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Our recent articles on sweeteners and Lyme disease evoked a great deal of discussion. Here are two especially informative comments.

Regarding our article on sweeteners, Brian wrote:

I must take issue with you on palm sugar as an acceptable sweetener. It is not sustainable, and one must sacrifice the coconut to harvest it. Please see my commentary on my blog.

You’re quite right, Brian—harvesting palm sugar destroys the flower which would later grow into a coconut. Trees take ten years to grow and are being illegally logged, and now they’re being targeted by the government in the Philippines for biofuel use.
It’s interesting that coconut was demonized for years as a bad fat and thus wasn’t cultivated. It is still demonized by the American Heart Association and many others who should know better. But now that the truth is coming out about its health benefits, we can’t get enough of it in coconut water and sugar and oil. But there just aren’t enough coconuts and coconut trees to go around, and the unsustainable palm sugar harvesting practices are indeed a problem. So let’s scratch palm sugar from the list.
Our Lyme disease article prompted this comment from Jeanne:

Your readers may be interested to note that Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), a woody vine that is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, is being used to successfully treat Lyme disease. It is found throughout Central and South America, where it is known as Uña de Gato, Vilacora, and Life-giving Vine of Peru, among other names. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial agent. In addition to Lyme disease, Cat’s Claw is being used to treat other immune system disorders like arthritis and rheumatism, lupus, and CFS. Samento is a potent extract of the vine and is the form many Lyme-literate practitioners use.

Excellent information, Jeanne. Many thanks!


  1. Lymes disease has been cured very successfully with OZONE INSUFFLATION alone. Treatments can be administered dailey or once or twice a week and often clearing the virus away in just a few months. I have never heard of this protocol not working.

  2. I have been using Cat’s Claw for about three years and have had some success, but nothing to write home about. I have Sjogren’s Syndrome (a relative of RA) and was really hoping for some type of success. I’m glad to hear it’s working for others, though. I would like to know how they are using it. I use liquid because supplements do not agree with my stomach — many supplements do not, because for me they are undigestible and therefore not assimiliated. I try to get my nutrition from foods as much as possible, but anything I use in supplement form is almost always liquid if I can get it that way. Anyone know if there’s a huge difference between the potency of the liquid vs a capsuled supplement?

    1. Dear D; What I have learned thru these many years of my life is that supplements required a very friendly intestine. We accumulate toxins that need to be eliminated and cleaned and keep it moving regularly as many as 2 to 3 defecations daily. Also, the intestinal flora need to be supplemented to create the right environment for absorption, This is done by taken some probiotics and has to be done for quite a while or for ever. Nutrients and herbs need a good three months of intake for the results to start to show. To clean de colon or fight constipation we have a good experience with Colon Cleanse caps from Western Botanicals. Probioticas, I like the pearls biotics from Dr Whitaker’s Forward Nutrition, and to regulate the intestines the Ayurvedic Triphala daily. The best combination in our household is Triphala and Pearl Biotics daily. Triphala is a combination of three nutrients and regulates the peristaltic movements, controls gas and fights parasites. We get triphala from Vitamin Research Products ( Sorry I am not familiar with Cat’s Claw but Western Botanical carry many herbs products in liquid form. I agree with you that the best nutrients come in the food that we consume. I do not know the difference between liquid and capsulated supplements but I know that intestinal health is the number one issue to pay attention in order to get our money worth from supplements, even the most common vitamins.

    2. It depends on the extraction strength. Best for liquid is a 1:1 herb to menstrum ratio which very few companies produce as it reduces profit margins. Liquid has an advantage in being more bioavailable but if the liquid is of weaker strength…

  3. I have be a researcher on Natural Healing for 49 years. I have watched Sugar Substitutes take over and an increase in almost every ailment increase. Just a few days ago a report of 70 percent increase in heart problems for people who drink diet pop. Where do you think the tremendous increase in dementia and brain damage is coming from? Why has several Countries in Europe banned Aspartame in Children’s eatables? Our FDA is funded by the people they are suppose to be reviewing. Check on the history of Aspartame and see if you do not believe it got approved after a ton of under the table taxes. My feeling, but you check it out. Rev. Bern

  4. Coconut hurts me…it is a bad type of fat for me and other MS people.
    Lymes if from being Celiac…so they catch Lymes easier…no dairy/gluten make the immune system go up..eating them…the immune system goes down. The other health issues listed by the person above are from Celiac. Tests to diagnose Celiac may not work.

