Nanotechnology: New Threat to Organic Foods

moleculeNanotechnology, the process of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level, has no place in organic food. Like genetic modification, it is the antithesis of the organic concept.

Our friends at the Organic Consumers Union and others recently asked that the United States National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture formally prohibit the use of nanotechnology in organic food production. The NOSB member from General Mills sought to delay the process by demanding that a technical definition of the term be developed. The committee then responded by requesting a technical and scientific review of the issue.
Canada has already acted. It recently amended its national organic rules to ban nanotechnology in food production as a “Prohibited Substance or Method.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is hearing from large food companies on this issue, and has a record of siding with industry against consumers, as some of our earlier stories have shown.  It is important that we let USDA know that consumers care deeply about maintaining and preserving real organic standards.
[Note: At press time, this article included an Action Alert to contact the NOSB. The NOSB is no longer accepting comments on this issue, so we have removed the Action Alert.]


  1. I do not understand why when something good in this world must be corrupted by politicians or Big Pharma. Who is lining their pockets at the consumers expense for new supplement regulations? I guarantee if there were no money in doing this, it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m sick of this country ruining everything good for it’s people. Our rights are depleted more and more everyday.

  2. I completely object to the use of nanotechnology in organic food production. I want unaltered, pure food as Nature intended it. No Nanotechnology on Organics!

  3. Hello,
    My husband and I are strongly opposed to allowing nanotechology to be used for organic foods and beverages. Organic standards should not be adulterated to include substances or processes that were not originated by Mother Nature.
    Sandra Byrne

  4. I urge you to prohibit the use of nanotechnology in the production of organic food. For once, do the job you’re supposed to do and protect us consumers, rather than protecting industries that are killing us. Government protection of Big Pharma and the giant agri-business has made us very cynical about government agencies and very suspicious of them. That may not bother you, but it should. In this instance, listen to us. Prohibit nanotechnology in organic food production. Thank you.

  5. Please do no use nanotechnology in organic products. Leave the growing of real food to nature and let us do as well as we can in cooperation with natural processes.
    Thank you
    Natalie Blahut
    [email protected]
    Tallahassee, Florrida 32309-1428

  6. If nanotechnology is used in any food, organic or otherwise, that fact should be disclosed on the label or sticker affixed to the food. Consumers should have the knowledge and the choice.

  7. Canada has already acted. It recently amended its national organic rules to ban nanotechnology in food production as a “Prohibited Substance or Method.” We should do no less.

  8. Don’t these large co. have enough ares they can mess with our food without intruding on the organic market. Please follow Canadas lead and preserve our organic standards. Renee Lusian

  9. It is outrageous that there even is a NOSB member from General Mills, as General Mills clearly has it’s own financial interest in any decisions made. Obviously nanotechnology AND genetically engineered foods do not belong in the food supply at all, but especially not allowable in standards developed for organic foods.

  10. Nanotechnology has no place in organic food. Like genetic modification, it is the antithesis of the organic concept. Please do not allow this type of manipulation of our organic food.

  11. Please absolutely protect organic as totally unmanipulated food! DO NOT ALLOW ANY adulteration or scientific manipulation of any kind with organic food!
    Thank you,
    Rachel Boyd

  12. I agree with the decision made in Canada that nanotechnology be banned in food production and that it be considered “a Prohibited Substance of Method.”

  13. I don’t believe in altering food this way. We need to ban nanotechnology the way Canada has.

  14. I support a ban on nanotechnology in organic food production. Those of us who want truly organic foods want the USDA to limit the term organic to foods grown/produced without prohibited substances or methods. The USDA needs to meet the needs of individuals, not just corporations.
    The USDA must consider and support the needs and desires of consumers with a ban nanotechnology in organic foods.

  15. What is nanotechnology and how is it used in the food industry?

  16. I do not wish Nano technology in our only good food source.GMO’s are a threat to our existence. Do not tinker with anything else. Please

  17. I am firmly opposed to the use of nanotechnology under any circumstances in the production/creation of organic food for human consumption. Don’t bow to big business again….Remember whom you’re supposed to be protecting!

  18. Nanotechnology does not result in anything that could be considered organic.
    Please act to prohibit foods modified by this method being classified as organic.
    We who choose to eat only those foods not rearranged by artificial means are entitled to truth in labeling.

  19. This little paragraph suggests that the nanotechnology is undesirable, but it doesn’t actually explain WHY my congressman should be opposed to it. I need more information before I can be influential against something that merely sounds undesirable. I need to have some substantiation at my fingertips, so I can pass on more than just an opinion.

