Since its inception, the Alliance for Natural Health USA has waged many successful battles to protect alternative health options . Throughout our history we have played an important role in filing precedent-setting lawsuits and passing significant legislation that directly benefit the natural health community:

In addition, we have achieved some remarkable victories, both in Congress and in court:


Congress has been wrestling with legislation about compounded medications, which many consumers rely upon—compounding can provide just the right dose, delivery system, and combination of medicines, which benefit the patient far more than premade medications. The FDA created some provisions that sparked a dramatic outcry from ANH-USA’s grassroots activists. We have won significant victories to protect compounded medications and continue to fight to maintain the integrity of this important medical treatment option.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Genetic engineering is a pervasive presence in our food chain that threatens our environmental, financial, and personal health. In over 90 countries, GMOs have been totally or partially banned due to these threats. In the U.S. there is not even a requirement that people be told that foods contain genetically engineered materials. ANH believes that individuals have the right to know if their food contains GMOs and we are engaged in local, state, and national legislative battles related to this issue.

Dietetics Monopoly

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) works to create a monopoly for its 72,00o members, primarily Registered Dietitians (RDs). The organization has been working with state legislatures to exclude well-credentialed nutritionists, even those with more experience and education, from working in competition with the RDs.
We have been working state by state to revise existing monopolistic legislation and block new laws that seek to exclude nutritionists. For example, we:

Anti-Supplement Legislation

Thanks to DSHEA, America has enjoyed access to safe and affordable dietary supplements since 1994. And although this important legislation clearly established a framework to regulate the supplement industry and categorized supplements as food, not drugs, numerous efforts have been made to undermine this framework. The attacks on DSHEA and supplement access have increased through the years led by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and a media reliant on drug company advertising. ANH works diligently to defend your access to nutritional supplements:

Protections for Practitioners, Patients, And Businesses

One of the most important ways that ANH works to insure consumer access to alternative and complimentary health treatments is by protecting the ability of care providers to do business. Doctors, researchers, clinics and product manufacturers face an increasingly hostile environment and ever growing threats by the FDA and others to their businesses. We have enjoyed significant success in standing up to these threats to natural health.

Other Challenges:

The freedoms we enjoy today are the direct result of the actions of activists like you. We will continue to work tirelessly to protect and promote natural health and freedom of choice in healthcare. As the crisis in conventional healthcare becomes increasingly evident to everyone, we have a unique opportunity to bring the word about sustainable and effective natural health options to millions of people around the world as well as our leaders at the local, state, and federal levels.