  5. Halliburtin is the least of our worries the concentration should be on companys like Monsanto and the GE of our food supple.A couple of weeks ago I reguessted from the USFDA any and all research on the long term effects of all the ” Round-Up Ready ” plants that have been introduosted into live stock and direct human consumtion and got no answer; more than not because there are none!! Most of the people that would read what I am concerned with do not know about the ” Micro Cellular Induction Therim ‘ which states that cancer and all human illnesses are started by the introduction of ” one “cell being infected,or chemically corruptied by ” one ” other molecual of toxcin. Then as in any positive scientific function you add time. This gives results,but this is ” NOT ” what is being done!!! Our government has been taken over by lobyest of all kinds for the sake of ‘ PROFIT ” as apposed to the concern for humans, or even our country. The most odveious to all of us is that we need to put a stop to all of this before these corpirations become the rulers of the world. Example The Robert’s Supreme Court of the United States has given them the same rights as the individual in politics;in what way cane a group with no one voice be the same as a single voice??? How can a board of directors have only one vote??? How can profit take the place of the welfare of the ” PEOPLE “. P.S. Please clean up my spelling. Thank You for listining.

  6. My Lyme has been hugely helped and almost eliminated by ongoing herbal applications, including cats claw. The best reference I have read on the subject is a book by world class herbalist Stephen Buhner called “Healing Lymes”. I highly recommend it – very well researched: $15 online

  7. Also use supplements such as fish or flax seed oil, Vit D supplement, CoQ10 for cell energy, milk thistle to support liver function to be able to eliminate the toxicity, and an Adrenal support such as Rhodiola Rosea

    1. Hello Carrie! She is right about the herbs & supplements and especially the book–get it, very helpful. I have chronic Lyme, an ongoing nightmare. I test negative, and so remain “invisible” to the Western medical community. Thankfully, I have been supported by an educated community and understanding friends and family. Don’t underestimate the support of friends & family in this. Dealing with Lyme can be a long-term struggle to maintain a functional life. Some people who feel great themselves and think you “look fine”, won’t understand the total exhaustion and pain you may have. Don’t waste your energy on them. Find the folks who will be supportive as you try to get your life back. You need to try and build your life back from all angles–gentle exercise, good supportive diet–a hypoglycemic diet works best for me, although I have trouble sticking to it–supplements, and a spiritual or meditative practice that enhances a happier outlook. It’s very easy to get depressed if your struggling with a long term health problem. Don’t lose hope–you are not alone–so many of us are struggling too.

  8. The only cure for ARTHRITIS is a diet of pure, natural, additive free, unadulterated food and drink.
    WE ARE AS WE EAT, DRINK, SLEEP AND EXERCISE. Very often a CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE WORKS WONDERS. All this can be aided by taking one ‘Pagosid’ Devils Claw tablet twice daily. This is a wonderful remedy.

  9. Hey George,
    You are right. They have ruined our food supply and now they are after our health foods in Europe. Next the US will hand our supplements over to the durg companies so they can poison them. There is going to be nothing fit for human consumption left in the world so I guess we will all be sick and dying just like they wanted. Bill Gates is working with the drug companies to develop non-invasive vaccines so everybody can be poisoned easier. I wonder, when the lefties kill off most of the world are they going to be happy or are they going to go after each other? For some reason I think they have more problems than the world being overpopulated. Why haven’t charges been filed against these people for “Conspiracy to commit mass murder?” They have announced that the world is overpopulated and they are working to depopulate most of the world through vaccines, GMO seeds, etc. If anyone else did what they are doing they would be in jail forever.

  10. Danny Casco,
    I don’t know about your
    lyme disease but mine is bacterial and not a virus! Tell more about your treatment ozone treatment please.

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