  20. Keep the real organic standard. If your allowed to modify it you will surley screw this up

  21. No to nanotechnology.
    There is no place for this in organic food.

  22. There is absolutely no place in organic food for this technology.

  23. I support the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods We need to preserve the organic standards as they are –

  24. hello,
    is anyone listening to that are involved in the government decisions regarding our food in this country.
    i for one will pack up, and leave the USA, if nano tech. is allowed in our organic food supply.
    Canada, looks interesting.
    there are so many health risks involved with what the USDA i is allowing in our food supply. GMO foods, and now nano.
    I for one will not stay in a country much longer that is creating such havoc on our food, and water supply.

  25. Nanotechnolgy as genetic engineeing as no place whatsoever in organic foods. Period
    Alexander Gerry

  26. Dear Dept of Agriculture Representative,
    As an exclusive consumer of Organic Produce and other foods, I find the suggestion of introducing nanotechnology into our Organic Food Supply somewhat disturbing. I purchase Organic Foods because they are NATURAL…pesticide free and hopefully safter than any foods which are chemically altered in any way. I do not support the alteration of our Organic Food supply in any way and will most likely refrain from purchasing any such products if offered for purchase.
    Robert & Melanie Faringer

  27. Nanotechnology has NO place in organic foods!!! PLEASE do not fool with God and His creation!! He did not make any mistakes. Organic food needs to stay “organic” and not altered by man. There will be consequences for trying to play GOD!!

  28. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is not serving the American people in a manner that brings truth and better health to those they are supposedly representing. GMO foods should be forced to label products containing GMO and nanotechnology foods as such. People deserve to know what they are choosing and to not label these foods clearly as genetically modified is a health risk. It isn’t because of simple discrimination that Europe refuses to allow GMO foods to be sold there. The U.S. Department of Agriculture along with the FDA are negligent in their duty and appear more interested in protecting Monsanto’s business interests than American public health…how shameful.

  29. I support the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods. I care deeply about maintaining and preserving real organic standards.

  30. I do not want my organic veggies to become quantum entangled up with the agenda of the Big Food mega corps. Keep organic food… well… organic.

  31. Organic foods should not be adulterated by nano technology, of which not all about it’s effects are known yet. Please keep nanotechnology out of organic foods!! Thank you!

  32. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want nanotechnology to be used or incorporated in any way, shape, or form in the foods I eat. It is beyond comprehension the foolishness of incorporating this technology into foods, along with genetically modifying foods. The United States government has NO RIGHT to allow genetically modified foods to remain unlabeled/unidentified in our current food supply!

  33. Nanotechnology should be banned from organic food. Period. End of story. It is not natural, therefore it is a contradiction to the definition of what is organic. One does not need a committee to come up with that unless they’re trying to figure a way around the definition. If big agriculture and food companies think nano is the future, call it nano-food and be proud. There is always a segment of the population that doesn’t care whether or not they are ingesting frankenfood. The rest of us who do are probably willing to pay extra for the REAL thing.
    PS. Shame on the USDA for not doing their job protecting the consumers. It is obvious by your past actions for whom you really work.

  34. 6ysdgI cannot comment for or against since the way in which nanotechnology would be used was not stated. It would be most helpful if this inoformaion were published, or relevant links provided, before asking one to support or reject the premise. I will not support or oppose it until I know more about what is being proposed for nanotechnology deployment.

  35. It should be obvious and clear to everyone that the meaning of “organic” in defining foods does not include nanotechnology in any way, shape,. or form. Do what Canada did to make this clear. Tell the big food lobbies who want nanotechnology permitted to take a hike and get lost!

  36. “Organic” is the last refuge for identification of oure food. The USDA should follow Canada’s lead and ban nanotechnology in organic food production.

  37. Please do NOT allow nanotechnology to be accepted in our food production, and certainly NOT in organic food production. Please listen to us as consumers; we need an alternative to the massive amounts of processed fare we are being sold. We need real food, for real health. Thank you.

  38. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  39. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  40. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  41. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  42. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  43. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  44. Please keep organic standards safe from corporate manipulation, no g.e., no nano tech.

  45. Please fight to leave additional added synthetic nutritients out of our food and supplements. They are not as effective as raw wholefood supplements or foods with dried vegetables or fruit to provide nutrients, when added.

