and paid for by big business just like the rest of our puppet show of a government. Hey…. I’m growing some red and green bell peppers in a Topsy Turvy. You gonna’ come kick my door down next?
    wante me??? COME AND GET ME!!!!!!!!”
    HA HA HA!!!!! Bunch of morons……….

    1. Raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus aureus, Yersinia, Brucella, Coxiella and Listeria. The bacteria in raw milk can cause vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), abdominal pain, fever, headache and body aches. In some instances, people can develop pneumonia, blood-stream infections, kidney failure, inflammation of the nervous system (meningitis), chronic liver disease or chronic heart disease from drinking raw milk. While some people will have mild illness from bacteria in raw milk, others are at much higher risk of life-threatening illness, especially pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems (such as people with cancer or HIV infection or recipients of organ transplants). The American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics confirm that raw milk shouldn’t be consumed because of the health risks involved.
      Canada & Australia also restrict the sale of raw milk. The countries that don’t restrict the sale of raw milk have found that some consumers boil the milk before drinking. I can remember my grandmother doing this & then cooling the milk down before anyone was to drink it.
      I understand that raw milk can cost up to $13/gallon. Is the cost really worth the risk of getting sick to where it could probably cost you your life?

    2. Ha! Love it! And I thought I was over the top mad. Glad to read stuff from someone mad-as-hell as me.

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