Myth: GMOs Can Alleviate Global Poverty

It is often claimed that the presence of GMOs in our food chain decrease costs for citizens and help to alleviate the effects of poverty—that GMOs will feed the world. This is simply not true.
• In 2009, the World Bank and the United Nations published a 590- page report concluding that GMOs have no role to play in relieving poverty.
• In India, an estimated 125,000 farmers have committed suicide because they have been bankrupted by Monsanto’s GMO seeds.
• Biotech companies are discovering how to create exotic spices (e.g., vanilla, saffron, patchouli) from GMO yeast and other microorganisms. Despite claims that these GMO spices are “natural” and “environmentally friendly,” they are anything but and threaten to put microfarmers in developing countries out of business.