  46. The purity of the ORGANIC label must be maintained by strict adherence to what has been proven to be safe for human consumption. Nanotechnology at this time cannot be considered safe for humans. When in doubt science must always decide on the side of caution.
    Thank you for considering my thoughts on this crucial matter.
    Richard P..Fuller

  47. NO NANO-Tech in Organics Production! Simple Straight. NO NANO-TECH. NO to NANO-TECH! I get it!

  48. We all need to think in long terms about the health of this earth and the humans that live on it and from the vegetation on it. Can’t anyone get past the quick dollar bill to thoughts of bigger dollars for doing the whole thing right to start with? There are also treasures in Heaven to consider for helping others eat the way God intended and even tells us about in the Holy Bible. What does it take to help the greedy get another perspective so they don’t poison us all, including themselves?
    Thank you for your efforts to help us keep aware and keep our hopes alive that we can win some of these terrible battles we should not be having about our very necessary nourishment. My husband and I consume a lot of supplements and organic foods so we are very concerned. I cannot imagine life for our great-grandchildren with the leadership we have today.
    Blessings and Thanks to you and your staff plus the supportive readers.

  49. Nanotechnology, the process of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level, has no place in organic food. Like genetic modification, it is the antithesis of the organic concept.

  50. Big industry has been given license to regulate itself in most areas that greatly negatively affect “the people.” Regulators who are paid by “the people” (taxpayers) are supposed to protect us. You, our elected officials, paid by us, have the power to protect our organics. Organics are the last bastion for healthy food. There’s not much healthy food left. Even our oceans leave us little that hasn’t been made toxic by industry.
    Don’t sell us out on this one. Your life, soul integrity and the planet weigh in the balance at your hand. Money from industry will not sooth your soul, especially on your death bed. Make your legacy one your soul and your family can be proud of.
    Ron & Patti Levy

  51. Sorry to sound strong but, What the hell is wrong with these corporations changing what God Almighty created since the begining of time. God knew and always has known what vitamins, minerals, fiber, size, flavor to put into every fruit, vegatable, nut/s etc. etc.
    Now, man with the limited knowledge God has given him wants to change it. What stupidity1

  52. Please Keep our organic standards pure. Our food should just be food. If people want to mess with their food with things like GMOs or nanotechnology, let them, but please keep one option that is just plain food. Let that be our organic standards. I have experienced the impact of food on my health in a very direct way and I am committed to keeping our food healthy and pure. I urge you to consider the ramifications of this choice, and keep our organic standards as high as possible.
    Thanks. Scott McVay

  53. please stop genetic modification. and conserve our organic produce of foods

  54. the United States National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture should formally prohibit the use of nanotechnology in organic food production.

  55. Nanotechnology, the process of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level, has no place in organic food. Like genetic modification, it is the antithesis of the organic concept.


  57. Like anything else we are organic beings and we need organic matter to keep our bodies functioning.We don’t need any sci-fi frankenstein wierd science going on with our organic foods. Stay away from the organic food with your technology.

  58. Canadians import food from the states. As a Canadian consumer I don’t want nanotechnology used on the organic foods that I eat or the non organic foods that I eat or in cosmetics and sunscreens until much more research has been done. I expect that atomic sized particles will move right into my system whether or not they would normally be excluded if the particles were a bit larger.

  59. Please keep nanotechnology out of organic food production! My family, friends and I want to be assured that real organic standards are adhered to when we purchase our food. Do not let large food companies adulterate our organic food for the sake of profits. It is ridiculous that we have to keep fighting to keep our organic food safe! Nanotechnology, like genetic modification, is the antithesis of the organic standards of raising food.

  60. Nanotechnology contains the word “technology”. There is no place in NATURAL ORGANIC food production for “technology”. How ridiculous do you have to get with this nonsense?
    I come from a dairy / truck farm and the word technology didn’t exist back then (except perhaps for the primitive milking machines). However, you could actually TASTE our food and drink healthy raw milk without a lot of corporate interference. Now everything tastes like corn syrup or chemicals.
    Large food companies would love nothing more than labeling all of their foods “natural” or “organic” without having to do anything different than they currently are doing yet continue to charge increasingly more for their products. Already they are labeling foods “natural” that are anything but. Consumers are not stupid and we thoroughly resent being lied to.
    In fact, I have never in my life seen so many Americans now reading labels and discussing them in the supermarket aisles. The best part is that they are often returning items to the shelves if they aren’t convinced the product is what they want in their body. Shopping has become a tangled nightmare.
    The American public is tired of being taken for a grand ride by these enormous companies in an effort to squeeze every last penny out of us through lies. I shop more frequently at our farmers’ market rather than trust food labels in the store.
    If corporations and government want a satisfactory definition of nanotechnology that is understandable. But at the SAME TIME and during this discussion process, consumers would absolutely want their food to be CLEARLY LABELED “processed through NANOTECHNOLOGY”. We can figure out what the meaning of “nanotechnology” is without some complicated definition that suits corporate interests. Thank you.

  61. The food industry is making us ill and making millions. The drug companies are also making billions.
    Where is the FDA of old that banned sachrin?? Who is paying them . Our Meat and dairy is fed
    drugs and wrong diets, then we like to think we have the best in the world, While some countries ban our products but the MEDIA does not report that.

  62. The USDA definitely needs to maintain real organic standards and therefore must ban nanotechnology in organic foods!

  63. Absolutely ban nanotechnology from our food supply, especially that which qualifies as organic. All food should be organic, anyway. We have enough frankenfoods on the grocery shelves. All this tampering is enough to make me want to grow all my own produce and preserve it myself.

  64. I definitely support the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods. We need to maintain and preserve real organic standards. Matter modified and manipulated at the atomic and molecular levels is no longer organic. Please leave organic the way nature intended– organic. Thank you.

  65. I want to eat food not chemically altered nano-technology or genetically modified foods. There is enough evidence (if the profit motive is overlooked for a moment) to indicate that animals lose reproductive capability with GMO. Do we know what nano-technology will to do us? Or the animals and plants who ingest it? NO! So don’t approve it.

  66. Please prohibit the use of any nanotechnology in organic-labeled products. Sincerely, Mallon Noland, D.C.

  67. I strongly object to the use of nanothechnology and call for a ban of the big food industries in ;using nanothechnology.

  68. Please let our natural organically grown foods remain just that — natural. There is much concern and controversy over nanotechnology. One established toxicologist has issued dire warnings about the use of this technology in cosmetics. Using it in food production is even more serious..
    I strongly urge you to ban the use of nanotechnology in organic foods — or any other foods for that matter.

    1. Please let our natural organically grown foods remain just that — natural. There is much concern and controversy over nanotechnology I strongly urge you to ban the use of nanotechnology in organic foods — or any other foods for that matter.

  69. I urge you to do all you can to protect the integrity of organic food and to prohibit the use of nanotechnology in organic food production.
    Nanotechnology is the very antithesis of everything the organic food industry has stood for since its inception, and we citizens have a right to be protected from all harmful manipulation of our food supply.

  70. we don’t need to alter our basic and good food! Please make sure nanotechnology (unproven) is prohibited.

  71. I did try to TAKE ACTION – however the site kept insisting on an American postal code even tho I have put in an Ontario, Canada address. Something wrong there and hope someone will notice before you lose many people from this Action.

  72. I am soooo tired of the many attempts by members of groups like Monsanto, Big Pharma, the government, corporations, etc. to destroy the quality of our food supply, or the viability of life in general. Enough already, its time to stop trying to control the world and play nice with the other kids. I mean it.

  73. Canada recently amended its national organic rules to ban nanotechnology in food production as a “Prohibited Substance or Method.” Why can’t the US Dept. of Agriculture do the same in the interest of us, the consumers? It is their job to maintain and preserve organic standards. Please NO nanotechnology in the production of organic foods!

  74. How can the U. S. Department of Agriculture even consider allowing the use of nanotechnology in organic food? For once, please do not side with industry. Do your job and protect consumers.

  75. No one should ever be afraid that their food may not be safe to eat.
    Tell big Ag to stay away from my food with your technological travesties. Oh, right, you are big Ag.

  76. We the people do not want any genetic modifying of our organic foods….in fact leave the
    organic foods alone period…..leave all our healthy foods alone! I want a healthy life and
    I want my children & our future generations of children to be healthy! We all have that
    right……so, listen to the people in the know…..leave the organic food alone!

  77. There is no definitive knowledge of the safety of nanotechnology, with respect to food for animal consumption. To not ban the use of this technology for animal or human food would be highly irresponsible….

  78. I urge you to take a tough stand so that our organic food cannot be tampered with. Please make a clear standard that genetically modified organisms and nanotechnology cannot be used if it has an organic label. The very integrity of our food supply is at stake and citizens should have a choice as to whether we want our food system tampered with with the above stated techniques. We should also know what we are buying so that if nanotechnology or gmo’s are used we should be able to make a clear choice when we are buying. No nanotechnology for organic labels.
    Thank you.

  79. Leave our food alone! We should have a choice to choose totally natural and organic food and feel safe that we don’t have to question every aspect.

  80. Organic food should be pure, unaltered food! We expect organic food to be in its natural form, not modified in some unnatural way, whether that be by nanotechnology or genetic modification. It is of the utmost importance to protect our organic food from any kind of nanotechnology manipulation. This type of meddling with our organic foods is unconscionable and should never be allowed!

  81. I care deeply about maintaining and preserving real organic standards. Please join me in supporting the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods.

  82. And yet, we can use nanotechnology to our benefit in creating more absorb able supplements All those products using micell technology to better deliver supplements past the liver in tact to the region of the intestines where they can be biologically deconstructed by our innate digestive mechanism and absorbed could be considered as using nano technology.
    I’d feel a whole lot better about this initiative if you’d give some insight into what your concerns are. You cannot expect thinking and informed people to just go along in reaction to an undefined word. Please make an intelligent case–really I’m listening. What are your concerns? Where are you coming from? Do you feel there is absolutely no place for technology in the organic foods business chain, like designed freshness packaging materials? I see organic products in packaging that I think is irradiated–like the multi ply cartons for nut milks etc. How do you distinguish nano technology from chemistry? Do you really understand how far reaching your initiative is and what you might prohibit? Including what has not been invented yet???? Can you make your approach better, more clear–less reactive and fearful, more full of facts to support your efforts?
    Thanks, I would hate to see anything degrade the organic foods movement. I am a grower as well as a consumer of quality organically produced foods. But I’m a rational person, I need facts and information, not fear.

  83. You don’t give me enough information to pass judgement on nanotechnology. How is this technology being used in the food industry? Give me some specifics.

  84. As an American consumer I want you to understand that I feel very strongly about the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods. Simply put, I support the ban.
    I do not believe there can be any place in organic food for manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular level and have it still be considered organic. I would not purchase or consume it.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  85. WE don’t yet know the long term impact of nano-technology on the natural world and should not allow this technology to be inserted in the Organic Food industry. Organic should mean natural on every level from micro-to macro.

  86. The USDA needs to protect consumers, not the profits of agribusiness at the expense of public health. Do NOT allow the use of nanotechnology in organic food.

    1. I agree 200%. The General Public needs to be protected, from processed food. Too many research products show that natural/organic food produces health and welll-being. Why on earth do I need nanobots in my food. For crying out loud. I don’t ansything that will MALFUNCTION

  87. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a record of siding with industry against consumers. I hope this does not happen (again) in regarding to maintaining real organic standards. Nanotechnology should be banned from the production of organic foods, so that consumers are able to “vote with the pocketbook” in a meaningful way.

  88. To even consider manipulating our food system with this new nanotechnoloby requires a minimum of thirty years’ study–research on animals, to see where any dangers lie. Who can do such research in an unbiased, ethical manner?

  89. With what I have thus far learned about nanotechnology thus far, I believe if it has no affirmative good in organic food production, it would be very little and would cause great harm. There must be a good reason why other countries are banning it.

  90. PLEASE do not allow Nanotechnology in our food production, and particularly not in our organic foods.

  91. I vote that the US prohibit the use of nanotechnology in organic food. Why is Canada ahead of us in this. Are they more free of political manipulation of big businesses? Don’t let big business in the food industry or any other industry control organic food standards. My family cares deeply about maintaining and preserving real organic standards in this country.

  92. To our U.S. Department of Agriculture,
    Do not allow nanotechnology in organic foods. They are perfect as God intended. You need to quit screwing with our food supply.

  93. Please ban the use of nanotechnology in organic food production–we consumers do not want this in our organic foods!

  94. Gentlemen:
    Nothing can improve “on Nature”
    Only damn “fools” would believe that”
    Obviously there are many “damn fools” out there!
    Maurice Rothman PHd ND MH

  95. Please leave our natural organic foods alne!!! God knows how to design our food supply and we DO NOT want nanotechnology to be a part of our food supply!
    Sincerely, Ed and Claudia Aposhian

  96. We are only beginning to realize the dangers involved in using technology that is under tested. Like the failure that GMO Foods is proving to be, Nanotechnology has inherent risks that have not shown themselves.
    We must properly ascertain those risks before allowing the wholesale usage of what could ultimately be our downfall.
    Failing to investigate those risks would be the ultimate crime against Humanity.
    Please use all of your powers to enforce the tightest of control of these processes.

  97. Organic foods should not be tampered with, manipulated, violated, or experimented with. Ban nanotechnology from organic foods now. Nothing more needs to be said.

  98. I have no idea why nobody has thought about this before but to my mind the right to chose what you buy or eat is part of those inalianable human rights.We all have the right to consume products that we like but nanotechnology and GMOs prevent us from exercising our fundamental human rights.They must be stopped or prevented from contaminating our food source.It is our right.

  99. Leave our food alone!! You’ve done enough to it to create ill people who then can’t get or lose their insurance or lose their lives. Excuse me…you and the insurance companies got a plot make us sick and they overcharge us?

  100. To whom it may concearn,
    Please prohibit the use of nanotechnology in organic food production.
    Dennis Handel

  101. I support the ban on nanotechnology in organic foods – or ANY foods. I don’t want to eat something that grew up in a laboratory. Our society is already suffering hitherto unknown levels of ADD, autism and cancer, which may be related to all the manipulation of food, including pesticides, dyes and chemicals. This would only make it worse.
    Corporations take a short view – immediate profitability to please shareholders and achieve big bonuses for executives. Government needs to take the long view of what is best for the health of its citizens. In this case, an injunction against any use of nanotech while the scientific review proceeds is in the interest of the health of our people.

    1. I support the ban on nanotechnology, it is time as a nation that we begin to understand the real issues facing the way we protect the best interests of it’s citizens regarding their health. We have the right to eat healthy without the encumbrances imposed by a government or agencies that have no regard for our nutritional benefits. It is time to change the focus from sick care and pills to prevention and wellness care. Get with the program America!

  102. Please ban the use of nanotechnology in our organic food products!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I am so angry! Who would stand and eventually scream out of US that all these techno ‘clever’ companies aiming control of population through food acting worse than terrorists. ONE ONLY EXAMPLE========= WHERE ALL THE BEES GONE?????????????? As minimum as 70 percent reduced! When it come to total 100% then these companies will again claim that they are only able to feed population, then catastrophe is there. They are get what they aimed, we will have NO choice to be their slaves-eat what they produced, what they put into the food, what vaccine will we have through the food. HOW THESE WILL NOT YET STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I t is not long to happen it is already here 30% of BEES!!!!
    PUBLIC SHOULD GO TO STREET GOVERNMENT WORKING TOGETHER because they are talking about NEW WORLD ORDER, only American Government want to dictate and owe the world. THEY are working together, perhaps ordering, financing them to to so as soon as possible as soon as effective. NEW WORLD ORDER. please take an action from spreading this disaster all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Can’t they leave nature and well enough ALONE!?? First they command us to get heathy- or/ and pay the price – and then they keep us sick (or dead) with this nano thing amongst others – then they badger us to get long term care insurances..and burial plans- sounds like a plan to keep business booming and consumers perpetually sick!

  105. The genetic pollution and Nano pollution of our agriculture serves none of the consumers. In fact it makes unwitting guinea pigs of us all. The only people who benefit are the intellectual property holders and the government representatives they buy. I pray you are not motivated by the massive amount of money they can throw at you. I pray you are motivated by integrity and the importance of keeping the food supply from contamination and free from the intellectual property bonds. This is the most important issue of our time. We are at the threshold. In the name of profit; Will we contaminate the food supply for all life on earth? Don’t let this happen on our watch!

  106. Bottom line: money talks. Also bottom line: votes matter. Let your representative know (and anyone else who will listen) that you believe Organic should mean natural and pure, unadulterated by chemistry of any kind. Let the food “scientists” tinker all they want, but not with the organic label.

  107. I need to know more what nanotechnology does before I take action. This article does not address the potential problems that nanotechnology engenders

    1. per
      “Nanotechnology, shortened to “nanotech”, is the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.”
      You must be one of “them” or you have been sleeping under a rock. Here is a link to since you cannot even seem to do a web search. What vitamin and other ingredients do you want left OUT of your food?

  108. We should have a choice about what we eat. Nanotechnology is not something I want in my food supply. Nanotechnology has no place in organic food.

  109. Please leave organic food in its natural form. Do not mix it with anything. Leave seeds the way nature intented it to be.

  110. Stop this insanity!!! Quit playing at being God and Mother Nature combined and leave our foods alone, damn it! Grow up and wise up people. Our children’s lives and futures are at stake here.

  111. Organic food by definition is food unaltered by any man made process. How arrogant we are that we think we can improve on our Creator. Look at the obesity and poor health epidemic. Realize that this was brought about by people trying to improve on nature. Let’s get it right and stop this madness to ” scientifically improve our foods”. Lets get back to nature.

  112. Get this picture and understand it clearly – WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. This is a no-brainer. We must tell everyone regardless. TELL everyone and SHOW them how to PUSH Back by writing their Senators! Over half of Americans have never done this! Show them how! Picket these places who want to use nano-technology, write the board members, twitter the names of these places, have a bumper sticker made that says, “just say no to nano and gmo!” Get on the stick, do it now or mother nature will get very jiggy on us very soon.

  113. I believe we now more than ever need to grow our own food get back to basic and stop depending on large corporations to feed us. In order to fight we need to know where our food comes from, organic or not. Support local growing and grow sometning yourself.

  114. Posting a comment here is not the same as taking real action. We all need to click on the link above that says ‘TAKE ACTION’ in order to send an email to Agricultural Secretary Vilsack. That’s the only way to let him hear our voices. Thanks.

  115. Our FDA was set up to protect the citizens of this country and others from sloppy (unhealthy) food production, unscrupulous sales practices, and anything else that would cause harm to the food consumers of the world. To date we not only lack these protections, but the FDA has become a law unto itself in that nobody has control over the FDA’s own greedy purposes and practices. We allow self-serving politicians to ‘appoint’ friends and campaign contributors to positions in government that affect our very lives, freedoms, safety, business and properties. And then we wonder why our government leaders are becoming more corrupt with each election and we are having less and less say in what is done. What happened to our Constitutional rights? Everything bad thing happening in this country comes from the ignorance of our rights in the Constitution and in allowing career politicians to dictate their own wills over us because of the money and power they attain from immoral special interest groups.
    Our Constitution, which our elected officials take an oath to protect, serve and enforce, has about as much importance to them as a wart. It’s a part of their body but they will just ignore it or cover it up unless it becomes a nuisance, at which point they will do whatever it takes to get rid of it. Guess what?! They are setting things in motion right now, to ‘finally’ GET RID OF IT. They have been sending subliminal messages for many years now, that our Constitution doesn’t apply to today’s world and we need to be globally connected. What they don’t tell us, is that once we agree to accept a global leadership in “any” area of life, you will no longer have the rights we’ve enjoyed since our founding fathers established them. This current administration, by their actions, have basically told us that WE HAVE NO RIGHTS EXCEPT THE ONES THEY VOTE TO ENACT. It’s time to stop this madness before we truly ‘don’t’ have any rights. BEFORE it’s too late, we must get out and vote. Don’t believe anything a politician tells you, look at their voting records (all available through search engines online). Remember, “Words are powerful… whether lies or truth”. We need to make sure that we’re not being wrongly influenced just because someone can speak eloquently. The future is in OUR hands. If we just sit in front of the TV (boob tube) or spend our free time immersed in personal pleasures, we WILL become the pawns of the power hungry elitists in this world. And the future will not be a pretty picture. For every good scenario the globalist machines hands us, read Orwell, Mao, Mein Kampf and others to see what is really behind the world dominion mind-set.

  116. I disagree. I think nanotechnology would be a good thing. We need it medically to heal people. Eventually we will not have enough land to cultivate anything to eat if we as a country do not learn to preserve and find better ways of sustaining ourselves.

  117. After reading this article, I have no facts on which to base an opinion. I am a huge fan of organic food, locally grown produce, and I also am familiar witrh nanotechnology. This article, however has no substance in which to form any opinion. I am not a sheep..Therefore, this article will elicit no rsponse, either way from me. Please everyone, ask more from your information sources.

    1. Let’s neither wolves nor sheep be. Let’s indeed stick to facts, to logic, and to science.
      First the logic. Organic means, well, organic, made by nature. Nanotechnology has to be the antithesis of organic farming methods. It’s an industrial process that manipulates food at its molecular and atomic levels. This logic prompted the UK, Australia, and Canada to ban the use of manufactured nanomaterials and of nanotechnology in organics.
      Now some facts: The safety of this technology is simply unknown. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, an independent research institute in Washington, DC, expressed concern at the lack of research on safety: “Neither industry nor government appears to be doing its homework. Products could end up in the market without a proper assessment of risk.”
      AOL News recently published a three-part Special Report called “The Nanotech Gamble.” In it, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Andrew Schneider writes that many scientists believe the engineered particles could pose a giant risk to the environment and human life.
      The nanomaterial most widely used in consumer products is nano-titanium dioxide. It’s an ingredient in a number of drugstore items rubbed onto bodies and faces and even put into mouths, among them cosmetics, sunblock, and toothpaste. A UCLA study found that ingesting nanotechnology may damage or destroy DNA and chromosomes as one of the scientists told Schneider.
      But is nanotechnology entering the food chain? Yes. As Schneider reported, some of the FDA’s own risk assessors have stated that nano-containing foods are showing up on grocer’s shelves in a number of products. Schneider also found a US Department of Agriculture scientist who has first-hand knowledge of Latin American food packers dipping US-bound produce in a nanocoating to increase its shelf life. “We found no indication that the nanocoating, which is manufactured in Asia, has ever been tested for health effects,” the researcher says.
      According to Lynn Frewer, professor of food safety at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, “The problem with the digestion of nanoparticles is that we don’t know where in the body they would end up. If they are small enough to travel through the wall of the gut, which some nanoparticles would be designed to do, they could end up anywhere. And how will they accumulate and travel through the food chain? We simply don’t know.”
      As The Guardian reported over two years ago, nanotechnology is already being used to make food look prettier, or ripen faster, or ripen more slowly, or keep bugs off. Food wrappers containing nanoparticles are being developed that can sniff out telltale gases given by deteriorating food, triggering color changes on the labels.
      Logic alone should tell us that nanotechnology has no place in organic food. As for other food, we need credible scientific evidence that firmly establishes safety, something that is not currently available. If you have not already done so, please TAKE ACTION immediately and contact the US Department of Agriculture to say no to nanotechnology in organic food.

  118. Is anyone as tired as I am of “BIG MONEY PEOPLE” continuing to try to push their “JUNK’ down the throats of the American public just in order to make more money?
    How much money is enough? It would seem that at some point these “BUZZARDS” would be satisfied with their multi-billions.
    They are NOT satisfied and obviously never will be. So, WE, the American Public will need to gather our strength (in numbers) and fight back as never before. After-all, there are more of us than there are of them. Let’s spread the word about these “assults” on our health and then simply REFUSE to buy the “JUNK”!

  119. First thing: DON’T MESS WITH NATURE!!!!! Nature is trying to repair itself now. Second, why does organic cost more? I would think, because there is no need for pesticides and chemicals, the cost would be lower. Chemicals don’t have to be bought and no one has to be paid to apply them. Besides, look at the health reports showing the known causes of chemicals on the body. What about the UNknown effects? Remember the Vietnam War and “Agent Orange”? Look at the health problems these soldiers and their children are encountering now. Agent Orange was developed to kill foliage in the jungle to expose the enemy and it was developed by an American and ended up in the wrong hands. Talk about friendly fire.In this fight of Man vs. Nature, who do you think will win?

  120. I won’t buy American certified organic or indeed any American food product unless it is guaranteed nano-free.

  121. As with all “expert scientific data ” question, “who is going to profit from this information?”
    Our “government” is only existing to give us the illusion that we have a Democracy…the corporations that own Congress, the Judicial System and the Presidency are the rulers of this consumer society. Profit before people is the rule…shareholders need to see profits.
    So it is no surprise that nanotechnology in food is being sold to the public as being safe .

  122. Over at the WebSite, I read that there are already 80+ foods that have nanotechnology incorporated into them. Why are we not told/don’t know this? They feel that if the American public is made aware that nanotechnology is already inside their food stuffs, that we will boycott/be upset, like we already are with GMO food products.
    Gee. I don’t know. My upset? Nah. I’m just livid!

  123. 5/31/10 todays headline in the Oregonian newspaper…
    One-size-fits-all reforms may not fit small farmers.
    Regarding the Food Safety Modernization act.
    another former Conspiracy theory, now conspiracy fact. It has gotten to the point that EVERYTHING coming from the mouth of the Governmant is a complete and utter falsehood.
    Having lived here in the U.S. my entire life, serving in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, I have to say that I am ready to leave this country. If only there were somewhere to escape to…..
    Maybe instead, we need to go after the filthy people behind the big corporations.
    Too big to fail means TOO DAMN BIG! Where are the antimonopoly laws.
    They seem to uphold “little people” laws, but laws for our safety are simply not being upheld or enforced. The government does’nt work! It should be dismantled or destroyed.
    And world government? Wow! The Federal government works so well, I can’t wait until they add more layers of red tape and buracracy. It appears that mankind is his own worst enemy.
    The never ending race for control will be the downfall of us all.

  124. I do not want nanotechnology in any of my food, whether organic or not. I also so not want any genetically modified food. Is this the way our government plans to kill off the majority of the world’s population as they think we are overpopulated, and our earth can’t sustain us?
    I have a wonderful idea. I think all the top executives in all our large corporations that are currently using or want to start using nanotechnology in the organic food or non-organic food production process; all the members of NOSB in the US Department of Agriculture; as well as our government leaders and congressmen who think we should use nanotechnology (the process of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level), and have voted to initiate it’s use, along with all of their family members, should be the ones willing to be in a clinical study, eating these treated foods on a daily basis for the next 50 years. At the end of the 50 years, if they have all gotten sick or died, then we will know for sure that we were right and nanotechnology should never be used on any of our food!

  125. Thank you for posting this. Adding nanoparticles to our food is a big sleeper.
    The Rockefeller Foundation feels it important to make sure good PR goes out and not suffer the same bad PR as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), which are unlabeled in the United States.
    Many people do not realize the potential to have programmable organisms inside their body much less the effect of having those substances in their body.
    Do we really want the large food corps sneaking nanoparticles into our food?

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